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Chapter 1: Part 1: Gathering the Audience


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

Beacon Academy

It was a bright, sunny, Saturday afternoon at Beacon Academy in the city of Vale.

Most of the Huntsmen and Huntress students and staff were enjoying their day off. Come Monday, the Vytal Festival would officially begin.

Ruby Rose kicked her dorm door open. "I'M BORED!" she shouted before turning to her partner and BFF no matter what she said otherwise, Weiss Schnee. "Entertain me." she commanded.

"I'm busy studying Ruby," Weiss said, not looking up from her desk. Ruby looked down sadly before turning her gaze to her sister's partner, Blake Belladonna. The black haired Cat Faunus in disguise was reading a questionable book on her bed.

"Blake, entertain me." Ruby said. In response, Blake reached to the book shelf next to her and held out a book. "Nooo," Ruby whined. She turned to her sister Yang Xiao Long who was doing push ups on the floor. Before she could say anything, her Scroll buzzed. Followed by everyone else's Scrolls buzzing.

Ruby pulled hers out first. "Hey, guys, what does it mean by do you want to watch the Multiverse, yes or no?" she asked after reading the text.

Weiss and the rest of Team RWBY pulled their scrolls out and saw the same text that Ruby got.

Across the hall, Team JNPR were receiving the same message. As did Teams CFVY, SSSN and CNEM were receiving anonymous calls and Professors Goodwitch, Port, Dr. Oobleck and Headmasters Ozpin and Ironwood.

Fox Alistair handed his Scroll to Yatsuhashi Daichi since he was blind.


Winter Schnee, Willow Schnee, Whitley Schnee, Jacques Schnee and Klein Sieben's Scrolls buzzed all at once. The same happened with the Ace-Ops and Robyn Hill.

One year in the future. . .

Oscar laid on his back on the floor of his cell in the Grimm Whale Monstra. His chest burned in agony from the beam Salem hit him with and the punches and kicks given by Hazel Rainart.

"Oz, are you there?" he asked quietly.Yes, I'm here, Oscar.Ozpin said in Oscar's head reassuringly.I never left since this morning.

Oscar chuckled drily. "Has it really been that long?" he asked before coughing. He wiped his mouth and felt something wet on the back of his hand. He looked at his hand and saw blood.

"That's not a good sign," he remarked with a wheeze.No, definitely not.Ozpin said in agreement. As Oscar laid his head back, he saw a Scroll buzzing on the ground next to him. "Huh?" he exclaimed, sitting up in surprise only to immediately regret it. Gritting his teeth, he reached over to grab it. He opened it up and saw a message on it. "What?"


Saphron Cotta-Arc lightly sang a song to her son Adrian while her wife, Terra was washing the dishes. Adrian giggled in amusem*nt before Terra's Scroll buzzed. Terra sighed. "Could you get that Saph?" she asked.

"Sure, Ter," Saphron replied and picked the Scroll up from the counter. She furrowed her brow in confusion. Adrian cooed in confusion.

Evernight Castle, the Grimmlands

"Watts, did you send this message to us?" Salem asked the scientist sitting at the table with her, Hazel and Tyrian Callows.

"If you're referring to this message regarding a theory of parallel universes, no." Arthur Watts said bluntly. "Those kind of theories were not my area of expertise."

Bar in Anima

Qrow drank a shot of Animan Bourbon. Suddenly, his Scroll buzzed. Grunting in annoyance, He pulled his Scroll out. He opened it to the message app. A puzzled look furrowed his brows. "The Hell is this?" he muttered.

Xiao Long-Rose Residence

Taiyang Xiao Long stared at his Scroll in confusion. What was he looking at?

Do you want to watch the Multiverse

Yes or No? (1)

"What does that mean?" Ruby asked again.

"I don't know." Yang said, uncertain.

"Who sent this messages?" Blake asked wearily. The Scroll number wasn't one she recognized.

Weiss waved her hand dismissively. "Forget it. It's probably just a scam or a prank."

"Well, there's only one way to find out," Ruby declared as she clickedYes.

"Ruby, you dunce! You can't just answer a random message like-" Weiss snapped before Ruby disappeared in a flash of red and silver light. The remaining girls stared at the spot Ruby stood in befuddlement.




"RUBY!" Yang screamed as she got up from her spot. Her scream woke up her and Ruby's pet corgi, Zwei. She stepped closer to the spot Ruby stood. "Where did she go?!" she demanded, looking left and right. Zwei moved to her side and sniffed the ground Ruby stood. He looked up and barked with a tilt of his head.

". . . She just. . . vanished!" Blake exclaimed.

"B-But that impossible!" Weiss proclaimed.

"Then what is this?!" Yang retorted before there was a sharp knock at their door. They shared a look before Weiss answered the door. Standing outside was three members of Team JNPR: Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos and Lie Ren. The normally stoic boy was looking anxious.

"Ren? What's wrong?" Weiss asked gently, thinking that something must be wrong when Ren wasn't stoic.

"Nora just disappeared, that's what's wrong!" Ren exclaimed.

"We just got a text and Nora pressed yes and vanished!" Jaune added frantically.

"She's not the only one!" Yang replied. "Ruby just disappeared too."

"They're gone too?!" Looking down the hall, they saw Velvet Scarlatina and Coco Adel jogging towards them.

"We got a message too," Coco said. "Fox thought he was clicking no but he didn't."

"Yatsu went to inform the Headmaster." Velvet stated before asking, "The same happened to you guys too?"

"Yes, it seems both Nora and Ruby have vanished." Weiss answered. "We should report this to the Headmaster as well, right?"

"That sounds like a good idea." Jaune nodded.

"Youguys report to Ozpin," Yang said with a shake of her head. "I'mgoing after Ruby." She held up her Scroll. Zwei barked and Yang picked him up. "Yang, wait. You don't know where answering that will take you." Blake said out of concern.

"I don't care," Yang said determinedly. "Ruby could be in danger right now, I'm going after her."(2)With that, she clicked yes and then vanished in a flash of yellow.

"Oz, what do I do?" Oscar asked as he looked at the Scroll in his hand.Click yes,Ozpin answered instantly. "What? Why?" the former farmhand asked.I don't know how, Oscar, but I'm gaining memories I didn't have before but I know that answering yes will get you out of here. Hurry before Salem or Hazel return.

Deciding to put his trust in the ancient wizard in his head, Oscar clickedyes and vanished in a flash of green light.

Oscar opened his eyes with a groan and saw that he was in a different room. "Oh my goodness! Are you alright?!" a familiar voice shouted in concern next to him on his left. Oscar turned his head and saw Ruby running to his side.Wait, why is Ruby wearing different clothes?Oscar thought in confusion even if he was relieved and overjoyed to see her.

That's because that's her from before Beacon fell,Ozpin answered in surprise. Oscar blinked at that before another voice came. "So, you guys got the message too, huh?"

Turning in direction of the voice, Oscar and Ruby saw Nora Valkyrie. Deciding to ignore that Nora looks different than the last time he saw her, Oscar focused on what was said. "You mean, you got the same message?"

"Yeah, and I left my pancakes behind," Nora stated with a scowl. Her expression brightened quickly though. "OH! But look, I found Fox and this cute baby!" She then held up the said baby boy who babbled in confusion and in greeting with a wave of his hand.

Fox Alistair stood to the side. He felt around in front of him and found a row of chairs in front of him. He hummed in thought. This felt like the chairs of a movie theater.

Oscar furrowed his brow. "Adrian?" he asked. Ruby turned to him confused. "Is that your little brother?" she asked. Oscar blinked. "What? No, he's Jaune's nephew."

"Jaune has a nephew?!" Both Ruby and Nora said in excitement. Oscar furrowed his brow before he and Ozpin remembered that they hadn't met Jaune's sister and her family yet.

Just then, a flash of yellow light appeared and Yang stood in its place. "Ruby!" she shouted in relief.

"Yang!" Ruby shouted and moved to hug her sister.

"Nora!" Nora shouted happily.

"Thank Oum, you're okay!" Yang cried as she rushed to hug Ruby.

"I'm fine, Yang." Ruby assured as she squirmed out of Yang's hug, slightly embarrassed. "But he's hurt!" she exclaimed pointing at Oscar who had risen unsteadily to his feet.

"Holy sh*t! What the hell happened to you?!" Yang exclaimed in surprise at his injuries, especially the burn of his chest. Oscar leaned against one of the chairs for balance. He coughed into his fist. He wiped his mouth and saw blood on his glove.

"Yikes, who did that to you?" Nora winced.

Before Oscar could reply, a series of lights flashed. Magenta, White, Black, Red, and Brown and Yellow. One after the other, Ren, Jaune, Weiss, Blake, Velvet and Coco showed up. They looked around briefly before settling on their friends.

"Nora! Thank Oum you're alright!" Ren said in relief.

"Pssh! Of course I'm okay." Nora said dismissively before flexing her arms. "It'll take more than teleportation to bring me down!"

"Ruby! Yang!" Weiss and Blake said in unison relief.

Oscar couldn't help but smile in relief at seeing his friends again. He felt woozy again and almost fell. Ruby appeared by his side and caught him. "Hey, you okay?" Ruby asked gently.

"I-I just need to sit down." Oscar wheezed. Ruby nodded and helped him sit in a chair.

"Where are we?" Velvet asked.

"A Movie theater from the looks of it," Coco said as she surveyed her surroundings. Weiss nodded in agreement. "It looks a little big for a cinema theater, doesn't it?" she asked.

"Guys, we need to do something," Ruby said urgently, gesturing to Oscar. "He needs help."

Everyone's eyes widened in surprise at Oscar's state of being while the boy just waved at them. Zwei barked as he ran to Oscar's side. Oscar rose an eyebrow at the sight of the corgi.

Just then Team CNEM showed up with Cardin Winchester, SSSN, the Schnee family and butler, the Beacon staff, Atlassian General, criminals, Happy Huntress Leader, two Atlassian Scientists, Qrow Branwen, an android in disguise, a big angry man, a psychopath and Salem herself.

Oscar instantly paled at the sight of Ironwood, Hazel and the other villains.

"Uncle Qrow! Dad!"

"Firecracker, Pipsqueak."

"Ruby, Yang! Wait, Raven?!"


"Saphron? Terra?"

"Jaune! Adrian! There you are!"


"Where are we?"

"Winter? Whitley? Mother? Klein? Father?!"



"Adam? Mom? Dad? Ilia?"

"Blake? Sienna?"

"Wait," Qrow paused as he spot Robyn. The two stared at each other for a long silent moment. "Qrow." Robyn said stiffly. Qrow nodded back. "Robyn." He shifted back and forth before-


"Oh no," both Oscar and Ozpin muttered as Hazel charged at the former with murderous intent. Oscar jumped up to his feet as best as he could. "Stay away from him, Hazel!" he shouted as he moved in front thestill living Ozpin.

Before anyone could do anything, Hazel suddenly grabbed at his neck as if something had grabbed his windpipe. He gagged and gasped for air.

"Uh," Oscar drawled as Hazel feel to his knees.


Everyone jumped at the voice that echoed across the theater followed by the sound of metal scratching against metal. The Faunus in the room winced at the loud high pitched noise.

"Class U1-A. How To Train Your Dragon. House of the Dragon. PJO. Even RWBY variants have watched the Multiverse."the voice continued before a man dressed in red and black armor with a intricate Grimm Wolf mask and his right forearm was a prosthetic with curved blades for fingers that was scratching against a handrail and another was stretched out to Hazel in a claw gesture. "Now it's Remnant 509-0982023's turn."

The man took his mask off and smiled at a little to Oscar before turning serious. "Now, there are rules." He said, voice normal now. "No fighting among the Audience unless its in the training arena. Keep your voices low during viewings. Understood?"

Everyone stared at him and Hazel could finally breath normally. "On the other note," he said. "Happy Birthday, Qrow and Raven Branwen. Though I send this message to Qrow mainly."

Qrow furrowed his brows. "This is a birthday gift?" he asked. The man nodded in response. Qrow shared a look with his sister and family. And discreetly with Robyn before turning to their host.

"You're three days early." he said bluntly.

The host faltered. He blinked in confusion owlishly before snapping his robotic fingers, the curved blades scrapping against each other. "Right. Different universes." he muttered. "Oh, that reminds me," he walked over to Oscar and held his hand to Oscar's chest. Slowly his burnt and scarred chest healed followed by his face and bones with his clothes being fixed. As if nothing happened.

Oscar breathed deeply as if taking a breath of fresh air. "I apologize, Oscar but your injuries will return when you return to your time." he said. Oscar stared at him before sighing in reluctant acceptance.

"So, let's get this show on the road." the Host said as he walked over to a chair. "Those who follow Salem go to one side. Raven, Vernal, Torchwick, Neopolitan, Kahn, Taurus, Amitola, Cotta-Arcs, Belladonnas, sit in the middle. Huntsmen and Huntress and students sit on the other side." he instructed.

"You expect us to obey you're rules?" Ironwood asked reaching for his gun.

"I gave you two options on your Scroll, General." the Host said with a glare. "You all clicked yes, and now, you will follow my rules until you leave this theater."

Ozpin held his hand at the General and shook his head. Ironwood sighed and walked to the other side with the other "Good Guys."

"I assure you, General, you're going to enjoy your time here.


1) Unlike most Watchers/Hosts, my OC gives his intended Audience an option of yes or no if they want to watch the Multiverse. (Inspired by Gold-Sith for that.)
2) This seems like something Yang would do, right? Kinda dive headfirst into the unknown if Ruby's in danger.

Chapter 2: Teaser to Marvel and DC-No Woman, No Cry


Got to say, this turned out easier than I thought when I was writing the videos.
Just as I said, this AMV by ASTrix UI is fused by another video by Ak Ediix used as a teaser to the Marvel and DC universe.
Cast. . .
Ah, you know what? I'll make it up as I go.


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

"Wait, wait! I forgot a couple of people." The host said. He snapped his fingers and two bodies appeared next to him along with Maria Calavera.

Ozpin and his circle paled at the sight of Amber Autumn. The rest of the Audience couldn't recognize the other body, or the corpse rather, save for the white cloak. Ruby and her family stared with wide eyes.

Blue Aura surrounded the Host's hands. He pressed his left hand on Amber's forehead her body began to glow. Slowly her face healed before her eyes shot open. She gasped as she sat up. "I'll be with you in a moment. Go sit next to Ozpin and his circle." the Host said before focusing on the old corpse. The blue Aura in his hands began shifting to different colors as the corpse regrew flesh around its skeleton followed by skin and hair grew on her head.

"Arise, Summer Rose. Reborn leader of Team STRQ, mother of Ruby Rose, step mother of Yang Xiao Long, wife to Taiyang Xiao Long." the Host, tapping his index flesh finger against her forehead.

Silver eyes shot up as Summer Rose sat up, gasping for air.




"SUMMER!/MOM!" Five people shouted as they ran over to the older woman with silver eyes.

"Tai! Raven! Qrow! Wait, Ruby! Yang!" Summer exclaimed as she was group hugged by her family.

The students and teachers got over their shock. Some smiled at the reunion but Oscar slowly turned to their Host. "Who. . . who are you? What are you?"

The Host tilted his head with a smile. His yellow eyes seemed to glow. "Anarchus. You can call me Darth Anarchus." he replied. "As for what I am, that will be revealed later. Now then is AMV will serve as a teaser for two of many universes you shall see."

"Uh, could you tell us something about these two universes?" Velvet asked.

"They are worlds of superheroes and supervillains," Darth Anarchus replied. He turned to the Rose-Xiao Long-Branwen family. "Are you ready to begin?" he asked.

Ruby wiped her eyes as she turned to their host. "Thank you. And yes, we're ready to begin."

Before he could start the viewing, Coco called out. "Wait! Did you say this is an AMV?"

Darth Anarchus stared at her briefly before saying, "Yes." And the lights dimmed and the screen turned on.

"No Woman, No Cry. No Woman, No cry."

The first thing the Audience see is Superman, (Oscar Pine) dead. "The bell's been rung. . ." Next was a dead Captain Vale (Taiyang Xiao Long) with a broken shield.

A silhouette of a man is watching a city burn before it switches to a grave with an X for a gravestone. "The god is dead." Merlot said as someone holding a bouquet of flowers is shown.

Ruby and some of the students gasped at the sight of Oscar and Taiyang dead on the screen.

"Huh, so this is what looking at your dead body feels like," Oscar muttered to the Ozpin in his head. Happens more often than you think.

Ironwood glared at the voice of Dr. Merlot. Ozpin felt like he had a connection to the grave with an X.

"I know that you all have questions but they will be answered when we view these universes more." Darth Anarchus stated.

"'Ere, little darling. Don't shed no tears. No Woman, No Cry."

Wiess Schnee placed her forehead against a gravestone. Rat Catcher (Terra Cotta) looks down sadly. Captain Vale and Nora Valkyrie stand side by side with sad expressions.

Weiss rose her eyebrow at the sight of her next to a gravestone like so. Terra and Saphron briefly wondered what would make the counterpart of the former to look sad. Nora and Tai thought the same.



"Good friends we have met and good friends we lost along the way."

"I got to say, I love this song already," Coco said to Velvet. The Rabbit Faunus nodded in agreement. "I hope we'll listen to the full version soon."

"Is Marvel and DC the names of these universes?" Dr. Oobleck asked, writing the names down in a notepad.

"Ever the historian," Port chuckled. Nearby, Pietro Polendina was doing the same.

Superman was shown standing in a crowd of people that reach for him almost reverently. Spiderman (Oscar) is shown by himself on a rooftop. A memorial of Blake Belladonna is shown. Wonder Woman (Robyn Hill) is shown against the wall with a sad and tired expression. Oscar sits, looking down sadly. Deadshot (Roman Torchwick) is hugged by Clover Ebi briefly.

"I guess those two versions of me is the evidence of two different universes?" Oscar guessed. The host nodded. "Indeed. The one with a cape is Superman from the DC Universe." he explained. "The other one is Spiderman of the Marvel Universe."

"Superman? That's a bit on the nose, don't you think?" Mercury asked.

"And Spiderman?" Emerald repeated. "What, does he have the powers of a spider?"

"Yes. He can climb walls and shoot webs." Darth Anarchus stated.

"Wait, does that mean he shoots web out of his-" Sage spoke before being interrupted by Darth Anarchus.

"No! I mean, there's one version that shoots webbing out of his wrists but most Spider Beings shoot webs out of hand made web shooters!"

Even with that explanation, Oscar couldn't help feeling disturbed at the image Sage had made.

Ghira and Kali Belladonna felt worried about the memorial of their daughter. The same was shared by the Cat Faunus's friends. "Guys, I'm fine." Blake said to her team mates and friends.

Qrow couldn't help but think that Robyn looked great in the battle armor. Or at least her counterpart did. Robyn saw Qrow's expression at the corner of her eye and smirked a little.

"What?!" Roman exclaimed. "Am I on a team with a Atlassian boy scout?"

Clover didn't know if he should take that as an insult since it wasn't really directed at him.

"Yes, you are an infamous hitman known as Deadshot," Darth Anarchus said. "You were captured by the vigilante known as the Batman this version being Qrow Branwen and high ranking government official came up with the idea of Task Force X otherwise known as the Suicide Squad. A team made up of superpowered criminals and soldiers to take on missions that are considered suicidal."

"Outstanding," Roman muttered.

Sienna Kahn and the Dora Milaje tap their spears in unison. Before multiple superheroes are shown bowing to Whitley Schnee as Ciel Soleli is seen crying over his body.

The White Fang Leader couldn't help but feel intrigued by her counterpart and wanted to know more.

Willow, Klein and her daughters felt concerned about Whitley. Jacques felt a small ounce of worry for his youngest son. Said boy felt his face heating up because he had a feeling the girl on screen was more than a friend.

Penny felt excited that her partner was on screen.

"In this great future, you can't forget your past. So dry your tears I say."

A couple run to each other on a dock. Tyrian Callows sits in front of a mirror in clown makeup. Robyn looks around through a window in wonder. Whitley kisses his daughter and it changed to Antman (Sun Wukong) doing the same.

Neptune sat straighter at recognizing his father.

"I'm going to be in one of these universes!" Tyrian cheered.

"Oh goody," Hazel rolled his eyes. "You're a clown."

"Even better!" the crazed Scorpion Faunus said. "Kids find clowns scary."

"Oh please, we're not that childish." Weiss huffed with crossed arms. Yang cleared her throat and tilted her head to Ruby who was hiding under her cloak.

"I'm a father?!" both Sun and Whitley exclaimed in surprise.

"Yes," the Host said simply. "Whitley is the Marvel Iron Avenger known as Iron Man, he has a high tech suit and Sun is the new Antman. He has the power to shrink and grow to any size."

"Wow," Sun said while Whitley stared at the screen with wide eyes.

"Time to go to work," U.S. Agent ( Jaune Arc) says, cracking his neck.

"Everything's going to be alright." (x7 with now)

Superman turns around. The Batman (Qrow Branwen) lands behind him and Cyborg (Flynt Coal.)

"That's Batman?" Roman asked. "He looks ridiculous."

"Hey, he still caught you!" Ruby and Yang said in defense of their uncle. Summer chuckled in amusem*nt with Tai while Raven and Vernal muttered that the master thief had a point.

Robyn and Winter unknowingly thought together that Qrow's counterpart had a good costume. Made him look more muscular.

"So what? He flies like a bat?" Cardin asked.

"In a plane." Darth Anarchus said. "Though I guess his cape helps glide." he added thoughtfully.

"Okay, he can't fly but he has echolocation like most Bat Faunus, right?" Blake asked. "Better hearing?"

"Nope, he isn't a Faunus." the Host shook his head.

"You mean to tell me," Jacques said, "that this man," he points to Qrow who was drinking from his flask. Qrow paused at the attention to his direction. "Is a superhero with no super powers?"

"No, he has three powers." Darth Anarchus said. He rose his robotic arm. "His brain, peak human strength and the will to fight any forms of villains. From muggers and crazy clowns, to mutants and god like beings. Give Batman, any Batman variants, prep time and knowledge of your weaknesses and he will beat you. He may not even have an Aura or Semblance, but all he needs to know is if you bleed. If you don't answer, he'll make you find out the hard way."

Most of the Audience stared at him in shock before glancing at Qrow and Whitley. Whitley squirmed under the attention while Qrow paid no mind. He mainly focused on the part that his counterpart didn't have his Bad Luck Semblance. He felt envious.

James and Glynda briefly wondered if the Qrow next to them could have turned out like his counterpart if he didn't drink. They shook their heads in unison.Maybe in some other universe.

Robyn couldn't help but feel proud of Qrow. Counterpart or not. She wasn't the only. And I'm not talking about Winter.

"THAT'S MY UNCLE!" Ruby cheered while Yang laughed. "My man!" Tai cheered.

"Ah quit it you guys," Qrow waved them off good naturedly. "I got big enough ego as it is."

"She's here." Said Penny Polendina in fear as Salem appeared in battle armor. Tyrian laid on the ground of pavement.

"No, please, please!" Oscar pleaded in tears holding Emerald Sustrai in his arms. The screen transitioned between Superman, Nora and Batman (Whitley) screaming.

Many felt chills seeing the Grimm Queen in battle armor. What was also unnerving was that her armor was covered in blood, same as her double bladed sword.

Weiss and Winter felt chills at the sound of their brother screaming in rage. Willow and Klein felt worried about what made him angry. The same could be said for Jaune and Pyrrha. Nora seemed like someone who rarely got angry.

"Damn, if this was the movies and not different dimensions," Fox said to Yatsuhashi, "I'd compliment the acting."

Emerald stared with wide eyes at her counterpart. Or at least what looks like her counterpart. The person onscreen had the same hair. Cinder and Mercury concluded the same and couldn't but worry especially when the superhero was crying over her.

"Oh great, a Schnee is a Batman," Adam muttered. Ilia hoped the Schnee boy didn't end up becoming the Batman in their world.

Salem places a hand on Velvet Scarlatina's head. "Today I lost more than you can know." she said solemnly.

Salem rose an eyebrow at that. Velvet decided that she didn't like the Grimm Queen petting her head.

Superman is hugged by someone before he gets ready to fly. Specks of dust swirl around his fists.

"I'm not as strong as you," Nora said in exhaustion. "No. . . you're stronger." Odin said in reply.

"Oh, who's that?" Nora asked excitedly. "That is Odin. King of Asgard the Marvel Universe's home of gods thought to have existed in mythology. Father of your counterpart, the Marvel's Goddess of Thunder, Roman, the God of Mischief, and Cinder, the Goddess of Death." the Host explained.

Nora stilled at the answer. Ren placed his hand on her shoulder. Nora turned to him silently and smiled. At least her counterpart has a father. She herself only knew her mother.

Both Roman and Cinder felt smug about being gods in another universe.

Wonder Woman jumps into battle.

"SHOW HIM YOUR FEAR!" Queen Hippolyta said. "WE HAVE NO FEAR!" Amazons cried in response.

Qrow briefly felt eager to see Robyn in battle only for the scene to change and he slumped. Robyn may have chosen the life of a politician for the people but Qrow enjoyed fighting alongside her. Birds have to stick together after all.

"Who's that woman?" Robyn asked the Host. She looked just like her mother. "Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons, your counterpart's mother." Darth Anarchus answered.

Once they heard the word 'Amazons,' most of the women felt pride and respect for the female warriors onscreen.

Hawkeye (Rhodes) shoots an arrow that flies over battle before it transitions to Steppenwolf catching a missile. Zeus shoots a bolt of lightning.

Cinder's expression lit up at the sight of Rhodes on screen before she calmed herself.Though I regret your fate, Rhodes, you shouldn't have turned on me.She felt something akin to eagerness as she watched Rhodes shoot an arrow but frowned when the scene changed.

General Ironwood also recognized the Huntsman onscreen.It has been many years I've seen him and I still don't know who murdered him.

Salem shoots a purple beam at Iron Man (Whitley Schnee) who blocks it with a shield.

Many of the Good Side grew tense at seeing Iron Man fighting against the Grimm Queen.

Doctor Ozpin Strange grunts as he holds a magic shield.

Spiderman stumbles before it transitions to Wonder Woman holding a sword and shield. Quicksilver (Marrow Amin) runs on the wall. Two Penny Polendina's shoot lasers at each other before the scene changes to Superman and Doomsday (Hazel Rainart) doing the same. Neopolitan spins around shooting people before it transitions to Tai fight Qrow Branwen who had a robotic left arm.

"These transitions are really sick," Scarlet David said in excitement.

"I know right, and the noise of battle is matching perfect with the music." Coco said in agreement. Some of the others couldn't help but sing some of the lyrics they could hear.

"Everything's going to be alright," Saphron sang as she held Adrian.

Captain Marvel's (Yang Xiao Long) eyes glow as her body was surrounded by aura.

"Aw yeah, I look badass!" Yang cheered.

"I AM QUEEN OF THE MOST POWERFUL NATION IN THE WORLD!" Kali Belladonna shouted as she, Cinder Fall, Melanie Malachite were shown sitting on different thrones.

"AND MY ENTIRE FAMILY IS GONE!" she continued as it showed Oscar Pine crying next to his bedridden aunt and then his bleeding uncle.

"Daddy!" Fox Alistair called out.

Marrow collapsed, multiple bullet wounds and it switched to Li Ren dropping to the ground lifeless.

Oscar looks up in the rain. "HAVE I NOT GIVEN EVERYTHING!"

"TELL MEEEE!" Roman scream before it transitions to Whitley in a Iron Man suit. Carnage (Tock) roars. Black Widow (Winter Schnee) and Ilia Amitola charge to battle.

Blake and Ghira flinched at the emotion in the voice of Kali's counterpart. They hadn't heard her voice raise since Blake had left to join the White Fang.

Winter and the Ace-Ops looked with wide eyes at seeing one of their own dropping down with bullet wounds that were fatal. Ren's eyes widened at the sight of his father's lifeless body. He gripped his armrests tightly. Nora and the other members of Team JNPR looked at him in concern.

Cinder briefly smirked at the sight of herself sitting on a throne only to recoil at the emotions Roman's counterpart had in his scream. Neo leaned into the thief's side who was also taken aback at his counterpart's shout.

The members of Team CFVY felt empathetic at Fox's counterpart.

Ruby felt her heart clench at Oscar's face as the words "Have I not given everything" were said along with "My entire family is gone!" Especially when it looked like his counterpart was crying over people who looked like they were family. She glanced over to Oscar, remembering his injured state.

Oscar himself felt rigid at the sight of his aunt in a hospital bed and the man that looked like the man in Aunt Em's photos. The words, "Have I not given everything" made him think of what Ozpin and all the other incarnations of Ozma.

"What the hell is that?!" Maria Calavera asked in fear and disgust of Carnage. "That is Tock Cassidy aka Carnage. A Crocodile Faunus psychopath murder who bonded with an alien symbiote that also happens to be a psychopath murder."

Oscar and Maria stiffened at the answer before Maria began cursing under breath so the infant wouldn't hear.

"As you can see," Blake said, walking in a black suit, spreading her arms out. "I AM NOT DEAD!"

Ilia couldn't help but blush at the older counterpart of Blake with shorter hair. Adam shifted uncomfortably. Her suit hugged her body very well. Sun and Yang stared at the screen with wide eyes and blushes on their faces.

Neo stared at the screen, the Blake on screen and the people that were looking at the screen different than the rest. She pulled out a sign that said, "Why do the edgy ones always get the harems?" She slumped in her chair.

Blake's parents felt relief at her counterpart's statement.

Child versions of Adam Taurus and Ozma scream. The former spreading his arm out while the latter has three long claws protruding out of his fists.

Oscar, Ozpin and Salem rose an eyebrow. That looked interesting.

Wonder Woman slams her bracelets together before it changed to the Phoenix (Glynda Goodwitch) unleashing a fiery aura shaped like a phoenix. The Batman (Lie Ren) jumps in the air from his car with an explosion behind him. His cape spread out like bat wings. A black suited Spiderman (Mercury Black) landed on the ground, shooting electricity into the ground and electrocutes enemies around him.

"Okay, the Batman looks cool," Mercury admitted.

"Speak for yourself," Cardin said.

"That Spiderman looks cool," Emerald said offhandedly.

Whitley walked forward with a determined expression before it changes to Wonder Woman kicking her sword into her right hand. Nora let out a battle cry as she charged forward before it switches to Iron Man and Captain Vale fighting each other.

"How could you possibly hope to stop me?" A robot with red eyes asked. The god of darkness is shown stand with his arms spread, spear in hand and three boxes behind him.

Ironwood and Watts narrowed their eyes at the glimpse of the robot. Penny felt like she should shoot her laser attack at the robot for some reason.

Salem, Ozpin and Oscar rose their eyebrows in surprise at the sight of the god of darkness.

"Like the old man said," Whitley says as Superman and Batman (Qrow Branwen) share a look.

"United," Qrow said and Whitley says "Together."

"Superhero team up!" most of the teens cheered, even Adrian got in on the cheering.

Ozpin couldn't help but smirk in pride. It seems he has rubbed off on Qrow, despite the alcoholism.

The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain Vale, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nora and the Incredible Hulk (Dr. Oobleck) and the Justice League, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman (Neptune Vasilias), and the Flash (Ruby Rose) jump in slow motion.

The Batman rolls to his feet and tossed something and the scene changed to Captain Vale as he catches the hammer Nora was seen using before the screen goes black.

"Okay that last transition was sick," Cardin admitted.

"Right? It was like Batman tossed the hammer to uh," Nora paused. "Actually who was he?"

"Taiyang Xiao Long, aka Captain Vale." Darth Anarchus answered. "A Super Soldier created during the second Great War and was frozen in ice for 70 years."

"Wait, asecondGreat War?" Glynda repeated.

"Frozen in ice for seventy years?" Summer and Ruby said in unison.

"Yes and yes." Darth Anarchus said. "Most other versions of Remnant can have different timelines compared to yours."

"You can say that again," Whitley said.

"So, I take it you enjoyed it?" Darth Anarchus asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes!" Most of the students said.

"I actually did," Ironwood said in reluctance. "I. . . hope to see more." The Host chuckled."Great, well now we're going to watch two trailers for a few universes about monsters."

"Monsters? You mean the Grimm?" Weiss asked, uncertain how to feel about this. A feeling that was shared by everyone save for Tyrian and Salem, who on the other hand, felt like she could get some inspiration.

"No, these monsters will make the Grimm look tame." Darth Anarchus stated not making Weiss or anyone feel better in the least.


Okay, in case it wasn't clear, here was the cast in this chapter.
Snyderverse Superman: Oscar Pine
Snyderverse Batman: Qrow Branwen
Arkham Batman: Lie Ren
Batman (2022): Whitley Schnee
Snyderverse Wonder Woman: Robyn Hill
Captain America: Taiyang Xiao Long
Thor: Nora
Loki: Roman Torchwick
Hela: Cinder Fall
Odin: Himself
Iron Man: Whitley Schnee
The Phoenix (X-Men): Glynda Goodwitch
Logan/Wolverine (X-Men): Ozma
Erik Lensher/Magneto (X-Men): Adam Taurus
Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver (X-Men and MCU): Marrow Amin
DCEU Zeus: Himself
Thanos: Salem
Darkseid: The God of Darkness
May and Ben Parker: Oscar's Aunt and himself'
Peter Parker/Spiderman: Oscar Pine
Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Rhodes
Miles Morales Spiderman (Spiderman Insomniac): Mercury Black
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Winter Schnee
Yelena Belova/Crimson Widow: Weiss Schnee
James 'Bucky' Barnes/The Winter Soldier: Qrow Branwen
Ultron: Himself
Queen Rhonda: Kali Belladonna
King T'Challa/Black Panther: Blake Belladonna
Deadshot (Suicide Squad, 2016): Roman Torchwick
Vision and White Vision: Penny Polendina
Arthur Curry/Aquaman: Neptune Vasilias
Arthur's parents: Themselves.
Victor Stone/Cyborg: Flynt Coal
Lex Luthor: Dr. Merlot
Pepper Potts: Ciel Soleli
The Joker: Tyrian Callows
Doomsday: Hazel Rainart
Barry Allen/The Flash: Ruby Rose
Xu Wenwu: Li Ren
Doctor Stephen Strange: Ozpin
Matt Murdock/Daredevil: Fox Alistair
Wanda Maximoff/The Scarlet Witch: Velvet Scarlatina
Harley Quinn: Neopolitan
Scot Lang/Antman: Sun Wukong
Rat Catcher: Terra Cotta-Arc
Okoye: Sienna Kahn
Cletus Cassidy/Carnage: Tock
Nebula: Ilia Amitola
Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel: Yang Xiao Long
Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk: Dr. Oobleck

Now next I'm thinking of the trailer to The Last Voyage of the Demeter followed by Godzilla Minus One and a tribute to the Scorpios Rex from Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous with a tribute to Count Dracula from The Batman vs Dracula movie.
PS, tell me what do you think?

Chapter 3: The Last Voyage of the Demeter Trailer


The title says it all.
Trailer link
Captain Elliot: The Sea Captain from Volume 4
Clemens: Dr. Pietro Polendina
Anna: Amber Autumn
Toby: Ruby Rose
Crewmates: Yuma (Bat Faunus from Volume 5), Peter Port, Cardin Winchester, Perry (White Fang grunt) and First Mate (From Volume 4)
Some Spoilers for the movie.
Dracula: Himself
Huckleberry the dog: Zwei


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

"Now, let's begin the trailer," Darth Anarchus said as he placed his Grimm Wolf mask back on. "I hope you enjoy horror flicks."he spoke in his modulated voice.

This caused some to gulp and sweat nervously. Qrow leaned forward. Horror movies were always his kind of flicks, same with Raven, Neo, Salem and Tyrian but that's no surprise for the last two.

Penny was excited because this would be her first time watching horror. Something Pietro wasn't sure if he should allow her to.

"The Demeter," a man's gruff voice spoke as a ship was shown, its name, Demeter, on the bow of the ship. "On charted course from Argus to Vale."

As soon as the Audience saw the ship, the Host explained, "This takes place during the pre-Great War time period."

"Interesting," Dr. Oobleck and Polendina said, both writing notes to keep track of the universes they watch.

"Shipping private crates," the Captain continued. A glimpse of the crates were shown. One had a dragon like symbol on it. "Contents unknown."

Rhythmic knocking was heard from crewmates on the ship and the Old Man Shopkeeper who delivered the mysterious crates. "Out at sea. With no land in sight." The Demeter leaves Argus Bay. On the shore, Old Man Shopkeeper crosses an cross on his chest. On the Demeter, two doors close.

"Out at sea? No land in sight?!" Neptune repeated in fear, hugging Scarlet and Sun. Both boys look at him unamused while Sage Anaya facepalms.



"This is Polendina," a ten-year-old Ruby Rose introduced Pietro Polendina who shakes hands with the Captain. "He's a doctor," she added.

"Oh sweet! I'm in this universe!" Ruby exclaimed before deflating. "Oh wait, I'm in this horror universe."

"Aw, you look so cute at that age," Summer cooed, making Ruby forget that she was watching a horror universe.She's not wrong,Oscar thought with a little blush.Oscar, I understand you have a crush, but do keep your thoughts to yourself.Ozpin deadpanned in his head.

"Father! You're in here!" Penny exclaimed happily. "Yes, I see that, Penny." Pietro said to her in amusem*nt before muttering, "Though I'm not sure that's going to be a good thing."

"You dress like a learned man," the Captain notes.

"University of Haven," Polendina says. "I know my way around a ship." He adds as he was shown helping the crew around the ship. The Audience get a glimpse of Amber Autumn looking a little pale than normal.

Amber and those that knew her narrowed their eyes. What was wrong with her? Was she sick?

Pietro is shown sitting at the table with the crew. Peter Port, the Captain, his First Mate, Yuma, Perry, Cardin Winchester and Amber.

"Our Charter has agreed to pay you wellness for a tidy arrival," the Captain jokes to Pietro and the crew laugh.

"Let me show you around the ship," Ruby says, leading Pietro around. "This is Zwei." she pets the corgi on the head. The dog barks happily. The ship sails to a storm.

"Zwei!" Team RWBY minus Blake and Summer called. Zwei barked happily.

"We knock like this to give the all clear," the silver eyed girl explains, knocking on the wood rhythmically and crewmates knock in the same tone.

"That is true," Dr. Oobleck said. "Sailors used to knock like that before the invention of radios and Scrolls."

Ruby plays tug-a-war with Zwei. Amber and Pietro smile at each other. "For me, it's a five dollar knock," Pietro says.

A crewmember knocks on the rail twice. Zwei is shown by himself. He begins barking at something the Audience only see the shadow of on the wall. He steps back with a whimper before the shadow on the wall lunges forward. A faint screech is heard as the screen goes black.

"Oh boy," Darth Anarchus muttered to himself.




"NOOO! ZWEI!" Team RWBY, Summer, Taiyang, Oobleck, Raven and even Blake shouted. As much as she didn't like the corgi (Or dogs in general) Zwei didn't deserve what happened onscreen.(1)

Qrow stiffened as he watched the screen.

"No! Not the dog!" Marrow cried out.

Zwei's ears lowered as he whimpered before hiding beneath a seat.

The scene changes to show a dead goat with two puncture wounds on the neck. "Something's ripped apart the animals," Yuma said.

Ruby and Yang began to cry as did Weiss. Oscar hesitantly put a hand on the silver eyed girl's shoulder as a sign of comfort.

"All the livestock?" The crew gather around the dead animals. Amber looks at the scene with shame. "This looks like a bite," Pietro said, observing the wound. The crew look at each other in fear, Ruby among them.

"Search the ship," the Captain orders firmly. "Everywhere."

The crew search every part of the ship. During the stormy night, Pietro sees blood drops on Ruby's back like rain. Ruby looks up fearfully with blood falling on her face.

"Evil is on board," Perry states as the Audience see the ship sailing at night. "Powerful evil."

Salem frowned at, believing she was more powerful.

Ruby screams as she runs down a hall. She locks the door of a cabin she hides in. She stares at the door before something slams against it. Ruby hides beneath a desk, holding a small knife in fear.

"RUBY!" Yang, Summer and Tai shouted with Oscar and the girl's friends in worry and horror about her fate.

"Hehe, I'm in danger." Ruby chuckled to herself nervously.

Qrow slowly put a cap on his flask and put it in his pocket.

A pale, skinny humanoid is seen climbing down the wall, reaching towards where she hides, letting out chittering growls.

Most of the Audience tensed at seeing the humanoid moving close to where Ruby is hiding. Some of the villains couldn't help but feel disturbed by its appearance as well, save for Salem. She began to draw a sketch on a small notepad herself.

Amber holds someone by the shoulders. She yells inaudibly before Pietro pulls her away from them.

Yuma and Pietro share a look.

Perry's eyes goes white. Pietro and the Captain recoil from something the Audience don't see.

The First Mate knocks on the wood. The Demeter sails through a storm. Amber lowers a rifle. Perry screams as he's tied to a table.


"In the night, it drinks our blood," Amber speaks before she is seen looking to the distance fearfully. "He is here." The Audience barely gets a glimpse at the creature during the stormy night on the deck.


Pietro looks to Amber as she says, "We call him Dracula."

Many felt shivers go down their spine at the mention of the name. "Who or what is Dracula?" Yatsuhashi asked.

The Host thought it over on what was the best answer. "Count Dracula is basically the king of the Vampires." he said.

"How does my counterpart know. . . him?" Amber asked, briefly hesitant to call the monster a him. Darth Anarchus grimaced under his mask. "Dracula has kept her as a blood slave. Feeding off her blood until now."

Amber's eyes widened in horror. Qrow wrapped an arm around the young girl who leaned into it while the rest of the Audience looked to the half Maiden with sympathy.(2)Even Cinder. She had read about vampires in her spare time and knew that Amber's counterpart was suffering a fate worse than death.

Emerald and Mercury hoped they didn't end up like that for any of Salem's experimental Grimm.

Yuma struggles to light a lantern during the storm. In one flash of lightning, the Audience see Dracula standing behind her.

Some of the students jumped at the sight. "Behind you!" Velvet shouted. "He can't hear you, Bun-Bun," Coco said to her.

Ruby looks up fearfully with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"The world is a vampire,"Darth Anarchus sang, his modulated voice making it sound haunting.

"HE'S COMING!" Pietro shouts over the thunder. The First Mate recoils. The Audience see the back of Dracula's silhouette. He has no hair on his head and his ears are pointy like a bat.

"Did you see the size of that bloody thing?" Yuma asks.

The Captain's lip quiver in fear.

Dracula crawls on the crates like a bat.

"Set to drain,"the Host continued.

Ruby, Nora and Velvet whimpered at the sight of Dracula. Nora and Velvet clung to their respective partners while Ruby ended up hugging Oscar. The former farmhand stiffened before hugging her back.

Amber rubs a bitemark on her neck.

Perry screams as he bursts in flames.

Roman and Neo both winced. That Faunus was competent in the White Fang and actually got the job done. It was a shame he didn't make it out at Mountain Glenn.

Amber let out a whimper, hugging Qrow tighter.

"I am going to kill that cursed thing," Pietro declares. He co*cks a rifle.

"You can do this, Father!" Penny said supportively. Many of the students joined in on the cheering. Most of the adults even hoped that Pietro or anyone of the remaining crew would kill the vampire.

Dracula is seen killing the crew one by one. "He is on the ship," Amber says. "Which means we will never leave."

Pietro stares at Dracula who turns to him. "The Devil is real," the Captain declares. "May the Brothers of Light and Darkness have mercy on us all."

Amber reloads a rifle as Pietro holds a hatchet. Dracula flies to the doctor with large bat wings for arms as the doctor swings at his right wing before the screen goes black with Dracula's screech echoing.

The students cheered more at the sight of Amber and Pietro getting ready to fight the vampire. Some recoiled when they saw Dracula with wings.


"Sadly, the title speaks for itself."The Host stated as he took off his mask.

"What?" Glynda asked before her eyes widened. The Audience put it together as well but turned to the Host. "You mean. . ." Willow paused to finish.

"Pietro and Amber jumped off the ship, taking their chances with the sea." Darth Anarchus explained. "Amber burst into flames as soon as she was hit by sunlight. Pietro is now alone. The Demeter made it to Vale as a ghost ship. No crew nor livestock alive, save for a very large dog that ran into the woods."

"No," Yang whispered in horror at the thought of Ruby being killed by the vampire.

"Something like that was rumored to have happened," Ozpin said slowly, eyes widening. He turns to the Host. "Is this what happened?"

Darth Anarchus simply shrugged with an uncaring smirk. "Who knows." he said. "Now, let's move along to the next monster, shall we?"


(1) Sorry, Zwei!
(2) I had recently heard about a ship between Qrow and Amber but I couldn't help but think of them as more having a Father-Daughter relationship.

So what do you think? For the chapter and to those who had watched the movie? I personally enjoyed it.

Next up is the trailer for Godzilla Minus One

Chapter 4: Godzilla Minus One Trailer


The Audience react to one of the variants of the King of Monsters himself! Godzilla!
Trailer link
Noriko Oishi-May Marigold
Koichi Shikishima- Li Ren
Shiro Mizushima- Sun Wukong
Sumiko Ota- Maria Calavera
Sosaku Tachibana- James Ironwood
Kenji Noda- Bartholomew Oobleck
Yoji Akitsu- Nicholas Schnee
Godzilla: Himself


12/18/23 Edit
I just watched the movie so I made some changes

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

"Now this takes place in Mantle after the Great War," Darth Anarchus explained.


People of Mantle scream as they run through the streets. "What is it?!" Someone screams. "I don't know! Something big!" James Ironwood replies.

Li Ren looks around with a bandaged head.

Two train drivers scream in fear as a boat is seen flying through the air and lands on the train tracks in front of it. A cloud of dust is seen rising.

BOOM!. . . BOOM!

Suddenly everyone felt on edge upon hearing the footsteps.

"Is that. . . Godzilla?" May Marigold asked, looking out the window of a train. The reflection of the monster is seen to the Audience.

Many of the students felt intimidated at the sight. Robyn felt worried at seeing one of her Happy Huntresses on screen close to the monster.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, Ice Queen, Ice Princess, Ice Prince," Darth Anarchus said.

"Hey!" the Schnee Siblings cried out indignant while some laughed in amusem*nt.

"Behold, a variant of Godzilla." he said. "King of all Monsters."

"That looks like a giant Leviathan," Port muses.

"Peter no," Ozpin and the Beacon teachers told the Grimm Studies Professor/Grimm Hunter Extraordinaire.

"B-But-But-!" Port tries to protest before the Host speaks up. "Trust me on this, Professor Port." he said. "In every universe, armies have fought against variants of Godzilla and only two variant died for good by humans."

Many stared shocked at the Host, even Salem.

Godzilla roars as he leans down and clamps his jaws on the train.

May and Li run among the crowd as Godzilla's tail knocks down a building. The Kaiju's footsteps alone makes the pavement crack. Buildings nearby collapse before the Audience see a large handful of the crowd being stepped on by Godzilla's foot.

Robyn felt more worried for her friend as Kali and Blake felt the same for Ghira.

Most of the Audience looked on with horror at seeing the destruction and death caused by the monster by the monster walking.

An explosion occurs in front of Godzilla, shaking and destroying the buildings around him.

This was one of the rare times, Nora wasn't looking at an explosion in awe.


A view of Mantle in ruins was seen in the air.

Most of the Audience, save for a few lowered their heads in respect for what happened in the Great War.


The Audience see Godzilla swimming in the sea below a ship.

Neptune gulped in fear at seeing Godzilla underwater and his team and friends didn't blame him.

Li Ren stares at the distance. A group of body bags were shown.

"Why were we called out here?" Li Ren asks. Sun Wukong was seen on a military boat looking at something fearfully. A logo of Vale Government Property was shown. Nicholas Schnee stands in front of a projector presentation. "The government is not telling the public." Two military ships nearly collide.

"Somebody has to do it." Ironwood and Nicholas stand side each other, the former shouting inaudibly.

Li Ren screams in grief.

Ren visibly flinched at the sight of his father screaming like so. Especially when it sounded close to his final scream when their village was attacked.

Willow and her family perked up at the sight of Nicholas, even Jacques.

Someone points at the map. Godzilla's scaly hand grabs onto the boat before the Audience see the ship explode. A blue beam shoots through the air.

"Everybody is dead!" Ironwood looks at the scene before him, looking ready to break down crying. A broken ship was shown.

Well, it must be traumatic if old Tin Man is crying,Qrow thought grimly.

Maria pushes Li in anger. "You're a disgrace!" she yells.

Another ship flies through the air before crashing down near the harbor.

"That monster will never forgive us," Li Ren said, looking out a window.

Many felt confused at Li's words. Why was he speaking of the monster like so.


Godzilla's feet were seen stepping onto the shore before the screen goes dark.

Godzilla Minus One

Godzilla rears his head back and roars


Ozpin, Salem and Tyrian felt unnerved and that was saying something. The two immortals have experienced a lot of things in their long lives and the Scorpion Faunus was considered to be insane that neither of them fear death. Yet upon Godzilla's roar sent shivers down their spine.

"We will DEFINITELY see more of Godzilla," the Host said eagerly.

"You're kidding, right?" Saphron exclaimed. The Host gave her a deadpanned look. "Do I look like I'm joking?" he asked.

Jaune and a few others gulped nervously.

"Now, this," Cardin speaks up. "This I enjoyed. Reminds me of some old monster movies I used to watch." He paused and saw many of the Audience staring at him. Team CFVY glaring at him. He chuckled nervously. He may have apologized to those he used to bully but Team CFVY have yet to forgive him like Jaune or the other students.

"You know, to be honest," Jaune said slowly, pointing to Cardin. "I completely forgot you were here with us."

"Ah, screw you, Arc," Cardin spat half heartedly.


I used Mantle because, in Cannon, it has lost the Great War just like Japan lost WWII. I thought it fits.
Now next is going to be a tribute to the Count Dracula from The Batman vs Dracula.
Now which Batman should this be?
Whitley Schnee
Qrow Branwen
Or Jaune Arc?

Chapter 5: Count Dracula| The Batman vs Dracula tribute


The Audience will watch a tribute of two Legendary Bats fighting to the death for supremacy in the DC universe. The Batman and Count Dracula.
I hope I do this tribute justice.
Tribute by Michael Harlan
Bruce Wayne/The Batman: Jaune Arc
Count Dracula: Himself
Alfred Pennyworth: Klein Sieben
Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin: Hei 'Junior' Xiong
The Joker: Tyrian Callows
Viki Vale: Lisa Lavender


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

"Now, we're going back to the DC universe," Darth Anarchus stated.

"What's this going to be about?" Harriet asked.

"A tribute to one of my favorite crossover battles," the Host replied. "The Batman of Vale vs Count Dracula."

At the mention of the Batman, most of the Audience grew excited before tensing at the mention of Count Dracula.

"Which variant of Batman?" Willow asked. "This variant is Jaune Arc." Darth Anarchus replied.

"Sweet, we're going to see Fearless Leader kick the vampire's ass!" Nora cheered.

"The tally for missing persons has spiked DRAMATICALLY in Vale this last week," a newscaster reported as Klein Sieben cleaned some silverware. "With Vale PD no closer to uncovering who or what is behind the mysterious disappearances of these Lost Ones, a cloud of fear hangs over a city."

An adult Jaune Arc is shown dressed in his bat costume save for the cowl, brooding in his Batcave.

Both Weiss and Pyrrha blush at the sight of Jaune.He has grown to bemature, they both thought.

"Damn, Vomit Boy, you really grew up to be a Lady Killer." Yang jokes.

"Well, she isn't wrong," The Host shrugged. "Most variants of Batman have a playboy persona with the help of them being richer than the Schnee's." (1)

Raven, Ironwood and Glynda sighed thinking that that part of the Batman fits Qrow perfectly. Qrow had an urge to bonk his sister on the head, which was strange because that was childish and that he hasn't done that in years. Robyn and Winter smirked slightly, storing that tidbit of info for later.

"Ooh, a playboy, huh?" Saphron and Terra teased Jaune. The blonde stuttered. "That's not me!"

Ren rose an eyebrow. "Didn't you flirt with both Pyrrha and Weiss before Initiation?" he asked.

"Wow, Jaune. Both Schnee and the Invincible Girl?" Cardin drawled. "I guess my respect for you has risen."

"I-It didn't even end well!" Jaune protested. "Really? How so?" Cardin asked.

"I got pinned to the wall by a spear!"

"I said I was sorry!"

Willow meanwhile scolded Whitley for being a playboy and the young Schnee protested that it wasn't really him.

"What's Blonde Knight brooding about?" Mercury asked. "He thinks the Joker's dead." Darth Anarchus replied. "One thing you see among most Batman variants is that they have two rules. No matter what the criminal has done or how dire the situation is, the Batman will not kill or use a gun."

Many looked at the Host with eyes of surprise and disbelief.

"You must be joking!" Jacques said. "Surely some exceptions must be made."

"Well, he only reserves the no-killing rule for humans and Faunus and Bat Qrow is one of the only variants that knows how to use a gun," the Host shrugs. "The older the Batman's get, the more blurry the line becomes and one variant that often ignores the rule but yeah, it's true for almost all Batman variants. Trust me, it's for the best. With their childhood trauma, them killing someone won't be good." He leans forward with a grim expression. "And believe me, the most terrifying thing I have ever seen in the Multiverse is when the Batman starts smilingandlaughingat his enemies."(2)

Some of the Audience gulped and glanced at Qrow, Whitley and Jaune. The two teens rubbed their necks sheepishly while Qrow leaned back.The older the Batman's get, the more blurry the line becomes,he repeated in his head while looking at his flask.Well, he's not wrong in that. Guess that's something my variants have in common.

Count Dracula, The Penguin (Junior) and a Vale cemetery Night guard are then shown standing at the edge of the graveyard. "I've been at rest for quite some time," the Count mused in a raspy voice. "Transylvania has changed."

"Oh, O Dark One, you're not in Transylvania anymore," Junior said. "This is Vale City."

"I understand that Mr. Xiong is a criminal," Glynda said. "But why is he working with Dracula of all people? That's something I'd expect from them." She gestures to Salem's followers who shrug in response.

"Dracula needed a servant to guard his crypt while he slept," Darth Anarchus replied. "So, he hypnotized Junior for the job."

"Huh, I wonder who's watching the bar," Roman muttered.Probably the Malachite twins,Neo signed.

The scene changed to the Count and Penguin in a cave with two new vampires. "A man who dresses like a bat?" he questioned. The Penguin tries to tell him that while the Dark Knight may 'look the look,' he has none of Dracula's mojo. "I am nonetheless intrigued," Dracula mused. "My legacy has been quite influential." He then watches the morning news hosted by Lisa Lavender.

"I don't like it, but Junior's right!" Yang stated. "Batman's nothing like Dracula."

"Yeah, if anything Dracula should be like Batman!" Ruby said, with some students agreeing. "Batman not Bad man," Adrian said, getting many to coo and gush at the infant. Darth Anarchus decided to be silent on that matter.

"I don't know," Salem said mockingly. "They're both bats, aren't they?"

The Audience see Dracula in his more human form. He looks rather handsome with a black and red cloak over his dress clothes. One would not think he's a bloodthirsty vampire. "Truly magnificent," he says seductively to Lisa who was standing next to Jaune.

Unaware of who she's talking to, she thinks that he's complimenting her necklace. "Oh, my necklace? It's a family heirloom."

Blake shuddered. "This is exactly like the vampires I read. They look charming but they're just bloodthirsty monsters in human skin."

"Huh, I would have thought you would read the more romantic side of vampires," Yang teased.

"She did," Adam said from where he sat. "There was one series but it was cringy and terrible." Next to him, Ilia shuddered just thinking of that particular vampire series.

"And you are?" Jaune asked the man who flirted with his date.

"Alucard," Dracula introduced with a bow. "Dr. Alucard."

"Jaune Arc. I don't believe we've met." Jaune said, a little suspicious. "I'm new to Vale. A recent transport from eastern Anima." The Audience see a glimpse of how Dracula came to Vale. People near his castle had revolted and shipped his crypt off on ship.

"Really? What line of work are you in?" Jaune asked.

"Culture anthropology," Dracula replied as he was shown holding a jar before it went back to him raising his cup in front of Jaune and Lisa. "I am here to study your city's Batman."

The Batman was shown on a ledge.

"Huh. Our city's?" Lisa repeated. "You mean to tell me Oniyuri has a dark knight too?"

Both the Count and Penguin were shown before the Audience see Jaune running after Dracula has he leaves Arc Manor but the Count vanishes. The blonde approaches an elderly woman. "Pardon me," he says apologetically before taking her lipstick and a waiter's food tray.

"What are you writing?" Klein asked as Jaune uses the lipstick as a marker. "His name. Alucard." Jaune replied before turning to the mirror. Both he and Klein see that with some letters backwards, it spells Dracula.

Jaune looks up old newspaper clippings and articles of Count Dracula.

"And that is why Batman is called the World's Greatest Detective," The Host stated with an impressed expression. Everyone else was also impressed with Jaune's counterpart's detective skills.

Sun and Neptune appeared by Whitley, Jaune and Qrow's side, with Sun using his Semblance. "Hey, Ice Prince, Jaune, Crow, want to work on some cases with us?"

"Why is everyone calling me Ice Prince?" Whitley asked.

"Uh, sure!" Jaune said.

"My name is with a Q and no." Qrow said bluntly. This caused Raven, Winter and Robyn to chuckle while Summer giggled and Tai smirked. Qrow held his finger in their direction. "Zip it," he said.

Raven just made a emotionless expression but there was amusem*nt in his eyes. Robyn just smiled at him slyly while Winter winked. Summer and Tai began to laugh as did Ruby and Yang.

"Too bad his love interest Lisa didn't catch that," Darth Anarchus said. Upon getting the confused looks, he elaborated. "Lisa heard from an eyewitness who mistaken a vampire for Batman. So she concluded that Batman was behind the Lost Ones' disappearances and this made the public turn their backs on Batman with the PD ordering a manhunt against him. Someone in the press went as far as saying that Batman was the Son of Dracula.

"Well, this puts a kink in their relationship," Klein said sheepishly, unintentionally quoting what his counterpart had said.

Pyrrha and Wiess frowned at the mention of Lisa being the love interests before frowning more at the mention of Batman being accused of kidnapping when it was really Dracula turning them into vampires.

"Those stupid cops!" Nora shouted. "Nora, no shouting." Ren said sternly but adding, "But she isn't wrong."

"That's rough buddy," Yang said to Jaune. (3)

"So the folk tales are true," Count Dracula says as the Batman turns to face him on a rooftop. The Count stands with his cape flapping lightly in the wind. "There is another Bat in Vale."

A SWAT officer turns and sees Dracula upside down. The Count's blue eyes glow as he commands his Children of the Night. The Penguin is seen hiding from the Vampire King the night they first met.

"I'd really hate to waste a life when it can be spent in servitude to me," the vampire says to Batman with a close up to his fangs.

"Life or living death?" Batman spat back before a glimpse of the Joker as a vampire was shown drinking blood at a blood bank.

The Batman is the first to attack. He throws his Batarangs at Dracula who dodges them with superhuman speed.

Many grew excited at seeing Count Dracula meeting the Batman. Some grew disturbed at the sight of the Joker as a vampire.

"Oh great, as if he wasn't creepy enough," Roman said and Neo signed,Insane and a Vampire? Terrifying combo.

"Take him down, Jaune!" Nora, Ruby and Velvet cheered.

"Put a stake in his heart!" Coco said.

"Make him eat garlic!" Sun said, getting looks from those around him. "What? Vampires don't like garlic."

"Well, that is what Klein did." The Host said. "Dipped some Batarangs with garlic and filled Batman's smoke bombs with garlic plumes." This got the butler to blush while the Schnee's chuckled, even Jacques.

The Batman is seen backing up in fear in a cave. "You have no concept of the harm in which I am capable." Dracula says as he walks to the Dark Knight from the shadows before the Audience have a zoom in of his eyes.

Dracula carries Lisa to his crypt in a attempt to resurrect his wife. "If my bride cannot have your soul, Lisa Lavender," Dracula sneers, his appearance more animalistic. "I shall have your blood." his lips curl in a malicious grin.

"That evil bastard has a bride?" Tai said in shock that was shared by everyone else.

"Yes, Cupid managed to hit an arrow in a heart black as his," Darth Anarchus said. "Carmella was a vampire like Count Dracula."

"Wow, match made in Hell?" Adam rose an eyebrow. The Host nodded. "Indeed. Her bloodthirst rivaled his own. At some point she was exposed to sunlight, which Dracula explained is an almost permeant death compared to a wooden stake to the heart."

Dracula's eyes snap open when the Joker opens up his crypt.

Hissing, the Count attacks Batman who barely dodges and the Vampire's claw-like nails scratch his chest. Dracula then strikes Batman in the chest with his palm, sending Batman flying back until he slams into a brick wall.

"I thank you for keeping my legacy alive in my absence," Dracula says as he approaches Batman.

He spreads his cape in front of a young man. "But now there's only room for ONE Bat man in Vale."

His shadow casts over the Batman in his own cave before Dracula was shown holding the Batman by the throat.

"Yeah, you're right." Yang said in agreement, confusing those around her. "There is room for only ONE and it's going to Bat-Jaune!"

"Yeah, besides he was in Vale first!" Nora said, getting Ren and Pyrrha to sweat a little.

Dracula turns around with his fangs exposed in a snarl.

Adrian and Ruby were one of the few to whimper in fear at the sight of Dracula's animalistic appearance even if it wasn't frightening as the other Dracula.

The Audience see Batman crashing onto the windshield of a car.

"Jaune!" most of the blonde's friends and family cried out.

"Uncle Jaune!" Adrian cried. "Hey, I'm okay, buddy." Jaune said comfortingly to his nephew. The baby simply hugged him tight as he could.

Dracula lands on another part of the rooftop he and Batman are on. He rises to his full height as Batman turns to glare at him and he smirks back tauntingly. Snarling he charges Batman who jumps over him in a backflip.

The Count leaps to another rooftop before the Audience grabbing Batman by his forehead and slamming his head into the pavement. The Dark Knight rolls just in time to dodge a fist that cracks the pavement.

Dracula was seen jumping rooftops, the Batman chasing but falling behind with Dracula moving at superhuman speed.

Dracula snarls as he holds the Batman by the throat, ready to do the killing bite.

Many gasps in worry for Jaune's counterpart before sighing when the scene changed.

Batman jumps in the air, throwing smoke bombs at Dracula who shields himself. Then Batman delivers two punches to Dracula's face and chest, knocking him back.

Dracula's nose twitches as he sniffs a Batarang Batman swung at his face.

The Count's eyes widened as he sees the sun rising in the reflection of the car windshield.

Klein shoots a dose of anti-vampirism with a crossbow.

Despite it not doing anything, the Schnee family's respect for the butler grew at seeing the man shoot the Vampire King with a crossbow. (4)

Jaune experiences a vision that motivates him to fight off Dracula's hypnotism.

"You are. . . Jaune Arc," Dracula realized as the Blonde Dark Knight activates a machine that shoots out sunlight in the Batcave. Dracula has no choice but to hide in Batman's shadow, which is bigger than Dracula's shadows earlier.

"And the Batman," Jaune says. "And you're dust." He jumps towards Dracula as he burns in the sunlight and punches him. Count Dracula's ashes scatter in the wind while his skeleton shatters upon impact. The last thing the Audience sees is Dracula's skull on the floor.

"The people of the Demeter have been avenged," Ghira said. Darth Anarchus decided not to say anything. Besides, it's the Multiverse. It could be possible that the Dracula in this timeline did the same thing.

"Damn right!" Most of the students cheered.

"Batman wins!" Nora cheers. "Fatality!"

"Now that is symbolic." Ozpin said, sipping his mug. When he got some confused looks, he went on. "Dracula has clearly believed that the Batman was inspired by his legacy, but the moment Batman's shadow was casted over him in the sunlight, it was also bigger than Dracula's shadow ever was in this tribute. That's because Batman's legacy was something else entirely."

"That of a hero," Oscar says in sync with Ozpin. Both Ozpin's.

Salem rolled her eyes while Darth Anarchus snorted in amusem*nt.

"It's ironic that he had to hide the Batman's shadow to stay alive in his final moments," Qrow added.

"Oh yeah, lots of irony there," Robyn said in agreement.

"With the help of modern medicine, the Lost Ones were reverted back to normal and lost memories of being vampires," Darth Anarchus explained the ending. "With Dracula dead, the Penguin was freed from Dracula's control and was caught by authorities just as he found buried mob treasure and took the blame for the Lost Ones."

While the students and teachers were glad the Batman's name was cleared, the Villains, most notably the thieves felt bad for Junior not getting the treasure.

"So, what are we going to see next?" Amber asked.

"We're still viewing the DC universe," Darth Anarchus replied. "We'll be viewing about Oscar's counterpart: Superman. Or aka, the Man of Steel."

This got most of the Audience, especially Ruby, excited about learning more about Superman.


I grew up with this movie, it is SO underrated, don't you think? And this version of Dracula.
Plus Vampire Joker used to disturb when I was younger. (Still does.)
Now what was your favorite part of this chapter? Reaction or otherwise.
1) Darth Anarchus isn't wrong. Every version of Batman has a playboy persona save for Flashpoint, Beyond and Owlman.
2)That's my opinion. The Batman who Laughs is the scariest thing I've seen in the multiverse.
4) Even if it didn't work, we have to agree that Alfred looked badass when he shot at Dracula with a crossbow. Right?

Now, I've changed my mind of doing the Scorpios Rex tribute before showing Jurassic Park/World.
Next the Audience will react to the trailer and clips of Man of Steel

Chapter 6: Man of Steel Trailer 3


The Remnantians learn more about the DC superhero called Superman.
Starting with the trailer

Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman: Oscar Pine
General Dru-Zod: Hazel Rainart
Lois Lane: Amber Autumn
Johnathan Kent: Ghira Belladonna
Martha Kent: Kali Belladonna
Dr. Hamilton: Dr. Pietro Polendina
General Swanwick: Lie Ren
Laura-El: Salem
Jor-El: Ozma


This trailer is just one of the best! You can't change my mind.

Next up is exactly what Darth Anarchus said. Heritage and Flight!
Get ready to listen to Hans Zimmer!

Chapter Text

The first thing the Audience saw was alien ships exploding as Ozma-El watches it before he rides on a dragon like creature.

"Goodbye my son," he says to Oz-El as an infant. "Our hopes and dreams travel to you." Both him and his wife Salem-El place their hands on the infant as a sign of goodbye.

"He'll be an outcast." Salem protests as Oscar. "They'll kill him."

Ozpin, Oscar and Salem blinked at the first thing they saw. The first incarnation of Ozma.

Ruby couldn't help but coo at the baby Oscar onscreen before she stopped and hoped Yang didn't see her reaction.

Too late, and now she'll never hear the end of it.

Blinking, Oscar turns to the Host. "So, those are my parents?" he asked. He didn't really mind that an a counterpart of Ozma was his father in another universe. Especially since he had begun to view the Ozpin in his head as a father figure.

"Yes, Ozma and Salem-El are both Kryptonian scientists that had Oscar or Oz-El. Krypton is doomed to implode." Darth Anarchus explained. "They are putting their son in a small spacecraft that will take him to a planet with a yellow son. Remnant."

Some gasped upon hearing that the planet was going to explode and that Oscar's parents were going to great lengths to make sure their infant son survives.

"No," Jor denies. "He'll be a god to them." Oz was placed into a pod that later flies past Remnant's shattered moon.





"What if a child dreamed about become other than what society had intended?" Ozma's voice asked as a ten-year-old Oscar runs around a yard with a red towelaround his shoulders like a cape. "What if a child aspired to be something greater." Oscar then places his hands on his hips.

"Hey, you and Oscar both like red capes, sis." Yang teased. "You two should make a club." Both teens stuttered.

"Mine if I join?" Qrow asked, getting in on the teasing. Ruby just pulled her hood over her face and Oscar hid his face with his hands.

"My son was in the bus," a woman says as the Audience see a school bus crash into a river. The bus was then shown being pushed onto the shore. . . by Oscar. "He saw what Oscar did."

Some gasped in worry at the sight of the bus crashing before it turned to wonder and awe at seeing that Oscar saved them.

Ghira Belladonna was shown with Oscar in a basem*nt of their barn. "You're the answer, son." the Cat Faunus states. "You're the answer if we are alone in the universe."

"Can't I just. . . keep pretending I'm your son?" Oscar asks in a small voice. Ghira instantly pulls him close. "You ARE my son." he declares. "And I have to believe you were sent here for a reason. Even if it takes you the rest of your life, you owe to yourself to find out what that reason is."

"He's my son?" Both Ghira and Kali exclaimed in surprise. "Yes, Oscar's pod landed in the Belladonna's farmland and the Faunus couple adopted him even with him being an alien." The Host replied.

"What about me?" Blake asked. "Oh, I'm sorry for saying this, Belladonna, but your counterpart isn't born by your parents here." Darth Anarchus replied with a hint of regret. "Kali was unable to have children."

"O-Oh." was all the Cat Faunus could say as some gave her looks of sympathy.

At the young Oscar's question and tone, most of the girls and some women awed. He sounded so small and frightened.

Ghira and Tai agreed with Ghira's counterpart when he hugged Oscar and called him his son.

Oscar was shown hitch hiking in Solitas. He walks through a hallway before the Audience see alien ship in the ice.

"How do you find someone who spends a lifetime covering their tracks?" Amber Autumn's voice asks as she seen walking in a tunnel with a flashlight before a fishing trawler was shown with a bearded Oscar working as a crewmember. "For some, he was a guardian angel," Amber continues as Oscar was seen shirtless, saving people on a burning oil platform. He catches a part of the tower and holds it back. "A ghost, who never quite fit in." Oscar pets a dog before he holds up a small pendant with a S symbol.

Ruby and some girls blushed at seeing Oscar's bare chest and it turned to awe at seeing him catch the tower of the oil platform.

"Damn, he's strong as me," Yang said impressed before Darth Anarchus started burst out laughing loudly. The Host laughed for two minutes before he calmed down. "Trust me, Xiao Long, NONE of you are a match for Oscar's counterpart. Aura, Semblance or not." he said firmly.

Many looked shocked and turned to Oscar who chuckled sheepishly. Amber meanwhile couldn't help but perk up at seeing another counterpart of herself.

Oscar walks out with a skin tight blue suit with a red cape, matching boots and a S on his chest. "You will give people of Remnant an ideal to strive towards." Ozma speaks as Oscar walks out in a tundra. "They will race behind you. They will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Oz." he continues as Oscar kneels down. He places his fists on the ground. Slowly, the snow lifts off the ground and swirls around his fist. "In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."

"Well, his suit sure looks easy on the eyes, don't you think, Sis?" Yang asked teasingly to Ruby. Ruby absently nodded her head before realizing what she agreed to.

Oscar swallowed nervously and pulled on his collar.Yes, that's Ms. Xiao Long for you,Ozpin said in his mind.She'll tease you both until we part ways.

Great,Oscar rolled his eyes.

With a loud sonic boom, Oscar shoots off the ground and into the air like a rocket. He flies high to the edge of the atmosphere.

"Incredible," Most of the Audience said.

"We don't have technology that can take us to the edge of the atmosphere and Superman can fly up there no problem," Weiss muttered in awe.

Cinder stared at the screen with power hungry eyes.

The Kryptonian World Engine was shown.

A plane crashes down.

Ozma jumps and lands on his draconian steed.

Oscar stands under the World Engine before he flies up.

"You believe your son is safe?" Dru-Hazel asks Salem.

"I'm a Kryptonian as well?" Hazel asked. "A Kryptonian General," Darth Anarchus answered. "The best soldier there is in the planet's history. However when Ozma told you of Krypton's coming destruction, he formed a terrorist organization called the Sword of Rao which was one of Krypton's gods, and lead a coup against the world council because he believed they were weak and the reason Krypton was doomed. This caused a rift between you and Ozma because you were old friends. He and his officers were stopped and sentenced to prison in the Phantom Zone, another dimension but were broke free when Krypton exploded.

The human army aim weapons at Oscar in the sky.

"I WILL FIND HIM!" Hazel shouts.

A camera feed shows a figure.

Debris falls from the sky. "My father believed that if the world found out who I really was," Oscar begins as two army jets fire at him. "It'd reject me." He was then shown handcuffed. "He was convinced that the world was not ready."

Superman fights Hazel before Krypton explodes.

"What do you think?" Oscar asks as he was shown flying at high speeds.

"Ghira made the right decision." Sienna said. "If humans can hardly tolerate Faunus, imagine how they'd react to an alien like Oscar's counterpart."

"But he was just an child when he came to Remnant," Velvet protested. "Surely they would know he was harmless."

"Oh sure," the Host said sarcastically. "Until they see him lift a pickup truck at three years old and throw a football into orbit."

This caused Velvet to sulk while most of the Audience were surprised at Oscar's counterpart strength at a young age.


"What does the S stand for?" Amber asks Oscar who smiles. "It's not an S. In my world, it means hope." he explains intriguing Dr. Oobleck and General Lie Ren.

"Well, here it's an S," Amber replied before looking thoughtful. "How about Super-" a microphone squeak interrupts her.

"Superman honestly sounds a bit flashy." Oscar said.

"Would you prefer Metro-Man? Ultraman? Omni Man?" Amber asked in return, missing the Host suddenly choking on his drink.

"Those last two rub me the wrong way," Oscar said uncomfortably.

"At least it's not something like Homelander," Jaune said with a shrug.

"Or Hanco*ck." Qrow added.

Darth Anarchus stared at them before shaking his head.

"Excuse me," Oscar says politely before the Audience get glimpses of him punching Hazel twice.

"Ooh! That looked like it hurt, bug guy." Tyrian mocked Hazel who grunted at him.

"Well!" Darth Anarchus said loudly. "Moving on. We're going see Oscar learn about his heritage and see him fly for the first time."

Chapter 7: Man of Steel| Heritage and Flight


Summary was the notes at the end of the last chapter. The Audience react to Superman learning about his heritage and flies for the first time.
Link for the clips
Link for the music
Kal-El/Superman: Oscar Pine
Jor-El: Ozma


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

The first thing the Audience sees is the Kryptonian scout ship resting in the tundra of Solitas. Then they see Oscar looking out of the 'window' of the ship. He wore a white long sleeve shirt and simple pants despite the fact he was in the middle of a frozen tundra!

"Recursive diagnostics complete," the ship's AI voice said. "Guiding processes authenticated. All systems operational."

Behind Oscar, the pilot's chair lifted up and revealed Ozma-El. Oscar narrowed his eyes a little. So he was really seeing this man moving around the ship. But then again, there was something else. He can't hear the man's heartbeat.

"To see you, standing there, having grown into an adult," Ozma says in awe and pride. "If only Salem could have seen this." he adds sadly to himself.

Many jolted at seeing Ozma standing behind the chair like so. "Melodramatic much?" Robyn remarked. Qrow shook his head. "You have no idea."

Ozpin and Salem shifted a little uncomfortable that was shared with Oscar at being reminded that the two former were husband and wife in this world.

"Who are you?" Oscar asks slowly. "I am your father, Oz." Ozma answers. Then he adds, "Or at least a shadow of him. His consciousness." He walks forward and the two circle around each other slightly. "My name is Ozma-El."

"And Oz? Is that my name?" Oscar asked with hope in his tone and a small smile. After all these years, is he finally learning where he comes from? Ozma nods. "Oz-El, it is."

Ruby and most of the students sympathized with Oscar's counterpart.He sounds so happy to receiveanswers,Ruby thinks to herself at seeing Oscar smile onscreen.

"What does Oz-El mean?" Ren asked curiously.

"Star child," Darth Anarchus replied.

"I have so many questions," Oscar says, getting a little emotional. "Where do I come from? Why did you send me here?"

"You came from Krypton," Ozma answers and a hologram of the planet appears behind him. Oscar turns his gaze to the hologram. "A world with a much harsher environment than Remnant's." Holograms of ancient Kryptonians pop up exploring the universe. "Long ago, in an Era of Expansion, our race spread out through the stars." Ozma explains as Oscar looks around in awe. "Seeking new worlds to settle upon. This scout ship was one of thousands launched into the void."

"Fascinating design," Pietro and Watts muttered under their breaths.

A tripodal ship lands on a terrain. "We built outposts on other planets, using machines to reshape environments to our needs," Ozma says as the ship shoots a beam to the ground and terraforms the planet. "For one hundred thousand years, our civilization flourished. Accomplishing wonders."

Oscar turns his head to the AI hologram. "What happened?" he asks.

"Artificial population control was established." Ozma replied curtly as the holograms Kryptonians with artificially grown infants. "The outposts and space exploration were abandoned. We exhausted our natural resources. As a result, our planet's core became unstable." As Ozma says this, buildings began to collapse. "Eventually, our military leader, General Hazel, attempted a coup." He goes on as a hologram of Hazel is shown along with his Sword of Rao organization. "But by then, it was too late."

"How exactly did the planet become unstable?" Willow asked. "Oh, the Kryptonians thought it was a good idea to drill into its core and use it a fuel source." the Host replied.

"What? They drilled into their own core for fuel?" Sienna exclaimed. "Yes, but they saw no ill effects and kept doing until boom! Doomsday. The end."

Jacques mentally made a note to not drill into the planet's core.

A hologram of Oscar as an infant was shown being placed in a small spacecraft. "Your mother and I foresaw the coming calamity." Ozma says as the spacecraft flies into a different solar system. "And we took certain steps to ensure your survival." Oscar's expression became a little sad, knowing that he was the last of an alien race.

"Both Ozma and Salem were scientists," the Host said. "They told Hazel about this because a) he was the military leader and b) a close friend." he adds. "Didn't end well. Hazel's coup sought to kill those Hazel blamed for Krypton's destruction."

This made everyone looked at the Host in shock and horror of what Hazel's counterpart planned to do to Krypton.

"This is a Genesis Chamber," Ozma says, walking with Oscar to a large chamber filled what looked like an underwater garden. "All Kryptonians were conceived in chambers such as this."

"You mean, they actually grow babies?!" Velvet exclaimed.

"In a garden?!" Coco added.

"Yes." Darth Anarchus said with a nod.




"Where's the fun in that?" Qrow asked. Team STRQ slowly turned their heads to look at him in disbelief. "Is that your response?!" Raven said. Qrow shrugged in response. Robyn rolled her eyes while Winter shook her head.

"Every child was designed to fulfill a predetermined role in society." Ozma says. "As a worker, a warrior, a leader and so on."

"What kind of society is that?" Jaune asked. He and the Audience was impressed but now most were becoming disappointed at how the people controlled people's future.

"I've seen worse," the Host stated bluntly with a nonchalant shrug.

"Your mother and I believed Krypton lost something precious," Ozma continued as Oscar looks at the Genesis Chamber. "The element of choice. Of chance. What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if he aspired to be something greater?" Oscar turns to him as Ozma says to him. "You are the embodiment of that belief, Oz. Krypton's first natural birth in centuries. It's why we risked so much to save you." He gives his son a firm expression.

"So his parents had fun making him," Roman declares. His bluntness caused both Ozma and Salem to glare at him but blushes appeared on their cheeks and Oscar shuffled uncomfortably at the question.

"Well, at least he's different," Ruby said, trying to point out a positive.

"Unfortunately something that Hazel saw as heresy and tried to kill Oscar as an infant before Ozma fought to protect his son and Salem launched the spacecraft after some hesitation," Darth Anarchus said, making Ruby deflate a little while the rest grew disturbed at the idea of Hazel's counterpart trying to kill an infant.

"That's too far, even for me." Tyrian stated, getting shocked looks from everyone else. "What? I have standards."

"Professionals have standards," Darth Anarchus muttered, remembering the Tyrian in his world saying something similar.

"Why didn't you come with me?" Oscar asks as they walk down another hallway. The two stop in their tracks as Ozma looks down sadly. "We couldn't, Oz." he says sadly. "No matter how much we wanted to. No matter how much we loved you." He looks as he's ready to cry as he continues. "Your mother, Salem, and I are a product of Krypton's failures as Hazel is. Tied to its fate."

Oscar looks down sadly at that before glancing up. "So I am alone." He stated.

"No," Ozma says without missing a beat. "You're a child of Remnant as you are of Krypton. You can embody the best of both worlds. A dream your mother and I gave our lives to preserve."

Both Salem and Ozma were reminded of their children and felt some sadness.You know, this Oscar looks just like Ozma,Salem thought offhandedly.

Those are parents (except Jacques) agreed with how Ozma assured his son that he wasn't alone.

The doors beside them suddenly opens up and reveals a blue skin tight suit with a red cape and a yellow emblem with a red S on the chest. "The people of Remnant are different from us, its true. But ultimately, I think that's a good thing." Ozma says as Oscar turns between the suit and his father. "They won't necessarily make the same mistakes as we did. Not if you guide them, Oz." he declares. "Not if you give them hope." He pulls his robes back and revealed his own crest. "That's what this symbol means. The symbol of the House of El means hope. And embodied within that hope is the fundamental belief and potential of every person can be a force of good. That's what you can bring them."

Oscar turns to the suit.

"Ooh, cool." Most of the comic book readers said at the sight of the suit. Ruby, Jaune, Mercury and Cardin.

"For some reason, I feel like it's missing something." Coco muttered. "I don't know what." Velvet rolls her eyes in response.

"I bet he's going to looksuperin that," Yang punned, leaning to Ruby teasingly. "Yang!" Ruby cried in embarrassment with a blush. Oscar slumped in his seat with a blush.

Two doors opened outside and Oscar steps out in full costume. He walks out into the tundra, cape flapping in the wind. "Why am I so different from them?" Oscar's voice is heard asking as he walks.

"Remnant's sun is younger and brighter than Krypton's was." Ozma replied. "Your cells have drunken its radiation, strengthen your muscles, your skin, your senses." Oscar stops in his tracks. "Remnant's gravity is weaker yet its atmosphere is more nourishing. You've grown stronger than I possibly could have imagined. The only way to know how strong is to keep testing your limits."

"Strengthening him how?" Cinder asked.

"X-ray vision, infrared vision, microscopic vision, super hearing, freezing breath, heat vision, super speed, and flight." Darth Anarchus replied, flooring the Audience. "Only limit is that he cannot see through or hear through lead."

"Any weaknesses? Because he has to have a weakness." Roman said. "Radioactive pieces of Krypton known as Kryptonite, red sun radiation."

Oscar looks up to the mountains in front of him with a determined expression. They were all ten times taller than the oil platform he was on months ago.

Then with a loudBOOM!Oscar jumps high into the air and over the mountains in a single bound! He lands far from the scout ship and jumps again. And again. He holds his arms out in front of him. He grunts trying to force himself to stay in the air. He laughs a little before he begins to falter.

"Woah! No!" He said before gravity begins to pull him back. "NO!" he shouts.

"Prepare for impact, Oscar!" Nora shouted, in a tone that was too cheerful.

"Well, you can't get on the first try," Qrow said and Raven nodded. Some looked to them curiously but they ignored their stares.

He crashes through the mountain and into the tundra, shattering the ice and sending chunks flying. He slowly emerges from the crater unharmed.

"And insane durability," the Host added.

"Unbelievable." Mercury said.

"Incredible," Pyrrha added.

He looks a little bummed out as Ozma speaks again. "You will give the people of Remnant an ideal to strive towards." Oscar walks out of the crater and looks to the Sun. "They will race behind you. They will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the Sun, Oz." Oscar closes his eyes, feeling the energy flowing into him. "In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."

Ozpin and Oscar snorted to themselves. That sounded something similar to what the god of Light had said to Ozma.

Oscar then kneels down and plants his fist on the ground. Slowly as the music begins to build up, the ice and snow swirl around his hands and the ground shakes.

"The tension is killing me," Fox said with a shake of his head.

"Come on, you can do it," Ruby whispered under breath.

Fly, Oscar,Ozpin said within Oscar's mind, making him smile at the encouragement. Fly.

With a sonic boom, Oscar shoots up into the air, the ice cracking from the force. He creates another sonic boom as he flies through the air. Oscar now smiles in joy. He's doing it! He's actually flying. He zooms past the clouds and down the mountains leading to the deserts of Vacuo. He races over the savannah and past the animals, causing some to flee in response. He waves down at them before reaching the coastline and flying along the surface of the ocean.

"WHOOO-HOOOO!" The students cheered.

"Superman fly!" Adrian babbled. "Yes, Superman is flying!" Saphron and Terra laughed.

"He's doing it! He's flying!" Amber cheered.

"Faster than a speeding bullet!" Cardin said.

"More powerful than a steam engine!" Jaune said.

He creates two more sonic booms, rippling the water's surface. He then races through the canyons in Saunus. He pulls one fist back as he stirs. The classic Superman flying pose! He smiles again before he goes up and over a landbridge before racing high into the air. He pauses and looks down briefly before shooting upwards. He reaches the edge of the atmosphere and zooms back down with a final sonic boom and the screen goes black.


This is one of my favorite scenes in all of cinema!

Next, the Audience will see Superman battling General Hazel and his soldiers in Smallville. Followed by the Black Zero Event.

Chapter 8: Man of Steel| Battle in Smallville


General Hazel and his soldiers arrive at Oscar farmhouse and make the mistake to threaten Kali.

Clark Kent/Superman: Oscar Pine
Lois Lane: Amber Autumn
General Zod: Hazel Rainart
Commander Faora Ul: Vernal
Martha Kent: Kali Belladonna
Nam-Ek: Himself
Colonel Hardy: Himself


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

"Okay, context." Darth Anarchus declared. "While Oscar learned his heritage, Amber spent a few weeks looking Oscar because he saved her from the scout ship's security."

Amber quickly said her thanks to Oscar who said, "It's nothing."

"She followed his trail of sightings all the way to his home town known as Smallville." the Host continued, ignoring the snickers or 'Seriously?' from most of the Audience. "She spoke to Oscar and changed her mind about telling his story to the world. General Hazel and his fellow officers arrived outside of the moon's orbit and sent a message to all of Remnant to surrender Oz-El or the world will suffer. Another reporter threw Amber under the bus, saying that she knew where to find Oscar. The government arrested her and after some reminiscing of the past and speaking with a priest, Oscar surrendered to the Atlassian Military."

"How did General Hazel arrive at Remnant?" Ozpin asked. "You said they were imprisoned in the Phantom Zone."

"And the destruction of Krypton freed them." Darth Anarchus replied. "They managed to retro fit their Phantom Projector into a Phantom drive, an engine capable of bending time and space, and after finding a World Engine, a great machine that reshapes planets to fit Kryptonian needs, they had spent the next two decades travelling the stars until Oscar sent out signal in the scout ship unintentionally."

Oscar felt sheepish for his counterpart unintentionally calling the bad guys to Earth. Most of the Audience felt a sense of dread at the mention of the World Engine. "Shortly after, Hazel's second in command, Vernal arrived and took both Oscar and Amber to the World Engine. Oscar lost conscious because he was not adjusted to the ship's atmospherics. Hazel then used technology to speak to him within his mind."

"That sounds both cool and disturbing," Jaune said and many nodded in agreement. "Hazel revealed that Ozma had taken Krypton's Registry Codex and stored it in the pod Oscar was placed in. It contained the DNA of a billion people. It's what aided the Kryptonians to reproduce with genesis chambers." Darth Anarchus said. "He believed that Ozma did it so that Krypton could live again. . . On Remnant."

Many of the Audience's eyes widened. "And with the World Engine, they could reshape the planet." Oscar said in dread. The Host nodded. "Luckily, that wasn't the case. Ozma and Salem intended for their son to know how to be human and then, when the time came, he'd be the bridge between both worlds. Oscar had given Amber the command key that had Ozma's AI and reprogrammed the ship for Remnant's atmospherics. Oscar retrieved his strength back as Hazel left to go Remnant and find the Codex in Oscar's pod and Ozma spoke to Amber of a way to defeat Hazel's forces."

This gave most of the Audience relief that Superman wasn't sent to Remnant as a conqueror. "What they didn't know was the Ozma merged the Codex with Oscar's cells." Darth Anarchus added.

"Oh no," Oscar said in realization. "What is it, Oscar?" Ruby asked.

"Where is the pod?" Oscar asked. "The Belladonna farmhouse." The Host answered. Many gasped in realization as Blake straightened. Hazel was going to Oscar's home where her parents were.

"Wait, why was my counterpart taken?" Amber asked. "They needed to find out where his house was, and they looked into Amber's memories." Darth Anarchus replied.

"Oh great," Oscar and Amber said in unison.

"Oscar is racing to save Amber in an out of control escape pod." The Host added nonchalantly.

Superman races through the air towards the escape. He grabs onto the door. He uses his x-ray vision to see Amber's terrified expression and that the ground is getting closer! He punches through the door and rips it off. He catches Amber as she falls out and turns around to shield her from the exploding pod as it impacts the ground.

Many, save for Tyrian, Cinder and her followers, sighed in relief.

"Well, I guess I owe you two," Amber said to Oscar in a joking tone. Oscar waved his hand dismissively. "Don't think anything about it." he said. "I'm training to be a Huntsman. It's what we do." He gestures to his counterpart on the screen. "What we both do, apparently."

The scene changes to Kali opening her door and seeing Hazel's ship landing in the front yard. She frowned. Back when she and Ghira were younger, she had dreaded that either the government would come to the house looking for little Oscar or his own people would. Looks like its the second option. Except Oscar wasn't here.

"Oh no," Blake muttered in dread. "Don't worry, Blake." Yang said, placing her arm on her shoulder. "I'm sure she's going to befeline." she grinned. Blake stared at her with a deadpan look while Weiss and Ruby facepalmed.

"Wait, where is my counterpart?" Ghira asked. "Dead and buried," Darth Anarchus replied. At the shocked and confused looks, he elaborated. "In most of parts of the DC multiverse, Superman's human father suffers a heart attack. A twist of irony to Superman who had all the powers to protect him except from human heart problems. In this universe, Ghira forbid Oscar from using his powers to save him from a tornado." Some opened their mouths to protest, especially Blake but the Host held his hand up. "Remember the trailer? Oscar said that his father believed that if the world found out what Oscar really was, they'd reject him out fear. Ghira was convinced that the world was not ready for a being like Oscar. Like Superman. This little tidbit of info is also what convinced Amber to drop the story."

"Wow," Penny said with wide eyes.

"Did that piss her boss off?" Fox asked. "Dropping a story like that?"

"Actually no," Darth Anarchus replied. "Coco Adel understood the risk of panic from the public. Until Hazel sent a message to every TV and Scroll on the planet."

Most felt surprised at the fact that a news manager would react like that but Coco took it as personal pride for her counterpart keeping a secret.

Back with Oscar and Amber, he was spinning slowly and lowering Amber to the ground next to the wrecked pod. "You'll be safe here," he says softly before they touch the ground.

Amber shuddered as she stood back. "They-They did something in my head," she tried to explain. "It's okay, they did the same to me too," Oscar assures. The two stare at one another before Oscar's expression changes and then he takes off to the air. "Oscar!" Amber called after him before a police cruiser drove behind her. She turned around and waved her arms.

"You stared at each other a bit long there," Qrow said to Amber. "There something I should know?"

"Oh, lay off, you Old Bird," Amber said, pushing the veteran Huntsman a little. "It's another universe." she turned back to the screen.Got to admit though, he is quite the looker,she thought.

"The craft he arrived in," Hazel spoke coldly to Kali. He and his soldiers wearing black armor and breathing helmets. "Where is it?" he demanded.

Kali narrowed her eyes. She didn't like his tone. "Go to Hell," she spat.

The mothers in the Audience, to an extent Raven, nodded at Kali protecting her child, even if it wasn't hers by blood. Jacques scoffed. That Faunus just strapped herself to the interrogation chair.

Hazel glanced over to Vernal who walked up to Kali and swiftly grabbed her by the throat. She lifted the Cat Faunus off the ground without effort. Kali chocked and squirmed but Vernal's grip was ironclad. Despite herself, she glanced over to the barn house.

"Hey!" Blake shouted in anger. "Don't touch her!" Ghira shouted.

Kali looked down in shame that her counterpart gave herself away. Summer placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's okay, stuff like that happens." The Cat Faunus smiled slightly in response.

Oscar himself tensed, imagining his aunt in Kali's position. He gripped the armrests tightly.Oscar, remember,your counterpart is on his way.

"There," Hazel pointed to the building. Vernal tossed Kali back and she hit the ground. Vernal then jumped high into the air and crashed through the roof and landed in the basem*nt. She tilted her head at the House of El's symbol before pulling the shuttle open with her bare hands. Upon seeing nothing, she jumped back out and landed in front of Hazel.

"Oh great, now they have Superman's powers too?" Roman shouted. "All Kryptonians get empowered by the yellow sun." the Host replied.

"The Codex is not here," she reported. Hazel's anger began to show. He grabbed the pickup truck next to him and threw it into the house. Yelping, Kali covered her head in fear.

"Where has he hidden it?!" he demanded. "I don't know!" Kali said in complete honest. She doesn't even know what codex they were looking for. "WHERE IS THE CODEX?!" Hazel shouted, making Kali recoil in fear.


A red and blue blur suddenly zoomed into view and tackled Hazel and he was gone. Kali blinked and looked to where the alien general and blur had gone as Vernal and the other Kryptonian soldiers raced to their ship.Oscar?she thought.

Oscar screamed in rage as he carried Hazel and tackled him through a tower that exploded. He then slammed the general to the ground and began to punch him in the face repeatedly. In all his years, Oscar had to hold back his strength. Pent up his frustration and rage to no break something. Someone. And now he can release it right on Hazel to protect the one thing he has on Remnant. His mother. "YOU THINK YOU CAN THREATEN MY MOTHER?!" he shouted between punches. This man killed his father. He stood by when Ghira was taken by the tornado. No way in Hell was he going to let anything happen to his mother if he could help it.

"Leave her alone!" Blake and Ghira said angrily and protectively. Vernal hoped they didn't look over to her direction. Then all the Faunus jumped at the sonic boom.

When they saw Oscar tackle Hazel, Nora, Yang and Coco cheered, "HELL YEAH!" Some though flinched at his angry scream.

"Damn right!" most of the other students, including Whitley shouted in agreement with Oscar's counterpart.

"Get him, Oscar!" Ruby cheered. "Show him who's boss!"

"Ruby, I'm right here," Oscar chuckled in amusem*nt. "I'm sure the other me would appreciate the support though." he added when Ruby blushed.

He reigned himself in a bit as they arrived at Smallville and turned towards an empty gas station and crashed Hazel into it. The whole station exploded. Oscar and Hazel came skidding to a halt on opposite sides of the street. Hazel stood up and took his burning cape off. He grabbed his helmet as it flickered before it disappeared. Hazel's eyes widen as he sees the bones and ligaments in his hand as if his armored gauntlet and flesh wasn't there to begin with. Shortly after, Hazel begins to everything. The screams of nearby people. The cars honking. A train blowing its horn and sirens blaring. Hazel tries to shake his head to clear it but nothing changes.

The Faunus all covered their ears in pain. "sh*t, is this what it feels like?" Sun asked, holding his ears.

"Yep, and Oscar had to grow up with this as a kid," Darth Anarchus replied. "He was blessed with a mother like Kali. She helped him like what he's about to say."

This made Kali swell with pride while the rest thought twice of having the same powers as Superman.

"W-What have you done to me?" Hazel demands, his voice now laced with fear. Oscar smiles a little sad*stic. "My parents taught me to hone my senses, Hazel." he reveals as he stands up. "Focus on what I wanted to see and hear." he adds as Hazel holds his head before dropping to the ground, writhing in pain. "Without your helmet, you're getting it all. And it hurts, doesn't it?"

The Kryptonian ship arrives and one of its guns shoots Oscar in the chest, knocking him back against a parked truck. Blue energy dissipates around his chest as he glares at Hazel who is aided by two soldiers. The general glares back at him before returning to his ship. Oscar moves to follow before he stops. He looks behind him and the Audience sees what caught his attention.

Down the street stood Vernal and Nam-Ek.

"Looks like we got ourselves a good old fashioned standoff," Sun says excitedly.

The scene changes to show Atlassian military ships flying towards the small town.

Meanwhile the three Kryptonians began to walk towards each other. Both Vernal and Oscar clenched their fists as they walked. Oscar glances to people nearby running and hiding in buildings. "Get inside," he urges the people still outside. "It's not safe."

Before the three could fight, the military attacked first. Oscar's head rocked back as a bullet bounced off his face. Vernal jumped out of the line of fire while Nam-Ek tanked the heavy gunfire and then jumped onto one of the jets. He broke through the windshield and killed the pilot. Vernal then jumped towards the other jet.

Many respected Oscar for trying to tell people to get inside and away from the danger.

"Hey, he's on your side!" Ruby shouted when the military ships fired at Oscar. "They don't know that," Darth Anarchus replied. "They don't know him like Amber or Kali at this point in time. They just know that he's kept his presence a secret."

"Contact! Boogey incoming!" the pilot shouted, shooting at Vernal. "Oh sh*t." he stated when he saw her closing, unaffected by the gunfire before Oscar tackled Vernal and flew to the other side of the town.

"No!" Most of the Audience cried out at seeing Vernal jumping to the jet before faltering at seeing Oscar tackling her.

They crashed outside of an IHOP establishment before Oscar was tossed into the restaurant. Customers ran out in terror as Oscar stood back up. He then saw a familiar face behind the desk. "Pete Ross?" he asked.

"Oscar Pine?" the ginger haired man asked in surprise before Oscar was kicked down by Vernal. "Run," he said to Pete who didn't need to be told twice. Oscar tried to tackle Vernal but she dodged easily.

"Who's he?" Ruby asked. "Oscar's former bully turned friend." Darth Anarchus replied.

"You're weak, Son of El," Vernal stated. "Unsure of yourself." Oscar tried to attack again but was quickly floored. "The fact that you posses a sense of morality and we do not," she continues. "Gives us an evolutionary advantage." she grabs Oscar by the cape. "And if history has taught us anything," she then tosses Oscar across town back to where they were originally and he landed in a bank against the vault door. She lands near the entrance. "It's that evolution always wins."

"She has a point," Raven said. "His morals are holding him-" The Host pointed to her with a glare. "Trust me, Branwen. You don't want absolute power to corrupt Superman absolutely." he said in a dark tone.

Oscar glared before tackling her out the door.

Outside more soldiers were arriving. "They are extremely dangerous," Colonel Hardy said. "We've been granted to use lethal force. Engage all targets."

"Sir, what about the one in blue?" a soldier asked as they aimed towards Superman, Vernal and Nam-Ek. "I said engage all targets," Hardy said firmly.

"Oh come on!" Yang, Jaune, Sun, Neptune, Coco, Mercury and Oscar shouted.

Meanwhile Oscar was getting tossed by Nam-Ek and punched by Vernal. They pinned him to the ground before Oscar's eyes glowed red and he shot his laser vision at Vernal and Nam-Ek.

Two helicopters began firing at them. Vernal responded by picking up a truck and throwing it at the helicopters like it was a softball. One chopper managed to evade the thrown vehicle but the one Hardy was in. The thrown vehicle slammed into the side of the chopper, making it loose control and one soldier fell out.

The man screamed, flailing his arms as he fell. Before he could hit the pavement, Superman flew in and caught him in a blur and the man found himself on the ground, unharmed. "You alright?" he asked. The soldier nodded before seeing something behind the Man of Steel and reached for his sidearm. Superman turned around and met Nam-Ek's fist to the face.

Most of the students gasped at seeing the soldier fall before Superman caught him.

Vernal watched the helicopter swerve out of control before her attention was pulled to the Atlassian soldiers approaching her and firing at her. She leaped up to the center of them as they fired at her. The bullets bounced off her armor and then she began to move at superhuman speeds, killing soldiers left and right with her punches and kicks.

"Too quick, not enough blood," Tyrian said in a bored tone and Neo nodded in agreement. Adam would have nodded since they were Atlassian soldiers but didn't because these aliens wanted to kill everyone.

Hardy was the only to survive the crash. "Guardian is down," the radio said. "Repeat, Guardian is down." Hardy responds that he's still alive. "Lock onto my position and rain fire. Danger close. Repeat, Danger close." he says.

"Copy that, Guardian." the radio responded as Hardy sees Vernal looking at him with a emotionless expression. "Good luck." The scene changed to Superman flying up in the air with Nam-Ek and then punched him towards the train station and the train exploded.

Colonel Hardy pulled a machine gun and fired at Vernal as she jumped in the air and landed less than ten feet away from him. Once he ran out of ammo, he pulled out his sidearm and fired at her face. The bullets bounced off her helmet without scratching it. Vernal's mask lowered and smiled a little. Hardy steeled his expression as he reached to his belt and pulled out his combat knife.

In response, Vernal reached down to her left thigh and pulled out her dagger. The two stare at each other. "A good death is its own reward." Vernal said to Hardy in a respectful tone. Hardy stared unflinching and lunged forward-

Ironwood, Winter and the Ace-Ops saluted the Colonel on the screen. As did Taiyang, Port, Sienna and Oobleck. Qrow raised his flask in respect. Roman tipped his hat. Ozpin and Glynda bowed their heads with Willow.

"Guy has balls, I'll say that," Mercury said in a respectful tone and nodded with Emerald and Neo. Cinder and Adam hummed.

Jacques and Watts scoffed while Tyrian waited for blood to shed.

"No, no. Oscar, someone, save him!" Ruby shouted.

Only for Superman to fly in and deliver a devastating punch to Vernal's helmet. Hardy stared shock at the scene.

"Yes!" Ruby and the students cheered.

"Didn't see that coming, did you, bitch!" Nora shouted. "Nora, there's a baby in here!" Ren scolded.

"You will not win," Vernal said to Superman. "For every human and Faunus you save, we will kill a million more," she grimaces from the sounds she hears through the cracks of her helmet.

The remaining jets fly into view and one of them fires a missile at Vernal. The female Kryptonian turns around and hold her arm out to block or catch it and it explodes upon contact.

Suddenly, a flaming train was thrown towards Superman. He holds his hands out to catch it to prevent a lot of damage only for it to push him into the building behind him.

Then a Kryptonian ship flew behind the jets and shot them down. Nam-Ek appeared by the unconscious Vernal and carries her to the ship that takes off.

The remaining soldiers arrive at the crashed train and aim their guns in the shadows. The train shifts slightly and the Audience see a red boot step into view. Superman looks at them a little warily. Before he could say anything, they lower their guns Colonel Hardy walked up to one of them and holds eye contact with Superman as he states out loud for all to hear, "This man is not our enemy."

"Don't shoot, don't shoot," Ruby and Velvet muttered.

"He comes in peace, he comes in peace." Jaune chants a little. Cardin looked at him as if he grew another head before shaking his head. They all let out a breath they didn't know they were holding at Hardy's declaration.

"About damn time," Qrow said, the Host winced. Oh boy, he's going to love his arc in the next few viewings.

Superman nodded gratefully. "Thank you, Colonel." he said. "I couldn't have stopped them without your help."

That was too generous but Hardy simply nodded. Superman glanced at the soldiers before flying off.

The scene changes to Kali rummaging through the wrecked living room of her house. She picked up a photo album book and stares sadly at a picture of a young Oscar and Ghira in a science fair with a volcano.

Kali and Ghira smiled at the photo, being reminded of the photos of their daughter. Based on her smile, Blake though the same thing.

Oscar felt a little envious of his counterpart growing up and knowing his parents before shaking his head. He has Ozpin and his friends. That's all the family he needs.

"Mom?" Oscar calls outside. Kali looks up and smiles in relief. Her son was okay. "I'm alright!" she calls out.

Oscar stands outside the porch. His shoulders sag in relief as he sighs. The two meet in the doorway. "Nice suit, Son." Kali says before the two hug.

"Yeah, really easy on the eyes," Yang teased. "You should wear an outfit like that in the future."

"Like Huntsmen actually wear something like that," Oscar rolled his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Mom." Oscar says. "Oh, it's just stuff, Oscar." Kali dismisses, glancing at the house. "It can always be replaced."

"But you can't," Oscar pointed out as Kali walked down the porch steps. Kali looks back at him. "Mom, Hazel believes this codex can bring my people back."

"Isn't that a good thing?" Kali asked confused. Oscar shook his head. "I don't think they're interested in sharing this world." he replied grimly.

"Oh." Now that Kali understood.

A police siren sounds before Oscar hears Amber's voice. "Oscar! Oscar," she calls as she jogs over to them. "I know how to stop them."

"What's the plan?" Ironwood asked. "Give it a few minutes," Darth Anarchus replied.

General Hazel walks to the helm of his ship as his scientist asks him what happened down on Remnant. "He exposed us to a temporary weakness."

"It's of little consequence." The Kryptonian scientist says dismissively. "Because I have located the Codex." he declares. "It was never in the capsule." He explains that Ozma-El took the Codex and bonded it with his son's very cells. "All of Krypton's heirs are living in one refugee's body." He displays a hologram of Oscar's blood cells.

Hazel walks to the window. "Does Oz-El need to be alive to extract the Codex from his cells?" he asked. The scientist barely even hesitated. "No."

"He can't be seriously thinking," Winter stated. The Host nods. "He is."

"But Oscar is the son of his best friend," Penny protested. She can't imagine doing that to Ruby's children. "He's a soldier of Krypton. He has a duty to carry out and he will not let anyone prevent him for carrying it out."

A beat of silence before Hazel declares, "Release the World Engine." And the screen went black after the World Engine is released.

"Oh shoot," Ruby, Velvet, Jaune and Nora muttered.

"Aw nuts," Sun slumped in his seat.

"Oh sh*t," The rest of the students muttered.

"f*ck," Qrow, Raven, Robyn, Roman, Emerald and Mercury said.

"Poop," Adrian declared. Saphron and Terra gasped before glaring at Jaune. The blonde knight held his arms up. "Sorry." he said sheepishly.


I do hope I did this all justice.
Now what was your favorite reaction of the whole chapter? I honestly enjoyed writing the part of Colonel Hardy standing his ground. What about you?
Next is the Black Zero Event/Final Battle of Man of Steel combined with Bruce Wayne's perspective of the event from BvS: Dawn of Justice.

Chapter 9: Man of Steel | Black Zero Event and Ending


The Audience see the DC Universe be introduced to Superman as he battles General Hazel from Amber's perspective to Qrow Branwen's perspective.
Link for video that gave inspiration
Clark Kent/Superman: Oscar Pine
Lois Lane: Amber Autumn
General Zod: Hazel Rainart
General Swanwick/Martian Manhunter: Lie Ren
Dr. Emil Hamilton: Dr. Pietro Polendina
Faora Ul: Vernal
Jor-El: Ozma
Marth Kent: Kali Belladonna
Johnathan Kent: Ghira Belladonna
Bruce Wayne/Batman: Qrow Branwen
Colonel Hardy: Himself
Perry White: Coco Adel
Jenny: Velvet Scarlatina
Steve Lombard: Cardin Winchester
Jack: The Bull Faunus blacksmith from Volume 4
Teacher: Herself
Students: Themselves
Little girl: Herself


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

"Let's dive right into the action." Darth Anarchus stated. "You're going to see Superman save the Earth from the Kryptonians for the first time and see it from Amber's perspective as well as Qrow Branwen's."

"Sweet, two superheroes saving the day!" Ruby cheered.

Most of the younger Audience grew excited, the adults worried about the potential destruction, except Tyrian. The crazy Scorpion Faunus was looking forward to the potential bloodbath mainly.

"What just happened?" General Lie Ren demanded in a control room. "The ship just split in two pieces." A soldier reported. "One of them is heading to the southeastern hemisphere, Menagerie." The scene changed to show the World Engine landing in the Shallow Sea by Menagerie.

Most of the Faunus grew worried about Menagerie while Nora cheered that her friend was on screen.

Meanwhile, the Black Zero appeared above Atlas. Many civilians looked to the sky in fear and awe at the massive alien ship appearing above the skyline.

Ironwood, Winter, the Ace-Ops and Pietro were now worried about their home kingdom.

General Hazel was informed that both ships were ready to terraform and he gave the order. Both ships fired a beam down into the ground. With the World Engine, the water began to levitate. With the Black Zero, vehicles, debris and people began to levitate in the air before being slammed down. Hard enough to kill people and flatten the vehicles, shatter glass make buildings shake like the Daily Planet.

Inside the news building, Coco Adel and the others stepped away from the windows with expressions of fear as they felt the building shake. The gravity field was spreading more and more. The Audience could hear people screaming in the vehicles before being abruptly silenced.

Briefly, the Audience had awed expressions when the levitating began before becoming horrified when the vehicles began to crush and people's screaming was abruptly silenced.

Tyrian pouted. It wasn't as graphic as he hoped it would be.

"What are they hitting us with?" Ren demanded back in the military control room.

"It seems to be some kind of gravity weapon," Professor Pietro Polendina answered, looking at the screen monitoring both ships. "It's working in tandem with their ship. Increasing the planet's mass and filling the atmosphere with articulates. Oh my Oum, they're terraforming."

"What's that?" A young woman asked.

"Planet engineering, modifying Remnant's topography."

"They're turning Remnant into Krypton." Ren said grimly. "But what happens to us?" the young woman asked, more nervous.

"Based on these readings, there won't be an us." Polendina replied.

"Sir, Colonel Hardy is in bound and he's bringing in Superman with him," Another soldier reported. Ren rose an eyebrow. "Superman?" he repeated.

"The alien, sir." The soldier clarified. "That's. . . what they're calling him."

Some of the Audience snorted in amusem*nt that the name was catching on. Oscar sighed in defeat. Okay, that name suited his counterpart.

Outside of the base, Amber turns to the General and Professor. "We have a plan, General." Amber said. Polendina looked to the space craft being carried. "Is that what I think it is?" he asked.

"It's the ship he arrived in," Amber answered before Superman walks to them. "This ship uses something called a Phantom Drive. It bends space. Hazel uses the same technology. If we can get the two engines to collide with one another. . . "

"A singularity will be made," Pietro completed. "A black hole?" Ren clarified getting nods from the Man of Steel and Amber. "So, you want us to bomb them with that?" Pietro asked.

Colonel Hardy answered that it was possible to carry the pod in the plane like a nuclear bomb.

"That sounds like a good plan," Ironwood mused. Darth Anarchus rose an eyebrow. "Not going to ask about a black hole?" he asked.

"We have some limited knowledge of singularities." Ironwood exclaimed.

"Oh good." The Host said in relief. "Most variants of Remnant, or at least those that mirror your world more closely, haven't bothered looking at the stars." he explained at the confused looks.

"And if I don't stop that machine in the Shallow Sea," Superman says, glancing over to Amber. "The gravity field will continue to get worse." He turns to Ren who slowly nods.

Amber turns to Oscar. "If that thing is making Remnant more like Krypton," she says in a worried tone. "Won't you be weaker around it?"

Ruby and a few other students grew worried about Oscar's counterpart at the question.

"Maybe," Oscar says uncertainty before steeling himself. "But that's a risk I'm willing to take." Amber slowly nods. Oscar nods back. "You may want to step back." he warned.

Amber stepped back a little. "Maybe a bit more." Oscar adds. Amber smiles and steps back as Oscar takes off. The Audience see him flying high up before he breaks the sound barrier.

The Huntsmen and Huntresses nodded in agreement with Superman's statement. With the world at stake, he had to take the risk.

Ruby frowned at Oscar and Amber's interaction before watching Oscar's counterpart fly in awe.

"Commander Vernal," Hazel called to the Kryptonian soldier. "Take command of the helm. I need to secure the Genesis chamber. . . and pay my respects to an old friend." He gestures to the location of the scout ship and gains a somber expression. Vernal nods as the General leaves.

Superman arrives where the World Engine stands. He flies through the black smoke and loses control, grabbing his throat and coughing uncontrollably. Already the atmosphere was Kryptonian. He regains control and flies back up. The front of the World Engine and a robotic arm shoots out with three claws and attacks Superman before he could reach the ship.

The students grew worried at Superman's coughing and tensed at the World Engine's defenses. Polendina and Watts were intrigued however, with the latter more so than the former while Watts felt like he had some connection.

The scene changed to Colonel Hardy piloting the dropship with a large squad of Air Force jets. The jets fly ahead to asses the threat level of the Black Zero.

Just as the jets arrive, a helicopter with the logo of Branwen Enterprises lowers to a landing pad and Qrow Branwen jumps out before it touches the ground. He looks to the jets flying to the Black Zero before he gets into Branwen Enterprises Security car and drives into the city.

Those were fans of Batman cheered at the appearance of Qrow while a few women, with the exception of Summer, Raven, Maria, Saphron and Terra, blushed at Qrow's muscular build despite his age. The most blushing was Robyn.

"What is he doing in the city?" Tai asked. The Host held up an arm. "Give it a second."

The jets begin to fire missiles at the Black Zero, only for the missiles to fly haywire away from the ship and to the nearby buildings. The lead pilot says they have to get closer.

In the Daily Planet, Cardin Winchester looks out a window and sees a missile fly down and explode. Right in front of Qrow who managed to turn to a different road. He reaches for his Scroll and calls one of his employees. "Jack!"

"Qrow!" Jack replied. "Jack, listen to me! I need you to get everyone out of the building now!" Qrow orders. "You understand?" Jack nods and turns to the people next to him. "Alright, come on, people. Let's go! We need to leave! The boss wants us out of here, so let's make it happen!"

"Jack? Jack!" Qrow calls, wanting to kept in the loop. Gritting his teeth in frustration, he throws his Scroll out and focuses on driving.

"He wants his workers to get to safety," Willow says in surprise before it grew to respect. "And he's coming to the building himself."

"He could have just made the Scroll call wherever he lives," Jacques scoffed. "He didn't have to come to the city experiencing a Oum damn alien invasion."

"Yeah, that's the difference between a CEO like you, Gele, " Darth Anarchus said, narrowing his at the white haired man. "and a CEO who happens to Batman or Ironman."

Willow and her children smirked slightly with Klein and Adam and Sienna laughed loudly as Jacques scowled at being called by his former name.

The students looked the Batman variant on screen while Whitley smiled a little when he heard Ironman being mentioned.

Hazel arrives at the scout ship and takes off his helmet. Instantly his senses are overwhelmed but he closes his eyes. He's a soldier of Krypton. He will conqueror this. And slowly but surely, he hones his senses. He opens his eyes and it's normal now. He walks in and the scene changes.

"Oh great," Roman said. "The Kryptonian who knows how to fight has now adapted to Remnant's atmosphere."

"Why do you say it like that?" Cinder asked. "From what I've seen in the fight in Smallville, the farm boy doesn't know combat."

"He's not wrong," the Host admitted. "While he knows how to throw a punch, he certainly hasn't fought anyone until this day."

So, not that different than me.Oscar thought to himself.Now, now, Oscar.Ozpin chided.You said that you have some combat experience with small Grimm.

Yeah, SMALL Grimm.Oscar rebuked.

Superman is getting overwhelmed with the now three robotic arms that regenerate every time he shatters them. Then they entrap him like a boa and hold him the Kryptonian atmosphere. He begins to cough and choke before he was thrown down to the terraforming beam and hits him the full force of Krypton's gravity.

"Oscar!" Ruby and the other students cried out in worry.

Back in Atlas, Coco, Velvet Scarlatina and Cardin run out of the building. They see the destruction getting worse around them and they try to run away only for the jets to crash behind them and in front of Qrow who drives down an alleyway to avoid the fireball that manages to lick at the back of his SUV.

Qrow's family and close friends sighed in relief at seeing the man's counterpart avoiding the explosion. "Heh. This version of you seems to have better luck than you," Raven stated with a smirk.

"And now I'm sure you just jinxed him," Qrow rolled his eyes.

Coco sees a building crumbling in front of her. "Velvet!" she calls to the Rabbit Faunus who stared up at the building in fear. Cardin sees the building as well and calls out to his boss. Coco and Velvet run to Cardin who directs them to an alleyway and they manage to avoid the building.

Coco looks around when she's alone. "Velvet!" she calls out again. "Here!" She turns and sees Velvet trapped under debris, her arm sticking out. "I'm stuck! Coco, I'm stuck!" Coco runs over to her and grabs her hand. "I'm going to get you out." She assures. She turns her head and Velvet panics. "No, no, please! Don't leave me! Please, don't leave me!"

"I'm not going to leave you." Coco says before turning to where Cardin stands. "Cardin! Get your ass over here and help me!"

". . . Screw it," Cardin mutters before running out of view. . . and coming back with a metal pole. He wedges it between two pieces of concrete. He instructs Coco to push the pole down to lift the debris off Velvet. Qrow was shown driving. He maneuvers around other cars avoids running over people.

Team CFVY and the other students tensed at seeing Coco and Velvet in danger of being crushed before sighing relief that they got to safety before seeing Velvet trapped under rubble.

"sh*t," Velvet said, and cursing was a rare thing to come from her. Coco wrapped an arm around her. "Don't worry, Vel. I got your back," she said assuring. Their eyes all widened when Cardin came back and began to help Coco's variant. Cardin himself was glad that he wasn't a complete douchebag.

The scene changes back to Hazel who had put his own command key. Just as the ship comes online, he hears a voice he had not heard since Krypton's destruction. "Stop this, Hazel. While there's still a chance."

Hazel turns around with a bitter frown. "Haven't given up lecturing me, have you?" he asks. "Even in death."

This caused Salem to snort a bit. Yeah, Ozma seems to have a knack for that.

Ozma walks toward him. "I will not let you use the Codex like this." he says defiantly.

"You don't have the power to stop me," Hazel says. "The command key I entered is provoking your authority."

"Our people can coexist, Hazel." Ozma says firmly. "So we can suffer years of pain to adapt like your son has?" Hazel retorts.

"You're talking about genocide," Ozma protests. "Yes, and I'm arguing its merits with a ghost." Hazel rebukes. He turns to walk away but Ozma follows him.

"We're both ghosts, Hazel." he declared. "Can't you see that? The Krypton you're clinging to is gone." Hazel glances at him before turning to the Genesis chamber. "Ship have you isolated this virus?" he asks the ship's AI. When he gets an affirmative, he orders the termination of Ozma's AI. "I'm tired of this debate."

"Silencing me won't change anything, Hazel," Ozma states before declaring, "My son is twice the man you ever were." This catches the General's attention. "And he will finish what we started all those years ago."

"Tell me, you share Ozma-El's memories." Hazel stated. "Can you share his pain?" he asks before he elaborates. "I will harness the Codex from your son's corpse and rebuild a New Krypton on top his bones." he declares coldly before slamming his palm down on the control panel and Ozma's holographic form disappears.

"No. . . " Oscar muttered under his breath. Those that heard him just assumed it was because he was attached to the counterpart of his father.

Ozpin wasn't really affected by his or rather Ozma's counterpart's demise. Maybe a little since he was seeing his death from an outside perspective.

Back in Atlas, the terraforming gravity field is getting closer and closer to Coco and Cardin who still haven't managed to get Velvet out. The two former looked to the impending death by being crushed while Velvet begins to scream in fear. The two look at one another before reaching to grab each of Velvet's hands as a sign of comfort in her final moments.

Team CFVY hugged the Rabbit Faunus and her partner. The two glanced over to Cardin and nodded silently who smiled slightly in response.It was worth a shot,Cardin thought preparing himself to see himself being crushed like a soda can.

The Audience see Superman standing up, his right hand raised and clenching into a fist. He looks up to the World Engine as he hears all the people screaming and dying back in Atlas. He can even hear the ocean life dying from the World Engine here. He tunes them all out and recalls what both his biological father and adoptive father have told him.You will give a people of Remnant an ideal to strive towards.Ozma had said.Whoever you chose to be, good or bad,Ghira had told him.He's going to change the world.

Or save it.

"Come on, you can do it," Ruby and a few others encouraged. Emerald stopped herself from muttering the same. Was she really getting that hooked into a story like this? It looked like Mercury was thinking the same.

"Come on," Oscar muttered. "Make them proud."

For a split second, Oscar's face flickered to appear as someone else's before he shoots up towards the World Engine, flying through the beam. His face scrunches up before he lets out a scream of determination before he slams through the hull. The World Engine cracks and then explodes. It's beam stops both in the Shallow Sea and at Atlas.

"HE DID IT!" The students cheered.

Qrow had stopped his car and stares out at the Black Zero along with a crowd of people. Cardin and Coco look around as Velvet calms down. They look to each other and begin to move the debris again.

The three mentioned sighed in relief.

Oscar slowly opens his eyes and reaches his hand up to the sunlight.

"He did it," Colonel Hardy said to Amber who sighed in relief. She walks down to where the Kryptonian pod is and puts the command key in the slot, only for to hover in place with small bolts of lightning to hold it. She tries to push it in but to no avail. "You got to be kidding me," she mutters.

"What now?" Cinder asked in annoyance.

"We clear to drop?" Hardy asked. "Negative sir." A soldier replied. "What's wrong?" Polendina asked as Hardy moved from his seat and his co-pilot took control. "It's supposed to go in all the way." Amber replied.

Vernal noticed the plane incoming and enters an escape pod to intercept it.

"Oh no," many of the Audience muttered.

"Not good." Penny said, worried for her father.

Pietro studies the pod and tilts his head. He realizes that it was twisted upside down. He grabs it and twists it to be right side up and the command key slides in.

Amber looks out the drop door and sees the two jets get gunned down by the Scout Ship. Hazel is shown sitting in the pilot's seat like a throne. "Target that aircraft." he orders and the Audience see Superman flying into view.

He crashes into the hull, knocking it aside as it fires and narrowly misses but grazes the wing. He rises up, eyes glowing red. "Stop! If you destroy this ship, you destroy Krypton!" Hazel shouts to Oscar in desperation.

Oscar hesitates briefly before his resolve steels. "Krypton had its chance." he replied before unleashing his heat vision on the ship and the General falls to the ground. Amber watches as the Scout ship crashes through buildings. The Audience sees that directly below the ship is Qrow's SUV swerving left and right to dodge the falling debris.

Penny cheered that her father figured out the problem before stopping at seeing the Scout ship arrive and target the plane. Then the Audience got more relieved at seeing Superman arrive.

Many were surprised at Hazel's desperate tone. Some of the adults looked at the screen sympathetically at Oscar's hesitation before his resolve strengthen.

Ruby and her family grew worried at seeing Qrow beneath the ship, Raven would deny it but deep down she was worried about her brother.

"Ms. Autumn, it's not safe for you over there!" a soldier calls to her as Pietro tells Hardy that he fixed the problem. "Ms. Autumn!" Suddenly Vernal jumps through the underside of the plane, knocking the soldier out of the plane and Amber falls down in shock.

"No offense," Amber chuckled nervously. "But where I'm standing seemed to be more safer than over there."

Hardy steps back as Pietro was knocked off his feet. Vernal glares at Hardy as other soldiers fire at her to stall her. Hardy retreats back to the co*ckpit and Vernal follows after him, killing the soldiers in front of her.

Just as Hardy reaches the co*ckpit, Vernal breaks through the wall behind him. "Move! Now!" a soldier told him, ushering him to the co*ckpit. The Faunus gets backhanded by Vernal and the co-pilot fires at her with his sidearm but Vernal grabs and puts him in a headlock before the Audience hear an audible SNAP as she glares at Hardy.

Many grimaced at Vernal killing the soldiers, human and Faunus, like so. Saphron and Terra made Adrian turn away from the screen.

Pietro struggles to his feet but manages to push the command key in and activates the Phantom Drive. Qrow gets out of his car and sees the plane approaching the Black Zero.

"Come on, Father," Penny said urgently before his counterpart activates the Phantom Drive. Pietro himself sighed in relief before steeling himself. He had a feeling that his counterpart wasn't going to last long.

"A good death is its own reward," Hardy said to Vernal, throwing her words back at her. Vernal paused and titled her head at him before he made the plane dive towards the Black Zero. Vernal's eyes widened as the plane crashes into the ship and instantly, the Phantom Drives in both ships react to one another and create a singularity. The Audience see the Kryptonians being sucked in first followed by the Black Zero.

The Atlassians (even Jacques and Watts) saluted the soldiers as did the older Huntsmen and Huntresses and the Faunus in room as well.

Amber falls out the back of plane, screaming before it crashes. Superman pushes debris off him and his super vision sees Amber falling among the debris. He flies up and catches her. He tries to fly off with her before he freezes in the air. The singularity was starting to pull him in. Amber stares at it, mystified before she turns to Oscar's face and sees glowing cracks on his face. No! You can do this! Amber says mentally. Fight it, Oscar! Come on! The world needs Superman!

Qrow and Amber grew worried at seeing the latter's counterpart falling before Superman caught her. Then they grew worried that he'd get sucked into the black hole as well before he didn't.

As if hearing her thoughts, Oscar pushes himself to the limit fighting the pull of the singularity before it vanishes.

Superman and Amber land in the middle of a clear area and nearby Coco and her two employees emerge. "Are they gone?" Velvet asks nervously. Slowly, Coco nods. "I think so."

Velvet turns to look down towards where Superman and Amber are. "He saved us," she said in realization.

Amber reached up to Oscar's face, fearing that he would vanish before Oscar reaches up to her hand with his own and smiles reassuringly at her. Amber sighs in relief before pulling him close and kissing him on the lips.

Oscar stiffened before wrapping his arms around her waist. They pull back a few centimeters away. "You know, they say it's all down hill after the first kiss," Amber panted.

"Uh, I'm sure that counts when you're kissing a human," Oscar replies.

Both Oscar and Amber blush at their counterparts while Qrow and some students tease them. Ruby frowned before shaking her head and luckily Yang didn't see her jealousy.

Summer, on the other hand. . .

The two look over to Coco and the others before they hear a faint rumble in the distance. The Kryptonian Scout ship was still there and that meant only one thing.

"You got to be kidding me," Sun whined with a slump of his shoulders.

"Get people back," Oscar says to Amber before he flies over to a kneeling Hazel. Briefly, the Audience see Qrow running in the streets. He ignored the people running the other way. He had to get to Branwen Enterprise, Atlas. He had to make sure his workers were okay.

The General holds up a handful of dirt. "Look at this." He lets it slip between his fingers. "We could have built a new Krypton in this squalor, but you chose the humans over us. I exist only to protect Krypton. That is the sole purpose for which I was born." Hazel begins to shake and tears threaten to escape and Oscar looks to him with pity. "And every action I take, no matter how violent or how cruel, is for the greater good of my people. And now, I have no people. . . my soul. . ." Anger comes over his expression. "That is what you have taken from me!" He shoots forward, slamming his body against Oscar's and sends him skidding back across the area.

The adults felt sorry for Hazel's counterpart, especially Ozpin while some others were indifferent. The students felt conflicted about the Kryptonian General before his tone became angry.

"I'm going to make them suffer, Oz." Hazel declares, marching to his opponent. "These humans and Faunus you've adopted, I'm going to take them all from you one by one."

"You're a monster, Hazel." Oscar declares before he rises of the ground and turns to face him. "And I'm going to stop you."

"How? You can't access the Phantom Zone like you just did, and there's not a cell on this planet that can hold me." Hazel's lips curl up in a cruel smirk before Superman flies towards him and the General runs. The two meet in the middle and Superman is sent flying back.

Oscar swallowed audibly at that statement. That only meant one thing. Many of the Audience also knew what this meant.

Unfortunately, no one gave Ruby the memo. "Don't worry, Oscar. I'm sure your counterpart will think of something." she said with a hopeful smile.

"Ruby. . ." Summer said before pausing.

The Audience see Jack still within the building of Branwen Enterprises. He must be doing one final sweep for any more people in the building before he sees Superman flying towards the building and landing a floor beneath him.

As Superman rises to his feet, Hazel jumps into the building with him. He closes his eyelids and the Audience see his eyes glowing before he begins screaming and unleashes his heat vision uncontrollably. Superman rises up to avoid being hit while Hazel holds his head, screaming.

Outside, Qrow ran around the corner and tries to call Jack again on his Scroll but the Bull Faunus simply begins to pray. "Heavenly God, creator of Heaven and Remnant, have mercy on my soul." The building begins to collapse.

Hazel jumps out and Superman flies out after him.

"NOO! JACK!" Qrow screamed and began to run towards the collapsing building. Everyone else ran the other way but he ran towards the danger with no fear and disappeared into the cloud of dust.

Many gasped at seeing Jack, some grew sadden at his final prayer. Those that knew Qrow felt their respect grow at seeing his counterpart running to the danger with nothing but himself.

Qrow smiled a little. Well, at least they both have something in common. Robyn also smiled.

Superman and Hazel crashing into a parking garage building. Superman steps out of the smoke and Hazel lands across the street. He kicks the gasoline truck towards him. Superman jumps between the gas tanks. The tanker explodes behind him. He looks at it briefly before Hazel punches him down. He quickly gets back up and the two trade blows and block punches, the blows sending shockwaves with every hit before a car lands on Superman and Hazel kicks him back before he delivers punch and an uppercut that sends Superman flying up. He bounces off the building and steadies himself in the air.

"There's only one way this ends, Oz. Either you die or I do." Hazel said and Superman heard him loud and clear. I'm willing to do what it takes to win. Are you?" He then jumps up and climbs up the building. Superman flies down and delivers an uppercut that sends a shockwave and shatters the building. The General is flung towards a construction site.

Most of the adults noticed that the truck had the brand Merlot Corp on the side.Interesting.

Ruby still clung to the hope that this fight won't end in death.

When Superman arrives, Hazel jumps towards him with a rebar. Quickly, Superman uses his heat vision to melt the bar down but Hazel uses what's left of it to knock the Man of Steel away. Superman collides with a sign and lands on his front.

Neo starts chuckling a little, gaining the attention of those that hear her. He just knocked into a sign that said 106 days left of construction,Neo signed with a smile. And turned it to zero.

Oscar chuckled a little while some teens do snicker in amusem*nt.

"I was bred to be a warrior, Oz." Hazel says. "Trained my entire life to master my senses. Where did you train, on a farm?!" He kneels down, the small debris begins to shake and hover. Grunting, Hazel tears off his battle armor, revealing his black skin suit with a silver symbol. Oscar watches with a grim expression as Hazel's gauntlet falls to his feet and hovers as Hazel rises in the air. The General opens his eyes and looks down at Superman who stares back before flying up and tackling him through the construction site.

"Hey! Don't diss on the farm!" Oscar shouted in defense.

"Yeah, the Compost King can take on aliens!" Nora shouted in agreement.

"Wait, what?" Oscar said, blinking. Nora suddenly gasped. "Ren, Pyrrha, Jaune! Oscar's a farm boy, right?" she asks excitedly. "That means he's the Compost King!"

"What?" Oscar asked in bewilderment. The. . . Compost. . . King? . . . What?

Qrow walks slowly past shaken people and a rider less police horse. He watches a teacher trying to keep her class together. They must have been on a trip when this all happened. He could understand what they went through. He kneels down to help a little girl struggling to pull a stuffed animal out from debris and handed her to another teacher.

Most of the parents and students felt sorry for the young children.

Superman and Hazel fly through the air before Superman punches Hazel twice across the city. Hazel regains control and begins to zoom through the buildings, Superman giving chase. Hazel sneaked behind him and ran his face through many glass windows and buildings before grabbing Superman by the cape and spinning around before throwing him through many buildings. When he stopped, Superman hovered in the air before Hazel tackled him and took to out of Remnant's atmosphere.

Back with Qrow, an employee of his recognized him and called out to him, his legs trapped under a steel girder. "Mr. Branwen! Mr. Branwen! I can't feel my legs! I can't feel my legs!" Qrow kneels down to his side and calls out to men nearby. "We need help over here!" He looks back down to the man. "Listen to me, you're going to be okay." He glances down at his nametag and decided to use it as a distraction. "Wallace? What, do they call you Wally?" he asked in false cheery tone.

The distraction worked. The man looks up to him with a pant. "You're the boss, Boss." he said. Three men came to help. Two grabbed Wally by the arms and the third grabbed the girder with Qrow. "On three. One, two three," Qrow instructs before they lift the girder up high enough and Wally is pulled to safety. "Oh Oum, I can't feel my legs." he sobbed.

Mercury felt the most sympathetic about the man.

Up in space, Hazel had slammed into a satellite. He grabbed onto it and pushed it towards Superman who caught it before Hazel shot through and tackled Superman. Heat began to build at Superman's head as Hazel punched him in the face and the two Kryptonians re-entered the atmosphere.

Now most of the Audience grew intrigued at the sight of the satellite before pausing. On the side was the brand and symbol of Branwen Enterprises.

Qrow looks up from Wally and sees a girl about to be crushed by rubble!

Many parents and students shot up to their feet. "NOO!"

He gets up and runs as fast as he could. He grabs the girl and moves her out of the way in one swift motion just as the rubble came crashing down where the girl was. "Hey, hey. You're okay," he says in a reassuring tone to the girl, kneeling down to her level and brushing some dust off her hair and shirt. She didn't look like a student. "You know what? We're going to find your mom." he states with a friendly smile. "Where is she?" The girl begins to cry and points upwards behind Qrow. He looks up and sees it was the same building Jack was in. He frowns sadly down to her before he hears a sonic boom.

Many covered their mouths and bowed their heads at the girl's answer.

The music changes drastically as the scene changes between Amber looking up to the sky with her colleagues while Qrow glares, hugging the girl close as if to shield her from what looks like debris falling from the sky.

Among the debris was Superman and Hazel.

Rage began to boil beneath Qrow's skin as he glared and being filled with a new sense of purpose. It was time for his mission to begin again. This time with a different reason.

Qrow looked to the screen with wide eyes. This isn't good. At all.

"I don't think my counterpart made a good impression with Batman," Oscar tried to joke. "Don't blame yourself, you're busy fighting Hazel." Ruby said.

"Yet I could have done more to prevent all this destruction," Oscar retorts. "Like take the fight out of the city."

"This is what happens when Gods fall into their clashes," Darth Anarchus said. "Innocents die, and the Knight is the witness to it."

Hazel screams in rage to Superman before the two crash into a massive train station. Hazel hovers when the two crash into a balcony before Superman tackles him to the floor and slams his head into the concrete before getting the General into a headlock.

Hazel struggles before his attention is brought to the humans and Faunus in the building with them. More specifically, a family with a Faunus child that were telling people to evacuate.

"If you love this people so much," Hazel growls out to Superman and the Human father notices the General's glare and tries to move his family back. "You canmournfor them." His yellow eyes glow red and he shoots his heat vision to the wall and moves towards the family. The family tried to move away but one of the pillars had collapsed behind them. They were trapped.

The music becomes somber as Oscar's eyes widen in horror at what Hazel was attempting to do. "Don't do this!" he shouted, trying to speak to the man that was seen as a brother to his father.

"No," Ruby muttered in unison with Oscar. The silver eyed girl now knew where this ends.

The family also began to beg for mercy. "Please, no!" the mother cried out. The father moved to shield them both as the two lasers moved closer to them and the child began to wail.

"Stop! Stop!" Oscar cried out. The Audience see Amber running down the staircase. She paused at the shouting before moving forward.

"STOOOPP!" Oscar begged.

Hazel didn't even bat an eye. "Never." He declared.

Oscar looked to the family as tears welled in his eyes before he closed them and let out a shout before a shockwave was released-

As he snapped Hazel's neck.

Hazel dropped down, his eyes no longer glowing and bearing a peaceful expression.

Oscar collapsed to his knees with a shaken expression. All his life, he had never once taken a life. He always used his life to save lives. Help lives. He looked to Hazel's expression. The General didn't want to live where he couldn't call Krypton and he went out in a warrior's death. And yet, now Oz-El was alone.

The Last Son of Krypton.

Many flinched or covered their ears at Oscar's and the family's shouts and flinched even more when Oscar snapped the General's neck.

Oscar looked down at his own hands.That's how our story is going to go, isn't it Oz?he asked.Either us or Hazel will die.

. . . Yes. It's him or us,Ozpin answered grimly.

His lip began to shake, his eyes watering before he let out one long scream that echoed throughout the station. At the corner of his eye, he sees Amber approaching with a sympathetic expression. She placed her hands on his head as he hugged her. Amber closed her eyes as he silently cried. After a moment, he glanced up to her.

Maybe he wasn't alone entirely.

Ruby saw Oscar's down trodden expression and leaned over to hug him. The former farm hand stiffened before hugging her back. Memories of his timeline came to him along with the events in Atlas. A hug from his friend (He ignores the eyeroll from Ozpin) is what he needs. Jaune and the rest of the students joined in on the hug followed by Zwei.

The scene changed to General Ren and Captain Lambton driving past some satellite dishes when suddenly a large military drone crashed down in front of them. Lambton skidded to a halt and Ren slowly got out and saw Superman standing with his arms crossed.

Most of the Audience were surprised at the sudden crash. JNP worried for their normally stoic teammate and friend but nothing would have prepared them for what was said.

"Are you f*cking stupid?!" Ren asked angrily once he recognized what crashed. And apparently so did Superman. "One of your surveillance drones," he pointed out.

Nora gasped and scolded her partner. "Ren! For shame!" As Ren rolled his eyes, Nora wiped a tear. "I'm so proud."

"I didn't think I'd hear Ren say something like that," Jaune said to Pyrrha who stared at the screen with wide eyes.

"That's a 12 million piece of hardware!" Ren exclaimed angrily.

"It was," Superman concurred. "I know you're trying to find out where I hang my cape." he states before shaking his head. "You won't."

"Then I'll ask the obvious question." Ren stated, narrowing his eyes a little. "How do we know you won't, one day, work against Humanity and Faunus' best interests?"

Oscar points to the side. "I could have taken over the White Fang when they started to fight for Faunus Supremacy, General." he said firmly. "Look, I'm here to help. But it has to be on my terms. You have to convince the Councils of that."

"So the White Fang exists in this world," Ghira stated, sadden at the mention of Faunus Supremacy.

"They go by a different name now," the Host replied. "Intergang."

"What makes you think I can? Or will?" Ren retorts. Superman shakes his head. "I don't know. I guess I'll just have to trust you." With that, he takes off.

Ren sighs and turns back to see the captain smiling to herself and trying not but failing. "What are you smiling about Captain?" he asks.

The young woman shakes her head. "N-Nothing, sir." she stutters before shrugging. "I just think he's kind of hot."

Ren sighed again and walks past her.You're probably not the only who thinks that,he thought while ordering her to get back in the car.

Oscar blushed again as some students laugh. "She's not wrong, right Rubes?" Yang asked. Ruby stuttered and Oscar's blushing grew worse.

The scene changed to show Kali and Oscar walking in a cemetery near Smallville. "He always knew you were meant for greater things," Kali says to her son as they near Ghira's tombstone. "And that when the day came, your shoulders would bear the weight." she adds.

Kali and Blake smile sadly at the reminder that Ghira is dead in this world.

Oscar crosses his arms, smiling down at the grave. "Yeah, I just wish he was here to finally see it happen." he muses sadly. Kali just smiled. "He saw it, Oscar, believe me."

A flashback commences. Ghira was working on the engine of a truck and he looks up to see young Oscar running through the yard with a red towel tied around his shoulders like a cape. He stands proudly, hands on his hips as his cape flaps.

Ghira stares at the scene as Kali comes over to him with a basket of laundry. She says something to him inaudibly but he continues to stare at his son. She follows her husband's gaze. She snorts in amusem*nt before walking away.

Some of the mothers cooed at the younger Oscar with a cape, finding it adorable as did some students. Oscar felt like they were looking at his photo album and sighed.

"What are you going to do when you're not saving the world?" Kali asks. "Have you given any thought to that?"

Oscar smiles a little. "I have actually."

The scene changes to show Oscar entering Atlas in a bus. "I'm go work at a place where I can keep my ear to the ground." Oscar narrators. "A place where people won't ask twice if I go somewhere dangerous and start asking questions." Oscar straightens his tie as he enters the Daily Planet. When he gets on the elevator, he puts on glasses.

Cardin was conversing with Velvet and Amber before Coco walks up behind them. She instructs to show the new recruit the ropes. "This is Oscar Pine."

Cardin and Velvet greet him normally while Amber straightens in surprise. Oscar smiles at her as she recomposes herself. She stands up and holds her hand out. "Amber Autumn." she introduces. "Welcome to the Planet."

Oscar smiles. "Glad to be here, Amber." The two stare at each other before the screen went black.


"You're telling me that no one recognizes Superman because of some nerd glasses?!" Mercury exclaimed in disbelief and incredulously. This was shared most of the Audience, even Tyrian couldn't understand this.

"And because Superman makes himself slouch and stutter as his reporter persona," Darth Anarchus replied. "At least in most parts of the DC Universe." he adds with a thoughtful look. The Snyderverse Superman never did that. "And when he's in front cameras he just vibrates at high speed that the cameras can't get a good look at him."

"Okay, what's next?" Raven asked with a sigh.

"Next is a trailer for the next part of Superman's journey and the dawn of a new age of heroes," The Host replied. "And then we'll take a short intermission."


I used to own a movie novelization of Man of Steel so I added what dialogue I remembered from Zod.

I'm thinking of doing the teaser for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and then do the intermission. I'm thinking of Mortal Kombat trailer followed by a multifandom AMV with the son "My Enemy" by Tommy Profit or something light hearted like Wonka trailer. What do you think?

Chapter 10: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Trailer


The Audience see the teaser for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Senator Finch: Herself
Bruce Wayne/Batman: Qrow Branwen
Alfred Pennyworth: Klein Sieben
Clark Kent/Superman: Oscar Pine
Lex Luthor: Dr. Merlot


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text



Most of the students and the younger villains were excited to see how this trailer goes. Yang and Ruby were excited the most to see Batman-Qrow. The same was said for Robyn as well. Oscar was a bit nervous, knowing his counterpart didn't leave a good impression.

"Is it really surprising that the most powerful man in the world should be a figure of controversy?" a man asks while the screen remains black before the silhouette of a statue was shown.

"We, as a population, have looking for a savior." Superman was shown standing in a crowd of people reaching towards him. "We're talking about an being (alien) who's very existence challenges our own sense of priority in the universe."

"They are not telling us the truth."

"This is our planet!"

"Human beings and Faunus have a horrible track record of following people with great power." Superman holds up a part of a rocket before it goes back to the statue.

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." A woman says sagely.

"Terror. Chaos." Superman stands in a hallway as men in black kneel down at his sides. "Maybe he's just a guy trying to do the right thing."

When the dialogue started, most of the students lost track of what was being said other than talking about Superman. Some looked at Oscar's counterpart in awe as he was saving the day from the looks of it. Some of them and the adults grew confused about why the men in black were kneeling around Superman. Those with a keen eye noticed something. They had Superman's symbol on their shoulders.

"He's out of control!"

We know better now, don't we?" Lex Merlot asks. "The devils don't come from Hell beneath us, no. They come from the sky." Superman was shown hovering in the air above a woman reaching up towards him. "They brought their war here."

The older Huntsmen and Huntresses narrowed at the voice of Dr. Merlot. Especially Ironwood.

"The world is caught up with what he can do, no one has asked what he should do." Lights turn on around the statue as the Audience hear people chanting "OZ-EL! OZ-EL! OZ-EL! OZ-EL!" Then the Audience see the words "FALSE GOD" spray painted on the chest of the Superman statue.

Most of the Audience grew unnerved at hearing the chant.

"Sounds like the Man of Steel has a cult," Roman remarked.

"And some haters," Ilia pointed out, raising an eyebrow at the graffiti on the statue.

"That's how it starts." Klein Sieben narrated as Qrow Branwen was shown glaring angrily at his bat costume. "The fever. The rage. The feeling of powerlessness that turns good men. . . cruel."

Many weren't expecting to see Qrow's angry glare. Shows that the man in the theater with them can be intimidating.

The Schnee Family perked up at the voice of Klein, the man himself humming curiously.

The Audience see glimpses of Superman's symbol.

IN 2016

The Batman stands in a abandoned hallway before the Audience see the Flying Fox flying in over Mantle Harbor and shooting at thugs near cars. The Audience catch a glimpse at the Batmobile before seeing Batman emerging from the shadows and then the Dark Knight is perched on the top of a crane, his cape billowing in the night wind as he holds a sniper rifle.

Ruby smiled at seeing her uncle with a sniper.

Qrow smirked a little, finding his counterpart looking badass when he stepped out of the shadows.

Finally, the Audience see Batman in a battle suit with glowing eyes as he glares up at Superman in a dark and storming knight. "Tell me, do you bleed?" he said in a growl. Superman lands on the ground with a THUD and the screen goes black. "You will." Batman promised.

Many instantly recalled what the Host had said in their first viewing. "If you don't answer, he will make you bleed." Oscar swallowed nervously, slightly worried at the threat.


"So, what do you think?" The Host asked.

"I can't believe two superheroes are going to fight each other." Weiss stated. "I've heard Jaune and Ruby argue about their favorite comic characters fighting but I didn't think superheroes would actually fight each other."

"Happens more often you think," Cardin declared. Mercury nods. "Yeah, superheroes fight when they're mind controlled or they have an argument that escalates." the silver haired boy adds.

"Gah! I'm conflicted over this!" Ruby said, tugging on her hair. "On one end, it's my uncle. On the other hand, Oscar's a good guy."

"Relax, Ruby, I'm sure everything's going to be fine." Yang said confidently. Her smile turns teasingly. "Besides, maybe it'll be Uncle Qrow's way of checking if Oscar's okay to date you."

"Yang!" Ruby whined.

Summer turned to Qrow. "You don't do that to any boy interested in the girls right?" she asked.

"Nah, that's Tai." Qrow replied. "I'd just make sure they're still alive by the end of it." He holds a finger up. "But if their relationship ended badly, then those boys will have something to worry about."

Well, in that case, you have nothing to worry about, Oscar.Ozpin stated. Oscar rose an eyebrow.Why are you saying it like that?

Because from my observation, the only way your relationship end badly, should you and Ms. Rose start dating, is if you ended up getting killed.Ozpin replied.

"With how things are going at Atlas, that just might happen," Oscar muttered, knowing that there was a higher chance of him dying compared to the Battle of Haven.

"Well, time for an intermission," Darth Anarchus stated. He gestures to a hallway. "There will be break rooms with food and drinks provided. There's a library at the end of the hall. The books there will have information about the universes you have seen." he explains. "And maybe, we'll be visited by your multiversal counterparts.


Next is Intermission
The Audience take a break from viewing the Multiverse, talk among themselves before meeting variants of themselves. Three Bat themed characters and the King of the Monsters.
What can go wrong?

Chapter 11: Intermission 1 Part 1: Food fight




This would have been posted yesterday but I accidently clicked on one of my tags. (I think.)
I decided to break the Intermission into two parts.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Roughly ten minutes passed. The students and most of the younger villains had gathered in the cafeteria with Sienna who had stayed to make sure Adam didn't do anything rash. The older Huntsmen and Huntresses were in a lounge with the older villains and the civilians. As expected, the adults were divided. Good guys on one side and the bad guys on the other side.

Ozpin, Glynda and Dr. Oobleck, however, were in the library with Cinder.

"Oscar," Ruby shuffled nervously in her seat in front of the farm hand. "What happened to you before you arrived here?" she asked. Oscar paused in eating some pie and glanced up at her. "Y-You don't have to tell, but. . . it's just. . . when you were here before the Host showed up-"

"You looked like you had the crap beat out of you," Nora said bluntly. "Nora, language." Ren scolded before shrugging at Oscar. "But she isn't wrong."

"And you had severe burns on your chest," Blake added with a concerned expression. One that was shared with the other students and Whitley except Cardin but that was because he didn't see Oscar's condition.

Oscar swallowed and mentally spoke to the Other Guy.Oz, what do I say?he asked.Tell them you were kidnapped, just not by Salem.Ozpin replied.Just, say it was the White Fang. Team RWBY already suspect the White Fang is up to something. Tell them that they plan to attack Beacon and they mistaken you for a student.

"I was captured by the White Fang," Oscar says slowly. "They've been planning on attacking Beacon Academy and mistaken me for a student. They've been interrogating me for a few hours until the Host sent a Scroll in my room. I was desperate to get out of the cell so I clicked yes." The memories of his time with Salem, the Hound and Hazel suddenly came to his mind.

Ruby gasps, recalling the mission in Mountain Glenn when she stumbled (fell) into the White Fang's secret base in the underground city and the time Roman had beaten her with his cane. Velvet covered her mouth in shock. Coco gives him a sympathetic look as does Yatsuhashi. Blake, Weiss, Whitley and Ren scowl while Yang's eyes flash red. "That. . . sucks," Sun said bluntly and his team nod in agreement.

"What about your parents?" Cardin asked. "Are they looking for you? Maybe we can help."

Oscar chuckled bitterly. "I appreciate it, Cardin, but I don't have parents. I just live with my aunt and she's in Mistral." he replied. This caught the students by surprise. Suddenly Nora hugs him tightly. Oscar stiffened before realizing how much a) he needed a hug now that he was reliving the memories of getting shot and tortured and b) he actually missed getting hugged by Nora and hugged her back.

Ren walked around the table and placed a hand on Oscar's shoulder. Nora suddenly stood straight up and turned towards the three members of the White Fang sat. A pie appeared in her hand before she threw it at the back of Adam's head.

Ilia's eyes widen as did Sienna's and Adam stiffened before slowly turning around to face the direction the pie came from. His Grimm mask seemed to glare at Nora.

Ren, Fox and Neptune facepalmed. Velvet, Pyrrha and Ruby covered their mouths. Jaune, Sun, Scarlet, Yatsuhashi stared with dropped jaws with Whitley and Oscar. Coco and Yang suddenly threw their food at Adam too. Some hit Ilia while Sienna ducked.

Cardin was full blown laughing while Blake felt torn between laughing at her mentor being covered in food or dreading Adam Taurus's reaction.

The Bull Faunus dusted off his right shoulder before he stood up. . .






And threw a watermelon at their direction. Oscar ducked under the table while Nora punched the watermelon and made it shatter.

Ozpin, did you know this was going to happen?!Oscar shouted mentally.Yes. Yes, I did.Ozpin said with a laugh.

Ozpin, you crazy old son of a-

In the library, Glynda had just walked out of an aisle and saw Ozpin sitting at a table. "Find anything, Ozpin?" she asked, walking to his side.

"Yes, it appears our Host had forgotten to mention that magic can harm Kryptonians." Ozpin replied. He glances over to Glynda. "What of you, Glynda?"

"Just that our Host shares the same name throughout the Multiverse." Glynda answered, gesturing to the aisle she came from. "I've saw books with characters that have the same name Darth. Darth Malgus, Darth Malak, Darth Revan, Darth Talon, Darth Bane, Darth Nihilus, Darth Plagueis, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, Darth Tyrannus, Darth Vader."

"Hmm, interesting." Ozpin rubbed his chin. "This brings more questions about our mysterious and powerful host." Just then they heard a scream of outrage. The two teachers turned towards the scream and saw Cinder. She was with the librarian, a man with a military haircut and dressed in white armor that had black and red accents. Cinder stormed out of the library doors as the librarian walked towards them.

"Sir, ma'am." The librarian saluted the two. "There's a situation in the cafeteria." he informed. Glynda looked at her watch. "Whatever chaos is happening," she said in annoyance. "It took two minutes shorter than I hoped." With that, she exited the library in a hurried pace.

Ozpin took a sip from his mug and continued reading. He turned the page and found information about the Batman variant of Qrow Branwen. He frowned when he read 'Robin dead' before he read the next information. His eyes widen in shock. "Sister and niece killed by the Joker."

"It's been a while, Qrow."

The mentioned man paused in drinking from his flask in a bar he just found. He turned around and saw Robyn standing behind him. "Robyn," he greeted, capping his flask and pocketing it. ". . . How are things in Mantle?"

"They've been better," Robyn shrugged. "I was hoping the military would lend a hand but a handful of ships left with Ol' Ironwood when he went to Vale for the Vytal Festival."

"Yeah, he loves parading his machines around," Qrow rolled his eyes. "Always thinks its enough to scare the enemies of peace."

"Who the White Fang?" Robyn rose an eyebrow. "I know they've gotten violent but I wouldn't really call them enemies of peace."

"It's not just them," Qrow paused and sighed. He glanced behind Robyn and saw Amber waving her hand at him encouragingly. "You might want to sit down for this Robyn," he gestured to the open chair next to him. "This conversation is long over due."

Robyn sat next to him and held his hand out. "Your Semblance." he said. She opened her mouth to protest but he elaborated. "I know you can tell when I'm lying, but trust me. What I'm about to say is going to sound unbelievable." She frowned before grabbing his hand firmly.

"The fairy tales of the Four Maidens? The Brother Gods? There all real." Qrow said. "The woman with pale skin and red eyes? That's Salem, the Queen of Grimm and hellbent on the total destruction of the kingdoms. If I had to guess, she's using the White Fang as pawns."

Blinking, Robyn glanced down and saw their hands flashing green. "You know, if it wasn't for the fact that we just watched alternate worlds with superheroes, vampires, aliens and giant monsters, that would sound completely unbelievable."

Qrow chuckled. "Yeah, I guess." He sees Amber give him a thumbs up before she leaves.

"So, that's why you were secretive?" Robyn asked. Qrow sighed, leaning against the counter. "Yeah. Look, Robyn, you had enough on your plate."

"So did you," Robyn retorted. "Your team leader was declared dead, your sister went missing, your brother in-law was a wreck for five years and you had two nieces." Her expression softens. "I would have dropped everything to help you. You should know that."

"I do and I appreciate it," Qrow replied quickly, their joined hands still flashing green. "But there's another reason I took missions alone. Whether they had to do with the Shadow War or not. My Semblance."

"Your Semblance?" Robyn repeated, getting a nod from the veteran Huntsman. "As you may have saw in life, some people can absorb electricity, have some form of super speed, super strength or even be a living lie detector like you. Some people are just born unlucky."

Robyn's eyes widen as it clicked when he said unlucky. "My Semblance isn't like most. It doesn't have an off switch like others. It's always there. Whether I like it or not. I bring misfortune. Heh. I guess you can call me a bad luck charm. It comes in real handy when I'm fighting an enemy, but it's hard for friends. . . and family."

Robyn tried to speak but apparently his confession broke whatever dam he had spent so long to build. "The old scars? The brands and the whip marks?" he gestured to his back. "Those are from the Tribe. When they got wind of what my Semblance is, they took their anger out on me. Raven could only do so much to hold them back but she's only one person. They started to blame me for every little thing considered unfortunate. Them tripping on their own feet, bad weather that prevented raids, cheating lovers, even Grimm attacks."

Robyn hugged him tightly. "You're not a bad luck charm, Qrow. Because meeting you. . . was the best luck I ever had."

Qrow's eyes begin to water before he hugged her back. "Remind me why we split?" he asked in a joking manner. Robyn chuckled. "Because we were both being stubborn idiots."

"Yeah, sounds about right." Qrow chuckled.


The chair Robyn was sitting on suddenly broke. Qrow luckily spun Robyn away as the chair fell down with a broken leg. The two glanced at the now ruined furniture before noticing how close their faces were. The two stare at each other before-


Their eyes flick to the doorway before back at each other. "We. . . should check on what they're doing," Qrow said slowly with a sigh. Robyn wordlessly nodded, wondering why the hell she froze. Qrow walked in a slouch, wondering why the hell did he pull away.

The adults entered the cafeteria and stopped in their tracks. Tables were stacked into the formation of a castle. Teams RWBY, JNPR, CFVY, SSSN, Cardin, Penny and Whitley stood atop the structure. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'M QUEEN OF THE CASTLE! I'M QUEEN OF THE CASTLE!" Nora laughed maniacally.

"VIVA LA REVOLUTION!" Tyrian shouted as he, Hazel, Emerald and Mercury were on the other side of the cafeteria with Adam, Ilia, Roman and Neo.

Off to the side, Sienna stood next to Jacques who was tied to a chair and covered in condiments and juice with other food. The Tiger Faunus was smiling at her handiwork.

Oscar stood next to the adults with Amber who was laughing. The farm hand held his head in his hands with a look of horror. "Oh man, Darth Anarchus is going to kill us." Inside his head, Ozpin was laughing.

Willow, Winter and Klein were torn between laughing at Jacques or not.

Ironwood and the Ace-Ops stood in place with dumbfounded expressions as did Pietro.

Port, Maria and Tai were laughing, holding their sides.

The Belladonnas, Raven and Summer stared with wide eyes. Glynda and Salem stood with a look of annoyance.

Ozpin and Dr. Oobleck were the last to enter. "What's going on here?" Ozpin asked.

"Shut it, Oz," Oscar snapped on instinct. The Headmaster gave him a surprised and confused look. "I. . . just got here, young man." he said.

"Oh, sorry," Oscar said sheepishly.

"Stop!" A man dressed in the same armor as the librarian ran in between the parties. "I expected this from these people," he gestures to the younger villains as Cinder walks up to Emerald and Mercury's side. He looks to the students. "But you're training to be Huntsmen and Huntresses. You're supposed to hold order! This is madness!"

"Madness? Madness?" Jaune repeats as he jumps down in front of the man. He glances to Oscar who is vehemently shaking his head. He glances up to Pyrrha who nods her head solemnly. He turns back to the adult in front of him. "THIS! IS! SPARTA!" Jaune shouted(1)and the man's eyes widened under his helmet before Jaune Spartan Kicked him in the chest. The man was sent flying across the cafeteria, his arms flailing about before he collided with the wall.

Chaos ensued.

Cardin went flying out a window by Hazel and Yang punched Hazel in the face with turkey gauntlets.

Blake and Ilia fought each other with sausage whips.

Weiss and Adam fought each other with swordfishes.

Nora used a watermelon hammer to sent Cinder flying through the roof.

Emerald held Mercury who was experiencing a allergic reaction.

Pyrrha used her Semblance to sent a wave of pre-shaken soda cans at the enemies.

Neo shielded herself with her parasol while Roman's head was inside a watermelon.

Teams CFVY and SSSN and Whitley used bananas as guns and fired at Hazel who fell to his knees, he screamed in rage until a banana went into his throat.

Ruby fired packets of ketchup and other condiments from Crescent Rose.

"This is madness," Summer shook her head.

"This is entertainment," Ozpin, both Ozpins said in amusem*nt.

"This ends now,"Darth Anarchus entered the cafeteria with his mask on. He looks at all the chaos in front of him and takes a deep breath, cupping his hands to his mouth and letting out a loud sonic blast in a scream that blew everyone and everything towards the wall.(2)

Qrow and Robyn walked in. The former squinted at the wall. "I think it's a Oswald," he whispered to Robyn who laughed.

"It appears you students need a reminder of what your Combat Professor had told you. Do not play with your food." Just then Cinder fell through the ceiling. Darth Anarchus caught her in his arms before abruptly dropping her on the floor. The Host sighed and turned to the man on the wall. "Nines, are you alright?"he asked.

"Just peachy, Lord Anarchus," the man, Nines, replied as he got down from the wall. The Host nods."Very well, soldier."He glances down at Mercury."Take Mr. Black to the medical bay and send a crew to clean up this mess."

Darth Anarchus gestures to another set of doors that appeared out of the blue."Take the stair to the locker rooms. Boys to the right and girls to the left. Clean clothes will appear in the locker you pick. And do hurry, your Multiversal counterparts should show up soon."

With that, the Host walked out of the cafeteria.


To be continued. . .

1) Foreshadowing for the casting of 300.
2) A Force Scream from Star Wars.

I think that went rather well, don't you? I rather enjoyed writing this.
What was your favorite part of this?

Chapter 12: Intermission 1 Part 2: Meeting 2 Batman, Dracula and Godzilla




I forgot to say in the last chapter that Nines and the librarian are Clone Troopers.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Five minutes later. . .

Those who participated in the food fight had a change of clothes. The victims, Jacques and Mercury were cleaned and got their food allergies looked at. Jacques was grumbling about suing while Sienna was proud of what she did to the Schnee CEO. The man's family were honestly VERY amused and not putting any effort to hiding it.

Most of the parents and Glynda scolded the children for what causing a food fight.

"The White Fang kidnapped our adopted son!" Nora exclaimed. When everyone gave her confused looks, she grabbed onto Oscar and Ren. "Ren and I adopted Oscar!" she declared proudly.

"WHAT?!" The Audience exclaimed in confusion.

"WHAT?!" Oscar shouted in confusion and shock.

"WHAT?!" The Host shouted in amusem*nt.

Nora nodded her head.

Ren just shrugged. "Okay." he said simply.

"What is wrong with these children?" Jacques asked himself. First they started a food fight and now they're adopting themselves.

"Now hold on, Nora." Weiss spoke up. "You and Ren aren't even 18. You two aren't fit to be parents yet. You can't adopt Oscar."

Nora got extremely close to Weiss's face. "OOHH! So what you're saying is that Ren and I wouldn't be good parents, huh?"

"No, of course not." Weiss held up a hand. "All I'm saying is that you need to have requirements to be a parent. Besides, Oscar is hardly the same age as Ruby-"

"Now, listen here, Ice Princess." Nora exclaimed. "Just because you grew up in a mansion all your life doesn't mean you'd be a great parent."

"Excuse me, I'm confident that I'd be a great mother." Weiss said, putting a hand on her chest to show she's offended.

"Now, hang on," Oscar tried to speak before Yang shouted. "I bet I'd be better! I mean look at how Ruby turned out."

Weiss rose an eyebrow. "Are you trying to make a good defense? Because I remember who robbed a bank. And who set a club and a few other buildings on fire!"

"Wait, what?" Most of the Audience asked. But most of the students ended up arguing about adopting Oscar. Jaune dragged Pyrrha into it as did Coco with Velvet.

"Ren and I would be the best!"

"I would be the most stable!"

"I would be the coolest!"

"In your dreams, Blondie. Vel and I are going to be the badass parents."

"Pyrrha and I would be better."

"I'd give him the best nourishment!"

"I'd teach him sports!"

"Arc, didn't you have to learn where Touchdown belongs?" Cardin asked.

"I'd teach him the importance of literature!"

"Your filth doesn't count, Blake!" Adam snapped from where he sat. Blake hissed at him in response.

"Okay, that's enough!" Darth Anarchus declared. "You lot can adopt Oscar later." He rubbed his head. First he was amused but now he was annoyed. He gained a thoughtful expression. "I feel like I'm forgetting something." A book appeared in his hands and the Host began to skim through the pages.





"Why didn't any of you try adopting me?" Ruby asked the students.

Five minutes later. . .

"Intermission, intermission," Darth Anarchus muttered before he found what he was looking for. "Ah, here it is. Caution: There is a high chance of a member or more of the Audience to disappear when they're Multiversal counterparts come to the Theater."

"Wait, what?" Oscar asked before Qrow fell through a portal with a surprised scream before the portal closed. "Qrow!" Robyn shouted in worry being next to Qrow. "Uncle Qrow!" Ruby and Yang shouted as Team STRQ stood to their feet.

"Don't worry, he'll come back when his counterpart leaves." The Host dismissed.

Above Qrow's seat, another portal opened and Bat-Qrow landed in the seat. Nearby Bat-Jaune appeared as did Count Dracula from the DC Universe and Godzilla.

"Dracula?" Darth Anarchus exclaimed. "I said three Batmen variants, not two Batmen and a Bat Man." He glances to the Millennium Godzilla. "And this is the wrong Godzilla!"

The Audience glanced fearfully at Dracula and Godzilla while some noted that the Godzilla was different. His scales were smooth, his built was lean, white maple leaf shaped dorsal fins, a wolf like face, long pointed ears and blood red ears.

"Well, the good news is this Godzilla is less of threat compared to the one you saw earlier." Darth Anarchus stated.

"And the bad news?" Glynda asked. "The bad news is that this is one of the most powerful variants of Godzilla and he doesn't like humans or Faunus." No sooner than he said that, Godzilla punched Hazel and sent him flying across the room.

"HA! That's what it feels like!" Oscar laughed.

Dracula looked between Jaune and Bat-Jaune before moving at superspeed and tackling them both.

"Jaune!" Pyrrha shouted before she and the rest of Team JNPR ran to help fight the Jaune variants. Bat-Qrow stiffened at that. He glanced at the variants of Jaune before his eyes landed on Tyrian.

"You!" he shouted before charging at the Scorpion Faunus.

Godzilla suddenly let out an earth-shattering roar that stopped the fights from progressing any further.


He then charged at the the largest group of humans and Faunus: The students and younger villains.

"Incoming!" Oscar exclaimed, getting memories of when he had to deal with an angry bull.

Oscar's shout caught the attention of Bat-Qrow. His eyes widened in more recognition before he pulled out his grappling hook. "I suggest using electricity," Darth Anarchus advised. Dracula took this opportunity to attack Bat-Jaune. The Host sighed and went to intervene.

Godzilla grabbed Oscar by the throat but then a grappling hook wrapped around the Kaiju's throat. Batman landed on Godzilla's back and planted a bomb on the Saurian Kaiju's back and latched on to his chest. The bomb went off and Batman planted a bomb on Godzilla's chest. The Kaiju swung at Batman but the Dark Knight ducked under the arm and used it to swing to his back before the bomb went off.

Godzilla roared in surprise before he snapped his jaws as Batman tried to jump away but the King of Monsters grabbed onto his cape and slammed him down hard before throwing him across the theater.

Bat-Qrow hit the ground hard. Robyn ran to his side and helped him stand up as Godzilla stomped towards them with a growl. Bat-Qrow took out some Batarangs and held up them up in a fighting stance.

A faint beeping noise was heard before a bomb went off at the back of Godzilla's head and electricity surged through the Kaiju's body. Godzilla roared in pain as he fell to the ground.

Both Bat-Qrow and Robyn sighed in relief before Bat-Qrow suddenly collapses to his knees in pain. "Qrow?" she asked in concern. Bat-Qrow coughed blood. "That's not good," he wheezed.

"Anarchus! We need a medic!" Robyn called out.

"I'm a little occupied with a vengeful vampire here!" the Host called back using his power to pin Dracula down. "We got a man bleeding internally! I'm sure this is more important!" Robyn snapped.

The Host paused and turned around. "Oh sh*t." he muttered. He turned back to Dracula and did a hand gesture that made the Count pass out.

"Uncle Qrow! I mean, uh, Uncle Bat!" Ruby and Yang shouted before the former stumbled over what to call Bat-Qrow.

Qrow glanced up and blinked. "Yang? Huh, I guess you do see your dead loved ones when you're about to die." he said with a cough.

"Quite being so dramatic, Qrow." Raven snapped. "I'm the dramatic one? That's rich coming from the one who almost died fighting Cinder Al' Ghul twice." Bat-Qrow snapped. Raven blinked at that statement while Cinder rose an eyebrow among the villains.

"Shush, I need you to hold still." The Host said, waving his hand and Bat-Qrow was pushed to a chair. "My humble apologies, Dark Knight. I know you want to rest after all you've been through, but your world still needs the Batman."

"Is it because the enemies that are coming?" Bat-Qrow asked, getting attention of the Audience. Darth Anarchus nodded. "That and every universe in the DC Multiverse need Batman." he replied as he healed the Batman's internal wounds.

"Just a long night in Mantle." Bat-Qrow sighed, rolling his shoulders. He glanced at the Audience. "Is now a good time to ask what the Hell this is?" he asked.

Roughly ten minutes later. . .

"So, the Superman in your world was mind controlled once," Bat-Qrow said to Bat-Jaune. "And that inspired you to build weapons to use against the Justice League?"

"Yeah, they didn't hold it against me." Bat-Jaune said with a shrug. Bat-Qrow looked a little downcast. "I wish that's how it went in my universe. Would have been better."

"Better that you made weapons to fight Superman?" Ironwood asked with a frown.

"No, the reason." Bat-Qrow replied defensively. He gestures to the blonde Dark Knight. "Jaune here had experience with Superman being mind controlled before making the weapons. I, on the other hand, didn't. I was in a dark place when the Black Zero event happened. I had no hope in humanity, was more brutal towards criminals than usual, even broke my important rules. I was adamant about there being a one percent chance of Superman being an enemy and set out to kill him, believing he didn't have any ounce of humanity."

Robyn reached and placed her hand on his shoulder. "You said had, does that mean?" she trailed off.

Bat-Qrow nodded. "Men are still good." he said simply. Robyn and those that were close to Qrow smiled to know at least a variant of Qrow had his hope restored.

Meanwhile Godzilla seemed to have bonded with Ruby and Oscar. Ruby placed a watermelon on a far chair. "Okay, Godzilla, unleash your fury. . . on the watermelon."

Godzilla was confused on why he was doing this but he charged up his Atomic Breath and fired at the watermelon.

"Oh man, it didn't explode," Ruby whined.

"No, it turned to ash," Oscar said in disappointment.

Dracula was having a drink of red wine. He glances down to see Zwei looking at him. The Vampire rose an eyebrow, "Didn't I kill you already?" he asked.

Zwei growled, backing away slightly. "That's a yes." he remarked drily, sipping his drink.

Bat-Qrow turned to Bat-Jaune and the Host. "So, the Justice League?" he rose an eyebrow.

"Would prefer being called the Super Friends?" Darth Anarchus asked. Bat-Qrow grumbled while Bat-Jaune chuckled in amusem*nt. Bat-Qrow suddenly turned to the blonde Dark Knight. "How is your Robin?" he asked, he considering tell him that the Jaune Arc in his universe was Robin before deciding not to.

Bat-Jaune rose an eyebrow at his tone but dismissed it. "He started his own superhero team in Jump City. Call themselves the Teen Titans."(1)he replied, glancing over to Ren briefly.

Bat-Qrow sighed and smiled in a bit of pride. It may not be his Robin but the fact that another Robin had grown beyond the shadow of the Bat in another universe was enough to fill him with fatherly pride but also made him sad knowing what happened to his Robin.

He then turned to Yang and walked to her. He then hugged Yang. The blonde Huntress in training stiffened in surprise from the hug. "I know you're not my Yang, but I need to get this off my chest." Bat-Qrow said. Yang smiled in understanding and sympathy before hugging back. "I'm sorry, Firecracker. I'm so sorry." he whispered to her.

"It's okay," Yang said, knowing that he needed to hear this. She hesitated for what she was about to say next before going for it. "I forgive you, Uncle Caw-Caw."

Bat-Qrow smiled sadly and happily as he pulled away. He blinked tears away as he turned towards Raven. The two stared at one another. The male Branwen variant understood that the female Branwen wasn't the one from his universe just like he knew with Yang, the female Branwen knew that her life choices would not sit well with this version of her younger twin.

Bat-Qrow then hugged Raven. "I miss you, Rae." he said. "I could really use your help. Not as a partner but as a sister." Raven felt her eyes sting at the last part as she hugged him back. ". . . I miss you too, Birdbrain." she replied. The two Branwens pulled away, the male with a tear shedding under his mask.

Both Batman variants shake hands with Klein. They turn to the Schnee's. "Your lucky to have him." they both said in a serious tone.

To the surprise of most of the Audience, the family nodded, even Jacques. Klein felt bashful and his Sneezy personality took over.

The two Dark Knights also shook hands with Jaune. "You're going to go far, kid." They both said. Bat-Jaune also turned to Ren and Nora. "And the same for you two." he said. He smirks at Pyrrha . "Take care." Pyrrha blushed and waved at him.

A portal opened and Qrow fell down. "I've been falling. . . for thirty minutes!" he shouts angrily as he stands up. "f*ck, I need a drink." He reaches into his pocket and takes a swig from his flask.

". . . Okay," Bat-Jaune drawled as he walked into a portal behind him. Bat-Qrow frowns and walks up to him. He reaches his hand down to him. Qrow paused and glanced up to him before grabbing his hand. The two stood silently, the Bat with his arms crossed and the Dusty Old Crow slouching and with his flask in hand. After a moment, Qrow put his flask away and stood straight.

Bat-Qrow sighed before speaking. "Take it from an old guy who made a lot of mistakes," he said to Qrow. "Don't live your past. Live your life."

Qrow smiled bittersweetly. "I'll try." Another portal opened behind Bat-Qrow. He gave one last glance to Qrow before entering.

Godzilla nuzzled both Ruby and Oscar with a grumble like growl. "It's fine," Oscar said dismissively. "Yeah, water under the bridge," Ruby added. Godzilla grumbled as he walked into a portal that took him to his universe. Both teens waved goodbye.

"What was that about?" Cardin asked. "Oh, he was just apologizing for attacking." Oscar waved off nonchalantly.

"You know the irony of him punching Hazel?" Darth Anarchus said to him. "He's a variant of Hazel."

"What?!" Hazel exclaimed. He was punched by himself? Oscar, Ozpin(s) and Tyrian found that humorous.

"Now then, take your seats," Lord Anarchus said. "Time for the viewings to begin.


Well, I hoped this was fun. Because it sure was for me.
The first half was inspired by a fanfic called, "No, We're his parents!"

Bat-Qrow jumping in to fight Godzilla off the bat may have sounded like poor strategy but he had recently seen Superman die, so he was going put more effort to protect Oscar. His interaction with Yang and Raven may sound a little out of character of being Batman but the point was to show Qrow Branwen interacting with members of his family. And him asking about Robin? Well, we know what happened to Robin in the Snyderverse.
In case it wasn't clear, this Godzilla was from Final Wars. And yes, Hazel is that variant of Godzilla. Mainly because of one parallel. Throughout their journey, they have a grudge against something. Humans (Godzilla) and Ozpin (Hazel) until the end of their journey. That I'm thinking of having the Audience react to a Battle Royal of the Godzilla variants.

1) I'm hinting that the OG Teen Titans TV series is in the same universe as The Batman 2004 animated series. Sounds possible right?

Chapter 13: Wonka trailer


Break time is over.
Time for the reactions to resume.

The Wonka 2023 trailer.
Willy Wonka: Ozpin
Oompa-Loompa: Peter Port
Chocolate Cartels
Roman Torchwick
Junior Xiong
The Madame
Police Officer: Bartholomew Oobleck and the Ace-Ops
Priest: Himself
Noodle: Terra Cotta


I looked at the trailers for Mortal Kombat and Wonka and I thought, okay, Wonka first.
For the kids.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

"Let's start with something that kids will love to go to." Darth Anarchus stated. This got the students excited.

"Really?" Saphron asked as Adrian made a sound of interest. "Yes, believe me, they'll enjoy greatly." the Host said before he began humming and sang, "Come with me, to a world of pure imagination."

"I spent the past seven years traveling the world," Ozpin narrates as the Audience see a boat traveling through the fog. "Perfecting my craft." Ozpin stands on top of the mast before he was seen walking into the jungle. "You see, I'm something of a magician, inventor and chocolate maker." Ozpin lists as he finds some plants. "So quiet up and listen down." Ozpin stands in front of the a building. He pauses at his words.

"Nope. Scratch that. Reverse that," Ozpin said, scratching in the air and winding it back with a smile.

"Ooh, this is about Ozpin." Ruby said intrigued at the words 'inventor' and 'chocolate maker.'

"This should be good," Oscar said, giving his full attention to the screen.

Hazel and Salem scoff and roll their eyes.

The teachers smiled amusem*nt.

(Sighs) I remember the days being a inventor and chocolate maker, both Ozpins thought in reminiscent.

"This should be good," Qrow muttered.



"Mr. Wonka, I can see that you are a great man of great ingenuity," Maria Calavera says as Ozpin stands in front of a crowd.

"Oh sweet, I'm in this one." Maria chuckled.

The teachers, Oscar and secretly Salem tried to keep their snickers quiet at the mention of Ozpin's last name.

"Go ahead, laugh it up." Ozpin rolled his eyes. "Get it out of your system." This made Oscar and Qrow to laugh the loudest as did Raven and Tai.

A person holds the chocolate bar with the wrapper saying Wonka.

"What are you doing?" A young Terra Cotta asked from where she stood at the door as Ozpin opened his machine filled with lab equipment. "I'm making chocolate, of course." Ozpin replied. He grabs the ingredients. "How do you like it? Dark? White? Nutty? Absolutely insane?" Ozpin asked with a smile and a shake of his head. A small package exits out of the machine.

"White," Velvet stated. Yatsuhashi and Jaune nod.

"Nutty," Sun stated

"Milk," most of everyone else said.

"Dark," said Qrow. Everyone looked at him as if he grew a second head.

"Absolutely insane is a flavor?" Tyrian asked giddily. "I like some."

"You don't need anymore insanity," Watts said dismissively.

"Choco-Choco," Adrian babbled. Terra chuckled with Saphron. "No, you can't have chocolate yet." the latter said, getting an adorable pout from the toddler.

"Many people come here to sell chocolate," Pietro says as Ozpin jumps off the front of a delivery truck. He wears a purple suit with a brown top hat. Pietro and a few others are shown looking down cast. "They've all been crushed by the Chocolate Cartel."

Roman Torchwick, Junior Xiong and the Madame are shown.

"Chocolate Cartel?" Junior and Roman repeated. "Seriously?" Neo patted Roman on the back while Emerald and Mercury snickered,

Cinder glared at the screen when the Madame showed up with so much hate before schooling her features.

"You can't get a shop without selling chocolate and you can't sell chocolate without shop."

"How does that work?" Tai asked Raven who shrugged.

Ozpin stands in front of a building and he daydreams it being his chocolate shop. People dance in the streets and banners wave with his name with umbrellas. Marrow taps his shoulder and points to a sign. "No daydreaming," the Dog Faunus read.

"That's a bit strict, don't you think?" Elm asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Sounds like Atlas," Adam growled under his breath.

"What are we going to do, Oz?" Terra asked and a lightbulb LITERALLY turns on above Ozpin's head. "Huh." he muttered.

"Huh?" Terra repeated.

"Huh." He hummed. "A double huh." Terra pointed out. "Do you have a pencil and paper?" Ozpin asked her. "Uh huh."

"I got an idea." he said thoughtfully.

Some of the Audience chuckled at the metaphor being literal above Ozpin's head.

"Huh, what are the odds of that?" Oscar asked in amusem*nt. "Not high," Ozpin answered with a smirk.


The Audience then see a truck driving. "I know things haven't been easy for you," Ozpin said sympathetically to Terra as they were shown walking. "But they're going to get better."

"Promise?" she askedinnocently. "Pinky promise," Ozpin answered Terra who is on a ladder. "That's the most solemn vow there is."

"Where do we start?" Terra asked, linking their pinkies together.

Some found Ozpin's friendship with the young girl to amusing and sweet.

A priest pulls a lever. A man walks pass police. "A good chocolate should be simple." Three men stand in front of Ozpin eating his chocolate. "Whereas this is, it's just. . ."


The crowd gasps as Ozpin smiles.

"What's happening?" one of them asks as they start to float? "Who wants a chocolate that makes you fly?!"

"They can fly?" Roman exclaimed in shock.

"They can fly!" Ruby exclaimed in awe. "They can fly!" Nora, Jaune and Cardin said in unison.

"Well, let's find out, shall we?" Ozpin asked in response and unleashing the chocolate to the crowd. "Who's for Hoverchoc?!" The crowd cheers.

Both Pietro and Watts made notes to study how that works.

Terra giggles in joy and Ozpin tilts his brown top hat.

"Noting to see here," Bartholomew Oobleck says as a police officer with the Ace-Ops as they look around in awe. "Just a few people defying the laws of gravity."

"How can you say that so nonchalantly?" Glynda asked her fellow teacher. Dr. Oobleck just pushed his glasses up. "Probably just a norm in this universe," he dismissed.


"Ladies and gentlemen of the GalleryGourmet," Ozpin as people run to the town square and passengers in train cars dance. Cars drive past flamingos. "My name is Ozpin Wonka."

Terra and Ozpin sit on a small train, drinking tea. "He's good," A man says to Junior.

"Too good," Junior says in envious agreement. The Madame looks into a compartment.

Marrow and Harriet Bree open a car door and pieces of chocolate fall out. They help an overweigh Bartholomew to his feet. "Pretty sure I gained about 150 pounds in the last two weeks.

Junior and Roman share a surprised look before the Audience see the Chocolate Cartel standing on a skylight of a room where Ozpin and Terra are trapped and being filled with chocolate.

"I smell a plot," Blake said.

"I think you're just smelling the paper of your filthy books." Yang said. "I think all I smell is your shampoo," Blake shot back.

Cinder glared at the Madame again and hoped Ozpin will defeat her or kill her.

"You could change her life, Mr. Wonka," Pietro says as he and a woman dance with joyful expressions. "Change all their lives."

A giraffe runs around a corner, chasing a priest who shouts, "RUN AWAY!"

"Is. . . that guy being chased by a giraffe?" Robyn asked in confusion and amusem*nt.

"Okay, now we've seen everything.

"Every good thing in this world started with a dream," a woman says as Ozpin and Terra dance while the former holds a large number of balloons that makes them float. "So you hold onto yours." The woman blows Ozpin a kiss among the crowd.

"Here we go, Momma." Ozpin says to himself.

"Is that supposed to be Ozpin's mother?" Pyrrha asked curiously.

"Yes and back in our world," Ozpin answered instantly, smiling at the screen sadly. This caused the teachers to smile sympathetically. Oscar was shocked before his Ozpin told him that William Ozpin had a life before Ozma appeared in his head just like Oscar did.


Ozpin dances among the crowd. "Mark my words," he says as Terra runs to his arms in a empty shop and he spins her around. "This is going to be the greatest chocolate shop the world as ever seen." Ozpin jumps on clouds of cotton candy and Terra pushes down a lever pump.

"Cotton candy," Ruby, Nora and Jaune said with a hungry look.

"Well, suddenly I'm having a sweet tooth," Whitley stated. "Me too!" Penny said excitedly.

"You can have Wonka candy in the intermission," the Host declared and this got most of the Students excited.


"So you are the funny little guy that's been following me," Ozpin said to a small Peter Port who is inside a glass jar. "I will have you know I am a perfectly respectable size for a Oompa-Loompa," Port says, knocking on the glass.

"What?!" The students exclaimed.

"What?!" The teachers and parents exclaimed.

"What?!" The villains exclaimed.

"Ho-Ho! I'm in this universe to!" the Grimm Studies Professor said in joy before faltering. "And I'm a. . . small orange skinned man with. . . green hair. . . Fantastic!"

"An Oompa-what-now?" Ozpin asked in confusion. "Allow me to refresh your memory," Port replies, putting together a flute and playing ethereal music.

"Oh, I don't think I wanna hear that," Ozpin said with wide eyes.

"Too late. I've started dancing now." Port says as he does exactly that. "Once we've started we can't stop," he explains.

Yang, Coco, Cardin, Mercury and Qrow began to laugh boisterously at the dance Port the Oompa-Loompa.

"Well, that was a thing." Tai said to Summer and Raven.

"Yes, Oompa-Loompas are a thing in this universe," Darth Anarchus stated. "Moving on. It's time for combat."


Next will be the Mortal Kombat trailer suggested by Spencerble.

Chapter 14: Mortal Kombat Trailer


The Audience are introduced to the world of Mortal Kombat!
Trailer link
Taiyang Xiao Long- Liu Kang
Jaune Arc - Raiden
Qrow Branwen - Kung Lao
Adam Taurus - Kenshi
James Ironwood - Johnny cage
Weiss Schnee - Scorpion
Winter Schnee - Sub-Zero
Summer Rose - Kitana
Raven Branwen- Mileena
Glynda Goodwitch - Sonya
Pietro Polendina- Jax
Roman Torchwick- Kano

Cardin Winchester - Stryker
Goro - himself
Thank you, Spencerble for the cast!


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

"Well, there's a high chance you're all going to be traumatized," Darth Anarchus stated. "Well, more than you and your variants usually get." He then points to Ozpin, Salem and Tyrian. "Except you three."

He then stood up and walked over to Adrian. The Host picked the infant from his mothers and placed him a carrier that popped into existence next to him. He then placed headphones on Adrian and the baby instantly fell asleep.

"Should we be worried?" Summer asked nervously looking at Ruby and Oscar. "Only if you can't tolerate video game level violence," Darth Anarchus said with a shrug. This made Tyrian curious and excited.

"It can't be that bad," Jaune said and most of the students who play video games nodded in agreement along with Marrow.

"Seriously?" Harriet asked. "What? They're fun." The Dog Faunus said.



The dragon symbol appears before Sub-Zero(Winter Schnee) jumps from a ledge and lands near Jaune Arc and Qrow Branwen. Scorpion (Weiss) appears spinning her chain in hand. Winter tackles Qrow down a flight of stairs before Jaune kicks Weiss and then throws his straw hat at the back of Winter's head. She growls in annoyance as she turns around. Jaune pulls a shuriken out of a pillar and throws at Winter who dodges it but it cuts her arm.

"I have had enough of you," Winter growls to him. "Then go! Before I put you down." Jaune replied in a threatening tone.

"FIGHT!" an announcer shouts.

"Go, Jaune!" Nora cheered. "Break her legs!"

"Kick her butt, Jaune!" Ruby and Oscar said excitedly.

"Uh, teach him respect, Winter!" Weiss said supportively.

Robyn squinted her eyes before chuckling. "What's giving you the chuckles?" Qrow asked.

"You. . . Your hands are frozen to the counter there," Robyn pointed. Qrow narrowed his eyes before slumping. "Well sh*t." he said while Raven and Robyn laughed.

Both Jaune and Winter fight one another, trading violent blows and making one another loose a large amount of blood before Jaune channels his fist with lightning and punched Winter rapidly in the stomach. Winter responded by freezing him in ice and then delivering strong blows, first breaking the ice off the Arc and then sent him stumbling back and then stabbing an ice spear through his stomach.

Many winced while some did not at the bloodshed. "How are they still standing?" Vernal asked. "That has to be half a pint or something."

"Must be video game logic," Ruby said.

"Today. . . you have proven worthy of joining us." Taiyang Xiao Long says to Qrow and Jaune with glowing eyes. Winter and Weiss stand by his side. "Come, there are other champions I must gather."

"Huh, my eyes are glowing," Tai said in intrigue and confusion.

"What do you want?" James Ironwood asked Adam Taurus in a large apartment. Adam points to a katana on the wall. "Sento, it's my family blade." the Bull Faunus replied.

"Sento's mine," Ironwood said as they circle each other. "And I won't give it up without a fight." The Bull Faunus glared in response.

"Well, now I'm interested," Adam said.

"Fighting over a sword, James?" Glynda asked. "Surely you two could just talk."

"I'm not going to bargain with a dangerous terrorist." Ironwood said sternly.

"James, this is another universe here," Ozpin spoke up. "Besides, Mr. Taurus just said that the sword is a family weapon. Surely not something worth for a fight over."

The two begin fighting. Adam fighting alongside an astral projection of himself before Winter shows up and fights alongside the Bull Faunus. She stabs two ice daggers into both sides of Ironwood's head before headbutting him and shattering the front of his skull. And the Audience see this with an x-ray provided by the screen.

"Oh my gods," Willow covered her mouth at the meticulous x-ray shown. Whitley turned green and covered his mouth.

"Good heavens," Pietro gasped with eyes filled shock.

Tyrian was writing notes.

Winter stared shocked at her counterpart attacked an variant of her superior and the other Atlassian soldiers were in the same boat.

"Dang, that's brutal." Mercury said.

"Was that really necessary?" Emerald asked, feeling a little squeamish at the sight.

She then dips into the floor and both Adam's slash and stab their katana's through Ironwood's ribcage.

Ironwood gets back up and grabs Adam by his suit jacket before punching him in the face, blood spraying out of his nose and then knocking him off his feet and kicking him to the ground.

"I'm not that easy to kill," Ironwood said in pride while Adam frowns.

Adam gets back up but gets an uppercut and punches to his legs and groin. As Adam recoils in pain, Ironwood does a winding gesture and flips his middle finger with a chuckle.

Most of the men winced at Adam in pain. Qrow was one of the few that chuckled at Ironwood's gesture.

"Enough," Tai shows up in fire. This sets the smoke alarm off. Weiss bows to him while Winter stands to one side and Adam sits on a chair to the other. "Okay, let's go back to one here," Ironwood stated, raising an eyebrow. "Who are you again?"

"Lord Taiyang Xiao Long," Tai introduced. "Protector of Earth Realm. God of fire."

"He's a god?!/I'm a god?!" Everyone exclaimed in shock.

"Well, that makes sense," Ironwood said sarcastically. "Really, it explains so much."

The Audience then see him fighting Weiss, both using fire based attacks and Tai teleports during the fight and a muscular Pietro Polendina runs into view and punches Weiss before running out of view. Raiden recovers and uses her kunai and kusarigama on the god of fire. Tai recovers from serious injuries and shoots lightning at Scorpion and a fire charged uppercut.

"Well, respect the Ice Princess for going against Dad." Yang said to Ruby. "Take her down, Dad!"

"Ruby!" Weiss cried in betrayal. "What? I'm supporting my Dad."

"Father, look!" Penny said to Pietro in excitement. "You're younger!"

"And quite buff," Maria stated.

Pietro chuckled bashfully and coughed into his fist.

"You have skills, Jaune, but you're inexperienced." Adam said to the blonde at an Animan temple as other opponents spar against one another.

"Whatever experience I lack, I make up for it in heart." Jaune stated confidently. The two fight before Glynda Goodwitch runs in, grabs Adam by the neck with her feet and slams him down to the pavement.

"You tell him, Jaune." Pyrrha said in support and Ren nodded.

"Well, other you isn't wrong." Cardin said with a shrug.

"Oh come on!" Adam exclaimed in anger.

"Nice move, Glynda." Ironwood complimented. "Remind me to do that next time Qrow does something stupid." she remarked.

"Well, if I die from that, Ruby, you can have Harbinger." Qrow rolled his eyes. "And Yang, you can have my flask."

"Oh sweet!" Yang said before Tai and Summer said in unison, "Don't even dare, young lady." The blonde looked straight ahead with a straight face.

"What do I get?" Robyn asked teasingly. Qrow held up a finger. "Let me get back to you. I don't have it."

Jaune uses his electric powers on Adam before Roman Torchwick showed up and helped Jaune twice, using a laser beam from his cybernetic eye. Jaune then uppercuts Adam into the sky and shoots a massive hole through his torso.

"Dang!" Coco exclaimed.

"Holy sh*t! That's cool and brutal at the same time." Sun said.

"He has lightning powers! Cool!" Nora exclaimed. "That means he's the god of lightning!"

"Wrong universe," the Host shot down.

Raven Branwen is shown tied to a chair. "If your disease comes known, you will be banished." Summer Rose's voice speaks as Raven's teeth sharpen and her lips pull back.

Both Raven and Summer push against one another. The former wearing a purple outfit and wielding a pair Sai and the latter wielding Tessen fans. "I only want what's best for you," Summer said solemnly.

"Or do you secretly covert my throne?" Raven snarled angrily before the two began to fight. Summer has the upper hand before Raven moves at superhuman speeds and the four armed Goro shows up and helps Raven briefly.

"Well, this brings back memories," Tai said to Qrow. "The cat fights or the fights for leadership?" Qrow asked.

"Yes." The blonde Huntsman nodded his head.

Both Qrow Branwen and Jaune fight Sub-Zero. The former spins like a top and sends Winter flying before Jaune electrocutes her.

"Are you serious?!" Winter exclaimed angrily. Jaune ducked down from her glare while Qrow shrugged. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Tai shoots a fireball at Raven who stumbles back before teleporting behind him and slashed him in the back. Then Cardin Winchester runs in and flashes a light in Tai's face before jabbing a taser to his gut.

"Really, a flashlight?" Tai said. "That's cheating."

"Tai, you're a god! We're using every advantage we need." Raven retorted.

Qrow fights Ironwood and his joined by Pietro before he stands side by side with Scorpion. The two fight Sub-Zero before the Branwen throws his buzz saw bladed straw hat. It stops a few feet in front of Winter. Qrow teleports behind her and kicks her into the spinning buzz saw blade headfirst.

"What in Oum's name," Jacques muttered.

"Winter!/Sister!" Willow and Whitley shouted.

Weiss then stabs her with kunai's in the stomach and another x-ray shows the Audience the damage the other blade does to her neck in meticulous detail. "GET OVER HERE!" Weiss shouts, pulling Winter to her. The two fall to the ground and explode on impact.

"I'm sorry!" Weiss said quickly.

Winter stared in shock at the screen.


Qrow throws his buzz saw blade at an already cut up Ironwood, slicing through his knees and it flies back to slice through his neck. Qrow catches it and swings it down to slice him down the middle.

Then it changes to Cardin ripping Sub-Zero's heart out.

"What the f*ck?!" Ironwood shouted when he was shown cut up and decapitated. "Dang, that's brutal even for me." Qrow stated and took a swig of his flask. "Sorry, Jimmy."

The General sighed in response while more people were growing more disgusted and horrified at the carnage.

All except Tyrian, Salem and Ozpin.

"Oh, I think I'm going to be sick," Oscar muttered, holding his stomach.

In another fight, Winter's head was decapitated and Scorpion had stabbed one of her kunai through it. "COME HERE!" she shouts, pulling Winter's head through the hole in her body, splitting it in half. She then catches the head in her hand.

Ironwood does the splits while slamming Adam's face against the pavement, splattering it across the floor and slowly peeling it off.

Adam is then seen being blasted in half by Jaune. The blonde uses his lightning powers to hold both pieces of Adam before bringing them together and it explodes into the title.

"Oh, you got to be f*cking kidding me." Adam said at seeing himself loose two different fights. Ironwood, he could understand. But losing against Arc?!


"One? You mean there's more?" Velvet asked in shock. Darth Anarchus nodded, holding his chin in thought.

Sub-Zero grabs Qrow by the neck and freezes his neck and rips his head out along with his spine. She holds it as Scorpion stands beside her.

"Well, now I'm dead," Qrow said nonchalantly. "Qrow: Three. Ice Queen: Two."

"That fight with Mr. Arc can't count!" Winter protested. "You two double teamed and did the same with my sister!"

"And then you seemed to have double teamed him with your sister." Qrow shot back. "Now excuse me, I'm going to make myself forget about seeing my own head get ripped off with my spine."


"Well, I enjoyed that." The Host declared. "So did I!" Tyrian exclaimed. "So many notes! So much inspiration!" Hazel and the other villains rolled their eyes and muttered along the lines of "Of f*cking course he does," and "Crazy bastard."

"Neo, what kind of people are we working for?" Roman whispered to his partner who shrugged. She may be sad*stic but that Scorpion Faunus is on a whole other level.

"Can we move onto something else?" Neptune asked a little nervous.

"Yes, we're going to watch another AMV." Darth Anarchus answered.


Next is a multifandom AMV with the song "My Enemy" by Tommy Profit.
Take care.

Chapter 15: Multifandom| My Enemy


The Audience watch a AMV dedicated to the rivalries across the Multiverse.
Multifandom video made by King Kaiju Raptor Zilla on YouTube.
Video Link
Song by Tommme Profitt and Beacon Light
Fandoms in the video
Mortal Kombat (2021 Movie and video game)
Pacific Rim
AVP (Alien vs Predator)
Jurassic World
Venom 1-2
Godzilla vs Kong

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat): Weiss Schnee
Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat): Winter Schnee
Xenomorphs and Predalien (AVP and AVP:R): Themselves
Chopper and Celtic (AVP): Sky Lark and Russel Thrush
Wolf (AVP:R): Qrow Branwen
Godzilla (MonsterVerse): Ozpin
Kong (MonsterVerse): Oscar Pine
MechaGodzilla (MonsterVerse): Himself
Eddie Brock/Venom: Cardin Winchester
Cletus Cassidy/Carnage: Tock
Rexy (Jurassic World): Raven Branwen
Indominus Rex (Jurassic World) Cinder Fall
Jaegers: Gypsy Danger and Striker Eureka (Pacific Rim) Pilots mentioned: Jaune Arc Pyrrha Nikos with General James Ironwood and Yang Xiao Long.
Kaiju (Pacific Rim)
Carlton Drake/Riot


Enjoy and leave reviews and comments.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

"Like the first AMV, this one covers multiple universes," Darth Anarchus explained. "Two variants of the Mortal Kombat multiverse, a variant of the Godzilla multiverse, the Marvel Multiverse and three universe we have yet to see."

While most weren't eager to see the Mortal Kombat multiverse, they were eager to see more about the Godzilla and Marvel multiverses and curious about the new ones.

"What is it about?" Ozpin asked curiously.

"Rivalries and enemies," the Host answered before the screen came on and the lights dimmed.

I see who you are, you are my enemy. My enemy, you are my enemy.

The first thing the Audience sees is Scorpion (Weiss) standing in a forest. She exhales frost and looks ahead. In front of her is Sub-Zero. (Winter)

I see who you are, you are my Enemy. My enemy. You are my enemy.

The Schnee family shifted uncomfortably at the sight of the two sisters getting ready to fight. Secretly, Nora, Mercury, Cardin, Coco and Yang were betting on who would win.

"This song is honestly sounding great," Sun said, he would have word it differently but he just remembered that there was a baby in the room. "Hey, DA. Is there a way these songs can be downloaded to our Scrolls?"

"Don't call me that," the Host said with a glare. "But to your question, yes. These songs will be downloaded to your Scrolls when you return back your Remnant."

"Sweet," most of the students said in excitement.

The Audience see Kong (Oscar Pine) the Gorilla Titan rising out of a hole into the Hollow Earth. Godzilla (Ozpin) turns towards him with a growl. The Audience see the different appearance of Godzilla. His dorsal fins were jagged and some of them were shaped like maple leaves and he had noticeable shark like gills. Oscar snarls and the Audience sees the two Titans standing across from each other, with the Gorilla Titan holding a large battle axe.

"That Godzilla looks bigger than the one we saw earlier." Dr. Oobleck observed, writing in his notepad.

"This variant is Ozpin." Darth Anarchus said. "He is also known as Titanus Gojira. The Alpha of the Titans in the MonsterVerse."

"And the big monkey?" Jacques asked.

"That's not a monkey!" Sun exclaimed. "That's obviously an ape!" He was tired of people getting that mixed up.

"A gorilla, to be specific." The Host said. "This is Kong, a variant of Oscar. The last of Skull Island Apes. Both Godzilla and Kong species are ancient rivals."

This surprised both Ozpin's and Oscar and those that were close to them.

You want me dead. You want me gone.

Then the scene changes to a Yautja Youngblood, Russel, holding his right hand up and unsheathed wrist blades while a Xenomorph drone snarls at him.

Covered in evil, you turn on the saw.

The PredAlien snarls as Qrow the Predator takes off his mask

Hungry for power, hungry for pain. You kill a man if he gets in your way

The Xenomorph drone holds up another Yautja Youngblood by its barbed tail. It snarls and hisses at the dying Chopper (Sky) before the scene changes.

"And those are?" Pietro asked, a little disturbed by the Xenomorph's appearance.

"Those are Xenomorphs, Yautja and a Pred-Alien." Darth Anarchus answered. "Two of the most dangerous aliens in the AVP Multiverse. Xenomorphs are practically like the Grimm with the only instinct to kill and reproduce. The Yautja, aka Predators, are a race of warrior like aliens that hunt the most dangerous creatures in the known universe."

This made Salem intrigued about Xenomorphs, giving her inspiration to create Grimm like them. While everyone else was surprised at the explanation of Xenomorphs and Yautja.

"The hybrid there is known as a PredAlien or Predamorph," the Host continued. "Xenomorphs take traits of their hosts when their embryos are developing within an organism's chest."

This made everyone do a spit take at that, except Tyrian. "The two Youngblood Yautja are Sky and Russel. The one that just took off his mask is Qrow." he added.

Cardin perked up at that then slumped at seeing Sky being killed. while Robyn elbowed Qrow with a smirk.

I walk through the valley of shadows. I'm not alone, no, I won't fear.

The Jaegers Gypsy Danger and Striker Eureka being dropped into the ocean. The two colossal robots walk at the bottom of the ocean to the Breach as Kaiju lurk in the shadows.

Hangman's at the gallows. I'm not afraid of the death and the stare.

Striker stands its ground against the Kaiju Slattern and Gypsy is attacked by Scunner.

"In this universe referred to as Pacific Rim," Darth Anarchus explained, "Giant Kaiju invade through a portal in the bottom of the Great Ocean and humanity respond with creating giant robots called Jaegers. The blue one is Gypsy Danger, piloted by Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos. The dark gray one is Striker Eureka, piloted by James Ironwood and Yang Xiao Long."

This made Ironwood and those from Atlas recall the Colossus and were intrigued at the Jaegers. Ruby wanted to know what weapons the Jaegers had.

I'll never be like you. I'll never be like you.

Venom (Cardin Winchester) lands in front of Riot (Arthur Watts) who tells him an order but the black symbiote hero doesn't listen.

I'm rising up and I'm ready to fight you. Ready to fight you.

Cardin transforms into Venom who is shown roaring. Riot is shown larger and spikier before Venom jumps toward him.

"That is Cardin Winchester aka Venom, the Lethal Protector of the Marvel Multiverse." Darth Anarchus said. "He's one of the anti-heroes." he nods to Riot. "That is one of his enemies known as Riot, his host is Arthur Watts."

This made Cardin excited that his variant is a anti-hero while Watts was annoyed that he was a villain in this viewing.

I'm all in, I've seen you before, you are all the same.

Winter Schnee runs with a flare, leading Raven the Tyrannosaurus Rex to Cinder the Indominus Rex.

You're just another going up in the flames. And if I die in a fight, it will be while I'm bringing you to the grave!

The apex predator dinosaurs roar at one another before charging. Qrow and two children watch as Raven bites down on the hybrid's neck.

"Are those dinosaurs?" Jaune exclaimed.

"Raven the T-Rex and Cinder the hybrid." the Host said simply. "More will be revealed later."

"Got to say, that last part is a bit inspirational." Qrow said, taking a drink of his soda. "Exactly how I want to go out. Taking the enemy down with me."

"Well, know that you won't be doing it alone." Robyn whispered. Qrow smiled at her slightly.

I see who you are (Who you are.), you are my enemy (You are my enemy).

Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath at the airborne Oscar who blocks the beam with his axe. The two Titans battle in Atlas. Godzilla bites down on Oscar's shoulder before it transitions to Oscar slamming his fists down on Godzilla's head.

My enemy, you are my enemy.

Godzilla forces Oscar's axe into a building before he throws Oscar to the ground and the Audience see Oscar tackling Godzilla from behind.

I see who you are (Who you are), you are my enemy (You are my enemy). My enemy, you are my Enemy

Scorpion and Sub-Zero fight each other in a frozen where house with swords before the former stabs Winter in the stomach with her kunai. Winter screams in pain before the scene changes to Weiss watching Winter as she forms a ice dagger in her hand.

"Go Weiss!" Yang cheered.

"Fight well!" Blake waved a flag that said RWBY.

"Represent Team RWBY!" Ruby said excitedly. "Ruby that's my sister." Weiss protested.

"Exactly, prove that little sisters can win!" Ruby pumped her fists. Weiss didn't know whether to slap her partner or actually agree with her. . . she settled with the former. "Ow!" Ruby yelped.

I see who you are, (Who you are) you are my enemy (My enemy!). My enemy, you are my enemy!

The Xenomorph drone tackles Russel to the ground. The Yautja's visor reflects the drone's fangs. The two aliens are shown snarling at one another before the scene changes. Russel tosses the Xenomorph towards the camera.

I see who you are (Who you are), you are my enemy (My enemy!). My enemy, you are my enemy!

Gypsy Danger bashes the Kaiju Otachi with a ship. The Kaiju tackles the Jaeger before the scene shows the Jaeger ripping its tongue out. The Kaiju pounces and digs its talons into the robot's back before spreading its wings out.

"I see who you are, you are my enemy," Cinder hummed.I'm actually liking this song. But it doesn't sound like the complete song.She was not the only one doing so.

"My enemy," Mercury and Emerald sang lowly. As did Coco and Fox.

This ends now (This ends now!)!

Godzilla shoots his Atomic Breath at MechaGodzilla who meets him halfway with its red beam. Oscar jumps off the ship he stands on just as the Atomic Breath shoots through it.

"Wow!" Ruby and Oscar exclaimed. They have only seen the Atomic Breath once, seeing it at full power was filling them in awe.

This ends now! (This ends now!)

Raven bites on Cinder's neck before Ruby the Velociraptor was shown being thrown through a window in front of Qrow and Winter Schnee. Cinder roars at Ruby and Raven before a Mosasaurs jumps out of the water behind her.

This ends now! (This ends now!)

Scorpion makes a fire explosion before she tries to impale Sub-Zero who dodges the blade.

Ready to fight you, ready to fight you!

Otachi shrieks in pain as Gypsy Danger stabs it with a wrist blade before slicing the Kaiju in half.

This ends now! (This ends now!)

Riot jumps in the air to stab Venom with his hand morphing into a giant scythe.

"Hey, scythes are our thing!" Qrow and Ruby exclaimed at Watts angrily. "Copy our style again and we'll sue!" Watts held up his hands while everyone else smiled in amusem*nt or sighed in exasperation.

This ends now (This ends now!)

A nuclear bomb is dropped next to Qrow and the PredAlien as the two stab each other.

"Well, that's unfortunate," Qrow sighed in disappointment.

I'm ready to fight you, ready to fight you!

Crimson Typhoon stands before Otachi with three arms armed with buzz saw blades.

"Ooh!" Penny exclaimed. "Interesting." she and her father wrote down notes.

This ends now! (This ends now!)

Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath at Kong who blocks it with his battle axe once again.

Carnage (Tock) stands before a helicopter before bringing it down to the ground with long, red and spikey tendrils.

Maria narrowed her eyes at Tock's variant while Oscar winced.

I'm ready to fight you, ready to fight you! This ends now!

Carnage launches spikes at Venom as the Lethal Protector dodges the flying blades. The last thing the Audience see is Carnage with her mouth open.

"Well that was entertaining," Ozpin stated, sipping his mug. "I do look forward to seeing more of these universes."

"You can say that again." Cardin stated.

"Indeed," Salem muttered, eager to learn more about the aliens shown and a bit about Godzilla-Ozpin.

"Well, it's technically getting close to the Halloween season," Darth Anarchus stated. "In my world anyway. So we're going to watching things akin to horror." He smirked to the Audience and the younger ones felt some dread while Zwei whimpered and growled a little.


With it being closer to Halloween, I think its time for some horror reactions. Don't you think?
1) Tribute to Jason Voorhees
2) The fight scenes of Freddy vs Jason
3) The Last of Us Trailer (Video Game)
Until then, take care.

Chapter 16: Vote to choose


Well, it surprisingly came down to this. Didn't really think it would.


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

The Last of Us Trailer: 3

Freddy vs Jason: 3

We have a tie. Yes a tie. I need your votes one last time.

Second place (Or third if I think about it.)

Jason Voorhees tribute: 2 votes.


We got 3 to 3 so all of you got to vote to decided.
And hurry up. Halloween is coming up.

Chapter 17: Tyrian vs Adam| Opening


Part 1
Freddy vs Jason wins with 24 votes!
So here is the opening monologue of Freddy vs Jason from 2010.


Freddy Krueger: Tyrian Callows
Jason Voorhees: Adam Taurus
Female Counselor: Cinder Fall
Male Counselor: Roman Torchwick
Pamela Voorhees: Herself


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

"Wait, you said it's Halloween?" Ruby excitedly.

"Oh no," Yang, Blake and Weiss muttered with Teams JNPR, CFVY and SSSN.

"It's my birthday!" Ruby cheered.

"Well, Happy Birthday Ruby." Oscar said as Penny hugged Ruby tightly. "Happy Birthday Friend Ruby!"

"Happy Birthday, my little Rose." Summer and Tai said while Qrow ruffled her hair. "Happy Birthday, Pipesqueak."

"Uh, not to sound rude, but could we get back on topic?" Whitley asked. "Besides, last I checked in our world it's not Halloween yet and 1) he said in his world its Halloween 2) he just said we're going to watch something akin to horror."

"The young Schnee is right," Darth Anarchus said. "Back in my world it's close to Halloween."

"And, we're going to watch horror because of it?" Roman asked a little excited as was Neo and Tyrian. "Indeed. In this universe you're going to see an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object." The Host answered. "Two feared slasher killers of the Multiverse will fight each other."

"Okay, I'm intrigued," Qrow said with Raven grinning. "Of course you are," Robyn rolled her eyes. "Horror fanatic."

"You're into politics, I'm into horrifics." Qrow grinned at her. Robyn chuckled in response.

Winter pinched the bridge of her nose. Why is she not surprised at that? Raven rose an eyebrow and shared a look with Summer and Tai.

"My children. . . from the very beginning, it was the children who gave me my power," Tyrian Callows narrates as he is shown sharpening curved blades on his fingers. A doll is shown burning in a fireplace of the workplace. "The Springwood Slasher, that's what they called me." he narrates as he turns to face a young girl who looks at him in fear. She whimpers as the Scorpion Faunus's shadow looms over her and the blades on his fingers scrape against one another. She falls to her knees before the Audience sees the doll melting in the fireplace. The girl's scream pierces the air.

"My reign of terror was legendary." Tyrian gleefully places a photo of his latest victim into his album, looking proud of his work. "Dozens of children would fall by my blades. Then the parents of Springwood came for me, taking justice into their own hands." Tyrian's now burn face was shown, purple eyes looking at the Audience.

"Wait, you mean to tell me that he. . . he. . ." Kali trailed off with a look of horror that was shared by everyone. Even the villains were disturbed. Then all the parents (And those that wished to be parents) were angered at the counterpart of Tyrian.

"Yes, Tyrian Callows, the Springwood Slasher, exclusively killed young children," Darth Anarchus replied with crossed arms and angered expression. "He was captured by authorities but was released. As he just said, the parents of the victims took justice into their own hands and burned him."

"Okay, let me be clear that this is crossing a line even for me." Tyrian stated. And now that spoke volumes of the Springwood Slasher.

"Unfortunately, he seems to have survived that." Ozpin frowned at the screen while everyone except Salem recoiled in disgust at what they were seeing.

"Now that's a face for radio," Roman remarked. The Host blinked at him. Where had he heard that remark before?

"When I was alive, I might have been a little naughty," he say before his tone becomes sinister. "But after they killed me, I became something much, much worse. The stuff nightmares are made of." The Audience then see a montage of killing people in their sleep. "The children still feared me, and their fear gave me the power to invade their dreams, and that's when the fun REALLY began." he continued before becoming frustrated. "Until they figured out a way to forget about me. To erase me completely. Being dead wasn't a problem, but being forgotten, now that's a BITCH!"

"You mean, he became a dream demon?" Weiss asked in disbelief. The Host nodded. "Let's just say his actions caught the attention of some demons in Hell." he said vaguely.

"And he can kill people in their dreams?" Neptune asked. "Yes, he could warp reality within the dream realm and kill people in their sleep. When he's powerful enough, he could possess his victims or return to the living world." The Host explained. He blinked. Wait, was he right about his information here?

"It's only a dream!" Amber Autumn shouts as a montage of people fighting back against Tyrian. Even killing him in the real world. "Die, Motherf*cker!" Velvet Scarlatina cries as she stabs Tyrian with a pole.

"Yes! Fight back!" Ruby cheered. "It's not real! It's just a dream!"

"Ha! Looks like they're burning him again!" Nora pointed out with a laugh.

"Well, isn't that ironic?" Tyrian laughed.

"I can't come back if nobody remembers me." Tyrian says angrily. "I can't come back if nobody's afraid!""

"I had to search the bowels of Hell, but I found someone," Tyrian declares in a composed tone as the Audience see his teeth. "Someone who'll make 'em remember."

"Ew, someone forgot to brush their teeth," Tai remarked. "Actually I think it's from him being burned to death the first time," Raven said.

Sienna furrowed her brow. "Who in Hell would help him? The Dark Brother?"

"You would think that," Darth Anarchus stated. "But remember what I said. Two horror slashers."

Ch Ch Ha Ha.

A cold chill went up the spines of every member of the Audience. Zwei whimpered and hid under the seats.

The Audience see an aged hockey mask on the ground. "He may get the blood, but I'll get the glory and that fear is my ticket home." Tyrian said before the scene changes.

The Audience sees a young woman with black hair swimming in a lake late at night. It was revealed to be Cinder Fall. She swims before she sees a tall man with a muscular build and his face was covered a hockey mask. Cinder swam back to the other side and grabbed her shirt and ran as fast as she could as far as she could before she hid behind a tree. She looked back in fear. When she was sure that she got away she turned around--only for the masked man to appear in front her. She screamed before the man stabbed a large machete through her chest and the tip stuck out of the other side of the tree. Cinder choked before she went limp as blood ran down her legs.

The Faunus recoiled at the sight. "What's wrong with you, man?" Neptune asked.

"Dude, that guy doesn't look right." Sun said unnerved.

"His skin, it looked like its rotten," Velvet said.

Blake's ears flattened as she saw something else. There were two black horns on the masked man's head. There was only one Faunus with those horns.

Adam's mask didn't show much reaction but his frown was visible. One hand, his counterpart just killed Cinder, and he didn't like her for forcing him to work under her along with Roman, on the other hand, this meant he was a slasher in this universe.

Cinder frowned that her counterpart was killed before schooling herself. "Ma'am, you okay?" Emerald asked. Cinder rose an eyebrow. "I mean, you just saw your counterpart die."

"It's fine, Emerald," she dismissed. "I have a feeling we'll all see counterparts of ourselves die at one point or another."

"I haven't thought of it like that." Mercury said before furrowing his brows. "Huh." he muttered.Well sh*t.He thought.

As the masked man looked away, Cinder suddenly lifted her head. "I should have been watching you," she said to the Bull Faunus. "I deserve to die." she then morphed into Roman Torchwick. "I deserve to die too." Then he morphs into Cardin Winchester. "We all deserve to die."

"That's not right," Roman muttered to Neo.The fact that Pyromaniac Boss Lady morphed into or the fact that your counterpart said that he deserved to die?Neo signed.

"Yes." Roman nodded.

"Uh, excuse me." Coco raised her hand. "You mind giving us context?"

"Adam Taurus was born with facial deformity." Darth Anarchus replied, looking at the screen with a sympathetic expression. "His mother had spent some time keeping him a secret from the community they live in. But she had to send him to a summer camp known as Crystal Lake. Add on with him being a Faunus, he faced more bullying from the other kids before he was almost drowned while the camp counselors were having sex. The counselors were Roman and Cinder you just saw. Cardin was one of his main bullies."

This made the Faunus look sympathetically at the screen. Adam sneered at the screen before taking a deep breath and exhaled to calm himself. It didn't necessarily work if his grip on the armrests was anything to go by. Cardin frowned that his counterpart was still a bully. Cinder also frowned. She may not care that much about Adam but what made her frown is that her counterpart was making her think of her stepfamily at the Glass Unicorn and how Rhodes didn't do anything for the abuse she had suffered.

"His mother went on a killing spree over the years after the incident before being decapitated by one of her victims." the Host continued. "Adam saw his own mother killed and was heavily traumatized. He became the Crystal Lake Killer due being cursed to kill all who trespass on the camp's property as vengeance for what happened to him and his mother and he can hear his mother's voice in his head."

This caught everyone off guard. Adam was surprised at the mention of his mother. "And there's one more thing about his curse." Darth Anarchus added. He nods his head toward the screen."

"Adam, my special, special boy." Pamela Taurus appears behind Adam Taurus. "Do you know what your gift is?" she asked. The Bull Faunus tilts his head. "No matter what they do to you, you cannot die. You can never die." She declared in a proud tone. "You've just been sleeping, honey. But now, the time has come to wake up. Mommy has something she wants you to do. I need you to go to Elm Street in Springwood, the Kingdom of Vale. Mountain Glenn (1). The children have been very bad on Elm Street." she said. "Rise up, Adam. Your work isn't finished. Hear my voice and live again!"

"H-He can't die?" Blake said in horror. "Nope. There seems to be no limit to his immortality and regeneration." Darth Anarchus replied a bit grimly. "He's been blown up and decapitated more than a normal zombie should survive and comes back whole."

"Good gods," Oscar and the Ozpin in his head muttered under his breath and in his head.

Both Ozpins and Salem felt more sympathetic for this version of Adam.

"She may be creepy, but she sounds like she can give you motivation to get out of bed in the morning," Mercury said. Both Cinder and Emerald looked at him as if he had two heads before remembering that the silver haired boy grew up with an abusive assassin father. He's not wrong,Neo signed.

The Audience see Adam's body reform as thunder boomed in the sky. "Make them remember me, Adam." she instructed, smiling sinisterly. "Make them REMEMBER WHAT FEAR TASTES LIKE!" As Adam rises from the grave and walks through the Emerald Forest towards Mountain Glenn, Pamela morphs into Tyrian Callows.

"Okay, that was making more sense," Adam said, turning to Sienna. "I was starting to wonder why my mother mentioned Springwood and saying 'make them remember me,'" he said. Sienna nodded. Now she knew who would help the Springwood Slasher.

"I've been away from my children for far too long." His lips curl up into a sad*stic and sinister smile.

"And your children want to order a restraining order on you!" Nora shouted angrily.


To be continued. . .

No matter what, this opening always gives me the goosebumps out of all the horror movies I've seen. Robert Englund was a great Freddy in this movie.
Now I was thinking of casting Salem as Pamela but I decided against it.
1) I made her be specific because I had read a YouTube comment that went like "Imagine that Jason went to the wrong Elm Street because there was more than one?"

Happy Halloween.

Chapter 18: Tyrian vs Adam Part 1| Adam's killings


The Audience see Tyrian and Adam killing people. Starting with Adam.
Enough said.
Taken from the Kill Count YouTube videos.
Ruby Rose-Lori Campbell
Jaune Arc-Will Rollins
Sun Wukong-Mark Davis
Coco Adel-Kia Waterson


I would like to apologize for the long silence.
1) I focused on my stories on Wattpad (Under Tomeo17, if you're interested.)
2) High School has been murder.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

"Be prepared for some blood and gore." The Host declared.

"Is it as bad as Mortal Kombat?" Ruby asked.

"Surprisingly no." replied Darth Anarchus. "I mean, if there was a rating system, Mortal Kombat would be rated R for its graphic blood and violence. This horror viewing is more leaning towards PG-13 for its less graphic blood and killings." (1) Still, Adrian should stay asleep, he thought as he used the Force to persuade the young baby Cotta-Arc boy. Then he held his chin thoughtfully. "Actually, I think Tyrian's dream sequences were the more graphic." He shrugged. "First, we're starting with Adam's victims."

The first thing the Audience saw was the point of view of someone entering a house as teenagers were having a party. No one notices the person entering the house nor them walking up the stairs. At the end of the hall was a partly closed door and the Audience see 18-year-old Ruby Rose making out with a boy, both of them naked with only a blanket covering their lower halves.

"EEP!" Ruby exclaimed as she pulled her hood over her face. "Whyyy meee?!" she whined.

"Of all ways to start the viewing," Oscar muttered as he looked away.

"You boys look away!" Taiyang ordered the male students. "That's my little sister/daughter!" Yang and Summer shouted.

"On one hand, it's Ruby," Qrow muttered. "On the other hand, this is a classic trope for most horror flicks. Two characters get killed while making out or having sex."

Luckily for the young red reaper, the two stopped their make out session when Ruby left to take a shower. Her boyfriend, Trey stayed in the bed and smoked a cigarette and drink a beer. Then he saw Adam Taurus standing at the foot of the bed. Thunder clapped and lightning flashed outside, illuminating the Crystal Lake slasher's hockey masked face. The young man tried to get out of bed but Adam stabbed him in the back with his machete. The deformed Bull Faunus began to stab him again and again while Trey jolted up and cried out with every stab. The Audience see the tip of the blade jutting out of the bottom of the bed as the mattress stained more and more red.

When he was done with the stabbing, Adam reached down to the bed and, in an impressive show of strength, he folded it in half and the young man who cried out in pain.

Everyone (Save Salem and Tyrian) winced or grimaced in sympathy or had horrified expressions at seeing Adam's counterpart killing the boy.

"That ain't a way to go," Cardin muttered with a grimace as the Audience winced when the Slasher folded the young man in the bed. "Heesh, brutal." Mercury muttered.

"Just after getting laid too," Roman shook his head. Those next to him turned their heads and gave him incredulous looks.He's got a point,Neo signed.

Ruby was shown in the shower, washing her hair when she heard noise outside the bathroom. She stepped out of the shower, quickly dried off before putting on a bathrobe. Just as she got to the door, her foot stepped on a puddle. "What the-?" she muttered and saw that her foot was stained red. "Is that. . . blood?" she asked herself in confusion. She opened the door and saw the state of her boyfriend. And she did the one thing any sane person would if they saw the corpse of their boyfriend. She screamed in horror.

Her best friend, Coco Adel ran up to the room upon hearing her scream. Probably thinking Trey was doing something Ruby didn't like. Only she froze at seeing the folded corpse and the bed. She too screamed in horror.

The two girls ran down the stairs screaming and party came to a halt before the Audience's view changed to the outside of the house. Rain fell in drenches as the teenagers ran out screaming at the top of their lungs.

Coincidently, a police cruiser happened to be driving by. The police officer rolled down his window with a concerned expression. "Do you kids need assistance?" he asked.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK?!" Coco screamed at him.

"I'd react like that," Coco said with a nod. Most of the other students nodded in agreement.

The scene changed to the boyfriend's house a few days later, where his father and brother sat outside the window on the second floor of their house. "I still can't believe it." The brother declared to his father after he climbed out the window. "Who would do such a thing?" His father didn't answer, simply just stared ahead.

"Dad?" he asked, touching his father on the shoulder and the man's head fell off his shoulders and landed on the young man's hands. He screamed in surprise and horror before he felt the presence of someone standing behind him. Turning around, he saw Adam standing there, machete raised.

Most of the students jumped in their seats upon seeing the man's head falling off his head.

"I mean, I guess he didn't quit while he wasahead." Yang remarked to relieve the tension. Based on the groans, it worked. Even if they didn't find the pun funny.

On instinct, he held his father's head up to shield himself while he screamed in terror. Based on the blood that splattered the wall, he failed.

The next scene showed a rave happening out in a cornfield. A girl got drugged and was getting raped while unconscious. While this was happening, Tyrian was invading her dreams and getting close to killing her.

That was when Adam showed up and killed both her rapist and her. In the dream realm, Tyrian saw a stab wound appear on her before she disappeared. "NOOOO!" the burnt Scorpion Faunus cried out. "She was mine!"

Most of the girls shuddered in disgust at what the girl onscreen was going through before she was killed.

Back in the real world, Adam was confronted by a friend of the host of the rave. Who was drunk from the sounds of it. Adam stared at him blankly while he ranted that he wasn't invited before the masked Faunus twisted his head backwards. The host's friend splashed Adam with his drink, but that just made the deformed Bull Faunus angry. In fear the young man tossed a lighter on Adam while running from him. This set the Crystal Lake Slasher on fire, but he wasn't bothered by it all. He simply reached for his machete and started killing people who didn't react in time. The last person he killed was the host of the rave.

"Well, that was. . . disturbing," Glynda commented when Adam's counterpart was killing people while his body was on fire.

"Adam is something else," Jaune muttered. "I'm pretty sure a normal zombie would be doing something about the fire."

"You're not wrong," Darth Anarchus muttered.

Scene changed to the Mountain Glenn radio station. Ruby and Jaune Arc have tried to speak to a police officer with Scarlet David. The trio were trying to explain the real situation to the officer before Adam entered the room. The trio ran away while the officer tried to hold the deformed and armed Bull Faunus. He managed to dodge Adam's machete which ended up imbedded in machinery. Electricity surged through Adam's body as his body shook in pain before he placed his hand on the officer's shoulder and the electricity surged through his body, killing him.

"Well, too bad that guy didn't have my Semblance," Nora stated in sympathy of the officer.

"Final victim." The Host declared.

Ruby and her friends ran into Shay D. Mann, who last they saw was high on drugs. Jaune tried to tell him to run, but the man said, "Let me handle this bitch." He stood before Adam and Ruby noticed that he was holding two large syringes of tranquillizers. "Come to Freddy." he said with a smirk and in Tyrian's voice. "These are my children, Adam. Go back where you belong." And he stabs Adam in the neck. Adam finally paused and looked at him blankly before he sliced the man in half.

The Bull Faunus looked back at the trio. Scarlet aimed a gun at him. "f*ck you!" he screamed in anger before Adam abruptly fell down.

While her friends looked at one another, Ruby narrowed her eyes as Tyrian/Shay's words echoed in her head.

"Well that did nothing-oh never mind." Blake stated when Shay stabbed the syringes into Adam's neck. "It did something."


1) That's just my opinion of the blood and guts in this movie compared to most movies I have seen.
Now I apologize that there wasn't much effort put into these killings but I was pressed for time. I'll re-edit this later.
Next time: Tyrian's killings

"That is a Tyrian Worm. Take a picture for the scrapebook."

Chapter 19: Tyrian vs Adam Part 2| Tyrian's killings


The Audience continue watching Tyrian vs Adam with Tyrian's killings.
Enough said. Now, bright side, Christmas Break! That means more updates!
Freddy Krueger-Tyrian Callows
Bobby Davis-Himself
Mark Davis-Sun Wukong
Lori's father-Taiyang Xiao Long
Lori's Mom-Summer Rose
Freeburg-Shay D. Man


Is it just me or does Freddy have the least killings in this movie?

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

"Okay, now it's time for Tyrian's killings." The Host declared. "Which isn't really much compared to much compared to other viewings before this crossover."

"Strange, considering he's a dream demon." Ozpin muttered. "Indeed." Darth Anarchus nodded.

The first thing the Audience sees is Sun Wukong looking at Bobby Wukong. "Hey, Sun." Bobby said from the bathtub full of blood to the Monkey Faunus. "You didn't forget about me did you?" Then his voice changes to Tyrian's. "Oh that's right! Everyone forgot! That's why they weren't afraid anymore," he says angrily. "That's why I needed Jason to kill for me to remember!" He smiles and spreads his arms and the Audience see that his wrists were sliced. "But now, he just won't stop! That's high! HAHAHA!"

"Seeing my Dad in a tub of blood." Sun stated in a monotone. "Welp, I'm scarred for life." Both Neptune and Blake patted him on the shoulder as he curled up in his seat.

"My counterpart's plan has backfired." Tyrian stated. "He didn't think things through."

Watts rolled his eyes. "You say that as if you think things through."

"Excuse me, I do think things through," Tyrian declared. "How do you think most of my killings go?"

"Unfortunately, he has a point," Hazel sighed in a reluctant tone.

The scene changed to show Ruby and Jaune standing out of a window and watching in horror as Sun's back was burning inside. "Sun! Sun!" They screamed, banging their fists on the window. In the dream world, Tyrian laughed as he flung the Monkey Faunus to the window.

"Help me," Sun wheezed before he fell down. He rose back up and three slash marks appeared on his face before he fell back down. Ruby and Jaune looked down in horror before they saw in the mirror that there were words branded on his back. FREDDY IS BACK!

"Pass on a little message for me, will ya?" Tyrian's voice whispered.

"And now my counterpart is dead." Sun declared. "Yay, more trauma."

The scene changed to show Shay D. Mann smoking and getting high. He mumbles something to himself before he hears a bang on the door to his office. Then a caterpillar from Hell with Tyrian's burnt face walked though the door.

"What the Hell is that?!" Velvet screeched as she hugged Coco.

"That is a Tyrian caterpillar," Darth Anarchus answered. "Take a picture for the scrapbook."

"I don't think I want to," the Rabbit Faunus whimpered. Coco put an arm around her. "Don't worry. It's not real. Remember that. It's not real." she whispered to her.

"What?" was Shay's only response given that he was really stoned. The Tyrian caterpillar crawled up to him as he leaned forward to look at him.

"No! Don't get closer!" Ruby cried out to the stranger. "That's a dangerous dream demon!"

The Tyrian Caterpillar then pulled out a cocaine tank. "Heh. Nice." Shay said as the caterpillar breathed in the smoke via the tube before breathing it in Shay's face. The dark blonde coughed a little as the Tyrian caterpillar squeezed through an air vent. "Hey, wait!" Shay cried desperately as he crawled after the caterpillar.

"What's happening? I understand that he is high, but what's happening?" Emerald asked in a disturbed tone.

"This is one of Tyrian's methods of possessing someone," the Host answered. "Shay's mind is weak enough for Tyrian to posses him." He gestures to the scene where Shay is in the room of dead women that whispering to him and telling him to dump all the drugs down the drain. "Shay's trying to resist but it will not be enough.

"But we need this stuff," Shay said before some saliva landed on his face. He wiped it with the back of his hand before looking up and seeing the Tyrian caterpillar that was falling towards him and lands in his opened mouth. It then forces its way down the man's throat.

"Tyrian would then have the man try to put Adam down with the syringes full of tranquilizers." Darth Anarchus informed. "He bailed out of the man's body just as Adam swung his machete. This next scene is Ruby's dream when she was using her telepathic powers."

The information about Ruby's counterpart having telepathic powers intrigued the young red reaper before the scene changed.

Taiyang Xiao Long was about to stab Summer Rose with a knife! "Daddy, no! Don't!" Ruby screamed as she ran to her father and tried to pull him away from Summer, only for Tyrian to appear in her father's place. Ruby steps back from the Springwood Slasher with wide silver eyes. "It was you!" she declared in horror and realization. "You killed my mother!"

"I always had a thing for the whor*s in this house," Tyrian said in a nonchalant tone.

"WHAT?!" The Rose-Xiao Long-Branwen family shouted in disbelief and anger.

"I think the is sentence is self explanatory," The Host replied.

Then Tyrian stabbed Summer in the stomach with his claw blades.

"SUMMER/MOM!" Tai, Qrow, Yang and Ruby shouted.

"Guys, I'm right here!" Summer said, hugging the sisters and speaking to them, her spouse and teammates in a reassuring tone. Raven gritted her teeth, feeling powerless at seeing her partner, leader and friend being killed in a dream sequence/flashback.

"Well, moving on." Darth Anarchus stated. "Time for the fighting."


Next is going to be the fight scenes. And they'll be in the same chapter. Shouldn't be too hard.
After that will be The Last of Us game trailer and then Christmas movie trailers. I'm thinking of The Santa Clause. Maybe some clips too.
After that, maybe another multifandom video.
In the meantime, tomorrow, I'm going to watch Godzilla Minus One
"Why won't you die?!"
"The ghost asked the revenant."

Chapter 20: Tyrian vs Adam Part 3| Round 1


The Springwood Slasher and the Crystal Lake Killer fight!
Round 1
Tyrian Callows: Freddy Kruger
Adam Taurus: Jason Voorhees
Pamela Voorhees: Herself
Ruby Rose: Lori Campbell
Jaune Arc: Will Robins
Coco Adel: Kia Waterson
Scarlet David: Charlie Linderman


I do hope everyone's Christmas was great.

Chapter Text

The Audience see Adam Taurus standing in a red lit factory. "Adam, Adam, Adam. My special, special boy. I'm disappointed, Adam. You disobeyed me." Looking up, the masked Bull Faunus saw his mother standing on a walkway. "You were supposed to come back home. Just kill a few of them. I blame myself. I should have known you wouldn't be able to stop killing. You're like a big stupid dog that won't stop eating, even though your masters said you've had enough!" Her voice changed to Tyrian's before Adam sees Tyrian's silhouette at another part of the factory.

"Time to put this bad dog to sleep." Tyrian said as Adam held up his machete. "For good!" Then Tyrian jumps toward him, clawed hand outstretched. Adam swung his machete and sliced Tyrian's entire right arm off clean.

Pain shot through Yang's right arm and she grabbed at her shoulder.Ow, what the hell was that?she thought in confusion. Oscar noticed that and fidgeted in his seat. Truth to be told, Oscar had struggled to get use seeing Yang without a prosthetic arm.

"AAAHHH! Not my arm! Not my arm!" Tyrian cried out, holding his stump before Adam cut off his other arm. Tyrian looked at his stumps in fear after falling down before he just stood back up with a smirk and grew them back with a mad laugh. He shakes his fist at Adam.

Adam swung his machete down but the Scorpion Faunus caught it in his hands before pulling it out of his grip and throwing it aside. Tyrian punched Adam in the face before scratching his mask. He then whipped him with his black tail and knocked the Bull Faunus ten feet away. Adam's back collided with a wall and he fell to the ground.

"Welcome to my nightmare," Tyrian said. He then thrusted his head and Adam was slammed against the wall behind him again and again.

"Okay, that was a badass line, I should save that for later," Jaune said as he pulled out a binder and written it down. Ren and Pyrrha's eyes twitched while Nora frowned at seeing the binder.


After Adam slumped down, Tyrian used his telekinetic power to throw Adam's machete at him. Adam caught the blade just as it stabbed his chest. Curling his bladed fingers, Tyrian threw metal panels that hammered the machete further into the Bull Faunus's chest and impaled through the pipe behind him.

"Ready for your guts, chief." Tyrian said, getting close to Adam. Adam in response pulled his machete out of him and held it to Tyrian's neck.

"Oohh! Scary~!" both Tyrian's said in a mocking tone before the one onscreen disappeared out of Adam's grip. The Springwood Slasher slashed his claws at Adam's face twice before sending Adam flying. Laughing like a maniac and thrusting his hips briefly, Tyrian made Adam fly around and slam against machinery like a pin ball machine for full two minutes.

"Tilt," Tyrian said as Adam dropped to the ground. He then had a large boiler drop right on Adam.

"Comical visual aside, I can see our Tyrian fighting just like this." Salem stated.

"AHAHAHAHA!" the Scorpion Faunus laughed hysterically. He walked up to the boiler and saw that Adam was still breathing.

"Why won't you die?!"

"The ghost asked the revenant." Darth Anarchus remarked drily.

"Hello pot, I'm kettle," Adam remarked in a dry tone. "We're both black, you notice that?" Inwardly, he was hoping his counterpart would defeat the crazy Scorpion Faunus.

"This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object!" Tyrian laughed. "What fun! What fun!"

Adam grabbed Tyrian's tail and threw him back. Tyrian's back collided with a pipe and fell down as it started leaking water. The lighting of the area turned green as Tyrian stood up and Adam was stomping towards him. "Come on, come on!" Tyrian goaded as the Crystal Lake Slasher raised his machete-

And paused to look at the water. Both Tyrian and the Audience were confused by the Bull Faunus's behavior before the former began to smile cruelly. "Ah, so you are afraid of something after all."

"Wait, what?" Blake exclaimed.

"Remember his backstory?" the Host asked in response.

"He almost drowned," Oscar recalled. Darth Anarchus nodded. "Indeed, he is reliving that experience."

Then he made the pipes above him leak water around Adam. Adam looked around the water as memories came back to him and dropped his machete. Memories of his childhood. Tyrian smiled sad*stically as Adam dropped his knees as a little whimpering boy, curling up to a ball, wearing nothing but his hockey mask.

"What the hell?" Adam exclaimed in anger. He knew that his counterpart was traumatized, but why turn into a young defenseless boy? It was also bring back his own memories.

"Under all that zombie like look and killing, this Adam is still that ten year old boy that almost drowned and watched his mother be decapitated." the Host replied. This caused many of the Audience to feel some senses of sympathy for Adam's counterpart and some anger at Tyrian's for what he was doing to Adam.

Tyrian knelt down, his tail curling and making clicking noises. He reaches down and pulls the mask off to reveal Adam's deformed face. "You ugly sh*t," he sneered. "Not that's a face," he begins before he holds up a decapitated head of Pamela Taurus. "only a mother could love!" He laughs maniacally while Adam whimpers in fear. "Now we're getting somewhere. Let's see what really scares you."

The Springwood Slasher then begins to slowly stab one of his claws into Adam's temples. "And dig a little deeper, heh." The Scorpion Faunus smiles sad*stically while Adam whimpers and cries out in pain.

"Leave him alone, you big ugly jerk!" Ruby shouted.

Unbeknownst to them both, Ruby had fallen to deep sleep to try to use her telepathic powers to get Adam to fight Tyrian while her friends Coco, Jaune and Scarlet brought them both to Crystal Lake.

Both the slasher and the girl saw Adam's memories of being picked on. While Tyrian was f*cking Cinder the camp counselor, Ruby leaned down on the dock where young Adam was drowning. "Adam! Adam, give me your hand. Take my hand!" she cried, reaching down to the water. Briefly, Adam reached her. "Help me!" he cried out. Suddenly the world turned red as Tyrian emerged and pulled the young Bull Faunus down under. Then the others managed to wake Adam. Tyrian looked up in the water and pointed at Ruby. "You!" he shouted before the Springwood Slasher jumped from the water in front of her.

Adam blinked in surprise at seeing the girl onscreen trying to help his counterpart. And a human at that. He glanced over the girl sitting next to his former apprentice. Would she offer help to someone like him back in their world? He shook his head. He couldn't be blindly optimistic. There was no helping him now.

Tyrian then manipulated Ruby's dream to show who really killed her mother while Jaune and the others brought Ruby's body to Camp Crystal Lake. And then Adam attacked them.

Or at least chased them into a cabin.

"Oh come on!" the mentioned people exclaimed in anger and exaggeration.

Adam shrugged at them when they glared with a mildly sheepish expression.

At one point, the gas in the cabin got lit by a match and now the whole building is on fire. Scarlet was fatally wounded by Adam when he protected Coco. The girl brought him out of the cabin and he rested against a tree in his final moments.

Scarlet slumped and shivered at seeing his counterpart die but at least it wasn't all that bloody. Coco nodded to him in respect for his counterpart trying to protect her own while Sun, Neptune and Sage smiled at him and patted him on the shoulder for comfort and support.

In the dream world, Tyrian leaned over Ruby. "Welcome to my world, bitch." he said. Jaune dragged Ruby away from Adam but her left hand caught on fire and this waked her up just as she used her telepathy to bring Tyrian to the real world.

"Die, little bitch." Tyrian said as Ruby looked up at him with eyes filled with fear.

"RUBY!" The young reaper's friends and family cried out in worry and fear.

Ruby however smirked in pride as she noticed the change in scenery.

Tyrian felt a shred of respect. The brat's plan worked. "Clever girl." he muttered.


Adam flipped a table over behind Tyrian, catching his attention. His eyes widened as he looked around and realized three things.

1) He is in the real world and his powers won't work.

2) Adam is scare of water. They are no where near water. In fact, they are surrounded by fire.

3) Adam is really, really pissed off.

"Okay, that shot of them is cool," Nora stated with a smirk. "Especially with this rock!"

Chapter 21: Tyrian vs Adam finale


Final part for Tyrian vs Adam!
Adam Taurus: Jason Voorhees
Tyrian Callows: Freddy Krueger
Ruby Rose: Lori Campbell
Jaune Arc: William
Coco Adel: Kia


I give my sincerest apologies to you all for the long wait. School and a bunch of other stuff has been jumping on my back for the past few months.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

The cabin was burning but neither serial killers cared. The teens they planned to kill were escaping but neither killed.

Adam was focused, glaring with pure hatred at the Scorpion Faunus who had manipulated him and taunted him in the Dream Realm. Tyrian knew he could not outrun the Bull Faunus and the only option for him was to fight.

"I see who you are." Oscar sang quietly as he watched the two slashers staring at one another. "You are my enemy, My Enemy. You are my enemy.

Tyrian chuckled eagerly to see the fight.

"Chop that pyscho to pieces!" Willow shouted.

"And then burn him to ash!" Kali said.

"Are they really rooting for one of these killers?" Weiss asked her friends.

"One of them is just cursed to be the way he is," Blake said, inwardly rooting for Adam as well. "The other is some psychopath dream demon who wants to be remembered." Weiss thought for a moment and nodded her head in agreement.

Adam swung first. His machete missed as Tyrian ducked under the blade and he elbowed the masked Bull Faunus in the back before Adam swung down, aiming for the Scorpion Faunus's tail. Only for the black appendage to move away and the blade struck the floor that was not burning and got stuck!

Seeing his masked opponent was left open, Tyrian struck! Kicking Adam in the groin!

Many of the male members of the Audience grimaced and instinctively crossed their legs. Adam frowned while Tyrian laughed at his counterpart's cleverness.

However, this proved to be more painful for the Springwood Slasher than the Crystal Lake Killer. Tyrian cried out in pain as his foot throbbed in pain. Adam grabbed him by his sweater and threw him across the cabin. The masked Bull Faunus then picked up the Scorpion Faunus and slammed him head first through the window. Tyrian shouted in pain as he was dragged through the window and wall of the cabin.

Ruby, Jaune and Coco were running to the dock at the lake when they paused and turned around to see Adam kicking the door open, dragging Tyrian throwing him into the air and flying through the air. "AAAAAAAHHHH!" he screamed before he crashed through the roof of the cabin next door.

Adam stormed out of the cabin while Jaune and Coco tried to urge Ruby that they needed to escape. Ruby however refused.

"That bastard killed my mother!" she exclaimed. "My dad didn't do it. He was just protecting me!" she glares in Tyrian's direction. "Tyrian took everything from us! I'm not leaving until I see him pay!"

Jaune and Coco glanced to one another, both deciding that there wasn't any chance to talk her out of this. Unfortunately, it ended up with Coco being killed by Adam when she tried to forcing Tyrian back to the Dream World by acting unafraid of the Springwood Slasher.

"Ooh!" both Tyrian's grimaced.

"COCO!" Ruby screamed as her friend was sent flying and collided with a tree. Jaune then saw gas tanks nearby and got an idea.

Coco shuddered a little at her counterpart's death. "Well, she tried." she muttered.

Tyrian charged Adam and stabbed him in the ribs. He pulled out his blades and stabbed him again and again. His tail curled up and stabbed Adam in the stomach with his stinger. Adam silently recoiled in pain before he pulled the stinger out of his gut. Tyrian growled as he ducked under Adam's machete and slashed him across the chest many times. He ducked under the blade again and he jumped up and kneed him in the chest before jumping up with his tail and slamming his elbow down on Adam's collar.

Adam swung his blade at the Springwood Slasher who dodged the machete and was stabbed in the chest. The Crystal Lake Killer grabbed onto his left arm and twisted it to a painful armlock. He then punched the burnt Scorpion Faunus and sent him flying down the hill and he landed on a pile of oxygen cannisters. His clawed fingers cut one of the valves and it flew through the air like a torpedo.

"Okay, I'm surprised how this version of Tyrian is holding his own." Cinder admitted. "It's impressive for a dream demon."

"Add in the fact he's fighting a stronger opponent," Salem added.

The Springwood Slasher watched it fly before smiling devilishly and rising to his feet before walking behind a rack of oxygen tanks as Adam was walking towards him. "Man the torpedoes," he muttered under his breath before he slashed the valve of one cannister and it flew towards the Crystal Lake Slasher.

Adam simply sidestepped and dodged the flying cannister. Frowning, Tyrian cut open another and sent it flying to Adam who simply dodged it with ease as well followed by the next two. Tyrian sliced the valve of a fourth and fifth cannisters and this time, they collided with Adam's chest and sent him flying backwards until he dropped in the middle of a construction site.

Jaune and Ruby poured gallons of gasoline on the docks that led to the gas and propane tanks next to the cabin.

Adam rose to his feet, swaying a little. Tyrian was shown standing at the top of the construction site. "Hey, asshole!" he called down to the masked Bull Faunus. "Up here!"

Adam looked up and saw the Scorpion Faunus pushing a barrel of steel bars and they rained down on the Crystal Lake Slasher. One bar impaled Adam in the chest while another impaled him in the leg above the knee.

Tyrian cackled victoriously before he jumped to another part of the construction site as Adam tried to pull the steel bars out of him. Tyrian pushed down a large boiler that was hanging on a chain. The boiler swung down and back and forth like a wrecking ball, hitting Adam's shoulder while Tyrian pushed down a large box that got stuck in the ramp's bump.

"Oh give me a break!" both Tyrians grumbled. The one onscreen jumped onto the ramp and tried to push the box down before he was knocked off with the boiler ramming into the ramp and he fell off. His tail got stuck in the rope around the boiler.

Tyrian screamed as he dangled in the air before he saw that he was swinging to Adam who was no longer impaled. "OH NO! NOOO!" he screamed before Adam grabbed onto his arm and threw him to the ground.

Surprising for the Audience, some began to chuckle or snicker.

"I'm starting to think this went from a horror flick to a comedy or something," Qrow muttered to a chuckling Robyn.

Adam pulled Tyrian back to his feet but the Scorpion Faunus quickly began to stab him in the neck, collarbone and chest three times before the box slid down the ramp and collided with the dueling Faunus serial killers and sent them flying to the dock.

Tyrian tried to crawl away in pain as Adam slowly walked towards him. When the Springwood Slasher rose to his feet, he was slashed in the chest by the Crystal Lake Killer's machete followed by his chest and then his shoulder. Then his stomach before Tyrian caught the blade in his hands, ignoring the sprays of blood in his chest and stomach. Adam punched him in the face before slashing across his leg, forcing him to fall down onto his back.

Some of the Audience felt queasy at the sight of the blood but it wasn't as much as the Mortal Kombat Universe. Small mercies.

Both Adam and Tyrian were rooting for their counterparts, for at least for personal pride.

The Bull Faunus held his machete up before Tyrian's tail wrapped around his arm at the elbow and then the Scorpion Faunus slasher across his hand, slicing off his four fingers. While Adam looked at the stumps of his fingers in what could be described as annoyance, or "Oh, well that might be a problem." Tyrian quickly caught the machete.

Blake couldn't help but chuckle at Adam's expression. He looked so annoyed that his fingers were cut off. Adam heard her and huffed in amusem*nt for the same reason.

Jaune and Ruby poured gasoline onto the docks after gathering all the propane and gas tanks in the tank. Ruby turned to her friend and exclaimed. "Blow them to Hell!"

"With what?!" Jaune exclaimed. Ruby's silver eyes widened before she ran over to the burning cabin.

Back with the slashers, Adam was on his belly while Tyrian slashed and hacked at his back with his own machete and claws. "Give it up!" Tyrian said in between hacks and slashes as Adam crawled. "Die! Just die!"

He rolled Adam onto his back and then stabbed two of his claws into the masked Bull Faunus's eyes. Blood ran down his mask like crimson tears before Tyrian stabbed his claws in the Crystal Lake's chest where his heart would be.

Ruby returned with two burning sticks in her hands. Tyrian swung down the machete only for Adam to block it despite being blind.

"TYRIAN!" Ruby shouted, getting the Springwood Slasher's attention. "Go to Hell!" she then tossed one torch onto the dock and another to the tanks. Both Ruby and Jaune raced to the lake and jumped into the water.

Tyrian's eyes widened as the flames ignited on the dock before Adam punched his fist into Tyrian's chest cavity. As Tyrian gasped, Adam grabbed onto his tail and ripped it off and then grabbed Tyrian's clawed hand and ripped the arm out of its socket. Tyrian gritted his teeth and stabbed Adam in the chest as dramatic music played.

Then the gas tanks exploded. Tyrian's eyes widened before both killers were covered in flames and were sent flying into the lake.

"It's so beautiful," Nora said in awe at the explosion.

Both Ruby and Jaune pulled themselves on the dock. They panted to catch their breath before their eyes widened in fear. The Audience see the boots of someone walking towards them holding the machete with a limp before they see that it was Tyrian Callows.

"I'm still alive!" Tyrian cried out in joy. "I win!"

"Ruby! Jaune!" the students and the mentioned boy and girl's family cried out in worry. Ruby and Jaune gulped in shared worry for their counterparts.

Tyrian glares at the two hatefully, especially to Ruby. "You-!" he growled before his own clawed hand stabbed through his chest. Adam stood behind the Springwood Slasher for a brief moment before falling back into the lake.

"No, you're not." Adam shook his head. "You just fell back to the water!" protested the Scorpion Faunus.

"And you have to deal with the daughter of your last victim," Adam retorted. "You have my sympathies." he shook his head. Everyone heard him and slowly smirked slightly.

Tyrian opened his mouth to say something before he looked back to the screen.

Tyrian gasped and fell to his knees, finally succumbing to pain. Ruby picked up the machete he dropped and stood before her mother's killer with a look of rage. Tyrian stared up at her in fear. "WELCOME TO MY WORLD, BITCH!" she shouted before she sliced his head off. Tyrian's headless body then fell into the lake.

"Justice for my mom and all those kids you killed in past," Ruby said under her breath but was still heard by the others and they nodded in agreement. Those who were parents were greatly satisfied at the child killer faced justice.

"Wow," Oscar muttered as he watched the screen with wide eyes. "That was badass. . ." Ruby heard that and beamed while blushing at the same time.

"For manipulating my counterpart and tormenting him in his dream," Adam added quietly.

Ruby walked to the edge and saw Adam sinking into the water. His right eye had regenerated and he was staring up at her. His rage was leaving him as he remembered that he was manipulated by Tyrian and was tormented earlier in the night and the girl had helped him, even now.

Ch Ch Ha Ha

Adam slowly nodded his head as if saying, "Thank you for helping me and bringing me home. Let me rest now and leave. For next time we meet, I will kill you." Then he sinks beneath the waves. Ruby nodded back, seeming to understand Adam's gaze before she tossed his machete into the lake as well.

This little exchange had both Ruby and Adam to glance to one another. Ruby smiled slightly while Adam had no expression but he felt as if the smile said that she would offer him help just like her counterpart. They looked away back to the screen without saying anything.

Later on the next day, the Audience see Adam Taurus emerging from the lake, fully regenerated and Tyrian's severed head in his grasp. As he walks onto shore, Tyrian's lips curl slightly and then he winks to the Audience. "Ah-HAHAHAHAHAH!" his laughter echoes as the screen goes black.

"Oh great," Sun muttered, slumping in his seat. "The cycle continues."

"Okay, you won the battle," Tyrian admitted. "But you won't win the war!"

Adam and everyone else just felt annoyed and exasperated at his antics.

"What happened next?" Qrow asked, mildly interested.

"The two of them, including a well known zombie killer battled again," Darth Anarchus said with a shrug. "Well then, time to move on to the next one."


I'm going to keep to my word.
The Last of Us game trailer

Chapter 22: The Last of Us game trailer


The Audience watch another horror universe, this time involving zombies. (Or at least something close to them.)
Joel: Taiyang Xiao Long
Ellie: Ruby Rose
Tess: Cinder Fall
Tom: Qrow Branwen
Queen Firefly: Glynda Goodwitch
Bill: Jaune Arc


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

"What can you tell us about this world?" Glynda asked.

"Not really for the faint of heart," Darth Anarchus replied. "Humanity is nearly wiped out by a fungi virus similar to a zombie virus,"

"Wait, you mean. . ." Ruby's eyes widened. The Host smiled at her slightly. "You'll just have to see."

Ruby gulped in response before smiling slightly as Oscar patted her on the shoulder.

"What if it's true?" Glynda Goodwitch's voice asked in the darkness.

People were shown running away, screaming in fear as a car burns.

"Do I need to remind you what's out there?" Taiyang Xiao Long asked.

Ruby and Yang perked up. "Ooh! So Dad's the main character?" Ruby asked.

The Host thought it over for a bit before nodding. "Yes, yes, he is." (1)

"Sweet," Ruby and Yang grinned. "Maybe this isn't that bad."

Qrow facepalmed next to Robyn. "You just jinxed it," he muttered.

A hallway of lockers were shown as the shadow of a spasming and limping figure was shown, growling.

And just like that, Ruby stopped grinning, her face paled, silver eyes widened.

"Ruby?" Oscar asked in concern before the girl hugged him like a kola. "ZOMBIE!!" she screamed, her voice echoing through the theater.

"Did someone just say 'zombie' or 'crombie?'. . . 'Crombie' is that even a word? You're losing your mind, Stan."

"The correct term for these things in this universe is Infected," Darth Anarchus said before giving Ruby a glare. "Don't scream like that again." he said before his tone shifted. "And let go of Oscar, you're cutting off his oxygen."

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" Ruby said as she let go of Oscar.

(Cough) "It's fine." Oscar rubbed his neck. "Nothing I'm not familiar with."

"Girl sure can scream," Emerald muttered as she and almost everyone rubbed their ears in pain.

"Once upon a time," Taiyang began as two people were shown walking through the forest as the sun set. He was shown walking up to Junior. "I had someone I cared about. And in this sort of world, that sort of sh*t is good for one thing. To get you killed."

Ruby Rose was shown loading a bullet into the chamber of a gun.

"Oh great, I'm in a zombie universe," Ruby muttered.

Tai, Qrow, Raven and Summer however focused on what was said by Tai's counterpart.


This got chuckles and snickers from Coco, Nora, Yang, Mercury and Cardin.

"We need something smuggled out of the city," Glynda said.

"Smuggling shouldn't be a priority, right?" Mercury asked.

"It is for getting things and people out of the cities safely without being stolen by other gangs or attacked by the Infected." Darth Anarchus replied.

"She's just cargo, Tai," Cinder Fall said to the blonde man who turned away and shook his head.

"Who are they talking about?" Pyrrha asked. The Host held up his hand and gestured for her to wait.

Both Tai and Ruby were shown as they rode two horses.

"I just need simple gear," Tai said, sitting on a chair and talking to someone out of view of the Audience. "Enough to send me on my way."

"I reckon he's got something to do with that girl," Jaune Arc's voice said as both Ruby and Tai watch the sunlight. The camera pans to Ruby.

"He's got everything to do with that little girl," Qrow Branwen remarked.

"Oh, they were talking about Ruby," Oscar said in realization.

"My daughter is not cargo!" Tai said and glared at Cinder. Cinder looked away. Well, that's one difference between the two of us, she thought as she looked to the screen when her counterpart had shown. People are not cargo.

"Well, your counterparts are not related in this universe," Darth Anarchus said with a shrug. The Rose-Xiao Long-Branwen family looked among themselves, unsure how to feel about that.

A guarded city was shown with very few citizens. Tai walked through the streets and looked to the people.

"It can't be worse than in here," Ruby said as she glanced to Tai. "Can it?"

"Bet 10 Lien it's going be just as worse," Mercury said.

"One of the worse things in a apocalypse," the Host stated with a shake of his head. "Human nature."

Tai walks around Junior who is tied to a chair, knife in hand.

"We're sh*tty people, Taiyang," Cinder said. "It's been that way for a long time."

"No, we are survivors!" Tai said defensively.

"This is our chance-" Cinder began but was interrupted by Tai. "IT IS OVER, CINDER!" he shouted.

Qrow, Tai and Ruby were shown, riding on horses on a hill that overlooked a city before it switched to Tai and Glynda looking around a large city.

"People do terrible things when push comes to shove," Darth Anarchus said during the interaction between Cinder and Tai.

"So, this Tai has been through a lot?" Summer asked, feeling sympathetic for the counterpart of her husband.

Ruby glares angrily. "What are you so afraid of?" she asks Tai.

"You're treading on thin ice," Tai said in a warning tone.

People were shown with guns, walking past a crate that Ruby and Tai were hiding behind. "What do we do?" Ruby asked. The camera zooms on Tai's face. "We make every shot count," he replied.

Tai holds a shotgun with a flashlight in a dark room. An Infected was shown eating someone in front of him before it looked up to him. It quickly rose up with a growl and ran to the blonde man.

Tai hits the infected with a pickaxe so hard, blood splattered the screen. Tai was then with a gas mask. He was then shown grabbing a man and ramming his head into a glass window.

"Good skills," Raven said in a impressed tone while some turned green from the short glimpse of the gore.

"Oh no, Dad!" Ruby shouted when she saw her dad being attacked by an Infected.

"Shoot it, shoot it!" Yang shouted before she saw Tai killing it with the pickaxe. "That works."

"I like this Tai," Tyrian laughed. Most of the villains rolled their eyes.

Ruby and Tai held up their hands as someone out of view aimed a gun on them.

Tai shoots an infected as it tried to jump Ruby.

Ruby runs with a shotgun on her back. "You see, I believe everything happens for a reason," Tai said as he was shown falling down an elevator shaft. Then he holds back an Infected that was trying to eat him.

"If we ever get the chance to visit these different universes," Nora spoke to Ren. "Let's not put this universe on the "To Visit" list." Ren nodded.

"Not to mention let's hope that a zombie doesn't show up during an intermission," Cardin added with shudder and this reminded the Audience that they could be visited by their counterparts and one of the first was Dracula. Who's to say that a zombie would be summoned on accident like Dracula? The teens hoped not.

"You don't have to do this." Junior said fearfully. "You know that right?"

A man was shown begging while Tai picked up a bloody machete.

Tai fights another person before being shown drowning.

"I didn't think all of this would be happening in a zombie apocalypse," Weiss stated in shock.

"You're telling me," Summer said in agreement. "Every time I see more, I get more worried.

"After all we've been through," Ruby's voice said as she and Tai hid behind a wall from Infected before they were being blown up. "Everything I've done," The silver haired girl aims a gun at Taiyang.

The girl's family and friends gasped. Family or not in this universe, it was still a shock for them to see Ruby aiming a gun at her father.


"It can't be for nothing," Ruby finished.

"Well. . . thoughts?" Darth Anarchus asked when the screen went black and the lights

"Ignore the family drama," Roman stated, "I enjoyed this a lot. I think this version of Taiyang's a cool guy."

"It's not what I expected," Amber admitted.

"I guess the only thing we could take from this is more information to prepare us for a zombie apocalypse," Oscar stated.

"I guess," Pyrrha said in uncertainty.

"This makes me wonder, what's worse zombies or Grimm?" Jaune said.

"Zombies! Definitely zombies!" Ruby exclaimed. Salem frowned. Her Grimm were worse compared to a walking corpse. Oh wait. . .

"Grimm don't have souls," Darth Anarchus said without missing a beat. "Zombies more or less still do. Zombies were once humans. Grimm aren't humans to begin with. Zombies could start as anyone. They could be a total stranger. . . or they could be your friend or family member before they are infected with whatever virus had taken over them."

This silent everyone, except Tyrian and Salem. None of them had really thought of it like that.

"Now then!" the Host stated. "Time to move on."


1) Joel is my favorite overall character in this franchise. Enough said.
I got to admit, I enjoyed writing the Easter Egg to Gravity Falls.
Now next will be the trailer for The Santa Clause!
After that will be a few AMVs for Valentine's Day and then another multifandom video with Vengeance by Zack Hemsey.

Chapter 23: The Santa Clause Trailer


The Audience watch one of my favorite Tom Hanks movies and Christmas films.
The Santa Clause!
Scott Calvin/Santa Clause: Qrow Branwen
Charlie Calvin: Ruby Rose
Bernard the Elf: Himself
Laura Miller: Summer Rose
Neil Miller: Taiyang Xiao Long
Judy the Elf: Herself.


Now I would like to say that I'm cross posting this story on

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

"Well, we're done with the horror viewings for now," The Host stated, making most sigh in relief while Qrow grumbled a little under his breath. "Time for some Winter Holiday cheer. But first information download to all your brains."

"Wait, what?" Roman said before everyone received a headache in the Audience.

". . . Sounds like Non-descript Winter Holiday," Ren said after a moment. Many nodded in agreement while Roman grumbled. Great, his least favorite holiday.

"Oh good, you get it." Darth Anarchus said before pausing. "I should started with that."

"It was the night before Christmas and children were dreaming about the presents Santa would bring."

Children look in at the windows of a toy store before the scene changed to a neighborhood in Patch. "Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!" was heard before a faint THUD!was heard from inside the house.

Qrow Branwen looks up from his bed, Ruby Rose standing next to him. "Somebody's on the roof!" He exclaimed, Ruby giving him a look that said, "I told you so."

"Sweet, Uncle Qrow and I are the main characters!" Ruby exclaimed.

"Well I got a bad feeling about this," Qrow muttered.

"But this Christmas Eve. . ."

Qrow walks out of his house with a robe on. He looks up to his roof and sees a man, Santa Clause, walking on his roof. "Hey, you!" he shouts. Santa begins losing his balance before he slides down the roof as Qrow watches in shock. "Woah, woah, woah!"

"The unthinkable happens!" Santa cries out as he falls to the ground with a THUD!He does not move.

Robyn briefly blushed at seeing Qrow with an open robe and his boxers shown before coughing into her fist.

Everyone stared in shock when the man on the roof fell off the roof.

". . . That's unfortunate," Qrow said blankly.

"NOO! Santa!" Ruby and Nora exclaimed.

"Realistically, that would happen in the winter nights," Penny said. "Rooftops do become slick and slippery."

Ruby stands next to Qrow and looks up to him. "You killed him!" she exclaimed accusingly. Qrow glares back, slightly offended. "Did not!"

"Wow, Ruby. Accusing me of murder." Qrow said, placing a hand on his chest in mock offended. "I'm hurt."

"I'm sorry!" Ruby chirped to him. Some of the Audience found amusem*nt at the tone of Ruby's counterpart.

"Now, this night,"

A red sleigh with twelve reindeer is shown on top of Qrow's house. "If something should happen to me," Qrow read the back of the card. "Put on the suit, the reindeer will know what to do."

"It's up to them to save the day."

"Let's go!" Qrow says to one of the reindeer before he falls to the back of the sleigh while Ruby sits comfortably. "Woo-aahh!" he exclaimed as the reindeer pull the sleigh and begin to fly!

"Together, Qrow Branwen with his daughter Ruby take on the biggest job in the world."

"So the guy really flies around in a sleigh pulled by reindeer?" Emerald asked.

The Host nods his head.

"Sounds preposterous!" Jacques exclaimed.

"Sounds fun!" Jaune said excitedly.

"Wait, Uncle Qrow is my dad in this universe?" Ruby exclaimed in shock. "Yes, Summer and Qrow divorced recently and Summer is married to Tai while Qrow owns a toy making and delivering company."

This shocked those that knew Qrow and couldn't really imagine him owning a company like that. If anything, they'd think he own a alcohol company. Tai then patted Qrow on the shoulder. "You're still my brother, Qrow."

"Right back at ya, Tai." Qrow replied giving him a brief fist bump.

Most of the younger Audiences looked at the screen starry eyes.

Ruby watches Qrow put on the red coat. "Woah, woah, woah!" Qrow exclaimed as the bag of presents levitates him in the air. "Looking good, Dad!" Ruby exclaimed supportively as Qrow suddenly goes down a chimney like he was shrinking while doing so.

"What the f*ck?!" Qrow and most of the adults exclaimed. They have seen a lot things in this theater but that, that was defying the laws of physics!

Arthur sputtered angrily at what was shown.

The students didn't think anything of it and just laughed at Qrow's expression.

"Oof!" Qrow grunted as he landed in a fireplace that suddenly grew in the house and the bag of presents lands on his head. He accidentally knocks down the Christmas tree. He tries to go out the window but he hears a noise behind him. He turns around with wide eyes.

"And though it has its dangers," A Rottweiler dog barks at Qrow. Qrow tries to smile friendly at him. "Nice teeth," he says nervously. He shoots up the chimney while the dog barks after him.

"He thought it was just one night."

The sleigh lands in what looks to be a secret airport. "The North Pole?" Qrow states in shock and disbelief.

"You're the new Santa," a man with pointy ears, an elf named Bernard says as he walks Qrow and his daughter through the building.

"I am not the new Santa Claus!" Qrow protests before his jaw dropped at what he saw in the Workshop of Elves in the North Pole.

"You put on the suit, you're the big guy." Bernard explains to him. Qrow was still skeptical. "What if I don't buy this Santa Claus thing?" he asked and suddenly all the elves stop working, one young elf looks ready to cry.

"UNCLE QROW, WHY?!" Ruby cried out.

"Hey, they can't just dump this on a guy in one night!" Qrow said defensively. "There has to be a contract or something."

"There is," Darth Anarchus said. "In the card. Written really small, microscopic like and you signed when you put on the coat."

"Oh, now that is some bull-!" Qrow tried to say before Robyn covered his mouth. "Shh," she said with a playful smirk.

"Then there will be millions of disappointed children all over the world." Bernard said bluntly to Qrow.

"Think of the children, Mr. Branwen!" Nora shouted. "The children!"

"He doesn't want the job, but it's growing on him." Qrow takes off the red overalls and they drop to his feet. The Muppets next to him scream and run away.

"It was a dream!" Qrow calls to Ruby as she is driven away before he was shown gaining weight, growing a beard and his hair is turning white no matter what he does.

"I've gained forty-five pounds in a week!" Qrow exclaims to a doctor. He walks into a bathroom and recoils at seeing his reflection. "Now, he's getting into the spirt."

"NOOO!" Qrow shouted. "I'm gaining weight in this universe?" This made Team STR, Ozpin, Robyn, Glynda Ironwood and Winter to chuckle or snicker at his expense.

"How is that possible?" Penny asked.

"Magic," Darth Anarchus replied and refused to elaborate.

"There are a lot of kids that believe in you," Ruby says, walking next to Qrow before the man was sitting at a park bench with kids lining up and telling him what they wanted for Christmas. For example, "I want some ballet slippers."

"Huh, well that was fast," Tai remarked, eyes widening at the sight of the line of children.

"Getting ready for the biggest night of his life," Qrow was shown doing a dance with the elves while wearing a red jumpsuit, a white beard reaches down to his chest and shoulder length hair.

"That's my brother," Raven said proudly. "He finally accepted the Branwen Mane." she ran her hand through her hair.

"I am NOT growing my hair that long!" Qrow shouted to her.

"How have I done this without you, Ruby?" Qrow asked as they flew on the sleigh on Christmas Eve.

"You couldn't," Ruby snarked with a smile.

"Walt Disney presents the timeless tale, that will warm your heart."

The E.L.Fs jumped into the air and fly. Qrow picks up Ruby and hugs her closely. "I love you, Santa Claus," she whispered with tears. "I love you, Shortstack." Qrow replied back warmly.

Many of the mothers (Except Raven) cooed at the exchange near the end.

"Lift your spirit and make you believe."

"You really are Santa Claus!" Summer Rose says in shock. Qrow smiles slightly. "Pretty cool, huh?" he asked.

"Share the merriment and the magic."

The E.L.Fs tie up a police officer. "Seeing isn't believing," a female elf lectured. "Believing is seeing."

"I don't fully understand that one bit, but okay!" Qrow declared.

"This elves look to be children," Glynda noted.

"Don't let that fool ya," the Host said. "These elves live to be over a few dozen hundred years old." This shocked the Audience.

Qrow watches with wide eyes as his beard grows back after he just shaved. ". . . Santa?" Taiyang asked in shock with wide eyes.

"Qrow Branwen."


"Okay, that was a nice change of pace," Ozpin said taking a sip from his mug.

"This universe sure sounds like a family viewing," Saphron said with a smile. "I hope we watch more of this in the future."

"We will, I assure you," Darth Anarchus replied. Suddenly he stands up, "MERRY CHRISTMAS, ONE AND ALL!"


Next will be a couple of videos I found for Valentines Day.
Now, question, (I was saving this for later but for the video I have to ask it now.)
Who would fit as Hiccup in HTTYD in this story?
Oscar Pine, Whitley Schnee or Jaune Arc?
See you soon.

Chapter 24: DreamWorks Ships AMV Follow your fire


For Valentines, the Audience watch a couple of AMVs centered around three couples from the DreamWorks Multiverse
How To Train Your Dragon
Tales of Arcadia: Trollhunters and 3Below
Hiccstrid: RoseGarden
JLaire: Arkos
StAja: Cardin Posting. Cardin Winchester and Velvet Scarlatina


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

"None of you are heavy romantics, right?" Darth Anarchus asked all of the sudden.

Summer, Kali and Blake rose their hands. The Host looked at them before muttering, "That last one isn't surprising."

"Please tell me we're not watching any of the filth Blake likes to read," Adam groaned while holding his head. "It's not filth, it's adult literature!" Blake protested.

Most of the students were either exasperated or mildly amused by what she said while Kali giggled as Ghira said that their daughter got that from her.

"How adult are we talking about here?" Roman asked teasingly. Darth Anarchus sighed and had the book appear on Roman's lap. Before he could pick it up, Ruby grabbed and sped over to Blake. "This is filth!" she exclaimed angrily. "Filth you here me? FILTH!" Then she slapped Blake across the face with the book and knocked the Cat Faunus off her seat.

Ruby went back to her seat and threw the book to Roman. "Read at your own risk."

"Uh, Ruby, how do you know that's filth?" Oscar asked, unsure if he should tease her for this later or not. Ruby coughed into her fist. "I thought it would be about ninjas."

Oscar glanced over to the book and saw the title. "Fair enough," he replied.

"Well, to answer Adam's question, no it's not about that," Darth Anarchus stated. "It's an AMV featuring three couples from what is known as the DreamWorks Multiverse."

"Is the song going to be complete?" Velvet asked. "Yes." the Host replied. "Unlike the first AMV, there's no dialog in this one, just the song playing."

"That's fine," Amber said with a nod. "It'll just serve as another teaser for future viewings, right?" The Host nodded. Good point, she had.

"What's the song called?" Ren asked, mildly interested. "Follow your fire."

"THIS IS PURE FILTH!" Roman shouted as the book flew through the air and bounced between Yang and Blake's heads. The two grunted before falling back in their seats with swirly eyes.

The first couple the Audience sees is Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos, both sitting on a bench and watching a beautiful sunset. Jaune wore a black hoodie and Pyrrha wore a dark gold sweater and a red shirt underneath. The two glance at one another before the Arc shifts his gaze down nervously with a smile.

Both Jaune and Pyrrha blushed when they saw that it was them on the screen and one of the couples.

"FINALLY!" Nora shouted. "Ren, it's happening! Arkos is cannon!"

"Nora, it's a different universe," Ren deadpanned, despite the fact he felt the same.

"Wait, that's the name of our team attack," Jaune said, trying to not blush at how the name sounded like a ship name. Pyrrha blushed as she realized that as well.

Oscar looked back and forth between Jaune and Pyrrha rapidly as he and the Ozpin in his head remembered one important detail about Team JNPR. Make that two details.

Pyrrha has a crush on Jaune.

Pyrrha is dead in the future.

I know what you're thinking, Oscar, Ozpin said to Oscar. But before you try to say something, we can't guarantee that we'll change the future.

Maybe, Oscar replied. But our dear Host could.

That is true, Ozpin conceded. But I think you should focus on the screen.

Then it transitioned to Oscar Pine sitting at a ledge with Ruby Rose also with a beautiful sunset and their backs to the Audience. Oscar wore a emerald coat, Ruby wore a red tunic with armor pauldrons on her shoulders. Oscar bumps Ruby playfully and Ruby bumped back.

Now it was Oscar and Ruby's turn to blush.

"Aw, you two look so cute together!" Summer cooed. Oscar sputtered as Ruby pulled her hood over her head. Penny suddenly hugged her tightly. "I'm happy for you, Friend Ruby!" she exclaimed.

"My sis has a boyfriend has a boyfriend!" Yang declared and pretended to wipe a tear. "I'm so proud."

Tai frowned slightly while Qrow, Blake and Weiss stored this tidbit to tease Ruby about it later. Raven just rose an eyebrow.

"We shall christen this ship to be RoseGarden!" Nora declared.

"Uh, why RoseGarden?" Sun asked.

"Roses grow in a garden," Nora replied. "And Oscar said he was a farmer. It's poetry."

"Not how it works," The Host said. "But you do you."

Cardin Winchester sat with Velvet Scarlatina in a tree at night with fireflies flying around. The two make eye contact and lean forward and Velvet blinks her eyes and they become blue and more alien than Faunus.

Cardin choked on his drink while Velvet stiffened. Coco lowered her shades. "Well, it's a different universe," she said before turning to Cardin sternly. "So don't get any ideas."

"Not to mention, we've yet to forgive you for your past bullying." Yatsuhashi added firmly and Fox nodded. Cardin was about to say that he wasn't interested in Velvet anyway (He wasn't being racist about that. She wasn't his type.) before slumping at the reminder that some of the students still didn't forgive him.

"Wait, why are my eyes blue like that?" Velvet asked.

"You're an alien princess disguised as a Rabbit Faunus." the Host replied. This surprised most and looked back to the screen.

I remember you and me, Back when we were seventeen, Drinking, kissing in the street, We couldn't get enough.

Pyrrha elbows Jaune playfully before they were shown sitting on a staircase. Pyrrha placed a hand on his shoulder. She says something and Jaune replies inaudibly to her while holding a silver amulet. Then they were shown dancing slowly before they started to move closer to kiss.

Pyrrha and Jaune blushed again but Pyrrha smiled slightly. A different universe maybe, but she was happy for her counterpart.

"Young love," Port sighed. "Always some sight for sore eyes." Oobleck nodded in agreement.

I see you layin' there with me. Like my missing puzzle piece. Dreaming of what we could be, we couldn't make you up.

Oscar and Ruby sit close together at a beach while their dragons play together. Ruby leans against Oscar before they were shown standing in a plaza, Oscar holding Ruby's hand close to his chest before they hug each other closely. Then they were shown sitting at a cliff, now young adults instead of teens as shown earlier.

"Huh, your relationship lasted that long," Blake remarked, surprised and impressed.

"I guess we should expect a wedding soon," Weiss smirked teasingly.

"I can see it now," Yang chuckled.

"Yang, stop it!" Ruby whined. "It's just another universe," Oscar said with a stutter before he cleared his throat. "Besides, we barely know each other." Other than the different universe part, that is a lie and you know it.Ozpin said.You're not helping, Oz!

I'm not trying to.

"I know it's not my business," Cardin said to Oscar bluntly. "But that sounds like a lame excuse."

"He's right, you know!" Summer called. "Besides, you can get to know each other while we're here!"


We had the songs that we sang along to.

Cardin and Velvet sit at a table together with a milkshake between them and Cardin holds Velvet's hand.

You had the moves to make me dance with you, I always saw you reaching and catching stars

Pyrrha grabs Jaune's hand and pulls him to start dancing with her.

Both Oscar and Ruby sit side by side at another beach during the night. The two look up to the moon while conversing.

Well, got to admit, these all look cute together, Neo signed.

We had the thing that everyone wanted

Velvet and Cardin speak, the former excitedly. Cardin leans to kiss the Faunus but is instead given a tight bear hug and lifted off the ground by the shorter girl.

Hung on your sleeve, you wore your heart on it

Pyrrha hugs Jaune tightly who stiffens in surprise in silver armor before hugging her back. He then caresses her face as she stares at him lovingly

"Are we going to get context for all this?" Mercury asked. "Like, can you explain what's going on?"

"Only when I deem it appropriate," Darth Anarchus replied. "Besides no complete spoilers."

"Wow, what a wonderful host you are," Emerald remarked drily. "Hey, I would say I'm better than Jacques. I don't have any strings attached."

"Hey!" Jacques exclaimed.

"True," most of the Audience said and nodded in agreement.

Did you get out? I'm wondering where you are? (Did you follow your, follow your fire?)

Ruby grabs Oscar's hand with both of her own before pulling him into a kiss. Oscar stiffened in surprise before kissing her back.

Ruby and Oscar blushed again. "Bold move there, Rubes," Yang said in respect.

We had the songs that we sang along to. You had the moves to make me dance with you.

Jaune and Pyrrha dance beside each other with swamp Trolls around them.

"What are those things?" Glynda asked.

"Trolls, of the swamp variety," the Host replied.

I always saw you reaching and catching stars

Cardin is shown falling high in the sky while Velvet reaches to grab his hand frantically.

(Did you follow your, follow your fire?)

Pyrrha and Jaune hug each other in a crystal cave while Nora Valkyrie stands next to them.

We had the thing that everyone wanted.

Oscar pulls Ruby close to him and begins to tickle her while she laughs, dragons flying around in the background.

Oscar blushed a little but smiled slightly. Well, they look happy together. Ruby also smiled, peeking out from under her hood.

"Wait, are those dragons?" Cinder asked. "Actually dragons, not Grimm variants?" Darth Anarchus just nodded silently.

Hung on your sleeve, you wore your heart on it

Velvet stands next to Fox, both in their alien forms while Cardin stands beside her left with eyes blown wide at what they were looking at and she glances to him.

Did you get out? I'm wondering where you are.

Pyrrha is shown frustrated before Troll-Jaune sneaks up behind her and quickly kisses her on the cheek. He then jumps away as she tries to swing her staff at him.

"Wait, what happened to Jaune?" Pyrrha asked in concern.

"He listened to an old wizard," Darth Anarchus replied nonchalantly. "You'll learn more about it later."

(Did you follow your, follow your fire?)

Ruby moves to walk away but Oscar holds her hand and then pulls her back to kiss her passionately. Ruby stiffens while her foot went up and a black dragon with green eyes walks around them. Ruby pulls back, she brushes her hair behind her ear and placed her hand on Oscar's chest with a blush before walking away.

Did you follow your fire?

Ruby is then shown supporting Oscar to stand, both wearing suits made out of dragon scales. Oscar was black while Ruby was blue.

"And a point for boldness goes to Oscar," Whitley remarked.

"Yep, nothing speaks boldness than a passionate kiss before going to fight a large battle and the other races against the bad guys for an important dragon," the Host replied in amusem*nt.

Oscar and Ruby blushed again when they heard the context of why Oscar's counterpart kissed Ruby's.

The time we stole your daddy's car, And drove around 'til it got dark.

Cardin sits on his Vespa with a red helmet before Jaune and Pyrrha were shown riding a Vespa of their own through town. Pyrrha smiles as she places her chin on Jaune's shoulder. Jaune stiffened in surprise and glanced back at her slightly before looking forward.

We slept outside in Phoenix Park. We couldn't get enough, we promised that we'd never part.

Oscar grabs onto Ruby's arms playfully while telling her to hold still and be serious. The scene then switches back to the plaza when they were younger. Ruby's eyes widened and she gasped as Oscar placed a necklace on her. She holds the necklace in her hands with a smile.

"It's come to my attention that we don't have the name for these universes," Ozpin stated in realization. He turned to the Host who also realized that as well.

"The Arkos and Cardin Posting are from the Tales of Arcadia universe," Darth Anarchus explained, ignoring how the mentioned 'couples' blushed when some of their friends teased them. "RoseGarden is from the How To Train Your Dragon universe, though other Watchers like me have seen some Easter Eggs implying that they're in the same universe."

"Hmm, interesting," Oobleck muttered, writing the names down in his notebook while Pietro and Watts thought the same.

"Uh, what was the necklace for?" Ruby asked hesitantly upon noticing her counterpart's reaction.

"That was a betrothal gift," Darth Anarchus replied. This caused Ruby and Oscar to stiffen and turn bright scarlet.

Summer squealed. "That means they're engaged!"

On a tree, under the stars, We carved our names into the bark. To be there when we're not. We had the songs that we sang along to, you had the moves to make me dance with you. I always saw you reaching and catching stars.

Back in the tree with Cardin and Velvet, the ginger hair boy points out a constellation for the Rabbit Faunus to see. Jaune was shown smiling as he and Pyrrha began dancing alone. Back with our alien/Faunus-human couple, Cardin pulled himself up to the top of a tree while Velvet plays with a firefly. The two watch it fly away.

We had the thing that everyone wanted.

Oscar and Ruby hold hands before kissing each other as bride and groom, based on their attire.

"Well, they seem to like hanging out in the trees," Coco remarked.

Jaune and Pyrrha blush again before the latter absently leans on his shoulder.

"Well, that was quick," Qrow said in surprise when they saw Ruby and Oscar dressed as bride and groom.

"Well, take care of my sister, Oscar." Yang said jokingly before getting silence as an answer. "Oscar? Ruby?" She turned to look where the two teens sat.

The mentioned teens stared at the screen with wide eyes. Whitley and Penny poked them in the shoulder but got no reaction from either of them. "I think they're broken," Whitley said.

"If that's how they'll react, wait a few more seconds," the Host said in amusem*nt, knowing what was coming for the RoseGarden couple onscreen.

Hung on your sleeve, you wore your heart on it.

Pyrrha reaches up to caress Troll-Jaune's face. He smiles in response and placed his large hand over hers.

Jaune frowned at seeing his counterpart no longer human but he felt better knowing that Pyrrha wasn't rejecting his counterpart. Pyrrha smiled thinking the same thing.

Did you get out? I'm wondering where you are.

Cardin and Velvet sit in a exhibit of the known galaxy, the latter giggling into her hand as Cardin speaks to her.

(Did you follow your, follow your fire?)

Oscar kisses Ruby passionately and the screen moves around them. They pull away and smile at one another lovingly.

We had the songs that we sang along to.

Pyrrha kisses Jaune on the cheek, the boy smiling.

You had the moves to make me dance with you.

Cardin moves to make a pinky swear promise to Velvet. The girl returns the gesture but rather holds the digit in her hands.

Velvet chuckles in amusem*nt at her counterpart's actions as her team chuckle with her.

I always saw you reaching and catching stars

Ruby rides her dragon with her cheering daughter while Oscar watches with his son as they ride his dragon.



Oscar and Ruby looked to each other, their faces red. They both chuckle nervously before they were both hugged by Summer. "I'm so happy for you two!" What most did not know about Summer Rose was that she loved shipping people. Her friends Raven and Tai before she fell for the latter. Qrow with Robyn and even the people she just met coming back to life. Jaune with Pyrrha, Nor and Ren, for example. And now her daughter with Oscar.

Tai wasn't that happy about his youngest daughter dating or being married (Even if it was another universe) but he also didn't want anyone on the receiving end of Summer's bear hugs. "Uh, Summer, I think you can let them go now, the kid's turning blue." he said. It was true, Oscar's face was turning blue. Ruby was holding up more because she had experienced these kind of hugs from Yang and Penny.

"Not now, Tai!" Summer replied. "Oscar, when you two get together, just now you have my blessing."


"Can't breath. . ." Oscar wheezed. Well, Oscar the bright side is you have the mother's approval, Ozpin said.

(Did you follow your, follow your fire?)

Cardin laughs, slapping his head as he laughs in front of Velvet.

We had the thing that everyone wanted. Hung on your sleeve, you wore your heart on it.

Jaune rambles before Pyrrha kisses him on the cheek. He holds his face in surprise and they bid goodbye. After closing the door, Pyrrha smiles dreamily while brushing her hair.

Did you get out? I'm wondering where you are.

Ruby held an herb in her hand as she walks to Oscar who faces the ocean at another beach. She walks to his side and he puts his arm around her back while he speaks.

(Did you follow your, follow your fire?)

Jaune reaches through the bars of a prison cell, Pyrrha stands outside the cell and caresses his face, relieved to see him alive and well.

Oh, oh, oh.

Cardin holds a burrito while speaking to Velvet. Velvet holds her head up while sipping her drink with a fascinated expression.

(Did you follow your, follow your fire?)

Oh, oh, oh

Oscar kissed Ruby on the cheek with their friends in the background before the scene changed to them both riding on dragonback as teens in the night.

(Did you follow your, follow your fire?)

Oh, oh, oh

Pyrrha traces her hand over Jaune's armor, seeing it for the first time in awe and shock. The two of them stand in the forest at night.

(Did you follow your, follow your fire?)

Oh, oh, oh.

Velvet changed into her alien form before Cardin as they fell, she wrapped her four arms around the surprised ginger haired boy protectively.

"Well, it looks like the secret's out," Yatsuhashi stated. "I guess my counterpart has a lot to explain." Velvet replied.

"From what we've seen in this whole video," Cardin spoke up. "It turns out fine."

Jaune and Pyrrha converse in a museum. Pyrrha laughs before a nervous Nora approaches.

Oscar and Ruby ride on her dragon though a large cavern deep underground filled with bioluminescent rocks.

"Ooh! Pretty," Nora said intrigued at what was shown.

(Did you follow your, follow your fire?)

Oh, oh, oh.

Jaune and Pyrrha laugh together in a living room.

I remember you and me,

Cardin and Velvet hold hands while looking at each other lovingly.

Back when we were seventeen, Drinking, kissing in the street.

Oscar speaks while Ruby stands beside him and then the screen focused on their joining hands.

We couldn't get enough

Jaune kisses Pyrrha and the screen goes black.

"I take it you all enjoyed that?" Darth Anarchus said.

"Very much so," Kali replied. "I look forward to watching how these relationships grow." The Host agreed with her on that. These DreamWorks ships just hit different.

The Arkos and RoseGarden couples nodded in agreement while blushing.

"It seemed fine," Cardin shrugged.

"Not my favorite song we've heard, but it's enjoyable," Emerald said.

"I want to know more about the How To Train Your Dragon universe," Cinder said in a intrigued tone.

The Host held a thoughtful expression. "Tell you what, Cinder, we'll watch that after the next intermission." he said decidedly. "There's another AMV for more couples, another multifandom video and then we'll return to the DCEU. How's that sound?"

"Very well," Cinder replied.


I got to admit, part of me wanted Whitley as Steve, after seeing more of the guy's arc in the Tales of Arcadia series, but I decided to cast Cardin since I didn't want to keep him as a bully. I think Whitley could make a good Douxie, don't you?
Next will be another AMV for couples.
After that, a multifandom video with the song "Vengeance" by Zack Hemsey.
Until then, take care.

Chapter 25: Multicouples || "Protecting your boyfriend?" 2021


The Audience watch an multifandom/AMV of couples. Protective Women "Protecting your boyfriend?"
Fandoms I recognize and Cast
Bruce Wayne: Whitley Schnee
Selina Kyle: Neo
Wonder Woman
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: Pyrrha Nikos
Steve Trevor: Jaune Arc
I am Number Four
John Smith: Taiyang Xiao Long
Sarah Hart: Raven Branwen
Maze Runner
Thomas: Oscar Pine
Teresa: Ruby Rose
Avengers Infinity War
Vision: Penny Polendina
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch: Velvet Scarlatina
Mission Impossible: Fallout
Ethan Hunt: Ozpin
Ilsa Faust: Glynda Goodwitch
The Darkest Minds
Ruby Daly: Emerald Sustrai
Liam Stewart: Mercury Black
Selene: Raven Branwen
Michael Corvin: Taiyang Xiao Long
Maleficent: Salem
Conall: Ozpin


I originally wanted to have it be a AMV of power couples with the song "Main Attraction" but I found this AMV and decided to include it.
Someone watch the video and tell me more of the other fandoms. I'll rewrite it and make adjustments accordingly.
Couples from fandoms I do not know
Kali and Ghira Belladonna
Qrow Branwen and Robyn Hill
Whitley Schnee and Penny Polendina
Qrow Branwen and Winter Schnee
Taiyang Xiao Long and Summer Rose
Weiss Schnee and Neptune
Blake Belladonna and Sun Wukong

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

"We got another AMV for couples," Darth Anarchus said. "Or rather, protective women."

"This should be interesting," Terra stated. "Can you tell us somethings about the universes being shown?" Saphron asked.

"Two of them we've seen already," the Host replied. "Marvel and DC. The ships from each of them respectfully is a variant of Arkos, BatCat and VelVision." This made Jaune and Pyrrha blush. "Pyrrha is a variant of the superheroine known as Wonder Woman, princess of the Amazons. Jaune Arc is a Mistral spy and pilot that crashed landed near Themsycira during the Great War."

"Let me guess, the next couple involves Batman?" Cinder asked. She got a nod in response. She sighed. While she had grown to respect most variants of Batman (Only as a fellow warrior, nothing more.) she wasn't the biggest fan of romance. "Which one?"

"It's Whitley Schnee," Darth Anarchus, making the Schnee family become more interested to know more. "This variant is on his journey to becoming Batman. He's a teenager at the moments being shown. His partner in crime would later become the thief known as Catwoman."

"Oh! Bat and Cat!" Nora exclaimed before she crosses her arms. "Cracked it." Ren sighed in amusem*nt. This made those who were shown to be Bat variants wonder who was the Catwoman for them.

"The next is a variant of RoseGarden from what is known as The Maze Runner," Darth Anarchus went on. Oscar and Ruby blushed before the former slid down his seat and Ruby pulled her hood, both ignoring the squeal of excitement from Summer. "Truth be told, I've only recently looked into this universe and don't have much knowledge of it on hand so I can't explain much of it other than its a post apocalyptic world with a corrupt government. That's what I know at the moment."

"And I take it VelVision involves Velvet?" Yatsuhashi asked, making the mentioned Rabbit Faunus blush in embarrassment. "Yes, she is a powerful superheroine known as the Scarlet Witch and her lover is Penny, also an android superheroine known as Vision." the Host explained.

"I'm a superhero? Sensational!" Penny cheered in joy. Then her mind registered what else the Host had said. "Oh." Both she and Velvet muttered.

"The next universe I know or at least more familiar with is called The Darkest Minds." Darth Anarchus went on. "More and more people in Remnant are developing super powers and the government is attempting to control them and deemed those with strong telepathy too dangerous to live. Emerald Sustrai is one of those supers called Oranges due to how their eyes glow orange."

Emerald blinked in surprise. Cinder and Mercury wondered if this variant's superpower was similar to Emerald's Semblance in any way. But then they replayed that the Host said that people with powers like hers were deemed too dangerous to live. It didn't set well for them.

"Mission Impossible," the Host continued. "Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch are secret government agents that go on high stakes missions."

This made all the students of Beacon turn to the Headmaster and his Deputy/Combat Professor. The two noticed their stares. "What?" they both asked.

The students turned away and said nothing.

"There are a couple of variants of Raven and Taiyang. Tai and Summer," Darth Anarchus listed, "You know what? Let's just start the video."

Pyrrha Nikos is shown, in brown leather and standing near a cliff overlooking an ocean. She closes her eyes and sighs deeply. Velvet stands before Penny who has a glowing spot in her forehead. She grimaces in slight pain and Velvet instantly holds her head in a sign of comfort. "Hey," she said softly.

Trust, In only me,

"Trust me," Emerald Sustrai says to Mercury Black who is held back by his friends. Mercury looks to her with uncertainty.

Blake kisses Sun's forehead before it transitions to Taiyang sitting up from a nightmare and right into Summer's open arms. She hugs the blonde boy closely as Tai gasps before relaxing in her hug.

"Well, this song already sounds soothing to hear," Pyrrha stated with a small smile.

"Wait, what?!" Emerald and Mercury exclaimed.

"What?" Darth Anarchus shrugged. "Mercury also has powers. He's just not an Orange, he's a Green." he explained.

Both the assassin and thief stare at him and he shrugs again. "I don't see what you're reacting about. It's a different universe after all."

"Different universe," Mercury repeated.

"Right," Emerald muttered.

Cinder rose an eyebrow at them. What was that about? Meanwhile both Blake and Sun blushed at them being shown like so. Kali smiled while Ghira frowned. Both Tai and Summer smiled when they were shown, remembering days when they were younger. Raven frowned, feeling a little jealous before being reminded that she will be shown with Tai soon.

Open slowly, I know,

Qrow Branwen stands, wearing a cowboy hat and looking at something out of view before Winter Schnee walks up behind him. She rubs his shoulder with closed eyes. "It's going to be alright," she said soothingly.

"Shh," Summer rubbed Tai's back soothingly.

Penny caresses Velvet's face with an affectionate smile.

Qrow choked on his drink in surprise. "What? I'm with the drunkard?!" Winter exclaimed, a small blush on her cheeks.

"And now we have Snowbirds!" Nora declared happily. Most rose an eyebrow at her. Why was it that most of the ships she came up have names that made sense?

Qrow looked to Robyn who rose an eyebrow at him. He rose an arm up, but stopped when he saw her lips curling upward slightly. He lowered his arm and rose an eyebrow at her. Robyn shrugged one shoulder. Slowly he nodded to her and they looked back to the screen. Silent conversations were things they excelled in, especially when they didn't want people to eavesdrop on their conversations.

"Well, got to say I like the hat," he stated out loud and that was the truth. He thought his counterpart looked with that kind of hat.

Ironwood and Ozpin rose an eyebrows at the screen as did Willow while Jacques frowned.

Scared to let you see,

Nora Valkyrie brushes Ren's hair.

Every little broken piece of me.

Sun jolts, holding his head as Blake consoles him.

Love, You're f*cking me,

"Stay back," Jaune says to Pyrrha, moving to protect her as a thug aims a gun at them. He fires and Pyrrha deflects the bullet with her hidden bracelet.

"Sun, look at me," Blake says to Sun comfortingly.

Holding me down for the drug

Neo holds Whitley Schnee as he pants. "Breathe, look at me," she says and he slowly begins to relax.

Ren and Nora stiffened when they had a glimpse of their counterparts being affectionate.

"Ha! I knew it!" Yang and all students but Cardin declared smugly. Jaune turned to Cardin. "You owe 15 Lien!" Cardin slumped, but the bright side was that he didn't have his wallet. Hopefully by the end of watching this multiverse, Jaune will forget about it.

Emerald silently held a hand out to Cinder who sighed before pulling out her wallet and giving the green haired girl 35 Lien. This kind of exchange happened with the teachers as well.

"Uh-Uh-Uh," Ren stammered while Nora stammered, "We're not together-together."

Sure,was all everyone thought in response with clear skepticism on their faces.

"You've tried, Jaune," Saphron said to her brother with a chuckle and he scratched the back of his head.

Neo's eyebrows shot upward in surprise. "Neo!" Roman said in mock shock and offense. "How could you?! He's the enemy to all criminals!" It's not me, Dum-Dum! Neo signed.

Oscar and Whitley looked at the screen with wide eyes and the Schnee boy blushing. Oscar narrowed his eyes as he remembered Neo attacking him and stealing the Relic of Knowledge. He made a mental note to keep an eye on Neo for Whitley's sake.

"Really, Whitley? A criminal?" Jacques said in disappointment. "Now, hold on Jacq, we can't just judge the girl." Willow said. "I'm sure it's not that bad."

"she would be correct," Darth Anarchus stated. "While they operate on different sides of the law, Catwoman and Batman make things work out between them pretty well. Even get married in some timelines and have children. Besides, Catwoman is mainly an just a chaotic neutral cat thief, she doesn't kill unless she has to and avoids casualties and would help Batman sometimes." he explained. "Though there is one variant that is more chaotic but again, they make it work out."

I know,

Emerald hugs Mercury and he leans back against her.

You don't want to see,

Jaune looks up from the crushed bullet in his hand before looking to Pyrrha. "Or maybe not."

Every little broken piece of me

Raven walks into view with a futuristic gun and fires a blue beam. Tai moves to the side and the beam hits some lockers between two men.

You think you know who you are,

Oscar flinches from Roman Torchwick before Ruby slams a glass bottle at the back of Roman's head and Oscar saw her standing behind the man as he falls down.

A blush dusted Emerald's cheeks while Mercury blinked in surprise.

"I'll let you handle this," Jaune said to Pyrrha with a chuckle and his partner giggled in response.

"Wow, what a woman," Tai said in awe. Raven smiled smugly at Summer who stuck her tongue out.

Qrow saw the interaction while his partner/brother in-law was oblivious. Robyn rose an eyebrow as he sighed in exasperation.

"Good job, Rubes," Yang said with a thumbs up. "Save your man from the bad guy."

"Yang!" Ruby exclaimed with a blush. Oscar couldn't help but smile at the screen being reminded of when he was facing a Manticore on the Argus Unlimited train.

Ozpin struggles fighting with an assassin before the man was shot in the head by Glynda Goodwitch.

"Thanks for the assistance, Glynda," Ozpin remarked with a smirk.

Glynda rolled her eyes but smirked just the same.

You didn't fool me at all, I can still feel in the dark,

Pyrrha deflects bullets from the thugs in the alley before drop kicking one of them to the farthest wall.

Both Tai and Raven press against the walls before Raven steps out of her hiding spot and then teleports and slices a knife through the enemy's leg.

You whispered all of your lies.

Pyrrha deflects another bullet before Raven lowers her gun.

Ghira was knocked down by a policeman. Kali runs towards the scene. "HEY!" she screamed.

Weiss Schnee runs to Neptune's side as he was stabbed by an enemy. "No, stop!" she says.

"Huh, wonder if I should try that with my weapons," Yang muttered when she saw Pyrrha deflecting bullets.

"Excellent form," Sienna complimented in respect.

"That's how it's done," Raven said, flipping her hair.

"How dare you!" Kali exclaimed, standing up.

"Oof, police brutality from the looks of it." Roman said with a grimace. Neo gulped nervously and he patted her on the head. This caused Ghira and the Faunus to sigh or growl in anger.

Weiss gasped while Neptune paled. It looked like his counterpart was impaled through the chest.

Cuz you couldn't look in my eyes,

"Stop, you'll kill him!" Emerald protests as Mercury was getting beaten.

"You're going to kill him." Weiss said.

Only in love for the high.

"Stop it, you're killing him!" Kali said to the policeman beating Ghira while being held back. She then grabs his hand before he could swing at her husband.

Emerald's eyes flash orange and she stops the man from beating Mercury further. Using her telepathy, she makes the man shoot himself.

Mercury flinched as painful memories of his childhood came to his mind. Emerald and Cinder saw this and they both placed a hand on each of his shoulders. He looked at each of them in surprise before slowly relaxing a little.

Kali hissed in anger at what she was seeing. Ghira wrapped an arm around her and she relaxed at his quiet reassurances whispered in his ear. Blake frowned at the screen, her ears flattening.

Cinder rose an eyebrow at Emerald's powers being displayed like so.

"What's wrong?" Ruby asks as Oscar turns around and the Audience see that his stomach was bleeding.

"Sun, you're bleeding!" Blake exclaimed.

"Oh my God, Oscar!" Ruby runs to Oscar as he stumbles against a counter and sparks fly in the background machinery.

Much like their counterparts, Ruby and Blake grew worried.

Well, that's a first, Oscar thought. Don't think I've ever been stabbed.

Not really helpful, Oscar, Ozpin replied.

Velvet runs to Penny's side after crashing through a subway. "Come on," she urges the green and purple android to rise to her feet. "You got to get up. You got to get up, come on!"

"Is there anything else you want to show me?" Jaune asks Pyrrha after she beats the thugs in the alleyway.

"Stay tuned," Raven remarks to Tai with a smirk.

Jaune whispers to Pyrrha. "I can't let you do this." Pyrrha gives him a hard look. "What I do is not up to you."

Winter shoots a man in the back of the head while Qrow watches with wide eyes.

"Drop it," Emerald told Tock with her powers and the Crocodile Faunus instantly drops her weapon while Mercury watches in shock.

"I appreciate am thankful for your support, Friend Velvet," Penny declared with a smile.

Both Pyrrha and Raven smirked before the former rose an eyebrow in confusion.

Emerald and Mercury were now surprised at what they saw of the former's counterpart.

For some reason, Jacques felt like he was the man who got shot by Winter.

"Yeah, that's cold," Qrow muttered.

If love's forever,

Kali takes the baton from the policeman and drops it to the ground with a clatter while Ghira watches in shock and panting, his face bleeding.

Cue a hiss and a humph from Blake and Kali.

"Mercury's not a killer," Emerald says defensively. "You can't make him one."

I know that I can find better

Jacques aims a gun a Ruby who holds up a syringe. "Where is he?" he demands. "Just take it and go," she replies holding the syringe up to him.

"Take me," Emerald states.

I know exactly what I want,

"I'm the one you came for," Weiss says to the enemy. Emerald gives a steely glare. "My one condition is that you let Mercury go."

Emerald blushed a little while Mercury was torn between being flattered or embarrassed.

Ruby crossed her arms with narrowed eyes at the screen.

I am not changing for anyone,

"Leave him alone," Ruby says protectively of Oscar.

I don't regret it

"Don't mess with him, Ivy," Neo says to an older woman referring to Whitley. "Protecting your boyfriend?" the woman remarks.

Tai lays in a football field unconscious and Raven lifted her head up and reached towards him.

Oscar blushed a little but smiled.

"Protect your man, sis!" Yang cheered. This made Ruby blush but she smiled slightly.

Neo and Whitley blushed just a little before Neo used her Semblance to hide it.

Raven and Summer grew concerned expressions.

I am strong you're pathetic,

"You got to go," Oscar says to Ruby.

"Please leave," Penny tells Velvet. "I'm staying," the Rabbit Faunus replies softly yet firmly.

"Not without you," Ruby replies to Oscar.

"Let him go!" Weiss's voice shouts.

Raven gritted her teeth as she forces herself up.

I know exactly what I want, I am not changing for anyone

"Just let him live," Weiss says tearfully.

Velvet and Ruby blushed but nodded in agreement with their counterparts.

Raven frowned determinedly.

Neptune smiled a little with a blush.

Raven lets out a yell and flies to Tai in a blur before tackling him as he shoots a blue energy blasts somewhere out of view.

You think you know who you are,

Whitley holds his hands up as Junior approaches him. "Hey!" Neo's voice shouts.

Penny screams as Corvus Glaive tries to cut the Mind Stone from her forehead. "Hands off," Velvet growls protectively before blasting the alien assassin through a wall.

You didn't fool me at all.

Hazel moves to stab Ren but Nora shows up and catches his hand. "Don't you touch him," she growls.

Neo pushes Junior back roughly. "Back off!" she exclaimed. Junior and his goons look at her, taken aback.

Raven nodded her head with crossed arms.

Nora gasped in shock before growing a protective/possessive look in her eyes.

"Ooh, that looked painful," Penny winced. "Thank you for the help, Friend Velvet!"

Suddenly, what the Host said earlier about this AMV makes sense, Neo signed, a little embarrassed. Roman just chuckled.

I can still feel in the dark

Roman smiles as he moves to punch Ghira but Kali catches his fist, twist his arm and then kicked him to the sidewalk.

"I probably deserved that," Roman muttered.

A police officer aims a gun, "Stay on the ground," he orders Terra and her friend before Saphron kicks his gun out of his hand, much to his shock before the blonde woman punches him in the face.

You whispered all of your lies,

Nora twists Hazel's arm, making him drop the knife before fighting him and then sent him to the ground.

"Where did you learn to fight like that?" Terra asks Saphron in an impressed tone.

"That's what you get," both Nora and Saphron said. Both Terra and Ren chuckled in amusem*nt, blushes on their faces.

Cuz you couldn't look in my eyes

Velvet stands, ready to take on two alien assassins alone.

Only in love for the high,

Ironwood aims a gun at Qrow before Robyn steps forward and aims a gun back at him. Qrow slides behind her, glancing to her in surprise while Robyn holds a glare.

"Now we have Jailbirds!" Nora declared.

Both Qrow and Robyn blushed and smiled at the scene before they realized what else Nora had said.

"Why is it Jailbirds?" Qrow asked.

"It was either that or Birds of a Feather," Nora shrugged.

Qrow and Robyn thought it over. "Well, I suppose that name sounds more like it includes Raven so we'll settle with Jailbirds," Qrow stated and Robyn nodded. He leaned to her and whispered, "You look good in red." Robyn smirked.

Penny moves to stand before Whitley. With a yell, Raven straightens up, spreads her arm up to project a shield behind as an explosion moves toward them. A winged and horned Salem raised a hand as she holds an unconscious Ozpin close to her and a dome made of twigs and branches wraps around them to protect them from crossbows fired by knights.

Pyrrha jumps off the cliff and dives into the ocean after Jaune's plane crashed.

Raven yells as the fire licks at her projected shield and Tai's eyes slowly open.

Weiss cradles Neptune in her arms. Pyrrha pulls Jaune out of the plane.

Tai runs through the forest, dodging the fire from an Atlassian soldier. Raven jumps from a cliff and lands in front of the soldier. She pushes the man's gun away from her when he tried to fire at her twice before flipping him off his feet. Pyrrha gasps as she and Jaune break the surface before she swims them to shore.

The explosion dies down and Raven slumps down and lays across Tai.

"Thanks for having my back, Rave," Tai says gratefully.

"Someone has to, idiot," Raven sighed exasperated.

Salem rose an eyebrow at her brief glimpse. Neither she nor Ozpin noticed the latter's counterpart.

"Thanks, Pyrrha." Jaune said with a smile. Pyrrha smiled back. "Anytime, Jaune."

Trust, In only me,

"He's a mentally ill man, he'll never be able to take care of you," Dr. Oobleck says to Blake.

Open slowly,

Ozpin opens his eyes and he sees Glynda's concerned expression. He begins coughing out water. Jaune is shown doing before he looks up and sees Pyrrha looking down at him with a smile.

I know, Scared to let you see,

Tai coughs as he crawls in a ditch. Raven lands behind him.

Every little broken piece of me

Velvet lands in a jungle and runs to Penny's side with concerned expression. "You okay?" she asks.

"You're alright," Glynda says reassuringly to Ozpin as he coughs. "You're okay."

Raven kneels down to Tai as he rolls over. "Tai. Oh sh*t." she curses at seeing his condition while he coughs.

"Thank you, for your concern doctor," Blake tells the doctor before the screen goes dark.

"Well, this was fun to watch," Oscar said. "I look forward to watching more of these," he cleared his throat while blushing a little as did Ruby.

"I too would like to watch more," Whitley rose his arm. Neo nodded besides Roman.

"Well, now the next one isn't for the faint of heart." Darth Anarchus stated. "Not a horror tribute or anything. But violent in some cases and the context can be gut wrenching for some."

"What exactly is about?" Roman asked.

"A man's vengeance." the Host replied. "These men tried to leave a life of violence behind but were wronged or pushed to the breaking point by outside forces, mainly people from their pasts."


Well, I hope you all enjoyed this.
Next is another multifandom video with the song "Vengeance" by Zack Hemsey featuring
John Wick, The Equalizer, Nobody, Taken, and The Bourne Supremacy
I have a solid cast for John Wick, The Equalizer and Taken. Any ideas for Nobody and The Bourn Supremacy?
Until next time.

Chapter 26: A Man's Vengeance (Music Video)


I got to say, I love this video the most of all multifandom videos I've seen in 2023 because I've personally wanted this song playing and have the multifandom feature John Wick and Taken the most! Having Nobody and Bourne was just an added bonus.


John Wick: Qrow Branwen
Bryan Mills: Taiyang Xiao Long
Kim: Yang Xiao Long
The Equalizer
Robert McCall: Ozpin
Terri: Emerald Sustrai
Susan Plummer: Glynda Goodwitch
Brian Plummer: Himself
The Bourne Supremacy
Jason Bourne: Mercury Black
Hutch Mansell: Roman Torchwick
PS: I added some dialog from the movies I know by heart.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

"That sounds interesting." Ozpin said after drinking his hot cocoa. "Can you please elaborate?"

"Given that these are some of my favorite universes I like to watch," Darth Anarchus began in an eager tone. "Sure."

This got the attention of everyone. It had to mean something when the Host was eager to explain things about what they were going to watch.

"Firstly, there is Qrow Branwen." Darth Anarchus began. "He was a retired hitman that was feared and respected greatly by criminals everywhere. He was grieving over the recent death of his wife after receiving a dog as a gift. But then the son of one of his old associates and his friends broke into his home to steal his car and then killed the dog."

When his name was mentioned, Qrow smiled to himself while Ruby and Yang cheered as did Summer and Tai. Raven rolled her eyes with a small smile. Robyn blushed as did Winter, both wondering if she was Qrow's wife. But then the mood changed about what happened after receiving the dog. Both Ruby and Yang hugged Zwei closely while Weiss and Blake frowned.

"Well, that's just my luck," Qrow sighed before Robyn elbowed him lightly.

"Second is the universe known as Taken," the Host went on. "Taiyang Xiao Long was a retired government agent was trying to make up for lost time with his daughter Yang. But she went to Mistral with a friend, hoping to follow the tour of a famous rock band. She ended up being kidnapped by a network of the criminal underworld that specializes in trafficking in young women, addicting them to drugs and turning them to prostitutes. He spoke to the kidnapper himself and gave him one chance to let his daughter go. That he would not look for them, not pursue them at all. But the criminal did not believe him when Tai said that he would look for him. That he will find him and kill him."

Some of the adults rose an eyebrow when they heard the name of the universe before they heard what the Host explained. "Suddenly you saying "A man's vengeance" makes a lot of sense." Roman declared.

Darth Anarchus nodded and saw the enraged faces of Yang's parents and the shaken expression of Ruby and their friends. "Do not worry too much," he said, holding a hand up. "Tai killed a lot of criminals working in the network and practically demolished it while saving Yang before she could have her cherry popped by a perverted crime boss."

He probably could have worded that last part differently (Or maybe not say that Yang was a virgin in that universe) but he regretted nothing. Yang hugged herself before Ruby hugged her tightly. Raven gritted her teeth angrily and Summer's eyes almost glowed, as did those who were parents were disturbed by what they were told, but they were relieved to know Tai saved his daughter.

"Thirdly, Roman Torchwick is also a retired nobody," Darth Anarchus went on. "He however was reaching his breaking point with all the stress he was dealing with building up inside of him after a recent break in to his family home. He took his anger on the brother of a mafia who was a former associate. Bottom line though, he and his family won't be bothered by the mafia."

Roman almost frowned when he heard that he was a nobody before realizing what the Host meant. Neo waved a flag that had Roman's face on it in Chibi Form.

"Fourthly, we have Ozpin as the Equalizer," Darth Anarchus declared. "He was a black ops commander that faked his death to live a peaceful life in Argus. He soon befriends Emerald who was a teenage sex worker that was trafficked by the Russian mafia. One night she is taken to the hospital after being beaten by the Slavi being informed by Emerald's friend. He then goes to the Slavi himself and tries to buy Emerald's freedom but is bluntly refused. He then kills the Slavi and his men. However, he made himself the enemy of a larger syndicate."

"What's a Slavi?" Coco asked in confusion. "In Russian it means "praises" or "glory."" the Host replied. Emerald frowned angrily at who her counterpart was in this universe as did Mercury and Cinder.

"And lastly, Mercury Black. He was a former assassin living with his girlfriend in Menagerie while suffering from psychogenetic amnesia but was framed by Russians that stole $20 million in Lien along with some information." Darth Anarchus finished. "The Atlassian agency hired the man who committed the theft to kill Mercury but ended up killing his girlfriend instead. Mercury then went on a mission of revenge. Now then, without further ado, let's watch the video, shall we?"

"The Hell's a Russian?" Cardin asked but was ignored.

The screen lights up with Ozpin eating by himself in home. Qrow makes himself breakfast. Roman gets on a bus and goes to work. Tai opens his door to be greeted by Qrow, Bartholomew Oobleck and Peter Port, he glances at them in surprise. He forgot they were coming. Mercury Black was shown jogging at the beach by himself.

Emerald speaks to Ozpin who sits at a diner alone and he tells her how he plans to read 100 books and they end up bonding over their interest in reading. Qrow holds up the beagle puppy he just got delivered to his door step and checks her name. Roman holds his hands up in surrender to a cat burglar and the masked thief takes a handful of dollar bills.

Yang's eyes widen as Tai holds a Scroll and passport to her and tells her the conditions she has to follow during her trip to Mistral. The Audience see a pair of gloved hands leaving behind the fingerprints of Mercury Black.

At a Dust refuel station, Qrow gets into his car and Iosef Tarasov leans in on his window, petting his dog and speaks to him threateningly in Animan with subtitles, "Everything's got a price, bitch."

"No dialogue and no singing yet, but this tune sounds enjoyable," Yang said.

"Dialogue isn't always needed for storytelling," Blake said sagely.

Tai and Qrow smiled along with Oobleck and Port. They sure did like hanging out.

Mercury felt a little envious at seeing his counterpart with legs made of flesh and not metal.

Emerald didn't know how to feel that her counterpart was being friendly with Ozpin of all people. But then she remembered what her counterpart was and her fate so she decided being friends with Ozpin can't be that bad.

"Aw, she's so cute," the students cooed at the beagle puppy and Zwei barked for a potential friend before they remembered what happens to the dog. Qrow smiled slightly, noticing his counterpart's change in mood from when the screening started.

"Why am I surrendering to thieves like that?" Roman exclaimed.

"Your counterpart can see that the thief's gun isn't really loaded," Darth Anarchus replied. "Besides they only stole thirty bucks."

Yang winced at the scene of her and Dad. But then she realized something. "Hey, Darth, you said that my counterpart went to Mistral with a friend, what happened to her?"

The Host winced a little. "Unfortunately, she was taken by the traffickers as well. However, she overdosed while in captivity." he explained sadly. "Tai found her handcuffed to a bed and dead when he arrived at the house."

Yang gasped in horror at that and her eyes flashed red.

"Oh great, that's when I'm framed," Mercury remarked, hoping to change the mood.

Qrow narrowed his eyes at the exchange slightly.

Police officers were at Roman's house after the break in. Ozpin watches Emerald walk away from him and to a car where the Slavi approaches her, looking angry. He narrows his eyes slightly with a raised eyebrow.

Mercury walks through town and watches a car park across the street from him. Out steps Shay D. Mann with sunglasses. Roman's daughter picks up the bowl of money and tells her father that the thief took her kitty cat bracelet.

Qrow lays on the floor of his living room while masked thugs break his pictures and one of them kicks him in the face, making his nose bleed. They demand to know where his car keys are.

Yang sighs to her Scroll, talking to her father. Based on his expression, Tai doesn't look pleased at what he hears.

Both Mercury and Cinder frowned at the scene of Emerald with the Slavi, both being reminded of their childhoods. Ozpin frowned as well and understood and support his counterpart's actions in the future.

"Wait, what? I'm a Dad?" Roman exclaimed. Neo smiled. She has a sister! "I'm pretty sure I've said that your counterpart has a family." Darth Anarchus snarked.

"They didn't really steal her kitty bracelet did they?" Summer asked, feeling her heart strings being tugged at the young girl's expression.

"They did." the Host nodded his head.

"That's crossing a line," Tai said with a glare.

"I may be a man of peace, but that is an act of war," Ghira declared.

"Agreed," Jacques said. The Host's eyes widened as he looked at the man before slowly smirking and nodded his head. Heh, Guess there's hope for the Ice King.

Robyn gasped at seeing Qrow on the ground and bleeding. Qrow winced. "Hey, leave him alone, you bullies!" Ruby cried out with a glare.

"Uh, what's the Scroll call about?" Raven asked. "Yang is informing Tai that her friend's cousins are not at the apartment they're staying at. Tai is upset because that was one of his conditions." Darth Anarchus explained.

Before I die alone, Let me have vengeance

Mercury urges Trifia to get in the car and they drive backwards as Shay watches them.

Before I die alone, I will have vengeance

Emerald was shown in a hospital bed, her right eye swollen and blood smeared. Ozpin stands outside her room with a concerned expression. Roman walks through the house of the burglars who broke into his house.

Before I die alone, Let me have vengeance

He sees that they have a child in a crib. He stares at the child before aiming his revolver at the parents, Saphron and Terra. The two mothers plead with him to leave their child while one of them holds a knife while teary eyed. A trail of blood is shown before Qrow's dog is seen laying in front of Qrow as he stirs to wake up and sees the now dead pup in front of him.

Both Mercury and Cinder glared at the screen when Emerald's condition was shown while Emerald grimaced slightly. Well wasn't that pleasant? Ozpin frowned at the screen and placed his mug down and folded his hands.

Roman's glare softened at the sight of the baby. Saphron and Terra balked at the fact that they were the thieves. Adrian giggled at their faces.

Qrow stared at the screen with wide eyes before glaring.

Before I die alone, I will have vengeance

Men's feet are shown walking into a room as Yang hides under the bed. Tai listens in on them through his Scroll. Yang tries to whisper that the men left the room before she was pulled out of her hiding spot. Remembering what her father had told her, she quickly drops the Scroll and yells out what she sees about the men. Tai's eyes widen in fear as he listens on his daughter's screams. "Black hair! Beard! Six feet! Tattoo on right hand! Moon and star!"

Trifia looks to Mercury as they drive on a bridge before Shay shoots her with a sniper, believing that he shot Mercury instead. Their vehicle swerves out of control before crashing through the railing and into the river.

Yang's family and friends gasped upon seeing the "Taken" scene. Summer and Raven glared despite their hands shaking while Tai and Qrow clenched their fists in anger but there was some fear in their eyes. Some adults nodded at the smart move Tai told Yang to do.

"Well, that's just great," Sun stated sarcastically. Some winced at the car crashing into the river and Mercury's eyes widened.

A car crashes into a concrete divider and Roman jolts in his seat on the city bus. He looks around in surprise as the bus comes to a halt.

Ozpin walks into the restaurant owned by the Slavi with his men.

Tai holds the Scroll to his ear and speaks to the kidnapper. "I don't know who you are." he said. "I don't know what you want. If you are looking for a ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I required over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that will be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you. I will find. And I will kill you."

"Good luck," the man said mockingly.

Qrow stands underneath his shower, his back to the Audience and shows that he has a tattoo of a cross and hands folded in prayer. He turns off the shower and brushes his hair back.

Oscar noticed Ozpin's demeanor changed slightly compared to the beginning as he entered the room.

Some felt chills at Tai's words while the man and his family nodded in agreement. "He should have taken the chance to live," Raven declared when the man mocked Tai.

Robyn blushed a little upon seeing Qrow taking a shower. Yang saw the tattoo and used it as an opportunity to lighten the mood. "You have a tattoo, Uncle Qrow? Can I have one?"

"No!" was the response from Summer, Tai and Qrow. She slumped with a pout but smiled anyway.

Roman sits in the bus while watching some thugs crowd around a woman, one of them was Corsac Albian. "There's a long dormant piece of me," Roman's voice said. "That so badly wants out."

Mercury watches his car being pulled out of the river by a tow cable.

The Slavi smirks in amusem*nt as Ozpin tries to buy Emerald's freedom. The men around watch him as one of them, Yuma laughs before him, sitting on the edge of the Slavi's desk.

Before I die alone

A mechanic informs the mafia boss, Viggo Tarasov that his son stole Qrow Branwen's car and killed his dog.

Before my time has gone,

On a rooftop of Vale, Viggo turns to the Audience, his eyes wide as he realizes what his son had done. "Oh."

Adam, Ilia and Sienna rose an eyebrow upon seeing a member of the White Fang. Blake frowned at the Faunus.

Mercury glared at the screen as did Ozpin.

Qrow smirked a little at seeing the face of the mob boss when he realized what his son had done.

There's just one thing I have to do

Tai replays the tape recorder in his hand, committing the kidnapper's voice to memory while he sits in a plane.

Cinder Fall packs a suitcase before opening a door and tossing a folder of photos at her boss's feet before she leaves.

Mercury is shown disassembling a Scroll and reassembles the memory card to attach it to his phone

Before the fire and stone,

Ozpin stares at his Scroll in hand, watching security footage of men walking in his kitchen.

Before your world is gone

Most of the older Huntsmen and Huntresses nodded at seeing Tai replaying the recording of the man's voice. Recognition would be easy when you hear your target's voice.

Cinder rose an eyebrow at seeing her counterpart but chose not to say anything.

"What's he doing?" Mercury asked, mildly interested.

"Finding out who set out the hit on him for one," Darth Anarchus explained.

The mechanic tells Qrow who it was that stole his car.

Have you some patience, 'Cause I will have my vengeance

Roman holds up some cash and lets Perry see a glimpse of his tattoo on the underside of his wrist.

Tai picks out the memory disk from Yang's broken Scroll

Before I die alone, Let me have vengeance

Ozpin walks out of a building as some men watch him. One of them writes some letters down.

Before my time has gone, I will have vengeance

Clover Ebi speaks to Glynda Goodwitch on the Scroll and the blonde woman sighs

Before I die alone, Let me have vengeance

Roman opens up a folder. Leonardo Lionheart speaks to Taiyang on a Scroll and the man watches him with a frown from a distance.

Roman rose an eyebrow, both at seeing Perry and the tattoo of his other. It looked like a card.

"I take it there's something important on the memory disk?" Ironwood asked. The Host nodded. "Yang told her father that only one person met her and friend at the airport, he searched through her photos and found the reflection of the man and he learned that he was what was known as a spotter for the trafficking network. He tried to catch him and interrogate him, but the guy ended up getting road killed by a truck." he explained.

"And Ozpin being watched?" Oscar asked in mild concern. "Killing the Slavi made him become a target of the larger syndicate." Darth Anarchus replied.

"What of Leonardo? What's his role?" Glynda asked. The Host frowned. "He is aware of the trafficking network in the Taken universe and is paid to keep quiet." he explained. "Here, he is trying to tell Tai to leave Mistral."

This surprised Ozpin and his followers as well as Salem. Oscar frowned angrily. Helping Hazel and Tyrian kill Huntsmen and Huntresses was one thing but ignoring the fate of young women being turned into prostitutes was another. And add the fact he was getting paid to keep quiet.

Before I die alone, I will have vengeance

Qrow listens to Viggo on a tele-Scroll before silently hanging up on the mob boss.

Before I die alone, Let me have vengeance

Glynda gives orders to the men in the room sternly. Mercury looks into the crosshairs of his sniper rifle.

Before I die alone, I will have vengeance.

Ozpin's face was shown before the screen looks to the mafia boss. A man named Marko smiles a little at the note given to him by Tai and he recognized the voice as the one who took his daughter. "Good luck," his voice says as the tape recorder is shown.

Roman holds up a hand to the men all aiming guns at him before he pulls a napkin off the table in front of him and reveals an explosive with the ring around his thumb and string attached to the explosive.

Qrow stands up as he stares at the box of weapons and gold coins in his basem*nt.

Mercury grabs his money and a a pistol and he looks around.

Ozpin walks through a hardware store and stops to grab a sledgehammer.

"Well, no negotiations it seems," Qrow remarked.

Tai and his family glared at the screen when Marko was shown. "I told you I would find you," he muttered.

Both Roman and Neo's eyes widen at seeing the Nobody with an explosive.

Most of the Audience were surprised at seeing Qrow with a box full of gold and weapons.

"Oh boy, this is going to be good," Oscar muttered at seeing Ozpin pick up a sledgehammer of all things.

"Hammer time!" Nora cheered. "Aim for the knees!"

Ilia looked at the girl with a raised eyebrow and glanced to Adam who shrugged. Both Faunus made a mental note to not fight the girl if she likes to aim for the knees.

Roman opens up a compartment and turns off all the lights of his house just as masked hitmen arrive. The same happens in Qrow's house. Mercenaries walk through the hardware store. The lights of the hardware store all go off and the music goes quiet.

As soon as the music quieted, most of the Audience leaned forward in their seats.

The music rises back up as Qrow hides on the side of his shelf before he springs out of his hiding spot, shoots one thug in the shoulder before latching onto him and shooting the thug behind his shelf twice. He aims to the thug on the ground and shoots him in the head and does the same to the thug behind the shelf.

After counting all the men and their weapons, Ozpin begins to kill the Slavi and his men. He shoots the Slavi in the throat. He grabs a shot glass and slams it into the eye of a thug before forcing another to stab himself with a knife.

Mercury springs into action, grabbing the hand of one agent just as he reached for his gun before elbowing the police officer on his right and punching the agent in the face and shoots him.

Tai slams Marko's face into the table, knocking him unconscious and then begins killing the men in the kitchen around him. First he slit one man's arm before stabbing him in the lungs and then shooting the man before him.

Roman stabs a man twice in the chest. He cuts the man next to him and stabs him in the chest with the knife, causing the man to scream in pain. He slits the first man's throat before stabbing the second in the leg. He catches the fist of a third and shoves them both into the man he stabbed.

"Take them down, Uncle Qrow!" Ruby and Yang cheered. "Avenge the puppy!"

"Get them, Ozpin!" Oscar yelled.

"Good job, Mercury," Cinder complimented with a nod.

"Show them no mercy, Tai!" Summer and Raven shouted.

Neo waved another sign of Roman's face, getting a chuckle from Roman.

Before I die alone

Qrow hammers a knife into the chest of an assassin with his fist three times.

I will, I will have vengeance

A snare catches a man by the throat and pulls him to the rafters of the hardware store. Tyrian walks to where the man was previously before Ozpin stabs the side of his neck with a saw blade when the Scorpion Faunus looks up to the dead man hanging.

I will, I will have my vengeance

Tai breaks a man's neck and the man slumps down to the ground. A man opens the door before he was shot in the head and Tai walks out of the room.

Before your world is gone, before I die alone, before the fire and stone

Taiyang walks up to Patrice Saint Claire and shoots him in the shoulders while demanding where his daughter was taken. After he got what he wanted and the man tried to tell him it wasn't personal, Tai replied coldly, "It was all personal to me." And fills his whole body with bullets.

Some winced at Qrow stabbing the man like so. Others when the mercenary was hanged by a homemade snare. Tyrian stared at the screen in shock upon seeing himself getting killed like so.

Raven and Summer smiled cruelly at seeing Tai killing the man like so.

Have you some patience 'Cause I will have my vengeance

After shooting a guard in a pool room, Qrow aims his pistol at Iosef who freezes in fear while he holds down a guard. Without breaking eye contact with the punk, Qrow aims his gun down to the struggling guard and shoots him in the head.

Before I die alone (before I die alone) Before my time has gone (before my time has gone)

Mercury forces a armored truck to crash using his car to push it to the concrete wall.

A security guard watches Roman shoot a man. Just then, Roman enters the room and starts to shoot everyone. He then watches the mob money burn before him.

Let me have vengeance

Qrow walks away in slow motion as mob money burns behind him.

I will, I will

"Go ahead," Qrow said upon seeing Iosef. "Run for it, makes it more fun for me."

Both Emerald and Cinder raised their eyebrows at seeing Mercury slam an armored truck into a concrete wall.

Roman and Neo let out an impressed whistle at Roman massacring people in the bank. But then they saw him and Qrow burning the money. Guess that shows how pissed the Nobody is.

Just as Iosef says, "It was just a f*ck'n. . ." in Animan before Qrow shoots him in the head.

I will have vengeance

Roman charges Fennec Albaine with a glass shield before it blows up and knocks them both back.

I will have vengeance

Ozpin shoots one last assassin before it transitions to Tai shooting the mob boss who held a knife to Yang's throat and he drops down dead. Junior looses conscious, and life as a tape recorder is placed on his face. Viggo's eyes close with a knife imbedded in his throat. Qrow walks away holding his stomach in the rain before the screen goes dark.

"Don't you dare," Ruby and Yang snapped with Wiess when Iosef spoke before they and the students cheered at seeing him get killed. "Sweet justice," Ruby said.

Roman winced at the explosion. That didn't look like it left his clothes unscathed.

Ozpin just nodded with a satisfied hum.

Both of Yang's parents and sister tensed the most out of everyone in the Audience before sighing in relief when the man was shot.

"Vengeance is served," Qrow declared as he raised his soda can. Robyn looked a little concerned at seeing his counterpart walking with what looked to be a wounded stomach.

"I take it you all enjoyed it?" Darth Anarchus asked knowingly. He got nods from them all.

"You know, I want to hear this song again soon," Fox stated. "Sounds like it could well with other universes we've seen."

"You're right, and it does." Darth Anarchus replied with a nod. "The Punisher, Ghost Rider and Batman are paired with this song the most along with others."

"Sweet," Fox nodded while some grew interested to know more about the Punisher and Ghost Rider.

"As I said before these last two viewings, we're going back to the DC Multiverse." The Host stated. "We'll be picking off where we left with Oscar Superman and Bat-Qrow."


It's starting to get a little difficult to write the content between the lyrics and make sure I've written the lyrics correctly. But I did it.
I'll dive into The Equalizer and the others somewhere in the future. John Wick, Nobody and Taken most definitely.
Until then though, the next few chapters will be focusing on the DCEU.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition
I'm thinking both Superman and Batman's first appearances followed by Clark's scenes in Gotham, Bruce and Alfred's scenes, the party scene, the Senate hearing, the Batmobile scene, the fights, (BvS the warehouse fight and Doomsday) and ending.
Until then.

Chapter 27: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice First Appearances


The next chapter of the DCEU
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition
First appearances of Superman and Batman
Clark Kent/Superman: Oscar Pine
Lois Lane: Amber Autumn
Jimmy Olsen: Himself
Anatoli : Tock
General Amjah: Himself
Police Officers
John Blake (Dark Knight Rises reference)
Younger cop: Himself
Bruce Wayne/Batman: Qrow Branwen


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

"You said we're going back to the DC Universe, correct?" Ozpin asked. The Host nodded as some of the teens shook in excitement. "It is now a year and a half after Remnant was introduced to Superman." he explained.

Some of the Audience remembered how Qrow's counterpart and the teaser trailer before the first intermission.

The first thing the Audience sees is an old aged black man offering a bottle to a younger man. "Red in the wind is bad luck." he said with a shake of his head. "Blood in the sky." he elaborated. Then he sees a taxi cab driving up to their village.

"Oh, there she is." he said, gesturing to his friend.

Nairomi, Vacuo

The young man walks towards the cab as its passenger steps out. It's Amber Autumn. She wore a black scarf that served as a hood and dark sunglasses. "Ms. Autumn! Ms. Autumn." he called out, getting the woman's attention. "Jimmy Olsen. Photographer, obviously." he holds his arms up and looks down at himself before offering a hand to shake.

Qrow scoffed at the mention of bad luck and Robyn placed a hand on his forearm. He sighed and smiled slightly at the Happy Huntress leader.

"Ah, Nairomi," Sun sighed at the sight. "One of my favorite places to be in Vacuo."

"And I'm back," Amber stated with an excited smile.

"Who's he?" Nora asked before the man introduced himself. "Oh."

"In most of the DC Multiverse," Darth Anarchus said, "he's a reporter of the Daily Planet and a close if not best friend of Superman and his lover."

"Where's Heron?" Amber asked, ignoring his hand. "Uh, trouble at the border," Jimmy replied.

"So how did you land it?" Jimmy asked as the two walked. "This is like pioneers' stuff. Amajah's never given an interview."

"You know what Heron always says when we're on assignment together?" Amber asked and stopped walking to look at him. "Not a Oum damn thing. I like Heron." she replied. That was probably rude and harsh, but they were about to be taken to the compound of a well known and feared terrorist. Now would not be the time to ask how she managed to get it.

"That is a good point," Glynda concurred. "Now is not the time for small talk."

Amber chuckled a little bashfully at her counterpart's attitude.

Amber looks ahead and sees a van driving towards them. "Let's go." she nods her head to the direction of it before walking forward. The two get inside the van.

The driver speaks Vacuoan and the man in the passenger seat translates to both Amber and Jimmy. "Passports, electronics, phones, camera." he said. Amber glanced from the translator to the driver. "Your fixer said the General approved photos." she said and the translator spoke to the driver. The driver glanced to Amber before nodding once and starting the van.

A moment after they began driving, the two men sitting behind Amber and Jimmy pulled bags over their heads.

Some of the Audience tensed at the end while Amber grimaced.

The screen lit up with Amber and Jimmy being forced to their knees before the bags were pulled off their faces. The journalist and photographer blinked their eyes to readjust to the bright sun in the Vacuoan desert. Amber looked to a Crocodile Faunus woman who wore dark sunglasses. She looked to the side and General Amajah stood before them. Amber got comfortable and pulled out her journal. "Are you a terrorist, General?" she asked.

Oscar narrowed his eyes upon seeing the Crocodile Faunus. So, that's Tock, he thought. Yes, that's her, Ozpin in his head replied while the other Ozpin's eyes narrowed ever so slightly.

"Heh, just have a casual conversation with a terrorist," Qrow chuckled.

"What's the worst that can happen?" Amber shrugged jokingly.

"He could have you shot," Cinder remarked from where she sat.

Amber glared at the raven haired woman before crossing her arms with a sarcastic smile. "Well, that's rude." she remarked.

"They did not tell me the interview was with a lady," Amajah stated, both surprised and a hint of mockingly. "I'm not a lady, I'm a journalist." Amber stated firmly with a glare. Amajah hummed with a small grin. She has fire, he'll give her that.

Some of the women frowned at the General's tone before smirking a little at Amber's statement.

"What I am is a man with nothing except the love for my people" Amajah replied as Jimmy stood up after a moment and rose his camera to take pictures of the compound.

"Who's paying for the security contractors, General?" Amber asked, looking around the compound. Amajah pointed to the sky and asked a question of his own. "Who pays for the drones that pass over our heads at night?"

The Crocodile Faunus abruptly grabbed Jimmy's camera and pulled it out of his hands. "One question begs another, yes?" Amajah said to Amber. "So what you're saying General." Amber replied.

"It's just a camera," Jimmy shrugged sheepishly, but there was a nervous glint in his eyes.

"The Kingdoms of Atlas and Mantle declared their neutrality in your country's war both in policy and in principle." Amber said to the General, unaware of what was happening.

"Ah, don't open that!" Jimmy protested as the Crocodile Faunus opened the camera. She glared at him as he reached to stop her and he faltered. "You just exposed-" he tried saying.

"Eclipse these pious Atlassian fictions, spoken like truth." Amajah replied sagely.

While some looked confused at Tock's actions, the three White Fang members nodded in agreement wit Amajah's words.

"Okay, that's my film." Jimmy said as the Crocodile took out the roll of film from his camera and began to pull out the film.

"Men in power obey neither policy nor principle, Ms. Autumn." Amajah said to Amber. He shook his head and finger at her. "No one is different. No one is neutral."

The Crocodile Faunus dropped the small can on the ground and crushed it under her boot. She then pulls what looks like a small lightbulb from it. She holds it up for Jimmy and the other mercenaries to see. "CIA." she declared getting Amber and the General's attention.

"They are tracking us!" Amajah's second in command sneered as the Crocodile Faunus snapped the tracking device in half. He points to Jimmy. "You!" he says as two men grabbed Jimmy's arms and shoved him forward.

"Oh, not good," Jaune stated with wide eyes as some gasped in shock and worry.

Cardin rolled his eyes. "Thanks, Captain Obvious."

Amajah glared to the surprised and confused Amber. "You're CIA?" he asked angrily. "What? No! No! I-" Amber shook her head frantically.

"You brought him here!" Amajah snapped. Amber shook her head again. "No, he's a photographer!" she protested.

Amajah pulled out a gun and walked towards Jimmy as he was forced to his knees. "No!" Amber shouted and stepped forward but was held back by two men.

"Not her!" Jimmy suddenly spoke in fluent Vacuoan. Much to Amber's shock. "We used her credentials as cover. She doesn't know anything." He looks over to Amber and spoke English. "It's okay, Amber."

"There are solutions, General." Jimmy said to Amajah as the General stood before him calmly. "I am authorized to propose an arrangement." he stated. Amajah just wordlessly held up his gun up to Jimmy's face and pulled the trigger.


Despite not knowing Jimmy that well, both Oscar and Amber grew worried for the man's safety before the General pulled his gun out. Oscar paled as he started having some flashbacks of when Ironwood shot him.

Most of the students visibly flinched as did the civilians. The older Huntsmen and Huntresses were more reserved at Jimmy's death.

Amber flinched and then the scene changed to show that the whole scene was being watched by the CIA. "Talon's down, sir." one of the men in the command center said. "Python, we just lost our asset on the ground. Repeat we just lost our asset on the ground." the director said, pressing a finger to the Comms in his ear.

The scene changed to the mountains outside the compound. Heron 'Python' walked out of his command tent. "There's still one of our own in the compound." he replied as he looked to the distance. "We'll extract her."

"Negative, RP are to engage. Stand down and get Black." The director stated. Python didn't falter. "Well, there'll be civilians in the blast zone, so call off the Oum damn drones." he said steely. That compound was also home to Vacuoan families, not just terrorists.

"Stand down. It's an order." The director ordered firmly and waited a moment to get a reply. "Python?"

Python did not respond. Instead he had his men mount their horses. "Move!" he declared before they rode along the mountain ridge.

Ironwood and his soldiers perked up at the scene change to the CIA in interest. Some frowned upon hearing what was going to be done about Amber's counterpart as well as the compound.

Amber was shown inside the compound. "I-I didn't know." she stammered, shaking her head to the General who approached her. "Ignorance is not the same as innocence, Ms. Autumn." Amajah said as stopped before her.

Qrow tensed along with Amber.

Outside, the Crocodile Faunus looked up to the sky before she walked up to Amajah's second in command as the man spoke to another man. She promptly pulled out her her sidearm and shot them both. The two men dropped dead. Suddenly the other mercenaries dressed in dark clothes like the Crocodile Faunus started firing all the other people in the compound. One bullet hit Amber's journal. One mercenary drops a grenade inside a tank and jumps off just as it explodes.

"Wait, what?!" Many members of the Audience exclaimed in shock and confusion.

"What are they doing?" Weiss asked.

"Well, they're killing people, clearly," Roman replied sarcastically after recovering from his own shock. "I know that, but why? I thought they all worked for Amajah!" Weiss snapped.

"Obviously not, or they wouldn't be doing this." Adam said. "They must be working for someone else."

"All will be revealed later," the Host replied cryptically.

Amajah heard the gunfire as did Amber. The General put Amber in a hold while pointing a gun to her head, thinking that whoever was attacking were coming to rescue the woman. "Move quickly, he's coming." the Crocodile Faunus said as her men started putting some of the dead men in a pile in the center. Then she pulled out a flame thrower and started burning the dead bodies.

Some grew more confused. "He?" some repeated quietly before gasping upon Tock taking out the flame thrower and burning the dead bodies. "Why is she doing this?" Ruby asked, shaking her head.

Cinder and Tyrian, the resident pyromaniac and maniac, were looking at the screen with smiles on their faces.

Back in the CIA command center, they were monitoring the movement of their military drone. "Inbound two mikes." the controller reported, looking to the computer screen. "Passing Python now." Python and his men were riding their horses and looked up to see the drone flying past them. Angry that the drone was going to attack the civilians, Python stopped to flip his middle finger at the drone's camera.

The Crocodile Faunus and her men mounted on motorcycles after opening the gate. She glanced up to the sky before looking back at her men. "Move out!" she declared before they drove off.

"Target locked." the drone pilot said. "You are cleared to engage." the director declared.

"On top and in range." the drone pilot replied and began counting down. "3, 2, 1" Still inside, Amajah and Amber were still unaware of what was happening outside the room. The drone launched a missile to the compound. Before it hits, a sonic boom was heard before a blue and red blur crashed through the missile and then flew towards the drone. The Crocodile Faunus watched from a distance and her lips curled up, revealing some sharp teeth.

The drone pilot watched the camera feed go dead. "It's been hit." he said in shock.

"By what?" the director demanded.

Back in the desert, Amajah and Amber looked to the door before Superman crashed through the ceiling and landed before them. "Take one step, you'll see the inside of her head." Amajah threatened.

Superman looked up to them with an impassive expression while Amber smiled slightly and then dropped her hands down to her side. Superman looked from her to the General and in less than 3 three seconds, Amajah was gone and Amber turned around to see a big hole in the wall.

Python and his men arrived to find the burnt bodies of the dead mercenaries and the women came out and began to cry out to them. Amber walked out of the building and knelt down to pick up her journal and glanced up to Python with wide eyes.

Many were at the edge of their seats upon seeing the drone while some narrowed their eyes at seeing Tock leave the scene and few did chuckled at Python's gesture to the drone. Then they gasped at seeing the blur.

"Look, up in the sky!" Jaune exclaimed.

"It's a bird!" Nora shouted.

"No, it's a plane!" Coco said.

"It's Superman!" Ruby and Amber cheered.

"Well, this looks like a job for Superman." Ozpin stated, drinking from his mug and adjusting his glasses.

Darth Anarchus smiled and wiped his eye.

Many winced when Amajah was thrown threw the wall, (Though Amber and Oscar smiled at the clear trust between their counterparts) and winced some more when Python and his men arrived.

That was when it clicked. "They're framing Superman." Winter stated with wide eyes. "The scorch marks on the ground, the burnt bodies, they're meant to make it look like Superman's heat vision."

"Correct, Ms. Schnee," the Host nodded his head, mildly impressed. "Ten points to Slytherin." he clapped his hands. "Someone is aiming to frame the Man of Steel. Won't help that a woman would come to stand before the Councils and say that Superman attacked the village and killed everyone she knew."

This caused some to frown while Oscar rubbed his forehead. This did make some wonder, who the Hell would be framing Superman?

The scene changed to a night in Mantle. Two police officers were sitting in their cruiser, not patrolling but watching a football game between Atlas University and Mantle University. "Nothing! Atlas, again, blowing out Mantle." the game's broadcasters said "And only the die hard fans are still watching."

"Oh come on!" Robyn suddenly shouted angrily. "You can do it, boys!" Qrow put an arm around her, but smiled slightly in amusem*nt. One of the things he liked about her was her passion for football. Sports like that were rarely practiced in the Kingdoms, especially in Mantle and Atlas for their environments but they were enjoyable to watch.

Those from Atlas tried not to show too much pride at the fact that their football team was winning, though Harriet was one of the few that had a very smug look on her face.

Darth Anarchus silently stood up and walked to the far side of the theater. Lights turned on to reveal an Clone Trooper orchestra, all ready to play their instruments.

"Delta Charlie 27, reports of screams coming from vacant home at 1939 Harbor Way." Dispatch suddenly spoke on one of the cop's radios. The two cops didn't acknowledge, too engrossed in watching the game. "Tom, it's been great working with you. Wanna thank our producer and director-No wait a second!" the other broadcasters said before pausing as the game looked to be taking a turn. "I don't want to suggest-"

"Delta Charlie, respond." Dispatch spoke again.

"Just take a knee!" the older cop, John Blake muttered under his breath, eyes glowed to the screen.

"They're lining up as if Clarkson's gonna throw a deep here!" Tom said as the players lined up. "Don't tell me, Dave, I-"

"Going to the end zone!" Dave said as the ball soared through the air.

"Delta Charlie 27." Dispatch spoke again. "Zeke Baker is open!" Tom said.

"Baker with a touchdown catch!" Dave declared while the two Mantle cops slumped down with sighs of disappointment. "I can't believe I just watched this."

"NOOO!" Robyn shouted, though she had a playful smile as she leaned against Qrow who snickered at her antics. "Relax, Rob, your team will get them next time."

"Delta Charlie, do you copy?" Dispatch called again, sounding impatient. John reached up to his radio. "10-4. We're on it." he said before starting up the engine.

"And now a fight breaks out! Mantle, you know how they are about their football team!" Tom said as the two football teams broke out into a fight. He looks to the camera, eyebrows raised. "Thing's could get ugly in the city tonight."

The cruiser drives past a billboard for Mantle's city port with graffiti that says The End is Nigh in black paint, its siren rings out through out the night.

"Well, isn't that ominous," Yang remarked sarcastically.

"Comes with being the crime ridden cities in the Multiverse for there to be a Batman," Darth Anarchus stated from where he sat, shocking most of the Audience. Robyn frowned at that statement.

"Well. . . that's amantleI don't want to carry," Tai grinned after a moment of silence. "Heyo!" Yang pointed finger guns at her father while everyone else groaned in response.

A swarm of bats fly out of the chimney of the house the cruiser approaches. "There have been reports of screaming coming from a vacant home at 1939 Harbor Way." Dispatch said in the radio as John and his partner entered the house. "Possible shots fired." Inside the house, the walls were rotting and the paint was falling off or fading. The two cops had flashlights attached to their guns. As they walked further in, they saw a shuriken shaped like a bat imbedded in the wall next to a doorframe. John instantly recognized what it was. He had seen a lot of these Batarangs through out his career. His younger partner didn't give it a second glance. He was still green. He didn't know what the tell tale was or what it meant.

"Well, if that's not a sign for who's next, I don't know what is," Raven remarked.

"Wait, which Batman is this again?" Velvet asked.

"It's Uncle Bat!" Ruby exclaimed in excitement. "I recognize that Batarang! He gave me one!" Reaching into her belt, Ruby pulled out a Batarang. "Ow!" she yelped when it cut her finger a bit. Oscar asked her if she was okay and she tried to dismiss his concern with a blush.

Qrow gave her an incredulous expression, feeling offended on his counterpart's behalf while Robyn, Tai, Raven and Summer snickered or chuckled into their fists next to him. Then he shrugged his shoulders. He was named after a bird. So being given the nickname of Bat (Even if it was one of his Multiversal counterparts) didn't sound like the worse.

Suddenly, Darth Anarchus had his Clone Troopers begin playing dark and ominous music, surprising almost everyone. Well that's a first.

They walked down the stairs to a basem*nt and heard women voices murmuring from within. The younger cop quickened his steps and then both he and John came to see a large group of women, Faunus and human, all standing in one cell.

Many gasped upon seeing what was in the basem*nt while some glared in anger. Yang shuddered and hugged herself as she remembered the last viewing and what almost happened to her counterpart.

"It saved us." one of the young woman, a Cat Faunus spoke to the cops in her native language. "A devil." she added as they all shook in fear.

"Oh my gods, that's Neon Katt!" Marrow exclaimed in shock and those from Atlas Academy stared at the screen with wide eyes.

"Uh, who?" Ruby asked in confusion. "A student from Atlas Academy!" Penny explained in a worried tone. "A Cat Faunus and she's in the Vytal Festival." Now understanding, Ruby looked to the screen with worry.

"Relax," Nora said, though she too was bothered. "The Batman saved her. She's safe now."

Some however read what else Neon had said in her native language.A devil saved them?

"It's okay, we're-" the young cop gestured between himself and his partner. "We're-We're-We're going to help. We're here to help!"

"It saved us." the Cat Faunus repeated.

"We're going to get you out of here. Okay?" the young cop reached to the cell's gate, noticed that the gate wasn't chained and the pad lock was on the ground, snapped. Thinking nothing of it, he pulled the gate, only for all the women to grab onto it and pulled it closed. All of them shook their heads with expressions of fear and terror. The two cops looked at them in confusion.

The Cat Faunus pointed a shaking hand towards the ceiling, fearful eyes looking up. "It's still here." she said in fear.

Some looked on in surprise upon seeing the gate was unlocked before it turned to confusion.

"What? Why are they scared to come out?" Salem asked in genuine confusion.

Darth Anarchus didn't say anything, just kept telling the Clone Troopers to continue playing the chilling music that started to rise in volume. Then the lights above them went out and they vanished.

"I-I don't understand-" the young cop stammered before a loud scream of pain echoed from the upper levels of the house. Both cops looked up the stares as the women cried out and whimpered in fear, some holding onto the gate tightly as if to ensure would not open.

The young cop slowly walked up the stairs, shotgun in hands. "Please, don't! Please don't! Please!" a man begged offscreen as the young cop walked up the stairs, some of them creaking under his weight and cracking. His nose wrinkled as the stench of mildew hit his nostrils. "I don't know who he is!" the man begged whoever was interrogating him. "I don't know who he is!"

Just then, the man screamed in fear, chilling the Audience to the bone, and the young cop jolted as he walked towards the door at the end of the hallway. "HELP!" Suddenly it all went quiet. Too quiet for the cop's liking. Slowly, he walked into the room and saw a blonde man, Shay D. Man, handcuffed to a radiator in the room. His right eye was black and swollen, blood ran down his chin from his nose and mouth as he wheezed in pain. "Oh f*ck. . ." he rasped.

Many jumped or jolted upon hearing the scream of pain.

That's when it clicked. The Batman. The Batman was the devil who saved these women and as long as he was in the building, they wouldn't leave the cell. They couldn't ask the Host right now. He was orchestrating an orchestra of building horror music.

The Faunus all stiffened when they heard something else. One that Adam was very familiar with. The sound of flesh burning from something hot being pressed against skin.

Raven baulked at the state of one of the members of her tribe.

The cop grimaced and began to look around the room. On the left he saw nothing. On his right, however, the Audience could see a black figure on the wall of the lowly lit room. He began to get the feeling was being watched. He looked to his right and saw a black cloth hanging from the wall and he knew it wasn't a curtain. Looking up, he and the Audience saw the Batman glaring down at him coldly as he clung to the wall.

Many jumped in surprise. "AAAHHH! Ceiling bats!" Ruby exclaimed in fear before hugging Oscar. The boy blushed but was focused on the screen. Unlike during the intermission, the Batman looked more menacing in the lowly lit room, hanging from the ceiling and glaring down at the cop.

"Uh, how's it hanging?" Yang asked nervously with a chuckle.

Qrow rolled his eyes. "Oh, you know." he replied drily.

Robyn however bit her lip. The menacing look of Bat-Qrow had a different effect on her.

Stricken with fear, the cop aimed his gun up. The Bat swung to the ceiling and then moved across the ceiling, moving like a bat scurrying across the ceiling as the cop fired. The first shot missed, the second shot bounced off the Bat's cape before it dove up through a hole in the ceiling.

Some in the Audience shuddered. The way Bat-Qrow moved across the ceiling looked unnatural. "Nah, Hell to nah" Roman shook his head. Neo held up a sign, f*ck to the Nah.

"We sure Batman doesn't have any powers?" Mercury asked Emerald who shrugged in response.

"That ceiling looks close to breaking with the decay," Penny analyzed. "So I think it's possible for the Batman to appear crawling like a bat when he's digging his fingers and boots into the ceiling like so."

Officer Blake appeared in the doorway across the room, just as the Batman disappeared. Still acting on fear and adrenaline, the young cop aimed at the older cop before aiming away from him at the last second and firing at the doorframe.

John flinched from the splinters and dust before glaring at the younger cop. "Christ!" he exclaimed, looking ready to throw his young partner down the stairs. He could just imagine that he'd be the laugh of the precinct once word got out that he was almost shot by his partner.

"Whoa!" many students exclaimed.

"Oi! Watch it, Rookie!" Coco snapped.

"I saw him!" the young cop said, unaware of his partner's anger, still high on adrenaline. "I-I neve saw him before, I-I didn't know-" he stammered.

"You almost took my face off!" the older cop snapped as he brushed past him. "How about you don't shoot the good guys, huh?" Then he stopped when he saw Shay D. Mann and his condition. He had seen what most criminals looked like after the Bat of Mantle got them, but this?

"Oh. Jesus Christ. . . He branded him." He muttered as the Audience's view zooms in on the bat shaped brand on the criminal's collarbone and the music picks up on a high note and the screen goes black.

Most of the Audience jumped in their seats when the volume of the music increased next to them. Adam though, glared at the brand. The lights came back on and Darth Anarchus was back in his seat. "So, thoughts?" he smirked.

"I prefer Superman's introduction," Saphron said. "The way Batman was introduced was unnerving." she paused and looked to Qrow. "No offense."

Qrow shrugged. "None taken." He drank his soda.

"Felt like some horror character," Summer shuddered.

"Save for one variant, all Batman variants set out to strike fear in the hearts of criminals in their cities," The Host explained. "To the point almost every mugger stops to think twice. To make them all scared of the dark. And it works for the most part." he gestured to the screen. "As you can see, it can have effects the people he saves or protects."

"Clearly," Blake muttered.


I got to admit, part of me wanted to write that Oscar experiences a panic attack in the middle of the reaction to Africa/Vacuo when he had flashbacks of being shot by Ironwood, but I decided to save that for a later chapter.
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Next Qrow and Klein's first scene followed by Oscar going to Mantle to learn more about the Bat.
"That's how it starts. The fever. The rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men. . . cruel."

"There's a new kind of mean in him. He is angry. And he's hunting."

Chapter 28: BvS: Dawn of Justice Qrow and Klein


The Audience watch Bat-Qrow interact with Klein.

Bruce Wayne/Batman: Qrow Branwen
Alfred Pennyworth: Klein Sieben
Anatoli Knyazev: Tock
Cesar: Shay D. Mann


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

"Now then," the Host declared. "We're going to see Bat-Qrow in his base of operations and interact with his butler."

The Batman theme continued as the Audience watch Qrow Branwen descend on an elevator platform with his arms in front of him. He let out a sigh as he walks off the platform. The last couple of nights have given him nothing but one name for his investigation. He walked through his base of operations dubbed as the Bat Cave. It was not the original Bat Cave, but a new one made since he moved out of the old Branwen Manor. It was all platforms suspended in the air, filled with technology and equipment made by him, his sister and their allies.

Those interested in technology and equipment looked at the screen with intrigued expressions. Penny was using her eyes to take pictures.

Hearing sounds of tools at work as he rounded a corner, Qrow saw one of his friends working at a desktop. His butler and father figure, Klein Sieben. "Still working?" he asked before taking a jab to the older man. "You're getting slow in your old age, Klein."

"Age comes to us all, Master Branwen." Klein shot back, not looking up for a moment. "Even you got too old to die young. And not from the lack of trying." he gloomed.

This instantly drew chuckles or snickers from most of the Audience. Though Weiss, Whitley and Winter playfully frowned at Qrow for calling Klein slow.

Qrow, though, held a contemplative look as he replayed the words.Even you got too old to die young. And not from the lack of trying.He thought about how he had been asked of the life expanse of a Huntsman or Huntress. He nodded to himself. He was almost forty and most Huntsmen lived to be thirty. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the environment they were in.I suppose I did get too old to die young,he thought to himself.

The Batsuit had gone through many upgrades and designs over the years since Qrow started his mission. One of the latest additions was the voice modifier. It digitally altered Qrow's voice so no person or program could identify it. The night Qrow interrogated the sex trafficker, Qrow noticed that it was faulty and Klein had been working on it since. The butler held the microphone to his throat and spoke. "Funnel Fairy Butter Bar. Funnel Fairy Butter Bar. Funnel Fairy Butter Bar." Qrow looked to the older man with a raised eyebrow but chose not to say anything. He pulled it away. "There's nothing wrong with the microphone." He said and looked down at the cowl.

"It's this new layer of armor." He said and that meant more work. "I'll just have to rewire." he muttered.

"Do other Batman variants use a voice changer?" Whitley asked.

"Not really," Darth Anarchus replied. "Most variants speak deeper when in their Bat persona."

"I see," Whitley nodded.

"That must take a toll on their vocal chords," Glynda muttered.

"Not all the time." the Host explained.

Klein then picked up a tray holding a glass of orange juice and a boiled egg. That was the normal amount Qrow would eat these days. Though there were times Qrow wouldn't eat at all as he worked. He walked over to Qrow as the man sat at the computer. "So, last night was productive?" he asked.

"No. He was too low level. He knew nothing." Qrow replied as he pulled up some files on the screen of the Bat Computer. "This is a woman who knows things." he stated and the Audience saw that it was the Crocodile Faunus from the desert. Her face was shown as was some tattoos of the Virgin Mary.

"Tock Knyazev. Mistralian. Contacts all over the globe but is based out in the Port of Mantle. Weapons, humans and Faunus trafficking." Qrow read and frowned at the end. He did not like that there was someone like Tock in his city and began making plans to put her in the hospital after he got the information he needed.

Most of the adults frowned when they heard Tock's 'profession' as a criminal/mercenary.

"So the White Portuguese is a Mistralian, that's the theory?" Klein asked as he set the tray down.

"White Portuguese?" some of the Audience repeated in confusion.

"It will be revealed later on." Darth Anarchus said. "But it is important."

"No. The theory is that the Mistralian will lead me to the man himself." Qrow shook his head to Klein.

"If it is indeed a him." the butler pointed out the possibility that it could be a woman. The duo had encountered dangerous women over the years. From a simple cat thief to a green skinned eco-terrorist. "You don't if he exists, could be a phantasm."

"One that wants to bring a dirty bomb to Mantle?" Qrow replied, telling the butler that he wasn't chasing ghosts.

"Is the green skinned eco-terrorist Cinder Al Ghul?" Raven asked. The Host shook his head. "Cinder is more of 'Dangerous Assassin Ex-Girlfriend' and 'daughter of Immortal Warlord."

"Wait, what?" many of them exclaimed in confusion and surprise.

Both Cinder and Qrow glanced to one another and scooted away despite they were already fifteen feet away from one another.

"Eco-terrorist with green skin' is named Poison Ivy." the Host continued. Neo rose an eyebrow as she remembered the last AMV for couples. Somewhere her counterpart told a woman named Ivy to not mess with Whitley. Coincidence? Probably not. Yeah, she mentally drawled it out. Definitely not a coincidence.And she blushed when she thought more of the video.

"Ah, typical high stakes round." Klein said in defeat before deciding now was the time to confront Qrow about something he thought was dire. He picked up a newspaper and threw it at Qrow's side. It was a Mantle Free Press with the title, BAT BRAND OF JUSTICE and a photo of Shay D. Mann and a closeup of the Bat Brand. "New rules?" Klein asked in disappointment. He had seen the Bat do a lot things to criminals that ended them in a hospital but branding was a whole new level of brutality.

Qrow looked down at the newspaper impassively. "We're criminals, Klein." he said, moving the paper aside. "We've always been criminals. Nothing's changed." He looked back to the screen.

"So the Bat Brand is something new?" Raven asked.

"And something unique to this variant," Darth Anarchus explained. "It's part of his arc for this viewing."

It was then that the Audience remembered what Bat-Qrow had said during the Intermission. He was in a dark place. He had no faith in humanity at the moment. Though he should have said something about the branding, some of them thought.

"Oh yes it has, Sir." Klein shook his head. He saw through Qrow's lie. Things have changed and not just Mantle but the Bat himself. And Klein knew what it was from. It was the death of his ward, the death of his sister, the death of his niece and it was his guilt boiling into rage and Qrow was becoming clouded by it. "Yes it has. Everything's changed." He went to the Bat Computer and began show footage of Superman battling General Hazel in Atlas as well as footage of the destruction caused. "Men fall from the sky. The gods hurl thunderbolts. Innocents die."

Raven and Yang then recalled their own interactions with Bat-Qrow and understood as Klein's counterpart.

"That's how it starts, Sir." Klein turned to Qrow. "The fever. The rage, the feeling of powerlessness. That turns good men. . . cruel." With that said, he walked away, internally hoping that it would help Qrow see reason and that he would not fall into the abyss.

Some felt chills at Klein's words.

Qrow remained silent as he looked back to the screen.


Next time
"People scared of him are people who got reason to be."
"Scared of who?"
"When the mugger or thief stops to think twice, THAT is fear. That is what he is. Because he is the reason criminals breath easier when the sun rises."
"There's a new kind of mean in him. He is angry. And he's hunting."

Chapter 29: BvS| Oscar in Mantle


After reading about the Bat's actions in Mantle, Oscar travels to the city to learn more. He speaks to a few citizens of Mantle who have different views of the Dark Knight.
Clark Kent/Superman: Oscar Pine
Lois Lane: Amber Autumn
Perry White: Coco Adel
Jenny: Velvet Scarlatina
Wallace V. Keefe: Himself
Reporter: Cyril (Reporter name from Volume 1)


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

The scene started in the Daily Planet. Amber picks up her Scroll. "This is Autumn." she said.

Coco walks to Oscar's desk. "Pine, you're Sports today," she instructed. "I want you to go to Mantle, follow up on Football. 'Underdog dreams dashed ten yards between Mantle and Glory.'" Oscar nodded.

Those from Atlas chuckled while Robyn crossed her arms and grumbled under her breath.

"Oh, um, Watch yourself in Mantle." Coco paused and looked to Oscar. "Don't let them take your lunch money." she said, both joking but serious.

"It's not that bad," Robyn muttered.

"You're right, but your Mantle is better because of the Grimm." Darth Anarchus said. "Take them away and you have to deal with human nature."

"Hey, are you guys watching this?" Velvet suddenly asked, holding up a remote to adjust the volume of a TV. It was a news report covering the Superman monument that was vandalized. "-Emergency responders have created a precautionary perimeter around Hero's Park as they brought the man down from this beloved monument." the reporter, Cyril said as the man was shown. "The suspect has been identified as Wallace Veron Keefe." It was the Branwen Enterprises employee Qrow pulled from the rubble during the Black Zero Event.

"I work for Qrow Branwen! I work for Qrow Branwen!" Wallace shouted as he was carried to the back of a police car.

Many gasped upon recognizing the man who lost his legs during the battle against General Hazel.

Qrow grimaced when the amputee shouted he worked for his counterpart while Willow frowned. Surely the CEO would help the man.

"He'll be pressed for charges for vandalism, resisting and a felony charge of making terrorist threats," Cyril reported as the screen changed to show some men trying to desperately scrub off the graffiti on the Superman statue that said, 'FALSE GOD.' "That carries up to 40 years in prison."

Most of the Audience frowned, thinking the punishment was a bit much for the amputee while others grimaced at the words written on the statue.

"Poor son of a bitch." Coco muttered as Oscar, Amber and Velvet looked at the screen with wide eyes. "Velvet, headline, 'End of Love Affair with Man in the Sky Question Mark.'"

"Okay." Velvet shrugged. Amber looked down before glancing over to a downtrodden Oscar. The young man looked hurt as he looked to the floor.

This brought some humor to the Audience, others like most of the adults wondering why or how Coco's counterpart came up with that idea before most stared at Oscar's counterpart with sympathy.

Oscar was shown standing on a ferry to Mantle from Atlas. He looks around in the sky before looking to the Kingdom.

The scene changed to show Oscar, knocking on a door in a apartment in Mantle. After a moment of waiting, he holds a newspaper to a woman that was doing her laundry down the hallway. He points to the photo of a woman. A woman that had spoke to the Councils about Superman attacking the Vacuoan village. "Is she in?" he asked.

The woman shook her head. "She's been gone." she replied.

"What she do, Officer?" a voice asked. Oscar looked to the right and saw a man sitting on a chair.

"I'm not a cop. I'm a reporter." Oscar explained as he walked towards the man. "The young lady living here. . ." He trailed off.

"She hasn't been back." The older man replied. "In fact, if she's smart, then she got out of the city. And you need to get out of here before dark." He points up to Oscar and speaks in a warning tone. "Unless you want to run into him."

"Don't listen to that nonsense." The woman suddenly said as she walked over to them. "Only people scared of him, people who got reason to be." she said sternly.

"Scared of who?" Oscar asked in confusion.

"When the mugger or thief stops to think twice, that is FEAR," Darth Anarchus said, getting the attention of the Audience as he sensed that some of them were wondering who the two people were talking about. "That is what he is. Because he is the reason criminals breathe easier when the sun rises."

The criminals felt chills and some (Roman) were glad that there wasn't anyone like that there wasn't anyone like the Batman in their world. Though Cinder and Salem hoped they would meet someone like that and have them among their ranks.

"Well, there's a new kind of mean in him." The man said as he scratches a coin on a lottery coin. "He is angry and he's hunting." He holds up the card, revealing that he had scratched out the symbol of Batman. Oscar swallowed as a pit formed in his stomach and the Audience heard the Batman theme playing in the background.

Many felt more chills upon those words. Raven and Yang frowned again as did Ruby, Robyn and the members of Team STRQ. Ozpin then recalled what he had read in the Library during the Intermission.

A underground fight club was shown. A tanned Wolf Faunus with black tattoos on his arms was shown fighting a human. He was knocked out of the ring and into the crowd and Qrow Branwen. "When he drops his right to throw a left, switch to a left and underhanded left." Qrow whispered to him before acting like an annoyed patron and shoved the mildly confused Faunus back into the ring.

Many were not expecting the scene to change to a location like this. Though both Yang and Tai grinned a little, both for different reasons. Yang for times she had snuck into fight clubs like the one onscreen and Tai remembering the days he was a member of fight clubs. Robyn blushed a little, thinking Qrow's counterpart looked sharp in his clothes.

"What is he doing there?" Winter asked. The Host held up a hand. "Give it a moment." he said.

Both Sienna and Adam rose an eyebrow upon recognizing the Wolf Faunus as one of the latter's lieutenants.

The Faunus then followed Qrow's advice and won the fight. Some patrons cheered for him while others groaned. He looked towards Qrow nodded once and Qrow nodded back with a smile. He then looked across the ring and saw Tock tossing her ticket onto the unconscious fighter.

"Nice," Tai and Yang grinned and nodded when the Wolf Faunus won. Sienna, Adam and Ilia felt some satisfaction at seeing the Faunus beat the human.

Some of the older Huntsmen and Huntresses rose an eyebrow, apparently Qrow's advice helped.

Instantly everyone recognized the Crocodile Faunus. Winter still rose an eyebrow at Darth Anarchus who still held up his hand.

Tock walked over to the bar and ordered a drink, placing her Scroll on the counter. Qrow walked up next to her and flashed his winning ticket to the bartender as well as placing his Scroll on the counter, while pushing a button, having the Scroll hack into the Crocodile Faunus's Scroll beside his. The bartender frowned before taking his ticket. "The house treats luck like an insult." Qrow mused to Tock.

"Good luck for one is always his brother's misfortune." Tock huffed, feeling insulted by the billionaire's presence. The man was already richer than everyone else. Why was he taking some pocket change from others here?

"Oh," many muttered in unison when they understood what Qrow's counterpart was doing. "It's like a spy movie!" Ruby exclaimed in excitement.

Qrow couldn't help but scoff at Tock's words regarding luck and glanced to Raven. Yeah, she seems right about it being one's brother's misfortune, he thought.

The Crocodile Faunus moved to leave and Qrow knew his Scroll was not done hacking Tocks so he spoke to her in Mistralian. "But all accounts are balanced in the end." Tock paused and looked to him in surprise and maybe a little of respect. "Three nights with a Bosch ballerina, that line was all she taught me." Qrow said with a suave smile.

Tock frowned. Any respect for Qrow was gone. "Not all, I'm sure." She said drily before picking up her Scroll and walking away. "Good evening." she bid. Qrow picked up his Scroll and saw that it was successful in downloading information from the Crocodile Faunus's Scroll.

Like the Crocodile Faunus, many looked at Qrow's counterpart with respect before some (Glynda, Ironwood, Raven and Winter) rolled their eyes when he mentioned spending three nights with a ballerina.

Robyn chuckled though, finding it impressive how Qrow was gathering information and wondered if he had done it in the same method back in their world.

Oscar sat before a computer and looked through different Mantle News websites covering the Batman's recent actions.

For Mantle City Inmates, Bat-Brand is a Death Sentence.

Inmates were killing inmates with the Bat Brand. Oscar narrowed his eyes as he read more.

Dozens of criminals marked with 'Bat Brand.' Batman acting as judge, jury, and executioner. Has Mantle's caped crime-fighter gone too far?

Many gasped upon what they were reading. "Is that what he intended?" Qrow asked.

"Hard to say," Darth Anarchus replied with a shrug. "Bat-Qrow never really gave a explanation to his ally in the Mantle Police for the Brand or his intention for it, but he has seemed to let the criminals and inmates come up with their own conclusions."

Oscar then opened up an envelope that had a cutout of the first newspaper of Shay D. Mann and his brand. Then he found a series of photos of Shay's body of after he was killed in prison. Each one had a different word written under it.

Judge, Jury, Executioner, Justice?

Oscar looked up with a grim expression.

"So, Shay is dead?" Raven asked.

"Yeah, after he was transported to Atlas Prison, Tock spoke to a prisoner, made a deal with him and he killed Shay in the courtyard." The Host explained.

Oscar stands at a desk in a Police Department. "I'm trying to find out what happened to an inmate named Mann." he asked the woman at the desk. The woman shook her head. "I can't give out that information." she said and walked away. As the wailing of a child was heard in the background, Oscar looked down on the desk and saw a drawing of the Bat Signal and a criminal looking at it in fear. Oscar glanced up to another officer who nodded his head to the direction behind him. Furrowing his brow, Oscar turned around and saw a black haired woman holding the crying child and grabbing a bag from a police officer.

Oscar runs after her out the building. "Mrs. Mann!" he called, getting her attention. "May I ask a few questions?" he asked.

"He wasn't my husband, but I know what he did." The woman explained in a sad tone. "But he was a father, he was that too."

"Well, he tried," Oscar shrugged when his counterpart was denied to have access to information about Shay D. Mann. Some rose an eyebrow at the drawing of the Bat Signal.

"Wow, he has his own signal?" Jaune asked with starry eyes.

"Almost all Batman variants have what is known as the Bat Signal." Darth Anarchus explained. "Their police allies usually have it on a rooftop and shine it on the sky like that drawing to signal the Bat that they want to talk. But there's also another purpose."

"And that is?" Whitley asked.

"Fear. Strike fear in the criminals who see it." The Host said. "To quote a variant, that light is not just a signal, it's a warning to them. Batman may not be everywhere but they don't know that. For them, the Bat could be in the shadows in front of them."

"And it works?" Salem asked. Darth Anarchus nodded. "Most criminals instantly try to hide or not bring any attention to themselves."

Many felt impressed, even Ironwood who wouldn't really tolerate vigilantes and respected the Batman for striking fear in criminals like so. Ozpin frowned though, knowing it would backfire in their world while Blake didn't completely like how her mind was drawing parallels with the White Fang regarding fear.

Qrow winced a little at the woman's tone onscreen. Shay was a bit of a douche in their world, and a human-Faunus trafficker in this world, but as the woman said, a father too. Growing up in a bandit tribe had made him albeit sympathetic or at least understanding to most criminals.

"They took him out of Mantle Central, they moved him to Atlas." she went on, a fearful tone in her voice. "Inside, they know. They know the mark all over. Guards don't care." She shook her head. "The Bat's the judge. One man decides who lives. How is that justice?" she asked.

"Talk to me." Oscar implored. "Help me change it."

"With what? Your pen?" She retorted before shaking her head at Oscar. "A man like that, words don't stop him. You know what stops him? A fist."

"Well, this won't end well," Both Oscar and Qrow muttered in unison.

"Don't worry, guys," Ruby said, optimistic as ever. "I'm sure it'll all work out in the end.

At a cost,Darth Anarchus thought to himself.


This probably would have been published sooner this week, but I had to attend a funeral service with Native traditions and let me tell you, this is one of the few instances my legs were really sore.
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"Qrow Branwen can't break into Lex Merlot's house."
"Qrow Branwen won't have to. He's being invited."
"Well, that's convenient."
"Like how Salem's agents got into Beacon."

"Most of the World doesn't share your opinion, Mr. Branwen."
"Maybe it's Mantle and me. . . we just have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns."
"Shots fired! Repeat, shots fired!"
"We've been hit! Man down!"

Chapter 30: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice-The Invitation and the Party at Merlot's House


The Audience watch Bat-Qrow get invited to Merlot's house as is Super-Oscar. And there may be another superhero in the building.

Bruce Wayne/Batman: Qrow Branwen
Alfred Pennyworth: Klein Sieben
Clark Kent/Superman: Oscar Pine
Lex Luthor: Dr. Merlot
Mercy: Herself
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: Robyn Hill


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

The Audience see Qrow walking through knee high weeds and grass with a somber expression, holding a large bouquet of handpicked flowers in hand towards the mausoleum outside of his old manor. Ivy and vines crept along its rooftop and walls. Mold turned the once white stone to brown. Gravestones of older Branwens were obscured out of view from the grass. Qrow felt as if the spirits of the dead were urging him to join him.

However, now was not the time.

Opening the heavy mausoleum's doors, Qrow walked in. He placed the flowers between the names of his sister Raven who died in 2011, and his mother, Martha Branwen who was slain in 1981. He looked to the window of a glass painting of an warrior angel wielding a sword in a city consumed in flames before glancing to his niece's name Yang Xiao Long who was also slain in 2011, and furrowed his brow as he saw blood leaking through the cracks under the name. He reached to touch it before two large clawed hands broke through the wall and grabbed his throat. Qrow's eyes widened as bats flew out of the hole and he came face to face with a humanoid bat creature. The Bat snarled and hissed as blood dripped from its fangs before it bit down into his throat.

Ruby, Yang and their family grew somber when they saw Qrow walking into a mausoleum of his dead family. Both Raven and Yang gasped as they saw that they had died the same year. Qrow grimaced before holding his flask to his lips.

Many jumped when the Bat made its appearance.

"Good heavens," Willow exclaimed, placing a hand on her racing heart.

"What the devil is that?" Jacques asked. The Host shrugged in response. "Either a Easter egg of one of Batman's villains or that he is consumed by his Bat persona," he replied.

"Wait, what?"

Gasping, Qrow sat up in his bed, cold sweat covered his body, morning light barely entering his bedroom. He sighed after he glanced to the side and saw a woman with black hair sleeping next to him and the Audience see clothes and shoes sprung around the floor. (1) He couldn't really remember her name. It wasn't necessary, she helped him keep up the playboy role. He reached to the bed stand and grabbed a bottle of Vicodin, took a pill and drank from a wine bottle.

He then stood up and grabbed his pants before walking over to the window of his room. The Audience then have an outside view of his second manor next to a fog covered lake. The house was not the Branwen Manor. The Manor, the original Manor had fallen to shambles when the current Branwens experienced one bad day and left the manor. And never came back.

Some relaxed when they saw that it was just a dream. Glynda, Winter and Raven rolled their eyes when they saw Qrow in bed with a woman, even if they knew that this counterpart was just acting like a playboy. Robyn, Summer and Tai frowned when they saw Qrow taking pills and drinking. That was more less healthy compared to just drinking.

Qrow grimaced at the sight. Take it from an old man whose made a lot of mistakes,he recalled. He looked to his flask and drank from a soda can.

"Nice house," Yang said with a grin.

An hour later, and some flirting, Qrow had his bedmate leave. He had finished dressing up when he heard the front door opening. He knew it was his butler.

The elder man mentioned just entered the house with a handful of mail. He walked into the kitchen and picked up a wine bottle. It was from the Branwen wine cellar, nearly sixty years old and wasted on a nightly romp. Along with pills and the women, Qrow had taken to drinking. At first it was just for show, a façade to the public, until the death of his sister. Klein feared he would either bury Qrow from his nightly escapades or his new habits. He sighed to himself. "I hope the next generation of Branwens don't inherit an empty wine cellar." He snarked to the male Branwen out of view. Taking off his jacket and scarf, he scoffs to himself, "Ha, like there's a chance there's going to be a next generation now." God, he missed the days when he had two grandchildren running around the house.

Qrow rose eye an eyebrow when a wine cellar was mentioned before both he and Raven rose an eyebrow at Klein and the narrator's remarks. But then both Branwens and their friends and family frowned when they heard about the new habits of Qrow's counterpart.

"Well, I'm going on a limb and think Qrow had a child himself?" Ozpin asked.

"Adopted a boy that suffered a tragedy like he and his sister had," Darth Anarchus replied. "Unfortunately, he is no longer alive."

Qrow meanwhile thought of what Klein had said. He had a thoughtful expression as the phrase "next generation of Branwens" replayed in his head. He glanced over to Ruby and Yang before looking to Robyn at the corner of his eyes.

Qrow had heard his oldest friend's words but ignored them. He had it handled. He walks into view and hands the butler a mug of coffee. "Thank you sir." he said gratefully. Qrow gave the man a rare smile before placing a laptop on the table.

"Huh, giving the butler a drink and stand while he sits," Roman commented. "You don't see that at all."

"It shows how much respect a Batman variant respects his butler." Darth Anarchus stated. Some smiled at the little tidbit, especially the Schnee siblings.

"This is every call made from the Crocodile Faunus' Scroll." He explained to Klein and held up two fingers. "Two mentions of doing business with the White Portuguese and is continuing to send blackout data to the personal residence of Alexander Luthor Merlot." The laptop showed the information Qrow was talking about.

"So, Lex L. Merlot is the White Portuguese?" Klein asked skeptically as he looked up from the mail he was reading and the coffee he was drinking. "Well, I can't see him affording the income for imported arms." he remarked.

"Regardless, I need to put a leech in his house." Qrow replied. With that in the house, he could find out who or what the White Portuguese is. "And I'm going to need the suit." He insisted, seeing it as the only option for the Batman to go in. He would go in and take down anyone in his way.

Ironwood hummed, intrigued at what Qrow got from the Crocodile Faunus's Scroll and hoped Dr. Polendina could make an application like that. Watts was also intrigued. It sounded like his virus that he gave to Cinder but it seemed more narrow in range.

"Is Merlot behind it?" Glynda asked. "You'll find out soon." The Host replied. "But again, it is important."

Qrow slightly grimaced at his counterpart's eagerness for action. He wouldn't deny that going guns blazing was enjoyable but he knew when it was needed and when it was not.

Klein thinned his lips. He had been afraid of that. Qrow had never relied on the suit so heavily back in the day. There was always a balance back then. But now, he didn't see a balance. It seemed that the Bat had consumed Qrow Branwen. He attempted to reason with the billionaire. "The Bat interrogated six people and came away with nothing. It was Qrow Branwen who got the information." Klein pointed out with a raised eyebrow.

His words seemed to make Qrow pause. The younger man understood what his mentor was saying. Being the Dark Knight had not done anything beneficial, but Qrow Branwen had. He found one flaw in Klein's plan. "Qrow Branwen can't break into Lex Merlot's house." Qrow argued with a slight shake of his head. "Qrow Branwen won't have to. He's being invited." Klein replied and handed Qrow an envelope that said exactly that.

". . . Well, that's coinvent." Sun remarked.

"Perfect timing too," Coco said.

"Like how Salem's agents got into Beacon," the Host muttered and Oscar nodded in agreement.

A door panel slides open and the Audience is met with the Batsuit in the small closet, its appearance by itself looking slightly demonic before they see Qrow's glaring expression as he looked to the suit like an alcoholic looking at a bottle and felt that a part of him was telling him to ignore what Klein had said and let the Bat out. He felt his blood run hot and the urge to choose violence over subtlety nearly took over. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply before exhaling. He would take Klein's advice and stepped away from the Batsuit. Away from the temptation.

Once again, Darth Anarchus had his Clone Troopers begin playing music again. However, it wasn't building horror but still dark but more brooding. Briefly the Audience felt uncomfortable looking at the Batsuit by itself. Even more so at Qrow's glare.

Qrow grimaced at the comparison of his counterpart being addicted to the suit like an alcoholic to a bottle. He moved to pocket his flask before he glanced up the screen. What he saw made him pause.

Before he went to leave the cave, a trio of other suits caught his and the Audience's eye. They were constant reminders of his greatest failures. Reminders of what he couldn't protect. One was of his sister. Unlike Qrow's Batsuit, Raven's Nevermore suit resembled that of a bird with a red coloring with black armor. The other was Robin's suit, made for someone with a leaner and agile build, displayed on a headless mannequin with a staff in hand. The last one was Yang's suit, the Dragon which resembled the Nevermore but with a black and yellow scheme and a dragon like mask and scale like pattern. The suits had seen better days. The Robin's maroon red of the chest was grimy and darkened with blood and ash. Bullet holes were visible in the left rib of the Nevermore and three in the right shoulder. The Dragon's mask was cracked and its gauntlets were misshapen and dented as were Robin's blades broken and chipped. A last defense against whatever attacked them. Bullet holes tore the Nevermore's cape and a stab wound was visible in her stomach.

Spray painted over each chest piece and over Robin's golden 'R' were three different messages.




Team STRQ and RWBY's eyes widened and they turned to Darth Anarchus for an explanation. The Host crossed his arms before speaking. "Robin is the name of Batman's ward and partner. Almost every Batman variant has a Robin and that mantle is passed to whoever they adopt. Which is usually about four or five. In this universe however, Qrow never had a chance to adopt more than one. Jaune Arc was his Robin and he was unfortunately brutally killed by one of Batman's dangerous enemies."

"In this universe, Raven became a vigilante known as the Nevermore and Yang became the Dragon when they found out about Qrow's secret after being trained." the Host went on. "Both were also killed by enemies of Batman."

Jaune's eyes widened when he heard that he was a) a sidekick and b) killed. His team looked to him with concern and he gave them a shaky thumbs up. It wasn't everyday one hears about their counterpart being dead in a universe and why.

Raven and Yang both gasped and looked to the screen, remembering their interactions with Bat-Qrow. Ruby hugged Yang tightly as Summer and Tai placed a hand on Raven's shoulders. Both mother and daughter recalled what Bat-Qrow had said to them.I'm sorry, Firecracker. I'm so sorry. I miss you, Rae.Suddenly those words had a lot more meaning than they thought before.

Saphron and Terra were horrified at the thought of Jaune being killed in another universe while Whitley balked thinking of his Batman counterpart going through that kind of loss.

This was how Qrow had found them, Robin by himself and the others together. Vandalized, one in a burning building and the others in the streets of Mantle, left by a mad clown!

Klein had offered to fix them, to honor the loss of his team; sister, niece, and partner. But Qrow didn't want that. He want them to serve of a reminder of what he lost. What he failed to do: Protect the boy who looked up to him. The boy he called a son. Protect the girl he held in his hands when she was born. Protect his twin, his other half. A son, a niece and sister he had to bury.

Qrow looked away from the suits and continued up the stairs. The Batsuit vault closed as he ascended the stairs.

Qrow took deep breaths to calm himself down when the Host had finished speaking. He didn't know if he should be horrified or he should be angered at the information of the deaths of his counterpart's family. Robyn reached a hand silently and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Hours later, Qrow was shown taking a quick shower. A scar ran parallel with his spine could be seen in the steam of the hot shower as he turned around and another scar was visible on his shoulder.

"Gah! Not again!" Ruby and Yang exclaimed as they covered their eyes instantly upon seeing their uncle's counterpart in the shower. They may want to see the Multiverse, but they'll draw the line on this matter. Raven felt the same. They've seen enough when he got more drunk than usual.

Well, I can see why my counterpart dated him,Cinder mused as she looked up and down.

Robyn licked her lips quickly. "Damn~!" she grinned.

Nora being Nora commented, "Well, you got to strut what you have sometimes." Qrow didn't know if he should feel uncomfortable since that comment came from someone the same age as his niece Yang or slightly (Or maybe not slightly) smug when he saw Robyn's reaction. Tai and Summer chuckled in amusem*nt while Raven squeaked at Nora's words.Too much Qrow! My eyes! They're burning!

"But seriously, he's ripped!" Emerald exclaimed.

"You could say that again," Sienna said.

"I feel inadequate," Cardin slumped.

"Well, this lifts the mood, I guess." Oscar muttered to himself.Indeed.Ozpin replied in his head.

Winter coughed into her fist and tried to focus on the fact that Qrow had two noticeable scars. The one on his back caught her attention the most. She had a feeling that had a story.

The scene changed to show Qrow walking through his garage. A garage that was the size of a football field and held three rows of cars. 20 in each. If he was going to show up as Qrow Branwen, he was going to do it in style as Yang would say. The garage was filled with expensive cars on display. No Toyotas here.

Tonight was a special occasion. He was going to be seen by influential people and reporters. He would make a show of it. He pulled the cover off one car that would most likely stand out. His Aston Martin. The old car was dark gray in color and in pristine condition. Qrow had inherited all these cars from his father and his father before him along with Raven He kept up the tradition. He and Klein checked every vehicle every other week and ensured all the original parts were kept to the car.

Yang and most of the students smiled at the idea of expensive cars.

Later, Qrow drove the car down the road and past the old Branwen manor. Both he and Raven had grown up in that vast mansion. It housed them, their parents and Klein. The rest of the staff were part-time and didn't live in the residence. Now all that stood was a hallow version of the once pristine building. The windows were either gone or just about to be. Vines crept from the ground and slithered up the face of the mansion. The overgrowth was black with death, giving the estate the appearance of having black veins.

Qrow winced realizing that his counterpart was at his lowest point if his house was in that state. Both Yang and Raven frowned as did Ruby, Summer and Tai at the fact that Qrow would leave a home like that and let it fall into such a state.

Qrow's Aston Martin arrived at the front of Merlot's residence that was surrounded by reporters. He steps out of his car and smiles lightly as reporters take pictures and ask questions. It wasn't often the Branwen billionaire came out of Mantle. One of the reporters was Oscar Pine. He furrowed his eyebrows and turned to a man next to him and nodded his head to the direction of Qrow. "Who's that?" he asked.

"You must be new to the letting meat cake beat, that is Qrow Branwen." the man replied and Oscar looked back to the billionaire. He recalled the Branwen name from his history. It was older than his human parents and had a company connected to it that did everything Oscar could think of.

"Well, I got a bad feeling about this," Qrow muttered. Oscar nodded in agreement. They knew their counterparts would not do anything to cause a scene but they had a feeling their interaction wasn't going to be any good.

"Philanthropist, bibliophile, true friend of the Library of Atlas, Mr. Lex Luthor-Merlot." a silver haired woman introduced on a stage inside the house and the crowd clapped their hands.

"Me? Oh!" Merlot exclaimed, holding his hands up. "Thank you." He walks past Oscar on his way to the stage.

"Embarrassing me," He chuckled as he took the microphone. "Um, speech, speech." He muttered to himself. The Governor rose an eyebrow at his behavior. "Blah, blah. Open bar. The End. Hmm! Yeah." He chuckled along with the crowd. One of the women was Robyn Hill. She turned her head when she was offered a drink. Qrow glanced over to her direction and they held eye contact for a moment before Robyn looked ahead to Merlot on stage and Qrow followed suit. "The word philanthropist comes from the Greek. Meaning a lover of humanity." Merlot explained. "Uh, it was coined about 2500 years ago."

Some rose their eyebrows at Merlot stuttering while Robyn and Qrow looked at the screen in surprise. They didn't know they'd see her counterpart in this viewing. Most of the adults noticed her but most of the students didn't see her.

Qrow began to walk through the crowd. "Alright, where am I going, Klein?" he asked the butler on his Commlink quietly.

Klein was shown in the Bat Cave, sitting at the Bat Computer. "Past the elevator." He instructed. "Do left." Unaware to them, Oscar heard them with his super hearing. He turned around to look at Qrow as he walked through the crowd.

"Uh oh," Ruby muttered.

"Is there any way to hide from his super senses?" Cinder asked.

"Yeah, use lead." Darth Anarchus replied. "That usually works."

"That's right, it must be." Klein added as Qrow walked past Merlot's secretary and assistant, Mercy. The black haired woman turned her head and watched him walk with suspicious eyes.

"This is a service corridor in the basem*nt." Klein went on as he watches the computer. "Go down the stairs," he adds as Qrow does that.

Back in the party. "Between gods and men, the titan Prometheus went with us and he ruined Zeus's plan to destroy mankind and the Faunus." Merlot went on, and the Audience see Robyn rolled her eyes slightly. "And for that, he was given a thunderbolt. Choo!" Merlot exclaimed dramatically.

"Who is Prometheus and Zeus?" Ozpin asked, mildly intrigued.

"Prometheus is a Titan that gave humanity and Faunus fire from the gods of Olympus." The Host replied. "Zeus is the king of gods and god of lightning and thunder, ruler of the sky. You'll learn more about them later."

Robyn rose an eyebrow at her counterpart's subtle reaction.

"Hey, that seems unfair." Merlot said, licking his lips lightly. "Um, on a serious note, the Library of Atlas. . ."

"Those stairs you saw them on your way in, downstairs." Klein informed Qrow who walks down a flight of stairs.

"But one time, Dad could not afford books back then. No, he had to root through the garbage for yesterday's paper." Merlot is heard above Qrow.

"Next the kitchen is on your right." Qrow looked to the right briefly and saw the kitchen. Luckily, none of the cooks saw him. "Go left." Klein stated. "Right in front you, that's where you want to be."

Qrow walked into the server room. At the end of the hall, he reached up and attached a small device to some exposed wires. A timer of seven minutes activated. Suddenly, Mercy walked into the door of the server. "May I help you, Mr. Branwen?" she asked.

"Uh, oh! Oh, I'm sorry." Qrow instantly fell into the act of a drunken billionaire. "I just-I thought the bathroom was down here. I must have- That last martini was uh, two too many, I think." he chuckled with a slur.

Mercy fell for the act. "Restrooms are upstairs." She said and smiled lightly. "Great, I'm okay." Qrow nodded his head. Mercy nodded and began to walk away.

"I like those shoes." Qrow said flirtingly. Mercy rolled her eyes before walking out of view. Qrow instantly lost his smile. "I can't stay down here, Klein." he said grimly.

"Go upstairs and socialize." Klein said dismissively. "Some young lady from Atlas will make you honest." he snarked. Taking a glass to his lips, he snarked to himself. "In your dreams, Klein."

"I was thinking it was being too easy," Qrow sighed when Mercy appeared.

Winter had a sudden thought. "Qrow, was there ever a moment when you were acting drunk?" she asked.

Qrow paused and debated if he should tell the truth that yes there was times he was acting drunk or not. After a moment, he shook his head. "Nah, I've been a drunk for a long time."

Winter frowned at that and looked back to the screen. She didn't see Qrow shaking his head at Robyn who nodded in understanding that there were times he was acting drunk. Robyn chuckled at Klein's remark of Qrow meeting a woman from Atlas.

The scene changed back to the party. Merlot was the main focus. "Books are knowledge, and knowledge is power." He said sagely before stuttering again. "And I am, hehe, no, uh, no. What am I? What was I saying? No." The audience in the room were looking at him confused of what he was trying to say, he had been switching topics through out the whole speech. Others looked bored. "The bittersweet pain among men is having knowledge with no power because that is PARADOXICAL and um, hehe," Merlot shouted at the end before chuckling nervously before becoming serious. "Thank you for coming."

"Please, music." He instructed and the orchestra began to play music.

Qrow had entered the party. His eyes landed on Robyn who looked at him before walking out of view. "Mr. Branwen. Mr. Branwen." A voice called from his left. He looked over and saw who it was. "Oscar Pine, Daily Planet." Oscar introduced.

"I mean, he's not wrong," Sun said when Merlot said the knowledge is power line.

"I feel like this Merlot has more screws loose than the one in our world." Yang remarked, recalling when they had met the scientist after the Breach.

"Oh boy," Oscar and Qrow muttered upon seeing their counterparts interacting now.

Qrow's eyes flashed with recognition before he composed himself. "Oh, my foundation's already issued a statement in support of uh, books." He said.

"I'm sorry?" Oscar replied, slightly confused.

Robyn was briefly seen in the background and Qrow watched her walk. "Wow. Pretty girl, bad habit." Qrow chuckled with a playboy smirk. "Don't quote me, alright?" he joked.

"I'm going to quote that," Oscar joked, picking up a notebook and writing it down.

"Oh, I'm sure that would be fun to write." Qrow remarked. Robyn rose an eyebrow at him. "Pretty girl, huh?" she repeated with a smirk. Qrow shrugged with a smirk of his own. "Am I wrong?" he asked.

Oscar shook his head and focused. "What's your position on the Bat vigilante in Mantle?" He asked.

Qrow was slightly taken aback before musing, "The Daily Planet? Wait, do I own this one or is that the other guy?" he asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

"Why do I feel like he's referring to someone important?" Cardin asked. "He is. You'll see them later." Darth Anarchus replied.

"Civil liberties are being trampled on in your city. Good people are living in fear." Oscar said, hoping to appeal to Qrow's better nature.

Qrow rolled his eyes. This alien was really going to talk down all he had down for years? "Don't believe everything you hear, Son." he said in a serious tone.

"I've seen it, Mr. Branwen." Oscar replied. "He thinks he's above the law."

The billionaire chuckled in a condescending tone. "The Daily Planet criticizing those who think they're above the law is a little hypocritical, wouldn't you say?" Qrow retorted. "Considering every time your hero saves a cat out of a tree, you write a puff piece editorial about an alien, who, if he wanted to, could burn the whole place down. There wouldn't be a damn thing we could do to stop him."

Oscar was honestly taken aback. He had never thought people would think of him as a threat. "Most of the world doesn't share your opinion, Mr. Branwen." he said slowly.

"Maybe it's Mantle and me." Qrow shrugged. "We just have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns." At the end, Qrow instinctively changed his voice into that of his other persona. The Bat was fighting to come out.

"DAMN!" Most of the students exclaimed.

"Shots fired! Repeat shots fired!" Sun shouted dramatically.

Yang fell against Weiss and Blake. "We've been hit! Man down!" she shouted.

Qrow smirked over to Oscar, raised his flask and dropped it like a microphone. Oscar rolled his eyes with a smirk.

The two stared at one another before, "Boys!" Merlot clapped his hands and pointed between the Mantle billionaire and Atlassian news reporter. "Qrow Branwen meets Oscar Pine!"

"I love it!" He laughed, putting his hands on his hips before walking over to them. "I love bringing people together."

"That sounds a bit out of context," Coco remarked with a chuckle.

"How are we?" He reached a hand to Qrow. "Lex," Qrow gruffly replied.

"Hello. Good. Hi." Merlot moved to shake hands with Oscar. "Lex, it is a pleasure to-Ow, wow! That is a good grip!" He shook his hand before slapping Oscar on the chest. "You should not pick a fight with this person." He put his hands on his hips and looked between the two.

"That's funny that my counterpart is probably thinking 'I'm gonna pick a fight with him,'" Qrow said.

"It's been a while since you stepped out of Mantle." Merlot said to Qrow who shrugged in response. "Well, I figured I'd drink you dry."

"Well, you should hop the harbor more often." Lex proposed, shrugging his shoulders. "Maybe work on some projects together. My R&D are up to all sorts of no-good."

Mercy walks up behind Merlot. "Mr. Merlot, the Governor." she said. Merlot's eyes widened a little. "Governor? Oh!" He then walks out of view.

In the Bat Cave, Klein saw the timer ending. "Seven minutes is up." He said and the Audience saw Oscar looking to Qrow upon the butler's voice. "Looks like the transfer's complete." Unaware that Oscar was watching him, Qrow walked out of the party.

"You know, I thought it'd be reckless for Qrow and Klein to be talking on the Commlinks," Jaune stated thoughtfully. "But now that I think about it, does anyone know about what Oscar's capable?"

"Other than his mother and Amber, no." Darth Anarchus said, suddenly realizing that the blonde knight had a point.Well, I feel a little dumb. I'm the Host and have watched these universes more times than I can count on my hands, but I didn't think of that. He thought to himself.

As he walks down the stairs, Oscar was following him before his attention was caught by a news report. There was a fire breaking out in a village in southern Vacuo during a festival. Then he sees that a girl was in danger. Upon hearing that the fire fighters couldn't reach her, he leaves the house.

Many gasped upon seeing the news report of the fire, even more so when they saw footage of the girl trapped in the burning house. Oscar sighed, knowing that his counterpart was going to save the girl. Well, to quote what other you said, Oz, this looks like a job for Superman,he thought in mild amusem*nt.

Meanwhile, Qrow was seen reaching for his leach device. Only to feel nothing. He looked down to see if it fell down, only to not find it there. He felt eyes on him and turned to see Robyn staring at him outside the server room.

Qrow was about to comment about his luck before he heard Robyn chuckle next to him. His eyes widened as he realized what she was chuckling about.

Many students gasped upon seeing Robyn and recognized her from the first AMV they've seen.

Robyn smirked ever so slightly before turning around and walking away. Qrow quickly walked after her. The Audience see Robyn walking to the door. "Hey!" Qrow called as he hurried down the stairs after her before he was stopped by a crowd. "Excuse me, pardon me." He said to them as he weaved through them. By the time he got out the door, Robyn was entering her car. She looked back at him before entering her car and driving away. Qrow sighed and spun around in frustration before glancing over to the direction the mysterious woman drove.

Qrow ran a hand through his hair with a mock air of frustration. "Dang it, Robyn." he muttered. "I was supposed to steal from Merlot."

"Too slow," Robyn retorted with a snicker.


I got to admit, I struggled to think of a time when Raven and Yang died in this universe along with Robin. But assuming these movies take place in the time they're released, I've established that Raven and Yang died about two years before the events of Man of Steel, which is 18 months before BvS.
I almost thought Yang of being Stephanie Brown/Spoiler based on what I've read, and Raven as a variant of Thomas Wayne Jr./Owlman or in this case, Owlwoman, (Because once I learned more about Owlman being Bruce's brother in another universe, I thought of a storyline if he was born in the main universe with Bruce being Batman) but decided to save that for another part of the DC Multiverse and casted her and Raven as their own superheroes. The Nevermore and the Dragon, hope that's acceptable.
1) The woman in bed is the waitress from the Higabanna Village in Volume 4.
And you know, I realize that I should have had a reaction to some Lex Luthor scenes but I think it's too late for that.

"You don't know me, but I know quiet a few women like you."
"Oh, I don't think you've ever known a woman like me."
"Damn, I like her fire."
Followed by
"What's going on? Is that Ruby? Why does she sound like she was in pain? What is she talking about?"
And then
"Next time they shine your light in the sky, don't go to it. The Bat is dead. Bury it. Consider this mercy."
"Harsh, but fair enough, I guess."
"All things considered, yeah. That is fair."
"Tell me. . . Do you bleed?"
"You will."
"Well, damn. That was cold."
"This mofo has balls."

Chapter 31: BvS: DoJ- Qrow and Robyn + Knightmare


The Audience see Qrow and Robyn interact during a museum party. And then he looks at the photo she mentioned before the Audience see some nightmare fuel.
Bruce Wayne/Batman: Qrow Branwen
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: Robyn Hill
Clark Kent/Superman/General Kal: Oscar Pine
Barry Allen/The Flash: Ruby Rose


My computer just started glitching around 4:30 on Thursday, the 21st, so I published what I had written along with another story to save my work.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

The scene starts with a handful of waiters watching TV with a man criticizing Superman's costume. "Blue costume and. . . I don't know, the fact he has a letter from Mistral on his chest." he said. "I assume the only reason he's not wearing the flag of Haven as a cape is because he thinks it's too on the nose."

Suddenly the voice of the staff's boss spoke. "What is going on back here?" He asked and the men all stood up. "Come on, guys, let's go." he said. The waiters race to pick up trays and glasses.

"Get yourselves together and get out there." The boss ordered. "Get those glasses on those trays, we got thirsty people out there."

"Half full." he added as the waiters walked out of the kitchen and out into a museum. "Remember, half full."

Other than frowning at the TV responder's words about Superman's costume while Oscar crossed his arms with a insulted huff. Ruby patted him on the shoulder with a comforting smile. Darth Anarchus snorted, thinking of a certain fight between the Son of Krypton and the son of Odin.

Ironwood gained a thoughtful expression. "Does Superman have any loyalty to the Kingdoms?" he asked.

The Host narrowed his eyes a little. "To the public, most Supermen variants give up their citizenships, and help everyone." he replied. "But in the end, most of them, in the words of other superheroes, they're Boy Scouts."

The curator was seen. He grabs a glass for himself before he walks over Robyn who wears a silver and yellow dress. "I wonder, would you excuse us?" he said to the people Robyn was speaking to before turning to Robyn. "There's something I'd like to show you." he stated.

"Excuse me," Robyn said to the people she was speaking with before being guided by the curator.

"Now some scholars insist that it never happened, but I believe it's the action." the elderly man says to Robyn as they walk through the halls of the museum. "Perfectly in keeping a King who was feared and respected by the other three Kingdoms of old."

"For me, it's the culmination of 40 years curating, and I can't believe it, but I finally got it here." They stop before a sword on display with a curved handle.

"It's the sword of the King of Vale." The curator says to Robyn. "It's the blade that killed hundreds of soldiers to end the Great War. It's a triumph."

"Oh, I was wondering what this scene was going to be about." Sun said, intrigued.

Weiss rose an eyebrow. "Is that the real sword?" she asked.

"It would be a triumph as the curator says," Oobleck declared, "it would indeed be a triumph."

"It would be one of the only weapon relics from the Great War," Glynda said in agreement. "And a weapon that didn't have some gun attachment to it." she added in exasperation.

Coco suddenly coughed. "Riding crop." She coughed again. Glynda snapped her head to the fashionista's direction but Coco didn't say anything.

Oscar gained a thoughtful expression. Where was the King of Vale's sword?

"Yes." Robyn nods in agreement "Enjoy." The curator walks away.

"Thank you." Robyn nods her head to him.

She stares down at the sword on display. Then the Audience sees Qrow walking to her right side. He looks at her before looking at the sword. He was silent for a moment. "It's a fake." he declared to her quietly. "The real one was sold in '98 on the black market, now it hangs--"

"Over the bed of the Sultan of Hajar." Robyn finished his statement in a knowing tone and she looks up to Qrow. She smirks slightly at him. "Excuse me." she said and walked away.

Oobleck frowned upon hearing that the sword was fake. Port patted him on the back.

Robyn and Qrow smirked a little at seeing each other interact on screen. Qrow blushed a little, thinking Robyn was killing it in that dress.

Tai and Summer smiled a little. Raven crossed her arms, her lips curling up ever so slightly.

Qrow walked after her. "Excuse me, Miss." he said, grabbing her arm. She looks at his hand and up to him as he guides her through the hall. "The other night you took something that doesn't belong to you. Stealing is not polite." He states as he looks to her.

"Is it stealing, if you steal from another thief?" Robyn countered with a raised eyebrow.

"Damn," Qrow muttered to himself while Robyn smiled triumphantly.

"I mean, she's got a point," Sun said with a shrug.

"You're just saying that because you've done things similar." Blake pointed out. Sun put his hands on his hips.

Qrow glanced away before asking, "Who are you?"

"Someone interested in the same man you are." Robyn replied cryptically.

"Is that right?" Qrow asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I believe Mr. Merlot has a photograph that belongs to me." Robyn explained vaguely.

"Did you get it?" Qrow asked out of mild curiosity.

"As it happens, no, I didn't." Robyn admitted with a shake of her head. "The data you copied has military grade encryption." she added. That was to be expected from a billionaire whose company works on weapons. She moves to walk away but Qrow grabs her arm again.

"Where do you think you're going?" Qrow asked teasingly. Robyn smiled back slyly.

"You know, I bet with that dress, 9 out of 10 men would let you get away with anything." He said knowingly, leaning in close to her ear.

Both Robyn's rose an eyebrow. "But you're the 10th?" she asked.

"No, I'm guessing I'm the first." Qrow replied. "To see through that babe-in-the woods act."

He leans in closer. "You don't know me, but I've known a few women like you." He whispered as memories of dangerous adversaries and foes he had met of the opposite sex came to mind.

Robyn smirked as she turns around to face him. "Oh, I don't think you've ever known a woman like me." she replied slyly.

"Damn, I like her fire." Coco chuckled.

Qrow chuckled. "She ain't wrong." he murmured as he looked to Robyn who stared back.

Qrow rose an eyebrow at her statement with a skeptical smirk. "You know it's true what they say about little boys: born with no natural inclination to share." Robyn remarked.

"Oh, I'm hurt," Qrow said mockingly, placing a hand on his chest.

"I grew up with little brothers," Robyn replied. "Boys don't like to share when they're younger. Let them mature and they know better." She winked.

"I didn't steal your drive. I borrowed it." She said before adjusting Qrow's tie. She leans in to whisper to his ear. "You'll find it in the glove compartment of your car."

Blake pulled a notebook and started writing something with a blush.

"The tension between is making me dizzy," Adam shook his head. "The one on screen or in the theater next to us?" Ilia rose an eyebrow.


Robyn chuckled to herself while Qrow stared at the screen in surprise. "Well, you got to be talented to sneak past the Bat that well." he stated.

She pulls back and nods to him. "Mr. Branwen." She bid before turning around and walking away. Qrow watched her leave with a curious and intrigued expression.

Both Robyn and Qrow stared at one another with a matching expression. Qrow raised his drink to his lips while maintaining eye contact.

The scene changed to the Bat Cave as the Audience see Qrow hooking his drive to his Bat Computer. He waits for it to load its data before it was complete. He opens up the app he scrolled through the data before clicking on the file labeled, "METAHUMANS."

He saw five symbols. A 'W', a 'C', a lightning bolt and a shark tooth. He narrowed his eyes slightly before clicking on the 'W'. The first thing he saw was a photo of Robyn stepping out of a car wearing a blue shirt. He titled his head slightly before watching security footage of her walking to an ATM wearing a maroon dress. She looks up to the camera before the footage ended. Qrow then saw a document labeled 'Mantle, Solitas, 1918.' His eyes widened slightly as he saw a black and white photo of Robyn Hill standing in metal armor with a black coat and looking like she didn't age a day in the past eighty years.

Many felt intrigued upon seeing the symbols. But then they looked on with wide eyes upon seeing Robyn in the photo.

"Damn, and I thought I looked good for my age," Qrow chuckled.

"I probably took a page from your book." Robyn remarked.

Qrow's eyes widen as his jaw clenches. His mind races over possibilities of what this means. A member of the Al Ghul family? One that the Demon had kept hidden from even Qrow himself when he met the League?

"Al Ghul family? The Demon?" Winter repeated.

"The League?" Raven asked.

The Host held up his hand. "All in due time," he said. Then he gestured to the screen.

The screen went dark with a sound of the Black Zero heard.

Then suddenly the Audience see Qrow walking out of a bunker door. He wears his Batsuit with a dirtied brown trench coat, a black scarf around his lower face, a machine gun strapped to his shoulder with a pistol holstered on his right thigh and goggles on his head. Apocalyptic music plays and then the Audience see that the once tundra environment of Solitas was replaced by a scorching desert, pillars of fire were seen in the distance next to Atlas and there was a large Omega symbol branded in the earth that was once the harbor between Mantle and Atlas. He holds a pair of binoculars to his eyes and sees an armored bus and convoy driving in the distance. He lowers the binoculars and stares off to the distance.

"What the Hell?" Many exclaimed.

"What the f*ck happened?" Roman exclaimed. "I thought Mantle and Atlas were surrounded by ice! What are those pillars of fire?"

Those from Atlas and Mantle, even Watts were horrified at what they were seeing. Penny covered her mouth as did Winter and Weiss. Ironwood, Whitley and the Ace-Ops all stared with eyes wide and dropped jaws.

Darth Anarchus simply waved his hand to his Clone Orchestra and had them play the apocalyptic music that started sending chills to everyone.

Ozpin, both Ozpins stared at the screen along with Oscar with wide eyes. This looked too similar to the nightmares they've had of Salem winning.

Salem narrowed her eyes upon seeing the Omega symbol.

The Audience see the inside of the armored bus and see that most of the seats were gone and the passengers were dressed in rags and armed with guns aiming out the windows between the armor plating. They arrive at the ruins of a secluded compound where more people were shown and the Audience see Bat-Qrow walking out of a tunnel, machine gun in hand, he walks around the convoy to the back of one armored transport. The driver, Leonardo Lionheart, gets out of the truck and walks to the back with him.

Many grew tense upon seeing the armored bus and the little fort.

"Okay, I got to admit, Bat-Qrow is killing it with that trench coat!" Coco exclaimed, lowering her shades. Velvet elbowed her in the stomach chidingly. Robyn nodded in slight agreement.

Oscar frowned upon seeing the Headmaster of Haven Academy as did the wizard in his head while the Ozpin of the present sighed and both he and his followers, were assured that at least Bat-Qrow wasn't alone.

Salem and her older followers glanced over to Ozpin and two of them smiled among themselves as did Cinder.

"Who are these people?" Fox asked curiously.

"They are known as the Sons of Batman," Darth Anarchus replied. Many rose an eyebrow curiously before their attention was pulled back to the screen.

The Lion Faunus climbs into the truck and a man opens the second door. Batman walks to the back of it and looks to the driver. "Did you get it? The rock?" He asked the Lion Faunus in the back of the truck.

"Yeah, we got it." the bearded man replied before walking inside the truck. The screen focused on the people dressed in cloaks standing behind most of the men before it switches to Batman climbing into the truck. He walks to the front of the trailer where Lionheart opens up a brief case labeled 'Merlot Corp.' Batman walks up to it almost reverently and a green glow hits his face. But then he and the Audience see that it was just two green lightbulbs attached to a car battery.

"The rock?" some students muttered to themselves in confusion.

Most of the adults narrowed their eyes when the man in the cloak was the main focus before they all saw the green lightbulbs.


Confused, Batman looks up and sees Leonardo pointing a pistol at his face. "I'm sorry." he said remorsefully.

Oscar facepalmed while actually cursing under his breath.

"What?!" Ozpin, Ironwood, Glynda and Qrow exclaimed in shock along with the students.

Outside, the men in cloaks throw them off to reveal soldiers dressed in black and wearing the Superman emblem on their shoulders. "Get down! Get down! Now" they shout to the Sons of Batman. More men in black jump out of the backs of the trucks and the Audience see one in the back of the truck with Batman and Leonardo and pointing a gun at the Bat.

The Dark Knight simply held up his hands up. But then outside the soldiers raised their guns and started executing the Sons of Batman despite that they were on their knees or had their hands on the wall. Many started dropping like flies, their blood staining the sand.

Bat-Qrow's eyes widened when he heard the gun fire outside. "NOOO!" he shouted. He knocked the gun to his head aside before it fired and kicked the brief case into Leonardo then he pulled out his sidearm and shot Leonardo in the chest three times and punches the soldier. The soldier pushes him to the wall of the trailer and punches him in the face but Bat-Qrow hits him in the face with his gun before headbutting him and then shooting him in the stomach on his way of the trailer.

He jumps out and shoots two soldiers as he lands. He knocks one soldier down and swept the leg of another and then shooting and knocking another down. He swings his gun like a club into the face of another. He swings it down on another before shooting the soldier in the neck. He takes out his pistol and shoots someone out of view and then throws the sidearm at another soldier like a Batarang force the man to his knee, shoot him in the back before shooting two other soldiers and throwing the man he held to the side. He reaches down to grab the hand of one of his followers, a woman with her face covered. Despite her injuries, she tries to help him shoot the men in black but she gets shot in the stomach.

"No! Why are they doing that?!" Ruby cried out upon seeing the men being killed by the Men in Black. "They surrendered! So why?" she asked. "Why kill them?"

"They're taking orders from a ruler who does not care about how many lives are killed on both sides," Darth Anarchus replied grimly. "That's all I'm saying."

Qrow straightened and remembered how the Host had said that his Batman variant is one of the few that knows how to use a gun and at this moment, ignoring his No Killing rule. He himself had killed before, but he didn't want his nieces to see that side of him when they were hardly taking dangerous missions.

Sensing his mood, Robyn leaned to him. "Hey," she whispered. "Your counterpart only starting to kill because they started killing his men. There's nothing wrong with what your counterpart is doing."

"And you know, there's a literal apocalypse going on!" Raven said in a tone that is close to support from someone like her to her brother. "Rules like that are not necessary anymore."

Qrow rolled his eyes a little but felt a little better.

"Oh Hell yeah!" Yang cheered, her trepidation replaced with excitement. "Kick their asses, Uncle Qrow!"

"I would say for you to be less crass," Weiss said but smirked slightly. "But I would be lying if I said I didn't agree."

Jaune winced a little when they saw that Bat-Qrow was outnumbered. "Oof. That's like in a zombie game and you're the only one surrounded by zombies." he said.

"And you tried to revive one of your buddies," Mercury said, also familiar with those kind of games, and grimaced upon seeing Bat-Qrow trying to help the woman on the ground before she was gunned down.

But then in the back ground alien soldiers with insect like wings fly down and start carrying off the remaining Sons of Batman as the Bat himself fights off the soldiers. He bashes one in the head with his gun before two men grab his shoulders, the one on the right takes his gun and jabs him in the stomach but the Dark Knight rises his leg up and kicks the soldier away. He turns around to bash the soldier behind him with his gun twice.

"What the Hell/f*ck are those things?!" Many exclaimed as they saw the humanoid creatures flying down in the background and start snatching people.

"Parademons." Darth Anarchus said simply.

"The world's on fire, the coldest continent is now the hottest, and there are Parademons!" Roman exclaimed. "What's next?"

"Oh, funny how you ask that," the Host chuckled darkly. He then began to break into laughter, not too different than Tyrian's laughter. "You-You don't know." he said between laughs. "You don't-don't know! Hehehahahaha!"

Two more soldiers rush him and try to force him down but he shoots them both at point blank range. He grabs the head of another and body slams him down hard. Two men grab his arms before they're joined by a third and the Bat is forced to his knees and the Audience see more and more Parademons flying in the background. Gritting his teeth, he reaches down to the man he threw down and snapped his neck. Three men punch him and kick him down. He rises back up with a growl before one of the alien soldiers walks up behind him and punched him in the back of his head.

"You'll never take him alive!" Nora cried out.

Many winced at the hits Bat-Qrow was taking, a few felt chills and goosebumps upon seeing more and more Parademons appear in the background.

"Uncle Qrow!" Ruby and Yang cried out. Summer, Tai and Raven gritted their teeth upon seeing their teammate and brother being pinned down by the men in black. Qrow felt some pride at the fact that it took a alien to knock out his Batman counterpart. He reached a hand to grab Robyn's upon seeing her concerned expression. She relaxed slightly and nodded to him.

Batman opened his eyes to find himself and his remaining men dangling in the air, their arms pulled up by chains. The Bat kept himself composed before a familiar pair of sonic booms is heard and he looks ahead to the hallway of soldiers lined up. A tall figure dressed in dark blue suit and red 'S' and matching cape lands at the end of the hall, kicking up dust. The soldiers all drop down on one knee and the man walks past them. He steps out of the shadows and his face is revealed.

"Oh no, what's going to happen?" Saphron asked.

"Watch what you say," Darth Anarchus replied and laughed, causing the blonde woman to regret asking.

Many Faunus gasped as they recognized the sonic booms on the screen. Did one of General Hazel's soldiers escape from the Phantom Zone?

Bu then they saw who it was and they all had a better look at the 'S' symbol on the soldiers' shoulders.

Superman. Or rather as he was now known, General Kal.

"WHAT?!" Many exclaimed in confusion and shock. "Oscar?!" The students exclaimed.

"The kid/runt?!" most of the adults shouted.

Oscar stared at the screen with wide eyes.

"Hehehe-HAHAHAHAHA!" Tyrian laughed loudly. "Well, isn't that ironic? The savior is now ruling the planet with an iron fist after reducing it to ash."

"It wasn't him." Darth Anarchus said to him, causing the Scorpion Faunus to stop laughing. "It was someone worse. FAR worse."

The Kryptonian bears a impassive expression before he shoots his heat vision and kills the men around Batman without any hesitation. Batman watches in horror before looking ahead as General Kal reaches up to grab his cowl and pull it off his head. Qrow glares at the Kryptonian who glances to the cowl before looking to Qrow, burning rage in his eyes. "She was my world. . . and you took her from me." he said.

He raises his right hand above Qrow's chest. Qrow looks between the hand and Kal before the Kryptonian sneered and plunged his hand through Qrow's chest, drawing a scream of agony and pain.

Many covered their mouths in shock, a few (Civilians mainly) turned a bit green at the sight of the people getting lasered in half. Raven remembered what the Host had said to her during the viewing of Man of Steel, in the Smallville Battle. If this is what a corrupted Superman looks like, she would prefer the Boy Scout.

"She?" Ruby repeated.

Ozpin and a few adults held a thoughtful expression, trying to figure out who Super-Oscar was talking about. His mother? But then they saw what was happening next.

"QROW!" Robyn, Summer, Tai, Raven, Oscar and Winter shouted.

"UNCLE QROW!" Ruby and Yang shouted before Ruby sped over and hugged Qrow tightly. Qrow himself stared at the screen with wide eyes. Sure there was no blood shown, or even the act really, but the idea of someone punching a hole through his chest while he was powerless to do anything to stop it was disturbing already. He hugged Ruby back as he heard her starting to cry.

Qrow suddenly sits up in his chair in front of the Bat Computer. A bright light shines on him and he looks to see a woman in a red costume and a dark gray cloak and surrounded by lightning bolts. "Qrow!" she shouts, revealing to be Ruby Rose.

"Listen to me now!" She says to Qrow desperately. "IT'S AMBER! AMBER AUTUMN! SHE'S THE KEY!" Qrow looked up to her in confusion and she notices.

"What?" Many exclaimed in confusion and shock.

Oscar and Ozpin's Inner Circle glanced at one another and to Amber who shrugged in confusion.

Ruby and her family sighed in relief seeing Qrow was okay.

"AM I TOO SOON?!" She asks before screaming in pain. "I'M TOO SOON!"

She reaches a hand to him. "YOU'RE RIGHT ABOUT HIM! YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN RIGHT ABOUT HIM!" she shouted desperately to Qrow as paper flies around in the air. "FEAR HIM! FIND US, QROW! YOU HAVE TO FIND US!"

"What's going on? Is that Ruby? Why does she sound like she was in pain? What is she talking about?" Oscar asked frantically but Darth Anarchus crossed his arms.

Gasping, Qrow sits in his chair a second time, paper still floating in the air but Ruby Rose is gone. He holds a hand to his heart before he calms down and looks up to the Bat Computer. He shakes his head, pushing his thoughts on the dream aside. He simply dismissed it as his worst fears manifesting in his dreams.

"Based on our Host's reactions and words earlier," Ozpin said with a grim expression, "I fear that was more than just a nightmare out of fear."

"There was still paper floating around," Salem points out. "That hardly sounds like a dream."

"Almost like a premonition," Oscar muses.

He leans forward and opens the search bar on his screen and searched for data on the White Portuguese. Finally after three days of investigating, he found out what the White Portuguese was.

A cargo ship.

"The White Portuguese is not a person," Qrow says in the scene change to Klein who is working on the Batmobile. "Its enroute to Mantle Harbor and will be arriving tonight."

"Master Branwen, since the age of seven, you and your sister have taken up lying like the legendary Grimm Reaper to a scythe," Klein says, not looking to his ward/employer. "But neither of you have been keen on lying to me."

"Oof, you just can't lie to your parents," Sun said. "They always find out."

"Some of them," Whitley muttered to himself. Oscar patted him on the shoulders.

"I never had a desire to do such a thing," Penny said with a shake of her head. "I hope it never comes to that."

Klein turns around to face Qrow. "The White Portuguese isn't carrying a dirty bomb." he said firmly with a shake of his head. "What is it carrying?"

Qrow turns to look at him and decided to be truthful with his oldest ally and father figure. "It's a weapon. A rock." he said. "A mineral capable of weakening Kryptonian cells." He walks towards Klein as he speaks. "The first sample big enough to mean something turned up in the Shallow Sea. It is being delivered to Lex Merlot tonight. . . who I am going to steal it from."

"To keep out of Merlot's hands? To destroy it?" Klein asked.

"How can a rock weaken a Kryptonian?" Roman asked.

"It shouldn't," Cinder replied. Then her eyes widened. "Radioactive pieces of his homeworld," she recalled.

"Kryptonite," Darth Anarchus said.

Many gasped and looked to the screen.

"No," Qrow replied. Klein formed an incredulous expression. "You're going to go to war?" he asked.

"That son of a bitch brought the war to us, two years ago," Qrow growled. "God of light, Klein. Count the dead. Thousands of people. What's next?" He asked, his nightmare coming to his mind. "Millions? He has the power to wipe the entire human race and Faunus. If we believe there's a one percent chance he is our enemy we have to take it as absolute certainty. And we have to destroy him."

"But he is not our enemy," Klein protested. He had seen more footage of Superman helping people from flooding towns to rescuing exploding space shuttles.

Many nodded frantically while others still had their mind on the Knightmare.

"Not today." Qrow replied. "Twenty years in Mantle, Klein. We've seen what promises are worth. How many good guys are left? How many stay that way?" he asked as a silver coin with a burnt side flashed in his mind along with the memories of his memorials down below. He walks away from Klein, "Fourteen hours," he said before walking out of view.

Klein sighed to himself and prayed that Qrow would see reason soon.

The Audience recalled what Bat-Qrow had said in the intermission. They assured themselves that he would stop soon and hoped it wouldn't come to the worst.

Knowing his luck, Qrow thought that it would come to a great cost for his counterpart to have his faith in humanity restored.


I really wanted to see what lead up to the Knightmare Timeline. I can't be the only one right? That and I wanted to see a BatFleck solo film.
Coming up
"Next time they shine your light in the sky, don't go it. The Bat is dead. Bury it. Consider this mercy."
"Harsh but fair."
"Tell me," "Do you bleed?"
"You will."
"Well, damn that's just cold."
"This mofo has balls of steel."
You let your family die
"Oh sh*t."
Followed by
"I miss you, Dad."
"I miss you too, Son."
"Ow, my heart!"
"That was beautiful."
"I'm older than my father ever was. This may be the only I do that matters."
"That's not true."
And then
"The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. God vs Man. Day vs Night. The Son of Krypton vs the Bat of Mantle."

Chapter 32: BvS: DoJ Ultimate Edition "Do You Bleed?" | "People Hate What They Don't Understand."


The Audience are introduced to Bat-Qrow's Batmobile. They see him have a little collision with Super-Oscar. Literally.
Then the Audience see Super-Oscar go to a Senate hearing and it bombs, figuratively and literally. In the worst ways possible.
As if that wasn't bad enough, Qrow receives letters that pushes him over the edge.
People blame Superman for the bombing, much to some member's shock and the Man of Steel is beginning to doubt his purpose.
Perry White: Coco Adel
Jenny: Velvet Scarlatina
Anatoli Knyazev: Tock
Bruce Wayne/Batman: Qrow Branwen
Clark Kent/Superman: Oscar Pine
Senator Finch: Herself
Martha Kent: Kali Belladonna
Bribed witness: Herself (Mentioned.)
Wallace: Himself
Lois Lane: Amber Autumn
General Swanwick: Lie Ren (Mentioned)
Lex Luthor: Dr. Merlot
Mercy: Herself


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I'm sorry if this upsets anyone, but I'm standing by this decision.

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Chapter Text

Coco asks around for Oscar in the Daily Planet whose desk and workspace is empty. She turns to Velvet. "Where does he go?" she asked in frustration to Velvet. The Rabbit Faunus shrugged and shook her head. "I don't know." she said.

Coco sighed and turned away. "Clicks his heels three times and heads back to Mistral," she muttered. Then she turned back to her office. "Son of a-" The scene changed.

When Coco was heard looking for Oscar's counterpart, the former farmhand chuckled sheepishly on his counterpart's behalf.

Chuckles and snickers broke among some of the adults and most of the younger Audience members when Coco's swear was cut off. The Host just chuckled at the reference to the Wizard of Oz.

The White Portuguese had arrived at the port of Mantle. Tock was overseeing the operation personally. A crane lifted a crate labeled, MerlotCorp off the boat. And with a bird's eye view, perched on top of a crane stood the Batman with a sniper rifle and the Batman theme rose in a dramatic and heroic tone. The men around helped Tock guide it onto the back of the semi truck trailer with the help of a forklift.

The Bat aimed his sniper rifle at the Crocodile Faunus through his crossfires. He had to wait and time it perfectly. Once she order the men and the caravan to get a move on, she pulled the trailer door down. The Bat pulled the trigger and fired a tracking device onto the door just as it closed.

Many gasped upon seeing the White Portuguese and seeing Tock overseeing the operation. Then as the Clone Troopers Orchestra started play Bat-Qrow's theme in a more hype and exciting tone, many grew excited upon seeing the Dark Knight.

Ruby smiled at seeing her uncle using a sniper rifle like her, even if she knew that most Batman variants don't use guns.

Most of the adults thought it was clever of Batman to shoot the tracking device onto the truck just as the door closed. The two noises in sync wouldn't be noticed as different and Tock or anyone else would be none the wiser.

After the men got into their black cars and SUVs, they began to leave the harbor area only to stop when a gas truck drove in front of them. As they waited patiently, the Audience have a view of a black military graded armored vehicle. The headlights turned on with the Bat-Qrow theme kicking back in and catching the attention of one of the men in the backseat of one of the cars. A rocket thruster activated at the back of the car He sees the lights of the car driving out of a warehouse on the left of the caravan.

"Go, go, go!" he shouted urgently to the driver, pushing against the front seat in fear.

Many gasped upon seeing the armored vehicle.

"What is that beauty?!" Yang exclaimed in awe and with starry eyes shared with Nora, Ruby, Sun, Jaune and Mercury.

"That is known as the Batmobile," Darth Anarchus said, crossing his arms. "An armored vehicle that every Batman variant has and uses to chase after criminals."

Ironwood had Dr. Polendina and Penny make notes of the design for future projects back in their world.

"Watts, take some notes." Salem told her underling. "You never know when something like that could come in handy." What she didn't say was that she wanted to drive around in something like that.

The Batmobile drove out the warehouse entrance, giving a quick view to the Audience that the Batman was the driver. The man in the backseat took out his machine gun and fired at the Batmobile while the other cars drove away as fast as they could.

His gunfire didn't not even scratch the paint as the Batmobile slammed into the car, sending it rolling in the air and crashing a trailer, a Wilhelm scream heard before being cut off by the crash.

The Batmobile chased after the caravan but not before flipping a switch and a grappling line and hook shot out of the back of the Batmobile and harpooned the crashed car before dragging it behind the Batmobile as it chased after the caravan.

"Of course," Qrow rolled his eyes good naturedly. "Batman, Batmobile. Should have known my counterpart would be the driver."

Some winced as the car was sent flying before balking at the sight of the Batmobile dragging the car on a cable.

"This music is banging," Sun declared with a grin.

"Anyone hear the Wilhelm scream?" Ilia asked with amusem*nt.

Some men looked back in fear as the Batmobile chased after them, dragging the car of their comrade behind it. One of them drifted and the men in the backseat pulled out his machine gun and fired at the black armored vehicle. The car then turned to park behind a concrete barrier to provide cover as its passengers fired at the Batmobile with everything they had. It was futile.

The Bat flipped a switch and the dragging car was suddenly released and thrown over the barrier upon impact. "NOO!" one of the thugs screamed before the car crashed down on top of them.

Most were impressed with the Batmobile's armor before they all grimaced upon seeing the car crashing down on the other.

Qrow grimaced as well, remembering that Batman variants have the no killing rule and at this moment, his counterpart is ignoring it. Robyn placed a hand on his shoulder again to comfort him. He shook his head at her dismissively. He personally didn't have anything against killing. But he would appreciate it if his nieces didn't find out how many people he has killed in his life. Who knows if they'll look at him the same again.

The Batmobile raced after the remaining vehicles of the caravan. The tailing SUV's rear broke off to reveal a man with a Gatling gun before he fired at the Batmobile. But even the higher caliber bullets just bounced off the windshield without a scratch. Inside, the Bat grabbed the controls for the Batmobile's defense system.

The mounted guns on the front of the Batmobile opened fire at the SUV, shredding the back of the vehicle to scrap bits and the man to mince meat. The SUV rolled into a crash before exploding as the Batmobile drove it without much care.

Some of the students were enjoying the action but some grimaced at the sight of the SUV and the man in the back being shredded by gunfire from the Dark Knight's car.

The only one who enjoyed that last bit was Tyrian who laughed loudly.

The caravan drove under a bridge as the Batmobile gained on them. Then one of the remaining cars' passengers fired at it, hoping to weaken the armor or damage it to the point the Bat would retreat. But as they drove around a corner to a different street, the Audience saw that the Batmobile was still undamaged.

The back of the truck opened to reveal Tock and two men beside her. The two had machine guns while the Crocodile Faunus held a large shoulder mounted rocket launcher. The Bat drove his car to hide behind the SUV and Tock could not fire without missing the SUV. The black car swerved to avoid colliding a passing semi truck that honked its horn at them.

The caravan turned onto another street. Just as the semi truck drove past an intersection, a gas tank drove from the left of the caravan. The Batman saw the truck and drove another direction while the passengers in the car kept firing. Too late did the driver see the gas truck in front of his car. He held up his arms futilely before the car collided with the gas tank and exploded.

The Audience hear a choir chanting as Batman gritted his teeth before the Batmobile drove through a brick wall.

"You can all drive, but you can't hide!" Yang said in excitement at the car chase. These were some of her favorite action sequences in movies.

"Of course that happens," Velvet said to herself as the gas truck was shown before exploding. "Almost every action film has a gas truck exploding."

"Except this isn't an action movie," Yatsuhashi stated. "This is supposed to be another universe so those criminals and the driver of the truck are most likely dead." Velvet sighed sadly at that.

Ruby, her family and Robyn grew worried at seeing the Batmobile driving through a wall.

Their worry was for naught as the Batmobile drove through the warehouse and up a ramp.

"Where is he?!" Tock asked her remaining followers as they looked around. It was better to see the Batmobile than have it disappear without a trace.

She got her answer as the Audience watch the Batmobile's thruster ignited, boosting its speed before it broke through a wall and window right above the trailer. In slow motion, the Audience see the front of the Batmobile crushing a chunk of the trailer and killing one of the thugs in the trailer before it landed on its wheels, shoving the remaining SUV into three boats. The Batmobile tried to skid to a halt as it neared a fishing trawler boat but the boat crashed down on the vehicle in slow motion.

"Hahaha! Surprise, mother-" Nora cried before being interrupted by her partner, Ren. "Nora, there's a baby in the room." He pointed to Adrian who sat between his mothers. Nora chuckled nervously while scratching the back of her head.

Most grimaced at the slow motion kill before they grew worried at seeing the boat landing on top of the Batmobile.

Tock and her remaining follower looked at the boat with trepidation before bullets shot through its hull and the Batmobile burst through it like tissue paper and still undamaged.

Now with nothing in the way, Tock saw her chance to fire her rocket launcher. The missile flew through the air towards the Batmobile. With almost contemptuous ease, the Dark Knight flicked a switch and the front of the Batmobile launched a barrage of flares that intercepted the missile and the Batmobile raced through the fire.

"Just a normal night?" Qrow asked upon seeing how at ease his Batman variant flicked a switch.

"More or less," Darth Anarchus replied.

But then, just as the Batmobile rounded a corner, the slow motion returned and the Audience see Superman standing in the middle of the street, red cape flapping slightly in the midnight wind.

The Audience see Batman's eyes widening in surprise.

Suddenly the Clone Troopers all sang like a choir. "OH JESUS CHRIST!" they sang dramatically.

"That came out of nowhere!" Velvet exclaimed.

"He was just standing there!" Whitley exclaimed.

"Menacingly," Nora added dramatically.

Qrow winced a little. "Prepare for impact." He muttered to himself. If Superman could crash through mountains and buildings like tissue and remain unscathed from it all, he had a bad feeling his counterpart was going to have a hard crash.

He slammed his foot on the brakes but it was too late. The Batmobile collided with the Man of Steel and bounced off, spun out of control and crashed on the side against some machinery igniting a small fire. Superman turned his head to watch the car crash before walking forward.

Batman flicked switches and pressed weapons but all the computer said that the Batmobile suffered critical damage and systems had to be rebooted.

"Unbelievable," Weiss exclaimed. "We've seen the Batmobile shrug off everything thrown at it or drove through, yet it's in a critical state after being slammed into Superman."

"And he didn't even flinch from it," Adam said in agreement, both shocked, awe-struck and terrified.

He looked up and the Audience see that Superman was standing on the Batmobile's hood. The Man of Steel reached down and ripped the roof with ease like he was ripping open a sardine can. He tossed the metal armor plates aside.

The Batman stood up before Superman, fists clenched.

"Next time they shine your light in the sky, don't go to it." Superman said with an edge to his voice. "The Bat is dead. Bury it." He turns away slightly. "Consider this mercy."

Many gulped but some respected the Batman's fearlessness. Though some of the older villains and some like Jacques saw it as foolishness to stand before the god-like alien defiantly like so.

Darth Anarchus rolled his eyes upon looking to those villains with that thought and mildly wondered if they would start respecting the Dark Knight after they see a variant stand before Darkseid/The God of Darkness and threaten to destroy his planet for Supergirl's freedom?

He personally hoped so, because who wouldn't respect the Batman after that?

"Harsh but fair," Amber said with a grimace at Superman's warning.

"All things considered, that is fair," Winter stated.

"And from a man like him with his power, that is mercy." Cinder said in agreement.

"But that car though!" Roman exclaimed. "That poor expensive car!" Those who were instantly fans of the Batmobile agreed with him while a majority of the adults (Except Tyrian.) looked to the master thief as if he just declared he had a Grimm for a wife.

Onscreen, the Bat glared at the Kryptonian as if he had heat vision. Then he looked down thoughtfully as if pondering over something. "Tell me," he spoke up, causing Superman to pause and turn to him, mildly surprised at the voice he just heard. The Batman glanced up to him with red eyes. "Do you bleed?" he asked.

Superman looked him up and down before flying away with a sonic boom. Like he had anything to be concerned about.

The Dark Knight's crimson red eyes glared up to the sky. "You will." he vowed.

"Well, damn, that's just cold." Mercury said what most of the younger Audience members were thinking. The alien's strength and durability was near god like and the Bat, a mere mortal just asked if he could bleed and made a vow that he will, knowing that Superman could hear him.

Darth Anarchus snorted. There's nothing mere about these mortals.

"This mofo has balls of steel," Coco said with an impressed smile.

Robyn couldn't help but shudder at hearing Bat-Qrow's growl and seeing his glare.

The scene changed to show a secret garage door opening in the middle of the lake near Branwen Manor before the Audience see the Batmobile driving down the ramp, sparks flying through out its body as it drove through the tunnel. It came to a stop in the Bat Cave. Qrow walked out of the Batmobile and up a flight of stairs. He reached up and pulled the cowl off his face. He reached to a cloth hanging on the side and wiped most of the grease paint off his eyes as he walked to the Bat Computer.

He checked the screen to monitor the truck's progress and where it was heading. His jaw clench. The truck had arrived at the headquarters of MerlotCorp.

Those members of the Audience who liked cool cars and those who started to love the Batmobile frowned at seeing the vehicle drive with sparks. Robyn and others were relieved to see that nothing happened to cause the car to explode or fall apart and that the driver, Bat-Qrow was still unharmed from the whole thing.

The older Huntsmen and Huntresses frowned upon seeing that the truck had arrived at MerlotCorp. Sure, Bat-Qrow was going to go to war with Superman with the rock, but at least it would have been better than being in the hands of Dr. Merlot, variant or not.

And sure enough, the scene changed to show Lex Merlot standing before the semi truck with a busted open trailer as it backed up. He shared a look with Tock ordered the workers to unload the crate. Merlot watched it be opened up before its contents were placed on a pedestal and in a glass case. He leans down to look it, almost in reverence and the Audience see it. A glowing green crystalline like rock.


Many frowned at seeing Merlot with the Kryptonite and some felt unnerved, knowing that it was one of the only things in this universe to harm Kryptonians yet Superman was the only one flying around.

"After countless debates with other Council members and well known public figures, Councilwoman Finch kept pushing Superman via TV to come to the capital," The Host then explained. "Amber took it upon herself to find out what really happened at Vacuo to clear her conscious and clear Superman's name. When analysists couldn't identify the bullet she had, she went to General Ren for help."

Some did frown for hearing a Council member calling to speak to Superman, but they saw this as an opportunity for the Man of Steel to clear his name. Amber smiled a little upon hearing her counterpart setting out to clear Superman's name.

"Leave it to Detective Ren," Nora chuckled. Ren smirked in amusem*nt

"And after some mild reluctance, because he could lose his job," Darth Anarchus went on. "General Ren did help. Told her that CIA think the whole scene at the desert was a setup to make Superman look guilty. And told her that the bullet was a prototype made by a private company. MerlotCorp."

Many eyes widened at the end of the explanation. Some of the adults rubbed their foreheads. Ironwood especially. Of course it was him. Why else would Merlot have a role in a universe like this.

"Said CEO paid the bail for Wallace Keefe and gave him an electric wheelchair," the Host went on. "As well as an opportunity to speak at the Senate Hearing."

A few frowned, thinking that it would not end well. Why was Merlot sending someone like Wallace to the hearing?

Oscar suddenly had a bad feeling about the wheelchair being mentioned. That didn't sound good, like at all.

"People hate what they don't understand." The scene opened up to show Oscar in his Superman costume as he stood at the Belladonna-Pine Farm with his mother Kali. "But they see what you do and they know who you are." Kalie said softly. "You're not a killer, a threat." the Cat Faunus said, scoffing at the idea of her baby boy being anything like so.

"I never wanted this world to have you. . . " she said sadly to Oscar and he knew what she meant.

"Be their hero, Oscar. Be their monument, be their angel." she told him as he looked downcast and uncertain. Soft music plays in the background. "Be anything this world needs you to be. Or be none of it."

Oscar's eyes glanced down as he nods slowly.

Ghira and Blake smiled upon seeing their wife and mother on screen again. Kali herself smiled at seeing her counterpart offering advice and words of comfort to her son.

"A simple wish a mother can make for her 'super' son," Summer said with a sad smile. "To live a normal life, be happy without having to endure the pain and hate of saving people." She looked to her daughters, feeling the same.

"This parallels with what my counterpart had told Oscar," Ghira said in realization. "He had told Oscar to wait, that the world would reject him."

"But it's not going to stop him," Oscar said with a smile. "He's going to do it because he knows it is just the right thing to do."

In some scenarios, some of the villains would argue or call Oscar and the counterparts onscreen naïve, but they just watched a nightmare of a timeline of Superman without that kind of mindset and remained silent.

"Senate hearing is expected to get underway," a reporter says as Wallace held up his arms in a security checkpoint. "In an minute now and of course the big unknown is will Superman really show up? That is what they're really waiting to see."

"Mr. Keefe, Mr. Keefe," The reporter moves to stand next to the amputee in a wheelchair. "O'Brien. In the moment, quick question for you. You're heading in to meet with the Senators. What will you tell them?" she asked.

"I've come here to tell them to wake up." Wallace replied grimly as the scene changed to a meeting room at Branwen Enterprises. "This is flesh and blood." Looking up to the multiple TV screens, Qrow sees his former employee. "He has delivered a war here and this," Wallace points down to what was left of his legs. "This is what war looks like. I have nothing!" Qrow furrowed his brow in confusion as he stares at the TV.

Oscar flinched and looked guilty at the sight of the amputee. After some hesitation, Ruby grabbed his hand with hers and offered a small smile. He slowly returned it and they looked to the screen.

Yang had a UWU face while Weiss rolled her eyes fondly and Blake took a picture with her Scroll.

"There are plenty of people, Sir, who would say that he's their hero." The reporter stated.

"He's NOT a hero." Wallace said vehemently.

"Grace," Qrow called to the woman sitting at the table behind him. "Can you get Craig up here, please right now." he demanded calmly.

Willow was glad that the billionaire was seeing his employee on screen and hoped he was going to offer help.

"Anonymous source can verify everything I told you about what happened in Nairomi." Amber said to her Scroll as she walks with a crowd from a subway.

Coco Adel was shown back at the Daily Planet. "Anonymous source?" she repeated in a skeptic tone.

"Run it." Amber replied as she walks up the escalators. "Merlot engineered the desert. It was an ambush for Superman."

"Trust your reporter, think water gate." she added in a pleading tone.

"Yeah, you need to think litigate." Coco remarked on the Scroll. "If you're wrong, Merlot will sue the paper out of existence." she warned as Amber moved up past Kahina Ziri, the woman who had told the Council that she was from Vacuo and Superman killed her family. "You need proof."

"No, it runs now." Amber said firmly. The Audience then see Tock Knyazev who turned her head away to avoid Amber recognizing her. "Before the Hearing. If Superman knows, it might change what he says." she adds.

Coco shook her head. "I'm not going to risk the paper so you can pass notes in class to the man that rescued you." she declared.

Coco palmed her face when it looked like her counterpart wasn't going to help Amber.

"She does have a point." Whitley said. "Unfortunately, words are not going to be enough to convince anybody."

Many members' eyes widened at seeing the Crocodile Faunus while Amber sighed in frustration at her counterpart failing to recognize her.

"He paid her?" Councilwoman Camilla asked as the scene changed to the Capitol Building, walking beside Senator June Finch.

"No, threatened her," Finch corrected her with a shake her head. Kahina had come to her office, saying that she did not tell the truth. "Gave her a scripted for it. Her parents are alive back home." Finch went on. "But the girl's got a conscience. He's been using the committee as his puppet theater." she added, thinking about how Merlot had been manipulating the committee since he came to them with the discovery of Kryptonite in the Shallow Sea and came up with a deterrent for any other Metahuman that might threaten national security.

"I take it they're referring to the woman who you mentioned earlier," Ozpin assumed, drinking from his mug.

"Yes," Darth Anarchus nodded. "She finally decided to come clean to the Senator and told the truth. You also just saw her go past Amber on the escalators."

Many nodded in understanding before they realized something else.

Tock was following her.

"Senator!" Both Councilwoman and Senator stopped walking and saw Merlot standing at the entrance to the court room. "Hi you." he greeted the Senator with a smile that may border between friendly and creepy.

"Don't go anywhere. I want to talk to you about you-know-what." He said to her before turning to his assistant. "Mercy, you go in and make sure no one takes my seat." he told her and she nodded before walking into the courtroom.

The Audience tensed and felt on edge at the counterpart of Merlot.

"So what have you been up to?" Senator Finch asked, inwardly weary of why he was here.

"I'm just here to tell my story that I was willing to finance a Kryptonian deterrent," Merlot replied, mildly glaring at the Senator. "But a certain junior Senator from Mistral decided to block it."

He laughed mockingly with a glare. "Yes, the chair of the committee on Superman is soft on security." he said as Finch glared back.

"Deterrent, sure," Ruby drawled sarcastically.

"I'd say it'd be understandable if Hazel or his soldiers were still around," Oscar admitted before crossing his arms with a glare at the screen. "But they're not. So why is he acting like my counterpart's all that's wrong in the world?"

"You will have to wait." The Host replied. Some felt annoyed but didn't protest.

Meanwhile, Qrow was with a man in the meeting room, watching the footage about Wallace Keefe. "Craig, why hasn't he been getting our checks?" he demanded. His company started the Victims Fund in Mantle a few weeks after the Black Zero Event. Wallace Keefe should have been one of the first to be paid for what he had gone through in the invasion.

"He is, Mr. Branwen." Craig explained sheepishly and mildly intimidated. "He gets a check from the Victims' Fund every month." He gives some envelopes and paychecks to Qrow.

"He returns them." He added. Qrow furrowed his eyebrows and looked to see that were messages on the checks, all written in red.

Many felt respect for the billionaire for giving money to victims like Wallace Keefe but they grew confused when it was just said that the amputee returns the paychecks.

Why on Remnant would he do that?Qrow thought to himself. Is he trying to make his counterpart look bad? Or is there something else at play?






It was disturbing to say the least about the messages. But it gave them some confusion as to why he was sending them back with messages like that.

"Why haven't I seen this before?" demanded Qrow after throwing the checks onto the table and glaring at his employee.

Raven couldn't help but snort at her brother's question just after he had read the last message and he is secretly a bat themed vigilante.

"I'm sorry, Sir." Craig stammered and walked back out the room. "I'll get to the bottom of it."

"And there he is! Superman is here!" The reporter's voice exclaimed, drawing Qrow's attention to the TV screens. "He's actually at the United Kingdoms Capitol." Sure enough, the Man of Steel was flying down from the sky above the capitol building.

"This is really a historic moment." The reporter went on as the Audience see Kali working at a diner in Smallville. She looked up to the TV screen, her lips smiling slight but there were worry in her eyes. "We expect Superman will give some kind of a statement to the Councils, to the people of Remnant."

Oscar smiled a little at seeing his counterpart appear at the capitol before frowning. Merlot was in the building along with a amputee from the Black Zero Event. Call it some thousand year old paranoia from the Ozpin in his head, but he just had a bad feeling about this.

Councilwoman Camilla held a Scroll to her ear. "He's here." she stated to Finch. "He came. He's above the Capitol."

"You are gonna be on the hot seat in there, June-bug." Merlot said, placing his hands on his hips with a smile.

"I grew up on a farm." Senator Finch said while putting on her white coat. "I knew how to wrestle a pig."

"That's always fun to do," Oscar sighed in a reminiscing tone with a small smile. "You wrestle pigs?" Ruby asked. The former farm hand nodded. "It's a little game the other kids and I would do during the summer to pass time." He nodded at her slightly bewildered look.

"Good times," he stated.

"I mean, it sounds fun?" Whitley asked with a shrug.

"I think it sounds delightful and want to give a try," Penny stated with a eager smile.

Merlot chuckled slightly before becoming serious. "You know the oldest lie in Remnant, Senator?" he asked her. "It's that power can be innocent." Finch rose an eyebrow at his statement but he simply waved his hand.

"Good luck." And with that he left.

Most of the good guys who met Merlot frowned at his statement. Though both Ozpin, Oscar and Salem gained a thoughtful, struck with a sudden thought. What is the oldest lie that did not come from them?

The scene changed to show Kahina Ziri at the subway, waiting for the train to arrive. The Audience then see Tock was approaching her from behind. The Crocodile Faunus glanced to the direction the train was coming from, using her heightened senses. Kahina then had the feeling there was someone looking at her. Slowly, she turned around and came face to face with Tock's face and her sharp teeth smile. Tock suddenly pushed the woman off the platform just as the train was approaching the station.

"Look out, behind you!" Ruby, Velvet and Nora cried out.

"No!" Many of the good side shouted while the adults grimaced. The bad guys thought it was well executed and well timed. Why?

Kahina's scream was muted with the train's brakes screeching to a stop and no one saw what Tock had done.

"That's why kids, you don't stand close to the edge in a subway station." Darth Anarchus stated bluntly.

Amber approached the Capitol. She was almost stopped by an officer who let her pass when she showed her reporter ID. Amber pushed her way through the crowd that was a mix of Superman fans and haters. A vast majority of them had picket signs with messages of telling the alien to leave their planet. Another was saying that Superman was an illegal alien. The fans were cheering while the haters were jeering and shouting insults at the Man of Steel.

Amber grimaced and looked to Superman with a worried expression. She tried to push her way through but both the crowd and the fence in front of her prevented from walking after Oscar.

Despite the fact that he could every insult thrown at him, Superman took a deep breath before walking up the stairs.

Just as they were recovering from the murder of Kahina Ziri, many of the students recoiled at the sight of protesters gathered around Superman.

Ruby frowned before the reminder that Oscar's counterpart could hear everything said to him with his super hearing. The others realized that as well and respected Superman for keeping his composure.

"Another one came this morning, Mr. Branwen." Craig told Qrow as he took the check, not taking his eyes off the TV screen.

"Oh great, what does this one say?" Qrow asked sarcastically.

Robyn shook her head. "Nothing good."

The Host shook his head. They had no idea.

Briefly, the Audience see Superman walking in the halls of the Capitol Building, choosing not to fly. Once he entered the courtroom, save for the cameras in the room, everyone went silent as the Kryptonian walked down the aisle. The silence was deafening. This was not a celebrity or a criminal in handcuffs. This was a being close to a god. He then reached down and pushed the gate open gently.

"Why doesn't he just fly?" Mercury asked. He would choose to fly over walking.

"He's showing that he's not some god," Ozpin replied. "Showing his humbleness and humanity by not flying and gently opening the gate, he's showing that he is just a man."

"Let me say that I'm grateful to our witness for coming before us today." Senator Finch stated, gesturing Wallace Keefe who sat in his wheelchair close to the wall.

"This is how a democracy works." Finch said as Superman glanced over to Wallace before looking ahead. "We talk to each other. We act by the consent of the governed, Sir."

"He went to school, I'm sure he knows how democracy works," Kali huffed.

"I have sat here before to say shadow interventions will not be tolerated by this committee." Finch went on as the Audience see Mercy looking to front door before looking ahead. "Neither will lies. Because today is a day for truth." Finch said firmly "Because only by speaking. . ." she suddenly trailed off, much to the confusion of the Council members beside her. Superman and Mercy narrowed their eyes slightly at her change of behavior.

Many blinked in confusion at her behavior. Some looked to the Host who held up his hand.

"Only by working together can we. . ." Finch tried to go on. "Can-Can we. . ." She stammered and looked to a small jar of her drink. "Can we. . . create a free and a. . ." she tried to say before she grew curious at the label. She slowly turned it and saw the full label.

Grandma's Peach Tea

"Uh, what?" Nora asked what most of her friends were thinking.

She recoiled, her eyes widening in dread and glanced over to the one empty seat near the front next to Mercy.

Mr. Lex Merlot. CEO-MerlotCorp.

"A callback from Merlot from when Senator Finch declared that she would not support him for his Kryptonite." Darth Anarchus said. "She told him "You can take a can of piss and call it 'Grandma's Peach Tea,' take a weapon of assassination and call it a deterrence, you won't fool a fly on me."

At first they were glad someone wasn't supporting Merlot before they grew tense and remembered Merlot was not in the room like he should have been.

Mercury furrowed his eyes. "Does. . . that mean he actually gave her a jar of piss?" he asked. Neo whacked him on the head with Hush while Emerald turned green as her name sake at the image and hoped not.

But to everyone's surprise, the Host shrugged his shoulders while humming "I dunno."

Superman furrowed his brows, hearing her heartrate change erratically in fear. But then he heard something else. Both the Man of Steel and the Senator turned to look over to Wallace who had been silent since the beginning of the meeting. The man remained still before suddenly, without warning.


The court room and the building was consumed by the explosion coming from the wheelchair. Wallace and those closest to him are instantly killed by the explosion.

Outside the crowd recoil in shock and fear. Briefly, the Audience see Kali gasping and she drops a pot of coffee with a worried and horrified expression. Among the crowd, Amber looks on in shock and worry.

Inside the burning court room, Oscar lifts his head with a guilty expression as he looks around the burning room. All these powers. . . and I couldn't even save them, he thought as somber music plays.

Many jumped or jolted at the explosion.

"Oh no!" Many of the students cried out.

"What? But how did Superman not know about that bomb?" Glynda asked.

"Remember what I said when Cinder asked how to hide from a Kryptonian's senses?" Darth Anarchus asked in response.

"Use lead," Cinder said in realization and that dawned on everyone else. Merlot gave Wallace the wheelchair and planted a bomb inside it, lined it with lead to hide it from Superman.

"Oh that clever son of a bitch," Sienna declared both angry and impressed.

Qrow watched the event in horror and shock before he unfolded the latest check returned from Wallace Keefe.


"Oohh ssshhiiit," many members of the Audience said in growing dread. That was most likely the last straw for Qrow's counterpart.

Sure enough, the Audience see Qrow looking up to the screen, his crimson red eyes glowing like flames before the screen went black.

Ambulance sirens were heard before the screen went back on to show injured people sitting on the steps of the capitol building and some carried on stretchers into an ambulance. The rest were in body bags.

"Excuse me," Amber called out to one of the officers close by. "Excuse me, Officer. Member of the press, can you let me pass?" she asked holding up her ID badge.

Superman flew down, an unconscious woman in his arms as he landed and placed her on a stretcher. "Thank you, uh," the medic said, both grateful yet nervous for talking to someone like Superman and telling him what was needed. "I'm going to need room to work here." Oscar looked at the dead people in the body bags with a somber expression.

Amber looked over to him from a short distance and he held eye contact with her, looking close to crying. She debated whether she should approach him as a reporter or as his girlfriend. Before she could come to a decision, the Man of Steel suddenly took off with a sonic boom.

There were sighs of relief at seeing survivors but many were saddened at the body bags. Oscar smiled sadly at his counterpart carrying someone and interacting with the medic but saw how his counterpart look so powerless to help the people around him.

Ruby wiped her eyes as Superman took off flying.

Klein was shown chopping wood outside of the Branwen Manor. He carried his load on his back to the house. As he opened the door, he noticed that his employer/ward was not greeting him like he usual did.

"Master Branwen?" Klein called out before putting the load of wood next to the fire place. "Mr. Branwen?" he called out in a sarcastic tone before he looked to the coffee table and picked up a Victims Fund paycheck with a drawing of the capitol building in flames. Confused, the old butler looked to the TV that was playing on the wall. It was showing the Capitol bombing.

He and the Audience see a blonde woman explaining what happened."-Now initially Superman was helping pull people out of the building but now. . ." Klein tunes it all out as he walks over to the window and looks to the distance with a dreadful expression.

The dread was felt through out most of the Audience. If a Batman variant didn't tell his butler, the one person they respect the most, where they were going or what they were planning and the butler didn't look pleased that didn't sound good at all.

The scene changed to show MerlotCorp with ambulances and police cruisers and the security checkpoint for the parking lot was in flames. Along came Merlot, casually driving on a red motorcycle with a white helmet. He took off his helmet and walked into his trashed building. Bullets were everywhere on the floor, sparks flying from damaged lights and signs. Most of his workers were on stretchers or being tended to on doctors and medics. Some officers and security guards stood around a computer. One of them said to rewind the footage as Merlot walked to them and turned the computer around to face Merlot.

Many balked at the sight of the damaged and burning MerlotCorp. Blake grimaced, getting some flashbacks of when the White Fang attacked a shop or warehouse that either refused to serve Faunus, used inhumane Faunus labor or had connections to the SDC.

Some fans of Batman were a bit conflicted. On one hand, they wanted to see the Dark Knight in action, on the other he technically just did a terrorist attack on a company.

The footage was black and white. It showed a guard being snatched by a winged figure from above and the other guards nearby fired heavy gunfire at the figure. Merlot looked up at the damage. He walked over to where the Kryptonite was kept.

Only to find it missing.

And a familiar Batarang was embedded in the pedestal where the Kryptonite once was.

Qrow focused on how his counterpart let himself get caught on camera like so. That meant he didn't care. Add on leaving behind a Batarang? That was just giving Merlot the middle finger.

Ever so slightly, Merlot's lips twitched upward in a smile.

Most of the Good Side of the Audience narrowed their eyes at seeing Merlot smile ever so slightly. "What are you planning, Merlot?" Ironwood asked with a glare.

Amber holds her Scroll up to her ear as she watches the news report about the Capitol Bombing and how it is suspected of Wallace Keefe was behind it. "Oscar, it's me." she said to the voicemail. "Can you-?" she paused and saw Superman standing outside her bedroom window on the balcony. She hung up her Scroll and walked out as he stared off to the distance.

"I didn't see it, Amber." He said, voice laddered with guilt. "Standing right there and I didn't see it."

"Oscar, there are people behind this." Amber tried to say, to reassure him that it wasn't his fault.

"I'm afraid I didn't see it because I wasn't looking." Oscar said sadly. Amber paused and realized he wasn't just for the events earlier. For not seeing what Keefe was doing. For not seeing how what happened in Atlas's DAMAGED people. "All this time, I've been living my life the way my father saw it. Righting wrongs for a ghost." he said more somberly. "Thinking I'm here to do good."

Amber sighed a little in relief at seeing Oscar at her counterpart's window. She blinked to herself. Wait, what am I thinking? Am I just invested in the story or am I. . . invested in the relationship? she thought to herself before shaking her head.

Many of the older Huntsmen and Huntresses empathized with what Super-Oscar was going through. In one way or another, they've all felt guilty for the people they couldn't save.

"But you have done good," Ruby whispered.

"Superman was never real." Oscar declared as he turns to Amber before looking away. "Just a dream from a farmer in Mistral."

"That farmer's dream is all some people have," Amber said pleadingly as she stepped forward. "It's what gives them hope."

She reached up and placed her hand on the S on his chest. "This means something." she said, looking up to him.

"It did on my world. . . My world doesn't exist anymore." Oscar said to her sadly before stepping back and then flying off the balcony with a sonic boom. Amber looked up with a sadden expression before the screen went black.

Many gasped at Oscar's declaration. Was he saying that he was going to give up? Hang up the cape? Well, some thought to themselves. Can we really fault him for thinking that? So far it looks all the good he has done is met with tragedy and hate.

Ruby nodded in agreement with Amber's words before she felt her heart clench at Oscar's sad response.

Oscar sighed sadly and looked down with a somber expression.


Part of me feels like I should have included more of Lex Luthor's scenes, but I can't change that. No one has given me advice on that.
"I miss you, Son."
"I miss you too, Dad."
"Oh, my heart!"
"This is heartbreaking."
"I'm older than my father ever was. This may be the only I do that matters."
"No. That can't be true."
Followed by
Robyn clicked on the file with the thunderbolt symbol.
"Finally, we're going to see what those symbols mean!"
"Black and Blue. Fight night. Greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. God vs Man. Day vs Night. The Son of Krypton vs Bat of Mantle."
"Okay, you got to admit, this is hyping us up."
"It would if it was a fight that wasn't rigged by someone like Merlot!"
"So, it would be better if they were fighting of their own free will?"
"No! I mean, in a friendly spar, not to the death!"
And then
"That's fear. You're not brave. Men are brave."
"Damn, talk about a badass motherf*cker."
"Normally I'd take the compliment, especially since you rarely give any, but now's not the time."
"Fair enough."

Chapter 33: BvS-"I miss you, Dad." | "They were hunters."


Before the fights, the Audience see Super-Oscar speaking to his father and Bat-Qrow speaking to his only family for different reasons. One conflicted about his actions as a hero and the other hellbent on his mission of vengeance against the god-like alien.
Unaware to them, Merlot is planning something with the Kryptonian ship.
Clark Kent/Superman: Oscar Pine
Johnathan Kent: Ghira Belladonna
Bruce Wayne/Batman: Qrow Branwen
Alfred Pennyworth: Klein Sieben
Lex Luthor: Dr. Merlot


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

The scene starts with a man hiking up a mountain in Anima. Three men spot him walking up the path. An elder of the three speaks Animan and one of the younger men speaker to the hiker who does not acknowledge them. "He can see that the mountain isn't passable." The elder speaks to his companions as he watchers the hiker walk up the mountain. "He's come to die."

The hiker is revealed to be Oscar Pine.

Many grew confused about being shown a man hiking in the mountains.

"That man is correct," Qrow said. "There are high chances of getting lost when hiking at the wrong time in the mountains." Raven, Ozpin and Oscar nodded, being the most familiar with the mountains of Anima. Ren and Nora nodded since they had travelled through the mountains when they were younger.

"He can fly yet he chooses to walk?" Emerald asked in surprise.

"Remember what he said earlier?" The Host replied. "He's considering to abandon the idea."

He walks up near the top and sees Ghira stacking flat rocks onto a pile. "Something, ain't it?" The Panther Faunus asked the young man. "We made a Mistral life on a pancake, so we come to the mountains." He then gestures down the mountain as he picks up another rock. "All downhill from here down to the floodplain farm at the bottom of the world."

"Wait, wait, what?" Many exclaimed upon seeing Ghira stacking rocks.

"Did that tornado throw him all the way to the top of that mountain?!" Roman asked. Darth Anarchus simply shook his head silently and gestured to the screen.

"I remember one season, water came bad, I couldn't have been 12." Ghira stated. "Dad had out the shovels and we went at. All night. We worked until I fainted, I think, but we managed to stop the water. We saved the farm."

"Your grandma baked me a cake, said I was a hero." He said with a smile before he frowns. "Later that day, we found out we blocked the water all right. We sent it upstream, the whole Lang Farm washed away."

Blake and Kali couldn't help but snicker at the image of Ghira working until he passed out.

Some couldn't help but find it sweet and heartwarming when Ghira spoke of his mother being Oscar's grandmother. He still viewed Oscar as his son, blood or not, human or alien.

Many gasped when Ghira mentioned about the Lang Farm. Ruby, Velvet and Nora cried anime tears at the thought of horses drowning.

"While I ate my hero cake, their horses were drowning." He said sadly as Oscar looks away, down the mountain. "I used to hear them wailing in my sleep." Ghira said with a far away look.

"Did the nightmares ever stop?" Oscar asked after a moment.

"Yeah, when I met your mother," Ghira replied with a smile. "She gave me faith that there's good in this world. She was my world." Ghira explains and Oscar looked up to the sky. "I miss you, Son."

"I miss you too, Dad." Oscar said sadly and then the Audience see him standing alone.

Most of the older Huntsmen smiled sadly, understanding what Ghira was saying. Every good deed was going to be met with something bad, but the people you care about will always give you faith that there's good in the world.

Kali smiled and leaned against her husband. Ghira smiled and put an arm around her.

"Oh, my heart!" cried Nora when Oscar's counterpart was shown standing alone.

"This is heartbreaking." Velvet wiped a tear.

"Was that a ghost?" Adam asked.

"Or a memory?" Cinder asked.

"You decide," Darth Anarchus replied.

Klein walks to the entrance of the old abandoned Branwen Manor. He walks through the front door and sees Qrow standing alone in the living room. "You know you can't win this," Klein declared as Qrow stood, half in shadows. "It's suicide." he pleaded.

"I'm older now than my father ever was," Qrow said somberly. He glanced over to the shadows. "This may be the only thing I do that matters."

"No, that can't be true." Robyn shook her head. "Everything you've done has to have mattered."

The Host rubbed his chin in thought, suddenly thinking of a comic he heard about called Letters to the Dark Knight or something. That sounds interesting to react, he mused before shrugging.

"He's been through a lot," Yang said, recalling what the Host had said after Bat-Qrow tried to protect them from Godzilla. "And now he's so focused on his new mission that nothing's talking him out of it."

"Twenty years of fighting criminals amounts to nothing?" Klein asked, shrugging his shoulders while using it as a last effort to talk Qrow out of his one way mission.

"Criminals are like weeds, Klein." Qrow replied. The memories of his nightmare came back to his mind along with his experience as a vigilante. "Pull one out, another grows in its place. This is about the future of the world. This is my legacy."

"You know, my father sat me down right here with my sister." He said, looking down to a plaque with the symbol of the Branwen family on the floor as the distant memory came to mind. "Told us what Branwen Manor was built on."

"Railroads, real estate and oil." Klein replied. Qrow shook his head.

"No, the first generation made their fortune trading with the Valeans. Pelts and skins." He explained before looking up to Klein. "They were hunters."

"That doesn't mean you aren't doing good," Ruby said to her uncle's counterpart.

Raven smiled a little at the mention of herself.

"And now, generations later, he hunts criminals." Winter muttered. "Poetic, I suppose."

"And he's out to hunt the biggest game ever." Ren swallowed nervously. "Superman."

"And he doesn't care if he lives or not after," Summer said worryingly.

He then walks past the butler who watches him walk out of the old manor. "So falls the House of Branwen." he declared sadly.

"It's not going to end like this," Tai said quietly.

Inside the Kryptonian Scout ship, Merlot is shown opening a case with encased fingerprints. He holds one up for inspection.

Placing them over his own fingertips, he uses them to open up a door to what was left of the Kryptonian Genesis Chamber. He slides down the ruined remains of the pilot and steps into water that reaches above his knees. He reaches a small counsel, the same one General Hazel had used to take command of the ship. He pulls out the command key, inspects it before putting it back in and pushing it in completely.

"How did he get in there?" Ironwood asked in a demanding tone.

"He gained access," Darth Anarchus replied. "And using Hazel's fingerprints."

"How did he get Hazel's fingerprints?" Salem asked. "He used a small Kryptonite shard to cut off his skin." The Host replied nonchalantly.

"W-W-We-Welcome. Analysis reveals ship operating at 37% efficiency." The ship's AI spoke after glitching back online and lights turn on from underneath the water. "Would you like to assume command?"

"Yes, I would." Merlot whispered before realizing he had to speak up. "Yes, I would. Ahem." he clears his throat.

"Very well. Let's begin." The AI replied to the human. "The Kryptonian Archive from 100,000 different worlds."

"Good, teach me." Merlot said eagerly.

"Oh no," Oscar and Ruby muttered when the AI spoke.

"No, don't teach him anything!" Velvet exclaimed.

A shirtless Qrow slams a sledgehammer down on a large tire. He lifts it up and slams it down on the tire again and again.

The computer opens up a file of the Kryptonite, showing close ups of its texture and what it looks like at a molecular level. The Kryptonite is placed on a pedestal before a laser.

Qrow grits his teeth as he does some pull ups while three large weights was chained to his hip. He was then shown stepping back as the laser activates and starts melting the Kryptonite before he was shown pushing a large stack of chained 279 weights. Qrow pulls on a thick rope, dragging the large tire towards him.

Many were not expecting the scene change like so. Even more so when they saw Qrow working out.

"DAMN!" Robyn exclaimed with wide eyes.

"You can say that again," Winter whispered.

Cardin leaned over to Jaune and Ren. "We should hit the gym after this." he whispered getting nods in response.

"Yeah, the suit doesn't add muscle for this Batman." The Host said.

Ozpin rose an eyebrow. "Was that a jab to another Batman then?" he asked.

"More or less. He has muscles but he also has a suit that makes him look more muscular than he is." Darth Anarchus replied. "He has an compelling story though, so we shall see him sometime in the future." He looked away with a thoughtful expression. Wait, which variant was that again?

He puts two metal shafts together before he was shown weight lifting 189 pounds on each hand. He flicks a remote button and sets on a prototype Kryptonite gas grenade before he places three grenades on his desk. When the large tire was less than ten feet away, Qrow dropped the rope and let out a scream of rage.

His goggled covered eyes turn away from the laser and deactivated it. The Audience then see him finishing squats with 855 lbs. with weight chains before he was shown dropping his weights on the ground with metallic clanks. Spear shaft in hand, Qrow walks over to the Kryptonite that was now melted down to a emerald spear head.

Most of the single ladies began to drool a little while most of the men, save for Jacques and Klein, made notes to work out like Bat-Qrow.

"Oh that's not good," Amber said when she saw the Kryptonite spear.

"Oh no, that was good," Sienna said, Robyn, Winter, Cinder and Glynda ended up nodding in agreement, before Ilia, Emerald and Ozpin elbowed them on their sides. "Oh! I mean you're right, not good." The Tiger Faunus cleared her throat.

Back in the Kryptonian ship. Merlot unzips a body bag, revealing General Hazel's body. "Alexander Merlot, your security override has been accepted." The AI declared as Merlot dragged the dead Kryptonian General's body out. "Genesis ready to analyze genetic foreign sample."

"Acknowledging presence of genetic material." Merlot places the body in the water. "Analyzing. I've identified the host as General Hazel of Candor." The AI stated robotically.

"And let me guess, he gained access for Hazel's body?" Glynda asked. Darth Anarchus nodded his head.

Merlot stared at the body before he pulled out a knife and cut his palm open. He grunted in pain before he held his fist over Hazel's face and let the blood drop down on the Kryptonian's face. "Acknowledging presence of foreign genetic material. Analyzing." The AI informed.

"Wait, what?" Many asked upon seeing Merlot cut his palm and splash his blood on Hazel's face. "What is he doing?" Willow asked.

"Nothing good," the Host replied.

"You flew too close to the sun." Merlot said sadly, tears forming in his eyes. "Now look at you." He then pushes the General's body further into the water.

"Advising, action forbidden. It has been decreed by the Council of Krypton that none will ever again give life to a deformity so hateful to sight and memory-the desecration without name." The AI said in a tone close to protesting.

"And where is the Council of Krypton?" Merlot asked. "Destroyed, Sir." The AI relented.

"Then proceed." Merlot ordered. "Very well. Preparing chrysalis and commencing metamorphosis." The Ai said before the Audience see a handful of tentacles reaching out and grabbing onto Hazel's body.

Some now felt uncomfortable and disturbed. Hazel may have been a villain but Merlot was crossing a line with using his bod for his own ends and from the sound of it, doing something Krypton thought was bad, and they drilled into their own core.

Robyn was shown walking in a hotel room, packing her clothes. In the background, a news reporter is covering a story of the Kryptonian ship acting up, causing the lights to flicker. She looked up to the lights above her before glancing to the TV. She walks over to a small table and opens up a news report about the Kryptonian ship with bolts of lightning surging around it.

As she reads it, her screen gets a new message from Qrow Branwen entitled, "Boys Share Too." She opens it and the Audience see the message.

Qrow and Robyn chuckled in amusem*nt at the former's counterpart's email remarking what her own counterpart had said.

Cracked Merlot's Drive, found your photograph.

But it doesn't belong to you.

Robyn gains a slight worried expression as she scrolls down and sees the photo of herself during the Great War, battle armor and all with a handful of soldiers.

. . . It IS you.

Robyn rubbed her forehead with her left hand.

Who are you? Where have you been?

Robyn then clicked on the link to Merlot Corp-Metahuman Research. And the four symbols from earlier popped up. The WW for Robyn, the C, the lightning bolt and the A. Furrowing her brow, Robyn clicked on the file with the thunderbolt symbol.

"Who is she in this universe?" Qrow asked the Host. "Just keep waiting, I'll explain when she shows up again." Darth Anarchus replied.

"Finally, we're going to see what these symbols mean," Sun said eagerly.

She started playing security footage of a grocery store. A young woman with black hair with red dyed tips grabs a half gallon of milk when the store clerk is threatened at gun point. The young woman looks over to the robber when suddenly the footage glitches and the woman vanished for a blink and the robber is suddenly thrown across the store with bolts of lightning surging in the air and the young woman appears back where she stood with the milk.

"That's Ruby!" Oscar declared. He'd recognized those silver eyes anywhere.

Yang exclaimed. "Woah, did you see that? She moved faster than you," she looked to Ruby. She nodded in agreement.

"Almost looked like my Semblance." Harriet muttered.

Robyn's eyes widened before she moved to the next file with the A symbol. Drone footage deep underwater played, approaching a wrecked ship. As one drone got close, two glowing eyes appear in the darkness before Neptune Vasilias swam out, wearing no scuba equipment whatsoever and seemed to be breath water like it was air. Robyn's eyes flashed some recognition before Neptune destroyed the drone in front of him before it switched POV of the other drone but that was destroyed when a sonic boom was released when Neptune swam away from the wrecked ship.

"Hey, it's me!" Neptune said excitedly. Then he froze. "I'm. . . underwater. . ."

"Thousands of feet underwater," Darth Anarchus said. Neptune's eyes widened as he let out a whimper before he fainted.

"What's with the dork?" Roman asked.

". . . He's afraid of water," Sun said slowly.

"What?!" Almost everyone exclaimed.

"B-But his name is Neptune!" Oscar protested.

"That's what I said!" Ren threw his hands up.

The last footage showed an middle aged dark skinned man in a lab, a platform behind him with young man's torso and head but the rest of his body was missing hooked up to the platform.

"2200 hours and two minutes," the man said to a tape recorder and looking at his watch. "Subject declining rapidly multiple bodily functions have failed." Robyn's eyes furrowed as she watched the footage.

"Outcome. . . will be death." The man said with a sigh. He puts the tape recorder down and rubbed his head with his hands in exhaustion. He was then shown, shouting in anger and frustration and throwing something across his lab.

The man sits at his desk, safety goggles in hand as he sighs and runs his hand over his head.

Later a black glowing box was shown on the desk. The scientist holds the tape recorder again. "Dr. Silas Coal, suspending all clinical protocol," he said. "Object-61982 is successfully activated." Robyn narrowed her eyes as she and the Audience see the box now pulsing as if made out of pixels. Why does her gut tell her something ominous about that box?

The box hovers in the air, sparking with energy before it start zapping the body. The screen briefly focuses on Robyn's shocked face before it went back to the footage and now the corpse's body started regenerating. But now organically. The young man started screaming in pain as he was forcefully transformed into a cyborg. Before the transformation was complete, Dr. Coal reached to the camera and turned it off and the Audience see Robyn's shocked face as she shuts the computer off and walks away.

Many stared at the screen with wide eyes silently.

". . . What the Hell was all that?!" Yang, Coco, Sun, Nora, Mercury, Roman, and Qrow exclaimed.

"World building," the Host said.


I almost thought I wouldn't be able to post this chapter with the website on maintenance but I don't have to worry.
"Black and Blue. Fight night. Greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. God vs Man. Day vs Night. The Son of Krypton vs Bat of Mantle."
"Okay, you got to admit, this is hyping us up."
"It would if it was a fight that wasn't rigged by someone like Merlot!"
"So, it would be better if they were fighting of their own free will?"
"No! I mean, in a friendly spar, not to the death!"
Followed by
"That's fear. You're not brave. Men are brave."
". . . Damn, talk about a badass motherf*cker."
"Normally I'd take the compliment, especially since you rarely give any, but now's not the time."
"Fair enough."
And then
"Is she with you?"
"I thought she was with you."
"Is now a good time to ask who the Hell this BAMF lady is?!"

Chapter 34: BvS:DoJ- "God vs Man"


Amber gets kidnapped and brought to Merlot's tower in Atlas. Merlot then has a conversation with the Man of Steel and forces him to go to Mantle to fight the Bat to the death.
The Batman waits for Superman at his light.


Bruce Wayne/Batman: Qrow Branwen
Lex Luthor: Dr. Merlot
Lois Lane: Amber Autumn
Clark Kent/Superman: Oscar Pine
Anatoli Knyazev: Tock
Martha Kent: Kali Belladonna
Perry White: Coco Adel

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

The first thing the Audience sees is Batman standing in an abandoned building, dressed in a heavy duty battle armor suit with glowing white visors. He looks up to the skylight with a long bundle in hand. He walks a couple of steps, metallic footsteps clanking with every step in sync with the thunder claps outside before he pulled the cloth off, revealing the Kryptonite spear. He hefts it up before stabbing it into the concrete.

The Batman theme kicked in as the Dark Knight stood on the roof. He pulled a tarp off a large spotlight and pulled the switch down and the Bat Signal powered on, casting its light on the dark thunder clouds above as rain poured in sheets. Batman stared up towards his signal.

Across the bay in Atlas, Merlot stood on the roof of his tower and sees the Bat Signal in the Mantle sky. He holds up his Scroll to his ear. "The Knight is here."

Many jolted at seeing the face of Bat-Qrow combined with the sound of thunder and the music playing.

A few grew interested at seeing the armor Batman was dressed in. "Based on my observations, that suit increases his strength while slowing him down." Penny stated. She turned to the Host. "Correct?" she asked.

It was times like this that Darth Anarchus forgot Penny was an android in disguise. He nodded to her and got an beaming smile.

Many felt awe as Batman activated his own Bat Signal as they remembered Superman's warning and the Dark Knight was turning it on himself. Either he did have a death wish or he was a lot more fearless than they gave him credit for.

Most of the adults narrowed their eyes upon seeing Merlot and his reaction. Hopefully they'll find out what his plan is.

Jazz music plays in the background as Amber descends on a escalator. She spots a janitor cleaning the floor up ahead of her. She turns to walk one way before pausing and turning to the janitor. She furrows her brow and walks forward. "Excuse me, do I know you?" she asked.

She got her answer when the janitor turned around to reveal herself as Tock Knyazev. Amber's eyes widened before a man grabbed her from behind arms. "Hey!" she cried out and tried to pull away before she was lifted off her feet. She tried to scream for help before her mouth was covered. She tries to scream again as she is carried out of the building to the back of a white van.

Like Amber, many felt Deja vu upon seeing the janitor onscreen. But then they saw that it was Tock Knyazev.

"Oh no! Amber!" Most of the students exclaimed when they saw Amber being kidnapped.

"Oh come on!" Amber herself muttered to herself in frustration. She relaxed when her father figure, Qrow hugged her close with one arm. She looked up to him and saw some worry in his dull crimson eyes.

The Host half grimaced. Amber did not seem to be nothing but the damsel in distress in these viewings, didn't it? A blood slave in the Dracula viewing and now a reporter that always seemed to end up in perilous situations? Granted Lois Lane (Amber) didn't give off damsel distress vibes in other parts in the DC Multiverse but he did enjoy her character in this universal viewing.

The scene changed to show Amber sitting in a Bullhead that flew over Atlas towards MerlotCorp. When the Bullhead lands on the platform, she steps out and is greeted by Merlot himself.

She watches the Bullhead fly away before Merlot speaks to her. "Ambers glowing in the morning sun." he said as she turns to face him with a glare. "Leaves fly in the Autumn wind." He stands with his hands on his hips. "Amber Autumn."

She stares at him warily as he breathes deeply. "Come see the view." he suggested and guides her with his arm. She tries to pull away but he holds her tightly while humming "Uh-uh."

"Now the secret to the height is the building material." Merlot explained as he walked her to the ledge. "Light metals that sway in the wind." He turns around to face her with a knowing smile. "But you know all about MerlotCorp Metals, don't you, Ms. Autumn?"

"I've proven what you've done," Amber declared defiantly.

"Wow, you're feisty." Merlot laughed in amusem*nt. "Unfortunately, that will blow away like sand in the deserts." he added.

"You're psychotic." Amber said to him bluntly.

A few rose an eyebrow at Merlot's greeting before tensing at seeing him lead Amber's counterpart to the ledge of the building.

"That's one word to describe him," Yang muttered when Amber called Merlot psychotic.

"That is a three syllable word for a thought too big for little minds." Merlot stated before tapping a finger on Amber's forehead. She pulled away with a grimace. "Next category, circles. Around, round and round they go to find Superman." Merlot said, walking around Amber. "Hmm, wrong category. No triangles, no. Yes, let's triangulate and equality."

He gets behind Amber. "The shortest path between two points is a straight path." He said, leaning in close. "And I believe the straightest path to Superman is pretty little road called Amber Autumn." He whispered, taking a deep breath before he turned Amber around to face him just before shoving her off the rooftop.

Amber gasped before screaming in fear as she plummeted to the ground. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!"

A few deadpanned at Merlot's response, Amber herself frowned when Merlot tapped her counterpart's forehead.

Many rose an eyebrow when Merlot spoke about circles and finding Superman.

"AMBER!" Many of Ozpin's Inner Circle cried out when she was shoved off the ledge.

Suddenly Oscar was in front of her as Superman. She gasped in surprise as the Man of Steel caught her in his arms. He smiled to her reassuringly before slowly descending down to place her on the ground while carrying her bridal style.

"You came back." Amber whispered as she hugged him before looking up, caressing his face. "You came back." Amber repeated. They stared at one another before Amber stood on her toes to kiss Oscar on the lips. He returned the kiss before pulling back. He silently flew up to the rooftop of MerlotCorp tower with an angry expression as he glared at Merlot.

Many sighed in relief when Superman showed up and caught her. "The Man of Steel is back!" Nora cheered.

Both Oscar and Amber blushed when seeing their counterparts kiss briefly.

"Yeah, he did," Ruby nodded. "He came back as Superman."

"Boy, do we have problems up here." Merlot said with a smile as he sat cross legged, and setting an egg timer in hand. He stood up, looking up to the Kryptonian Man of Steel. "The problem of, of evil in the world. Uh, the problem of absolute virtue-"

"I'll take you in without breaking you." Oscar said angrily. He recalled what Amber had tried to tell him earlier with the Capitol Bombing. He reached his own conclusions same as his girlfriend. "Which is more than you deserve." He added.

"What the-? Why does he have a timer?" Coco asked. The Host held up a hand and silently told her to wait.

"Damn right," Qrow said in agreement with Oscar's counterpart when he said that he will not break Merlot.

"The problem of you on top of everything else. You above all!" Merlot said, pointing to Superman. "Ah, 'Cause that's what God is." He sighed.

"Horus, Apollo, Jehovah, Oz-El, Oscar Aaron Pine-Belladonna." He listed names of different gods known throughout Remnant, before adding in Superman's Kryptonian name and his Remnantian name. Superman's eyes widened as he landed on the roof. "See, what we call God depends on our tribe, Oscar A PB." Merlot went on before pointing to the sky with a smile. "Because God is tribal, God take sides."

Slowly, everyone's confusion at Merlot's antics turned to shock when he said Superman's real identity. "Oh no," Oscar muttered.

Both Ozpin and Salem snorted though when Merlot said that God is tribal and that he takes sides. Based on their experiences with the Brother gods of Light and Darkness, they feel a bit inclined to agree with Merlot.

But then Merlot stopped smiling, "No man in the sky intervened when I was a boy to deliver me from Daddy's fists and abominations. Mm-hmm." He said, shaking his hands, his right hand bandaged. He gestures left and right as he went on saying, "I figured out way back, if God is all powerful, he cannot be all good. And if he is all good, than he cannot be all powerful. And neither can you be." He said to Superman.

"They need to see the fraud you are." He declared with an angry or crazy look in his eyes. He gestures to his eyes, adding. "With their eyes. The blood on your hands." He holds up his bandaged hand at the last sentence.

A few felt sympathetic when they heard from Merlot that he had an abusive father.

"So, wait, that's why he seems so against Superman?" Glynda asked. "He hates the idea of viewing him as a god when he hates god?"

Darth Anarchus nodded. "He also doesn't like the idea of Superman doing whathethinks is right and forcing humanity to obey him." he explained. "But he doesn't see that most of his actions makes him want to be in position of being a god."

"What have you done?" Superman asked.

"Mm, and tonight, they will." Merlot went on and walked past the Man of Steel. "Yes, because you, my friend, have a date. Hmm, across the bay!" He pointed dramatically to the Bat Signal over in Mantle.

"Right fruit, his hate. Two years growing," Merlot went on, turning around. "But it did not take much to push him over, actually."

"Wait, what?" Many exclaimed at the end.

"Little red notes." He said, holding his hands as if he was holding the paychecks himself. "Big Bang, You let your family die!" He shouted dramatically.

"You mean it was him, this whole time?" Blake exclaimed.

The Host nodded. "He intercepted Mr. Keefe's paychecks, wrote the messages himself and sent them back to Branwen Enterprises." he said. "The amputee was unaware of this and lead to think his former employer didn't give a damn for people like him."

"So, he didn't know that there was a bomb in his wheelchair?" Pyrrha asked sadly. Darth Anarchus shook his head. "Amber herself found out about that in her investigation." he said. "Suicide bombers don't groceries before they go bomb buildings." he added.

"And now, you will fly to him." Merlot said to Superman who narrowed his eyes. "And you will battle him to the death. Black and blue. Fight night. The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. God vs Man." Merlot declared as thunder clapped at his words near the end. "Day vs Night. The Son of Krypton vs Bat of Mantle."

"Okay, you got to admit, this is hyping us up." Mercury said.

"It would if it was a fight that wasn't rigged by someone like Merlot!" Ruby protested.

"So, it would be better if they were fighting of their own free will?" Mercury asked.

"No! I mean, in a friendly spar, not to the death!" Ruby replied.

"But where's the fun in that?" Tyrian asked with an insane grin.

"Not everyone wants to see two superheroes kill each other," Ruby retorted. "Y-You maniac!"

Tyrian rose an eyebrow. "Am I supposed to be insulted?"

"You think I'll fight him for you?" Superman asked in disgust.

"Mmm. Yes, I do." Merlot said with a smirk. "I think you will fight, fight, fight for that special lady in your life."

"She's safe on the ground." Superman replied with a quick glance with his X-ray vision to check on Amber before looking to Merlot, "How about you?" he asked, as if briefly reminding him that he was standing near a ledge.

"Close, but I am NOT talking about Amber." Merlot replied without missing a beat. He walks around Superman. "No, every boy's special lady. . . is his mother." Superman's eyes widened at the implications.

Most of the students scoffed at Merlot's confidence that Superman would fight the Batman. But then many of their eyes widened at Merlot's next statement.

"What?" Blake whispered.

Gasping dramatically when Superman took a step, Merlot pulled out a handful of photos of Kali with the word WITCH on her forehead. Superman stopped in his tracks. "Hmm, Kali, Kali, Kali." Merlot mused. "Now the mother of a flying demon must be a witch. And the punishment for witches, what is that? Oh yes, death by fire."

Merlot threw the photos at Superman's feet one by one as the Man of Steel fell to his knees. He reached down to pick up one photo of his mother's face. His hands shook before he looked up to Merlot. "WHERE IS SHE?!" He roared with his hazel eyes glowing like red flames.

Many of the students gasped as they imagined their own mothers in Kali's position. Though in Oscar's case, he was thinking about his aunt.

"Mom!/Kali!" Ghira and Blake exclaimed in worry. Kali herself covered her mouth in shock.

"She was kidnapped too?" Oscar asked in worry. Darth Anarchus nodded silently.

Many jolted and felt fear shoot through them as they saw Oscar's eyes glowing red.

"I don't know! I would not let them tell me." Merlot declared with his hands on his hips. He waved his finger in a 'No, no" gesture in front of Superman's face. "Now, rrraahh. If you kill me, Kali dies, and if you fly away, Kali also dies." He did some gestures of Superman flying away. He held his finger up as he says, "But if you kill the Bat, Kali lives." he curls his fingers into a fist.

Superman glared up to him before closing his eyes and lowering his head. "There we go, there we go." Merlot said softly, running his hands through Oscar's hair. "And now God bends to my will." He declared sinisterly.

"Oh, clever, Merlot," Salem muttered. "Very clever indeed."

"Damn," both Oscar and Qrow said under their breaths.

"Now the cameras are waiting at your ship for the world to see the holes in the holy!" Merlot declared. "Yes, the almighty comes clean about how dirty he is when it counts. To save Kali, bring me the head of the Bat." Superman rose his head to glare up at him.

"Oh! Mother of God! Would you look at the time?" Merlot declared as he pulled out the timer. "When you came here, you had an hour. Now it's less." He pointed to the timer, showing to Superman. The music in the background rose in crescendo as Merlot walked to the Bullhead behind him and it left shorty after.

Many of the good guys glared at Merlot while some of the older villains couldn't help but respect the man. As he said, now the god-like being bends to his will.

"This is why secret identities are important for superheroes," Darth Anarchus said. "Because you never know when a sociopath is going to come along and get the drop on you."

The scene changed to the Daily Planet. Velvet and Cardin were watching the office TV as footage of the Kryptonian ship was shown. "Baldwin is on the scene, Brooke you're live on the air, what do you see?" A reporter asked.

"There's something happening at the ship." Velvet said to Coco as she walked out of her office and she glanced out her window to see bolts of lightning at the ship, even from this distance. "It's sending massive power surges."

Robyn was shown walking up a flight of stairs and sees a TV on the news. "We're trying to get a little closer to find out what's going on." Brooke reported as Robyn watched the screen. "It is absolute chaos. You can see that lightning. . ." The lights flicker and the building shake, causing Robyn to look around with wide eyes. "And it's getting stronger by the minute."

"Oh, that's not good," Jaune said when the Rabbit Faunus spoke about the Kryptonian ship.

Robyn narrowed her eyes at seeing her counterpart. "Come on, do something," she whispered.

"Daily Planet," Amber said to a cab driver urgently. She opens the back door and moves to step in.

"Amber," She paused and turned around to see Superman looking at her with an urgent and desperate expression. "I have to go to Mantle to convince him to help me." He stated.

"Who?" Amber asked in worry at his tone.

Superman looked to the side, sad and desperation written all over his face. "Or he has to die."

Amber's eyes widened at the declaration. What happened up at the roof? Her mind raced for an answer. What did Merlot say or do to her boyfriend? "Oscar. . ." she stepped forward but Oscar began to fly.

"No one stays good in this world." He said sadly before flying away. Amber watched him fly away.

Many felt sympathetic for Superman and his predicament.

"It's going to be fine," Ruby whispered. "It's all going to work out in the end.

Isn't that the sad truth, Both Ozpins thought to themselves at Superman's sad statement before he flew away.

"I need a Bullhead to Mantle!" Amber declared as she ran through the Daily Planet.

"A Bullhead? We can hardly afford a bicycle!" Coco declared, half confused why she wanted to head to Mantle of all places. "You want a story? Amber, get to the ship. That's your story!" She pointed to the TV. "Superman's probably there already!"

"Coco, it's not for a story." Amber said to her sternly.

". . . Get her to the Bullhead." Coco stared at her before understanding and realization seemed to dawn on her. She turned to one of her workers. "Put it on the roof, Autumn. On the roof, Autumn!" She called to Amber as she jogged away.

On the roof, she was greeted by the pilot. "Where to?" he asked. Amber pointed over to the Bat Signal. "There!" she said urgently.

Amber nodded in agreement as she had a hunch of what her counterpart was planning. A few respected Amber. She didn't understand her boyfriend's situation yet she was willing to follow him to Mantle and help him.

I just hope I'm not too late,Amber thought.

The Batman was shown staring up at the sky, ignoring the rain pouring down on him. Then the lightning flashed and Superman was hovering thirty feet above him. The Man of Steel stared down at the Bat who stared back. After a long moment, Superman landed on the ground in sync with a thunderclap.

"Well, here I am." Batman said, spreading his arms out slightly.

"Qrow, please!" Superman said in a pleading tone. He walked towards Batman who began to walk backwards. "I was wrong. You have to listen to me. Merlot wants us to-" His right foot stepped onto a hidden button and suddenly two large cannons appeared at his sides and blasted sonic waves at the Man of Steel. Superman grunted in pain as his super hearing was bombarded with sonic wave after sonic wave.

Many grew tense at seeing the Dark Knight and Man of Steel staring each other down in the rain.

A few grew confused when Superman knew Batman's secret identity before remembering that he had X-ray vision.

All the Faunus in the room grimaced and covered their animal ears in pain when the sonic cannons appeared. Zwei himself whined and shook his head. Ruby and Weiss gasped and hugged the corgi close in comfort.

The Bat smiled slightly as he watched the Man of Steel in pain. He reached down and picked up a manhole cover. He tore it in half before throwing each end at the cannons. "You don't understand, there's no time!" he said impatiently as he walked to the Batman who walked up to him as well.

"I understand!" He growled before Superman suddenly sent him flying back with a shove as if he was made of cardboard. The Dark Knight was sent skidding across the ground thirty feet away from where Superman stood.

"No you don't!" Qrow shouted to his counterpart. "Just stop and listen for a second! Oh sh*t," he said when Superman sent his counterpart flying back.

The Kryptonian took another step before four 50 caliber guns popped out of compartments around him and unleashed everything they had at the Man of Steel. Superman instinctively braced himself before his body was pelted with bullets.

After a moment, he flew into the air and destroyed the guns with his heat vision. He looks around with his eyes glowing like flames.

"Damn, good thing he's bulletproof or he would have been shredded like paper," Yang said when Superman was bombarded with heavy gunfire.

"That's a menacing shot," Sun said in awe and fear at seeing Superman with red eyes. Many nodded in agreement.

Batman rose to his feet, growling in anger as the fire reflected off his armor. Superman landed in front of him and walked to him and then picked him up without any strain despite the armor the Dark Knight was wearing was well over two hundred pounds. He then threw the Bat fifty down an alleyway.

As the Batman struggled to get to his feet, the Audience saw Superman appear in front of him faster than a blink. Superman walked around him before frowning, losing patience. He then tackled Batman through the wall of the building behind him. They flew out of the roof of the building and Superman threw Batman down to his Bat Signal.

The Dark Knight bounced off the spotlight and landed at the far ledge of the roof, the impact causing the edge of the roof to collapse. Batman gritted his teeth and pushed himself away from the ledge. The Kryptonian landed on the roof. "Stay down!" Superman ordered sternly as Batman rose to his feet. "If I wanted it, you'd be dead already!" And it was true, the Man of Steel could have punched the Bat's head off if he wanted to.

A few grimaced at seeing Superman throwing Batman around like he was weightless.

"Damn, all that work out and he can hardly do anything against Superman," Mercury said as a few remembered seeing Bat-Qrow working ou.

"It wasn't for fighting Superman," the Host said. "It was so he could move around in that suit of armor."

"Please, Qrow, just stop and listen." Summer said to the screen in worry.

Batman pulled out a grenade, waved it at Superman before pulling the pin, releasing gray smoke before tossing it at Superman's feet and a large cloud formed between them.

Superman furrowed his brow as he saw that he couldn't see through it. That meant it was mixed with lead particles. He flew through the smoke only to see Batman was not there. Then he heard aCLICKbehind him. He turned around and saw the Batman aiming a gun at him. The Batman gun pulled the trigger and a black grenade shot towards Superman.

The Man of Steel caught it like it was a baseball. Like seriously, what was he hoping to accomplish when his 50 caliber bullets bounced of the Kryptonian's skin? But then a cloud of green gas shot into his face.

Instantly, Superman's throat and lungs burned. His eyes watered and he felt dizzy. He began to cough harshly, falling to his knees.

"I don't get why he's using weapons like that when he knows they're doing squat against Superman," Roman stated with a shake of his head.

"He's doing it so that Superman lets his guard down," Darth Anarchus explained.

"For what?" Ruby asked in worry. The Host simply pointed to the screen just as Superman caught the Kryptonite grenade and it exploded in his face. Many gasped, they had admittedly forgot the Bat had those grenades.

"He made him think that all he had were normal weapons," Sienna stated as realization dawned. "And his guard would be down because he would think that the grenade was just a normal grenade."

"Add on that they are in cased in lead," Darth Anarchus explained.

Batman smiled and hooked the Kryptonite gun to his belt. He watched Superman cough and wheeze in the Kryptonite gas. "Breath it in." He said to the Man of Steel who coughed and hacked. "That's fear." He added.

"You're not brave." He stated with a shake of his head. Superman looked up to him with a glare and watery eyes before shooting to his feet. He threw his fist to punch the Bat, only for his fist to be blocked by the forearm of the Batman.

"Men are brave." Batman declared. After all, it was easy to act tough when you knew that you were bulletproof. Superman looked at his fist in shock. He threw a couple of more punches but they were blocked by Batman before the Bat headbutted him, causing him to stagger back.

"Oh no," many said in unison when Superman was getting weakened and his fist was blocked by Batman.

". . . Damn, talk about a badass motherf*cker." Winter muttered in a mixture of awe and respect before she realized that she just complimented Qrow Branwen.

"Normally I'd take the compliment, especially since you rarely give any, but now's not the time." Qrow stated dismissively, his eyes on the screen.

"Fair enough." Winter shrugged.

Batman reared his right fist back and punched Superman in the face. He blocked another punch thrown by the weakened Kryptonian before elbowing him in the throat, which Oscar grabbed at his throat, and then the Bat was back kicking him in the chest. Superman was sent flying back from the kick and he landed a glass skylight. He groaned in pain as the Batman walked towards him.

The Bat roared as he jumped high into the air and slammed his feet down on Superman's chest and pushed him through the skylight. They fell to the next floor and Superman landed on his back with Batman's metal boots digging into his chest.

He rolled onto his side, groaning in pain as Batman stepped off him, only to kick him in the ribs. He stumbled to his feet before he was punched in the face, followed by an uppercut to the jaw. Batman suddenly grabbed him by the throat, headbutted him and then shoved his face into concrete. He jabbed him in the face and then into his diaphragm, drawing the air out of him before throwing a cross punch that knocked him off his feet.

Oscar gasped as he felt pain course through his chest and face. Realization slowly dawned on him. This whole thing was a trap. Merlot didn't send him here to kill the Bat. He was sent here so the Bat could kill him.

He rose to his knees just as Batman swung his leg to his head. He rose his hand and caught the appendage. His arm almost buckled, but he managed to grip it with both hands before he spun around and threw the Dark Knight through the wall.

"Uncle Bat, don't do this!" Ruby cried out.

"His mother is in danger!" Oscar shouted. "He needs your help!"

"Gah! It's more conflicting than I thought it would be," Yang said, pulling on her hair. On one hand, it was her uncle but on the other hand, Oscar was a good guy and his mother was in danger. She just can't bring herself to root for one of them more than the other.

"You know there's some irony here?" Mercury suddenly said. "Superman grew up on a farm and Qrow grew up rich." he said to Emerald. "This is technically a fight between a rich kid and a hard worker."

"Except Superman hasn't needed to work hard for anything," Emerald said. "He just stands in the sun and it makes him as strong as he is."

Cinder nodded. "If any of them is a hard worker, it's Batman."

Batman was sent rolling across the room before his back collided with a wall. He groaned in pain as he landed on his front.

Superman looked up at the hole in the wall in surprise and shock. Did that mean his powers were returning? Batman lifted his head and saw Oscar rising to his feet.

The two heroes charged at one another, Superman ran through the wall like it was tissue paper. But then Batman caught him by the shoulders, spun around and slammed him against the wall.

"Ooh! Does this mean the effects of Kryptonite just temporary?" Penny asked.

"Oof, I don't think so," Sun grimaced when Batman slammed Superman against the wall.

Batman began to punch him the face. But then slowly, Oscar stopping flinching from the hits until he hardly budged from the fifth punch and a metallic CLANK!echoed through the room. Batman froze from throwing a sixth punch and looked at his fist in shock.

Superman's lips curled slightly upward as he tilted his head in a smug manner. The Dark Knight held up a hand as he took a step back and Superman rose into the air before tackling the Bat through the floor.

Batman groaned in pain as Superman rose to his feet, grabbed onto his armor and then threw him through ten concrete pillars and metal stalls in the room. Batman grunted in pain as he skidded to a halt. He reached to his belt and pulled out the Kryptonite gun. He frantically started reloading it.

"Actually, I take it back," Sun said when Superman didn't flinch from the punches.

Qrow chuckled nervously. "I don't suppose you have interest in talking this out?" he remarked to bring some humor to the situation.

"Unfortunately not." Oscar winced when his counterpart tackled Bat-Qrow through the floor and then threw him through the pillars and stalls.

The Audience's view focused on Superman's fist clenching before Oscar let out a yell of rage as he charged to where the Batman laid. Batman managed to reload another Kryptonite grenade before he aimed at Superman just as the Man of Steel jumped into the air, ready to deliver a Superman Punch. He pulled the trigger and fired at point blank range at Superman's face.

But not before Superman punched him in the face.

Superman bounced in one direction, covered in Kryptonite gas, Batman went spinning in another. The Bat landed on his stomach and gritted his teeth as his left eye was exposed from the damage done to his cowl. He stood up as the light visor covering his right eye flickered off, revealing his other eye. He stood up and glared at the coughing and hacking Superman on the floor before he walked over to a sink and pulled it out of the wall.

Superman coughed as he tried to pull himself up. Breathing like an angry beast, Batman held the sink above his head and brought down on the weakened Kryptonian. Superman was out cold before he hit the floor.

"And Batman hits Superman with another dose of Kryptonite gas," Port said like a spokesperson of the Vytal Festival.

"But not before Superman gave him a Superman punch to the face." Oobleck stated.

"Ha! Superman punch!" Yang and Tai laughed in amusem*nt.

"And he's using a sink," Roman said, mildly surprised.

"No, Uncle Bat, don't!" Ruby cried out before Batman slammed the sink down on Superman's head.

Oscar winced and rubbed the back of his head.

Batman tossed the sink aside before kneeling down. He grabbed Superman by his hair before flipping him upside down and onto his shoulder. The music rose dramatically as the Bat carried the Man of Steel over to the ledge of a stairwell. He then threw Superman down the stairwell and he landed on a pile of metal plates and crates.

The impact caused Oscar to cry out in pain.

Batman pulled out his grappling hook and then aimed to a wooden beam on the ceiling above him. Jumping off the ledge, he descended down on the grappling line before landing a few feet from Superman.

"Strangely, I thought he was going break his back," Cardin said blankly.

"Oscar!" Most of the students cried out when Superman was thrown down the stairwell. They all winced when he landed on a pile of metal and he cried out in pain.

The Bat rewound his grappling hook before unwinding it, tossed the gun aside before walking over and tying the hook and rope around Superman's ankle. Superman lifted his head before dropping it down in pain. The Dark Knight then walked back to where he tossed his grappling gun, picked it up and started dragging Superman from the rubble. "I bet your parents taught you that you mean something." Batman said, his voice modulator sounded distorted, as if switching between Qrow Branwen and Batman. "That you're here for a reason."

Superman weakly reached to his ankle. "My parents taught me a different lesson." Batman said as he stopped walking in the middle of the room and turned to face the Kryptonian. "Dying in the gutter for no reason at all." He then slammed his hand on the grappling gun and the line snapped, pulling Superman into the air and Batman spun him around in the air before slamming him face first into two concrete pillars. Batman let out a yell as finally let the grappling line release Superman and threw him like a rag doll face first into a pile of concrete.

"They taught me the world only makes sense, if you force it to." Batman said with an almost mad look in his eye before he reached down to the Kryptonite spear and pulled it out. The green tip began glowing like a ball of green flames.

Outside of the building, the Audience saw a Bullhead arriving. Then they see Amber jumping out before the airship landed completely. She saw the damaged guns and the hole in the building. Eyes widening, she ran in through the door.

A few looked at Bat-Qrow with sympathy. He had been through a lot and now it was all clouding his judgment.

Many grew horrified and worried for Super-Oscar when the Kryptonite spear came into view.

"It's going to be okay," Ruby said to herself. "It's all going to be okay."

Amber felt relief at seeing her counterpart arrive. "Come on, you're almost there." she whispered.

Back inside, Batman approached Superman. "You were never a god." He said as he kicked Superman onto his back, placed his foot on the Man of Steel's throat. "You were never even a man." He growled with a trembling lip in rage before he dragged the Kryptonite spear head across Superman's cheek, cutting his skin and causing him to groan in pain.

The Batman then hefted the spear above his head, ready to plunge it deep into Superman's chest. But then Oscar let out a strangled cry. "You're letting him kill Kali. . ."

The Dark Knight faltered and blinked in confusion. ". . . What does that mean? Who's Kali?" He asked, briefly glancing around in confusion.

"Find. . . him. . . Save. . . Kali. . ." Oscar wheezed in a begging tone.

"No, Qrow, don't!" Many called out in protest when Batman held the Kryptonite spear up, ready to plunge it through Oscar's chest.

Speaking of Oscar, the boy started hyperventilating. The memory of being shot by General Ironwood in his timeline.

"Oscar?" Whitley asked in concern. "Is everything okay?"

Ruby looked over and saw Oscar's panicked expression. "Oscar?" she asked.

Oscar's breathing rose higher as his heartbeat rang in his ears.Oscar, breathe, breathe,Ozpin said within his mind.

Ruby placed her hands on Oscar's shoulders. "Oscar, it's okay. You're okay." she said reassuringly. Oscar's eyes seemed to focus on her and his breathing slowed. He took a deep breath before smiling at her gratefully.

"What was that?" Whitley asked in concern.

"Sorry," Oscar shook himself. "First time I'm seeing someone aiming an axe at me." He said sheepishly.And that person happens to be a close friend.

A few members of the Audience gave him concerned looks before hearing Batman speak.

"Who's Kali? Who's Kali?" Batman asked.

"Save. . . her. . ." Oscar rasped.

"Her?" Batman demanded. "Who is she? Who is she?"

"Please. . . save her. . ." The Kryptonian wheezed.

"It's his mother," Summer said pleadingly.

"Just get off his throat and let him explain himself!" Roman snapped.

"Who?! Who is she?!" Batman shouted. This got Amber's attention when she ran inside the building. "WHO IS SHE?!"

"OSCAR!" Amber ran to Oscar's side. She looked up to the Dark Knight. "Stop, please!" she pleaded.

"WHO IS SHE?! WHO IS SHE?!" Batman demanded. Amber furrowed her brow in confusion before looking to Oscar.

"She's in danger, Qrow!" Tai said urgently.

"My counterpart has to know," Amber stated. "She can explain!"

". . . Kali. . ." He wheezed.

Realization dawned on Amber as her eyes widened. "Kali. . . Kali is his mother!" she said to Batman in frantic desperation. "Kali is his mother."

Batman blinked and turned to Amber. ". . . Mother?" he asked. Frantically, Amber nodded to him.

It was then that most of the adults remembered what Ruby's counterpart had said earlier. Amber was the key. Ozpin's eyes widened as he looked to the screen.

Tragic music began to play as the word echoed in Qrow's mind. His mind flashed back to when he lost his parents. How he and Raven were helpless as they watched their parents shot and killed by a random thug on the streets. His father, Thomas Branwen tried to swing his fist at the thug after pushing Qrow and Raven away from the danger. But the thug was faster, he pulled the trigger and shot him in the chest. Their mother Martha tried to wrestle the gun out of his hands but she was easily fought off and the gun was caught on her pearl necklace. She looked to him pleadingly before the trigger was pulled and her necklace broke, the pearls sent flying. During this, the Audience caught glimpses of Qrow falling down a shaft while screaming.

"Mother!" Raven was faintly heard as she knelt down to her dying mother. Thomas reached towards his wife, his final moments was seeing his wife dying beside him. "Martha. . ." he whispered before the life left their eyes. Qrow did what any child would do in a situation like this. He screamed.

He remembered how years later he made a vow to make sure no one lost their parents to a random thug with a gun. That was why he became the Batman. But then he lost his sister, his niece and son. And then two years ago, he met a little girl who lost her parents, no older than he was when lost his parents.

Unlike him, the girl's mother was taken by someone with a name and face. In his mind, it was Superman. And he spent months training to kill a heartless alien, yet hearing Oscar beg him, the man who's ready to kill, beg not for his life but for the life of his mother. Then another vision played in his mind, this time he was visioning himself as the thug, his Kryptonite spear replaced with a gun pointed at an innocent woman and he had the option to kill her and the man who saw her as a mother or not.

Many gasped at seeing Qrow and Raven's counterparts loosing their parents.

Both Raven and Qrow grimaced, they had lost their parents at a young age as but they were less affected at their deaths onscreen.

Hearing it out completely, the Audience understood Bat-Qrow more when he was so hellbent on fighting Superman. His parents were killed by a nameless thug, he saves a girl who lost her parents in the Black Zero Event and in his eyes, the killer was Superman.

Oscar smiled slightly at his counterpart's selflessness that he was begging Batman to save his mother.

He stepped off of Oscar's throat. Horror and regret dawning on him. ". . . Oh God, what have I done?" he whispered.

"He ended up standing in the same position of the thug," Salem said. "Tragic irony," she mused.

He stared at the Kryptonite spear in hand before sneering in self-hatred before he threw the spear as far as he could.

The spear landed on the concrete with an echoingCLANK!

Many sighed in relief at seeing Bat-Qrow throw away the Kryptonite spear.

"Now, all that's left is to save Kali," Ghira said in relief.

"Oh, there's more than that," Darth Anarchus said. "Oh there is MORE than that."


I got to admit, I enjoyed this version of Lex Luthor the first time I've seen the movie. Then again, I was really young and easy to impress in most movies, as some of my family and friends would say. The Ultimate Edition made me love him more.
"Take them down, Uncle Qrow!" Ruby shouted, punching the air eagerly as did Yang.
Followed by
"Is she with you?"
"I thought she was with you."
"Is now a good time to ask who the Hell this BAMF lady is?"
And finally
"Out in the dark, among the stars. Ding dong. The God is dead."
"This guy's just a loony. He doesn't know anything."
"He has files of the Metahumans, knows the real identities of Superman and Batman. And he spent time in the Alien library. I think he knows something."

Chapter 35: Bat-Qrow Warehouse Fight


The Audience watch Bat-Qrow fight thugs and mercenaries in a warehouse to save Kali. And then Superman confronts Merlot who has one last trick up his sleeve.


Bruce Wayne/Batman: Qrow Branwen
Clark Kent/Superman: Oscar Pine
Martha Kent: Kali Belladonna
Anatoli Knyazev: Tock
Alfred Pennyworth: Klein Sieben
Lex Luthor: Dr. Merlot
Doomsday: Hazel Rainart

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Kali was shown sitting on a chair surrounded by three men. Tock is in the room as well and she was strapping a flame thrower onto her back. A timer sat on the table. 10 minutes and counting.

The woman's husband and daughter gasped in worry before they both hugged Kali.

"Merlot." Superman says as Batman grabs his hand and pulls him to his feet. "He wanted your life for hers." He added.

"There's something happening at the ship." Amber stated as she recalled what she saw on her ride over from Atlas. "That must be where he is."

Batman turns to Superman. "They're going to need you at the ship." he said.

"My mother needs me." Oscar protested, he moved to walk forward. Only to be paused by Batman's hand on his chest. "Wait. Let me fix my mistake." Qrow pleads. "I promise you this with my life, your mother will NOT die tonight." he vowed solemnly.

Oscar stared at him before nodding. ". . . Okay, I'll trust you." he replied. Bat-Qrow nodded to him before walking out of view.

Many sighed in relief when Oscar explained the situation.

Both Qrow and Oscar smiled lightly at each other's interaction. It looked like Qrow was going to make up for his mistake.

Oscar turns his attention to Amber who caresses his face. "Are you okay?" She asked in concern at seeing the cut on his face. Oscar smiled lightly while putting his hand on hers. "I'm okay now." He replied. He pulls back, holding her hand for a moment longer before he began hovering a few inches off the ground and flew out towards the stairwell before flying upward and out of view.

Amber and Oscar blushed lightly before looking to each other nervously and chuckled.

Amber watched him fly away before she looked over to the Kryptonite Spear on the ground. She walked over to it, picked it up and ran off with further into the warehouse. No one must get their hands on this, she thought before she reached a flooded stairwell. She held the spear in her hands before dropping it into the water.

Some of the Audience felt agreement with Amber's actions onscreen.

"I feel like that's going to come bite her in ass later," Roman suddenly declared.

Outside, after taking off his armor, Batman got into his black military plane dubbed the Flying Fox. "Klein," He said on the Comms but got an instant reply from the butler. He half expected his oldest friend and family to be disappointed in him but he wasn't. "Master Branwen, sorry for listening in but I tracked the Crocodile Faunus' Scroll." Klein said from within the Batcave. He looks up at the Batcomputer. "It is in one of the abandoned warehouses in Mantle Bay. Coordinates are set and ready."

". . . I don't deserve you, Klein." Batman said with a sigh.

"No, you don't." Klein replied but his tone said otherwise.

Many were intrigued at seeing a glimpse of the Flying Fox and General Ironwood had Dr. Polendina made notes of its design.

The Schnee siblings smiled when Klein already had coordinates set to save Kali. Many were a bit surprised at the butler's loyalty but were touched by it.

"I'm afraid this is goodbye." Tock declared as she walks around Kali and kneels down to her level. "And every time we say goodbye, you die a little." She said mockingly to the trembling Cat Faunus. Suddenly a rumbling is heard outside of the warehouse and a bright light shines through the window, catching all their attention.

"Oh it's goodbye alright," Blake said angrily with a glare, her cat ears flattening. "But she isn't going to be the one dying."

It was the Flying Fox as it arrives in the Harbor. Numerous thugs go to their trucks and on mounted 50 caliber guns and fired up at the black jet. The Flying Fox returned fire from its Gatling gun at the front. It shot the two trucks, causing them to explode. "You have to take it, Klein." Batman said as he flew over the warehouse.

"Ah, yes. Of course." Klein replied as he pulled out two toggles. "Commencing drone mode."

"Thermal imaging is showing me nearly three dozen hostiles on the third floor." He reports, looking at the Batcomputer. "Why don't I drop you off on the second?"

Many cheered at seeing the Flying Fox flying in. "Should have just ran away," Ren shook his head when the criminals tried to shoot the Fox down.

Dr. Polendina made note that the Flying Fox had a drone mode.

"Sure, why not?" Qrow chuckled at Klein's remark. "It just sounded like the easy way in, Mr. Branwen," the butler said in a humorous tone.

The Audience see Bat-Qrow climbing out of the co*ckpit of the Flying Fox and then jumped off, his cape spreading out like wings before he breaks through the window.

All the thugs and mercenaries were all aiming their guns at the door leading to the stairs as the same horror like music started building up. Back in the other room, Tock nods to two men. They nod back and leave the room. Kali looks around, fearful yet hopeful that she was going to be saved.

Back in the main room, all the men were still aiming their guns at the door, waiting for their enemy to walk through. The music then went silent before the floor exploded underneath two men, causing them to fall through the hole as the Audience see a black blur fly through the hole.

Many jolted or jumped in surprise when the floor exploded.

Magnetized flash bang explosives suddenly latched onto the guns of five of the men. Batman was perched on a rafter beam above them, holding a remote in one hand and a grappling hook in the other. He presses a thumb on the button and all the explosives on the guns exploded, destroying the guns, knocking the men back and off their feet.

One man aimed down the hole and fired into the darkness, thinking the enemy was still down below. Only for a grappling hook to harpoon through his leg above his knee. He cries out in pain as he was yanked off his feet and was dangling upside down.

"Tick-tock boom," Tai chuckled before the flash bangs went off.

"Wrong direction, idiot," Emerald shook her head when the thug fired down at the hole.

A few winced when the thug's leg was harpooned by the grappling hook and dangled upside down.

The man next to him backed up in fear only for Batman to land next to him. The Dark Knight grabbed the man's arms, twisted one, causing him to scream in pain and then the Bat forced him to shoot at the men around him. The other men dove down for cover.

"No, no, no!" Nora suddenly cried out when Batman twisted the man's arm. "Go for the legs! The legs!"

"Nora!" her teammates scolded.

Whitley leaned over to Oscar. "Why is she obsessed with breaking legs?" he asked. Oscar just shook his head and said, "I have no idea."

Batman then threw the thug down to the floor in a Judo shoulder throw before pulling out his grappling hook and aiming at a man who fired at him with a machine gun. Batman simply harpooned him in the shoulder pulled him toward and then sucker punched him and sent him sliding across the floor until he fell down the hole. A bearded man kicked the doors open.

Batman pulled out a Batarang and threw it at a man, stabbing him in the shoulder. The Bat turned around to the newcomer who held up a grenade and pulled the pin. The Dark Knight simply roundhouse kicked the hanging man and knocked him into the bearded man and sent them both stumbling into the other room. The first man tried to pick up his grenade but it exploded in his hands.

Many were in awe and impressed at Bat-Qrow's fighting prowess. The students were getting excited at the action.

Back to the fight, the Bat was fighting three men at once. He punched two men away, ducked under the knife another and then picked him up off the floor while he screamed and then body slammed him onto the wooden floor.

"Damn, he's a BEAST!" Sun exclaimed.

"Did you see that?" Cardin asked. "He slammed him hard enough to splinter the floor boards!"

Both Robyn and Winter were smiling eagerly.

Both Tock and Kali could hear a man screaming along with gunshots and had different reactions. The Crocodile Faunus was anxious while the Cat Faunus looked relieved yet nervous for this didn't sound like her son.

Two men fired pistols before pulling two knives in their hands.

"Well, props to them for having balls to get up close and personal with Batman," Roman said, tipping his hat at them.

The Batman jumped passed a thug, grabbed him by the back of his head and slammed it against the crate behind him. He then used his grappling hook to throw wooden crate at the remaining men in front of him. Most of them moved out of the way, save for the man with a beanie hat who was hit in the face with the crate and his back hit the brick wall. He slid down to the floor, leaving a trail of blood on the wall.

A Rabbit Faunus fired at Batman's arm. His armor held up but his grappling hook was knocked out of his grip. Bat-Qrow grunted before raising his arm to shield his face. He then charges the four men who dropped their guns and rushed to him from different directions.

"That was an impressive show of strength," Sienna said, impressed. "Without Aura, it takes a lot of strength to lift the crate like that."

"You can say that again," Robyn said with a grin.

"Smart move," Cinder said when the Rabbit Faunus shot the Bat's grappling hook out of his grip.

"Oh yeah, a good old fashioned fist fight!" Yang said eagerly when the thugs dropped their guns.

"Uh, Yang, they still have knives!" Blake told her partner nervously.

"Take them down, Uncle Bat-Qrow!" Ruby cheered with Yang and they both punched the air eagerly.

Bat-Qrow grabbed the Rabbit Faunus by his jacket, blocked the blow from the other thug on his left. He punched the Rabbit Faunus and the man next to him before headbutting the other. He then elbowed the Rabbit Faunus in the face, sending him flying back. He then blocked two fists from two men behind and front of him. He then grabbed the man of the third man with a knife.

The Bat forced the thug to block the knife strike with his own before Bat-Qrow forced the man to stab himself in the knee. He back punched the other man before blocking the punch from the Rabbit Faunus and then jabbed him in the face. He turned around and punched one of the remaining men down hard enough to send his face through the floor boards.

Another man tried to rush him but the Bat turned around and pinned him down on the floor and began delivering hammering blows to the back of his head four times, causing him to cry out. But then a thug managed to sneak up close enough that he fired at the back of Batman's head with a pistol.

Ruby suddenly appeared next to Darth Anarchus in a burst of rose petals. "Anarchus, can you bring Bat-Qrow back here next intermission?" she asked. "I want to learn how to fight like him!"

"Same," many of the students said in agreement.

That took the Host by surprise. Ruby wasn't eager to fight with her trusty scythe until Ozcar spoke to her about it.Being taught by Bat-Qrow would alter the timeline though,He thought to himself.Wait, what the actual Hell am I talking about? I'm already altering the timeline just by having Amber, Summer and Oscar from the future here.

"You know what, Ruby," Darth Anarchus stated with a smile at the young Huntress in training. "I'll see if I can summon him again in the next intermission."

Ruby beamed with a smile before she sped over to her seat next to Oscar.

"Qrow!" cried out Winter and Robyn when they saw the gun appear next to Bat-Qrow's head.

Bat-Qrow stumbled back but his armored cowl holds up against the point blank gun shots. He wrestles to pull the gun out of the man's hands before pivoting around and throwing the man onto his back. He then twisted the thug's arm in two different locations, causing him to scream in pain before Bat-Qrow knocked him out with a punch to the face.

But then the Dark Knight was kicked in the face. The Rabbit Faunus pulled on his cape and shoved him to the floor. The two men lunged at the downed Bat with knives in hands. Still laying down, Batman blocked their blades with his gauntlets and kicked one man away and punched the Rabbit Faunus before the man stabbed him in the shoulder, causing the Batman to cry out in pain.

"Man, that Rabbit Faunus is tough, you have to admit," Mercury stated.

Coco leaned over to Velvet with a teasing smile. "Hey, Vel, see any family resemblance?"

Velvet gave her partner an annoyed look. "You were just waiting to say that, weren't you?"

"I mean, he sure seems tough like you and he has no Aura." Coco chuckled with a shrug.

He ignored the pain and the knife in the shoulder, and kicked the man away before kneeing the rabbit Faunus in the face. He blocked the punches from the last man before punching him in the groin and throwing him off his feet. Bat-Qrow pulled the knife out of his shoulder, pinned the Rabbit Faunus to the wall and then stabbed him in the shoulder with the knife.

The last man tried to punch Batman in the back but the Bat turned around, knocked him to the ground and then threw him through the wall. He walks to the Rabbit Faunus who held a shaking hand in protest. The Bat stared at him with impassive expression before reaching forward and crushed the Faunus' balls, causing him to cry out in pain.

Many respected Bat-Qrow's resilience before as he ignored the knife in his shoulder for more than five seconds. Velvet winced in sympathy for the Rabbit Faunus.

And all the men suddenly crossed their legs and grimaced at what the Batman did next to the Rabbit Faunus.

Tock and her remaining follower were on edge. The former had her flamethrower aimed at the back of Kali while the latter aimed his M16 rifle at the door. But then Bat-Qrow burst through the wall behind the man and aimed the M16 at Tock. The music and the Audience grew tense as Kali looked at the Bat surprised and confused.

"Drop it." Tock ordered calmly. The Bat did not move. "I said drop it! I'll kill her!" she threatened. "Believe me, I'll do it!" Kali looked to her savior anxiously.

Many grew tensed at the standoff.

Qrow slowly grinned. "He has this in the bag." he stated, getting some confused looks.

"What makes you say that?" Robyn asked. Qrow gestured to the Crocodile Faunus on the screen. "She left herself open."

"She has a flamethrower pointed at the back of his hostage, how is she-?" Winter asked before she paused. It began to click. "Oh." she said simply.

The Bat stared at the Crocodile Faunus before declaring, "I believe you." Then he fired a single bullet at the back of Tock's flamethrower. A small flame leaked out and the last thing the Audience see is Bat-Qrow diving and tackling Kali before Tock's flame thrower explodes and the room is consumed by flames.

When the flames died down, Bat-Qrow looked down at the visibly shaken Kali. "It's okay," he said softly as his voice modulator allowed it. Deciding to reassure her that he meant no harm to her, he added, "I'm a friend of your son."

Blake and Ghira held their breath before sighing in relief with Kali when the Audience saw that she was unharmed by the blast.

"I figured," Kali remarked weakly with a smile. "The cape."

This drew some chuckles from some of the Audience.

The scene changed to the Kryptonian ship where more bolts of lightning were dancing around. Soon the power was becoming drained from large parts of Atlas. The Daily Planet was shown to be affected by the black out.

Somewhere else in a conference room, General Ren was shown with Captain Hampton and they saw the news of a blackout happening in Atlas.

In an airport, Robyn was placing her bags in the compartments above her seat when she saw the same news report. When one of the stewardess saw her walking to the exit of the plane, they tried to call after her. "Excuse me, Ms. Hill!" But Robyn didn't acknowledge her.

Many gasped as they saw the ship draining power from the city.

Robyn rose an eyebrow at seeing her counterpart boarding a plane before smiling at seeing her leave.

Inside the Kryptonian ship, the egg timer went off. Merlot picked it up and frowned, shaking his head lightly. A sonic boom was heard faintly before the Audience see Super-Oscar flying through the air and crashing through the roof. He lands behind Merlot.

"Late, late, says the white rabbit," Merlot said as he turns around. "Out of tricks, out of time," he tosses the egg timer away. He notices the scar on his face but focuses on the other detail that he deems important. "And one Bat head short."

Superman glares at him before his Scroll on a counter rings. "Ah, that would be the cook," Merlot said with a smile. He walks over to the counter. "Mantle Roast, well done." he jokes before answering. "Hello? Break the bad news."

"I would rather do the breaking in person." growled the voice of Batman, wiping the smirk off Merlot's face. The ship's AI started to countdown.

Many of the good side of the Audience glared, Blake and her father glaring the most as the latter hugged his wife protectively. Kali smiled simply and snuggled against her husband.

Ruby and most of her friends laughed at seeing Merlot's smirk being wiped off his face upon hearing Batman's voice.

"You've lost." Super-Oscar declared firmly. Merlot shook his head. "I don't know how to loose."

"You'll learn." Superman said without missing a beat. Merlot laughed in response. "I'll learn, he says." He stops smiling. "No, no. I cannot let you win." he declared. "I gave the Bat a fighting chance, but he was not strong enough to do it."

"So, if Man won't kill God," Merlot said as the countdown reaches zero. He turns to the large chrysalis that was certainly not there before. "The Devil will do it."

Inside the chrysalis, the Audience see the silhouette of a large humanoid creature awakening within. Merlot turns to Super-Oscar. "Ancient Kryptonian deformity," he exclaims. "Blood of my blood," he pulls off his bandages to reveal the cut to Superman who looks at the creature with wide eyes. "Born to destroy you. Your Doomsday."

Oscar nodded in agreement with his counterpart before his eyes widened upon hearing Merlot's declaration of the Devil killing God.

"Ancient Kryptonian deformity?" Yatsuhashi repeated. Coco shrugged. "I got nothing." she turned to Penny. "Hey, Penny, what do you got?"

Penny held up a muffin. "I have this!" she declared happily.

"Not what-Nevermind," Coco sighed.

"I mean, it can't be that bad," Velvet said. But then they all look to the screen.

The humanoid breaks out of the chrysalis and the Audience see that he had sunken in eyes, smooth and dark gray skin and sharp needle like teeth. But was also noticeable was that he still had the small scar that General Hazel had in life.

"Nevermind. It IS that bad." Roman declared.

Raven shuddered. "That is one ugly motherf*cker." she declared.

The Host shook his head. "Nah, that line is for someone else."

Upon noticing the scar, many remembered that Merlot had been experimenting on Hazel's corpse. Oscar stared at the screen with wide eyes. It was like his counterpart's regrets from the Black Zero Event had come back to haunt him in a more monstrous form.

"Now God is good as dead," Merlot declared.

After wiping some liquid off, Doomsday lets out a loud roar that blows on Merlot's hair.


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"I've killed things from other worlds before."
". . . Is she with you?"
"I thought she was with you."
"Is now a good time to ask who the Hell this BAMF lady is?!"
"Students, Teachers, Hunters, Civilians, Terrorists, Criminals, General, Soldiers, Schnees."
"Behold, Robyn Hill. Daughter of Amazon Queen Hippolyta and Ruler of Olympus, Ruler of the sky and God of Lightning himself, Zeus. Wonder Woman."

Chapter 36: BvS:DoJ- The DC Trinity vs Doomsday


Clark Kent/Superman: Oscar Pine
Lex Luthor: Dr. Merlot
General Zod/Doomsday: Hazel Rainart
Bruce Wayne/Batman: Qrow Branwen
Alfred Pennyworth: Klein Sieben
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: Robyn Hill
Lois Lane: Amber Autumn
Perry White: Coco Adel
Martha Kent: Kali Belladonna
Jenny: Velvet Scarlatina
General Swanwick: Lie Ren


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

After roaring, Doomsday throws a fist at Merlot. Merlot flinched but didn't feel a punch that would break him in two. Opening his eyes, he sees that Superman had appeared in front of him and caught the massive fist in his hands.

Many flinched at the roar, especially the Faunus for their heightened sense of hearing. Some like Blake and Velvet were openingly covering their Cat/Rabbit ears.

Then they were all floored at what they saw. Merlot had framed Super-Oscar in the desert for being a merciless killer, dragged his name through the mud with the capitol bombing, kidnapped his mother and girlfriend, almost killed the latter directly, yet Super-Oscar still protected him from Doomsday. His mercy and compassion was unbelievable.

Oscar however thought back to what Merlot had said earlier."No man in the sky intervened to deliver me from Daddy's fists and abominations." He said,Oscar thought mentally.

And there's your counterpart,Ozpin said to him.A man who flies in the sky, saving him from the fist of an abomination.

Super-Oscar glares at Doomsday before throwing the fist away. Doomsday stumbled back a little before Superman punched him in the face and sent him colliding with the chrysalis behind him. Superman zoomed forward, only for Doomsday to catch him in his hand and then jumping through the roof with him.

The two Kryptonians flew out of the dome covering the ship where a couple news helicopters see them before the abomination punched Superman, sending him towards Hero's Park and the Man of Steel lands close to the Superman Memorial, cracking the sidewalk. As he rises to his feet, Doomsday landed right in front of him.

The Kryptonian abomination glares at the statue before turning to face Superman with a guttural growl. Superman stared up at him before flying into his torso. Doomsday barely stumbled against the statue behind him before throwing the Man of Steel through the memorial walls. Doomsday then picked up a one of the walls as he walked to where Superman lays, held the concrete over his head and slammed it down on Superman.

Doomsday then grabbed Superman by the ankle and threw him through his own statue and into a building in the distance.

Many were surprised that Doomsday's strength and speed seem to match Superman's before remembering that he's a Kryptonian as well.

Oscar felt a chill when Doomsday glared at his counterpart after looking at the statue. It gave him the feeling that General Hazel from within was in control of Doomsday's body there when he glared at Super-Oscar. Probably.

"Seriously?" Mercury asked incredulously when Superman seemed to be knocked out by being hit by concrete. "The Man of Steel is knocked out like that?"

"He's still recovering from the earlier doses of Kryptonite gas," Darth Anarchus replied, a little defensively.

Doomsday glared up at the helicopter above him before he jumps through it and then he landed on top of MerlotCorp Tower where more news helicopter saw it.

Back in the military conference room, Captain Hampton spoke while holding a Tele-Scroll. "POTUS joining," she informed General Ren. The man looked to the Tele-Scroll. "Mr. President." he greeted formally.

"What the Hell is it, Ren?" the President asked. Ren looked over to the TV with the news on. "These are live images from the top of MerlotCorp Tower in downtown Atlas." A reporter spoke. "Military aircraft are on the scene." The Audience briefly see Apache Helicopters flying in Atlas towards the tower.

"Ren!" Nora cried out at seeing her partner.

Briefly, both Ozpin and Ironwood were interested about this 'President' but decided to look it up later in the library.

Meanwhile a squad of Mantle Police cars are driving to the warehouse Kali was kept. The Cat Faunus waves her hands at them as they come to a stop. She drops her hands to her knees as one of the officers approaches her.

"Are you hurt, ma'am?" the man asked, getting a nod from Kali. "I'm okay." she said while panting.

"Good, you're going to be alright, okay?" he asked. Kali nods before they hear the rumble of an engine and they look to see the Flying Fox rising into the air a couple of blocks away.

Kali smiles and waves at the passing black jet while mouthing 'Thank you' to its pilot.

Blake and Ghira sighed in relief at seeing the police arrive where Kali's counterpart was.

The Apache helicopters form a line in front of Doomsday before firing at it with heavy bullets and missiles. Doomsday jumps onto the landing pad as the MerlotCorp sign falls apart behind him. He looks at the rumble before picking up the neon M and throws it at one of the helicopters and it explodes.

Doomsday roars before he was hit by four missiles. By the fourth missile, his torso started glowing red as he holds his head. His body shakes and glows brighter before he unleashes a shockwave of red energy that destroys the Helicopters and shatters the glass of the surrounding buildings.

"Woah! What the Hell was that?" Coco exclaimed.

"Call it a Nuclear Pulse," the Host replied, winking at his Clone Troopers and the Fourth Wall.

"We have uh, we've just lost connection with Atlas 8 news," Cyril said when the news feed went dead and switches to the reporter. "Now. . . it's not clear what just happened."

The Flying Fox flies over Mantle Harbor and Bat-Qrow sees the red explosion atop of MerlotCorp Tower. "What's happening there, Klein?" he asked on the Comms.

Klein looks at the screen in the Bat Cave. ". . . How best to describe it?" he asked more to himself after breathing deeply.

"Fair reaction, I think," Willow remarked, still shocked at what she and the Audience saw.

Back in Atlas, Doomsday roars with his arms spread out before a red and blue blur zooms up from below and carries him high into the sky. The Audience see that it was Superman. The Man of Steel carries the roaring abomination high into the atmosphere.

"He's okay!" Ruby, Amber and most of the students cried out in relief.

"Sir, look." Captain Hampton said to Ren. "They've cleared the city." she reported as they watch a radar that tracks the two aliens' movement.

Oscar sighed in relief. It appeared his counterpart learned from the Black Zero Event and was taking Doomsday outside the atmosphere where their fight wouldn't harm anyone. Most of the older Huntsmen and Huntresses were thinking the same.

"Looks like he's taking it into space," Ren said in realization. One of the other Generals gets an idea. "We can go straight to Key Red, Mr. President." he says to the Tele-Scroll.

"Not yet," Ren protests. "Are you crazy?"

"They're high enough that we can nuke 'em with no casualties!" the General argued. Hampton looked between the two Generals with wide eyes.

"Huh?" Many blinked at the counterpart of Ren's reaction to the other general's suggestion.

"Nuke?" Weiss repeated in confusion and looked to the Host. "What does that mean?"

Right, the Host realized. Remnant doesn't have nuclear bombs and they have not discovered nuclear energy. "Boom." Was all he said.

"Oh, so it's a bomb," General Ironwood stated. "How dangerous?" he asked. Darth Anarchus glared, suddenly remembering what Ironwood planned to do with a bomb that was the closest thing to a nuclear bomb in the future.

"Very dangerous." was all he said. He then sent a telepathic message to the Ozpins and Oscar.Let's say it's close to the stick of dynamite you call a cane. Instantly the two Ozpins understood what he meant and grew worried for Oscar's counterpart.

"One casualty," Ren said to the Scroll pleadingly. "Superman. We have no confirmation that he could survive a nuke."

The President is heard sighing over the Scroll. "God have mercy on us all." Hampton sighed with a look of horror on her face. Who can blame her? Like General Ren said, they didn't know if Superman could survive a bomb of that magnitude, they don't even know what the radiation would do to his xenobiology.

"He can survive it, so we don't have to worry," Ruby said in an optimistic tone before she saw Anarchus' thoughtful expression. ". . . Right?" she asked.

The Host shrugged. "It's hard to say sometimes." he admitted. "In other universes, Superman can survive nuclear bombs with no affect, other universes, it can drain him of his solar energy and leave him severely weakened." He explained.

"And they're just going to throw a bomb like that at him without hesitation?" Blake exclaimed in disbelief. "After everything Superman's done for them?"

Darth Anarchus nodded simply.

Oscar swallowed at the thought of a bomb being 'thrown at him without hesitation' as Blake said.

Alarms rang as three men run through a heavy duty vault door that has a message written on it with the blue and white colors of Atlas. Two keys are pulled out and inserted into two different keyholes. "Key is hot, Key is hot," the two soldiers reported.

Captain Hampton crosses herself while Ren held a fist in front of him. "Red Birds are armed to deploy, Sir." The other General said as Ren glances up to the screen with worry and dread.

"Don't do it," Ruby whispered.

"Fire at will," the President said.

"No," many whispered under their breaths.

"3. . . 2. . . 1" the two men countdown before turning the keys. The conference room give their attention to the radar screen before the Audience see a large missile launching into the air.

Superman holds onto Doomsday's back as he pushes the abomination further into space before Doomsday manages to punch him and sent him flying downwards back to Remnant. Superman steadies himself before he races back to Doomsday and punches him further up.

The Audience see the rocket in the background.

"Okay, he has Doomsday in space, he can fly out of the way," Jaune said in an optimistic tone.

The rocket breaks off the nuclear missile that continues to fly towards the aliens. Superman sees the missile, instantly recognizes what it is before racing forward and he punches Doomsday again as the nuke gets closer, he then holds onto Doomsday in a headlock to hold him in position. Briefly, a look of uncertainty takes his face. He doesn't know if he can survive this kind of bomb but he has to take the chance that Doomsday won't survive it. Doomsday struggles in Superman's headlock, the Man of Steel looks down at the bomb and repositions so that Doomsday will be hit by the missile.

Once again, everyone was stumped at Super-Oscar's actions.

"This world had been rejecting him ," Cinder said slowly. "Doubting his character because of Merlot." she added.

"Some telling him to leave," Adam added. "Or even wanting him dead." Like Merlot and Bat-Qrow at the beginning.

"Or calling for him to burned on the stake," Darth Anarchus said, recalling how some people reacted after the Capitol bombing. That would have been disturbing to show to students like Ruby and Jaune. Blake and the Faunus in the room probably would have been reminded of extreme Faunus discrimination.

"And yet. . . he's willing to sacrifice his life for them, despite all of that," Emerald said in shock.

The Kryptonian abomination roars before the missile hits and explodes. The screen turns bright white like the sun.

Back in Mantle, the sky lights up like another sun had appeared. The Flying Fox flies over the harbor and Batman watches the explosion in horror. He knew what that was and that Super-Oscar was up there. "Oh God," he whispered. Guilt takes over him before he sees something falling in the sky and lands on an island between Mantle and Atlas.

None of them see the actual explosion but if it lights up the sky like so, it must have been some bomb. Ozpin covered his mouth and looked to his cane with wide eyes.

Qrow grimaced feeling guilty as his counterpart.

"Projectile 1, impact Striker's Island, east of Atlas." Captain Hampton reported in the conference room. She stares up to the radar as someone speaks up, "That's uninhabited."

"Well, that's a relief," Glynda said and many saw it as a small mercy.

"Projectile 2. . ." Hampton trails off as she sees the second blip on the radar screen vanish. ". . . No apparent re-entry," Hampton said to Ren.

"Uh oh," Sun said.

"Oh no," Velvet whispered.

"Wait, let's not jump to conclusions," Ruby said to her friends. "We don't know if that's Superman, it could Doomsday." Darth Anarchus held up his hand and gestured to the screen.

"Projectile 2?" The President asked.

"Superman, Mr. President. Projectile 2 was. . . Superman." Ren explained grimly. He looks down sadly before one of the men spoke up. "Sir. . . it's moving." he points to the map of Striker's Island with a red blip.

"Oh." was all Ruby could say.

"Crap," that surprisingly came from Ren, the normal stoic kid besides Yatsuhashi.

"Ren!" Nora gasped in shock and scolded, "For shame!" Then she smiled and wiped a tear. "I'm so proud." Ren rolled his eyes but smiled knowing he lifted the mood.

Doomsday roars as he tears off the skin on his back as bony white spikes pop out of his shoulder blades, spine and forearms. Red electricity bolts surge around him as he slams a fist down on the ground. Doomsday's eyes glow red as his veins glow red before he releases a more powerful shockwave while shooting large lasers from his eyes that slice through the atmosphere.

"Well, isn't that disturbing?" Roman asked sarcastically upon seeing Doomsday grow spikes. "He's evolving."

"Fascinating," Salem said, intrigued. Perhaps she can make a Grimm like this somehow. Perhaps for her next Hound.

Darth Anarchus went rigid and stared at Salem with wide eyes. His prosthetic hand clenched into a fist so tight it sounded close to breaking. When the room began to shake, Darth Anarchus forced himself to calm down before the Audience saw what was happening.

Out of the atmosphere, the Audience see dead skin floating around a limp hand before they see a zombified Super-Oscar. His muscles seemed to have vanished and his eyes have sunken in.

"Oh goodness, even more disturbing." Penny grimaced. Oscar himself paled at the sight of his counterpart's condition.

"No, no, no," Ruby muttered. "He's okay. He's just knocked out. Just knocked out."

"Shockwaves are getting stronger," Ren says to the President. "Every time we hit it, we make it more powerful. We can't attack."

"What are you saying, Ren?" the President asked.

"I'm saying it's unkillable." Ren replied grimly.

"Well, that's something you don't want to hear about the enemy," Qrow remarked.

Oof, the irony,Oscar thought to Ozpin in his head. Don't start, Oscar. Ozpin said mentally tired.

Back at Striker's Island, the Flying Fox flies over the burning island and sees the silhouette of Doomsday glaring at him with red eyes. The Kryptonian abomination growls before shooting his heat vision at the black jet.

"Look out!" Robyn cried out.

"Fly away, Uncle Bat!" Ruby and Yang called out.

Raven tightened her grip on her drink at the sight of the counterpart of her younger brother being close to being incinerated. Come on, Qrow. Run!She paused and mentally scolded herself.No, no, it's fine. I met him in the Intermission, I spoke to him, I hugged him. He's okay. He's going to walk away from this alive.

Batman grunts and grits his teeth as he flies faster and hides behind the mountain to avoid being hit by the laser beams. Batman steadies his plane and flies above the water away from the island.

"Master Branwen, are you receiving me?" Klein asked.

"Klein, it's Kryptonian," Batman replied. "Only Kryptonite weapons can kill it."

"They might, if you had any left." Klein snarked. "I only got one round left." Bat-Qrow said before remembering something. "The spear. Klein, the spear. It's pure Kryptonite" he said. "It's back in Mantle, if I can penetrate the skin, the spear will kill it."

Many sighed in relief at seeing Bat-Qrow avoid the heat vision of Doomsday.

Amber facepalmed when Bat-Qrow mentioned the Kryptonite spear. The spear her counterpart just threw down a flooded stairwell.

"It would in theory," Klein said, but he was trying to talk his ward and employer out of going against something that survived a nuclear bomb. Qrow wasn't having it. "I got to get it to chase me. Back to the city. Back to the Kryptonite."

"Wait, can't he just go get the spear and come back?" Summer asked, not wanting her best friend engaging with the Kryptonian abomination.

"He doesn't want to risk Doomsday leaving the island on his own accord," Qrow replied, getting a hunch of his counterpart's thought process. "Better to have him follow me than have him go gods know where when I'm not looking."

With that, he kicks in the afterburners and did a loop in the air to turn around. Using the Flying Fox's Gatling gun and missiles, he attacked Doomsday. The abomination growled in anger and annoyance before rising into the air. Doomsday can fly now.

"You can do this, Uncle Bat!" Ruby cried out supportively.

"Oh great, the ugly ass alien can fly now!" Roman said sarcastically.

The Kryptonian abomination flies after the Flying Fox and fires his laser vision after it.

The screen goes off again before the Audience see the sun shining onto Superman's floating body out in space. Super-Oscar spreads his arms out and his muscles inflate back to their normal size and the dead skin falls off his face, the small scar from the Kryptonite spear even heals to the point it vanishes. He floats motionlessly before his eyes snap open and glow red.

Many gasped and sighed in relief when they saw Superman's body healing in the sunlight. A few were intimidated by seeing Superman with his eyes glowing.

Back in Mantle, Bat-Qrow tried his best to dodge Doomsday's laser vision but eventually his luck ran out. One of the Fox's wings were chipped, he crashed through the roof of a building, skidded across the street before coming to a stop. Batman grunted as the co*ckpit window blew off, leaving him exposed.

"Oh no!" Many students cried out when the Flying Fox was hit.

Doomsday roared as it slid down the building in front of him and skidded to a stop on the street.

Batman looked up to the abomination with wide eyes. "Oh sh*t."

"Oh sh*t is right," Tai said in agreement with the counterpart of his brother in-law.

Doomsday's eyes and mouth glowed red. Batman stared before closing his eyes. If Superman is still alive, maybe he can find the spear and kill Doomsday himself.

"Qrow!" Robyn, Summer, Tai, Winter and Raven shouted in worry and horror.

"Uncle Qrow!" Yang shouted in horror.

"Superman save him!" Ruby cried out. "Or use an ejector seat, something!"

Qrow himself though prepared for the worse.Well, my counterpart tried to help and make up for his mistake. Death will be quick, hopefully.

Just as Doomsday unleashed his heat vision, the Audience see a figure land in front of Batman and blocked the laser beams.

"YES!" Many cried out in relief.

Penny's eyes widened. That DID not look like Superman.

The beams bounced off of the figure with the sound of metal rattling before Doomsday ceased firing. The light died down and it was revealed to be Robyn Hill with Amazonian armor and boots, a small battle tiara on her forehead, two bracelets on her forearms, a sword and shield on her back.

"Wait, what?!" Many were now surprised.

"Yes!" Robyn said to herself, proud that her counterpart saved Bat-Qrow in time from being incinerated.

And the Clone Orchestra began playing the Wonder Woman theme music with a guitar riff and drumming.

"Hell yeah, and epic music to boot!" Sun said excitedly.

Bat-Qrow opened his eyes and looked at her in surprise and awe.

Qrow was much like his counterpart. Seeing Robyn's counterpart more clearly, not only did she look badass in that armor, she looked sexy.

Wonder Woman glared at Doomsday before letting a battle cry and slammed her bracelets together, releasing a shockwave that sent Doomsday sliding back. The Kryptonian abomination caught himself and glared at the Amazon with a growl.

Robyn glared back before she heard a faint sonic boom. Looking up behind Doomsday, she and the Audience see thunder flashing in the clouds before Superman flies down in sync with a thunderbolt from the sky before he tackles Doomsday and sent him flying into an abandoned factory that exploded.

"Wow!" Many exclaimed, both when Wonder Woman unleashed a shockwave that sent Doomsday flying back and when Superman flew down and sent Doomsday into an abandoned factory.

"Did you see that? He re-entered with the lightning." Nora said in excitement.

"No, he was the lightning," Penny corrected. "His hyper Mach speed caused atmospheric disturbances such as the thunder and the particles of electricity formed around him."

"AWESOME!" Sun, Ruby, Nora and Velvet said with starry eyes.

"Badass, more like it," Coco, Yang, Mercury said in unison.

Back where Batman and Superman had fought, Amber sees the explosion and what had caused it. She realizes that the Kryptonite spear is needed and she runs back into the building. She runs into the water covered part of the floor and trips.

Amber blushed in embarrassment at her counterpart tripping while others chuckled or snickered in amusem*nt.

"Why did you bring it back to the city?" Wonder Woman-Robyn asked Bat-Qrow.

"The port is abandoned," Batman replied as he picks up the Kryptonite gun. "There's a weapon here that can kill it." he explained.

Back in the building, Amber threw off her coat and walked into the flooded stairwell. She pauses and looks around for it in the water before realizing that it must have sank deeper than she thought. Oh no,she thought to herself.

"Oh great, just when we actually need it, it's missing," Roman drawled. "I knew it was going to bite in the ass later, I was right."

"No one argued, Roman." Cinder replied. "No need to twist the knife."

As Batman steps off his wrecked jet, Superman lands in front of him. "Did you find the spear?" he asked.

The Dark Knight gives him a deadpan look. "I've been a little busy." You know, trying to stay alive.

Oscar chuckled bashfully at Qrow who was giving him a dry look. Everyone else just chuckled or laughed in amusem*nt.

"This thing, this creature," Robyn spoke up as she studies Doomsday in the distance. "Seems to feed on energy."

Bat-Qrow loads his last Kryptonite grenade into the gun. "This thing is from another world." Super-Oscar informs her in a warning tone. "My world."

Wonder Woman-Robyn pulls her sword out and shield. "I've killed things from other worlds before." she declared steely.

Superman turns to Batman confused. "Is she with you?" he asked.

The Dark Knight turns to the Man of Steel just as confused and surprised. "I thought she was with you."

"Is now a good time to ask who the Hell this BAMF lady is?!" Coco asked the Host impatiently.

"Students, Teachers, Huntsmen, Huntresses, General, Soldiers, Terrorists, Schnee's." Darth Anarchus said dramatically.

"""""HEY!""""" cried the mentioned family. Why must they separated from the others like that every time? Ruby, Oscar and Qrow chuckled at that getting a glare from the three Schnee siblings.

"Behold, Robyn Hill. Daughter of Amazon Queen Hippolyta, King of Olympus, Ruler of the sky and god of lightning himself, Zeus." The Host went on, getting everyone floored on who Robyn's counterpart is. "Wonder Woman."

"She's a demigod?" Qrow asked in awe.

Yep," the Host replied. He then points to the screen. "And I give you the DC Trinity!"

The Wonder Woman theme kicks in at its highest as the Audience have a view of the three superheroes standing side by side. Wonder Woman-Robyn holds her shield and sword in hand. Batman-Qrow wields his Kryptonite gun at the ready. Superman-Oscar stands prepared for anything. The two men's capes flap in the wind slightly as Robyn's blond hair billows as well.

"Three superheroes teaming up!" cried Ruby, Jaune, Sun, Cardin and Mercury cried out with starry eyes. They read comic books the most and understood the epic-ness of the scene before them.

"Cool!" Velvet said.

"Awesome!" Neptune stated.

"Badass," Coco grinned.

"A Batman that kills, blinded by pain and suffering and forgets what Batman should be." Darth Anarchus said. "A Wonder Woman outcasted by the world, believing that Man's World is doomed. A Superman hated by the world, questioning his actions and if Superman should exist."

"All three come together to fight a monster that has no means to end," Ozpin said.

"This is going to be awesome!" Summer declared.

Doomsday roars as he unleashes another shockwave with red lightning and energy. Bat-Qrow dives under a pile of concrete that manages to withhold against the blast. Super-Oscar raises his hands and slides back slightly. Wonder Woman-Robyn raises her shield to block the energy.

"Yeah, I'd figured I need to do that." Qrow muttered still in awe at seeing Wonder Woman-Robyn withstanding the blast.

Amber looks up from the stairwell and sees the walls come crashing down. She dives into the water to avoid being hit. As she swims up to try to push the rocks up, the Audience see the Kryptonite spear glowing at the bottom of the stairwell.

"Oh no! Amber!" Penny cried out in worry.

"Oh come on! Not again!" Amber said in frustration.

"Well, she found the spear," Cinder shrugged.

Wonder Woman looks over her shield with a glare, her blonde hair blowing in the wind. Doomsday returns the glare and growls. Sneering, Wonder Woman-Robyn jumps towards the Kryptonian abomination with a echoing battle cry. Superman flies after her and Doomsday flies towards them.

Doomsday crashes through a wall and sends dust and rocks flying at them. Wonder Woman blocks most of it with her shield and slashes at Doomsday's foot with her sword while Superman ignores it. He flies up and hovers above the growling Doomsday. While abomination is distracted, Wonder Woman slams her shield against his leg, knocking Doomsday off his feet and Superman flies down to double punch him in the chest to the ground sending a large shockwave.

"Go get 'em," Qrow whispered.

Robyn grinned, eager to see what her counterpart is capable of.

"Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!" Jaune cheered when Wonder Woman knocked Doomsday off his feet and Superman double punched him.

Wonder Woman-Robyn cries out jumping up to stab her sword into Doomsday who rolls out of the way. Doomsday punches Super-Oscar and sends him flying before Wonder Woman runs past his leg and cuts his calf with her sword. Dropping to a knee, Doomsday roars in pain before throwing a car at Robyn who cuts the vehicle in half with her sword.

"Damn, she made the Kryptonian bleed!" Raven declared.

"Without Kryptonite!" Winter added.

"Yeah, Amazons have weapons made of Amazonian steel," the Host explained. "One of the strongest metals in the DC Multiverse, combined with Wonder Woman's demigod strength, makes her a force to be reckoned with."

Superman tries to fly past Doomsday but the Kryptonian abo mination grabs onto his leg, spins him around before throwing him away. Doomsday then kicks him in the ribs and Super-Oscar is sent sliding across the battlefield.

Oscar grimaced at that, being slightly reminded when he was being beaten by Hazel in his timeline.

Bat-Qrow crawls out of his hiding spot, hooking the Kryptonite gun to his belt and stares in horror at the battlefield in front of him. It was like the Black Zero Event but tripled. What can I do? He thinks to himself, I can't move fast as them or tank any hits from that thing. . . An answer slowly came to him. Watch. Watch his movements and adapt as fast as you can should that thing turn to your direction. He watches Wonder Woman-Robyn unleashing a shockwave that sends Doomsday sliding back. The abomination retaliates with throwing a truck at the Amazon Warrior before punching her and then unleashing his heat vision on her.

Most of the Audience understood Bat-Qrow's thought process. Jaune and Oscar were relating to him the most since their teammates and friends had all their Semblances unlocked and were more trained than they were. They often thought to themselves of what they can do in a fight when their teammates can control magnetism (Pyrrha), move really fast (Ruby) absorb electricity to their muscles (Nora) or kinetic energy from hits (Yang) conjure glyphs (Weiss), make clones (Blake) and they just have their Aura unlocked.

Qrow himself also felt the same. His sister had a teleportation Semblance that was useful. His Bad Luck Semblance just affected everyone in a fight and that often led to him fighting alone most of the time.

Eventually, the three of them brushed off those thoughts of doubt for their purpose among their teams and friends. They still had their mind, weapons and training. Useful Semblance or not, they'd figure out how to help in a fight.

Wonder Woman-Robyn blocks the beams with her shield but is pushed back until her back hits concrete. Robyn cracked her neck in response before jumping back into the fight with a battle cry.

Many were impressed with the shield durability and Robyn was proud of her counterpart willing to keep fighting.

The Audience see Amber trying to push the collapsed roof off the stairs. She tries to squeeze her head through a crack to get a gulp of air but it is futile. She looks around in the water but doesn't see another way out. She begins pounding on the concrete in a Morse code like rhythm.

Back in the battle, Super-Oscar flies forward and unleashes his heat vision on Doomsday. Doomsday retaliates with shooting his own heat vision and breath and the two have a breath beam struggle. The Man of Steel yells with effort before Doomsday's beams over power his and blasts him out of the sky. Oscar grits his teeth as his chest his consumed by the beam before he crashes through rubble.

A few gasped in worry for Amber before being awe struck at the beam struggle between Superman and Doomsday and a few remembered seeing a glimpse of it in the first viewing they had. Then they winced or grimaced when Superman was hit in the chest.

Oscar's breathing hitched as he unconsciously rose a hand to his chest as he remembered being tortured by Salem just before arriving in the theater here.

He flies back into the air, ready for another round but pauses when he hears Amber's rhythmic pounding. He looks over to the direction it came from and sees Amber trapped with his X-Ray vision. Amber soon begins to loose air and her fist pound on the concrete begins to slow down.

Eyes widening, Super-Oscar races to her location. He lifts the rubble up effortlessly before reaching down and pulling Amber out of the water. He carries the unconscious woman bridal style before gently placing her on the ground. Amber sits up and starts coughing up water.

"What were you doing down there?" Oscar scolds her lightly.

"The spear. . ." Amber says between coughs. Oscar's expression softens as he caresses her face. He stands up and then dives into the water. "Oscar, wait!" Amber protested before waits anxiously at the edge of the water.

Amber and Oscar ended up sighing in relief at seeing the former's counterpart rescued just in time. Then they both blushed at the Oscar on screen's affection to her.

"Wait, the spear can still harm him!" Ruby protested.

Doomsday growls at who he thinks is his next opponent.


Qrow's family and friends went on edge.

"sh*t." Tai, Summer and Yang muttered.

"f*ck," said Raven, worried for her brother on screen.

"Run, Uncle Bat-Qrow/Qrow!" Ruby cried out in sync with Robyn and Winter. Where's my counterpart? Robyn thought frantically. Is she out of commission?

The Dark Knight's eyes widen before he pulls out his grappling hook, fires it and swings out of the way just as Doomsday slams his fist just where he stood moments ago. The Kryptonian abomination's eyes glow red as he glares after the Bat.

Bat-Qrow lands on the wall of a building with a ladder on the side. He crouched down as his cape billowed in the wind and lightning flashed behind him. He fires off his grappling hook again before Doomsday's heat vision hit where he was. He slammed into a wall and fell down just as the beams hit the spot he hit before he landed on a fire escape.

Even Glynda and Ironwood were worried for Qrow. They may but heads and argue over things (Ironwood) and openingly disapprove of his alcoholism, (Glynda) but they still saw him as a close friend and ally. Ozpin tightened his grip on his cane with a frown.

Qrow though was thinking differently. He saw that his counterpart was distracting Doomsday, probably while Robyn was out of the fight same with Super-Oscar.That's right. Stay focused on me, you ugly son of a bitch.He thought grimly.Catch me if you can.

Frantically, he picked up his grappling hook, pulled out a few smoke bombs before throwing one at his feet and another out in front of him before he dove into the smoke just as Doomsday jumped and crashed through the building he was at. Doomsday growls as he rose up and jumped down to where the Bat had landed, but when the smoke cleared, Batman had vanished without a trace.

Amber gasped as she saw Oscar's silhouette rise with a green glow. "Oscar!" She steps into the water and pulls Oscar out of the water with the Kryptonite spear in hand. "Oscar?" she asked in a frantic tone before glancing up to the spear. She picks it up and throws as far as she could.

Many sighed in relief when Bat-Qrow vanished from Doomsday's sight and even more when Super-Oscar appeared with the spear. Amber grew worried when seeing Oscar looking unconscious before her counterpart threw the Kryptonite spear away from him.

Instantly, Oscar sat up and started coughing behind her. She ran to his side. "Oscar!" she crouched down to his side. "Oscar, are you alright?" she asked, checking his face. She kisses his cheek before pressing her forehead against his in relief. Oscar sighed before looking back to the battle.

Both Oscar and Amber blushed at the latter's counterpart's affection.

Wonder Woman-Robyn was punched by Doomsday and she was sent rolling through rubble and debris. She dropped her shield somewhere in the roll before she came to a stop and her sword landed behind her. She glanced back to Doomsday before shaking her head with a smile. She reached to pick up her sword and blocked Doomsday's fist.

She glared up at Doomsday before she brought her sword down and sliced his hand clean off!

"Of course you're enjoying this," Qrow rolled his dull crimson eyes fondly and exasperated.

Robyn shrugged with a slight smirk. "Probably the most action my counterpart's had since the Great War," she mused.

Darth Anarchus nodded to her. "You would be correct."

"Damn!" Everyone exclaimed in surprise and awe when Wonder Woman-Robyn chopped Doomsday's hand off.

Hazel frowned a little since that is his counterpart brought back to life.

Doomsday roared in pain, red lightning surging around his body before firing his heat vision to send her flying away. Doomsday held up his stump that began to grow a sword out of his forearm bone.

"Oh you got to be bullsh*tting me," Emerald declared in shock.

Oscar looked at Doomsday with a grim expression while Amber looked with wide eyes. Slowly, Oscar realized what he had to do. He looks to girlfriend with a sad smile. "I love you."

Amber blushed in surprise and felt touched. But she also felt confused. She wasn't the only one. The students also felt confused as she was.

Amber looked at him confused before looking at Doomsday and realization began to dawn on her. "No." she shook her head at Oscar pleadingly. "No, Oscar, you can't!" she protested.

Oscar looked ahead determinedly. "This is my world." he declared as sad music began to play. "No, Oscar, don't!" Amber pleaded.

Most of the Audience slowly began to realize what this meant. Superman was planning on sacrificing himself.

"No, it's going to be fine," Ruby said determinedly. "He's not going to die. He's going to win."

Oscar's breathing hitched while a part of him thought that the choice was logical. First of all, Oscar, breath. Second of all, don't think of sacrificing yourself in the future,Ozpin said sternly from within his head.

Numbly, Oscar nodded his head.I won't. . . but I certainly won't hesitate to do so.He replied.This is the job of a Huntsman. I have to do what it takes to protect the Kingdoms. From Salem, her followers and the Grimm. No matter the cost.

Oscar, you are a child,Ozpin pointed out.Roughly a year younger than Ruby in our time, you shouldn't be thinking of sacrificing yourself like this.

I'm also your next incarnation, Oz, Oscar replied. He lets out a shaky sigh. With how things are in my time, death could be around the corner for me.

Oscar. . .

Remembering what his father had said about his mother, Oscar said to Amber who kept shaking her head, "YOU are MY world."

Amber shook her head frantically, holding Oscar's face. "No, please!" Oscar stood up no matter how hard she tried to stop him and that probably hurt the most. With words or not, she couldn't stop her boyfriend no matter what.

"OSCAR!" Amber screamed as she stumbled after him.

A few wiped their eyes at Oscar's declaration, especially the romantics in the Audience.

"No, it's going to be okay," Ruby whispered to herself. "It's all going to be okay. Superman's the hero, the hero slays the monsters and lives."

Superman flew forward and picked up the Kryptonite spear.

Doomsday roared as energy swirled around him before a golden lasso looped around his arms. The wielder was Wonder Woman-Robyn. She cried out in effort as she tried to restrain the Kryptonian abomination. Doomsday roared and readied to shoot his heat vision at her before he was hit by a Kryptonite gas grenade. The affects were immediate, the energy around him seemed to vanish and he began to give cough like grunts and wheezes. Then the Audience see Bat-Qrow with his gun in hand in the distance.

Many were surprised and intrigued upon seeing Wonder Woman's lasso but made notes to ask about it later. Then they were glad that Bat-Qrow used his last Kryptonite on Doomsday at the right time.

The Dark Knight lowered the gun. Briefly his mind thought back to that apocalyptic dream of Superman being a tyrant ruler of Remnant. He had aimed to shoot at Superman before his words played back in his mind. I'll trust you. With that, he brushed aside his fear and paranoia and fired at Doomsday instead. I'll trust you. He thought. Then Superman flies with the Kryptonite spear in hand and he plunged it into Doomsday's chest.

Doomsday howled in pain and red and green energy swirled around them both, knocking Wonder Woman back.

"Yes! He did it!" Ruby cheered along with the other students.

Jaune, Sun and Yatsuhashi picked up Oscar and started tossing him in the air, chanting "Superman! Superman! Superman!"

"Hold your horses and hats, people!" Darth Anarchus declared suddenly. "It's not over."

Doomsday grabbed onto Superman pulled his bone sword back before plunging it into Superman's chest. Superman cried out in pain and grabbed onto the sword and looked up to Doomsday's face. The Audience get a wide shot of the two of them impaling each other before it zooms on Oscar's face.

Instead of pulling the sword out of his chest, Superman pulled himself closer, gritting his teeth as he began impaling himself all the way, but also stabbing Doomsday in the chest with the spear until it stuck out of his chest.

"NOO!" Everyone on the good side shouted. Jaune, Sun and Yatsuhashi dropped Oscar in shock.

Ignoring that he was dropped by a near seven foot tall person, Oscar gasped and stared at the screen with wide eyes.

Doomsday then pulled away, spear in heart, and shot his heat vision into the sky while a green beam shot out of his chest and Superman's scream of pain echoed through the air. The music began to die down when Doomsday's beams died down and the Kryptonian abomination went limp as he fell down and Superman dropped to the ground beside him. Superman's lifeless expression stared off into space with a massive stab wound into his chest.

Ruby drops back in shock. "Superman. . . dies?"

". . . Well, sh*t," Roman kicked his seat.

Oscar stared at the screen before suddenly all his traumatic memories of his timeline played out in his mind.

"To you, it's General."


"My long lost Ozma, found at last."

Hot, burning pain shot through his chest-

Whitley noticed his expression. "Hey, you okay?" he asked. This caused Ruby to look over at Oscar in concern. His breathing quickened and his heartbeat was ringing in his ears as his eyes rolled back before he fell to the ground.

"Oscar!" Ruby and Whitley cried out. Ozpin suddenly felt a pull and he suddenly felt large levels of fear racing through him. He felt a pull towards Oscar as Ruby and Whitley run to his side.

Batman walked over to Oscar's corpse. He crouched down, looking remorseful and mourning. He reaches down and closes the man's eyes. Amber runs over. Wonder Woman-Robyn looks over to her with a sympathetic expression. Amber's eyes begin to fill with tears. "No. . . No," she whispered. Bat-Qrow folded Oscar's right arm across his chest and wrapped his cape around his body. The mourning Dark Knight then picks up the dead Man of Steel gently and lowers him into Wonder Woman-Robyn's arms. The Amazon Warrior lowers the dead Kryptonian hero to the ground.

"No. No." Amber sobbed as she reached to Oscar before kneeling down. She caresses his face, hoping that he would wake up. That's what the S stands for, right? Hope? Amber thought. She stares at him tearfully before sobbing. You saved everyone, Oscar. She kisses his cheek while crying before looking up to Wonder Woman, as if silently asking if she can do something. Robyn silently looks away. Amber looks down at Oscar's face and kisses his face again. The Audience then see Bat-Qrow walking out of the shadows, his shoulders sagging with guilt. Not just me, you saved the whole world, a second time. You're a hero. Superman is a hero.

The sun begins to rise and break through the clouds. Both Bat-Qrow and Wonder Woman-Robyn stand at the sides in silent respect as Mantle Port burns around them.

"With Superman's death, Qrow sees Batman as a beautiful lie," Darth Anarchus said. "A sort of escapism, sees himself becoming the man he sought not to be. Wonder Woman sees that there is still good in the world, that not all men want power. With Superman's death, the world finally sees him as a hero, a man just trying to do the right thing. For that, they mourn his death."

The Host stands up and walks over to Oscar, kneels down and picks him up. He then carries the unconscious boy out of the theater. Ruby stepped forward to follow him but the Host held up a hand to her and shook his head. He gestures for her to go sit down. Ruby stares and glances at the unconscious Oscar in his arms before slowly nodding and she walked back to her seat.

Amber also watched Darth Anarchus carrying Oscar but sighed to herself and looked to the screen.

The screen lights up with SWAT officers entering the Kryptonian ship through the holes in the roof, guns at the ready as they walk in the hallway. They enter the Genesis Chamber and see Merlot and a silver hologram of a tall humanoid in spiky armor and large horns on his head. The figure holds two of three boxes in his hands while holograms of planets hover behind it. The figure spreads its hands out and lets out a silent roar before vanishing.

Everyone on the good side glared at Merlot before their eyes ended up widening at the sight of the hologram. That was certainly imposing an menacing.

Penny gulped, she had a bad feeling about those boxes.

Adam strangely felt some sort of connection to the hologram.

Merlot starts breathing fearfully as he stands within the water and blood, along with other fluids. He turns around and looks up to the SWAT officers.

The scene then changes to show Merlot in prison clothes as his hair gets shaved off his head. He says nothing and just holds a thousand yard stare.

Newspapers are seen being printed in the Daily Planet. Coco walks up to one of the print lines and pulls out a freshly printed newspaper. She turns around and the Audience see the headline. "SUPERMAN DEAD: NIGHT OF TERROR MORNING OF LOSS

Coco turns the pages and the Audience see a column of Merlot being arrested and Oscar A. Pine-Belladonna, a Daily Planet Reporter "One of our Own" killed reporting Mantle Battle.

Many grew saddened while some of the adults smiled bittersweetly that Oscar/Superman the secret alien was being called "One of our Own" by the people of Remnant.

Newspapers blow in the empty streets of Atlas. Leaves swirl and dance around a couple of Greek statues and the Audience see from the inside that most businesses were closed for the day. Even the Daily Planet was empty of its workers.

Where are they you may ask? Most of them are in Smallville, Mistral at the Pine-Belladonna farm, attending a funeral for Oscar Aaron Pine-Belladonna. They weren't the only ones. Some were Oscar's old classmates, as Coco and Velvet saw as they walked in the house, including Pete Ross. His former bully turned friend after Oscar saved his life when their school bus crashed into the river. There was also the local priest. Coco and Velvet briefly shook hands with the two men before the two and the Audience see Kali walking up to Oscar's casket.

Velvet wiped her eyes sadly as Coco took off her sunglasses. Some smiled at seeing Oscar's bully turned friend.

She places a photo of her husband holding a large bass fish in hand. Kali then placed her hand on top of Oscar's hands and the Audience see her struggling to not burst out crying. Her throat tightens and her black cat ears flatten against her head sadly.I wish I can tell you how proud I am, Oscar.She thought.Now, you run to your father. Tell him that you became a hero. The best hero Remnant has ever seen.

Kali and Ghira looked a the screen sadly, both at her expression and her thoughts heard on screen. Blake also frowned sadly before she moved to sit next to her parents.

Amber was shown, laying on Oscar's childhood bed in his old room, staring up at the hanging solar system with a sad expression. The door opens and Kali walks in with a small orange envelope in hand. "Hi." Kali smiled weakly.

"Hi." Amber replied as she sat up. Kali caressed her face and Amber placed her hand on the older woman's hand.

Kali hands Amber the envelope. "Oscar had this sent here, so he can surprise you." she explained, forcing a smile. She then covers her mouth to stifle a sob from escaping before she walks to the door. Amber reached up to tell her to stay, that they can mourn together but the Cat Faunus already left and closed the door.

Many grew confused at Kali's explanation though some had an inkling to what it was.

Confused, Amber opened the envelope and a small black bag fell out. She pulled the strings to open and spilled its content into her hand. A engagement ring with a silver white diamond. Her eyes widen in surprise before she almost started crying again. She placed a hand over her heart. She recalls the conversation she had with Oscar after he saved her in Vacuo. Neither of them knew what happened to the men in the village and only had what Kahina was forced to tell at Court. At one point, Amber had told him that she didn't know if she could love Oscar while he was going to be just himself as Superman. Then his finals words to her echoed through her head.

Many gasped. Oscar was planning to ask Amber to marry him.

Amber blushed before turning to ask, "Uh, how long were they together-?" she trailed when she saw that the Host had not returned.

"I can answer that ma'am," said a voice on the other side of her. Turning around she saw one of the men from the Orchestra walking up to her. "Your counterpart and Oscar's began dating for 18 months and two weeks since he first started working at the Daily Planet."

"Oh, thank you, uh. . ." Amber trailed off as she realized that she didn't know his name.

"Field Medical Officer CT-111904," the man saluted. "You may call me Doc."

"Thank you, Doc." Amber said politely. The Clone nodded and walked over to his brothers.

I love you. You are MY world.

Oscar, I loved you too. Amber thought to herself. You told me that I am your world. I wish I had a chance to tell you that you were mine. YOU are MY world.

This caused more people to cry among the Audience.

The song "Amazing Grace" began to play as Oscar's casket was being carried from the house to the grave by a horse pulled wagon. Amber and Kali walk directly behind the wagon side by side, followed by Coco and Velvet with Pete Ross.

Over back in Atlas, the army gives Superman the funeral of a soldier. Four jets fly overhead and one breaks away and flies high, a sign of Superman leaving them. Crowds of people gathered and stood on the sidewalk as a black coffin covered with an Atlassian flag carried by soldiers. General Ren and Captain Hampton walk side by side behind the coffin with mournful expressions. They may have had little interactions with Superman, but they understood his intentions since the Black Zero Event. He was here to help.

Four Great War Cannons fire off in the graveyard while soldiers salute. The flag is lifted and folded and the Audience see the silver S on the black coffin. The flag is given to General Ren and the soldier giving the flag to him salutes him.

General Ironwood, Winter and the Ace-Ops saluted the screen silently as did the Clones in the Orchestra.

Back in Smallville, Oscar's casket is lowered into the grave. The priest reads a passage from his bible. Soon everyone began to leave. All but Amber.

"Oh, I need a ride back to house." Kali says as she walks with Pete Ross and the Priest. She wipes her eyes with a tissue. "I forgot my checkbook to pay the funeral director."

"He says it's all paid for." Pete said. The Cat Faunus looks to him confused as do the Priest. "By who?" she asked.

Pete just shrugged. "Anonymous donor."

Many felt confused as Kali's counterpart. "Wait, look!" Penny pointed at the screen.

Underneath a tree in the short distance, the Audience see Qrow Branwen standing in the background. He looks over to Amber with a sad expression before Robyn Hill walked over to his side wearing a black fur coat.

"All that circus in Atlas," Qrow said with a snort. "Burying an empty box."

"They don't know how to honor him, except as a soldier." Robyn replied sadly.

"It's the thought that counts," Raven shrugged.

"I failed him. In life." Qrow declared. He shakes his head. "I won't fail him in death." he vowed. He turns to Robyn. "Help me find the others like you."

Robyn shrugged her shoulders. "Perhaps they don't want to be found."

"They will," Qrow stated. "And they'll fight. We have to stand together."

Qrow frowned sadly before nodding at his counterpart's vow. Some saw logic in Robyn's words. Perhaps the Metahumans didn't want to be found and would go to great lengths to make sure they wouldn't.

Qrow looked to Robyn with a raised eyebrow. "Interested in looking for superhumans with me?" he asked with a small grin. Robyn shrugged with a grin of her own. "Sounds like it could be fun."

Robyn was silent for a moment before she looks to Qrow. "A hundred years ago, I walked away from mankind and the Faunus. From a centuries of horrors." she said before looking to Oscar's grave where Amber stood. "Man made a world where standing together is impossible."

Ozpin and Salem snorted, more or less agreeing with her.

Qrow was silent before declaring, "Men are still good." The scene changes to Hero's Park in Atlas where hundreds of people gathered. "We fight. We kill. We betray one another. But we can rebuild." Qrow said solemnly. The Audience see the faces of the crowd in the park. Some are openly crying and shedding tears. Others are stoic but there is sadness in their eyes. "We can do better. We have to."

Many suddenly recalled Bat-Qrow saying that same phrase during the Intermission. Ruby and her family smiled, realizing that this was when her uncle's counterpart had his faith restored in humanity.

Robyn smiled and leaned against Qrow who returned the gesture.

The Audience then see the new addition to the Superman memorial. His symbol is made and placed where his statue once stood. There is a message under it in why paint. IF YOU SEEK HIS MONUMENT LOOK AROUND YOU.

Many smiled more at the new memorial and most understood the message. The monument was the planet Superman called home and the people he sacrificed his life to protect.

Back at the Smallville graveyard, Robyn turns to face Qrow completely. "The others like me, why did you say they have to fight?" she asked. Qrow looks to her before looking away. "Just a feeling." he replied vaguely. He then recalls a conversation he had a few days prior.

"Prisoner AC-421940," A prison guard says to Merlot as he walks to the man's cell which as two separate gates. "The Warden wants to speak to you." the guard says. Merlot just silently sat on his bed, not acknowledging them. "Prisoner AC-421940, stand to your feet." the guard instructs. Slowly, Merlot stands to his feet. "Turn around and face the wall. Place your forehead against the wall, hands behind your back so I can restrain you."

Merlot does as he is told while cracking his neck. Just as his forehead is placed against the wall, the gates open and suddenly the lights start to flicker rapidly and the guard is replaced with Batman. The lights turn red. Confused, Merlot turns around and his eyes widen at seeing the Dark Knight. The more horror sounding Batman theme plays again.

Many openingly glared at Merlot again before becoming confused when the lights began to flicker and turn red.

Then they saw Bat-Qrow combined with the more horror sounding theme music.

"What? Forgot me, you bald psychotic son of a bitch?" Qrow asked sarcastically with a glare.

"Whatever you do," Bat-Qrow growls as he marches over to Merlot. "Wherever you go, I'll be watching you." He grabs Merlot by his shirt and holds up his hot red glowing Bat Brand threateningly to Merlot's face.

Robyn couldn't help but shudder again at Bat-Qrow's voice and smiled slightly.

Some felt that while Merlot most likely deserved a death penalty for his crimes, they didn't approve of Bat-Qrow's branding anymore than before.

"Look at us," Merlot just said, looking up to Batman. "This is how it all caves in. Civilization on the Branwen Manors, out the window." he went on cryptically, with emphasis added when he said the Branwen Manors.

Many looked to the screen with wide eyes when Merlot mentioned the Branwen Manors.

"Oh, of course he does," Blake suddenly declared. "Remember that he send those messages? He knows that Qrow is Batman!"

"Just like he knows that Superman is Oscar Pine!" Weiss exclaimed. "And he most likely knows who the other Metahumans are."

"More or less," one of the Clone Troopers called out.

"But who would believe me?" Merlot asked. "I-uh-I'm insane!" he declared with a stutter. "I'm not even fit to stand trial."

"That's right," Batman said in agreement. "We have hospitals that treat the mentally ill with compassion." This draws a muffled chuckle from Merlot. "But that's not where you're going. I've arranged for you to be transferred to Arkham Asylum in Mantle."

The smug smile is wiped from Merlot's face and is replaced by a look of dawning horror. "I still have some friends there," Bat-Qrow said with emphasis. "They're expecting you."

Many glared at Merlot and his act. Then they couldn't help but smirk at seeing him lose his smug smile.

"What's Arkham Asylum?" Pyrrha asked curiously.

"It's both a mental institution and a prison for most of Batman's most dangerous adversaries," Ozpin replied, having read about in his time at the library. "While escapes happen, it's not a place that treats its inmates with compassion."

"And with the Bat Brand, Merlot could be targeted by inmates who see it as a death sentence." Glynda deduced.

". . . But the bell's been rung," Merlot said after a moment. He looks up to Bat-Qrow. "And they've heard it. Out in the dark. Among the stars. Ding dong, the God is dead."

"He knows something," Jaune glared at Merlot.

"He has files of every known Metahuman and knows Batman and Superman's secret identity," Tai replied. "And he spent some time in what was essentially the Kryptonian library. Of course he knows something."

Bat-Qrow growled and the Audience see him punch his Bat Brand in Merlot's direction. But as Merlot turns around and the lights return to normal, he and the Audience see that Bat-Qrow had left the brand on the concrete wall.

While some wouldn't have been bothered by Merlot being sentenced to death with that Bat Brand, they saw what it meant though. Bat-Qrow was no longer going to ignore his important rule of no killing.

Merlot turns around and the Bat is gone without a trace and the cell gates close. "But a bell cannot be unrung!" Merlot shouted, grabbing onto the cell bars with a mad look in his eyes. "He's hungry. He's found us. AND HE'S COMING!" he shouted, snot running down from his nose.

"Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding." He mutters under his breath like a mantra. "Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding."

The scene changes to Merlot-Luthor's house, in his father's room that is filled with FBI agents gathering everything they could. Merlot had said that he had kept it the way it was, but now there was one change done. The painting depicting the battle of Heaven against Hell was flipped upside down.

Why? Well, in Merlot's words, "The Devils don't from Hell beneath us. No, they come from the sky."

Many felt unnerved at Merlot's declaration and disturbed at the painting of the armies of Heaven and Hell being flipped upside down.

Back to the present, Qrow walks out of the graveyard. Amber stands with a handful of dirt and the Audience see her wearing the engagement ring Oscar had intended to give her. She holds the dirt above Oscar's casket before she drops it. She sighed sadly before walking away.

The screen then focuses on the dirt on the casket. It all seems normal but then the dirt vibrated before slowly hovering off the casket.

The screen goes black with a familiar Man of Steel theme.

Many gasped upon seeing the dirt move combined with the theme playing when the screen went black.

Darth Anarchus walked into the theater. "So, what do you think?" he asked the Audience in general.

"What do I think?" Ruby repeated. "What do I think? We just watched counterparts of my uncle and friend fight each other, we saw a alien sacrifice himself for a world that didn't see him as a hero twice! We saw three heroes come together to fight an abomination! And all of them were so cool! But then I cried because Superman died at the end!" she rambled with emotions. "I hate and love you for showing us this! This was the best universe! Superman is the best superhero! I dare you to change my mind!"

Many stared at her in shock.

"Damn," was all Blake could say.

"I know," Yang said, looking at her sister with wide eyes.

Tai looked to his second wife. "She got that from you." Summer chuckled bashfully while rubbing the back of her head.

Darth Anarchus stared at the young red reaper with silver eyes and crossed his arms with a small smirk. "Well, look at you, little Red. Looks like you're learning from these viewings." he said with a chuckle, patting Ruby on the head with his robotic arm. "Welp, I don't know about any of you, folks, but I'm tired and need some sleep." he said to the Audience, yawning and stretching dramatically.

"Time for an intermission, I take it?" Ozpin asked.

The Host nodded to him. "Doc, Nines, take them to the quarters where they'll be staying." he ordered the two Clone Troopers.

"Wait, where's Oscar? Is he okay?" Ruby asked in concern.

"Oh, it's no concern," Darth Anarchus explained dismissively. "Seeing yourself die by the hands of an abomination just isn't easy as it seems."

"Oh right," Ruby realized as that's exactly what Oscar was watching the same as them.


Man, what a ride this has been, am I right?
I hope you all enjoyed reading this as I enjoyed writing.
Next is going to be the second intermission. Oscar may have to explain himself, grow closer with Ruby, Whitley and Amber. The former Fall Maiden may be thinking over her life or not.
A familiar bat may drop by as the Host promised.

Chapter 37: Intermission 2 Part 1


The Audience have another intermission. They sleep, they eat, they talk and they get a couple of bombshells dropped on their laps.


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Chapter Text

Thirty minutes later. . .


"Ha! You're nothing but talk, kiddo."

Robyn chuckled as she leaned against the door of Qrow's room watching the man play a video game with his niece. And win as the TV says, "Soaring ninja wins! Total annihilation!"

Qrow glared at Ruby playfully as she slumped in defeat. "By the way, never call me old." he said. Robyn chuckled to herself in amusem*nt. Ruby then yawned. Qrow patted her head. "You should call it a night, Rubes and hit the hay." he told her softly. "We're going to have a long day of watching more universes."

"I know," Ruby rubbed her eyes. "But I'm stilled worried about Oscar." She sees Qrow giving her a teasing look. "Not like that, Uncle Qrow! I mean, maybe a little, but he saw himself die onscreen! And he had told us that he was kidnapped by the White Fang and they hurt him."

"Okay, that's a fair point." Qrow conceded and he glanced over to Robyn. "But the kid looks tougher than he seems to be. He's a lot like you."

"Oh, I don't know about that," Ruby said bashfully. Then she yawned again. "Good night, Uncle Qrow."

"Good night, Pipesqueak." Qrow replied.

Robyn hid out of view as Ruby walked out the door and towards her own room. Robyn then walked into Qrow's as he took off his cloak and his coat.

"These past viewing have been interesting," Robyn stated.

"That's one way to say it." Qrow remarked. Robyn rose an eyebrow. "How would you describe it?"

Qrow took out his flask and placed it on a counter. "Eye opening." he replied. Robyn's eyes flicked to Qrow's flask and him before walking forward.

"Do you want to talk about?" she asked as she sat on the bed. Qrow shrugged. "The first interaction of my counterpart with his butler just made me think of how long I've been a Huntsman." he replied. "Thinking about it, I am passed the point of dying young as a Huntsman."

"And then the other interaction before the gala." Qrow went on. "Well," he leaned forward and whispered to her ear.

Robyn's eyes widened and she looks up at him with a heavy blush. "Really?"

Qrow chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. "I'd need to speak with Ozpin, but I know it'd be a bad time to ask back in our world. I'm sure things will cool down in, say three months."

They will certainly NOT cool down as Oscar and Future Ozpin know. In fact, the Host knows that everything goes from tense as sh*t to a massive gas fire igniting and expanding.

"But on the other hand, I'd like to introduce you to my family." Qrow went on. Robyn smiled and took his hand. "I'd love to meet them."

There was a knock at the door. Amber poked her head in. "Qrow? Can I talk to you?" she asked.

Qrow nodded his head. "Sure." he replied. Amber went back out. The veteran Huntsman leaned down to Robyn who looked at him with wide eyes. Qrow briefly debated his next action before undoing her hair. "Hey!" she said indignantly. He shrugged. "Just wanted to see how you would look with your hair down." he chuckled and brushed her hair to the side. They ended up staring at each other for a while before Qrow muttered, "Looks pretty great in my book." Then he pulled back and walked out of the room. Robyn watched him walk out with wide eyes. She smiled and shook her head.

"What's up, Autumn Leaf?" Qrow asked Amber. The young woman shuffled. "I've just been thinking after the ending of the last viewing." she started. Raising an eyebrow, Qrow nodded, urging her to continue.

"And I realized that other than you as a father figure, I don't have a lot of people in life." Amber went on. "I don't have friends, or a partner, you know? So I'm thinking of taking a chance to change that and, uh, asking the Host if he can help me with that. Like he took me out of my. . . coma and even brought your teammate back from the dead."

Qrow's eyes widen in surprise. "I was going to say that you don't need much special help to make friends or meet someone. Even if your options are limited to the people in this place." he shrugged. "But as for talking to our host, sure. Oz and the others probably would think otherwise but I do want you want to be alive and happy. If the Host can bring you back in this theater, I think talking to him about when he sends us all back is okay in my book. Just be prepared for when he says no. And Amber? I'm sorry. I am so sorry for what happened."

Amber smiled and hugged the veteran Huntsman who returned the hug. "Thank you," she whispered. "And I don't hold it against you. I never will."

"Anytime, kid." Qrow replied. "And thank you. Now go get some rest. Going to need it."

Amber chuckled as Qrow ruffled her hair affectionately. "Just don't cause trouble with my nieces," he said. "I got enough gray hair as it is with them."

"No promises," Amber said mischievously as she walked away. Qrow chuckled fondly as he went back into his room. "So, who was she?" Robyn asked curiously. She had taken off her scarf and jacket. "Especially since if she sees you as a father figure."

Qrow paused and briefly considered what to say before remembering what he had said earlier. "She's one of the current Maidens. Fall." he said. He sighed as he moved to sit on the bed. "She didn't have anyone after she got the powers and I was assigned to be her guardian."

He frowns sadly. "And I failed." he admitted. Robyn rose an eyebrow and frowned. She shifted to be by his side. "What happened?"

"I was too slow." Qrow said, looking at his hands. "She was attacked and then one of Salem's agents managed to steal half of her magic by the time I arrived. And they also took half of her Aura, leaving her on the brink of death."

He holds his head and his shoulders shook. Robyn wrapped her arms around him. "You did your best," she whispered softly.

"I'm going to better," he vowed. "When we get back to our world, when she gets another chance, I'm going to do better for her. For everyone. Including you." He pulled away to look at her.

"And I'll be there," Robyn promised. "Always." She then smirked. "So, going to give me back my hair band?"

Qrow chuckled. "Hehe-ha! Nope." He said, popping on the 'p' with a smirk. Robyn smirked and wrinkled her nose at him. Qrow stared before pulling her close. He leaned back before rolling them over. Robyn let out a noise of surprise before Qrow kissed her on the lips. Robyn's eyes widened in surprise before closing and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Are you sure about this?" Darth Anarchus asked Amber. The Fall Maiden nodded with a pleading look. The Sith Lord rubbed his chin in thought before shrugging. "Well, I'm already interfering with your timeline." he stated. "Might as well keep going."

"Really?" she asked in disbelief at his willingness. "Shouldn't you be worried by the consequences?"

"I would, if I was in charge of your timeline." Darth Anarchus replied. "But I'm not. I'm just a host for this Multiversal theater. That is a concern for my superior."

"You have a superior?" Amber asked in surprise. The Host looked like he regretted saying that. "I shouldn't've said that." he muttered.

"DA!" shouted Nora as she ran over to him. He turned around to face her and was instantly grabbed his shoulders and was shaking by the hammer wielder. "What happened to my baby?!" she demanded. "Isheokay?I'msoworried!Whereishe?Whereishe?Whereishe?"

Darth Anarchus grabbed her by the face with his robotic arm and picked her up off the ground. "First of all, don't call me that." he said sternly. "Second of all, don't ever do that again. Third of all, he's resting. You'll see him when he wakes up. He's had a rough day before he came here and believe me, that's putting it lightly."

Nora looked a bit worried by that as did Amber and he sighed. "Get some rest." he told them both. He turned to Amber. "And I'll see what I can do that won't have too much consequences for your timeline."

Amber nodded. "Thank you, Darth." she smiled and walked away.

The Host smiled at her before realizing what she had said and then he facepalmed when he was alone. "Great, back to people thinking my first name is Darth." he muttered.

Four hours later

"James is what my friends call me. To you, it's General."


"My long lost Ozma, found at last."

Burning white pain shot through his chest and he screamed in pain and agony.

"Like minded souls indeed."

Oscar slowly opened his eyes and saw the ceiling with lights. He sat up and instantly regretted it as pain shot through his torso. He looked down and saw that his chest wound was back. Along with all his other injuries.

"I guess our Host's spell wore off," he muttered.It appears so.Ozpin replied. The former farm hand sighed as he leaned back. "Lord Anarchus deemed it so that your Aura can recover." said the Clone Doc from beside the boy's bed. "We've also given you Aura amplifiers to speed up the process."

"Oh, thank you." Oscar replied, surprised and grateful. "Wait, I thought he said that they'd return when I went back to my time."

Doc shrugged in response. "He might have changed his mind."

Just then the Host entered the room. "Oh, you're awake earlier than I thought." he said in surprise.

"How long was I out?" Oscar asked as he shifted to sit up. Darth Anarchus held him down. "Only a four and a half hours." he replied. "Everyone else is asleep still."

"What happened?" Oscar asked next. "Only Ruby and Whitley were greatly concerned. At least until everyone else got wind of what happened. They were all too focused on the viewing. Ozpin, the other Ozpin, may have felt something between the two of you when your fear and anxiety rose to great levels." The Host explained. "Nora is also worried for you, as your newly adopted mother."

Oscar sighed and rolled his eyes fondly at the last bit but then he frowned. "They're going to ask questions, aren't they?" he asked.

"You could play it off as just a reaction to seeing your counterpart's death," Darth Anarchus replied. "I told them that to dissuade them. Or you can tell them truth."

"Really, how can I just tell people that I met when they were a few months older than they are now that I'm from the future?" Oscar asked. "A future where their school is overrun with Grimm, their headmaster is in my head, one of their friends is dead?"

"Well, I happen to have an answer to that." Darth Anarchus said.

Oscar narrowed his eyes at him. ". . . But what about the consequences of me interacting with them?"

"We'll deal with those when we cross that bridge." Darth Anarchus replied. "Now what's your choice, Oscar Aaron Pine?"

Three hours later, everyone was having breakfast. The students were talking among themselves when Penny saw Oscar enter the cafeteria. "Friend Oscar!" she called out. This caused everyone at the students' table to look at her before looking over to Oscar as he walked towards them. "OSCAR!" This got the attention of some of the adults before most turned back to their meals or conversation.

Oscar smiled at them with a wave before his eyes widened when all members of Team RWBY and JNPR jumped towards him.

Deja vu,Ozpin muttered in his head as they gave him a group hug. And he felt the same. Along his spine creaking under their hug. "Guys, air." he wheezed before they released him.

"We got worried when we heard what happened during the viewing!" Weiss exclaimed.

"Are you okay?" Ruby asked, holding her face in her hands with a concerned expression. Similar to when she did when he was in Argus with her after he came back with his new outfit. He honestly found it downright adorable.

"You didn't have nightmares about dying right?" Nora asked.

No, those nightmares stopped when I realized they were memories of someone else, Oscar replied mentally. "It's. . . ." he trailed off before releasing a sigh. "It's complicated, okay?" he asked.

"Oh please. How complicated can it be?" Nora asked confidently. Most of the Audience around them nodded in agreement.

Suffice to say, no one was expecting the farm hands eyes to suddenly glow and change his posture to look as if he was holding a cane. And quite a familiar pose now that they think about it.

It only gets weirder with how he spoke next. "I can assure you, Ms. Valkyrie, it's quite complicated." It sounded like he was speaking with three or more different voices.

Cue the wide eyes of confused surprise on all the young ones' faces as they try and understand what just happened, same with most adults Though Jacques and Willow first dismissed it as the boy just having a similar thing to Klein. Meanwhile for certain others in the room, they start to get a bit of an idea here. As for Ozpin, he was silent for a moment. ". . .Well, my future's not looking too good now, isn't it?" He just ignores the looks some of the adults are giving him when he said that.

"Indeed it isn't." Ozcar replied to his last incarnation.

"O-Ozpin?" Jaune asked in shock.

"In a sense, Mr. Arc," Ozcar stated. "From the future, really."

"So, you decided to hide behind a child's face now?" Hazel growled. Ozcar stared to him before closing his eyes. "He had no choice in matter, Hazel." Oscar replied. "He can't do anything about it, despite what you want to believe." He looks to the larger man. "You don't know me, but I know you. And I feel sorry for you. A grieving brother manipulated and blinded by his pain."

"You don't know me," Hazel denied. "And don't act like you do-urk!" He grabbed at his throat and started choking for air. The people around looked to the other side of the room and see the Host walking in with his hand raise in a clawing/cup like gesture.

"I don't really need your blind and stupid anger, Rainart." Darth Anarchus stated coldly. "And I do not like it when you do raise your fists at a child that is no older than your sister." Many looked confused while Ozpin and Oscar looked down sadly. The Host then looked over to Oscar when the boy looked up to him. Oscar shook his head silently. Darth Anarchus lowered his hand and Hazel started breathing again. "Now sit down and behave or I'll send you to a room where all you see is 12 billion ways of how your sister is killed in the multiverse." he told the man who sat down silently.

"You have the floor, Ozcar." The Host declared to the boy with two souls. Oscar nodded and turned to the students closest to him.

"So, wait, the headmaster, he's inside your head or something?" Coco asked. "How? Why?"

"Oscar?" Ruby asked. Oscar sighed, closing his eyes and they open up again, glowing. "Ruby, I've told you that I made more mistakes than any man, woman, child, human or Faunus on this planet." Ozcar spoke to her.

"That wasn't exaggeration," Ozpin spoke as he stood up. He stares to Ozcar's eyes before they look to the Host. Darth Anarchus stared back before turning to other members in the Audience.

"Fall, Sustrai, Black, you three can stay." He spoke to the half Maiden-thief-assassin trio. "Salem, you can stay but send your players and pieces back to their quarters." he said to the Grimm Queen. "If any of them try anything, my men have orders to shoot to kill or stun and send them into the garbage chute depending on who it is they see."

Salem frowned at the young man's tone but she understood that he was more powerful than he looked. She waved her hand dismissively to her followers. Watts and Tyrian did not look that pleased as did Hazel but did as they were told. Cinder, Emerald and Mercury didn't move from their seats as told.

"Klein, Mr. and Mrs. Belladonna," Darth Anarchus said next. "Go to your rooms as well, the same is with Mr. and Mrs. Schnee. Whitley, you are free to choose. Penny, I suggest you and your father to stay. The same goes for Roman, Neo and the White Fang members in the room. Dr. Oobleck and Professor Port, you are free to choose. Terra and Saphron, take your son to your room. I'll have a nurse droid tend to him."

"Summer, you, your husband, Amber Glynda can stay to help explain things." the Host said next. "Robyn, you can stay with Qrow. Ironwood, your soldiers can stay if you want them to." He turns to Raven. "Unless you have something positive to add to where you know this is going, leave. Or don't. Your choice."

"Students, you have to option to leave but I ask that you all stay," Ozcar said to the students. "Your future changes within a few days if not weeks."

It was then that both Ozpin and Salem and their respective followers realized fully where this was going.

"The future?" Ruby repeated. "You're from the future?"

"Almost three years or less," Ozcar replied. "Our Host had brought us here when we were in a unpleasant situation."

"So, wait, you weren't really kidnapped by the White Fang?" Blake asked.

"Forgive us for the lie, Ms. Belladonna, but we were reluctant to say anything that could change the world for the worst at first." Ozcar replied. "It wasn't until earlier this morning that we had changed our minds."

"To understand our situation, however," they went on. "You need to know everything. Now, what is your favorite fairy tale?" he asked.

"Seriously? That's what you're starting with?" Roman asked incredulously. "What does that have to do with anything?"

Neo elbowed him lightly.Don't interrupt, Dum-dum.she signed.

"Because you are about to learn that there is some truth to the fairy tales you've all grown up hearing, Mr. Torchwick." Ozpin replied.

"Indeed," Ozcar nodded in agreement. "For example, the story of the Seasons is true. There are four women in our world, each capable using elemental magic." he gestures to Amber and Cinder. "Amber and Ms. Fall are currently dividing the power of Fall."

"Dividing?" Sienna repeated. Both Ozpin and Ozcar sighed sadly, Glynda looked away while Ironwood remained stoic and Qrow frowned.

"I was attacked less than half a year ago," Amber said, glaring at Cinder. "She used a small Grimm to drain half of the powers along with half of my Aura. I've been in a coma, barely clinging to life since then."

"That. . . would explain when she attacked my camp," Adam stated. He saw Blake's expression. "It was after you left, Blake. She showed up again, attacked everyone and by the time I showed up, the camp was burning."

Blake and Ilia looked to him with wide eyes while Sienna frowns and glares at Cinder.

"Another story that is true is the Tale of Two Brothers," Ozpin spoke next. "You may know them as the Brother gods of Light and Darkness. And their four gifts to mankind, Knowledge, Creation, Destruction and Choice exist in a physical form and are hidden in each of the four primary Huntsman Academies."

"The Man with Two Souls is true, in a sense." Ozcar stated. "It was written as a half true story. What the story doesn't tell you is where the second soul really comes from."

"My name, my first name was Ozma." Ozpin said. "I am cursed, by the Brother of Light. Living, dying and reincarnating into the body of a like minded soul." He holds an arm up. "This is not my first form," he looks to Ozcar. "And clearly not my last."

"Unfortunately," Ozcar remarked.

"Okay, so the Maidens, Brother gods exist and so do the Relics," Harriet said, listing them off her hand. "Anything else that was in a fairy tale?"

"The Girl in the Tower." Ozcar stated. "But what the author had not written was the story did not have a happy ending." This caught the attention of everyone, including Ozpin's Inner Circle. They looks to Salem when they spoke next. "It ends with what is essentially the worst divorce in all of history. . ."

Everyone sat in silence, well sort of. Pyrrha had cried a little and so did Nora at the mention of the champion's future death. Yang was holding her right arm with a fearful look. Neo was clinging to Roman, the man himself both frustrated and admittedly shaken.

Qrow took a drink to his lips. ". . . So, anything else we need to know?" he asked Ozcar.

"Things are not looking good for Atlas," the boy with two souls says. "We were too cautious of making things worse when they started to escalate and now. . . we are fighting two fronts."

"Two fronts?" Glynda repeated. Ozcar sighed as he glanced to General Ironwood. "James' Semblance had started take control after Watts' capture combined with his growing fear of Salem. He believes that the only way to keep the two Relics out of Salem's reach is to take Atlas high into the sky where the Grimm cannot reach. He's willing to leave Mantle behind and Salem is bringing the largest army of Grimm. That has led to a division between our forces, even further that we split up to help the people of Mantle find shelter from the Grimm Army and use Amity Arena to send a call for help to the outside world."




"f*ck." Qrow declared.

Ozcar nodded. "That's one way of saying it."

"Oz," The General looked between the headmaster and his future incarnation. He looked remorseful over his future actions. "I-I'm sorry."

Ozpin just silently placed a hand on his shoulder and looked to Ozcar who closed his eyes.

"I should say sorry. For I have given you a lot of information to take in." Oscar said after opening his eyes and looking to Ironwood. "But I cannot really apologize to you, General because I look at you and I still see the man who shot me in the chest."




"WHAT?!" Ruby exclaimed. Everyone in the room had that same reaction.

"You shot the runt when he's on your side?" Roman asked the General angrily.

"Is that what happened to your chest?!" Nora asked in horror.

"No, no, no," Oscar said, frantic to not have everyone get in a frenzy. Especially Ruby and Nora. "That was all her." he points to Salem who had stayed silent for the most part save for making a few remarks during the talk.

"I'm going to break her legs!" Nora declared but was held by Jaune, Pyrrha and Ren.

Oscar turned to Salem. "And don't think that I haven't forgotten what else you've done." he said steely. "I may be terrified of being in the same room as you more than the General, but you're still the biggest threat to all my friends."

Salem rose an eyebrow and moved to reply but the Host spoke up again. "Okay, we have four hours left of our intermission." he stated. "For those of you who want to be trained by the Batman, follow Commander Raptor." he gestured to a Clone Trooper that had a black and red pad on his left shoulder. "The rest can either go to their quarters or help me explain the situation to the newcomers."

"Newcomers?" Summer repeated. Darth Anarchus nodded. "Yes, new comers. I'm going to expand our Audience before we start viewing again. They're going to be a few familiar faces."

". . . Well, I'd like to be part of the welcome wagon," Tai said. The Host nodded and waved his hand to follow him.


To be continued.

Well, that was fun.
Coming Up Next after Part 2
"We have. . . Dragons."
Followed By
"You have a sweet voice, but you bring DEATH with you!"
And then
"Manners Maketh Men."

Chapter 38: Intermission 2 Part 2


Part 2 of the 2nd Intermission.


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

What was going through the minds of the Audience as they walked through the hall?

Salem can't be killed,through most of Ozpin's Inner Circle as well most of the students, though some of them were more like along the line of There's a Queen of Grimm and she can't be killed.

Salem wants to destroy the world just so she can die,was what Cinder, Emerald and Mercury thought. They were told that Salem was going to use the four Relics to change the world. They didn't know that the four Relics being brought together would bring back the Brother gods of Light and Darkness and they would destroy humanity if it wasn't united.

Oscar and Ozpin had lowered their gazes to the floor as they walked.

"Oscar," Ruby suddenly spoke. The former farm hand turned around to face her. "What you told us is a lot to take in," Ruby admitted. "But thank you for telling us now. I'm sure that our time here in this place can allow us to process more."

"Is that really all you're going to say?" Roman asked incredulously. "You just learned that this is humanity's second time around Remnant, there's a secret war between a reincarnating wizard and immortal witch because they had a bad divorce that even your whole family except your sister and mutt knew about." Cue a bark from the mentioned corgi who did not like being called a mutt. "And all you're saying is thank you for telling me?!"

"Well, how about you Roman?" Cinder asked. "You just learned that you're going to die by the end of next week. Shouldn't you focus on that?"

"Yes, let's focus on that!" Velvet said. "We can prevent it all from happening."

"Or time could fix itself." Roman shot down. "Isn't there some theory that time is unchangeable? A river that always keeps moving forward?"

"Only if it's for the best!" Weiss said. "I'm sure something would have happened the moment we came here if we weren't suppose to!"

"Well, this isn't a bet I'm willing to take," Roman said. This gained some confused looks from the others. Is the master thief serious? He wasn't to try and stop his death? But then Neo whacked Roman on the head. When he cried out in pain, it turned to surprise as he was hugged by the mute shorter woman. Roman looked down at his partner in crime/surrogate daughter and sighed as he understood her actions instantly. She didn't want him to die at all. The feeling was mutual which was why he worked for Cinder when she came to Vale. He didn't anything to happen to Neo.

"Roman, I know we've had our differences," Ruby said, "but I don't want you dead. If you're not going to do anything to change your fate, I will."

Roman just sighed. "Forget it, Red. I'll just leave Vale and not look back." he looked to Cinder defiantly. "And I mean it."

"Now hold on, Torchwick," General Ironwood began but Ozpin cut him off. "Let him go, James." the headmaster said. "If he is forced into this as our Host and Mr. Pine have said. then we should let him go."

"Fine, but he should tell us what he knows," Ironwood relented.

"Or, I don't know," Oscar spoke up, shrugging his shoulders. "Let Darth Anarchus show you on the screen when he decides."

"Seriously? He's going to show us?" Whitley asked. "But what about the butterfly effect? What if him changing our future could destroy everything?"

"We'll deal with that when we get to that bridge," Oscar replied. "That's what he said. You don't have to trust him, but I think we need to wait and see." He sighed. "My timeline is honestly a dumpster fire full of dumpster fires. If there's a chance to make it better, than I want to take it."

"You may not succeed," Salem finally spoke up. "Unless our Host undo's my curse of immortality, I will just come back eventually. Perhaps when you have a new face, Oz," she said to both Ozpin and Oscar.

Oscar rolled his eyes. "We shall see, Sally." he snarked, getting some people to look at him in surprise and awe for speaking to the Grimm Queen like so. Salem blinked in surprise before frowning.

"Now, please excuse me," Oscar said to everyone. "I'm going to have some breakfast." With that he walked away. "Have fun training with Bat-Qrow if he shows up."

After a moment of watching him walk away, Whitley followed after him.

". . . Okay," Sun spoke up. "We have a kid from the future with two souls, Headmaster Ozpin is a reincarnating wizard, Salem is unkillable, the Maidens exist and so do the Brother gods. The Relics can bring them back and they can decide to destroy humanity and Faunus for good if we're not united and that's what Salem wants. Anything else we need to have on our plate?"

It was meant to be rhetorical, but he nor anyone else really, expected Qrow to raise his hand. ". . . My sister and I have the ability to turn into birds." He admitted.

"Hold on!"

"Wait, WHAT?!"

The barrage of exclamations hit Qrow's ears at once, before everyone turned to him, save for those who already knew, staring at him and Raven in nothing short of shock.

"You can turn into a bird?" Ruby asked in awe, everything else seemingly forgotten.

"Yep." Was Raven and Qrow's short and simple responses.

"That sounds awesome!" Yang shouted in glee. She turned to her uncle. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"Because~" Qrow started with a grin and suddenly Yang felt a chill go up her spine at his tone. "It was easy to watch out for you and Ruby and make sure you don't cause too much trouble."

". . . Oh. . ." Yang said, suddenly depressed that almost made her sister, uncle and friends laugh at her expression. "So that's how Dad always knew if I was doing something I wasn't supposed to. . ."

"Yup," Qrow replied, popping on the 'p' and then the dam broke. Ruby and her uncle shared a nice long laugh with her friends as Yang slumped, rethinking all her life choices.

Summer snickered, happy that her daughters were laughing in joy after what they were told.

"How?" Coco asked.

"Magic." Qrow replied as if that explained everything. Coco supposed it did.

"OH!" Nora suddenly exclaimed loud enough to get everyone's attention. "Raven? Qrow?" she grinned and pointed to the mentioned Branwen Twins. "You're birds!" She crossed her arms proudly. "Cracked it."

"HehehHAHAHAHAHA!" Roman laughed loudly, Neo stood next to him, silently laughing for she is mute. "Birdbrain Twins!" Roman declared pointing at them. And this caused everyone to laugh.

Raven glared at her younger brother. "I hate you." Her reputation as a badass bandit queen is ruined because these people are laughing at her ability to turn into a bird.

Qrow chuckled at Raven's expression.

Ruby sighed after laughing before she looked to the direction where Oscar had walked. She gained a thoughtful look, glancing at her friends before using her Semblance to speed down the hall.

Amber sat next to Oscar and Whitley. Oscar and Amber looked to each other before looking away with blushes dusting their cheeks. The three sat in silence at the cafeteria as they ate. Save for Ozpin.Don't tell me that you're feeling awkward with Amber. He said to Oscar. Shut it, Oz. The Farm hand snapped half heartedly. You weren't exactly like this earlier in the other viewings that showed you and Ms. Rose.

That's different. Oscar replied. Ruby and I weren't shown as much as the DC viewing.

I don't know, that DreamWorks AMV showed quiet a lot. Ozpin said in a mildly teasing tone.

Just let me eat in peace. Oscar sighed tiredly.

Well, keep in mind that we will most likely see more of that after the intermission, Ozpin replied.

"How are you doing?" Whitley asked after a moment. "I mean, with what you told us, uh. . ."

Oscar paused in eating before he sighed heavily. "I feel great." He forced a smile. "I finally let all that off my chest."

"But how are you doing?" Whitley asked. "Like really, how are you doing?" Amber asked next.

Oscar's smile drops and he sighs heavily. "Honestly? I want to go to my room and maybe scream my lungs out." he admitted and both Amber and Whitley grimaced in sympathy. "I blink and I think I'm still in that cell and this is all a big hallucination." Oscar admitted next. "I look at Ironwood and suddenly I see him pointing a gun at me. I-I-I was struggling to not show fear in front of Salem and Hazel because one of them burned my chest and the other spent almost more than five hours beating me black and blue. Resisted the urge to hide behind my friends and cry."

Amber and Whitley looked at each other before they got up and hugged Oscar after walking around the table. Oscar stiffened in surprise before sighing and hugging him back. His eyes began to water before he started crying.Let out, Oscar. Just let it all out.

That was when Ruby walked in. She gasped and sped over. Whitley glanced to her and pulled back slightly. Oscar opened his eyes, saw Ruby and hugged her instantly.

"It's going to be okay," Ruby whispered softly. "You're safe now, Oscar."

"I-I-I don't-I don't want to go back there," Oscar sobbed. "I-I don't."

"You won't." Ruby promised as she tightened her hug.

"I'm not going to be falling in an infinite tunnel when he shows up, right?" Qrow asked, mildly worried to be falling through a portal again.

"I'm sure you'll be fine." Robyn said reassuringly as they walked into a large training room.

"Grab your weapons," said a familiar voice. They all looked forward and saw Bat-Qrow in the middle of the training room. "Be quick. We got less than four hours before you have to get back to viewing the Multiverse."

Most of the Audience were surprised, they didn't expect that Batman-Qrow to be already in the training room. But most of the eager ones who want to fight him shared eager grins. The walls next to them opened up to reveal their weapons.

Just as the Huntsmen and Huntresses grabbed their weapons, Commander Raptor spoke up. "I think I should give you all a heads up that he is aware of all your Semblances."

"Wait, you gave him prep time?" Yang asked.

"No, just knowledge of your Semblances," Raptor replied. "So please remember that he has no Aura like all of you."

Many nodded that they understood. Yang then noticed that they were down a member. "Where's Ruby?" she asked.

"She left approximately four minutes ago," Penny answered chirpily. Most of the students looked to her. "I believe she went to the cafeteria."

"You would be correct." Commander Raptor replied.

"Well, her loss that she misses this," Coco shrugged.

Bat-Qrow stood still before reaching to his belt. He pulled out a handful of smoke pellets before throwing them at the Huntsmen and Huntresses' feet. Clouds of smoke plumed before them.

Most of them tensed, despite how some (Yang, Cardin, Mercury and Harriet) wanted to charge in, they waited. Then the Faunus, good guys and bad guys heard the sound of metal moving through the air. "DUCK!" Blake, Velvet and Marrow shouted before Batarangs flew through the smoke cloud in front of them.

Jaune and Pyrrha held up their shields to block two of the Batarangs that flew at them while everyone ducked. Though Qrow used Harbinger to deflect a few. Then suddenly Bat-Qrow lunged out of the smoke and tackled Marrow. The Dog Faunus and Bat Vigilante rolled around but the latter managed wrap his grappling line around Marrow's waist before swinging him around into Velvet. He spun around to avoid the hook line from Clover's King Fisher before grabbing it and pulling it and the Ace-Op leader before throwing him over his shoulder.

He held the King Fisher in his hands. "Using a fishing pole as a weapon?" he asked in mild surprise. "Now I've actually seen everything."

Harriet then knocked the Bat of Mantle off his feet and took the King Fisher and gave it back to Clover. Bat-Qrow stood back up before Sun used his Semblance to send three clones of himself at the Dark Knight.

Bat-Qrow elbowed one clone in the face before grabbing the fist of another and threw it over his shoulder. He straightened up and caught Jaune's sword Crocea Mors in his hands before elbowing him in the stomach, just below his armored chest plate. Jaune wheezes as he feels the air driven out of him.

Cardin runs in and swings his mace at the back of the Dark Knight but the Bat dove out of the way and he ended up hitting Jaune in the chest. Cardin's eyes widened before Bat-Qrow picked him up and body slammed him on the ground. Then Bat-Qrow punched him in the face.

The Bat Vigilante of Mantle got up and began to backflip as Coco's weapon, Gianduja took its large rotary cannon form and fired at him. ". . . A designer handbag that transforms into a giant rotary gun," he said after dodging the bullets as he landed in a crouch. " . . . Fashionable and lethal. Impressive."

"Thanks," Coco grinned before firing again. Bat-Qrow used his grappling hook to dodge the heavy gunfire before he threw a smoke bomb at her feet. Coco waved her hand in front of her before Velvet gasped. "Coco, duck!" cried the Rabbit Faunus.

A grappling hook shot out and hooked onto Coco's Gianduja before pulling it out of her hand. Bat-Qrow then jumped towards Yatsuhashi and Elm. He tackled the seven foot tall Huntsman in Training and then used his grappling hook to swing across the arena.

"Damn it," Coco said when she couldn't find her weapon on the ground. Hardly a minute later, Yatsuhashi fell down from where the Bat took him and he landed on his front unconscious.

". . . Well time like the present," Coco muttered next before turning to Velvet. "Vel, show him what you can do."

"Really?" Velvet asked excitedly, getting a nod in response.

Velvet nodded when she looked ahead and saw Bat-Qrow trading blows with Ren and Yang. She walked forward and held out her hand. A Hard Light Dust copy of Crescent Rose appeared in her hand. Bat-Qrow leaned back and threw Ren into Yang and sent them both tumbling down in a tangle of limbs. He straightened up and saw Velvet. He smiled grimly before pulling out a few Batarangs from his belt. Both Bat and Rabbit Faunus and her friends, fellow Huntsmen and Huntresses all charged forward.

Two hours later and meanwhile. . .

"Alright, let me get this straight," May Marigold said as she, the Happy Huntresses, Vernal, Flynt Coal, Neon Katt, Junior Xiong, Melanie and Militia, Maria Calavera and Em Pine stood before Taiyang, Amber, Klein and Darth Anarchus.

"The Multiverse theory is real," Fiona Thyme stated for clarity.

"Yes." The Host nodded his head.

"And you've all been watching different universes?" Joana Greenleaf asked the members of the Audience.

Tai, Amber, Klein nodded as one to answer.

"My nephew is an alien from another universe with god like strength that can fly?" Em Pine asked.

Amber nodded at that, blushing again at thinking of Superman-Oscar and her counterpart's relationship with said person. "Yeah, and he's a superhero." she replied.

Vernal shrugged her shoulders after a moment of silence. "Sounds legit." she stated.

Maria also shrugged her shoulders. "Doesn't sound like he's lying."

"And I brought you to join us," Darth Anarchus explained to the new comers. "Of course you can choose to not join us."

"Is Oscar going to stay?" Em asked. The Host looked to her and nodded. "Then I'll stay and watch with him."

Darth Anarchus looked to the others for their answers.

"Sure, why not?"

"Anything to get away from Shay and his idiots."

""It's been a slow day in the bar, why not?""

"As long as I don't have to deal with Blondie, fine."

"I suppose it can be fun."

"I guess."

The Host nodded to them pleased and sensed someone moving close to them. He looked to the door. "Hey, Anarchus, we got a little turned around," Oscar said as he, Ruby and Whitley walked in. "Could you take us to the training-" he stopped when he saw his aunt.


"Aunt Em!"

Darth Anarchus chuckled in amusem*nt. "Sorry, Oscar, but Intermission is almost up. Should just spend time with your aunt." he said as the former farm hand ran to his aunt and hugged her tightly.

Ruby and Whitley smiled as did Amber.

This should all be interesting now.


Coming up next the movie
"We have. . . Dragons."
Followed by two episodes of
"You have a sweet voice, but you bring DEATH with you!"
And then a trailer and clip of
"Manners. . . Maketh. . . Men."
And then the Audience will be watching a few familiar faces so to speak.

Chapter 39: How To Train Your Dragon


The Audience watch the full movie of How To Train Your Dragon
This mainly from my reaction fic on Wattpad, with some changes.


Hiccup H. Haddock: Oscar Pine
Stoick the Vast: Ozpin
Astrid Hofferson: Ruby Rose
Gobber: Peter Port
Fishlegs Ingerman: Jaune Arc
Snotlout Jorgenson: Cardin Winchester
Tuffnut Thorston: Nora Valkyrie
Ruffnut Thorston: Neon Katt
Toothless: Himself

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

"All in all," Bat-Qrow began, rubbing his shoulder. "You're pretty good, my training regime should be in your scrolls in case you want to improve some more."

Many of the Huntsmen and Huntresses thanked him for the training and bid him farewell. Qrow walked up to him when everyone was leaving to return to the theater room. "So how are things in your world?" he asked.

Bat-Qrow sighed. "It's been three months," he replied. "I've officially stopped branding criminals."

Qrow nodded. "How are things with Robyn" he asked with a smirk.

"Oh not you too," the Batman variant of Qrow said in annoyance. "I get enough of this from Klein."

Qrow shrugged. "Think of it. At least for the future." he said in response. "You don't know what will happen if you don't try." He gave the Bat a two finger salute before taking his leave.

Bat-Qrow watched him leave before sighing. But his lips curled ever so slightly as he thought about the Robyn variant that he knows.

"So, what are we watching?" Vernal asked after the new comers and old members of the Audience got acquainted.

"As I said before we started the DC viewing," Darth Anarchus stated. "We are going into the DreamWorks universe of How To Train Your Dragon."

Many grew excited to see this universe of dragons, especially to see dragons like Cinder. The others like Kali, Summer and Blake were excited to see RoseGarden.

"This another universe where you're the focus?" Em asked Oscar who nodded sheepishly. "Well, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy this."

The screen lit up to show the ocean on a foggy night. The camera moved through the fog, past a sea stack before the Audience saw an island with a large mountain range, sheer cliffs and a torch-lit village in view.

"This is Berk," Oscar's voice said in narrating tone. "It's twelve days north of Hopeless and a few degrees south of Freezing to Death,"Oscar continued

"Wow, sounds like home." Emerald says sarcastically.

Penny did not catch the sarcasm. "Really? Because that does not sound ideal to me."

"It's located solidly on the Meridian of Misery."The view changed to show a closer view of Berk."My village. In a word, it's sturdy. It's been here for seven generations, but every single building is new."

"Really? Why's that?" Glynda asked curiously. If the village is that old, why were the houses new? "Just give a few minutes." Darth Anarchus replied.

"We have fishing, hunting and charming view of the sunsets." Aview of grazing sheep wasshown.

"The only problems are the pests."

Suddenly something snatches a sheep and it disappears.

Ruby and a few others jolted in surprise. "EEP! What was that?" she asked. Darth Anarchus holds up a hand. "Give it a few seconds." he said.

Instead of being worried, the sheep next to him simply moves to his spot and begins to eat the grass.

"You see, most places have mice or mosquitos. We have. . ."

Oscar was shown opening the door to his house. He sees a large, wingedreptile flying in front of him that shoots a blast of fire towards him. Oscar quickly closes the door and holds the door as the flames hit it. "Dragons," he said in awe and fear.

Then they remembered what this viewing was titled. How To Train Your Dragon.

"Just to be clear, actual dragons, not Creatures of Grimm that look like dragons?" Cinder asked, also sounding excited. She was a big fan of dragons when she was younger.

"I assure you, they are the real deal in this viewing." The Host replied. He is reminded of the life of one of his variants. They may have gotten to a rough start, but they could agree on one thing. Whether they were benevolent deities or harbingers of death and doom, dragons are freaking awesome!

Outside of Oscar's house, dragons were swooping down and snatchinglivestock.

"Most people would leave. Not us. We're Vikings."

A man was shown, punching a dragon in the face before the dragon shook him off.

Nora perked up in excitement. "They're Vikings?! I want to be a Viking!" she declared.

Ren placed a hand on her shoulder. "Nora, calm down."

"We have stubbornnessissues."

Oscar was shown running out of his burning house. He stops briefly when the man from earlier lands on the ground in front of him.

"My name's Oscar the Hiccup. Great name, I know. But it's not the worst. Parents believe horrible names would scare off gnomes and trolls,"Narrator Oscar scoffs as some villagers shove past Oscar to battle the dragons. Suddenly a blast of fire knocks off Oscar and a Viking into the air. The former lands on his back and the latter lands on him."Like our charming Viking demeanor wouldn't do that."

"RRRRAAAAAAAARRRRGH!" The man yelled fiercely at Oscar before smiling. "Morning," he said cheerfully.

"Why is he called the Hiccup?" Em asked after Oscar's counterpart introduced himself on the screen. To her and some of the Audience, that sounded a little insulting.

"He's the runt of the litter," Darth Anarchus explained. "For these Vikings, it's tradition to name the runt "The Hiccup.""

Oscar frowned at that as did most of the students. Neo suddenly showed up next to him.Don't feel too bad, she signed. Take it from me, the best things come in small packages. She ran a hand down her body with a proud smile.

Oscar nodded slightly, blushing slightly upon looking at her figure. Both Ruby and Amber frowned a little in jealousy at the interaction.

"Good morning, sir!" Penny waved with a smile. This caused a majority of the Audience to laugh. The students mainly while the adults chuckled.

Oscar continued to run through the chaos, towards the town square. On his way, he passedby some tall and burly Vikings.

"What are you doing here?" A man asked.

"Get inside!" Another man ordered but Oscar continued running.

"What are you doing out?" Another asked.

"Get back inside!" A woman said, running with a sword and shield.

Oscar didn't listen and continued to run. One Viking didn't say anything. He was simply picking his ear, completely ignoring the attack around him.

Oscar was about to cross another lane before a large hand grabbed him and lifted him off the ground. The road he was about to cross just got hit by a blast of dragon fire.

"Oscar!" A large and muscular Ozpin with a large silver beard exclaimed. He turned to address the Vikings around him. "What is he doing out again-?" He paused and turnedto Oscar. "What are you doing out? Get inside!" He then shoved Oscar away from the immediate fight.

"These adults may sound a bit harsh," Summer spoke, "but it was a bit of a thing of protocol for children to remain indoors during attacks."

Most of the students understood that, having learn that in their History Class.

"Well, that's one way to get him out of the fight," Coco remarked when Ozpin picked up Oscar.

"That's Ozpin the Vast,"Narrator Oscar spoke in admiration."Chief of the Tribe."Ozpin surveyed the battle before he saw a sheep in the talons of a spiky dragon."They say when he was a baby, he popped a dragon's head clean off its shoulders."Ozpin picked up a wagon and tossed it at the dragon, causing it to drop the sheep."Do I believe it? Yes, I do."

Ozpin turned to a Viking. "What do we got?" he asked.

"Gronckles. Nadders. Zipplebacks," the man said. "Oh,and Hoarak said he saw a Monstrous Nightmare."

Ozpin frowned a little at his title. He's not that fat, is he?

Oscar snickered next to his aunt.

Cinder pulled out her Scroll and began writing down the names.

An explosion caused the man to duck under his shield, but Ozpin stood still and glanced up at the sky even as a piece of burning wreckage landed on his shoulders. "Any Night Furies?" he asked.

"None so far." The man replied from under his shield. Ozpin then brushed the fire off. "Good."

"Hoist the torches!" Large braziers were pushed up, lit by torches that were tossed into the braziers. The braziers burned bright and strong, allowing the Vikings to see the dragons in the night sky better.

Oscar rushes into the forge. He takes off his brown fur vest. He is greeted by Peter Port who has a large mustache than the one the students know. "Oh, nice of you to join the party," Port laughed. "I would have thought you were carried off."

"What? Who, me?" Oscar said in a jovial tone as he put on a leather apron. "No, I'mwaytoo muscular for them." He says as he gives Port a heavy hammer. "They wouldn't know what to do with all this." He said confidently as he struck a pose to show what little muscles he had on his arms.

"Well, they need toothpicks,don't they?" Port asked in reply.

The mention of Night Furies intrigued some of the Audience. Especially when it sounded like Ozpin was worried to have Night Furies in this dragon attack.

"Ho-Ho-Ho!" Professor Port laughed at seeing himself. "And here I am!" Then he paused on seeing that he had a prosthetic hand and foot. "Oh dear. I'm missing a hand and foot!" Oobleck patted him on the shoulder.

The interaction of Oscar and Port made some chuckle. "I mean, he's not wrong." Emerald snickered with Mercury.

Oscar crossed his arms in a pout. Sure, he didn't train like any of them but working on the farm didn't mean he was skinny!

"Hey, you don't have to feel bad," Ruby said sympathetically. "There's nothing wrong with the way you are." Oscar slumped before mumbling, "Thanks, Ruby."

Port changes his hand for another tool, revealing that he had lost ahand. Oscar goes over and opens up the counter, instantaneously receiving chipped and damaged weapons from different Vikings outside.

"The meathead with interchangeable hands is Port."

He carries the array of weapons over the hearth before putting all his weight onto the bellows.

"I've been his apprentice since I was little. Well,littler."

Outside in the village, Ozpin was giving orders to other Vikings. "Move to the lower defenses. We'll counterattack with the catapults." He and the Vikings ran down to the lower levels of the village. As they run, a house is alight by the dragons.

"See? Old village, lots and lots of new houses."

"Meathead?" Port repeated in an offended tone, only to slump when his fellow teachers chuckled in amusem*nt.

"Oh, that makes sense now," Velvet said at Oscar's explanation combined with the dragon shown attacking the house as most of the students laughed.

The adults however felt sympathy with the village. These dragon attacks seemed to be the equivalent of Grimm attacks.

"Fire!" A man shouted. "Alright, let's go!" A familiar voice said as Oscar leaned in to watch.

A group of teens were rallied and carried buckets of water to the burning house. All of them were introduced by Narrator Oscar.

"Oh, that's Jaune. Cardin. The twins Nora and Neon."Said twins briefly fought over the same bucket. Then Narrator Oscar's tone became dreamy as Ruby Rose splashed water on the fire."And. . . Ruby."Ruby flipped her hair as the fire exploded behind her and she walked in slow motion, making her appear more beautiful. Oscar looked at her in a dreamy expression.

Summer cooed. "Aww, he likes you at this point, Ruby!" Ruby and Oscar blushed and looked away from each other. Ruby pushed her hair behind her ear while Oscar coughed into his fist.

Yang, Weiss and Blake shared a glance with Team JNPR and CFVY. They could make some arrangements when this was all over. Penny bounced in her seat excitedly.

Ilia briefly had the same expression as Oscar as she stared at the onscreen Ruby.

Em looked to Ruby and Oscar and saw their reactions.

"Anyone noticing that Ruby is smiling rather seductively at Oscar?" Qrow suddenly as he tilted his head at the screen. Robyn noticed it as well. "I guess the feeling's mutual here." she muttered.

This made Ruby and Oscar blush a bit more.

"Ah, young love," Ozpin said to himself with a sigh. Glynda sighed in exasperation. "As long as it doesn't end up like it did with Raven, Summer and Tai, I'm fine with it." she muttered.

Back on screen, the other teens walked beside Ruby as they walk away from the exploding fire with her. They all look ready for battle before Cardin starts wiping his nose in slow motion.

Coco gagged, "Ew." Cardin chuckled and made a note to not do that if he knew that someone was filming him.

"Their job is so much cooler."

"What's wrong with being a blacksmith?" Ruby asked after recovering from blushing. "You get to make weapons! And fix weapons! And make weapons!"

"Maybe he wants to be recognized?" Oscar attempted to speak for his counterpart. This was confusing for his aunt, he could see that.

Oscar onscreen tries to climb out of the forge's window, only for Port's hooked hand to grab onto the scruff of his tunic. "Come on, let me out please," Oscar said. "I need to make my mark."

"Oh, you've made plenty of marks," Port replied before jabbing his hook at Oscar's chest. "All in the wrong places."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Yatsuhashi asked in curiosity. "I think it means that he may have made these attacks worse?" Fox replied in a confused tone.

Roman looked back to the screen when they saw the attack was shown. "How can a little runt make any of that worse?" he asked.

"Please, two minutes," Oscar pleaded. "I'll kill a dragon. My life will get infinitely better. I might even get a date."

Jaune laughed, "Ha! Relatability!" Oscar gives him a dry look. "How does thatmake me feel any better?"

Port began counting on his hand. "You can't swing a hammer, you can't swing axe," He picks up some bolas. "You can't even throw one of these." Just then aman grabs the bolas and throws them at a dragon outside. The bolas pins the dragon's wings down and it falls to the ground.

"Ok, butthiswill throw it for me," Oscar said confidently, placing his hand on a contraption that looks similar to a wheel barrow. This caused it to spring into action, launching a bola out the window into a Viking's head. "Uuhg!" the victim exclaimed in pain before falling down.

"Can't swing a hammer?" Oscar repeated. "If I couldn't swing a hammer, why would I be a Blacksmith apprentice?"

"I think he means something like a war hammer," Ren stated.

"Oof, that'sunfortunate," Qrow said with a 'sympathetic' wince when Oscar's contraption sprung and launch something to whack someone on the head before being elbowed by Summer and Tai whacked him on the head.

"Ooh! What is that?" Ruby asked interested.

"A Bola Launcher," The Host explained. "He made himself."

"So cool!" Ruby gushed.

"Ruby, it just hit someone on the head." Wiess said pointedly.

"See? Now this right here is what I'm talking about!" Port said as he walked to Oscar.

"Mild calibrationissue," Oscar tried to say but Port told him to zip it. "Look, Oscar. If you ever want to go out there to fight dragons you need stop all. . ." he paused and pointed to Oscar, "this."

"But you just pointed to all of me," Both Oscars said, offended.

"Yes, that's it!" Port replied. "Stop being all of you!"

"But that's not right!" Ruby said defensively. "You should always be yourself!"

"That's right he should stay true to who is and ignore what other people say," this came from Blake. "Be proud of who he is."

"Screw what other people say." Adam said in agreement.

"Oh. . ." Oscar said, scowling at his mentor with a nod of his head as Port nodded back. "Oh yes."

"You sir, are playing a dangerous game." Oscar "threatened." He holds hands as if holding himself back. "Keep this much raw Vikingness contained? There will consequences!"

"Well, he wasn't wrong," Darth Anarchus replied.

"What does that mean?" Oscar asked, sounding a little worried.

"Nothing bad, we've seen your counterpart when he's older," The Host said with a wave of his hand. "Most girls seemed to like it." he chuckled.

This caused Ruby's mind to wander. Her mind pictured what 'the girls seemed to like' about on an older Oscar before she shook her head.No, bad thoughts, Ruby! Bad! Think of cookies and strawberries!Amber thought the same thing as well.

"I'll take my chances," Port deadpanned before handing Oscar a sword. "Sword, sharpened. Now."

"One day, I'll get out there."

Oscar carried the sword to the grindstone, sparks illuminating his face as he sharpened the blade.

"Because killing a dragon is everything around here."

The Audience see a group of dragons with a horn on their snout and a frill of spikes on their heads destroying a building and snatching some stray sheep."A Nadder head is sure to get me noticed."

"Really? They look like they could be a challenge," Ruby said.

"With having the hottest fire known to dragons, they would." The Host said in agreement. "Combined with the razor sharp tail spikes that launch from their tail."

Near them are a couple of bulky dragons with lumpy spikes on their bodies lifting some dry fish racks full of fish in their jaws."Gronckles are tough. Taking down one of those will definitely get me a girlfriend."

"They don't look tough," Mercury stated.

"Tough hides that are hard to penetrate with most blades." Darth Anarchus explained.

Two dragon heads were shown slithering around a building. One head breathed gas down a chimneyand the other ignited a spark in its mouth at the door and caused the building to explode. They flew off or rather it flew off."A Zippleback? Exotic. Two heads, twice the status."

The Audience's view goes to Ozpin and a couple of Vikings on a catapult tower. "They found the sheep!" One man exclaimed.

"Concentrate fire over the lower banks!" Ozpin ordered."Hurry up! Fire!"The catapult fires at a Nadder that tried to fly away and knocks it down.

"And then there's the Monstrous Nightmare."

Ozpin walked to the edge of the platform as the inside seems to be on fire.

"Only the best Vikings go after those. They seem to have this nasty habit of setting themselves on fire."

The Monstrous Nightmare burst out of the tower.

Yang grinned. "Now,thatlooks like my kind of dragon."

Teams RWB/JPR/CFVY rolled their eyes. "Of course, it does." Most of them muttered under their breath. Why, you may ask?

Its whole body covered in flames like a phoenix. It growls at Ozpin who picks up a hammer. "Reload." Ozpin ordered. "I'll take care of this." He then slams his hammer in the dragon's face twice, dodging its attempt to bite him.

The Nightmare backs off,but Ozpin's attention is to the sky.

"But the ultimate prize is a dragon no one's ever seen."

Cinder written more notes before she started making sketches of what the dragons looked like. Half will be for Salem and the rest will be hers. She then paused as she heard a faint noise.

"Blake, Adam, High Leader," Ilia called out. "Do you hear that?" she asked getting nods from them along with Ghira and Kali.

"I hear it too," Velvet said. Before anyone could ask what it was that they hear, they hear it too.

A whistling screech that seems to grow louder and louder. And Ozpin looks upward in fear.


Oscar hears the sound from the forge and stops sharpening the sword and glances up."We call it the-"

"NIGHT FURY! GET DOWN!" The Vikings shout in fear. Some look around the sky in fear before a plasma blast was shot at the tower Ozpin was on. The Audience briefly see the silhouette of the Night Fury flying over the tower.

"Jump!" Ozpin declared as he jumped over the edge. The catapult falls down passed him.

Back at the forge, Oscar looked around trying to get a glimpse of the dragon."This thing never steals food. Never shows itself and,"The Night Fury shot the tower again as it passed by, disarming it for good."Never misses."

"Impressive." Cinder said as she written it down at her Scroll. "Very impressive." Most of the younger Audience couldn't help but feel nervous at Oscar's words of the Night Fury. It sounded like a creature not to be messed with.

"No one has ever killed a Night Fury, that's why I'm going to be the first."

Oscar moved away from the forge counter with a determined look. Port had switched his hook with a battle axe similar to his own weapon back in Remnant. "Man the forte, Oscar." Port said. "They need me out there." He paused and turned around, pointing to Oscar. "Stay. Put. There." He said as if talking to a dog.

Oscar gave him a blank look. "You know what I mean," Port said before raising his axe up with a battle cry and ran out of the forge.

Not a moment later, Oscar was seen running out of the forge with his bola launcher, ignoring the calls of the other Vikings. "Oscar, what are you doing?!"

"Come back here!"

"Yeah, I know!" Oscar replied. "Be right back!"

"Be careful, Oscar," Em said quietly to herself.

A group of Nadders surrounded a small group of sheep that hadn't taken shelter. Ozpin and his entouragecasted a net over them. One Nadder tried to fire only for Ozpin jump on its head. "Mind yourselves," he warned as he pinned the dragon's head down. "The devils still have some juice in them."

"Go, Professor Ozpin!" Most of the students cried out. "Show them who's boss!"

"Students, calm down." Glynda said in amusem*nt.

Oscar had set up his bola launcher at an unlit section of the village and next to an unmanned catapult tower. He scoured the night sky, looking for any sign of the Night Fury. "Come on," he muttered. "Give me something to shoot at. Give me something to shoot at."

Faintly he could hear a dragon roar. Squinting, he was able to see the Night Fury's outline as it flew under the stars. The whistle roar started again, signaling the start of another attack. Oscar took aim at the catapult, waiting for the right opportunity to fire. Soon the plasma blast was shot, obliterating the tower and the Night Fury's form was illuminated by the blast. Oscar fired shortly after, knocking himself down. He scrambled to his feet before hearing a dragon and the outline of the Night Fury was seen by Oscar and the Audience plummeting to the forest.

". . . He did it?" Mercury, Emerald, Weiss, Coco, Blake, Cinder and Adam asked in surprise and disbelief.

"He did it!" Nora, Jaune, Velvet answered and Ruby cheered, "Way to go, Oscar!"

Em laughed a little. That's her nephew.

Neo used her Semblance to send confetti into the air.

"Well, son of a bitch," Roman muttered. "The runt did it."

"I hit it?" Oscar asked himself in disbelief before cheering, "Yes, I hit it!" He turned around. "Did anybody see that?" He got an answer when a Monstrous Nightmare snuck up behind him and crushed his bola launcher under its foot. "Except for you," Oscar said sarcastically to its snarling face.

Immediately most of the students went silent. "Oh no," Ruby muttered while Oscar chuckled nervously. "I'm in danger."

"Oh, that's not good," Tai said.

"Run, Ossie, run!" Roman said.

"Uh, my name's Oscar actually." the former farm hand said.

". . . That's what I said." Roman said blankly.

"Bitch, just run!" Emerald snapped before realizing the kid may find it offensive. "Oh, uh. . . Sorry." Oscar just blinked before he waved her off. "It's fine."

Ozpin was securing the Nadders in the net before he heard someone screaming and saw Oscar being chased by the Monstrous Nightmare. He sighed in exasperation before he ran after him, ordering the Vikings, "Do not let them escape!"

"Right!" said one of the Vikings.

Oscar was shown running through the town center. A Monstrous Nightmare hot on his tail. (No pun.) The dragon fired two shots at the boy who managed to dodge both shots before hiding behind a brazier. The boy flinched as fire blasted the other side of the pillar. He turned to look around the pillar, unaware that the dragon was sneaking behind him. Before it could reach him, it was tackled by Ozpin.

Ozpin tucked and rolled before landing on his feet. He adjusted his helmet as the Nightmare roared at him. Ozpin stared unflinching as the dragon tried to fry him,but itsflame went limp before turning into a burning coal.

This caused most of the Audience to laugh. Yang, Coco, Mercury, Nora, Qrow and Roman being the loudest. "He's face! It's just now thinking, 'oh sh*t!'" Jaune chuckled.

"What, did it run out of gas?" Raven asked.

"He did actually," Darth Anarchus replied with a nod. "You'll find out about that later." Cinder glanced to the Host with a raised eyebrow.

"You're all out," Ozpin onscreen said before he began to punch the Nightmare in the face. He gave a left and right hook followed by anupper cut and a kick to the jaw and jab to its nostril before it flew off.

"And that, children, I believe the saying goes, is how it's done," Ozpin said, sipping from his mug. Glynda rolled her eyes while most of the students clapped and applauded.

"Oh, and there's one more thing you need to know."

Ozpin turned around to the burning brazier. The base finally collapsed and fell to the side, revealing a sheepish Oscar. Vikings screamed the brazier fell and rolled to the lower levels.

Roman stared at the screen with wide eyes along with everyone and then remembered his earlier question to how a runt like Oscar onscreen could make a dragon attack worse. "Oh. . . " was all he could say. He didn't see any ofthis coming. Most of the students winced and grimaced similar to what Oscar's counterpart was doing.

Oscar winced upon hearing the screams and crashes. "Sorry, Dad," he said, not looking to the glaring Ozpin behind him.

"Dad?!" Almost everyone repeated in shock. Qrow spat out his drink.

Glynda and Ironwood looked between Oscar and Ozpin with wide eyes.

Both of them shrugged in response. Not much of a reaction all things considered but for different reasons. Oscar was just going with the flow of these different realities' rules at this point. Ozpin had reincarnated to be a father many times, (or mother in some cases.) so he was used to it.

Coco looked in between her headmaster and the farm boy before bluntly asking, "So who's the lucky woman?"

Jackson and Daenerys raised their eyebrows at the question before Qrow declared, "I'm betting it's Glynda."

"Qrow! For the last time, there is nothing between us!" Ozpin and Glynda said in unison, faintly blushing.

"Denial is the first sign of secret lovers!" Qrow said holding a fist in the air while Ironwood rubbed his head in exasperation.

Darth Anarchus rolled his eyes in response before sighing. "In the viewing, Oscar's mother was carried away by a dragon when he was still a toddler." he said and glanced to Oscar who frowned sadly. His aunt also frowned sadly, being reminded of her sister.

Coco lowered her shades and winced. "Oh. . . Sorry, Oscar." She said apologetic. Oscar simply waved his hand dismissively. "It's fine, you didn't-" before he could finish, Ruby and Nora gave him a tight hug that Oscar almost heard his ribs creak.

Ren sighed at his partner's actions while Weiss shook her head at her own partner's. They could be more mature about showing Oscar some sympathy. Or restrain some of their strength. Ren shrugged before standing up and walking over to Oscar and placed his hand on on the younger boy's shoulder.

From her seat, Emerald gave the young boy a sympathetic glance before looking back to the screen.

Whitley furrowed his brow. "Wait, if he's the son of a chief, why is he adamant on killing a dragon?" he asked. "Especially with the 'twice the status' comment?"

"It mainly has to do with the fact that almost every Viking in the village can fight," The Host explained. "And their ability to fight gives them respect. Oscar is a runt, he lacks the muscle to be a fighter and so tries to use his brain over what little brawn he has."

"But that doesn't make sense, Nora, Neon and Ruby hardly have any muscles in this universe," Yang pointed. "No offense," she said to the mentioned Huntresses in training.

"But they are able to fight because their parents have trained them," Darth Anarchus countered. "As Port pointed out earlier, Oscar can't swing any war hammer or battle axe, or throw a bola like a normal Viking can. In the eyes of the village, he is useless for defending the village other than making and fixing their weapons."

The burning brazier rolled to where the Vikings were holding the Nadders down. Upon seeing the brazier heading towards them, they were forced to let the dragons to escape. The Nadders used the netting to carry the sheep and fly off with more than usual. All the Vikings could do was watch them fly off with their livestock before glaring at Oscar.

"Hehehe, it was an accident?" Oscar chuckled nervously.

"I mean, you were chased by the dragon," Yang said, trying to defend Oscar's counterpart. "And it burned the giant torch."

"Which wouldn't have happened if I wasn't outside." Oscar said.

"Okay, but I hit a Night Fury." Oscar said but Ozpin grabbed him and dragged him through the village. "It's not like the last few times, Dad!" He spoke. "I really, actually hit it! You guys were busy,and I had a very clear shot. It went down just off Raven's Point." He continued as they walked past Port. "Let's get a search party out there before it-"

"Stop!" Ozpin said, raising his voice. He took a deep breath to regain his composure. "Just stop. Every time you step outside, disaster follows. Can't you see I have bigger problems? Winter is almost here,and I have an entire village to feed."

"Oh, it couldn't be that bad," Amber said.

"And you are right, for the most part." Darth Anarchus said. "From what I've seen in this Multiverse branch, most 'disasters' are not always his doings."

It's clear that Ozpin is letting his frustration speak for him over other problems and his son knows that. But he is hurt at being on the receiving end of his anger and frustration. And he often covers his hurt with sarcasm. Oscar glanced to the side before remarking, "Between you and me, the village could do with a little less feeding.Don't you think?" This caused some self-conscious Vikings to feel around their stomachs, their expressions saying the unspoken question, "are you calling us fat?"

This caused Qrow, Roman, Coco, Yang and Nora to laugh.

"I mean, he's not wrong," Mercury chuckled. "Everyone there looks like they have Thanksgiving meals for every meal, every day."

"Besides, he has nothing to worry about," Qrow said, pointing to Winter. "Winter's right here and won't becoming anytime soon." He snickered with Robyn before Winter whacked him on the head.

"This isn't a joke, Oscar!" Ozpin barked. He then groans in frustration. "Why can't you follow the simplest of orders?"

"I-I-I can't stop myself!" Oscar replied. "I see a dragon and I have to just kill it." He did a twisting gesture with his hands. "It's who I am, Dad."

Ozpin sighed, holding his head. "You're many things, Oscar. But a dragon killer is not one of them. Get back to the house." He turns to Port. "Make sure he gets there." Port pushed Oscar with a cuff to his head as Ozpin muttered, "I have his mess to clean up."

Oscar couldn't help but frown as did his aunt and Ozpin.

As the duo walked, they passed the teens.

"Quiet the performance," Nora snickered before being shoved by her twin Neon. Oscar ignored them, looking at the ground as he walked.

"I've never seen anyone mess up that badly," Cardin said mockingly. "That helped." Jaune and the twins laughed and snickered while Ruby sat on a ledge, seemed to be focusing on her scythe.

"Thank you, thank you." Oscar remarked drily and Ruby glanced at him with pity. "I was trying so. . ." he trailed off as he walks out of view.

"I guess I'm a bully in this universe," Cardin sighed in disappointment at his counterpart.

"And ours too, apparently," Nora added with a frown shared with Jaune and Neon.

"The twins are less so," Darth Anarchus said. "They just glorify violence and destruction too much than they should as teens. Jaune is just scared to become a target of their bullying." This made Jaune look down sadly. "As for Cardin, well yes, he's Oscar's main bully and that hurts the most given that he is Oscar's cousin in this universe."

Cardin and Oscar looked to each other in surprise. The ginger haired boy slowly held up a fist. "Cousin?" Oscar blinked before holding up his own fist. Em frowned though, why was she letting her son bully his cousin in this universe?

"And what about my counterpart?" Ruby asked. She could see her counterpart feeling sorry for Oscar's as he walked past her.

"Well, I think that look of pity speaks for itself," the Host shrugged. "But that's more for that he doesn't need to be knocked down more after being scolded by the chief in front of the whole village."

Ruby frowned at that.

"Do not worry, young man!" Port said. "I shall defend you!" He points to the screen when getting confused looks.

On the screen, Port placed his hand on Cardin's head and shoved him to the ground. "Ow!" Cardin exclaimed before standing up and laughing it off. He glanced to Ruby who rolled her eyes and walked off.

"Yeah, I deserve that." Cardin said to himself.

The scene changed to Oscar and Port walking up to the house the former resided in with his father. The bright side was that it was no longer on fire. "I really did hit one," Oscar grumbled.

"Sure Oscar," Port said.

"He never listens." Oscar went on.

"It runs in the family." Port half joked and half pointed out. After all, Oscar was told to stay inside more than once.

Both Oscar and Ozpin, "What is that supposed to mean?" they asked, making most of the Audience to snicker.

"Well, Oscar said it himself," Darth Anarchus replied. "Vikings have stubbornness issues and you'll see that these two can be quite stubborn."

"And when he does, it's with a disappointed scowl." Oscar continued. "Like someone skimped on the meat with his sandwich." He stepped on the steps and turned around, looking to the right, speaking a deep voice, intimating what Ozpin sounded like. "Excuse me, barmaid. I'm afraid you brought me the wrong offspring." He gestures to the side. "I asked for an extra-largeson withbeefyarms," he squeezes his arms. "Extra guts and glory on the side. This hear, this is a talking fishbone."

Ozpin rolled his eyes and said to the people around him. "Go ahead. Laugh. It's funny." he grumbled.

Sure, enough the students and his fellow teachers began to laugh in amusem*nt. Though Cinder, Winter, Glynda and Ironwood covered their mouths with their hands. Qrow, Raven, Summer and Tai didn't hide their mirth along with Roman and Sienna.

Adam struggled to hold in his mirth. He shoulders shook as he did, and his mask hid any laughter from the people. Neo was the only one that couldn't be heard in her laughter.

Em however wasn't laughing. Even if the impression was spot on for this universe's Ozpin. "That's just a joke right?" she asked. "Surely he doesn't think that's how his father feels."

This made most of those laughing to stop. She had a point, some of them realized.

"It's just a bit of tough love from Vikings in this age with a war against dragons for survival." The Host said. "That and this Ozpin is a Viking Chief first, a Viking warrior second, a stoic man third and a father fourth."

"No, you're thinking about this all wrong," Port said. "It's not so much what you look like, it's what's inside that he can't stand."

"Peter!" Both Ozpin and Glynda scowled to the screen as if the Viking could hear them. The other adults that are parents (Except Jacques wasn't showing it.) scowled as did Port himself. One does not just say to a child that their parent doesn't stand their personality.

Oscar stares at him in shock before drily saying, "Thank you for summing that up." He turned to the door. "Look, the point is stop trying to be something you're not." Port said sagely.

"I just want to be one of you guys." Oscar said sadly before he walked into the house and closed the door. Port sighed in response before he walked away. The Audience then see Oscar leaving through the back door of the house, heading into the forest.

Many frowned at that. They understood that it was tough living with dragons, probably similar to living with Grimm, but it seems they have pushed Oscar's counterpart away despite the fact that he was the son of the chief.

"You're suppose to stay home," Glynda said sternly. "Not go into the woods alone."

"No, Ozpin said for my counterpart to go to the house." Oscar said. "And I did. I just didn't stay there."

The scene changed again to the Great Hall where Ozpin stood with the rest of the village. Above them a golden chandelierof a dragon with a sword through its chest.

"Either we finish them,or they finish us," Ozpin declared. "It's the only way we'll be rid of them." He glared at the map on the table in front of him. "If we find the nest and destroy it, the dragons will leave." He then picks up a large dagger. "They'll find another home," he stabbed the dagger into the foggy parts of the map that was intertwined with dragon drawings, Helheim's Gate. "One more search. Before the ice sets in."

"Those ships never come back." One of the men said in hesitation.

"We're Vikings! It's an occupational hazard." Ozpin retorted. "Now who's with me?!"

Most of the Vikings look reluctant to venture out.

"Count me out."
"Today's not good for me."
"I have to do my axe returns."

"That's a big Great Hall," Tai said in awe and surprise.

"Bah. Cowards." Nora and Yang snorted.

"They have reason to be hesitant," Darth Anarchus said. "Their people have searched for the Dragon Nest for almost 300 years and have not found it. Helheim's Gate is filled with thick fog and as one of the men pointed out, most of their ships don't come back."

Yang and Nora sobered up at that and felt ashamed for that.

"Okay," Ozpin said before declaring, "those who stay will look after Oscar." That instantly made everyone change their minds.

"To the ships," A woman said cheerfully as the crowd raised their hands. "I'm with you Ozpin." Spitelout Winchester said jovially. "There, that's more I like it," Ozpin said, hands on his hips.

"Wow, really feeling wanted," Oscar said as he slumped in his seat. "What did he-I-we do to deserve this?"

"In my memory, Professor Ozpin's counterpart had said that disaster follows your counterpart," Penny said. "So, I suppose that fuels everyone's reluctance to look after-" she paused when she turned to Oscar. "Oh, you were being sarcastic. My apologies." She smiled brightly and turned back to the screen.

"It was rhetorical," Oscar grunted and slumped lower. Ruby patted him on the shoulder.

Ozpin scowled at his counterpart. Using the task of babysitting his supposedly trouble making son to get people on his voyage? That was low.

Most of the Vikings began to file out. Port rose from his seat, his hook replaced with a mug. "Right. I'll pack my undies," he said getting most of the students to gag. Ozpin shook his head. "No, I need you to stay and train the new recruits."

"Oh perfect." Port said in a semi sarcastic tone. "And while I'm busy, Oscar can cover the stall. Molten steel, razor sharp blades, lots of time to himself. What couldpossiblygo wrong?"

"Oh, come on. He can't be that bad." Ruby frowned. Oscar smiled a little. "Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ruby." Ruby rubbed the back of her head with a bashful smile.

"He isn't." Darth Anarchus said. He nods to the screen. "Port's just planning something."

"What?" Em asked.

"To give Oscar a chance to prove himself."

Ozpin's expression changed into one of irritation, burdened and unsure. "What am I going to do with him, Peter?" he asked. "Putting him in training with the others." Port replied.

"No, I'm serious." Ozpin said.

"So am I," Port said sternly.

"He'd be killed before you let the first dragon out of its cage," Ozpin said.

"Nice vote of confidence." Tai said, rolling his eyes. Sure, he was worried about Ruby and Yang when they first began taking on Grimm on their own, but he held more confidence that they'd be able to hold their own than the Ozpin onscreen.

"Is that a fear that the class would kill him or does he think his own son is that clumsy?" Willow asked with a frown.

"That is up to you how to interpret." Darth Anarchus replied.

"Oh,you don't know that" Port brushed Ozpin's comment with a wave of his hand. Apparently,the blacksmith had more faith in his apprentice than the chief did in his son.

"I do, actually."-Ozpin.
"No, you don't."-Port.
"No, actually I do."-Ozpin.

"No, you don't." Port said, turning to him sternly. "Listen. You know what he's like. From the time he could crawl he's been. . . different." Ozpin said.

"What's wrong with that?" Ozpin asked his counterpart. "Everyone's different."

Ozpin stands up and paces back and forth. "He doesn't listen. He has the attention span of a sparrow." he rants. Port's stone-for-a-tooth fell into his mug hand. He looked into his mug as Ozpin continued to rant "I take him fishing and he goes hunting for-for trolls!"

"Trolls exist!" Port exclaimed vehemently, facing Ozpin. "They steal your socks. But only the left ones. What's up with that?"

The Hos suddenly coughed into their fist, "Trollhunters." The Audience glanced at him, but they didn't say anything.

Ozpin sighed in response before he took a trip down memory lane. "When I was a boy," he began.

"Oh, here we go." Port said in annoyance and exasperation. "My father told me to bang my head against a rock." Ozpin said, ignoring Port. "And I did. I thought it was crazy,but I didn't question him. And you know what happened?"

"You got a headache." Port said as he managed to get his stone-for-a-tooth back in his mouth.

"That rock split in two," Ozpin answered. "It taught me what a Viking could do, Port. He could crush mountains, level forests, tame seas!" He then sat down. "Even as a boy, I knew what I was, what I had to become. Oscar is not that boy."

"You can't stop him, Ozpin," Port sighed and said sagely. "You can only prepare him." This caused Ozpin to look to him confused. "I know it seems hopeless, but you won't always be around to protect him. He's going to get out there again. He's probably out there now."

This caused Ozpin to look away, mentally debating what he was going to do.

Ironic that my counterpart is getting parental advice from a variant of Peter,Ozpin thought amused.

"He brings a valid point," Summer said as she and Tai glanced at their daughters. Ghira and Kali did the same with Blake. "We parents won't always be around to protect our kids. The only thing we can do is prepare you to live in our world." Summer said, looking down sadly.

The screen showed an overview of Berk's forest before transitioning to a drawn map in a book held by Oscar who crossed x's on every spot. He took a deep breath as he looked at the forest in front of him, holding a charcoal pencil. He sighed as he walked, looking for any signs of the Night Fury. He began making more x's before scribbling across the pages in anger.

He sighs and puts the book in his vest's pocket. "Oh, the gods hate me." he said sadly, kicking the dirt.

"No one really hates you, Oscar." Velvet said supportively as if Oscar's counterpart could hear her. "And I'm sure the gods don't hate you either."

"Some people losetheir knife or a mug. Oh no,but not me. I managed to lose an ENTIRE dragon!" he slaps a tree limb, only for it to hit him in the face. "Ow!" he exclaimed in paining, holding the right side of his face. He glared up to the tree angrily only to see that it looked to be struck down and split in the middle and leaning down a small hill that has a groove down as if something had crash landed.

A few chuckled at Oscar's misfortune onscreen, even Oscar chuckled and rolled his eyes, though Em was worried of how much that would hurt. They all grew tense as eerie music began to play.

Curious, Oscar follows the grove and climbs up the small hill. He glances around at the damage before looking over the top and sees a black dragon not too far away. He ducks back down fearfully before slowly looking back to see the dragon wasn't moving. Pulling out a dagger, he sneaks down to hide behind a boulder that was close to the dragon. He slowly walks out to get a better look of the dragon. He saw its body wrapped in rope, eyes closed and motionless.

It was the Night Fury he had shot down!

Coco hummed, impressed. "Huh, what are the odds?" she asked. Velvet shrugged. "I mean, we saw that he shot it down."

"Oh wow, I did it." Oscar said to himself in disbelief. "Oh, I did it! This fixes everything!" his fist pumps and he plants his foot on the Fury's front leg. "Yes! I brought down this mighty beast-" Suddenly the dragon growls and shrugs his foot off.

Nora, Neon and Mercury cried out dramatically, "It's alive!"

Oscar yelped as he stumbled back. He stands up, holding his dagger up again. He then looks to the Night Fury's hazel eyes. He loosens his shoulders before rolling them and gains a determined look.

"I'm going to kill you, dragon." Oscar said. "I-I'm going to cut out your heart and take it to my father." He took a deep breath. "I'm a Viking. I'm a Viking!"

The Night Fury groaned a bit as Oscar breathed in deeply and raised his blade above his head. He opened his eyes and glanced at the dragon whose breathing had quickened slightly, eyes filled with fear.

Oscar lost his composure slightly before he closed his eyes to regain it only to open his eyes to look at the dragon who lays his head down, clearly accepting death.

"I mean, this is how things are done," Yang said, uncertain yet trying to tell herself that it's what Vikings do.

"But. . . it looks so scared," Ruby protested.

"Certainly not like Grimm," Flynt said. "A Grimm would be snarling and trying to break free."

"If you're going to do it, do it now." Cinder said a little bored but reluctant to see a dragon get killed.

"I can't watch," Velvet said, covering her eyes with her rabbit ears.

Oscar closed his eyes again before pressing the knife against his head and slumped in defeat. He cannot kill the Night Fury. "I did this," he muttered as he turned back to the village but paused and looked back to the Night Fury. After a moment of staring, he closed his eyes.

The dragon's eyes snapped open as Oscar was seen cutting the bolas with his dagger.

Roman stared at the screen. ". . . Well, that was unexpected." he stated.

"But this is what my counterpart meant," Ozpin said. "He knows that Oscar doesn't have the will to kill."

The Night Fury glanced up surprised as one rope broke. The Night Fury's legs moved slightly as the second rope loosened around his legs before Oscar cuts the last rope.

With a growl, faster than Oscar could blink, the Night Fury pounced and pinned Oscar to the boulder.

"Oscar!" Ruby, Amber, Ozpin and Em cried out. Oscar grimaced, Well, should have seen that coming.

Gasping, Oscar looked at the dragon fearfully. The Fury's eyes were powerful and piercing. Oscar seems smaller now than he did before. The Night Fury reeled back, growling as if about to strike.

"No, don't!" Ruby cried out.

Oscar closed his eyes waiting for the killing blow, only for the black dragon to give an ear-splittingroar to his face before leaping away. Oscar opened his eyes in surprise and confusion. He and the Audience see the Night Fury flying away, badly, hitting somerocks and cliff walls before disappearing from sight. Roaring all the way.

Many of the Audience sighed in relief. And that's how he met his best friend, Darth Anarchus chuckled in amusem*nt.

Oscar onscreen huffed a sigh of relief, slumping down further to the ground. Shakily, he stood up and glanced at the direction the Night Fury had disappeared to for a moment before he turned back to the direction he had come from. He only took five steps before dropping his dagger, letting out a whimpering sound and then fainted on the spot.

Oscar covered his face in embarrassment while most of the Audience snickered.

"Oh, I hope he's okay." Ruby said in worry.

That night, Ozpin was shown poking the burning wood of the fire pit in the house. Behind him, Oscar discreetly opens the door, sneaks inside and carefully closethe door. At this point, it seemed that the boy's presence was unnoticed. He glanced at his dad, thinking of saying something before deciding against it. He begins to walk up the stairs quietly as possible. Near the top, he began to climb on all fours. Which caused some noise that Ozpin heard.

"Oscar." The chief said.

"Dad," Oscar said, trying to act surprised but sighed quietly. "I need to talk to you, Dad." He said, climbing down the stairs.

"I need to speak to you too, son," Ozpin said, rubbing his hands together. Father and son took a deep breath before speaking at once.

"I decided/think/It's time for you/I don't want/to fight dragons."

"What?" They looked at each other confused, causing some snickers from the students.

"Uh. . . You go first." Ozpin offered. "No. . . no. You go first," Oscar said, being polite but sounding unsure.

"All right," Ozpin grasps his hands in front of him again before taking a deep breath. "You get your wish. Dragon Training." he rose his eyebrows and placed his hands on his hips firmly. "You start in the morning."

"Oh man. I should have gone first," Oscar started to panic, forming a quizzicalexpression. "CauseI was thinking, you know, we have a surplus of dragon-fighting Vikings,but do we have enough. . ." he scratches his head and moves his arms, "bread making Vikings? Or small home repair Vikings?"

"Really?" Ruby snorted in amusem*nt. Oscar crossed his arms. "Both of us don't do well under pressure, apparently."

"Pouting won't do you well, shorty," Coco teased. "I'm not pouting, I'm sulking." Oscar huffed.

Back onscreen, Ozpin picked up a detailed one sided axe and placed it in Oscar's animated arms. "You'll need this," he said.

Oscar yelped as he almost fell back. "I don't want to fight dragons, Dad."

"Oh come on. Yes you do," Ozpin chuckled in amusem*nt as if he believed Oscar was joking.

"Rephrase," Oscar said. "Dad, I can't kill dragons."

"But you will kill dragons." Ozpin said cheerfully, thinking that the boy was just doubting himself.

"No, I'm really extra sure that I won't." Oscar replied.

"It's time, Oscar." Ozpin said, now speaking serious.

"Can you not hear me?" Oscar asked in exasperation. "This is serious, Son." Ozpin said with a frown before taking the axe and holding in front of him. "When you carry this axe, you carry all of us with you." He placed the weapon back in Oscar's hands and made him stand straighter. "That means you walk like us, you talk like us." He tapped the side of his forehead, "you think like us. No more. . . this." He gestured to Oscar.

Oscar's shoulder slumped. "You just gestured to all of me," he said in exasperation and annoyance.

"Deal?" Ozpin asked.

"This conversation is feeling really one sided," Oscar stated

"That's because it is," Ozpin said, frowning at his counterpart's actions along with the parents and some of the students in the Audience. Ozpin slowly stopped frowning when he was reminded that his counterpart was a single father and a Viking chief. Plus Oscar's counterpart had probably been trying to be a dragon killer for a while until he saw what Ozpin saw in the Night Fury's eyes. Emotions like fear for its life and had shown mercy.

"Deal?" Ozpin repeated sternly with a glare. Oscar gives a disappointed and defeated sigh before muttering, "Deal."

"Good," Ozpin replied, picking up a large basket and lug it over his shoulder. He holds a fist up. "Train hard," he said as he put on his helmet and walked out the door. "I'll be back. Probably."

Oscar remained where he stood, watching his father leave. "And I'll be here." Under his breath he muttered, "Maybe." And the door closed.

"Optimistic, I guess." Jaune shrugged.

"Sarcastic more like it," Fox stated.

The scene changed to Port lifting up a gate and turned to the teens, gesturing with his hook around the arena. "Welcome to Dragon Training!" he said, sounding cheerful.

Most of the teens have looks of excitement and awe while Ruby takes a deep breath and mutters, "No turning back."

Ruby in the lead, the teens walk into the arena and looking at their surroundings. The arena is round with iron gates at the entrance, six bar high fences with poles and chains on the roof.

The teens all have weapons. Melanie andMilitia both have spears. Jaune has a sword. Cardin has his mace and Ruby has a scythe. All look hyped up for the sessions to come.

"Somethings never change," Yang said fondly to Ruby while Qrow gave a thumbs up. Ruby beamed a smile in response. While it wasn't like her Crescent Rose, Ruby did appreciate the craftsmanship put into the scythe.

"I hope I get some serious burns," Nora said excitedly.

"Wait, what?" Ren, Pyrrha and Jaune exclaimed in surprise.

Neon rolls her shoulder, "I'm hoping for some mauling, like on my shoulder or lower back." she said eagerly.

"What?" Flynt said in shock. Sure his partner was hyperactive, but she was never eager to get mauled.

"Yeah, it's only fun if you get a scar out of it," Ruby said with a shrug.

"What is wrong with these kids?" Junior asked himself.

"That better be sarcasm there, young lady." Summer said to her daughter who shrunk in response.

"Yeah, no kidding right?" Oscar's voice said from behind. This caused the teens to turn around and see Oscar. "Pain. Love it," he drawled with sarcasm, rolling his eyes.

"Now that's the sarcastic little pinecone I know," Em chuckled.

"Tree calling apple annoyed." Oscar snarked.

"Apple should be thanking the tree for shade." Em snarked back.

"Oh great, who let him in?" Nora asked in annoyance while some looked surprised to see him.

"Let's get started!" Port said. "The person who does best will get the honor of killing their first dragon in front of the entire village," he twists his hook hand for emphasis on the killing and gesturing to the arena's stadium.

"Oscar already killed a Night Fury, so does that disqualify him or?" Cardin asked with a mocking smile. The twins snicker while Ruby rolls her eyes and shakes her head while turning away.

"Can I transfer to the class with the cool Vikings?" Nora asked as they walk away.

Penny blinked. "I do not understand. There is only one class, is there not?" she asked.

"It's their way of saying that they don't want to be in the same class as young Mr. Pine, Penny." her father explained to her.

"Oh." Penny said before frowning. "Well that's rude." she crossed her arms and glared at the screen

Port walked up to Oscar and leads him to the middle of the arena, arm on the boy's shoulders. "Don't worry. You're small and weak. That'll make you less of a target. They'll see you as sick or insane and go after the more Viking-like teens instead." He chuckled lightly, patting Oscar on the back. He then pushes Oscar into Jaune who bumps into Nora.

"This Port might need to work on his pep talks," Qrow muttered while Ozpin and Glynda nodded in agreement.

"A lot of people in this universe need to work on their pep talks," Darth Anarchus snorted.

"Behind these doors are just few of the many dragons you will be learning to fight." Port said to the teens and began to walk and gesture to each cage he passed while Jaune began to state some facts he had read about the dragons.

Port-"The Deadly Nadder!"
Jaune-"Speed 8, Armor 16."
Port-"The Hideous Zippleback."
Jaune-"Plus 11 stealth. Times 2."
Port-"The Monstrous Nightmare."

Jaune-"Firepower 15."
Port-"The Terrible Terror."

Jaune smiled, "Attack 8, Venom 12." Port finally snapped. "Can you stop that?!"

"Nerd!" Mercury declared. "Hey, I'm not that much of a nerd." Jaune protested. "My counterpart probably just pays attention to class more than me."

"That's exactly what nerds do!"

Back onscreen, Port relaxed and placed his hand on the lever of the last cage. "And the Gronckle."

"Jaw strength 8," Jaune whispered to Oscar who nodded appreciatively while the rest of the teens' eyes widened at what Port intended to do.

"Whoa, wait!" Cardin exclaimed, walking forward. "Aren't you going to teach us first?" Oscar's face was briefly shown, his expression saying,oh you poor, poor child.

"I believe in learning on the job." Port said, pushing the lever down. As soon as the cage doors were unlocked, the Gronckle charged out causing the teens to scatter in different directions. "Today is about survival." He said to them all.

The dragon misses everyone in its charge and hits the wall. "If you get blasted, you're dead." Port said as the Gronckle fell to the floor and scooped some rocks with its jaws and ate them.

"Quick! What's the first thing you're going to need?" Port asked the teens.

"A doctor?" Oscar asked snarky.

Qrow chuckled in amusem*nt. He liked this kid more and more. "Heh. No. That's after the blasting part."

"Plus 5 speed?" Jaune asked in fear.

Yang tilted her head in confusion. "Uh, are you still talking about the dragon stats or what?" she asked. How does someone get plus five speed? Jaune blinked. "Uh, I don't know." he shrugged.

Ruby was confident in her answer. "A shield."

"Shields. Go!"

The teens run to pick up shields that were scattered around the arena. Oscar grabbed a red shield off the floor but was having trouble putting it on. "Your most important piece of equipment is your shield! If you have to make a choice between a sword and a shield," Port helped Oscar with the shield and pushed him to the 'battle.' "take the shield!"

Jaune and Pyrrha chuckled, being the ones who use shields, that's a idea they can get behind.

Nora and Neon grab the same shield and began to fight over it.

"Take your hands off of my shield," Nora said angrily. "There are a million shields!" the Cat Faunus retorted.

"Take that shield." Nora said, gesturing to another out of view. "That one has a flower on it. You're more girly than me." Neon managed to pull the shield from Nora's grasp and whack her on the head. "OW!"

"Oops," Neon said mockingly and pretended to give it back to her twin. "Now this one has blood on it."

Flynt and the members of Team JNPR were surprised that their friends would stop to fight over a shield. Both Nora and Neon though could see themselves doing that.

"Uh, guys, dragon." Oscar said and pointed to the screen, as if the twins could hear him.

Said dragon flew in close and blasted a ball of fire at their shield, knocking them down.

"Nora, Neon, you're out." Port declared as the twins tried to gather their sense and comprehend, as much as they can, what just happened.

"What?" They both asked, dazed.

"Those shields are good for another thing." Port informed the other teens. "Noise! Make lots of it to throw off a dragon's aim."

The teens take their teacher's advice and start whacking their weapons against their shields. The noise instantly began to confuse the Gronckle. The screen switched to the dragon's view that became blurry and wavy on the teens.

"All dragons have a limited number of shots." Port spoke again when the teens stop making noise and the dragon regain its bearings. "How many does a Gronckle have?"

"Hmm, fascinating effects," Oobleck noted as he wrote it down on his notepad.

"So, dragons have shot limits," Cinder said. "That's what happened to the Monstrous Nightmare earlier?"

"Wasted ammo on trying to burn Oscar." the Host replied.

"Five?" Cardin guessed.

"No, six!" declared Jaune, holding his shield in the air, completely forgetting to focus on the Gronckle.

Ren's eyes widened while Pyrrha cried out in worry. "Jaune, behind you!"

Nora shouted, "Look out, Jaune-Jaune!"

"Jaune!" Saphron and Terra cried out. "Uncle Jaune!" Adrian wailed.

"Correct, six!" Port said cheerfully. "There's one for each of you!"

"I really don't think-" Before the blonde could finish, the Gronckle fired a fireball that knocked his shield out of his grasp.

"Jaune, out!" Port declared as the boy threw his sword in the air and screams as he runs away.

This caused some of the students to chuckle while Jaune slumped and Pyrrha patted him on the shoulder.

Cinder shook her head. "Not impressed." she deadpanned.

"Oscar, get in there!" Said boy was hiding behind one of the empty weapons racks. He took one step out but quickly hid back when a fireball hit the wall next to him.

Oscar shook his head. "Nope!"

Cardin and Ruby stood side by side as the Gronckle flew in front of them. "So anyway, I've moved into my parents' basem*nt," Cardin said to the silver eyed girl in a flirtishtone. "You should come by some time to work out." Ruby jumped and summersaultedaway. "You look like you work out." In his distraction, the Gronckle fired another fireball at his shield and threw him backwards.

"Cardin, you're done."

While some of the students and teachers of Beacon laughed and snickered at what happened to Cardin, Ruby stared at the screen in shock and mild disgust. Was Cardin just hitting on her counterpart? Granted it was another Cardin and her, but he was still the bully in their world. She mentally gagged at the thought. She wasn't the only one, Cardin didn't see her as his type and she was two years younger than him.

It was now Oscar and Ruby the last two teens standing. Oscar decides to walk next to her and try to make conversation. "So I guess it's just you and me, huh?"

Ruby's eyes widened slightly as she said, "Nope, just you." And ran to the side before a fireball flew to Oscar's direction. Oscar managed to hold his shield to block the shot to his head but his shield and axe was knocked out of his hands.

Ruby frowned as she realized her counterpart's actions. She was leaving them in the dust to get shot at. Granted they should be paying attention to the dragon and not her, but still, she shouldn't be leaving them like that.

"One shot left!" Port announced but the Gronckle flew after Oscar instead of Ruby. "Oscar!" he called out in worry.

The blacksmith on the screen wasn't the only to be worried. "Oscar!"

"Why does this always happen to me?" Oscar asked. First the Nightmare and then the Fury and now the Gronckle.

The boy runs to the wall and is cornered by the dragon hovering inches from him. The Gronckle rears its head back, fire building in its throats as its large jaws open up. When Oscar closed his eyes, the Audience see Port's hook reach in and hooked onto the Gronckle's mouth and forced it to fire at the wall above Oscar's head. Oscar looked up a little terrified as some rubble fell around him.

"And that's six," Port muttered as he dragged the dragon away from Oscar. "Go back to bed, you overgrown sausage!" he said to the Gronckle as he spun it around.

Many sighed in relief when Port came to the rescue.

"Huh, you know, it does look like a sausage," Roman said, tilting his head. "With wings, a face and limbs." This caused most of the Audience to find the dragon onscreen to be less intimidating in their eyes.

Port locked the dragon in its cage and walked away. "You'll get another chance, don't you worry." Whether he was talking to the dragon or the teens at the moment was unclear. He turned to the teens. "Remember, a dragon will always," he turned to Oscar with a stern glare. "Always go for the kill."

Oscar stands as Port and the others walk away. He looks to where the Gronckle had fired and to where the caged beast was with a curious and confused expression.

Many of the students and younger members of the Audience, as well as some of the older ones, including Oscar himself couldn't help forming the same expression. If that was true-

"So why didn't you?" Oscar onscreen asked as he returned to where he had found the Night Fury, kneeling down and holding one of the bolas. He asked a good question. If dragons always go for the kill, why didn't the Night Fury?

He looked up where the dragon had flown off and began to walk in that direction he had seen the dragon.

He jumped down a small creek bed that led into a cave and found a large inland cove that had a small pond. It was honestly a beautiful sight to the Audience and Oscar onscreen but it wasn't what the young Viking was looking for. "Well, this was stupid." he said to himself. What were the chances that the Night Fury stayed on Berk?

He glanced to the ground and saw black scales on the ground near the ledge. Intrigued, Oscar knelt down and picked up a scale to inspect it. Suddenly a large, black figure jumped up from the cove in front of the boy with a roar. Oscar jumped back in response before he slowly poked his head of the cave and saw the Night Fury trying to climb out of the cove's walls but it slide down and it turned around and glided to the other side of the pond.

Oscar stared at the dragon as he jumped down to a ledge lower than the entrance and watched as the Night Fury flew to the other side closer to Oscar's location. Or at least tried to before it fell to the ground. As it tried to fly/climb out Oscar pulled out his notebook and pencil and began to draw the dragon.

"It's like seeing a bird with a broken wing," Winter said with a slight sympathetic expression. Qrow shifted in his seat next to her while Raven raised an eyebrow at her brother's action. What was that about?

"But it's wings don't appear damaged," Penny analyzed, tilting her head. "Why is it behaving like that?"

Back onscreen, Oscar had finished his sketch of the Night Fury. "Why don't you just fly away?" he muttered incuriosity.

The Night Fury fired off a ball of plasma at the ground in frustration after giving up its attempts to climb and fly out of the cove when Oscar saw it. One of its fins on its tail was missing. To make his drawing match, Oscar used his thumb to erase the tail fin on the drawing.

"So it can't fly because it's missing a tail fin?" Jaune asked.

Pyrrha rubbed her chin. "Some animals have a tail that helps balance their weight." she said thoughtfully. "Perhaps its tail fins help make its tail lighter to fly without much trouble."

"That appears to be the case," Weiss said looking at the screen.

The Night Fury then flew across the pond and crashed down next to the water. A splash was heard and both dragon and Audience saw a fish's tail at the surface of the water. The dragon lifted his head up and slowly and quietlymoved to the water's edge. Two fish swam near the shore. Unfortunately, with most of his energy used trying to get out of the cove, the Night Fury wasn't fast enough to catch the fish.

Blake went rigid upon seeing the fish and looked at the screen with apt attention until the fish weren't onscreen anymore.

Some of the students couldn't help but sympathize with the dragon. Trapped, unable to fly and apparently not getting anything to eat at the moment.

Oscar onscreen seemed to share the Audience's sentiments as he looked to the dragon from where he sat. Then he saw his pencil rolling towards the edge. He tried to reach for it but it was too late. The pencil had fallen off the edge.

The Night Fury had both heard and seen the pencil fall into the cove. The dragon glanced up where it had come from and saw Oscar at the ledge. Oscar went rigid, fearing that the dragon could fire at him. The Night Fury however simply grumbled. Oscar leaned back and tilted his head and the dragon copied his motion.

Scene changesto the Great Hall on a rainy night. The Hall was built into a cave in the mountain with a large statue on each side with fire pits in the mouths. Drenched from the rain, Oscar walked into the Hall after closing the door quietly. He could hear Port speaking with the teens, criticizing their performancein class.

"I mistimed my somersault dive." Ruby said. "It was sloppy. It threw me off my reverse tumble."

This did surprise most of the students that knew Ruby along with her family. The silver eyed red reaper wasn't one that criticizeher performance. If anything that was what Weiss would do.

"Yeah, we noticed," Neon deadpanned. Cardin tried to woo the scythe wielder with compliments. "No, no, you were great." he said, trying to grab her hand but she pulled away with a scowl. "That was so "Ruby"." Ruby rolled her eyes at Cardin's attempts to win her over, hiding it by drinking from her mug.

"She's right," Port spoke up. "You have to be tough on yourselves."

Oscar is now noticed by the others as he nears the table. He grabs a plate with a drumstick on it. Cardin moves over on the two open spots to prevent the boy from sitting at the table, he and the twins smiling at the action as Port turned the attention to his blacksmith apprentice. "Where did Oscar go wrong?"

Oscar rolled his eyes and sighs at Cardin's tactics and walks to a adjacent table.

"Uh, he showed up." Neon said to answer Port's question.

Penny frowned. "Well, that's not nice."

Neon frowned at her counterpart. Being a Faunus in Atlas Academy, she had dealt with bullying herself and didn't like it that her counterpart was acting like one of them.

"Not by choice," Oscar muttered, reminding some that Oscar's counterpart did not want to be in class.

"He didn't get eaten," said Melanie.

Roman frowned a little. "Now that's just harsh."

Em scowled, "She better not mean that." Different universe or not, she wouldn't take any insults to her surrogate son.

"He's never where he should be," Ruby said, glancing to Oscar with narrowed eyes briefly.

Glynda frowned and lectured, even if the teens on the screen couldn't hear her, it was also for the students in the room with her. "I'm sure that's true for most of the time but there is nothing wrong with hiding from an enemy that you can't beat." Ozpin nodded in agreement. "Indeed, it allowed Oscar to last longer than Mr. Winchester, Mr. Arc and the twins."

"Thank you, Ruby." Port replied to the one who gave a sensible answer and elbowed the twins in the head as he walked to the gap between the two tables.

"You need to live and breath this stuff." He said as he pulled out an old book, holding it so all can see. "The Dragon Manual." The blacksmith Viking swipeda plate off the table and dropped the Dragon Manual in its place.

"Everything we know about every dragon we know of," he said. Oscar, Ruby and Jaune were the only ones listening intently or partly. Thunder booms outside, causing Port to pause and measure its strength.

"No attacks tonight," he said as he walked away. Nora is balancing a dagger on the table which has Cardin and her twin's attention. "Study up," Port added as he left.

At Port's words, Nora jolts, dropping the dagger. "Wait, you mean read?" she asked in disbelief.

"No, he wants you to eat it," Oscar said sarcastically, getting laughs and chuckles from the rest of the Audience.

"While we're still alive?" Militia asked, looking at the book incredulously. Ruby looked to the twins in surprise before rolling her eyes and returning to her mug.

"Oh no, it's perfectly fine to do it when you're dead," Blake continued, rolling her eyes.

"Why read words when you can kill the stuff the words tell you about?" Cardin asked in a angry tone.

"Well, that just shows that he knows next to nothing about dragons," Cinder said, looking at Cardin in annoyance.

"This Viking society rarely read and these teens don't think it's fun and relevant," The Host explained. "Well, save for,"

"Oh, I read it, like seven times." Jaune said excitedly, getting Cardin to look at him in irritation and disbelief while the Valkyrie-Katt twins give him dull looks. "There's this water dragon that sprays boiling water at your face. And there's this other one that-"

"Yeah," drawled Nora as she closes her hand at him, signaling him to stop talking. "Sounds great. There was a chance I was going to read it."

"But now," Neon drawled, getting her sister to look smug. Cardin stands, ready to leave. "You guys read, I'll go kill stuff." The twins rise and walk away, Jaune follows them, trying to tell them more of his extensive listing of dragons that he remembers. "And there's this other one that has these spines like trees. . ."

Oscar walks over to Ruby, trying to make another conversation and hopefully be accepted into their group. "So I guess we'll share?" he asked.

Ruby pushed the book towards him. "Read it," she said before leaving with the others.

Ruby frowned. That was similar to Weiss rejecting Jaune or the time before Weiss became her friend. Plus she was really curious to what the book had on dragons.

"Uhh, All mine then," Oscar said drily. "Wow. So, Okay. . . uh. . . I'll see you-" the doors shut, leaving Oscar with the few adults in the Great Hall. ". . . tomorrow." He gives a disappointed sigh at being unsuccessful in trying to be accepted by the other teens.

Present and Future Ozpin and Em frowned. Oscar was the heir and these kids were either verbally bullying him or ignoring him.

Later that night Oscar is alone in the Great Hall with the large fire pit now died out. He carries a candle to his table so he could read and places it next to a candle already there.

"Dragon classifications," he read the contents. "Strike class. Fear class. Mystery class." He turns the page finding runes and a few diagrams of the dragons and their powers. Thunder begins to boom as he continues to read.

Cinder pulls out her notebook and pencil out again and glances up at the screen.

"Sounds nice and simple," Nora said with a smile.

"Thunderdrum. This reclusive dragon inhabits sea caves and dark tide pools. When startled, the Thunderdrum produces a concussive sound that can kill a man at close range." To illustrate the point, a drawing is shown of the sea dragon killing a Viking before another showed the dragon being killed by a Viking. "Extremely dangerous. Kill on sight."

He turns to another page. "Timberjack. This gigantic creature has razor-sharp wings that can slice through full grown trees."

Qrow rose an eyebrow. "Is that for real?" He had seen a lot of things, but never a flying creature with wings that sharp before. He sure hopes Salem doesn't make anything like that.

"Extremely dangerous. Kill on sight."

"Scauldron. Sprays scalding hot water at its victims. Extremely dangerous." Thunder claps loudly outside the Hall, causing Oscar to jump. (Jaune: Hey, that's the dragon other me was talking about.) He glances at the door to see lightning flashing outside. The storm was getting stronger. Oscar slowly turns back to the book and continues reading.

"Changewing. Even newly hatched dragons can spray acid. Kill on sight." Oscar starts flicking quickly through the pages (Much to Cinder's displeasure.) reading either the names of the dragon, its abilities or the continuous message.

"Gronckle. Zippleback. The Skrill." The sketches begin moving eerily in the candlelight.

"Trippy." Coco drawled.

"Boneknapper. Whispering Death." At this point, Oscar sounds and looks a little scared but steels on.

"Burns its victims. Buries its victims. Choke its victims. Turns its victims inside out."

Roman and a few others blink and falter at hearing that last bit. "Wait, the f*ck?!"

"Extremely dangerous. Extremely dangerous. Kill on sight. Kill on sight."

"How is this book helpful?" Cinder asked, frustrated to be not given any relevant information the dragons. She personally would love to know and learn their feeding habits and where they live, what they do, what can they do? Breath fire? Ice?

Darth Anarchus chuckled a little. It appears Cinder was a dragon lover in this world.

Then Oscar flicks to a page devoid of drawings and very little information. The page that he was looking for. "Night Fury," he said in awe, the Audience faintly hearing the dragon's roar in the background. "Speed unknown. Size unknown. The Unholy offspring of Lightning and Death itself." Unlike the previous dragons, the Night Fury has a different message. "Never engage this dragon. Your only chance: Hide and pray it does not find you."

Oscar thinks about these words before pulling out his notebook and opened up to his sketch of the Night Fury and placed it on the Dragon Manual.

"Well, I guess the Vikings really fear the Night Fury." Ren commented.

"I'll say, the Unholy Offspring of Lightning and Death," Nora shuddered. "I got goosebumps saying that."

"And yet a little misjudging," Flynt pointed out. "The dragon has been anything but towards the kid despite the fact that he was the one who shot it down."

The scene transitioned to Ozpin's voyage. The sails depicting a dragon with two swords thrust through it. Ozpin stands on the lead ship, looking at the map he had from earlier. "I can almost smell them," he growled. "They're close."

The chief makes his way to port side of the ship. "Steady," he said to the helmsman as he glanced to the looming fog. After a moment, Ozpin ordered, "Take us in."

"Hard to port" the Helmsman said as the three ships turn towards the fog. "For Helheim's Gate." Ozpin ordered.

"Hard to port!" With that all three ships are enveloped almostsimultaneously, disappearing from view. A few seconds later a bright flash of light illuminates the are and the outline of a dragon is revealed and a screech is heard.

The students jolt upon seeing that. "Well, that escalated quickly." remarked Roman.

"You know, I just happened to notice the book had nothing on Night Furies." Oscar said back in the Arena. Shield and axe are in his hand. "Is there another book, like a sequel? Like a little Night Fury pamphlet?"

Weiss furrowed her eyebrows. "Were pamphlets even a thing back then?" she asked

Ozpin shook his head. "Not that I know of. . . ."

Glynda tilted her head. "Then how does Oscar know?"

A hot, intense blast of fire is shot to Oscar, hitting the wall next to him and destroying the head of his axe. "Whoa!" he exclaimed, looking where the blast had come from.

"Focus, Oscar!" Port called out of view as the Audience see that the Arena was filled with a large maze and a blue Deadly Nadder. "You're not even trying!"

The Nadder jumps into the passage, squawking at Oscar. "Today is all about attack!" Oscar swerved to his left before darting to the right. The Nadder jumps onto one of the walls, first choosing to follow the boy before abandoning the chase and scoping the area.

"Nadders are quick and light on their feet." Port said as Jaune poked his head around the corner before seeing the Nadder above him. "Your job is to be quicker and lighter!"

The Nadder tilts its head to look at Jaune before raising its tail, the spines poised and ready to be launched. Jaune runs away and yells as he raised his shield above his head as the Nadder launched some spines that either stuck to his shield or the wall behind him.

"I'm really beginning to question your teaching methods." Jaune said as he ran away. How did Oscar survive as Port's apprentice in the forge?

"You mean you didn't in the last session?" Weiss asked in disbelief. Yang grinned. "I don't know, this Port doesn't spend the whole class telling stories of his youth."

Cinder wrote in notebook about the Deadly Nadder's tail spikes.

Port stood outside of the arena, looking alittle bored. "Look for its blind spot," he said.

"Every dragon has one." Oscar runs past the Valkyrie-Katt twins who turn to the direction he came from. Only to come face to face with the Deadly Nadder. "Find it. Hide in it and strike."

The twins stop in their tracks, luckily standing in the Nadder's blind spot: the center of its face. Being close to one another, Neon catches a sniff of her twin's smell and gags. "Do you ever bathe?" she asked as the moved in sync with the dragon as it moved its head side-to-side, trying to find the twins that it can hear.

"If you don't like it, then just get your own blind spot," Nora retorted, pushing her sister back. Neon spins her around and makes them lock heads. "How about I give you one?" she snapped, both twins trying to push each other back and forgetting the dragon who gave them a sideways glance.

"Uh guys, dragon in front of you?" Oscar said to the twins. "Not the best time to fight."

"It happens," Jaune said, recalling memories with his seven sisters. The Malachite twins, Ruby and Yang nodded in agreement as did Qrow and Raven.

The twins turn to the dragon as it gives a squawk. They book it just as the area they were standing and the path behind them is incinerated with dragon fire.

"Blind spot, yes." Port said. "Deaf spot . . . hmm, not so much." He chuckled at his own joke as Oscar ran in the path beneath him. The boy looked up to his mentor and continued asking questions.

"So how would one sneak up on a Night Fury?" he asked his mentor.

"No one has ever met one and lived to tell the tale," Port rubbed his temple in irritation from his apprentice's seemingly irrelevant questions for the time being. "Now get in there!" he said, pointing with his hand.

"I know, I know." Oscar said, walking backwards. "But, hypothetically-"

Oscar wasn't thinking that his counterpart should be asking those kind of questions, they could be seen as suspicious.

"Oscar!" He turned to the right at the whisper and saw Ruby and Cardin crouched against a wall before an opening. Both were looking at him. "Get down!" Ruby whispered desperately, gesturing with her shield and Cardin nods in agreement.

Ruby looks around the wall and sees the Nadder at a junction ahead, trying to look for the Viking trainees but not seeing Ruby. The silver eyed girl took a few short breaths before she executes a somersault maneuver. Cardin follows her lead. Both avoid being seen by the dragon noiselessly.

Oscar tried to follow suit but was not strong enough to lift the shield off the ground in his roll and it hit the ground with a loud clank that got the Nadder's attention. Oscar scrambles to his feet and scampers away, just avoiding the snapping jaws of the dragon.

"Oh no," Ruby and Amber said in worry as did Em.

Oscar rolled his eyes. "Great," he drawled sarcastically.

He manages to escape the dragon that runs into Ruby and Cardin. The former gets into a throwing stance, ready to hurl her scythe at the Nadder but before she could, Cardin pushes her aside.

"Hey!" Ruby exclaimed. "Watch out, babe. I got this!" Cardin said confidently. He throws his mace at the dragon. Instead of hitting its intended target, the mace clatters on the wall next to the Nadder who briefly paused to inspect the fallen weapon before turning back to the humans and laughed at Cardin.

Most of the students snicker at Cardin's throw. Yang though glared upon realizing that Cardin had been flirting with Ruby this whole viewing whenever they were shown.

Cardin looked to the glaring Ruby and tried to make an excuse. "The sun was in my eyes, Ruby." Both teens run to avoid a fiery blast shot at them.

"Sun? What Sun? It's a cloudy day!" Ruby snapped.

"What do you want me to do?" Cardin asked. "Block out the sun? I can do that, but I just don't have the time right now." His rambling trails off as they split up and the Nadder chases after Ruby. The dragon slides into a wall and knocks it down. This caused the other walls in the Arena to fall down in a domino affect.

Jaune and the twins run past Oscar who is trying to ask more questions to Port. "Has anyone ever seen one napping?"

"Oscar!" Port points behind him, redirecting Oscar's attention to the collapsing maze behind him.

Trying to escape the Nadder, Ruby climbed up a wall and jumped onto the next. She planned to jump down to a open area in the arena but saw Oscar standing there. She tried to maintain her balance but the wall she stood on wobbled more. She was forced to jump off the wall and fall to Oscar. "Oscar!" she shouted while Oscar yelped in surprise.

When the dust settled, Ruby was on top of Oscar and her scythe blade was embedded into his shield. The twins stood in the background and decide to make fun of the precarious situation Ruby and Oscar are in.

"Oooh. Love on the battlefield," Nora cooed.

"She can do better," Neon jokingly waved off.

This caused most of the students to snicker in amusem*nt and look teasingly to Oscar and Ruby. "I don't know, the other boys are Cardin who's a bully," Nora said, "and Jaune who is Jaune." Ren turned to the blonde boy.

"Are you going to let her say it like that?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. Jaune shrugged. "She's not wrong."

Ruby and Oscar blush in embarrassment at seeing their counterparts situation. The former hid her face in her cloak while Oscar covered his with his hands.

"Well, Tai doesn't this bring back any memories with Rae?" Qrow asked with a smirk. Tai chuckled in remembrance to the memories Qrow was talking about. "Yeah it does," he said, both ignoring the glare Raven sent them.

Onscreen, Ruby tries to pull her scythe out of Oscar's shield who is stuttering as he tries to communicate with her and organize how they can get unstuck. "Let me-Why don't you-?"

Just then the Deadly Nadder emerged from the fallen walls. Ruby gasped and tried harder to pull her weapon free before placing her foot on Oscar's face.

"No, don't do that. Ow! Ow! Ow!" Oscar said under her boot.

Ruby managed to yank both scythe and shield off of Oscar and swings at the dragon as it nears them. She hits it on the side of its head, the shield shatters on impact. The Nadder spun around from the hit and walks away shakily.

"Well done, Ruby!" Port called out.

The silver eyed scythe wielder looks to her weapon with a shakenexpression, thinking that she could have been injured or worse if she didn't act as quick as she did. She replaces her expression with one of anger before she turns to Oscar who's cowering on the floor.

"Is this some kind of joke to you?!" she snapped as Oscar looks up to her. Ruby took a deep breath to regain her composure. "Our parents' war is about to become ours." She held her scythe inches from Oscar's face. "Figure out which side your on," she growled. As she walks away, Oscar glances down to the floor. His face mixed with shame, disappointment, confusion and fear. But then it became thoughtful.

Ruby looked down, feeling ashamed for her counterpart's anger. She turned to Oscar next to her. "Sorry." Oscar looked to her confused before waving his hand. "N-No. It's fine. Really," he said.

"It shouldn't be. You-I mean, your counterpart is trying to help the village in his own way," Ruby said. "He was just asking questions about the Night Fury."

"Questions that he should have asked later," Oscar replied. "And maybe pay more attention to what was happening in the arena." He blushed lightly. "That could have prevented uh, well you know." Ruby blushed as well and looked away.

The scene changes to the afternoon at the cove. The Audience see Oscar walk down to a rocky entrance with a white shield in hand. He peeks over the shield before tossing a fish out in the open. He waited a moment to see if the Night Fury would appear but nothing happened. He stepped forward, only to get his shield stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Oscar jiggled it back and forth for a moment before he ducked under and tried to pull it out but it was wedged in tight. Sighing, Oscar went and picked up the fish and walked further into the cove, looking for the Night Fury.

"Is he really going to risk getting into the same cove with the dragon?" Em asked in worry. "Wild animals are unpredictable. Injured and starving animals especially."

Darth Anarchus sighed. "He's figuring out which side he's being on." he replied "He has tried his best to support the village. If even his crush, the best warrior in their generation is snapping at his efforts for trying to help and the Vikings are giving nothing but isolation, bullying and neglect, then he's going to see what the dragons have to offer."

Ruby blushed a little before frowning at the explanation given, as did the others. Like Em said, wild animals are unpredictable so it was sad that Oscar's counterpart was going to risk getting mauled in search for friendship.

Said dragon was perched behind a boulder behind Oscar. Sensing that he was being watched, Oscar turned around to see the dragon climbing down. He held the fish closely as the dragon walked in front of him, sniffing before stopping and growling cautiously.

Slowly, Oscar reached out and held the fish out. The Night Fury took a few steps forward only to glance down and then crouch and growl at the human. Oscar pulled his vest open to reveal his dagger on his belt. Upon seeing the weapon, the dragon growls more.

Oscar goes to grab the hilt, trying to stay calm at the dragon's growling before he pulled out and dropped it. The Night Fury shook its head to the side and Oscar picked it up with his foot and tossed it into the pond.

The dragon stared at the water for a brief moment before relaxing and tilting his head. No longer looking threatening, now looking curious and cute.

Oscar held out the fish again and the Night Fury moved closer and opened his mouth. Oscar and the Audience saw something different. "Huh. Toothless." Oscar noted.

"Wait, what?" many exclaimed at seeing the dragon without teeth.

"Could have sworn you had-" teeth suddenly unsheathefrom the Night Fury's gums and it snatches the fish from Oscar's hand. It downs it in go and licks his lips.

"Teeth," Oscar muttered as it licks his nose. It then begins walking to Oscar with a tilted head. "Uh, no. No, no." Oscar stuttered as he stumbled back. "I don't have anymore." The Night Fury's eyes roll back and it begins gagging before it regurgitated half of the fish on Oscar's lap.

"Uh," Oscar said in shock in disgust. The Night Fury leaned back and sat on its hind legs and looked at him blankly.

Oscar himself blinked rapidly while everyone else gagged or grimaced in disgust. He wasn't the only one disgusted.

Strangely enough, (Or not) Qrow, Raven and Ozpin were not batting an eye.

Blake herself was even disgusted. Love fish she may, but she wouldn't eat it if it was covered in drool, slobber and inside the stomach of something like a dragon.

Back onscreen, Viking teen and dragon stared at one another before the latter glanced at the fish and back at the boy. Oscar followed its gaze briefly and slowly picked up the fish. He held it close as he looked at the Night Fury before he took a bite out of it. The dragon tilted its head to the side as Oscar held the fish up with a forced smile and humming.

The Night Fury stared at him before making a swallowing noise.

"Oh no. . ." many whispered as they realized what the dragon wanted the boy to do.

Oscar slumped in disbelief before steeling himself. He swallowed, only for it to try to force its way back out but he covered his mouth and forced it BACK down his throat. He shuddered and groaned in disgust.

"Well, there goes my appetite," Roman remarked with Neo nodding.

The rest of the Audience feeling discomfort at seeing what Oscar did and few gave him respect for doing it and not vomiting.

Strangely, Ozpin, Qrow and Raven were still not batting an eye at what they saw.

Fox didn't have much of a reaction given that he couldn't see it but hearing it was a little disturbing.

"Props for him doing it," Emerald said and Mercury shrugged. "True."

"That would be most unpleasant." Penny stated, shaking her head.

Ruby looked to Oscar whose face was becoming green. She gasped and emptied a popcorn bucket, dumping the contents on Yang's lap. Ignoring her sister's cry, Ruby held the bucket to Oscar who took wordlessly and and threw up into the bucket. He shuddered a bit before breathing deeply while Ruby placed her hand on his shoulder comfortingly. "Thanks," he said softly with a appreciative smile.

Ruby smiled back with a blush. "You're welcome." She turned back to the screen with Oscar.

The Night Fury tilted its head again and Oscar looked up at him with a smile. The dragon narrowed his eyes skeptically but Oscar's smile widened to convince him that he genuinely enjoyed the fish. The dragon then slowly makes a toothless smile, mimicking Oscar's first smile as much as possible.

"Aw, it looks cute." Nora said with a smile. Velvet nodded. "It's not that bad once you get to know it."

Cinder didn't want to say it but the pink bomber and Rabbit Faunus photographer had a point. The so called unholy offspring of Lightning and Death looked cute in her eyes. And given that she didn't bat her eyes at a box of kittens that was saying something.

Amazed, Oscar onscreen sits up and leans forward to touch the dragon. However the dragon reverts to its defensive attitude, growling and showing its teeth at Oscar before flying awkwardly away and across the pond.

"Well, Rome wasn't built in a day," Oscar muttered. It honestly made sense that the dragon would be distrusting of him, the boy who shot him out of the sky.

"The Hell's Rome?" Cardin asked in confusion.

"It's a metaphor."

The Night Fury shook its head briefly before looking down at the ground and breathes out a slow hot fire, burning the ground at its feet and moves in a circle. He stomps on the flames before lying down in the scorched ground and ashes. Just as he rests his head on his paws, he heard a bird chirping in the tree branch above him. He looks up and watches it fly off. He then glances down and sees Oscar, sitting near by and cross-legged.

Oscar gives the Night Fury a casual wave which the dragon responds with a dull look that said,"Oh great. It's that kid again,"before it settles on the ground and covers its face with his tail. When it doesn't move, Oscar scoots closer and reaches to his tail. Just before he could though, the Night Fury raised his tail up to look at Oscar with wide awake eyes.

Oscar jumps back and makes it look like he was getting up and walking away. The dragon wasn't fooled though and moves to sleep at a different part of the cove.

Some couldn't help but chuckle. Though some adults were thinking that dragons were being misjudged creatures if the so-called deadliest could act like this when injured and starving.

Later that evening, the Night Fury hangs from a tree root like a bat. He flutters his eyes open slowly and looks to the side. He and the Audience see Oscar was still in the cove.

Said boy was sitting on a rock, stick in hand and drawing the Night Fury's head and shoulder. Much like the sketch in his notebook, he manage make the image in the sand realistic.

"Oscar, was it?" Cinder called out to the farm boy. "Uh, yes?" Oscar replied.

"Let's have a drawing contest during the next break." Cinder said. Oscar blinked owlishly. "Uh, draw what?" he asked.

"That will be up to you," she said with a smirk and a wink.

Both Ruby and Amber frowned and glared at Cinder.

Oscar onscreen freezes for a second as he sensed the dragon is now looming beside him, taking interest in his drawing. He quickly begins drawing again, the Audience seeing the dragon's gaze following the movement of the stick, purring as Oscar adds in more detail to the pupils in the drawing.

The Night Fury looks sideways at the drawing before looking as if a thought came to him and then plodding off, leaving Oscar to look at his retreating form. A crackling sound is heard as Oscar's eyebrows shoot up in surprise before the dragon walks into view, dragging a tree branch in his jaws along the ground. He starts swirling it around as it drags it behind him, sometimes rushing or slowing down and taking care.

Oscar leans in all directions to see what the dragon is drawing. Suddenly the Night Fury pauses, looking at Oscar excitedly. Oscar straightens as the dragon takes a double look before adding a dot to the picture. He then continues with its spinning, accidentally hitting the Viking teen with the leafy end of the branch as he traverses more ground. Oscar looks around in wonder.

The dragon finishes his work and admires it, immensely pleased and purring. A high angle show shows the Audience the masterpiece that is an incredibly large and long squiggle in the dirt.

Qrow rubbed his eyes and leaned to Robyn. "Am I really drunk or did I just see a dragon draw a big squiggle like a toddler's drawing on the wall?" he asked.

"No, I saw it too." Robyn admitted. Qrow nodded his head. "I thought so."

"I think it just tried to draw Oscar," Jaune chuckled. Pyrrha giggled behind her hand. "Given that he looked at Oscar twice, I believe so."

Coco snorts. "He looks so proud." Velvet cooed and snapped a picture of the dragon's smile.

Looking around curiously for a moment, Oscar stands up and moves to observe the Night Fury's creation from a different spot. He steps on one of the squiggles. This causes the dragon to snarl. Oscar jumps at the response, quickly taking his foot off the line. Instantly the Night Fury calms down and begins purring. Curious, Oscar steps on the line.

On. Dragon growls.

Off. Dragon purrs.

On. Dragon growls.

Off. Dragon purrs again.

Oscar finally steps over the line, making the dragon relax fully. He gives him a reassuring grin before moving again. He takes care to avoid stepping on the lines, zigzaggingacross the drawing. He pauses when he hears a huff of the dragon behind him. He turns around looking up at the dragon a bit fearful, the dragon looks down at him wide eyed.

Ruby couldn't help but squeal, holding her face in her hands, gushing when Oscar smiled to the dragon. So cute! They're both so cute! Why hasn't my counterpart befriended Oscar?

The students take a deep breath and lean forward while the adults look intrigued at what will happen next. Velvet slowly held her camera, ready to take a picture.

Darth Anarchus and his Clone Troopers though had wide grins on their faces as they watched the screen.

Oscar stretches his hand slowly but pauses when the dragon growls and eyes him slightly. Oscar takes a deep breath and turns away and continues to stretch his hand out. The Night Fury's eyes widen slightly as the hand moved closer before stopping inches away from his snout.

The Night Fury moved slightly in hesitation before closing his eyes and touches his snout to the boy's hand. (Cue Velvet taking a photo.) Oscar released a breath in relief before slowly looking up. The Night Fury opened its eyes and pulled his head back. He then shakes his head with a snort. His pupils returning to near slits before it darts out of view, silent as a shadow. Oscar glanced at the dragon, confused, relieved and full of wonder of what just happened.

Oscar himself felt like his counterpart. Filled with wonder, relief and confusion. "Wow," he whispered.

"Well, that was a thing." Yang said with a smile.

The scene changed to show Oscar and the teens gathered with Port at the top of a run-down catapult, sitting around a fire as Port tells the story how he lost his limbs. ". . . with one twist, he took my hand and swallowed it whole!" he said to the teens that looked absorbed in the story. All except Oscar who had heard the story before. "And I saw the look on his face," Port continued and gestured to himself with a smile. "I was delicious. He must have passed the word because it wasn't a month before another of them took my leg."

He lifts his wooden peg leg for affect. The teens, bar Oscar, look at it in fascination. "Wow," Neon muttered.

"Isn't it weird to think that your hand was inside a dragon?" Jaune asked as he flailed his drumsticks. "Like if your mind was still in control of it, you could have killed it from the inside by crushing its heart or something."

Pyrrha made a face of disgust. "Ew! Jaune, why did you ask something like that?"

Nora gives him a dull look while Ruby shakes her head. Oscar seems focused on cooking his fish. Cardin looks angry strangely. "I swear, I'm so angry right now." he growled, shaking his chicken. "I'll avenge your beautiful hand and your beautiful foot." he declared. "I'll chop off the legs of every dragon I fight, with my face."

Most of the students give him blank looks. The teachers from Beacon pinch the bridge of their nose.

"Not the sharpest in the class?" Ilia asked, Blake nodded her head.

Port onscreen makes disagreeing noises whilst his mouth is full. He swallows the food. "No. It's the wings and the tails you really want," he said, tearing the wing from his chicken for emphasis. "If it can't fly, it can't get away." The view changes to Oscar's face as his eyes widen slightly. "A downed dragon is a dead dragon."

Port stands up with a yawn and a stretch. "All right, I'm off to bed. You should be, too. Tomorrow we get to the big boys." This gets the teens excited and psyched up. Except Oscar who isn't there.

Blake whined, anime tears streaming down her face. "No, why would you leave a perfectly good fish?" Em lightly whacked Oscar on the head in response. "I taught you better than that." she scolded.

Oscar grumbled under his breath. It wasn't him that left the fish.

"Slowly but surely making our way to the Monstrous Nightmare." Port continued before asking, "But who will win the honor of killing it?"

Nora grins and leans back, hands on the back of her head. "It's going to be me." she declared. "It's my destiny. See?"

"Your mom let you get a tattoo?" Jaune gasps while Ruby glanced to where Oscar should be and notices him missing.

Oscar is shown quietly running down the stairs as Nora says, "It's not a tattoo, it's a birthmark."

Ruby walks over to the top of the stairs and sees Oscar's retreating form. "Okay, I've been stuck with you since birth and that was never there before." Neon said. "Yes it was!" Nora said defensively. "You just never saw my left side until now."

Cardin speaks up, "It certainly wasn't there yesterday. So is it a birthmark or is a today mark?"

Ruby opens her mouth to say something to Oscar before stopping herself and walks back to the group.

Later that night, Oscar enters his personal space in the forge. He opens his notebook to his first drawing of the Night Fury. Taking his charcoal pencil, Oscar redraws the left tailfin of the dragon.

Oscar stokes up the fire at the bellows, heating up an old, unused great sword.

He shapes a connecting rod with his hammer before blowing on it and lowering it into a cooling bucket with tweezers.

He lays the connecting rod on the design of the tailfin before he was seen pulling the nails out of a red shield and shapes them into metal balls.

Oscar weighs the balls before clipping them into some sockets. He then tightens a part with a concentrated expression.

Finally, he covers the metal in a strong, thin cover before he raised the finished project. An artificial tailfin for the Night Fury. He nods proudly before closing it to look at the design for it on the wall.

The adults nod with impressed looks while the students shared amazed expressions. It looked like a proper tailfin.

"How could he make such anincrediblereplica with his technology?" Weiss asked in awe.

Darth Anarchus smiled lightly, crossing his arms before replying, "He had a pretty great teacher."

"I doubt my counterpart taught him to make prosthetics for dragons," Port said humbly.

"True," the Host agreed. "But he still taught him everything he needed to know since he was eight despite his sink or swim method of teaching."

The next morning, Oscar walks into the cove carrying a large basket and a long object in his hands. "Hey, Toothless." He greeted in a sing-song voice. "I brought breakfast pal," he said as Toothless sniffs at the basket curiously. "I hope you're hungry." With that, he kicked the basket down and spilled various types of fish.

Blake, Kali and Ghira now went rigid upon seeing the fish. Adam, Sienna and Ilia looked in their direction and rubbed their temples in exasperation. These Belladonnas love their fish too much sometimes. Or all the time in Blake's case.

"But 'toothless?'" Roman repeated incredulously. "Seriously?"

"I think it's cute." Ruby crossed her arms. Nora nodded her head. "Yeah!"

"It strangely fits him," Velvet commented.

"I would have gone with Thunder but to each his own," Coco stated with a shrug only for Darth Anarchus and the Clone Troopers to round on her, fingers pointing to her and shouting sternly, "NO!" Coco jumps in response and stares at them with wide eyes as they slowly turn away from her.

"Okay, that's disgusting." Oscar remarked as Toothless begins creeping towards the fish, sniffing to try and detect anything poisonous. "We've got some salmon, some nice Icelandic cod and a whole smoked eel."

About to dig in, Toothless stops and pulls back, cringing when Oscar mentioned the eel. Confused a little, Oscar kneels down and picks up the yellow and black smoked eel, holding it in plain sight. Toothless spreads his wings and roars in fear.

"Why is that dragon scared of that small, long, dead fish?" Roman asked.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Oscar exclaims, tossing the eel to the side. "No, it's okay." He holds a hand out to calm Toothless down. The Night Fury twitches, calming down. "Yeah, I don't really like eel much, either." Oscar said, wiping his hand on his fur vest.

Toothless looks for any more eels before eating vigorously. Oscar slowly begins to sneak around the distracted Night Fury. "That's it," he whispered. "That's it. Just stick with the good stuff," he muttered. "And don't mind me. I'll just be back here, minding my own business."

He tries to sit next to Toothless' tail but the dragon moves it away from him three times as he pokes his head into the basket, pulling Oscar forward when he managed to sit on the tail.

Annoyed a little, Oscar turns around and begins attaching the new tailfin. He does the strap at the base of the tail before moving to the top of the fin. Toothless lifts his head up, letting the basket fall off his head. He flexes his working tailfin curiously. Realizing the weight of the boy on his tail, the sound of the strap tightening and something else makes Toothless drop his wings in shock, eyes wide and jaw dropped.

This caused some of the students to snicker or laugh at his reaction.

As Oscar finishes tightening the final strap holding the artificial tailfin in place, Toothless slowly begins to spread his wings and his sub wings.

Ruby and the others grew slightly worried. "Uh oh, Oscar, behind you." the red reaper said.

Not noticing this, Oscar sits up to admire his work and opens up the tailfin covered in brown leather.

"That's not too bad." Oscar said to himself. "It works."

"Prepare for take off, Oscar!" Nora shouted jovially.

No sooner than she said that, Toothless takes off from the ground with Oscar still on his tail! "Whoooaaaaa!" Oscar shouted in fear, holding onto the tail. "No, no, no, no, no, no!" he shouted as Toothless flaps harder.

Oscar stops panicking briefly upon seeing the artificial tailfin close up due to the wind. Unbalanced due to that, Toothless loses his flight and begins to plummet to the ground below.

Thinking quickly, Oscar pulls the tailfin open and Toothless pulls up at the last second and flies upward. He soars high through the air. "Oh, my! It's working!" Oscar exclaimed in joy before Toothless turns around back to the cove and they glide over the pond.

"Yes, yes! I did it!" Oscar said proudly, looking at the artificial tailfin. Toothless looks back at him briefly before turning around sharply. This whips a yelling Oscar off the tail and skim the pond once before plunging into the pond.

Toothless roars and glances at his tail. Which the artificial tailfin closes on its own before the Night Fury falls into the pond with a big splash. Both Viking and dragon surface on different ends of the pond. The former shouts, "YEAH!"

"Well, it's a start." Ozpin commented as some snickered at Oscar being tossed into the pond.

"Today is about teamwork."

The training arena is filled with gas and smoke as a dragon cage is opened. Port walks behind the teens who split into pairs. Ruby with Neon. Cardin with Nora. Oscar with Jaune. "Now, a wet dragon head can't light its fire," Port said. "The Hideous Zippleback is extra tricky. One head breathes gas, the other head lights it."

Ruby searches through the smoke and gas for any sign of the Zippleback.

"Your job is to know which is which."

Oscar and Jaune stand back to back. The latter begins to give off the stats of the Zippleback in a fearful tone. "Razor sharp serrated teeth that inject venom for pre-digestion. Prefers ambush attacks, crushing its victims. . ."

Oscar turns to glance at him in annoyance. "Will you please stop that!" he somewhat whispered to the teen.

"Not giving them weapons sounds like a terrible idea." Glynda said when she saw that all the teens had onscreen were buckets of water.

"Especially with a two headed dragon," May said.

Jaune chuckled nervously when his counterpart spoke.

Ruby and Neon stand back to back, looking a bit fearful before the Audience see Cardin and Nora. "If that dragon shows either of its faces," Cardin spoke confidently, elbowing Melanie a bit. "I'm going to-" he pauses when he sees a horned figure illuminated in the fog. "There!" He shouted before he and Nora throw the water from their buckets at the figure. Resulting a feminine yell from the victim, or victims it seemed as the clouds part to show Ruby and Neon.

"Hey, it's us, idiots!" Neon exclaimed in anger.

"Your butts are getting bigger." Nora remarked drily as Cardin smirked a little. "We thought you were a dragon," the twin snickered before Cardin tried to flatter Ruby.

"Not that there's anything wrong with a dragonesque figure," he said before Ruby walked up and punched him in the jaw, knocking him down to the ground.

Yang grinned. "Nice punch, Ruby!" Many women nodded.

Cardin shook his head. His counterpart should have known to not call on a woman's figure.

Neon chucks her water bucket at her sister's face also knocking her down.

Nora sits up before she is dragged into the unknown, her helmet falling off as she yells, "AAH! Oh no!"

Neon takes a step forward but Ruby holds her arm out in front of her. "Wait," she whispers. As they hear Nora's screams, Ruby gets ready to throw her water before a roar sounds and a green tail shoots out to sweep the girls off their feet and causes Ruby to drop her bucket.

"Oh, I'm hurt!" Nora screams as she runs out from the cloud, tripping over her sister. "I am very much hurt!"

Jaune and Oscar are shown, having seen everything and appear scared. "Chances of survival are dwindling into single digits now." Jaune muttered in fear.

"Oh, that's comforting." Mercury said sarcastically.

"That sounds like something I would say though," Jaune said, slumping a little.

"You should be more positive in situations like this, Kid." Fiona said. "Negativity draws in more Grimm."

"Just follow my lead." Qrow says cheerfully.

"He said positive, Branwen." Winter smirked. "Not crazy."

Qrow snorted before turning to her in surprise. "Wait, did you just-" he began before Winter's smirk disappears. "I was merely making a statement. Nothing more," she said as she turned to the screen. Qrow looks at her and slowly turns back to the screen. "Sure," he drawled. "Whatever you say, Ice Queen."

Onscreen, a yellow-eyed, green Zippleback head looms forth from the smoke like a snake. Pupils turning to slits as it swerves side to side toward the boys. Jaune begins to freak out as it inches closer to him, spilling some water from his bucket.

"You got this, Jaune!" Saphron said supportively for her brother.

He then splashes the water on the head when it was close enough. The now damp and dripping dragon head begins growling menacingly as green gas slowly emits from its mouth.

"Oh. Wrong head." Jaune said sheepishly.

"Oh really? You don't say." Roman said, voice dripping with sarcasm.Talk about bad breath,Neo signed.

"Happens to us all, Jaune!" Terra said.

The Zippleback head thenbarfsits gas upon Jaune full blast. "Jaune!" Port cries out in concern along with the students in the Audience.

Jaune runs, screaming as he escapes the gassy breath and leaving Oscar alone.

The smoke is now cleared as another Zippleback head shows up,belchingsparks in its mouth in a taunting manner before both heads look at him. Waiting for his response.

"Now, Oscar!" Port says from the side.

Oscar takes a couple of steps forward as the dragon raises its heads high before Oscar throws the water. Only to miss its target and splash on the ground between them.

"Oh, come on." Oscar muttered, placing the bucket on his head as the Zippleback's heads bend down, mocking the boy for his attempt.

"Oh come on." Oscar muttered in unison of his counterpart.

The sparking head then growls before the dragon lunges, heads and body. Oscar stumbles back as the dragon spreads its wings open to make it look larger and scare Oscar more than he already was.

"Oscar!" Port rushes forth to defend the boy. He manages make a few leaps forward before he stops, eyes wide and jaw dropped, totally shocked.

The Audience see why. The Zippleback was beginning to back away from Oscar with fearful expressions. Said boy slowly got to his feet and thrusted his hands forward, making the dragon back up more. "Back, back, back!" Oscar said sternly.

The teens had now recovered from earlier and now watched the scene in shock and awe. "Now, don't make me tell you again!" Oscar as the village elder Maria Calavera watched from above in the stadium. The boy continued to corral the Zippleback into its cage. "Yes, that's it. Back into your cage." He glanced back before pulling his vest open to reveal the smoked yellow from earlier. "Now think about what you've done," he said as he tossed the eel into the cage. The dragon recoiled back, climbing up the back wall and leaning its heads back as far as possible from the eel.

"That was very clever, Mr. Pine." Glynda commented before turning to their hosts. "So all dragons are afraid of eels?"

"All but one species from what I remember," The Host replied. "No spoilers, it will be revealed later."

"That was also risky," Weiss said, referring to the screen. "He still could have gotten injured."

"But he didn't." Ruby replied. "But, uh, how is he going to explain this?"

"You make it sound like people are going to bother asking first," Darth Anarchus stated before gesturing to the screen.

Oscar closed the cage doors and turned to the others, wiping his hands. Everyone still looked gobsmack about the whole thing. Jaune even dropped his bucket.

"Okay, are we done?" Oscar asked, walking to the side and moving his arms around. "Because I got to-Yep, I-I'll see you tomorrow."

The teens watch him leave, eyes still wide, and Ruby glanced to the cage and back to Oscar.

That night Oscar hammers and sows something together before the Audience see that he had made a brown leather saddle. He picks it up and the scene changed to the next day in the Cove as Oscar holds the saddle to Toothless.

Toothless gets into a crouch before running away. "Hey!" Oscar shouted as he ran after him. Toothless roars playfully as Oscar chases after him, holding the saddle above him.

Many were impressed with Oscar's skills of sewing and the design of the saddle. Then most chuckled at seeing the dragon and human playing tag.

After putting the saddle on, the two glide over the pond. Oscar has a string in hand attached to the tailfin. He pulls on it but Toothless turns in a different direction with a startled roar and Oscar falls downward.

"Well, if you don't succeed, try, try, try again." Yang remarked.

Oscar creates a harness and atether to hook him onto the saddle later that night in the forge.

The next day, he and Toothless fly above the forest. This time Oscar had the string tied around his ankle. This wasn't much of an improvement. "Whoa, whoa!" Oscar exclaimed as they crashed into a grass field. Oscar stumbled forward through the tall grass before turning to check if Toothless was okay. Only to pause to see the dragon rolling around in the grass.

"Okay, are we sure Toothless is a dragon?" Vernal chuckled. "Because he's acting like a cat in a catnip field." Blake and Kali shifted in their seats along with Sienna at that statement.

"Well, you're not wrong about the catnip field." Darth Anarchus replied with a chuckle. "That there is an plant in their universe called dragon nip. All but one species of dragons love this plant. As your about to find out."

Oscar held a handful of dragon nip and brought to training later. This time it was with the Gronckle. The dragon knocked one of the twins aside and flew towards Oscar with a glare. Oscar flinched and held out the blades of dragon nip. The Gronckle skid to a halt, inches away from Oscar's hand. Eyes wide and a smile on its face as it sniffed the dragon nip. Oscar smiled at the reaction and moved his hand around, the Gronckle following his movements before rolling onto its side.

Maria Calavera and other adults watched on what Oscar was doing in the ring.

"Sweet, I'm on screen," Maria smiled.

After class, Oscar was swarmed by his tormentors. However they weren't making jabs anymore. They were praising his performance.

"That was incredible!" Jaune exclaimed.
"I never saw a Gronckle do that!" Cardin said.
Neon pushed her sister aside and looked at Oscar with a sly smirk.

Uncomfortable, Oscar wormed his way out of the group and walked backwards. "Uh, I left my axe back in the ring. You guys go ahead." he said as he turned around and almost bumped into Ruby. "I'll catch up."

The teens watch him leave with awed expressions while Ruby had a glare. Apparently she was suspiciousof Oscar's sudden improvement in class.

"Uh oh," Ruby muttered upon seeing her counterpart's glare. She had a bad feeling about that.

The scene changed to show Oscar scratching the back of Toothless' neck. The dragon purred at the sensation before Oscar scratched at his underside and the dragon fell down with a pleased smile.

Most grew worried at Toothless dropping down like that save for Ozpin. "Pressure point?" he asked.

Darth Anarchus nodded, "Yep. Most dragons have one."

Oscar looked at the dragon and his hands in surprise before he grinned and walked away.

Ruby was shown being pushed back by the Deadly Nadder who charged to Oscar. Oscar dropped his weapon, making the dragon pause and look at him curiously. It then went alert as it heard and saw Ruby charging with a battle cry and scythe in hand.

Seeing his chance, Oscar went to the Nadder's side and scratched its neck quickly and its pressure point. The dragon's eyes rolled back before it squawkedand fell down to the Viking's feet. Ruby paused in her charge, her angry expression replaced by one of dumbfoundness, her scythe resting on her shoulder as she looked to Oscar.

That night, Oscar sat at a table alone in the Great Hall, like usual. Only for the teens and some adults to crowd him, asking how was he succeeding at Dragon Training. Ruby glared at the scene and slammed her mug down in anger.

"Aw, is Lil' Red jealous of the younger runt being in the spotlight?" Roman asked mockingly.

Ruby stuttered in response while Daenerys replied. "Yes, actually. She believes that he's earning glory without breaking a sweat."

A light shined on the ground on the cove like a laser dot that Toothless chased after. The Audience see that Oscar made a laser dot by reflecting the sunlight off his hammer.

"Okay, it's official," Yang declared, chuckling and snickering with the Audience. "Toothless is a cat."

"A fire breathing cat with wings." Cinder chuckled lightly.

Blake though stared at the screen with an intense look as she watched the dot of light.

"Meet the Terrible Terror!" Port said as the cage barricade was being lifted up but the dragon exited out of a doggie door. The Terrible Terror was green and the size of a iguana. It licked its eye and looked to the teens curiously.

Mercury looked incredulously at the screen. "Seriously? What's so terrible about that?"

"Ha!" Nora laughed while the rest of the teens smirked confidently and arrogantly. "It's like the size of my-!" she screamed in pain as the Terrible Terror jumped onto her face.

The Audience offscreen and the Vikings gathered around "oohed" in sympathy while the teens scattered and Melanie shouted, "Ow! Get it off!"

"Okay, never mind," Mercury muttered.

"I want one!" Nora said cheerfully. "Actually I want one like Toothless but with lightning!"

The little dragon bit on the girl's nose while holding onto her face before it noticed a dot of light on its face. Instantly, it chased after the light like a cat. "Oh, I'm hurt!" cried Nora, rolling on the ground and holding her nose. "I am very much hurt!"

Oscar was shown leading the Terrible Terror back into its cage with the light reflecting off his shield.

The teens and the Vikings watch in awe. "Wow, he's better than you ever were," Nora said to Ruby who glared at her before turning to Oscar as the dragon went back into its cage. He held the doggie door down with his foot and looked to the teens with an innocent expression.

Later that day, Ruby threw her scythe in rage. Apparently her jealously was boiling over that she was lashing out.

Ruby whimpered. "Those poor trees. . ." she shook her head. "They never stood a chance."

"Never thought I'd see Ruby act like that," Maria said to Oscar who nodded in agreement.

Or trying to improve herself. Which ever works. She pulled her scythe out and rolled to her feet. She paused in reeling her arm back, anger replaced by surprise as the Audience saw why.

Holding a bundle of objects, Oscar had walked into her line of sight and she paused just in time before she threw her scythe in his direction. Both Viking teens stared at one another for a brief moment before Oscar waved at Ruby and jogged away and around a boulder. Ruby jogged after him and climbed the boulder and looked for Oscar, hoping to see how he improved in Dragon Training. But Oscar disappeared without a trace.

Angry again, Ruby lightly slammed her fist on the boulder.

The scene changed to show Oscar adding some adjustments to Toothless' saddle while the dragon was eating, head inside a basket.

Later, they hovered above ground on a windy day. The dragon was tied down to a stake while Oscar drew pictured of the artificial tailfin's positions. When Toothless rose to hover again though, the wind was stronger and the rope snapped. Both Viking and dragon flew back and crashed into the trees behind.

Oscar perked up, thinking his counterpart managed to get it right and that the duo were now flying, only to wince along with a few others when the crash happened.

Toothless rose to his feet, lifting Oscar off the ground with the tether and rope to his harness. Oscar tried to unhook himself but saw that the hook was bent down, preventing the tether from unhooking Oscar. "Oh great," he muttered.

The scene changed to the village of Berk. A Viking with a torch acknowledged Oscar as he walked pass the boy who was leaning on the wall. Toothless walked out of the alleyway and tried to follow after the Viking with a torch before Oscar pulled on the rope and lead Toothless to the forge.

Oscar and his dragon companion entered the forge quietly before Toothless stuck his nose in a bucket. Unsatisfied that it wasn't filled with fish, Toothless tossed the bucket to the side which caused a loud crash to be heard.

Unfortunately, the crash was heard by Ruby was walking by. She turned to the direction of the forge and began to walk toward the building.

Inside the forge, Oscar was fixing the hook when he and Toothless heard Ruby call out to him. "Oscar? Are you in there?" she asked.

A few thought Oscar managed to fix the saddle until they saw Toothless. "I suppose he needs tools to fix the hook." Joanna stated.

"The dragon should be more quiet being in a village of dragon killing Vikings," Flynt said.

Thinking quickly, Oscar jumped out the forge's window doors and tying an apron on. Luckily, Ruby didn't see Toothless despite that the doors opened wide enough for Toothless to be seen.

"Ruby, hey!" Oscar said, trying not to sound nervous and failing. "Hi, Ruby. Hi, Ruby."

Inside the forge, Toothless shook his head and glanced outside to see a sheep grazing nearby. The sheep paused in eating the grass upon seeing the dragon and slowly began moving away.

"I don't normally care about what other people do, but you're acting weird." Ruby said bluntly. Oscar chuckled nervously before he was pulled to the forge doors. "Well, weirder," Ruby added, raising an eyebrow at Oscar's actions unaware that they weren't his own.

Oscar was then pulled off the ground, chuckling nervously. It looked like he was hovering in the air before he was pulled into the forge with a yelp. Surprised, Ruby ran to the forge and opened the doors. Looking inside though, Oscar wasn't anywhere in sight much to Ruby's confusion.

The Audience see Toothless running behind Ruby with Oscar on his saddle. When they were far enough away from Ruby, they took off.

Most of the Audience sighed in relief.

Emerald looked to her "teammates" with surprised looks. "Are we really enjoying this?" she asked in disbelief.

Adam and Neo nodded their heads.

"I mean, what's not to enjoy?" Mercury asked.

"They've had me hooked since the runt first swallowed the fish." Roman admitted. Emerald looked at him with a expression that said, Really? before looking to Cinder.

"They have dragons," Cinder said simply, her toning saying, "Enough said."

Emerald supposed that it was. She looked back to the screen with her team, eager to see more. Only for their eyes widen.

Ozpin's voyage returned. With only one ship that was battle damaged so much that it was a surprise that it was still floating. Ozpin was greeted by Port as he stepped onto the dock.

"Well, at least you found the nest." Port said. "Not even close," was all Ozpin said as he walked past the blacksmith.

"Oh, excellent." Port remarked drily. "I hope you had better success than I have, Port." Ozpin said as they walked up the dock.

"Well, if by that you mean your parenting troubles are over than yes," Port said, getting a confused look from the chief.

Before he could ask, a group of Viking spoke to him.

"Congratulations, Ozpin!" A woman said. "Everyone is so relieved!"

"Out with the old, in with the new, right?" a man asked cheerfully before another said, "No one will miss that old nuisance! The village is throwing a party to celebrate!"

Many winced in sympathy at seeing the burned ship and that two were missing.

Oscar frowned at Port's next answer. Make it sound like his counterpart was a terrible son.

"Hey, you're all making it sound like he's dead or sailed away!" Em snapped at the passing Vikings.

"Not the best thing to say to a parent who hasn't seen their child in a while," Tai muttered. "Especially out of context like that."

Ozpin watched the Vikings walk away before turning to Port with a worried expression. "He's gone?"

"Uh, yes." Port replied, not seeing his friend's expression. "Most afternoons. But who could blame him?" he asked and Ozpin's expression changed to confusion. "The life of a celebrity is very rough."

Both Pyrrha and Weiss rolled their eyes. "Tell me about it." they both muttered.

"He can barely walk through the village without being swarmed by his new fans." He went on.

Ozpin grabbed him by the shoulder and made him face him. "Oscar?" he asked for clarification.

"Who would have thought it, eh?" Port chuckled. "He has this way with the beasts."

Yatsuhashi chuckled. "They have no idea."

Ozpin's eyes narrowed a little as he looked up in wonder and contemplation.

The scene changed to show Oscar and Toothless flying out. Time for the real deal.

"Okay now bud," Oscar said to his friend. "We're going to take this nice and slow." He then looked to his cheat sheet. "Here we go, here we go. Position 3-No, 4!" Using a foot pedal, Oscar adjusted the tailfin.

Briefly looking at his tail, Toothless looked forward with a determined expression before banking to the left.Let's do this.Oscar glanced back to check the tailfin before nodding. "Okay, it's go time," he muttered. "It's go time!"

Toothless let out a roar as he dived towards the sea.Here we go!"Come on, buddy! Come on, buddy!" Oscar urged as Toothless touched the surface of the water with the tips of his wings.

Both dragon and Viking glanced up at the archway of rock before they flew past it. "Yes, it worked!" Oscar cheered before Toothless crashed into a sea stack.

"Sorry!" Oscar said before they crashed into another pillar. "That's my fault."


Toothless slapped Oscar's arm with one of his ears. "Ow! Yeah, yeah. I'm on it." Oscar grumbled. "Position 4, uh, 3."

Toothless tilted up and began to climb high into the sky. "Yeah! Go baby!" Oscar cheered and Toothless stuck his tongue out happily.

Both Ozpins and Em were mildly worried about the boy flying his dragon that high in the air like so.

"Go, Oscar! Go Toothless!" Some the energetic students cheered.

"Fly, Toothless, fly!" Jaune sang. The Host turned to the blonde knight with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, this is amazing!" Oscar said. "The wind in my-Cheat sheet!" He reached for the paper frantically. "Stop!"

When he caught the paper, Toothless obeyed the command. This caused Oscar to fly forward and unhook from the saddle.

"Oh no/sh*t!" Many cried out upon seeing Oscar's counterpart unhook from the saddle.

"OSCAR!" Em, Ozpin, Ruby and Amber cried out.

"NOO!" Oscar screamed as he hovered five feet above Toothless whose eyes widened upon seeing the boy off his saddle, knowing what it meant before both plummet down to the ground.

Oh Gronckle sh*t! Red Death dung!Toothless roared up a storm as he and Oscar plunged down. "Oh gosh! Oh gods!" Oscar said before he managed to angle himself. "Okay, you got to kind ofangle yourself!" he said to Toothless who was spinning out of control.

"Okay, come back towards me!" Oscar said, reaching out to the dragon. "Come back towards me-OW!" Toothless unintentionally slapped his friend in the face with his tail. Luckily, Toothless managed to stay still long enough for Oscar to climb onto the saddle. The ground was now closer.

"Pull up, pull up!" Most of the students said urgently.

"Come on, pull up!" Ruby said.

"What does it look like he's doing?!" Oscar retorted, waving his hands frantically.

Gritting his teeth with the cheat sheet in between, Oscar leaned back and pulled Toothless up just in time. The dragon spread his wings out, leaving streams of cloud behind as a maze of sea stacks came into view.

Eyes widening in fear, Toothless began roaring to Oscar to do something. Oscar held the sheet his hand and looked between it and the upcoming maze. Throwing it into the wind, Oscar leaned close to Toothless determinedly and quickly adjust the tail.

Just in time and Toothless swerved to dodge the sea stacks in sync with Oscar moving his feet and him leaning to the side. At one point, Oscar made Toothless barrel roll before they flew out of the maze.

Smiling in relief and joy, Oscar threw his hands in the air. "YEAH!" he cheered.

He wasn't the only one. The adults were more relieved that the young boy and his dragon managed to navigate without injury while the students were shouting, cheering and whooping in celebration at the duo's first flight.

And then Toothless shot a ball of plasma in front of them, with his tongue sticking out, and making Oscar stop cheering. "Come on," he whined as they flew through the explosion.

"Why are we still here?" Oscar asked in frustration. "Just to suffer?" This made some of his friends chuckle or laugh at his expense.

Oscar's face was shown covered in soot and his hair singed. The Audience snickered in amusem*nt before they heard Toothless throwing up. And sure enough, the dragon threw up a fish head and looked to Oscar.Hungry?

"Oh no, not again." Velvet gagged.

"I'm not letting you eat something like that on my watch," Em said to Oscar firmly.

"Uh, no thanks. I'm good." Oscar said, holding up his fish on a stick that was cooked.Suityourself,Toothless turned back to his pile of fish before the Audience see a small pack of Terrible Terrors.

They landed on the shore and scurried over to the duo. Oscar raised an eyebrow and glanced at the growling Toothless who put a foreleg around his fish.

When one Terrible Terror came close to the pile, Toothless' growl stopped it from moving closer. Don't think about it.But then another took the fish head he had thrown up. The two Terrors fought over the fish head before the red one blew the other away with his fire.

Suddenly a fish stoop up from the pile, making Toothless and the Audience to watch it move in confusion before it was revealed that a Terrible Terror had snuck past Toothless and was dragging the fish.

However Toothless grabbed onto the fish. The two dragons began a tug-a-war that was easily won by the Night Fury who ate the fish and laughed at the smaller dragon who had a bit of the fish's tail in his mouth.

The little dragon wasn't having it. He spat out the bits of skin and stomped his feet angrily while Toothless' expression became amused.

Coco and a few others were amused at the Terrible Terror. "You're not that dragon, little buddy. Don't do it."

The Terrible Terror stood tall, taking a deep breath, ready to fire. Only for Toothless to shoot a small ball of fire down its throat.

The little dragon's stomach inflated like a balloon before it fell down with a wheeze. Whimpering, the Terror walks away on wobbly legs as Toothless resumes eating his fish.

"Huh, not so fireproof on the inside, are you?" Oscar observed before grabbing his fish and tossing to the little Terrible Terror. "Here you go."

The little dragon smiled at the offered meal and quickly wolfed it down.

"Aww." Some of the students cooed at the little dragon.

As Oscar sat down, the little dragon began to approach him hesitantly. Seeing that he wasn't meaning any harm, the little dragon then curled up next to his leg.

"Okay, I want one of those dragons too." Yang cooed.

Oscar looked to the purring dragon with wide eyes before he slowly reached down to pet it. "Everything we know about you guys, is wrong." Oscar declared.

"Well, considering that their book only ever said 'extremely dangerous and kill on sight,'" Roman remarked. "Yeah. Looks outdated to me."

That night, Oscar sits at his desk in the forge flicking his pencil. Hearing footsteps, Oscar looks up to see Ozpin in the doorway.

"Dad! You're back!" Oscar exclaimed as he closed his notebook and tried to hide his drawings. "Uh, Port's not here. So-"

"I know," Ozpin said as he forced his way into the room. "I came looking for you."

"Y-You did?" Oscar asked nervously. "You've been keeping secrets," the chief stated emotionlessly.

"I-I-I have?" the boy stammered. "Did you really think you could hide it from me?" Ozpin asked with a glare. Oscar stammered a response before Ozpin stated with emphasis, "Nothinghappens on this island without me knowing about it." He steps closer. "So, let's talk about that dragon."

"Oh no," Oscar said in worried.

"Well, it was bound to happen." Blake said. "Better to talk about it now than have it pulled out screaming."

"I wish that was the case, Ms. Belladonna." Ozpin said. "But its not. He is not talking about Toothless."

"Oh gods," Oscar said nervously. "Dad, I'm so sorry. I wanted to tell you but I-" Then Ozpin drops his serious expression begins to full blown laugh. Oscar laughs along with him nervously before asking, "You're not upset?"

"What? I was hoping for this!" Ozpin exclaimed with a proud smile.

"The recruit that does best will win the honor of killing his first dragon in front of the entire village," Sienna said when the students looked confused, recalling what Port said near the beginning.

"Oh," most of them said in unison.

Adam facepalmed. "We were so caught up with Oscar's friendship with a dragon, we forgot what the village does to dragons."

"You were?" Oscar asked nervously. "And believe me, it gets better." Ozpin said, a little giddy. "Just wait until you spill a Nadder's guts for the first time." he laughed, holding his head a bit. "And mount your first Gronckle head on a spear!" He punches Oscar lightly, well for him anyway, and knocked Oscar into a basket. "What a feeling!"

"You really had me going there, son." Ozpin continued. "All those years as the worst Viking Berk has ever seen! Odin, it was rough. I almost gave up on you." he admitted.

Most of the parents gave Ozpin's counterpart disappointed stares, Ozpin included. A parent should not say that to their child when they weren't meaning any harm.

Qrow glanced over to Raven upon that last part though. Despite the fact that she left Yang and their team for a tribe of bandits, Qrow still has a sliver of hope for his twin sister that got smaller after Raven met him after the Breach and said that she saved Yang but also pass the message to her that she'd only do it once.

"And all this time you were holding out on me! Oh, Thor Almighty!" Ozpin cheered while Oscar looked more and more nervous and felt a little guilty upon seeing Ozpin's cheerful and prideful expression. "With you doing so well in the Ring, we finally have something to talk about." he said.

Oscar wormed out of the basket and stared at Ozpin who scooted forward.




"I believe that people would say, "Awkward."" Penny said, smiling innocently. Winter and Ironwood nodded in agreement.

"A father can have high expectations," Raven said after a moment. "But when the father is a chief, those expectations are higher than most." She glanced over to Qrow out of the corner of her eye.

Qrow was supposed to be the next chief of the Tribe but he chose to not come back. This led to Raven finding out that their father had cared more than he let on and that she had to prove herself worthy to lead the Tribe when trying to convince Qrow to come back didn't work.

Meanwhile Ozpin sighed. This interaction had told him enough that the relationship was distant between father and son. Port's counterpart was more of a father figure than Ozpin's own. Said person was treating Oscar more like a member of the tribe than his son until now. He now felt more sorry that the family lost the mother.

Onscreen, Ozpin's expression became somber slightly as he reached for something behind him. "Uh, I brought you something." he said as he pulled out a helmet with curved horns. "To keep you safe in the ring."

Oscar looked surprised and a little touched at the gift. "Wow. Thanks," he whispered. "Ay, you're mother would have wanted you to have it," Ozpin replied. "It's half of her breast plate.

Oscar blinked when he was touching the top of the helmet and moved his hand away and chuckled nervously. "Matching set," Ozpin tapped his own helmet. "It keeps her. . . keeps her close, you know?"

Oscar's face lit up in embarrassment. He covered his face while his friends either gave him looks of pity or laughed. The Ozpin in his head was sure finding it funny.

"Wow," Ilia drawled. "Just wow." It was a nice sentiment to give the boy something of his mother. But a hat made out of her breastplate?

Oscar placed the helmet on the desk. He shifted on his feet before stretching and forcing out a yawn. "I should really get to bed."

Ozpin blinked before nodding. "Yeah, yes. You should," he said in agreement. "Good, uh, good talk."

"Got a big day tomorrow," Oscar added as Ozpin made his way to the door. "Thanks for stopping by and for the uh, breast hat." he muttered while Ozpin said, "I hope you enjoy the uh, hat."

Ozpin then squeezed his way out the door. When he was out of view, Oscar put his hands on his hips and shook his head with a sigh.

While outside, Ozpin was in a similar stance but nodding his head, proud of his accomplishment. He then walked to the exit, knocking stuff down and making noise.

And I thought I had family issues,Weiss thought to herself. She paused and replayed the thought in her head.Actually, this would fit my family if we weren't rich. Sure my parents and sister would speak to me but, Whitley. . . oh gods. . .

"That could've gone better," Both Oscar and Ozpin said in unison before looking at each other a little sheepish. They looked away and cleared their throats.

Roman leaned to Neo. "Are we sure they're not related?" The mute girl glanced to the headmaster and the farm boy and looked to Roman blankly and blinked. "I thought so."

The next day, the Gronckle flew around in the arena. The Audience see that more villagers were watching than before. Oscar sat against a barrack before Ruby appeared next to him. He scooted a bit to the right with a nervous smile but she glared at him and slammed his arm down.

"Stay out of my way," she said in a menacing tone. "I'm winning this thing."

Fox rolled his eyes. "Oh, like he wants to win in the first place."

"Yes, please," Oscar said to her retreating form. "By all means." he said as he stood to glance up at his father. He adjusted his helmet and smiled up to him as if asking, "what do you think?" before frowning with a sigh. He is so done with this sh*t.

A few chuckled at Oscar's expression.

Ruby stalked the Gronckle as it flew to the other side of the arena. She got closer and closer, hiding behind the barracks.

"This time, this time." she said to herself, taking deep breaths. "For sure!" She then jumped over the barrack and charged with a battle cry, scythe raised for the kill.

She stopped in disbelief as the crowd cheered.

The Gronckle laid at its side with its tongue out next to Oscar who had dropped his weapon and shield with his helmet. He was covering his head before he looked to Ruby and gestured to the dragon next to him,this is not my faultorwhat are you waiting for?

Ruby didn't see it that way though. "No!" she cried out in anger before swinging her scythe. "No! Son of a half-troll! Rat eating! Munge bucket!"

"Ruby June Rose!" Summer and Tai said in anger. "Where did you learn to talk like that?!"

Ruby shrunk away from her parents' angry stares. "I-It's not me. I wouldn't say that!" she whimpered in fear. This was one of the rare moments she wished the floor would open up and swallow her.

The parents looked to Yang who shook her head, frantically. They looked to Qrow who held his hands up. "Hey, I'll have you know that when I curse around her, I curse using a language that only Ozpin would know," he said. Tai and Summer looked to each other and nodded their heads, knowing Qrow was speaking the truth.

Roman turned to the veteran Huntsman. "Really? You interested in telling me some of those words?" he asked.

Qrow stared at him before shrugging. "Sure, why not?"

"Again, Viking society," Darth Anarchus said to the angry parents. "It happens."

"Wait, wait!" Ozpin onscreen said to the crowd, holding his hands up.

Oscar tried walking away. "So, later." he bid farewellbut Port caught him on the hook. "Ah, ah. Not so fast." the blacksmith said to his apprentice.

"But I'm late for-" Oscar protested, trying to walk in another direction but Ruby held her scythe to his neck.

"What? Late for what exactly?" Ruby asked with a wild look in her eyes.

"My own execution, that you seem eager to see," Oscar said sarcastically.

"I'm sorry!" Ruby said.

"Violent woman," Oscar fake scolded her but smiled and Ruby knew that he was just teasing her. She crossed her arms in a pout and a blush.

"Okay, quiet down!" Ozpin said. "The Elder has decided."

Ruby lowered her scythe, Oscar rubbed his throat before both looked up to the Elder and then Port held his hook hand over Ruby. Maria shook her head and some of the crowd gave Ruby sympathetic expressions before Port pointed Oscar who looked down to the floor. Maria nodded her head with a smile and the crowd cheered.

Oscar glanced over to Ruby who's expression screamed murder while Port was joyful and prideful for his apprentice. "Oh, you've done it, Oscar!" the blacksmith exclaimed. "You get to kill the dragon!"

"Sorry, Kid." Maria said. "Looks like I just made things difficult for you."

Oscar sighed. "What else is new?"

"I'd be more concerned about Ruby." Whitley said. "She does NOT look happy."

"Ha-ha! That's my boy!" Ozpin cheered.

"Great!" Oscar said as Jaune and the other teens ran up to him. The blonde teen picked him up and placed him on his shoulders while the others cheered. "Yes! I can't wait! I am so-"

"-Leaving!" Oscar said, walking into the cove with a basket. "We're leaving. Let's pack up." He glances around for Toothless. "Looks like you and me are taking a little vacation," he stated and placing the basket down. "Forever," he added.

"He just means for a long time, right?" Ruby asked the hosts with a hopeful expression. They don't answer right away. "Right?" she asked in a meek tone.

"Hard to say," Jackson replied with a thoughtful expression. "I think he'd return if Berk asked him to but I can't really speak for the other timelines where he did leave."

"You mean he did leave?" Velvet asked, getting a nod. "In other timelines, yes."

Oscar briefly wondered if he himself was willing to leave his home and family without saying goodbye because they wouldn't accept his friend.

Onscreen, Oscar paused at seeing his outfit looking out of place. He stood up to fix it. He heard the sound of stone scrapping metal and looked up to see Ruby sitting on the boulder in front of him, sharpening her scythe with a stone.

A few jolted at seeing Ruby sitting in front of Oscar. "How did she get there so fast?"

"She's a witch!" Nora cried, pointing to the screen.

"Whoa! What the-?!" Oscar exclaimed, jumping back in surprise before instantly calming down somewhat. "Uh, what are you doing here?" he asked.

Ruby tossed her stone behind her nonchalantly. "I just want to know what's going on," she said before her expression became angry as she jumped down as Oscar began backing up.

"No one justgetsas good as you do," she said. "Especiallyyou.Start talking. Are you training with someone?" she asked.

Oscar stammered and looked around briefly. "Training?" he repeated. "Uh. . ."

Ruby grabbed onto to his flight suit. "It better not involve this," she said.

"Why is this important to her?" Jaune asked. "Didn't she say earlier that she didn't care what people do."

"Yes, but our host also explained that she believes Oscar is receiving unearned glory," Pyrrha replied. "That he's cheating when we know he's not. We saw earlier that she is pushing her self to be a great warrior."

"She's sees Oscar has competition now," Ren added. "Honestly, though I'm surprised no one else has tried to question how he's been doing so good in Dragon Training.

"I-I know this looks really bad, but you see this is a-" Oscar said before a cracking noise is heard. Gasping, Ruby threw Oscar to the ground and began walking to the noise.

"Uh, you're right. You're right." Oscar as he walked up to her side, trying to distract her from he knows made that noise. "I'm through with the lies. I've been making outfits. It's time everyone knew," he said, tone becoming sarcastic. He grabs Ruby's hand and puts it on his shoulder. "Drag me back. Here we go-" Ruby interrupts him by twisting his arm. "Ow!" he exclaimed and asked more in confusion and surprise than pain. "Why would you do that?"

"Oh great, now Ruby has joined the list of making Oscar Suffer," Oscar said sarcastically. "First Hazel, then Ironwood and then Salem."

"What?!" Em shouted.

"I'm sorry!" Ruby waved her hands.

"That's for the lies," Ruby said, pushing Oscar down and dropping her scythe's handle down on his stomach. "That'sfor everything else."

A growl is heard and Ruby looks towards its direction fearfully. "Oh man," Oscar sighed.

Toothless was shown walking out of the shadows. He had heard Oscar's voice in pain and came to investigate.

Upon seeing the Night Fury, Ruby gasped in fear before she tackled Oscar to the ground. "Get down!" she said as Oscar yelped.

Thinking that Oscar was being attacked, Toothless snarled as he bounded towards Ruby with immense speed.Intruder! Get away from him!

For a split second the Audience forgot how Toothless would react to Ruby. It was one thing to come into what could considered his territory but attacking his friend?

Seeing his face and hearing his snarl, Cinder couldn't help but smirk.Nowthere'sthe Unholy Offspring of Lightning and Death.

"Run! Run!" Ruby shouted to Oscar, rising up to buy him time to run.

Before she could swing her scythe or Toothless could pounce at her, Oscar tackled the former to ground. "NOO!" he shouted as Toothless roared and landed where Ruby once stood.

Oscar tossed Ruby's scythe aside and stood between an enraged Toothless and a frightened Ruby. "No. It's okay, it's okay." He held a hand out to Toothless to stop him from attacking and another to Ruby to stop her from moving.

He then held both hands to Toothless and whispered, "She's a friend."

She didn't look friendly,Toothless growled as he moved his head around Oscar who turned around to face Ruby and hold the snarling dragon's head back. "You just scared him."

"Iscaredhim?" Ruby asked incredulously before freezing upon realizing what was said. "Who is "him?""

"Uh, Ruby, Toothless." Oscar said, gesturing to the Night Fury glaring at her. "Toothless, Ruby." He gestured to her. Toothless snarled, showing a mouthful of sharp teeth.

"Nice introduction," Mercury drawled.

"Great first impression too," Roman remarked, clapping his hands. "Bravo."

Ruby looked to Oscar in disbelief before shaking her head and ran out of the cove. "Da-da-da. We're dead," Oscar said drily. Toothless rolled his shoulders.Good riddance, he grumbled before he turned and walked away.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Where do you think you're going?" Oscar exclaimed, turning around to Toothless' retreating form.

Ruby was shown running through the forest. She glanced back to the cove before climbing over a fallen tree. Before she could jump off the log, the sound of flapping wings was heard and something picked her up when she jumped off the log.

"OH GREAT ODIN'S GHOST!" Ruby shouted in fear as she was lifted higher and higher. "OH, THIS IS IT!" She grabs onto the scaly paw that held her shoulder and began screaming on top of her lungs.

Emerald and a few winced at Ruby's screaming. "Girl's got some lungs, I'll give her that."

Toothless carried the screaming Ruby as he turned around and flew above a tree. Ruby's scream is cut off when she is dropped onto the tree abruptly but she manages to grab onto tree limb. Toothless and Oscar land on top of the tree above her, making it bend over the cove below.

"Oscar, get me down from here!" Ruby demanded in a mixture of anger and fear.

"You have to give me a chance to explain," Oscar replied while Toothless eyed her with narrowed eyes.

"I am not listening to anything you have to say," retorted Ruby as she moved close to the tree trunk.

"Then I won't speak," Oscar promised. "Just let me show you. Please, Ruby." She glanced down to the cove below for a moment before she pulled herself up and moved towards the duo with Toothless watching her out of the corner of his eye.

Oscar held a helping hand to her but she slapped it away. She reached out to the dragon hesitantly who hissed at her.Stop wasting time and hurry up.She climbed onto the saddle behind Oscar.

"Now get me down," she demanded somewhat looking down uncertainly and fearful.

"Toothless, down. Gently," Oscar said, somewhat playful. Toothless spread his wings and began to let the tree rise slowly.

"See? Nothing to be afraid of," Oscar said to Ruby, unaware of Toothless' expression looking grim and vengeful. Oh, there is a lot of things for her to be afraid of.

"Oh no, I don't like that look," Oscar, Ruby, WBY, Tai and Summer said in concern shared with Velvet, JPR, Yatsuhashi and Penny.

Fox shrugged.

"I like that look," Qrow grinned with Roman, Neo and Mercury, Nora and Coco.

Winter slapped her forehead with Emerald and the rest of the adults.

"Well, Ruby's in for a ride," Cinder said with a raised eyebrow.

Without warning, Toothless took off like a bullet into the sky. "WHAAAAHH!!" Oscar shouted while a screaming Ruby almost fell off the saddle behind him.

"Toothless, what is wrong with you?! Bad dragon!" Oscar exclaimed when Toothless stopped climbing and straightened out. Ruby clung to Oscar, hugging tightly, eyes wide in fear. Toothless shook his head with a snort.You haven't seen anything yet.

Oscar chuckled nervously and turned to Ruby. "Uh, he's not usually like this." Then he saw Toothless tuck his wings in. "Oh no," he muttered before Toothless dived to the side towards the sea and Ruby began screaming again.

Tai and Summer were worried for their daughter. "Hang on, Rubes!"

Ruby waved her hands. "Do I have much of a choice?!"

Yang shook her head. "No, not really!"

Penny held up a finger. "Unless you consider falling an option."

Toothless caught himself briefly before diving into the water. He surfaced again only to dive back in. "Toothless, what are you doing? We need her to like us!" Oscar exclaimed in between the splashes.

No, we need her to apologize!Toothless shook his head before flying back into the sky and began barrel rolling as he climbed. "And now the spinning," Oscar said drily while Ruby began screaming again.

"Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile," He said sarcastically as Toothless began falling back down.

Despite the situation, the Audience couldn't help snickering at Oscar's dry sense of humor.

"Okay, I'm sorry!" Ruby shouted, burying her face into Oscar's shoulder. "I'm sorry! Just get me off of this thing."

Oh really? Is that so? Well, in that case, Toothless' expression changed as he glanced back at the girl upon hearing that. He straightened out and spread his wings before they hit the water. Ruby cried out in fear but Toothless flew upward calmly this time.

Surprised at the change, Oscar shifted his feet back into position while Ruby still had her face buried in his shoulder. Toothless then soared upwards to the clouds above.

"Well, I guess all is forgiven," Qrow said, taking a swig from his drink.

"On the bright side, we're seeing Berk's charming view of a sunset," Pyrrha said with a smile.

The Host gave all his attention to the screen as the Clones played the soundtrack as it changed to a romantic tone.

After a moment Ruby began to open her eyes and hesitantly looked around. Her fearfully expression changed to wonder and awe as she looked around as they flew. She glanced up to the cloud that was just in arm's reach. She reached her hand to the cloud and her fingers felt the coolness of gasified water, instead of something fluffy or solid. She then reached with both hands and touched the clouds with a blissful smile as they flew.

Toothless flipped backwards before flying through the cloud above them. The sky turned from day to night and was illuminated by the northern lights above. Both teens looked up in awe at the sight. Oscar glanced down when he felt Ruby's hand on his side but looked ahead. The trio flew over the clouds and saw the village of Berk below.

Ruby's jaw dropped at the sight before glanced to Toothless who smiled back in response. Ruby smiled and rested her head on Oscar's shoulder. He blinked in surprise and stiffened but kept silent as they flew over the village and out to sea.

Nora sniffed and wiped her eyes. This got most of the student's attention. "It's just so romantic." she smiled.

"It is," Pyrrha admitted with a smile to the screen. "It's beautiful." Velvet added.

Ruby and Oscar blushed, silently agreeing with their statements.

"Alright, I admit it. This is pretty cool," Ruby said onscreen after looking around for a moment. "It's amazing. . . He's amazing," she added she reached down and patted Toothless on his neck, the dragon crooned in response.Thanks.

"So what now?" she asked in a serious tone. Oscar frowned and sighed in response. "Oscar, your final exam is tomorrow. You know you're going to have to kill-" she paused and whispered in his ear. "Kill a dragon."

"Don't remind me," Oscar said sadly. Unaware to them, Toothless' eyes became slits as he and the Audience heard faint growling. Then he dove into the fog, causing the teens to let out yelps of surprise.

"Toothless, what's happening?" Oscar asked in concern. "What-What is it?"

Suddenly a Monstrous Nightmare flew into view beside them. "Get down," Oscar whispered urgently and both teens leaned down, hoping they wouldn't get spotted. Toothless veered to the side only for a Deadly Nadder to appear beside them.

The fog began to clear to reveal dozens of dragons flying in the same direction as Toothless. "What's going on?" Ruby whispered.

"I don't know," Oscar replied before leaning to his dragon. "Toothless, you got to get us out of here, bud." Toothless shook him off as if flying in a trance. Oscar looked around and saw that each dragon had dead animals in their talons. Livestock from a raid, a shark, fish, he even saw a hippo.

"It looks like their hauling in their kill," he said slowly. Ruby whimpered a little, "Uh, What does that make us?" A Zippleback turned towards them.

In unison all dragons dove downwards. They flew low and swerved to the right and then left and ducked under a sea stack. Oscar looked up as he and the Audience saw a large mountain with a red volcanic glow.

They entered a dark tunnel before they entered a large cave chamber full of hundreds of dragons.

That's when it clicked and the Audience understood where the teens onscreen were at.

"The dragons' nest." Summer said in a whisper.

Toothless looks around for a place to land while the teens on his back are wide-eyed with terror and curiosity. "What my dad wouldn't give to find this," Oscar muttered as he realized where they were.

As the dragons soar over the large gaping void beneath them in the center of the chamber, they drop all the food they brought in with down into the red mist. Once they have finished their drop-off, they fly off to one of the ledges nearby.

Toothless veered off in the other direction to most of the group, taking refuge on the higher ledges and hiding behind the thick stone wall they reside upon.

"Well, it's satisfying to know that all of our food has been dumped down a hole," Oscar remarked drily as they watched the dragons drop their food. "They're not eating any of it," replied Ruby in confusion.

Their attention is caught by a lone Gronckle, wings buzzing as it flies in a disorientated fashion to the void that all the other dragons had dropped their prey into. The Gronckle shakes a bit before opening its mouth and regurgitating a small fish into the misty abyss.

It scratches the back of its head before a low growl is heard from within the void below. The Gronckle stops scratching its head upon hearing the growl and tries to fly away. It growls feebly before a gargantuan dragon head lunges forth from the abyss and swallows the Gronckle whole.

Stunned, Oscar's eyes widen as Ruby asked in fear, "What is that?"

Many in the Audience jump or jolt upon seeing the large dragon. "That poor Gronckle," Ruby said, she, Nora and Velvet crying anime tears.

"Behold, the Red Death." Darth Anarchus stated, gesturing to the screen in a dramatic fashion. "Tyrant ruler of Dragon Island."

Well, she's a big one.Neo signed.

All the dragons shy away from the edge in fear, desperate to not be seen and meet the same fate. The massive head withdraws back into the red haze, growling on its way down.

The teens lean back as the massive head rises again. Oscar leans down to Toothless. "Alright bud, we got to get out of here," he whispered as the Audience see the Red Death sniffing the air. Three eyes gaze in the direction of the Night Fury detectingthe scent of something. . . human.

"Now!" Oscar urged Toothless who took off just in time before the titanic jaws snapped at the space where the trio just was.

The rest of the dragons begin to fly upwards along with the trio, trying to escape the pit and the wrath of their Queen. The Red Death's forelegs appear as it rose higher to reach the trio. Instead its jaws close down upon an unfortunate Zippleback. The giant rears back down into the abyss as Oscar and the others fly out.

Many let out a sigh in relief. That was close. Though a few felt sorry for the Zippleback that ended up becoming a snack for the Red Death.

"No, it totally makes sense." Ruby said onscreen as they flew back to the Cove. "It's like a giant beehive. They're the workers and that's their queen," she said as Toothless landed. "It controls them."

"Let's find your dad," Ruby said as she jumps off the saddle and moved to the exit.

"No! No." Oscar said before sliding off the saddle and ran after her. "No, not yet." He said sternly, jumping in front of her."They'll kill Toothless." he adds. "No. . . Ruby, we have to think this through carefully." Ruby glanced to Toothless before looking back to the boy that was walking away with his back to her.

"Oscar, we just discovered the dragons' nest," Ruby said before throwing her arms up. "The thing we've been after since Vikings first sailed here, and you want to keep it a secret?" she asked before scoffing. "To protect your PET dragon? Are you serious?"

Oscar turned to face. Standing his ground and nodding his head once. "Yes." he said seriously.

Ruby's silver eyes widened in surprise at the seriousness in his eyes and response. She finally realized what kind of person Oscar is and that Toothless wasn't just a pet, but a friend. A friend that he was willing to protect.

"Okay," she said softly as Oscar glanced to the ground. "Then what do we do?"

"Just give me until tomorrow." Oscar said. "I'll figure something out."

"Okay," she replied, looking down to the ground before side glancing at Oscar. She put on an angry face as she swung at his arm. "That's for kidnapping me." she said in a neutral tone.

"I mean, fair enough, but you ended up enjoying the flight." Oscar grinned at Ruby.

"O-Okay, I'll give you that." Ruby muttered with a blush.

Oscar rubbed his shoulder before glancing to Toothless that was drinking from the pond. Oscar motioned that he didn't understand why she did that. The dragon just flicked his head at the boy and continued to drink.

Ruby brushed the hair out from her eyes before she grabbed the front of his suit and pulled him close to kiss him on the cheek, taking Oscar by surprise.

"That's for. . . everything else," she said, hand over her chest and looking side to side nervously before walking away. She took one final glance behind her at Oscar before taking off at a jog.

Oscar watched her go, completely stunned. His mouth drew into a small smirk before he looked at the ground with a content expression. Toothless appeared next to Oscar with his big green eyes looking to where Ruby disappeared before warbling and looking to Oscar.Is that a mating custom of humans? Punching in the shoulder and kissing the face?

"W-What are you looking at?" Oscar asked.Nothing, just curious,Toothless warbled before they both glanced back to where Ruby had left.

Both Oscar and Ruby wish they could either turn invisible or that the ground could swallow their existence as most of the teens gave them teasing looks.

"I'm sorry but I'm confused to what lead up to that," Mercury admitted with a shake off his head. "I mean, I know you pointed out that she might have a crush on him," he said to Qrow and Robyn. "But why suddenly do that?

"He's the next chief of the tribe," Raven replied. "Their relationship would be beneficial."

Qrow rolled his eyes upon hearing her say that.

"True, but it has more to do with the fact that she has seen who Oscar really is." Jackson spoke. "In case you didn't see, Ruby's counterpart never really made fun of Oscar's when the other teens were."

"She gave him a look of pity at the beginning," Ozpin nodded his head. "And only focused on training."

"She snapped at him when he was distracted in the maze that could have lead to them getting injured or worse by the Nadder," Glynda added. "And like what Oscar was trying to do near the beginning, she was trying to be like the adults. Now seeing Oscar's true self, she let her true self show just for a moment."

The Host nodded to the teachers' assessment and turned to Mercury. "That satisfying?" The silver haired boy nodded and turn back to the screen.

The next day, the whole village of Berk had gathered at the arena. Banners of red, orange, blue and green hung up on large poles, all depicting Vikings slaying dragons.

The day of the final exam is here, the day for Oscar the Hiccup to slay a dragon and become an equal in the eyes of all.

"Oscar! Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!" The Vikings cheered and chanted. This is the most anticipated moment for a Viking teen and for the village.

They face the ledge overseeing the arena as Ozpin stands in the middle of it. "Well, I can show my face in public again!" he joked and heartily laughs along with the cheering crowd before raising a hand out to ask for silence.

"If someone had told me that in a few short weeks Oscar would go from, being. . . ah," he paused for the right words before settling for, "Oscar, to placing first in dragon training, well I would have tied him to a mast and shipped him off, for fear he'd gone mad!"

The crowd laughed and cheered at his comment, some hooting. "And you know it!" he added.

"Well. . . he works the crowd well at least," Coco shrugged.

"Yeah, not many people can do that," Ilia concurred.

"Not helping," Velvet whispered harshly.

"But here we are," Ozpin chuckled. "And no one is more surprised or more proud than I am."

Oscar is shown standing inside the entrance tunnel of the arena, holding his helmet. Listening to the heartfelt speech from his father, he feels the words as they hit. The meaning that they are meant to carry, the reason his father thinks he has become the way he has, they hit him like a brick. His expression shows that he feels like he had let his father down.

"Today, my boy becomes a Viking." Ozpin continued proudly. "Today, he becomes one of us!" The crowd cheers at the end of the speech.

Inside the tunnel, Ruby walks down and stops just behind Oscar, running her hand along the stone wall. "Be careful with that dragon," she said, trying to sound encouraging but looking worried.

"It's not the dragon I'm worried about." Oscar replied as he watches the chief, his father, making his way through the crowd to his seat.

"What are you going to do?" she asked, running a hand through her bangs and down the side of her face absentmindedly as she glanced up to Ozpin.

"Put an end to this." He replied. "I have to try." Ruby's hand drops upon hearing that and her expression turns to more worry and concern. Oscar's own expression matches hers as he turns to face her. "Ruby, if something goes wrong, just make sure they don't find Toothless." he pleaded.

"I will," she promised before her expression becomes one of desperation. "Just, promise me it won't go wrong."

"Well, now somethingwillgo wrong now that they just jinxed themselves," Qrow said.

"Come on, Stilts. Think positive." Summer said, trying to smile optimistically.

"Okay. I ampositivethat somethingwill gowrong because now they jinxed themselves." Summer's smile turned to a frown upon hearing Raven speak up.

Oscar opens his mouth to reply but Port plonks around the corner. "It's time, Oscar. Knock 'em dead." he said. Oscar glanced at Ruby one last time before turning and walking into the arena.

He walks past his mentor and into the arena, the cheering crowd calling his name over and over. He places his helmet on top of his head, the crowd's cheering growing louder as he steps into the arena.

Port closed the gate, leaving Oscar inside with no way out. The rest of the teens are happily cheering and chanting from just outside the exit tunnel. Cardin himself even shouts, "Yeah! Show 'em how it's done!"

"Oscar! Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!"

"This is sad," Jaune declared.

"That's putting it lightly," Blake muttered. "Either he must kill a dragon and go against himself."

"Or refuse and risk losing his people," Adam added. "And there's no way out."

Oscar slowly reaches the center of the ring, a board filled with various weapons and shields.

Ozpin watches his son's actions with great interest while Maria and Port watch the boy with excitement and anticipation.

Oscar picks up a red shield and grabbed a tiny dagger.

"I would have gone with the hammer," Ozpin muttered to Port, both finding the boy's choice of weapons to be strange.

"He chose the knife because it wouldn't do any damage," Pyrrha stated. "He doesn't plan on fighting the dragon."

"Well said, Ms. Nikos." Darth Anarchus said, clapping his hands and making the redhead girl blush. "Ten points to Gryffindor." This caused everyone else looked the Host strangely.

"I'm ready," Oscar said, taking a deep breath. The Audience see the beam holding the gate locked is lifted up as Oscar's nervousness is shown.

The gate slams open as the lit Monstrous Nightmare burst through like a flaming phoenix, roaring and screeching at all in its wake. It leapt from the arena floor to the wall, zigzagging up and down before shooting a blast of fire out to the crowd. Said people parted sideways before the Nightmare climbed up the chained roof, putting out its flames and dropping its gaze to Oscar.

Slowly it dropped down in front of the boy, eying him with yellow eyes.

The crowd hushed and leant in, apart from a few Vikings, but it was clear that everyone was ecstatic to see the fight. "Go on, Oscar." One cheered. "Give it to him!"

"Anyone else thinking it's strange that they're eager for a fight?" May asked.

"I mean, I know they're Vikings but this is still a child going against one of the lethal dragons," Robyn shrugged.

The Nightmare crawled slowly towards Oscar, growling intimidatingly as it stared him down. The boy began to move back, dropping both dagger and shield to his side.

Ozpin watched his son's actions with confusion, "What is he doing?"

The crowd was also confused by what they were saying. "Madness!" One declared.

Having not left the tunnel, Ruby glanced around in concern and tried glancing at what Oscar was doing.

The dragon snarled and Oscar held his hands up. "Hey, it's okay. It's okay." he whispered before taking off his helmet. He glanced at the crowd and his father before declaring, "I'm not one of them." And he tossed his helmet down.

The Vikings gasped collectively. "What's he thinking?"

The dragon looked around curiously himself before looking to Oscar.

The gasps, combined with the startled and surprised comments from the crowd made a scared Ruby glance around in every direction at the arena.

"Stop the fight," Ozpin declared from his seat, Port glancing back and forth between the chief and the arena.

"No. I need you all to see this." proclaimed Oscar as he extended a hand to the Nightmare who eyed his hand cautiously. "They're not what we think they are. We don't have to kill them."

The Vikings turned to the chief who rose from his chair. "I said, stop the fight!" he roared loudly and slammed his hammer down on the bar in front of him and bending it.

Ozpin rose from his seat. "No!" he and the rest of the students shouted.

The sound startled the Nightmare enough that it went back into its defensive state. Pupils turned to slits and snapped its jaws at Oscar's hands. The boy managed to pull his hand back in time. He ran as the Nightmare unleashed a stream of fire after him. The boy yelled as he ran away from the inferno.

"Run, Oscar! Run!" The students shouted, Ruby being the loudest.

Oscar pulled on his hair as he watched the screen with wide eyes. Ozpin sat down, rubbing his head in frustration.Damn it, if only my counterpart waited and saw what Oscar wanted to show.he thought.

Back in the Cove, Toothless perks up from his resting spot. He could hear and sense Oscar's distress.Oscar!

The Nightmare continued to chase Oscar around the ring as he stumbled over, arms flailing as he runs with all he can.

Ozpin turns and pushes his way through the crowd. "Out of my way!" he ordered.

Ruby ran to the gate and poked her head through. "OSCAR!" she screamed before she ran in the tunnel and picked up a axe from the wall. She used it as a wedge to lift the gate up just enough to push herself underneath and into the arena.

"Do you have a plan?" Weiss asked worriedly.

"Get that dragon to stop chasing Oscar." Ruby replied sternly.

"Yeah? And what's step two?" Tai asked his youngest daughter.




"I. . . have not thought that far." This caused the girl's friends and family to facepalm as one.

"She sure is Summer's kid alright," Raven muttered.

Back in the cove, Toothless is frantically trying to climb and scale his way up the rocky ledges encasing him. Pieces of rock chip off the stone as he leaps up higher and higher, roaring desperately to get out and go to Oscar.Curse these slippery rocks!One paw reaches the top, claws digging into the dirt and grass.

"That is one determined dragon," Roman declared.

He really cares about the kid,Neo signed.

In the arena, Oscar is still outrunning the Nightmare. Ducking under another stream of dragonfire as he ran to the weapons board. He tried to pick up a shield but the dragon barreled through the board and shattered the shield as it charged down Oscar.

Running through the forest like a panther, Toothless is roaring in order to spur on further, jumping over a log and flapping his wings to increase his speed and get to his rider-his friend quicker. As he lands and runs again, sheer determination and anger has consumed his expression as he speeds through the wilderness.Hang on, Oscar! I'm coming.

Ozpin made it to the outer gate of the arena and wrenched it open with pure strength. The Nightmare still chases Oscar around but it seems to be catching up. "Oscar!" Ruby shouted from where she stood before glancing to the destroyed weapons board and rushes over to it.

She kicked up a hammer and caught it in mid-spin. Using her momentum, she hurled the weapon at the Nightmare. The blunt object struck the dragon hard in the face and knocking it down momentarily. This allowed Oscar to escape from the Nightmare but now its targets were set on Ruby.

"Ruby!" Oscar and the girl's friends were now worried for her counterpart.

Fear took hold as the silver eyed girl sprinted away from the dragon, slipping just less than it was.

Ozpin got to the inner gate and wrenched it open. "This way!" he called to the teens, motioning with his hand.

Ruby and Oscar made a break for the open gate. Ruby made it first, Ozpin pushed her beside him and held a hand out for Oscar. The boy came agonizingly close but the Nightmare sent an inferno that hit the left side of the gate.

Ozpin brought his body in front of Ruby to protect her from the blast while Oscar was forced to turn and run in the other direction, taking the Nightmare away from them. He tripped over as the Nightmare leaps off the wall and then pinned him down with its foot.

"Oscar!" It was hard to tell who said that now, the Audience was really getting into the story.

Port and the crowd then heard the whistle-screech of a Night Fury growing louder and louder. Just as a few turned around, Toothless jumped off a flight of stairs and with a roar,Hang on, Oscar!And he fired a plasma blast at the arena's ceiling and blasted his way into the arena. The impact on the arena threw the Vikings nearby out of the way as Toothless dove in and the arena was filled with smoke.

"Yes! Thank you Toothless!"

The Vikings clamor to the arena's edge, trying to get a glimpse into what's happening. "Somebody get in and help him!" One shouted.

From within the smoke, the Audience see the flapping wings of Toothless. The sharp claws pinning Oscar in place are lifted from him as the Nightmare is drawn out of the smoke by Toothless and he is revealed to the Vikings in his tussle with the large dragon.

"Night Fury!" Port exclaimed.

The two dragons fight tooth and claw as Toothless is thrown to the ground by the Monstrous Nightmare, followed by it trying to snap its jaws down on something of the Night Fury's. Toothless fends it off with his front paws, eventually twisting the neck and kicking the larger reptile off him. ("Get him, Toothless!" "Show him who's boss!") Both hiss and roar at each other, the Nightmare trying to push around Toothless and get to Oscar but the Night Fury jumps in front of it and fends it off each time.Lay a claw on him again and I will burn you face off.

The Viking teens watch stunned as Toothless gives one last roar to the Monstrous Nightmare who scampers off in defeat.

Oscar gets to his feet and runs to Toothless' side. "Okay, Toothless, go." He said urgently, trying to push the dragon but Toothless does not want to move. "Get out of here." Yeah, fat chance I'm leaving you in this arena.

The Vikings cry as they jump into the arena armed with weapons.

"Oh no/sh*t." many said. This was escalating quickly and badly at that.

Toothless eyes them all, eyes darting every time another Viking enters the arena and ignoring Oscar's pleas, "Go, go!" No! I'm not leaving you.

Ozpin turned to the weapons on the wall and grabs an axe before running in as well.

"Ozpin, no!" Ruby cried out.

"Dad, he won't hurt you!" Oscar shouted as Toothless' eyes zone in on the chief charging him. Ozpin growls, teeth bared as he charges the Night Fury who is running to attack the chief.

"No, don't!" Oscar shouts as Toothless swats away Vikings that move in front of him with his wings and tail. "You're only making it worse!"

Toothless pounces on Ozpin and they roll before the dragon pins the Viking chief down. "Toothless, stop!" Oscar shouts as Toothless rises and begins to hiss letting all know he was about to fire. Ozpin's face turns from anger to fear as Oscar's tone becomes desperate and fearful. "No! NO!"

The green gas in Toothless' mouth is swallowed before he turns to the boy, crooning at him sadly.But. . . I'm just trying to protect you.

"Get him!" A Viking shouted before Toothless is struck in the head and knocked off Ozpin. Winchester comes over and lifts the dragon up and then slammed him down, pinning his head to the floor with two more Vikings coming over and holding the dragon down.

"No, no!" Oscar says as he tries to move to Toothless but he is stopped by a worried and afraid Ruby who holds him back. "Just please don't hurt him! Please don't hurt him."

Port leads the Monstrous Nightmare back to its cage as Ozpin rises to his feet, looking down at Toothless who glares back. An axe is offered to the chief but he pushes it away. "Put it with the others."

Some of the Audience felt some relief. While it was bad that Toothless was going to be caged, at least he wasn't going to be killed in front of Oscar.

The scene changed to show the Great Hall doors being opened and Oscar is actually thrown in, followed by a very, very angry Ozpin. "I should have known," he says to himself more than to Oscar. "I should have seen the signs."

"Dad?" Oscar asked meekly. "We had a deal!" Ozpin growled.

"I know we did. But that. . ." Oscar looks more hurt than ever as he to at least tries to explain to his dad. "That was before I. . . Oh, it's all so messed up." He runs his hands through his hair. His expression showing that he was scared and afraid of his father.

"Understatement of the year," Mercury muttered, only to be elbowed by Emerald to be quiet.

"So everything in the arena, a trick?" Ozpin asked his son. "A lie?"

"Perhaps it was a trick," Ozpin admitted, "but it certainly wasn't a lie."

"Huh?" Jaune, the oh so clueless student Ozpin has met in a decade, besides Qrow and Raven.

"It's simple, Mr. Arc." Ozpin replied. "No one has really asked on how Oscar got so good in the arena as Mr. Ren pointed out earlier with Ruby's counterpart."

"So he wasn't lying to anyone, as no one but Ms. Rose's counterpart attempted to find out." Glynda added.

"And then he told the truth," Ironwood added. "Or more accurately, it spoke for itself."

"I screwed up." Oscar admitted. "I should have told you before now." He took a few steps to Ozpin and pleaded, "Take this out on me, be mad at me, but please, just don't hurt Toothless."

"The dragon?" Ozpin turned around swiftly, cape swinging as he does. "That's what you're worried about? Not the people you almost killed?" He took some steps toward the boy, staring him down as he tried to defend his friend.

"He was just protecting me!" Oscar said. "He-He's not dangerous."

"They've killed hundreds of us!" Ozpin exclaimed in anger and the Audience knew the words,including your mother,was in the air.

"And we've killed thousands of them!" Oscar replied. Ozpin straightens and he sighs irritatingly at the conversation. He begins to pace back and forth as Oscar rants.

"They defend themselves, that's all! They raid us because they have to. If they don't bring enough food back, they'll be eaten themselves."

"Oscar, wait!" Amber held up her hand. Oscar winced. Oh him and his big mouth.

"There's something else on their island, Dad." Ozpin's eyes light up at the mention of an island. Realization slamming into him like a ten ton Gronckle.

"It's. . . It's a dragon like you've-" Oscar tries to explain but Ozpin interrupts him. "Their island? So you've been to the Nest?"

Oscar freezes, realizing what he just revealed. "Did I say nest?" he asked nervously. Both father and son walk towards the door. The former forward and the latter backwards in fear. "How did you find it?" Ozpin demanded.

"What? No, it wasn't me." Oscar replied. "Toothless did. Only a dragon can find the island."

Ozpin's eyes widened as it came to him. What they'd have to do to reach the nest and take it out. "No, no, no." Oscar grew desperate as he saw his father tactically making his plan, the Viking plan, of how to take out the nest. "No, Dad. No, please, it's not what you think. You don't know what you're up against. It's like nothing you've ever seen."

"I'm starting to see more of the stubbornness issues of the Vikings." Sienna muttered, Adam nodded.

Ozpin grunts as he shoves his way past Oscar, pushing him aside as he walks to go outside, ignoringOscar's warnings and pleas. "Dad, please. I promise you, you can't win this one! No, Dad. No." He begins to chase after him, desperate for him to listen and stay away from the hell in that nest. "For once in your life, would you please just listen to me!" By this point, he grabbed onto Ozpin's arm in a feeble attempt to hold him back only to be flung to the ground.

He stares up in a frightened expression as Ozpin turns to him. "You've thrown your lot in with them. You're not a Viking," he spat before declaring, "You're not my son." With that, he left the Great Hall, leaving a stunned Oscar alone.

Nearly everyone in the theater gasped at Ozpin's words onscreen. Ozpin's face paled in horror and regret as he slumped down in his seat.

Oscar himself couldn't stop himself from crying upon hearing those words. Em, shocked, wrapped her arms around the boy to comfort him. She glared at Ozpin lightly on the screen.

"f*ck," Coco whispered as she leaned back in her seat.

"Indeed," Winter said.

"Ready the ships!" Ozpin bellowed onscreen, slamming the door behind him as Oscar slumps in defeat inside.

The chief takes a few steps outside before he looks back on what was said, his face lights up in anguish and he took a few steps back. However he suppressed those feelings and took on a stoic composure as he left.

Dragon head shaped battering rams are lead the gate and pushed down to the long descending ramp to the port.

The rams are given a fair bit of room as they slowly traverse the ramp to war. Groups of Vikings walk up and down the ramp, the port was incredibly busy as items, baskets, rams and weapons are transferred on and between ships. Some of the fleet sailed off from the ports and anchored offshore while the rest are loaded up.

Vikings are seen tossing bunches of weapons to each other and onto ships before the Audience see Vikings encase a struggling Toothless in a barred and chained platform. A wooden ring is placed around his neck to restrict movement and a leather strap around his mouth, muzzling the Night Fury. Toothless tugged hard on the chains and ropes, trying to pull free but the bars around his body kept him from moving up far.

Most of the students frowned at Toothless' treatment.

From above on the ramps and platforms, Viking children and elderly watch the proceedings with the children looking scared and Elder Maria having an expression of worry. She places a comforting hand on the young boy next to her.

Toothless struggled continuously as his platform is hoisted up into the air. Watched on from afar by Oscar. He looks on sadly as his best friend is deposited against his will onto a ship, roaring and growling for freedom.

As soon as his platform touched the floor, Ozpin jumps onto the ship. "Set sail!" he ordered. "We head for Helheim's Gate." As the ships begin to pull out, the chief looks up and sees Oscar standing alone on the highest platform in the docks. His stoic expression slipped once before it turns stoic again and he turns around.

Ozpin walks to the front of the ship. As he passes Toothless, the two glare at each other angrily. "Lead us home, devil," he spat. With that, Ozpin stands at the hull while Toothless finally sags down in defeat.

Ozpin sighed and held his head, frustrated and ashamed of his counterpart's actions.

Oscar watches as the fleet pulls out of Berk. The sea morphs from all the ships sailing towards the gap of two sea stacks to emptiness. Oscar remains where he stood, looking depressed and miserable as he thinks more and more of what has happened today and what will happen to Ozpin and Port along with the other warriors.

An equally miserable looking Ruby walks up to his side. She looked more worried for Oscar who turns away from her and avoiding eye contact. They both stand there looking out at the calm seas until Ruby finally speaks. "It's a mess. You must feel horrible." she stated, shifting uncomfortably. Yeah, she was not good at giving pep talks. "You've lost everything: your father, your tribe, your best friend."

"Thank you for summing that up," Oscar said sarcastically.

"Our Host's assessment from earlier is correct," Glynda said. "These people need to work on their pep talks."

"Actually, this is accurate to our Ruby," Jaune said, pointing to the girl sitting next to Oscar. "She gave me a pep talk that didn't sound like a pep talk at the beginning."

Oscar looked to the silver eyed girl beside him with a raised eyebrow who tapped her index fingers together nervously.

Ruby onscreen paused. The sarcasm was always heard but now Ruby understood that it hid Oscar's pain, sadness and loss and it was lowering what was left of Ruby's spirts.

"Why couldn't I have killed that dragon when I found him in the woods?" Oscar asked. "Would have been better for everyone."

"Yep. The rest of us would've done it." Ruby replied before she turns to him with sad curiosity. "So why didn't you?" she asked. After a moment, her expression becomes yearning. "Why didn't you?"

"I don't know." Oscar replied turning further away from her. "I couldn't." Ruby though presses for more. "That's not an answer."

"Why is this so important to you all of a sudden?" he asked snappily.

"Because I want to remember what you say right now," was her reply. A strangeness mixes in with her curiosity as Oscar's anger starts to show. Anger over every single thing that has happened over the last however many days.

"Oh for the love of-I was a coward," Oscar snaps. "I was weak. I wouldn't kill a dragon."

"You said "wouldn't" that time." Ruby pointed out, seeing it maybe as a sign. A crack in his defense.

"Whatever!" he retorted. "I wouldn't! Three hundred years and I'm the first Viking who wouldn't kill a dragon."

The slight movement of Ruby's eyebrow shows that she isn't entirely convinced with his logic as he turns around once more, looking hurt and miserable. "First to ride one, though." she said after a moment and Oscar's face shot up at that. The piece, that single fact, that could change the whole perspective of things. "So?"

Oscar bounced his head a bit before finally deciding to give in to Ruby. His crush and the person he had trusted his secret friendship with. "I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was." he said slowly. "I looked at him and I saw myself."

Oscar nodded in agreement. Toothless didn't look like a monster that needed to be killed like the Grimm in that moment. A monster was going to kill him instead.

Ruby looks taken aback by his answer. Their eyes met before becoming downcast again. "I bet he's really frightened now," she contemplated before looking to him expectantly more than anything. "What are you going to do about it?"

Oscar thought for a moment before shrugging. "Eh, probably something stupid," he said vaguely.

"Good, but you've already done that." Ruby replied with mirth.

Oscar becomes more like his old self as he realizes what he needs to do. "Then something crazy," he points a finger at her, showing that he knows what needs to be done before turning and running off towards the main parts of the village.

"That's more like it," Ruby declared as she turns into a happier and determined person before she runs off after Oscar, willing to help him whatever he does.

"Crazy, huh?" Yang asked with a smirk. "I'm in."
"Me too!" Blake and Weiss declared.
"Sign us up!" Team JNPR added.
"I'm going to love this plan!" Team CFVY stated.

"You mean you guys would do this?" Roman asked the students. "You bet your goofy hat we would!" Ruby replied, ("Goofy?!") she shot a fist in the air. "Teams RWBY, JNPR and CFVY! Friends until the end! Bonzai!"

"Bonzai!" The rest of the students shouted jovially, holding a fist in the air with the young reaper. Oscar looked to Ruby before he rose his own fist in the air. "Bonzai!"

Ozpin and most the adults couldn't help but smile at the friendship formed between the students and the farm boy.

If Emerald didn't spend who knows how long they've been in this theater with these students, she would have hated how happy they were together but now she felt envious. Mercury and Ilia were the same boat.

Neo, Adam, Sienna and Raven though felt different. Time was going to test their bonds and make them loose their innocence. The two former knew that their paths would inevitably cross with weapons drawn against one another because of Cinder. Neo felt indifferent at the moment but Adam felt some regret. For Neo, it was just business. For Adam, he saw Blake as a younger sister. Or at least that's what he told himself.

Cinder wasn't much affected by the display of friendship. Or at least that's what she was telling herself. She was deep down, envious just like Emerald and Mercury. For the students were experiencing what she did not when she was younger.

Back onscreen, the Viking-full fleet from Berk have already entered the wall of fog. They slowly sail through the visibly restricted realm, carefully avoiding the low and tall ships in the hazardous path. Ozpin's ship leads the fleet with the chief himself standing at the hull with Port.

"Sound your positions." He ordered. "Stay within earshot." The Vikings on his ship pass on the message, organizing their distances and placement.

While the whispering and talking happened behind them, Port looked over at Ozpin as the chief peered through the haze. "Listen, Oz, I was overhearing some of the men just now and well, some of them are wondering what it is we're up to here." he said. "Not-not me, of course. I-I know you're always the man with the plan. But some, not me, are wondering if there is in fact a plan at all and what it might be." he raised his eyebrow at Ozpin.

"Subtle, Peter." Ozpin rolled his eyes. "Very subtle."

"Find the nest and take it," Onscreen Ozpin said with a slow fury burning within. "Ah. Of course," Port replied. "Sending them running." Ozpin turns to look at Toothless while the blacksmith rambles on. "The old Viking fallback. Nice and simple."

Ozpin hushed his friend and leaned closer to Toothless. The chief and the Audience se the slow ebb of the buzzing reaching out to him. His ears extend out, vibrating at every click of the call. His eyes slowly widen, pupils already slits as he searches for the call.

Ozpin walks back towards the helm, lightly shoving a couple of grunting Viking on his way. "Step aside," he commanded the Viking at the rudder who steps down, allowing the chief to take control. Just as he grabs hold and Port reaches the helm, Toothless' head shoots up and points to the right.

Ozpin veers the ship to starboard, guiding it and the fleet through the labyrinth of sea stacks. Toothless then looks to the left, Ozpin changing and veering to port. Men at the hull of the following ship stand by waiting for instructions. "Bear to port," One Viking on Ozpin's ship whispered to the next.

The directions are passed down through the line as the fleet progressively makes its way through Helheim's Gate.

"Oh no, it's actually working," Velvet said.

"A bit of a surprise no one has thought of doing that before," Cardin said cynically.

Oscar is shown standing inside the arena, looking at the thick, locked doors of the Monstrous Nightmare pen. He turns around at the unexpected noise of company.

"If you're planning on getting eaten," Jaune started, hands on his hips. "I'd definitely go with the Gronckle." Next to him, Neon, Cardin, and Ruby stand with their arms crossed while Nora is flexing.

Oscar is unable to hide his shock at the group standing before him. Ruby, he'd expected but not the rest of the teens. Nora suddenly shoulders past Neon as she walks towards Oscar.

"You were wise to seek help from the world's most deadly weapon." She declared, waving her hand mysteriously. Oscar is stumped by her statement. "Uh. . ."

"It's me," Nora said before Cardin palms the twin off as he stands in front of Oscar. "I love this plan." he declared, pumped up.

"I didn't. . ." Oscar tries to say before Militia socked Cardin in the jaw and looked to Oscar with an accusing expression. "You're crazy." she glances back before her expression became dreamy. "I like that."

Ruby grabs onto her horn and pulled her away. Oscar sighs in relief before Ruby looked to him with a smile. "So, what is the plan?" Oscar looks at the group before smiling both thankful at Ruby for bringing in the teens and saying, just wait and see.

"Didn't expect them to show up, to be honest." Oscar admitted. Ruby smiled. "I think my counterpart convinced them. Or they still respected you despite what happened earlier."

Back with the fleet, they come across an old shipwrecked Viking ship hanging from a large sea sack. Concerned whispers meet the sight. "That's not really encouraging," One Viking said.

"No kidding." Maria muttered.

"Pretty morbid," Qrow shook his head.

Ozpin and Port glanced up at it. "Oh. . . I was wondering where that went," Port chuckled.

Toothless still directs the ship as the Audience hear a buzzing noise as they edge closer and closer to their target. Suddenly the Night Fury starts thrashing, his head moving every way possible, chains and metal clanking and banging.

"Stay low and ready your weapons," Ozpin commanded as he and Port tense up. Port gives him an affirmative nod just before they run aground.

The two walk from the stern to hull, past the thrashing Toothless. Looking up the rugged, rough, volcanic mountainside, a red tail is seen draped over one of the ledges before it slithered away. The ghost of a triumphant smile breaks through Ozpin's beard. "We're here." he declared before he vaults over the ship with a grunt, landing crouched on the pebble and stone ground. The sound ended the buzz and growling of the nest. Ozpin looks in both directions, smiling slightly in anticipation as the rest of the fleet pull up behind him.

Ozpin sighed and rubbed his head. There was going to be hundreds-no thousands- of dragons on the island and the Red Death was a different matter. Chances are that a lot of people are going to die because of his counterpart's stubbornness.

The scene changes back to the arena. Oscar holds his hand just over the coal red scales of the Monstrous Nightmare's snout. The dragon sniffs the air as Oscar leads it out of the pen, looking calm and entranced instead of blazing and furious.

All the teens watch on with giddiness and awe. All but Cardin who is looking anxious and nervous, twitching and fiddling, as the Nightmare comes closer.

The Audience weren't completely surprised that he was able tame the Nightmare, but they still looked on awestruck that it was happening.

Then again, this is the kid that befriended a Night Fury.

Glancing down, Cardin scoops up the spearhead on the floor. Old Viking habits kicking in until Ruby gently slapped his arm. "Uh-uh." Ruby shook her head and he placed the spearhead back down.

Oscar backs up to the group with the Nightmare following suit before the boy reaches for Cardin's arm who is making nervous noises and coming close to freaking out. "Wait! What are you-?" Cardin asked before Oscar whispered, "Relax."

A snort from the Nightmare causes Cardin to jerk back before Oscar grabbed his arm again. "It's okay. It's okay," he said reassuringly. He moves Cardin's trembling hand over the top of his own before he moved his away and placed Cardin's around the horn of the Nightmare's. The dragon begins purring affectionately as soon as contact is made and Cardin looks all the more excited and amazed.

"I honestly can't believe he gets a dragon," Coco said and Velvet nodded.

Cardin laughed for a moment before Oscar walked away to the wall of the arena. "Where are you going?" the ginger haired boy asked.

"You're going to need something to help you hold on," replied Oscar as he pulled out a coil of rope. Ruby and the others turn to see the Nadder, Gronckle and Zippleback looking at all of them eagerly and expectantly.

"Jaune, we're getting our own dragons!" Ruby cheered.

"Aw yeah!" Jaune pumped a fist. "We're going to take to the skies!"

"Man, I'm so jealous," stated Flynt but grinned heartily.

"If you, Nora and Yang got a dragon each, we'd be doomed." Weiss said.

"Hey, we're not that bad." Yang said defensively.

"Oh yeah? Remember what you and Ruby did to that club during our first and only Girl's Night?" the Schnee heiress asked with narrowed eyes.

Back onscreen at Dragon Island. Vikings sharpen sticks and thrusted them into the ground to use as wooden stakes. Catapults are rolled into position and loaded as armed Vikings march up to the volcanic wall.

Drawn in the ash covered ground with a sword is the Viking's plan of attack. A triple pronged rush with catapults shooting overhead, all aiming to break through the wall.

"When we crack this mountain open, all hell is going to break loose." Ozpin said to Port, Winchester and other leading Vikings.

"In my undies," Port declared, getting the others to shake their heads in exasperation. "Good thing I brought extras."

The adults chuckled at his joke while the students groan and gag.

"That's gonna be stuck in my head for a while," Jaune declared. Pyrrha and Ren nod.

"Well. . . I'm feeling sick now," groaned a green faced Nora.

The only one unaffected was Penny who blinked and tilted her head.

"No matter how this ends, it ends today." Ozpin declared as he raised a large hand up, palm open and facing the wall. As soon as he clenched it into a fist, the catapults fire, flinging big boulders at the mountain wall. Boulder after boulder strike the wall before it finally breaks and crumbles into rubble.

As the Vikings cheered, Ozpin walked to the hole and stared into the darkness. A lust for battle masks his face with a small smirk before he made a gesture with his hammer.

A tweed and rope covered boulder is struck alight and catapulted into the tunnel. It illuminates the inside. Thousands upon thousands of dragons line all around the walls, some screeching and flapping their wings as the fireball flies through the tunnel.

The Audience stared at the screen with wide eyes before Coco, Mercury, Nora, Yang, Qrow, Roman all declared, "Yeah~, f*ck that."

Onscreen, Ozpin lets out a battle cry as he charges into the mountain, swinging wildly at anything that moved. A surge of frightened screeching and flapping met him as all the dragons fly out of the mountain. Port and the other Vikings outside swing, stab and attempt to bash the dragons but only succeed as Ozpin did in missing every dragon out there.

Ozpin stops and watches from within as the last of the dragons exit the mountain, fly over the Vikings and their fleet and away from the mountain.

Toothless watches from the ship. His ears flatten against his head as he warbles with fear and shrinking down.Oh no.

The dragons fly away in terror in any direction.

"Is that it?" Port asked before giving a big shrug and walks down from the opening. Ozpin strides out into the open as a voice shouts out from the force. "We've done it!"

An eruption of victorious and triumphant cheers bellow out from the Vikings, all bar Ozpin, raising their weapons in celebration.

"The Red Death," Penny said in a worried tone.

Some of the Audience gulp in nervousness, they don't really want to see how big the Dragon Queen really is.

Well most of them anyway. Cinder secretly was holding out her drawing pad.

Ozpin watches the dragons fleeing before gazing out at the ships. He and the Audience hear Toothless' frightened growling. The Night Fury is shown, desperately trying to break free from his chains. Thrashing and pushing in terror.

Both Oscar and Ruby frowned sadly. "Poor Toothless. . ."

"This isn't over!" The chief declared. "Form your ranks and hold together!" he turns around as the cheering stops before the ground begins to shake. The inside of the mountain cracks and crumbles. A powerful roar blasts out from within, the strength dropping most Vikings to a crouch and pushing a few ships back.

Port looks around in confusion as Ozpin's eyes widen as the floor of the mountain rushes up to the opening. "Get clear!" He shouted as he jumped out of the opening.

The fierce faces of the Vikings turn to fear as the mountain falls apart around them. They run away as the wall comes down behind them. The head of the gargantuan queen smashes her way through the mountainside.

"Beard of Thor!" Port exclaimed as he and Ozpin both look up shocked at the gigantic dragon. "What is that?!"

"Odin help us," Ozpin muttered with wide eyes as the Red Death roars loudly.

Many flinched at the loud roar, especially the Faunus. Oscar, however, had a deadpan expression. "You know, "I told you so," just doesn't really fit." he shook his head at Ozpin.

Her giant footsteps making the ground shake with every step. Ozpin puts on a stoic expression once again as he orders, "Catapults!"

The catapults unleash their now puny looking ammunition to the behemoth. Most of the boulders bounce off the Red Death's scales before she snaps one in half with her jaws and steps on another like twigs.

"Get to the ships!" One Viking cried out as they ran. Ozpin tried to stop them. "No! No!"

The Red Death inhales before unleashing an inferno upon the ships, setting them ablaze. Vikings on the ships vault overboard just before the fire consumes them, weapons also falling into the illuminated water.

The Audience see Toothless on the flagship. He looks more frightened as the ship burns and tries harder than ever to escape.

"Smart, that one." remarked Port as he walks beside Ozpin. "I was a fool," the chief muttered before turning to Spitelout. "Lead the men to the far side of the island!" As Winchester leaves, Ozpin turns to Port.

"Peter, go with the men." he ordered and tried to turn away. "I think I'll stay, just in case you're planning on doing something crazy." Port replied, hobbling after the chief.

Ozpin turned back to him with a stern expression. "I can buy them a few minutes if I give that thing something to hunt!"

"You mean he's planning on sacrificing himself?" Ruby asked, shocked.

"A chief looks out for his people, Ms. Rose." Ozpin responded somberly. "No matter the cost."

"It's part of the job," Summer added in a similar tone.

Ozpin is about to run off, but Port grabs his arm, wrapping his hand around the chief's. "Then I can double that time," the blacksmith said determinedly.

Friends to the better end, Darth Anarchus smiled, Brothers in all but blood.

Ozpin smiles at his old friend before they begin to charge to the Red Death. "Here!" the chief shouted.

"Oh no! Here!" the blacksmith shouted, both trying to bring as much attention as possible.

The Red Death tried to eat a Viking she'd picked up but he fell out of range of her teeth and landed on the ground and ran away as Ozpin and Port charged to the dragon. Ozpin picks up one of the wooden stakes and throws it like a javelin at the head. The growls of the queen are cut short when the stake strikes, narrowly missing one of her left eyes.

"Ooh! So close!" Nora snapped her fingers in frustration.

The Red Death leans down, growling furiously at the two bold Vikings. "Come on! Fight me!" Port shouted. "No! Me!" Ozpin challenged. The Queen growls and rises up, building up for the strike then-


An explosion occurs at the back of the Red Death's neck causing her to growl disorientatedand Ozpin narrows his eyes in confusion. Then the teens fly into view on their dragons.

"Nora, Neon! Watch your backs!" Oscar exclaimed, riding on the Deadly Nadder with Ruby sitting behind him. "Move it, Jaune!"

Ozpin watches in confusion and mouths,What?

"Look at us!" Nora shouted to the Vikings down below. She and her twin riding the Zippleback. "We're on dragons!" Cardin rides the Monstrous Nightmare. "We're on dragons! All of us!" And Jaune rides the Gronckle.

Many prepared themselves to see Ozpin and Port be roasted alive to ash before the Red Death was blasted in the back.

"Oh yeah! The cavalry is here!" Neon said in excitement upon seeing the dragon riders.

Some adults watch in surprise and confusion as the young generation flies over head. Port wobbles to Ozpin's side. "Every stubborn, boar headed Viking you ever were." Ozpin silently nods in agreement.

Many sighed in relief that the young riders showed up at perfect timing.

"Hey, uh, what are our dragons' names?" Ruby asked.

"Ruby named the Nadder Stormfly," Darth Anarchus listed on his hand. "Cardin named his Hookfang, Jaune named his Gronckle Meatlug." This caused some to snicker and the mentioned blonde knight to blush. "The twins named their dragon heads Barf and Belch."

"Jaune, break it down." Oscar ordered onscreen. "Okay, heavy armored skull and tail made for bashing and crushing. Stay clear of both." the blonde teen said as the Red Death held a ship in its jaws before throwing it to a sea stack. "Small eyes. Large nostrils. Relies on hearing and smell."

"Okay. Jaune, you and Cardin get in its blind spot and make some noise. Throw off its aim." Oscar said. "Twins, see if it has a shot limit. Make it mad." Ruby glances at Oscar before looking to the twins.

Most of Oscar's friends smiled along with Em and Ozpin, his counterpart seemed to take after his father in leadership.

"That's my specialty," Neon said proudly. "Since when? Everyone knows I'm more irritating. See?" Nora argued before she made her head twist upside down and she made funny faces at her sister.

"Just do what I told you," Oscar shook his head. "I'll be back as soon as I can." Ruby waved her hand as they flew in different directions.

"Don't worry. We got you covered," Cardin said assuredly as they flew to the Red Death. The twins passed the Queen's head.

"Troll! Butt elf!" Neon shouted. "Bride of Grendel!" Nora added and they both snickered.

Their snickers became shouts of fear as the Red Death fired at them twice, narrowly missing them.

Ren and Flynt grew worried for their partners' counterpart.

Cardin and Jaune flew to opposite sides of the Red Death's head and began banging their shields. "Uh, this thing doesn't have a blind spot." Jaune said nervously as three eyes were looking at the blonde.

Oscar and Ruby flew over the burning fleet and heard Toothless' cries. "There!" Oscar pointed to the flagship. They flew over the ship and Oscar jumped down onto the deck. "Go help the others!" he shouted back to her. Ruby nodded her head reluctantly before she flew off.

"Be careful," Ruby whispered.

Oscar blushed upon hearing her concern. "No promises." he muttered.

"Okay, okay. Hold on." Oscar onscreen said to Toothless as he pulled the muzzle off him. Toothless shook his head. That thing was tight around my head.

Back with Jaune and Cardin, their shield banging was now beginning to disorientate the Red Death. "It's working!" Jaune cried out.

"Yeah! It's working!" Cardin cheered. A little too well as the Audience see their dragons were losing focus. It wasn't long until Hookfang tossed him off his neck and the ginger haired Viking landed on top of the Queen's head.

"I lost power on the Gronckle!" Jaune exclaimed before he tossed his hammer to Cardin who caught it. "Cardin, do something!" he shouted before Meatlug plummeted to the ground. "WOOAAHH!"

"I'm okay!" Jaune shouted as the Gronckle skidded to a stop before it tilted forward and landed on top of him. "Less okay," he said in a muffled voice.

Team JNPR winced at seeing their leader's crash onscreen. Their worry escalated as the saw the Red Death's foot moving towards him.

Jaune tried to pull himself out from under the Gronckle before the Audience see Cardin moving to the Queen's eyes. "I can't miss! What's wrong buddy?" he asked mockingly before slamming the hammer down on two of the eyes. "You got something in your eye?"

The Dragon Queen roared in annoyance, her foot landing away from Jaune.

Jaune stared at the screen, impressed. "I never thought I'd say this but, thanks Cardin."

Ruby flew nearby on her Nadder. "Yeah, you're the Viking!" she cheered.

Cardin looked up and smiled dumbly and whacked the Red Death's eye. This resulted in her shaking her head, tossing him back. Luckily, he managed to grab onto her frill. "Woah," he said as he looked down to the floor.

Cardin facepalmed. Glynda shook her head. "And that is why you must always pay attention to what you're doing." she lectured.

The Red Death spun around, her tail smashed the mast of the flagship Oscar and Toothless were on. Then the Dragon Queen stepped on the ship. This smashed the boat and both Night Fury and Viking were tossed into the water.

Toothless sank to the bottom and Oscar swam down and tried to pull on the chains. A moment later though, he began to loose oxygen. Toothless moved to nudge him before someone grabbed Oscar and pulled him away. Toothless roared as Oscar was pulled to the surface.

Many grew worried for the dragon-human duo.

The Audience see Ozpin break through the surface and placed Oscar on shore. The boy coughed before looking confused. "Dad?" he asked as he and the Audience see Ozpin jump back into the water.

Toothless looked resigned to his drowning fate before he looked up and saw Ozpin in front of him. Both Viking chief and Night Fury held eye contact before Ozpin reached to Toothless' restraints and snapped them off.

The dragon took a step before he lunged at Ozpin and brought him to the surface. He dropped Ozpin on the shore next to Oscar and landed on a boulder. He shook the water off him and looked to Oscar.Come on, Oscar.He gestured to the Red Death behind him.We got a Queen to kill.

Many sighed as they saw Oscar get some much needed air and Ozpin's counterpart went back to save Toothless.

"You got it, bud." Oscar replied before he jumped onto the dragon's back.

"Oscar!" Ozpin called out, grabbing the boy's hand. "I'm sorry. For everything." he said sincerely.

"Yeah, me too." Oscar replied. "You don't have to go up there." Ozpin said.

"We're Vikings. It's an occupational hazard," Oscar joked. Ozpin grabbed onto the boy's hand with both his own. "I'm proud to call you my son."

"Thanks, Dad." Oscar replied with a smile. With that, they took off.

Oscar and Ozpin sighed to themselves in relief quietly. Glad that they're counterparts were mending their relationship. Or at least beginning to.

Ruby saw them flying up. "He's up!" she declared before she and the Valkyrie-Katt twins flew to the Red Death. "Get Cardin out of there!" she said.

"I'm on it!" Both twins said before they began fighting over who's on it.

The students gave the twins dumbfounded expressions.

"Did they seriously forget that they have thesame dragon?" Blake asked after a moment. "Sure looks like it." Yang replied.

Cardin saw them flying and he began to run to the edge of the Dragon Queen's head. Then he leaped off and landed in between the Zippleback's long necks. The twins shared a surprised look. "I can't believe that worked," Melanie said as they flew away.

The Red Death saw Ruby and her Nadder flying by. She opened her jaws and began sucking in the air, pulling them to her.

"Ruby!" The girl's friends and family shouted in worry. Oscar's breathing hitched. Wait, no, it's okay. We've seen that AMV, she's going to be alright.

You both will, Ozpin stressed in his head.

The Vikings then heard the whistle screech. "Night Fury! Get down!" Port exclaimed as they all ducked down.

Toothless fired a plasma shot at the Red Death's face. The blast made the Queen stop sucking in the air but also knocked Ruby off her dragon.

"Ooh, sorry." Oscar winced.

"No, no. It's fine." Ruby waved her hands. "Like you said, an occupational hazard." she chuckled nervously.

"You better catch her, Oscar!" Yang shouted. Oscar nodded. While some would be intimidated by her fierce nature, in Oscar's opinion Yang paled in comparison to his aunt. But then again, rarely any angry teen can match a woman when she's in what some would call, "angry momma bear" mode.

Back onscreen, Ruby screamed as she fell to the ground. Toothless screeched as he turned around and flew back down. Ruby's scream was cut off as Toothless caught her by the leg.

"Did you get her?" Oscar asked. Toothless looked down to Ruby who couldn't help but smile at the Night Fury. Said dragon crooned and gave her his signature toothless smile. He turns over Ruby so that she's right side up as they lower to the ground and set the girl down next to the crowd of Vikings.

Ruby looks up as the dragon-rider fly high into the sky. "Go," she whispered in a breathless tone.

"That thing has wings!" Oscar said to Toothless as they flew high. "Okay, let's see if it can use them!" With that, Toothless stopped and then dived down to the Red Death at supersonic speeds. Toothless fired a plasma blast at the Red Death's back.


The Red Death shrieked in pain as she fell down, sending dust in the air. Port and Ruby shield their eyes from the dust and watch as the Red Death's wings unfold and extend.

"By the sounds of it," Penny began, "this dragon has not used its wings in a while."

"That's good," Oscar said. "We can use that to our advantage.

"Do you think that did it?" Oscar asked Toothless before the Red Death emerges behind them, enraged and flapping its massive wings. "Well, she can fly." Oscar remarked snarky before they dive to the tangled sea stacks.

The Red Death flies after them, snapping her jaws but misses them and smashes through the sea stack rocks as if they were paper.

On the shore, Ozpin and the crowd see Oscar and Toothless racing through the sea stacks. "WHOO-HOO! YEAH!" The Viking Teens cheered before going silent as the Red Death smashes through a rock pillar in front of them, sending a cloud of dust in their direction.

"BOO!" Nora and Ruby shout upon seeing the Red Death.

As the Red Death chases them, Oscar glances up to the dark clouds above them. An idea hits them. He shares a glance with Toothless. "Okay, Toothless. Time to disappear." he said before flicking his foot. "Come on, bud!"

Ozpin and Glynda rubbed their chins. They had an inkling to what Oscar could be planning onscreen.

They weren't the only ones. Qrow leaned to Winter and asked, "You think this plan is going to work?" Winter looked thoughtful before replying. "Fifty-fifty. Depends on how strong the Red Death's sense of smell is."

The dragon-rider duo begins to climb high into the sky, the Red Death behind them. Oscar glanced back briefly as he and the Audience hear the familiar hiss of gas within the massive dragon's throat. "Here it comes!" he exclaimed before they narrowly dodge a blast of fire and smoke from the Red Death.

The duo continued to fly higher and higher. The Dragon Queen snapped her jaws at them twice before pausing. The Night Fury and its rider had disappeared from her sight. She roared angrily, challenging them. Daring them to reveal themselves.

Down on the island, the Vikings look nervous and worried upon hearing the Red Death's roars.

The Red Death looks around before the Audience heard a familiar whistle screech that seemed to come from all directions.


Suddenly a plasma blast flew from behind and hit the Red Death's wing. The Dragon Queen turned around but the Audience see Toothless and Oscar behind her again and fire at her other wing. Every time the Red Death turned around, Oscar and Toothless flew behind her and fired a plasma blast at her wings, puncturing a hole every time.

On the ground, the Vikings stare up at the sky in awe as they hear the resounding booms and see bright flashes of light with the silhouetteof the Red Death's wings visible.

Angry and desperate, the Red Death roars before firing as she spins around, sending her inferno in every possible direction.

"They have her on the ropes," Cinder stated. "She's getting desperate. They can wait until she runs out of fire and resume their attack."

"Yeah, they got this!" Jaune said.

Qrow slapped his forehead. "Well, now you just thoroughly jinxed them."

Sure enough, the inferno races towards Oscar and Toothless. "Watch out!" Oscar shouted as Toothless veered to the side. They evade the fire but Toothless' prosthetic tailfin is now on fire.

"Oh great." Oscar said drily.

"Oh, not good." Ruby said simply but she was very worried.

"Okay, times up." Oscar said, looking back at the burning tailfin. "Let's see if this works."

With a roar, Toothless turned around and flew straight to the Red Death. "Come on! Is that the best you can do?!" Oscar mocked as they flew the large dragon's head.Come on! Yougiant steaming piece of dragon sh*t!Toothless roared.

The Red Death's eyes widened upon seeing them and tried to snap her jaws at them but they dove out of range and began to dive downwards. The Red Death pursues them hot on their tail.

Toothless pumps his wings, racing faster than he's ever gone before. Oscar and Toothless stay just ahead of the gargantuandragon, no longer trying to evade it.

"Stay with me, buddy." Oscar said assuredly. "We're good. Just a little bit longer."Okay, ifyou say so,Toothless warbled, looking fearfully and uncertain.

The Red Death begins closing the gap. Oscar tucks in and holds onto Toothless tightly as the monster sets its sights on them and narrows its eyes.

"Hold, Toothless." Oscar commanded as he heard the sound of gas building up behind them. Ignition is coming. "Now!"

Toothless turns around, facing the Red Death.Long live the Queen, Cannibal bitch!and fired a plasma shot down her throat. The Red Death's gas is ignited within her throat and exploding within her body.

Most of the students threw jeers and insults to the Red Death as well.

Em grew worried as more and more of the Night Fury's tail burned away.

"Oh, clever," Amber said. "Not so fire proof on the inside," she recalled.

They break through the clouds and the Red Death sees the ground rushing up. Eyes widening, she spreads her wings to catch herself but her wings are too torn up to function. Toothless straightens out before spreading his wings and they fly around the Red Death's face just before it collides with the ground and ignites an explosion.

The Vikings flinch back from the explosion before Oscar and Toothless are shown, weaving through the monster's back plates and spikes. The expanding fireball races toward them, catching up. Oscar tries to shift their direction but the tailfin is now useless. He glances back at it before looking forward/up to see the Red Death's clubbed tail in front of them.

"No. No!" he shouts as Toothless tried to turn away from the tail but it collides with them, knocking Oscar off his saddle.

Toothless spins out of control as he looks at Oscar, horror in his eyes.Oscar!he roared as the boy falls towards the inferno. Flapping his wings, Toothless frantically races to Oscar before the fire hides them from view.

The Audience goes silent as the fire fades into a whiteout of ash.

"Oscar! Oscar!" Ozpin walks into view from cloud of ash. He looks around for his son desperately. "Oscar?! Son?!" Through the ash, he spots the motionless silhouette of Toothless.

"Oscar," he whispered in a grave tone before he races to the dragon side. He paused though, a few feet from the Night Fury. The dragon looks roughed up and unconscious. His saddle is scorched and vacant.

"No," Ruby whispered as tears formed in her silver eyes.

Ozpin holds his head in his hands, feeling more guilty. It wasn't as he predicted. It was worse. The lives of his warriors weren't lost.

But the life of his son was lost.

Oscar himself goes pale as his mind thinks about how his counterpart just died.

"Oh, son. . ." Ozpin said sadly as he falls to his knees. "I did this," he muttered, lowering his head.

"No," Em whispered in horror.

"Hold the phone!" Sun suddenly declared. "We saw the AMV earlier! He's going to be fine."

Some felt relief or facepalmed for forgetting that detail.

The crowd of Vikings forms behind him, keeping a respectful distance away as the dragons from earlier fly down and land behind the Vikings. Ruby pushes her way out from the crowd, Port behind her. She pauses upon seeing the scene in front of her and tears well in her eyes.

In front of Ozpin, Toothless stirs and groggily rolls his head toward the chief and their eyes meet. "I'm so sorry," he said, tears slowly streaming down his face.

Toothless stares at Ozpin for a moment. . . Apology acceptedand he unfolds his wings, revealing an unconscious Oscar. "Oscar!" Ozpin exclaimed in surprise before he scoops the boy in his arms. He brushes the boy's face before he took his helmet off and listens to his heart.

He sighs in relief. "He's alive!" he exclaimed in joy. "You brought him back alive!"

The crowd roars in celebration. Ruby's face morphs from sadness to relief and joy. The dragons celebrate as well, causing the Vikings to notice their presence.

Ozpin reaches to Toothless and placed his hand on the dragon's head who croons in response. "Thank you, for saving my son." The chief said sincerely.

Port walks into view. "Well, you know. . . most of him." he adds sheepishly. Ozpin turns to glare at him.

0_0 -_- 0_0 -_- 0_0




"WHAT?!" the Audience exclaimed with Oscar himself, Em, Ruby, Amber, Nora, Ozpin and Glynda being the loudest.

Onscreen, Oscar was shown, asleep in a bed. Healing scars on his face. Toothless is seen hovering over him, grumbling and whining impatiently.Oscar, wake up! Wake up.

Oscar stirs before opening his eyes to see the Night Fury who begins to nuzzle and nudge him. "Hey, Toothless." he said, groggily as Toothless continued to nuzzle him. "I'm happy to see you too, bud. Just-" Toothless steps on his groin, causing the boy to sit up right with a yelp.

The men and boys in the Audience, including the Host winced in sympathy.

Oscar paused and looked at his surroundings. "I'm in my house." He glanced to the excited Toothless bouncing on his feet. "You're in my house." Toothless began jumping on the walls knocking over a pot.He's awake! He's awake!

"Well, letting him in was a bad idea," Ozpin sighs.

"You can say that again!" Oscar snapped. This was just like the time he brought a couple of bear cubs home. Em smiled fondly, thinking of the same thing.

"Uh, does my dad know you're here?" Oscar asked nervously as Toothless jumped onto a support rafter beam. "Okay, okay-no, Toothless!" Oscar called sternly as Toothless looks at him upside down. "Aw, come one. . ." he shifts to get out of bed before pausing. He senses that something is wrong and slowly peels the covers off his form. His expression becomes startled, horrified and overwhelmed at once.

"What? What is it?" Most of the students asked impatiently.

Fox stared at the screen, blinking blankly.

Toothless lands back down with a croon. Oscar's right booted foot steps onto the floor, a mechanical prosthetic is in place of his left leg. It's an ingenious spring-loaded replacement made of wood and iron.

Ironwood sighed. "I suspected as much," he muttered. Glynda covers her mouth with wide eyes.

Most of the student's breath hitch.Most of him, Port's words echo in their heads.

Mercury looked to Oscar and gave him an sympathetic expression.

Oscar reached to his own leg to reassure himself that he still had it. Em shed some tears. "But. . . he's so young," she whispered. Oscar quickly hugged her and whispered some reassurances that he was okay.

Toothless sniffs the prosthetic leg before glancing up at Oscar with an apologetic expression.I'm sorry, Oscar.he crooned. Oscar took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself before grabbing onto the bed post. He tries to stand, wincing and stifles the pain. "Okay. . . okay. . ." he muttered before stumbling with the first step.

Toothless catches the boy's fall with his head.I got you, brother. He crooned as Oscar leans on the dragon like a crutch. "Thanks, bud." he said as they make their way to the door and the Audience have a view of Oscar's leg and Toothless' missing tailfin.

Oscar pries the door open and sees a Monstrous Nightmare outside. He yelps and closes the door.

Many smiled at seeing Toothless acting so supportively.

"They're one and the same," Ozpin said when they had a view of Oscar's missing leg and Toothless' missing tailfin.

Then many jumped or jolted at seeing the Monstrous Nightmare outside and roaring. "De ja Vu, much?" Qrow asked drily.

"Give a woman a warning!" Maria snapped, placing a hand over her chest.

"Toothless, stay here." Oscar sternly and nervously as he opened the door again. And sees Cardin riding the Nightmare. "Come on guys! Get ready!" He shouted before flying off, his father and another adult following after him on their own dragons. "Hold on tight! Here we go!"

"What?" Oscar said softly, stepping outside as he sees Vikings and dragons together through out the village. But they're not fighting each other.

A Nadder blasts at a metal brace before stepping back and letting a Viking hammer it into shape. A Gronckle drags a tree trunk to a Viking who pats the dragon on the head. And a Zippleback is guided by another Viking into