Old-fashioned or old fashion (2024)

Old-fashioned is an adjective which describes something done in a style of times past or more suitable for times past. Old-fashioned may refer to dress, manners or customs that were more suitable to an earlier period of history. Old-fashioned may also refer to a conservative point of view. As a noun, an old-fashioned refers to an alcoholic beverage which contains whiskey, sugar, bitters and pieces of fruit. Occasionally one sees old fashioned without the hyphen, but dictionaries list old-fashioned with a hyphen.

Old fashion is a corruption of the term old-fashioned. It is often seen in the names of businesses, presumably to foster an idea of simpler times and basic, uncomplicated values. In truth, old fashion is not grammatically correct.


Netflix holiday special delivers old-fashioned fun, seasonal songs and mirthful Murrayness (The Winnipeg Free Press)

Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing will host an “Old-Fashioned Family Holiday Festival” Saturday, Dec. 5, from 2-7 p.m. (The Courier Journal)

Old-fashioned tolerance could help heal divided India (The Financial Times)

5 things to know today, and get ready for an old-fashioned Portland mayoral campaign (The Portland Business Journal)

Downtown Minot welcomed in the Christmas season Friday in old-fashioned style, with wagon rides, cookies with Santa and the annual lighting of the Christmas tree. (The Minot Daily News)

The old-fashioned whiskey co*cktail, as it was then called, is recorded as a well-established drink as early as 1895, when a recipe for it was included in George Kappeler’s book Modern American Drinks. (The South China Morning POst)

Canton Main Street will host the eight annual Old Fashioned Christmas Walk from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Dec. 4 in Jones Park and the downtown Canton area. (The Journal Star)

Most of them have moved inside to shopping malls and we prefer to have ours the good old fashion way. (Fort Saskatchewan Record)

Old-fashioned or old fashion (2024)


Old-fashioned or old fashion? ›

But the fact that standard dictionaries don't recognize “old-fashion” is reason enough to prefer the longer version. In fact, “old-fashioned” seems to have been the preference even in the 19th century.

Is it old school or old-fashioned? ›

The old school is any group of people who are traditionalists: they do things the way they've been done in the past. Old school means something close to old-fashioned, but it's a term with more pride behind it.

How do you say you are old-fashioned? ›

  1. traditional.
  2. conservative.
  3. orthodox.
  4. old-school.
  5. conventional.
  6. loyal.
  7. reactionary.
  8. old-line.

What do you call someone who seems old-fashioned? ›

synonyms: antique, demode, ex, old-hat, outmoded, passe, passee, vintage unfashionable, unstylish. not in accord with or not following current fashion.

What does "call me old-fashioned" mean? ›

not modern; belonging to or typical of a time in the past: old-fashioned clothes/ideas/furniture. She's very old-fashioned in her outlook. Synonym. outmoded disapproving.

Is it good old-fashioned or good old fashion? ›

Occasionally one sees old fashioned without the hyphen, but dictionaries list old-fashioned with a hyphen. Old fashion is a corruption of the term old-fashioned.

How do you use old-fashioned in a sentence? ›

Wearing a hat is now regarded as rather old-fashioned. It was a lovely little old-fashioned cafe. The bedroom was full of heavy old-fashioned furniture. Working methods in the department were ridiculously old-fashioned until we went over to computers.

Is it called old fashion or old-fashioned? ›

A: The usual form, and the only one accepted in standard dictionaries, is “old-fashioned.” We did find a mention of “old-fashion” in one standard dictionary, the online Merriam-Webster Unabridged. But it says that “old-fashion” is an “archaic” term meaning “old-fashioned.”

Is it the old fashion or fashioned way? ›

It's old-fashioned. This is a compound adjective formed from the adjective old and the past participle fashioned. Old-fashion can't work because fashion is a noun.

What is the old-fashioned way to say you? ›

thou (you - singular) thee (you - singular) ye (you - plural)

What is another way of saying old-fashioned is the times? ›

Answer. Answer: Another way of saying old fashioned is behind the times.

Is old-fashioned negative? ›

An author would likely use the word "old-fashioned" to express a negative opinion about a person. While all the words "traditional," "conservative," "conventional," and "old-fashioned" share similar meanings, "old-fashioned" specifically conveys a negative connotation when used to describe a person.

What's the opposite of old-fashioned? ›

The opposite of old-fashioned is modern.

How to be an old-fashioned girl? ›

An Old-Fashioned Girl, or What We Taught Girls in the 1860s
  1. She shouldn't go to theatre. ...
  2. She shouldn't lose her temper. ...
  3. She should notice others' failings but only correct them by example. ...
  4. She should exercise, but not to display herself. ...
  5. She should love in silence.
Oct 12, 2016

What does it mean when someone says they are old-fashioned? ›

: adhering to customs of a past era. 2. : outmoded.

What is an old-fashioned way to say woman? ›

An old-fashioned or extremely polite word for "woman" is lady.

What do I call my old school? ›

Your alma mater is your old school, college, or university. It's generally used as a positive term, implying reverence and loyalty for the nurturing qualities of the institution.

When did the term old school come out? ›

The earliest known use of the word old school is in the mid 1700s. OED's earliest evidence for old school is from 1749, in a translation by Tobias Smollett, writer. old school is formed within English, by compounding.

How do you spell oldschool? ›

Old-school.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/old-school.

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