What Does “Pluh” Mean? Definitions, History & More (2024)

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Discover the history of this Gen Z slang term

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Amidst the constant rush of new slang terms, it's easy to mistake a new phrase for a typo. But if you’ve come across "pluh" on popular platforms like TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram, rest assured, it’s not a mistake! "Pluh" is a widely used term and sound effect that adds a dramatic touch to online conversations. But what exactly does this ambiguous word signify? Read on to delve into the world of "pluh," its origins, and diverse applications on social media.

Defining Pluh on Social Media

Pluh is a popular slang term that people use as a conversation stopper. It's also a sound effect in hip-hop music and TikTok reels. It was popularized by producer MexikoDro, who uses it as a music tag to identify his music. It later became a TikTok sound meant to disrupt a speaker.

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Pluh Meanings & Uses

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  1. 1

    “Pluh” is a slang term used online as a conversation stopper. Whether you’re having a dry or uncomfortable conversation, text another person “Pluh” to end it. This phrase signals you have nothing left to say, don’t know what to say, or are no longer interested in the conversation.[1]

    • Pluh may also appear online as “Plough,” “Ploh,” or “Plugh.”
    • Them: “Bro, can you believe Missy is single again? I think I’m gonna make a move.”
    • You: “Pluh.”
  2. 2

    “Pluh” is another way of saying “plug” in hip-hop music. The phrase made its way into mainstream media in the song Plug by Rich The Kid featuring Playboi Carti and Kodak Black in 2015. Instead of saying “beat plug,” the phrase became “pluh” to add a bit of flair to the music.[2]

    • A “plug” in hip-hop music often refers to someone who can get hard-to-find items, specifically drugs. In simple terms, it means having a connection.[3]
    • Them: “You got a plug for the new Nikes?”
    • You: “Yeah, I’ll get you their number.”


  3. 3

    "Pluh” is also used as a meme sound effect for TikTok videos. The goal is to spam users with an absurd word or sound as the speaker makes commentary on the subject of their video. For example, a TikTok gamer may describe their actions but interrupt themselves with the “Pluh” sound effect. The sound starts off gradually, appearing every few words or so before being played back to back at the end of a video so the speaker can’t get a word in.[4]

    • The sound effect is also said to have been used to cover up sexually suggestive statements online.[5]
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Origin and Spread of Pluh

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  1. 1

    “Pluh” originated as a comedy metal song in 2003 by Psychostick. Pluh made its first appearance in the media with the Arizona-based band Psychostick. The band sings the absurd word can take the place of anything, so look a person in the eye the next time you forget what you’re saying and say, “Pluh!”[6]

  2. 2

    “Pluh” emerged into mainstream hip-hop music by producer MexikoDro. Several years later, producer MexikoDro and his collective BeatPluggz created the sound effect “Pluh” as a tag to identify his music. It’s the equivalent of Pitbull saying “Mr. Worldwide” in his music. Originally, the sound was supposed to say “beat plug,” but MexikoDro simplified it to “Pluh.”[7]

    • Later that year, MexikoDro produced the song “Plug” by Rich the Kid featuring Playboi Carti and Kodak Black, which created the popular “plugg” or “pluh” sound effect used in today’s TikToks.
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Related Slang Terms

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  1. 1

    Periodt Another way to end a conversation or make a claim is to emphasize it. Use “periodt” or “period” at the end of a sentence or statement to let the other period know that you stand by what you said and you’re not going to back down.[8]It often follows the phrase, “and that’s on periodt.”

    • “That girl needs to mind her business, periodt!”
  2. 2

    Out of pocket Unlike paying for something out of pocket, when someone reacts to you with this phrase, it’s time to check yourself. Using “out of pocket” indicates that someone is acting or saying something widely inappropriate.[9]

    • “Bro, chill, that’s out of pocket.”
  3. 3

    Oof If you want to express discomfort, surprise, or sympathy towards someone else, say, “Oof!” The phrase comes from when a character dies in a video game; it’s the sound they make after being hit with the kill shot.[10]

    • Them: “I just dropped my baja blast all over my shoes.”
    • You: “Oof!”
  4. 4

    Valid Did your bestie say something that’s totally true or “facts?” Use “valid” as a way to agree with their opinion. Valid is also used to describe something really cool—like an outfit, make-up look, or a flashy new item.

    • “Omg, that bag is sooo valid.”
    • “Girl, you’re so right for that. That’s valid asl.”
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