Cool Guy Baby Names Are Officially In (2024)

No, Not Like Chad

Cool Guy Baby Names Are Officially In (1)

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26 Cool Guy Names For Your Rad Little Dude

Lace up your Vans and turn your hat backwards.

by Katie McPherson

There’s something to be said for having a cool name, one that feels laid back but confident, uncommon but familiar. Cool girl baby names have been gaining traction among new parents, perhaps in response to the hyper-feminine names in the U.S. Top 10 in recent years (think Olivia, Sophia, and Amelia). And similarly, cool guy baby names that have a little edge or offbeat quality are coming in hot right now, in stark contrast to the most common boy names in the U.S. Oliver, James, Theodore, and other classic monikers will always have a place near the top of popular name charts, but the Kais and Koas of the world may soon rank among them.

Consider Kai: this one-syllable name practically oozes cool. Kai sounds like the neighbor kid who skateboards over to your house to hang with your son, coconut water in hand, like an extra in a 2000s teen surf movie. Seems niche, but that vibe is popular with families right now — Kai was the 403rd most commonly given name in the U.S. in 2000 (which equates to being given pretty rarely) to ranking 59th in 2022. It’s a different brand of cool, but Hendrix didn’t even break into the top 1,000 names until 2011, and by 2022 it climbed to #272.

So, whether you think of surfer dudes or rockstars, there’s definitely a name out there that perfectly captures the “cool” you want your child to embody.



We’ve already made a strong case for Kai, a cool guy name that is undeniably growing in popularity. The name has Hawaiian origins and means “sea,” so that beach boy image isn’t totally unfounded. It’s perfect for parents who want a water-inspired baby name that’s not as literal as River or Ocean.



This Italian name, which means “victory of the people,” is a shortened version of Nicholas, but it works just as well as a standalone name. Parents who like Luca, Theo, and Noah might find themselves drawn to this less common, similar-sounding moniker.



Parents looking for edgy, music-adjacent names will love Ozzie, which instantly brings to mind Black Sabbath. It’s easy to read and pronounce correctly, but doesn’t seem to have broken into the top 1,000 names in the U.S. yet, so your little one will definitely stand out in class.



While this name is typically a nickname for the longer Ezekiel, which means “God strengthens.” Zeke is so cute and spunky as a standalone, one-syllable boy name, or as a nickname for its meaningful, longer form.



There’s no debate here — Bodhi is absolutely the kid who shows up to high school with his surfboard in his backseat, hair still wet from catching the early morning waves. The name has Sanskrit origins and means “awakening” or “enlightenment,” so it may speak to parents who want a cool guy name for their kid, and consider themselves spiritual, but not religious, you know?



Jude is the studious brainiac, musical prodigy guy with the crush-worthy cardigans and glasses. The name was steadily rising in popularity over the years, but got a boost in 2007 after the release of “Across The Universe,” the Beatles-inspired film with that big “Hey Jude” musical scene. In 2022 it ranked #161 in the U.S.



Like Noah (the second most popular name in 2022), but swap the classic for cool. This Hawaiian name means “warrior,” and is a type of tree native to Hawaii, if you like nature-inspired names. Koa is absolutely flying up the name charts, having just broken into the top 1,000 names in 2017 but already ranking #351 by 2022.



Taj is somehow instantly recognizable while being extremely rare — it has only made it into the top 1,000 names twice since 1900, never ranking above 956th place on the popularity charts for the U.S. The name has Sanskrit origins and means “crown.” It’s short, unique spelling and the fact that it’s so uncommon makes it feel, well, cool.



If you like the vibe of Ozzie but not the name itself, try Jett (you know, like Joan Jett, or jet black). It might feel a little out of the ordinary right now, but Jett has been steadily climbing the U.S. name charts since 1999, and was the 210th most commonly give name to baby boys in 2022.



Otto is a rare name that feels both vintage and modern, somehow. It was incredibly popular for men in the early 1900s, then slowly fell out of favor until 1974, when it wasn’t even in the top 1,000 anymore. It popped back in in 2011 and has been rising ever since, likely because it is one of those special names that feels unique and classic at the same time.



Short for Isaac or Isaiah, Ike means “laughter,” which is so fitting for a name that sounds so upbeat and adventurous. Ike is the kind of kid who’s always down for a fun outing, and just as happy playing in the water hose out back for hours.



Chase peaked in popularity in the early 2000s and has slowly fallen off ever since, but it’s still got a smooth, one-syllable cool vibe going on. Or, ff you really want to go for it on the cool factor, you might also like the name Ace.



Animal names can be soft, fierce, delicate, and in the case of a sleek and clever fox, very cool. Fox Mulder on X Files is probably the most notable use of the name, but for some parents, that may just be another reason to love it.



Mac could be short for so many names, meaning you could go timeless with a first name like Maxwell or Cormac, and use the shortened version around the house. It’s a solid option if you want to try the trend without assigning your kid a trendy name you’re not positive will age well.



Speaking of timeless, Jesse (and Jess, even) is a unisex, cool baby name that has never gone out of style. Jesse feels a little looser and more free-wheeling than a John or Jacob, but equally as familiar.



If the highly popular Theo or Theodore appeals to you, Teo might be the cool cousin to consider adding to your list. It’s a Spanish derivative of those names that means “divine gift.” It also works as a nickname for the equally slick Matteo.



Yes, like Jimi. Hendrix is perfect for parents who love seeing live music and have a deep archive of vinyls at home, who want their little rockstar to share their interests.



A Spanish name meaning “cross,” Cruz might have special appeal for families of the Christian faith. But, those looking for cool guy names will also enjoy it’s short and sleek sound. Crew is a pretty trendy name right now (it was #254 in the U.S. top 1,000 names in 2022) that sounds similar, if you like Cruz.



Santi as a nickname? Are you kidding? There’s never been a cooler child. Whether your baby is named after the city in Chile, the patron saint of Spain, or Santiago is a family surname you feel inspired by, this moniker will be so cute on your baby boy.



Like Santiago, Zaire is another gorgeous place name for a baby boy — the Republic of Zaire was once the name of what is now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Zaire means “the river that swallows all rivers,” in reference to the might of the Congo itself. There’s simply no cooler name than that.



Another excellent city name is Rio, inspired by Brazil’s second-most populous city. It’s also the Spanish word for river, making it a solid choice for parents who love water-inspired names.



Top Gun solidified this as a cool guy name, and your baby will definitely need some Aviators. It’s actually the 40th most popular baby name in the U.S. as of 2022, so while it might sound like a wild choice to your parents, Maverick will be heard much more frequently in coming years.



Alistair has been hovering in the 800s and 900s for popularity in the U.S. since 2016, but this name has the potential to become a national treasure. It’s a distant cousin of the name Alexander, which means “defender of the people,” but it has a lighter sound that really sets it apart.



Wesley, Weston, or Wes by itself — these names all have a certain level of cool to them (Weston, of course, pulls a little more Western than the others). Both names are Old English surnames that have made their way into the first name position over time, so you can’t go wrong with either.



This Hebrew name translates to “pure.” Itss modernized version, Zakai, feels like the perfect alternative to Kai if you are searching for something less common, or a name with two syllables instead of one.



This rare name has Greek and Hebrew roots, with meanings ranging from “heaven” and “sky” to “wolf.” It may not appeal to everyone, but it’s definitely got cool kid vibes.

Whatever you decide to name your baby boy, he’s sure to be a very cool little dude in his own way. But, a rad first name certainly won’t hurt his chances.

Cool Guy Baby Names Are Officially In (2024)


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