19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (2024)

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (1)

Candy bars make for a great sweet treat for desserts or even just during the day. But, they’re certainly not healthy and most of them aren’t vegan-friendly either. They tend to be packed full of artificial ingredients too!

The solution to those problems is simply to make your own candy bars. Making your own candy bars is a great way to be in control of the ingredients that you end up eating. Thankfully, vegan food bloggers do tend to create a wide range of recipes for pretty much any occasion.

With that in mind, I’ve pulled together some of the best choices for vegan candy bar recipes that you can make in your own home. Some of these are replicas of the treats that we are extremely familiar with, while other recipes focus on bars that are a little bit different.

There is a catch though. Even though these recipes are vegan and tend to rely on healthy ingredients, they are still recipes for candy bars. So, they make for great desserts and treats but don’t fall into the trap of thinking they’re healthy just because of the ingredients.

Table of Contents

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (2)
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Cups
  • Toffee Crisp Bars
  • Honeycomb Bars
  • Twix-Like Bars
  • Clean Eating Almond Joy Bars
  • Chocolate Crunch Bars
  • Snickers Oat Bars
  • Raw Bounty Bars
  • Coconut Twix Bars
  • Pumpkin Snickers Bars
  • Vegan Bounty Bars
  • More Vegan Twix Bars
  • Almost Raw Peanut Butter Cups
  • Twix Bar Slices
  • Chunky Almond Butter Bars
  • Kitkat Bars
  • Almond Joy Bars
  • Ice Cream Snickers
  • Chocolate Raspberry Candy Bars

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cups

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (3)

This first entry is a bit of a twist on traditional peanut butter cups as they add jelly into the mix. The idea is a clever one, especially for anyone who is already a big fan of peanut butter and jelly.

I also love the way that the cups end up looking almost exactly like a peanut butter cup, which might give some people a bit of a surprise. The full recipe for the cups comes from texanerin.com if you’re thinking about making these for yourself.

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Toffee Crisp Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (12)

These crisp bars completely match up with what homemade candy should be, especially because they look so great visually. The recipe here comes from wallflowergirl.co.uk and the candy that inspired the recipe was toffee crisp bars, which are common in the UK.

However, this homemade treat is still worth trying even if you’ve never tried the original treat. Besides, there’s a good chance that the homemade version will end up tasting better.

Honeycomb Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (13)

The toffee crisp bar that I mentioned above probably looks familiar but these honeycomb bars may not. I found the recipe at forkandbeans.com but it’s another one that is inspired by British candy.

I’ve had honeycomb candy bars before and without a doubt they are worth trying and taste as good as they look. The recipe is also pretty easy to make and it’s a fun option if you are looking for a candy bar that is just a little bit different.

On a side note, homemade honeycomb like this (or hokey pokey as it’s often called) is a good recipe to make with kids, as it ends up being a little bit like a science experiment.

Twix-Like Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (14)

These bars, from blissfulbasil.com, are a combination of a homemade Twix bar and a slice, and the end result really does look perfect. I have a lot of admiration for this recipe, as it can’t be easy to figure out a way to make a shortbread and a caramel layer that looks and tastes great but is also completely vegan. At the same time, the creator was trying to avoid processed ingredients, which limited her options still further.

You wouldn’t know that from the end product though. Honestly, the bars look like something you would buy from a display at a café or bakery, which certainly means that the creator has done a great job.

Clean Eating Almond Joy Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (15)

These mini bars come from bewholebeyou.com and they’re designed to keep within the bounds of a clean eating diet. Because of this, the recipe doesn’t contain heavily processed ingredients but at the same time, the end product does end up looking (and tasting) a lot like a normal almond joy bar would.

Chocolate Crunch Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (16)

These crunch bars are a little bit different, partly because they end up looking like a regular chocolate bar, which is done with the help of a candy bar mold.

Because of that, the recipe itself ends up being very easy to make and perfect if you don’t have a lot of time or don’t want to go to much effort. In fact, the recipe itself only involves four ingredients. You can check out all of the details at the original site, which is theprettybee.com.

Snickers Oat Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (17)

These bars come from ifoodreal.com and they’re another example of combining the concept of a candy bar with that of a slice. In this case though, the recipe takes advantage of the flavors that come from a snickers bar.

Certainly, the recipe does have a lower proportion of chocolate and caramel than a traditional snickers bar that isn’t really a bit issue. In fact, that approach would make these bars a little bit more satisfying and even makes them a little better for you.

Raw Bounty Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (18)

These bars are another example of a homemade bar that ends up looking exactly like you would expect it to. In this case, the recipe comes from m.lovingearth.net and can even be made without a blender or a food processor.

The recipe is also raw, so the bars could be eaten as dessert on a raw diet. In fact, they’re a good example of a dessert that just about everyone could eat because they fit into so many different types of diets.

Coconut Twix Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (19)

I found this recipe interesting because it’s a little bit different. The recipe itself gets inspiration from Twix bars and the end result is actually pretty similar, especially as you have a cookie and a caramel layer, plus the whole thing is coated in chocolate.

In the recipe, the author provides separate instructions for each of the three parts of the bars, which makes the dessert exceptionally easy to put together. You can check out all of that information over at thisrawsomeveganlife.com.

Pumpkin Snickers Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (20)

I mentioned earlier that some of these recipes were variations on traditional candy bars and this recipe certainly falls into that category. In this case, the recipe comes from emilieeats.com and it’s a pumpkin-based twist on a snickers bar.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the recipe was originally posted around Halloween, but you aren’t limited to making the dessert in fall. Realistically, this treat would work well for a pumpkin lover regardless of the time of year.

I imagine some of them would even prefer these bars to regular snickers bars.

Vegan Bounty Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (21)

This recipe is another example of vegan bounty (or mounds) bars and the recipe itself comes from elephantasticvegan.com. The recipe is a nice and simple one, so it’s a perfect choice if you don’t have a lot of time or if you want something that’s fairly easy to make.

As with most of these vegan candy bars, it is necessary to keep the finished product in the fridge but that’s not so hard to do. Besides, they will probably get eaten too quickly for storage to matter.

More Vegan Twix Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (22)

When it comes to vegan versions of candy bars, Twix bars do seem to be especially common. I’m not sure whether this is because Twix bars are relatively easy to make or just that everyone likes them so much.

Regardless, this recipe from mayihavethatrecipe.com is another example of making vegan Twix bars. The finished product really does look cool and I like the way the recipe doesn’t go overboard on the caramel. In fact, the bars seem to have just the right ratios of the different ingredients.

Almost Raw Peanut Butter Cups

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (23)

These peanut butter cups are a little bit different. They do have some similarities to the traditional peanut butter cups that we buy in stores but there are also some pretty major differences.

In many ways, the end result is a combination of a peanut butter cup and an energy bite. That would make it a great choice if you need extra energy and the finished product would also be healthier than a traditional peanut butter cup. The recipe comes from namelymarly.com if you’re interested in checking them out.

Twix Bar Slices

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (24)

I did say that Twix bars were popular but I promise this is the last example of them. The recipe for the bars comes from bakerita.com and it manages to be a paleo and gluten free recipe, as well as a vegan one. The recipe is even free from refined sugar, which makes it a winner all around.

The finished product does resemble a slice more than a traditional candy bar but whoever said this was a bad thing? In fact, this approach would probably let you taste the individual flavors of the bars more clearly.

Chunky Almond Butter Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (25)

These homemade thinkthin bars come from eatingbirdfood.com and they’re a little bit different than many of the other vegan candy bars on this list.

With this recipe, the creator takes the combination of peanut butter and chocolate but uses it in a recipe with a different texture and appearance than what we’re used to. The bars are actually really healthy (especially if you skip the chocolate) and they’re even a good source of protein.

Kitkat Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (26)

I think this recipe does an amazing job at recreating the structure of a KitKat bar, which certainly isn’t easy to do. As you can probably imagine, making the bars does require a bit of work but the end result is completely worth it.

In the recipe, at ohsheglows.com, the creator also offers step-by-step visual images of exactly what to do, so you don’t have to worry about getting confused or missing a step when you’re trying to make them.

Almond Joy Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (27)

This final example of an almond joy bar comes from damyhealth.com. As with most of the recipes on this list, it focuses on using healthy and whole ingredients, which is appealing. Because of the way the chocolate is made, this is also a raw recipe, so it would work just as well for anybody on a raw diet.

Ice Cream Snickers

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (28)

An ice cream snickers bar doesn’t sound like it could possibly be vegan, but minimalistbaker.com does always manage to create amazing recipes and this is one example. The ice cream in the recipe is a sea salt caramel recipe that also comes from the same site, although you could use other vegan ice cream if you preferred.

I absolutely love the way that these bars look when they’re finished and they would be just as appealing as ice cream snickers from the store. However, these ones are certainly healthier and you don’t have to worry about processed ingredients.

Chocolate Raspberry Candy Bars

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (29)

I had to include these bars in the list, mostly because they look amazing. Admittedly, the chocolate bars aren’t really inspired by any traditional bar that you might eat but the flavor choice makes them sound especially appealing. Now, it might just be me, but I always think that raspberry is one of the best flavors to combine with chocolate.

You can find the recipe for these bars at eathealthyeathappy.com and they really are worth trying.

And if you like the fruit component of these, try these vegan fruit crumble recipes.

19 Vegan Candy Bar Recipes | Food For Net (2024)
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