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Baby showers are one of those hotly anticipated events that are a beautiful way to celebrate mum to be, catch up, have some fun and exchange gifts.

Baby showers are often steeped in tradition and sentiment, and while games have long been a staple of baby showers, there’s a growing trend towards embracing activities that go beyond the traditional games, adding a layer of depth and connection to these special occasions.

So, if you’re in the midst of planning a baby shower and looking for some fun activities that aren’t games, here is our ultimate list of 13 baby shower activities that are fun for the whole group.

15 Baby Shower Activities That Aren’t Games

1.Wishing Well of Dreams

Transforming a classic baby shower tradition, the Wishing Well of Dreams adds a poetic touch to the celebration.

Instead of a traditional guest book, set up a charming well or decorative box where guests can write down their heartfelt wishes and advice for the parents and the baby.

This activity not only encourages guests to express their genuine sentiments but also provides a tangible keepsake for the growing family.

Picture the parents reading these notes of love and wisdom in the quiet moments of parenthood, creating a connection between the celebration and the everyday journey of raising a child.

2. DIY Onesie Station

Create a DIY Onesie Station! This fun hands-on activity can be enjoyed by the whole party.

Set up a crafting area with plain onesies, fabric paints, markers, and stencils. Invite guests to channel their inner artists and create personalized onesies for the baby.

This activity not only results in a collection of unique and handmade baby clothes but also serves as a beautiful reminder of the friends and family who contributed to the baby’s wardrobe.

The parents will cherish these custom onesies, each carrying a story and a piece of the baby shower.

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3. Time Capsule of Memories

Embrace the concept of time and the fleeting nature of moments with a Time Capsule of Memories activity.

Set up a designated area with a beautiful box and an assortment of items like small trinkets, letters, and predictions for the baby’s future. Encourage guests to contribute items that represent the current moment.

This activity is a thoughtful way to capture the essence of the baby shower and the world at the time of the celebration.You might want to create your own cards for each person to fill in which could include name predictions, weight, hair colour and what you think they’ll do when they grow up. Imagine opening up the time capsule 10 or 10 years from now and embracing those beautiful memories.

4. Perk Up Parents During Midnight Feeds

This is possibly ONE of our favourite ideas and so thoughtful for the future parents to be. Simply grab a stack of diapers and some marker pens and give the guests one simple instruction, “write a note to perk up the parents during the midnight diaper changes’.

Such a fun way to get your guests involved and a beautiful way to send some words of encouragement during those early days when it’s needed most.

5. Blessing Ring

Words of encouragement, quotes and prayers are a welcome source of encouragement during early parenthood. Set aside a table with these simple instructions “Blessing Ring – write a note, prayer or positive quote for baby and tie it to the ring”.

You just need a ring or bangle, note cards with a hold punched into them and a selection of marker pens. We love these chalkboard signs from Amazon!

6. Prediction Cards

These are a lot of fun and personal to each member of your baby shower. Purchase pre-made cards or create a custom card on Canva with details for everyone to fill out which could include the following predictions; Date of birth, time of birth, weight, name, eye colour, hair colour, words of advice and who it’s from.

These fun cards can be bundled up and looked on pre, after birth and during the night feeds for some friendly words of encouragement.

7. Table Top Tree Wishes

Another beautiful way to leave words of encouragement and wishes for the new mum. Setup a beautiful decorative tree on a table and have a set of gift tags and pens ready for the guests. Get each guest to fill in their own wishes or words of encouragement and get them to hang it on the tree.

A beautiful keepsake and words of wisdom to call on when needed.

8. Baby First Alphabet Sheets

Create a lasting keepsake with these adorable baby first alphabet sheets. Pass them out to guests for them to draw shapes and items that match with your baby shower theme and colour them all in,

These alphabet sheets will provide a warming keepsake and a beautiful way to teach baby the alphabet when they’re old enough to start learning.

9. Advice For Parenthood

This heartfelt activity is a great way to share your wisdom and words of advice with the new mum to be. Whether it’s the thing that helped you survive night feeds or your favourite inspirational quote that will motivate and lift you up when you’re feeling down.

Create your own cards, simply use sheets of paper or grab some plain postcards to decorate yourself.

10. Create Your Own Pacifier Clip

We love this fun crafty activity! Challenge your guests to create a unique pacifier clip for the parents to be. Setup a station with all the bits you need to get crafting, these unique pacifier clips will certainly be used in those early days and it’s a great way for everyone to get creative.

11. DIY Hot Chocolate Bar

A baby shower doesn’t have to be centred around the baby, it can celebrate mum’s favourite thing too, which might be a hot chocolate! A DIY hot chocolate bar is a lot of fun to setup and perfect for an Autumn and winter baby shower.

Setup a station with all the essentials such as milk, hot chocolate, marshmallows, sprinkles, cream and more so everyone can create their own bespoke cup of cocoa.

12. Decorate A Wooden Letter For The Nursery

Another fun crafty activity, give each guest a wooden letter to decorate for the baby’s nursery alphabet. This fun activity will keep everyone talking and consumed, whilst the outcome will be something that will loved for years to come.

13. Bow Tie Bib Bar

What a cute idea! Whether it’s a girl, boy or you don’t know what you’re expecting, you can tailor your bib bar to what you’re expecting. This idea for a little boy is super adorable, set up a station with a stack of bibs, bows, glue and other bits you want to include.

I mean, bibs are just like baby muslins, you can never have too many bibs when it comes to a baby!

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The magic of a baby shower lies not only in the anticipation of a new life but also in the shared moments that shape the journey.

Whether through wishes, handmade onesies, shared stories, or time capsule contributions, each activity adds depth to the celebration, creating a mosaic of love and support that will accompany the parents and their little one on the beautiful adventure that lies ahead.

Have we missed any baby shower activities off the list that we should include? Let us know in the comments below!

13 Unique Baby Shower Activities That Aren't Games - Bjarni Baby (2024)
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